its our choice

Real talk tho

Don’t discourage people if they want to get a tattoo that you don’t agree with or get the reference. Sometimes it doesnt need a meaning you need to understand. I’ve had a handful of people tell me it’s pointless to get a tattoo saying Connor Kenway’s quote “My Enemy is a Notion, not a Nation” and that really hurts because that phrase helped me through the roughest four years of my life.
Stop telling people to not get tattoos. It isn’t your body, it’s theirs and their freedom to decorate and dedicate however they want.

To me, the biggest piece of evidence that Cas will be Dean’s Colette (and have a major part in curing him) isn’t a five page meta analysis, or a quote from an actor or producer. 

To me, the biggest piece of evidence is this season’s fucking title card. 

This is what they chose to represent Season 10. 

That is a hell of a lot of symbolism shoved into four seconds and they made every single moment count.

kita bukan Tuhan–
untuk menghukum orang based on their personality, pakaian mereka, in hijab or not, cover the aurat or not.

its our choice–
to be better or to be just like them.

tiada manusia yg cukup sempurna untuk tidak membuat salah.
berkata lah yang baik.
jaga mulut,
jaga lidah,
jangan disebabkan lidah– kita masuk ke neraka.

walau sempurna mana solat kau,
walau sempurna mana baik budi kau,
kau masih tidak berhak menghukum.
sebab kau BUKAN Tuhan.

—  marilah kita bersama-sama mendoakan antara satu sama lain, moga hidup diberkati Allah swt 😇

If you ever see art re-posted without permission on any website or by another tumblr user, and you recognise the artist, please tell them! You won’t bother them, and please don’t have the mindset that “many people have probably already told them” bc if everyone thinks like that nobody will help the artist   


What are you tweeting!? “Hashtag there’s a freaking ghost after us?!”

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yo pro-choice has never been called pro-abortion like @prolifers can u stop calling it that ??? no one is “pro killing fetuses”?? no one is maniacally laughing each time an abortion occurs?? no one is happy and celebrating about the actual act of abortion??

we acknowledge both the fetus and the grown human involved and believe that the grown human should have the rights to their own body and make the decision for themselves

revoking them of a potentially positive life changing option is not your place and it is not your choice

It's new for both of us

I’m scared too. I’m scared that if we say it … It becomes real. I’m scared that if we become an “us” maybe one day there won’t be an “us” anymore . I’m scared that we’ll give up on each other one day. I’m terrified of all of that. But I think if we are truly in it together, then we can get through it. And it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. We can take it fast, slow, high, or low. That’s up to us. And when the time comes for us to make it real, then we can. But for now 100% happy where we’re at :)
You’re someone I can trust and you make me happy and I hope I make you feel the same. Lol. So no worries. No complications. No over thinking. Let’s just do us. We’ve never followed the rules. Why start now?