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Don't you think Subscribe & Punch would be a cool beat 'em up, instead of a MvsC like? I'm not telling it's not gonna be good, I'm really anxious for the release! But when I saw it for the first time, my head instantly thought: Holy mother, that's gonna be a awesome b-n-up! So... Ever thought on that?

Very interestin’ .I rly like this question! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

Actually i thought about it too but i gave up veeery fast for several reasons..

(this was the very first S&P art. it was originally made for being a beat them up or some sort of fighting game,it was not clear yet : )

[ btw MvsC, u mean Marvel vs capcom?

U’ve not choosed the best reference right there.This game is too chaotic,it’s not even wahn of our references.See this moar as a Skullgirls/Dragon ball Z budokai like. ] (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ


Let’s talk about it seriously,Why VSF and not BTU :

Btu /Beat them up/ is composed of many levels,a large story mode,many bosses and so many enemies. This was too complex and restrictive at the same time.Waht kind of enemies, waht kind of story/stories?How many characters? 2/3? Or maybe,would it have been a pewdiepie: legend of brofist like? i didn’t want this. (Fortunately,this game was not released yet when i created the concept of S&P bc it could have influenced meh.) 

Also,mainly bc i knew that was a type of game i couldn’t handle bah mahself. I’m not a story-teller and my very first thought was ”i want to give  to every youtuber the same amount of interest”.The violence doesn’t matter, the characters yes.

I’ve always been impressed of Tekken,blazblue or soul calibur bc i was literally playin’ to this game only for the characters. 

When i think about street of rage or even scott pilgrim, the only thing i remember is the fight, do i remember the characters , not at all.i was there for kickin’ asses.

For S&P,my intentions were differents. Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ

When a BTU only concentrate their gameplay on the battle, me i wanted to concentrate the game on the characters. Since i’m a huge fan of youtubers , there is a large panel of characters,it’s possible to add a LOT of them and they all have their own universe/ personality…So many possibilities for a concept artist like meh!//roll roll//

 That would have been a waste of creativity to pass above this.

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in ur au since kazakhstan is a mostly muslim country is otabek and his sister Muslim? if so can you pls draw an older otabek's sis with a hijab on?

YES, and I do intend for her to wear hijab when she’s older! I haven’t been feelin’ the mood to draw otabek’s sister lately, but I will soon (I hope)! ;o;


“Take care of my children for me." The words twisted in Ned’s belly like a knife. For a moment he was at a loss. He could not bring himself to lie. Then he remembered the bastards: little Barra at her mother’s breast, Mya in the Vale, Gendry at his forge, and all the others. "I shall… guard your children as if they were my own,” he said slowly.

hey to all you people who like to romanticise women wearing headcoverings,

take it from me, a kid who grew up looking out from under a headscarf -

take it from me, way too many women who wear headscarfs are wearing them because they’re forced to.

i don’t mean any disrespect to women who make their own choice to wear headcoverings. but seriously if you haven’t experienced that kind of community, you don’t understand the kind of pressure/coercion that exists to make females cover themselves.

if people had seen teenage me, they would have thought my headcovering was adorable and exotic. but it damn well wasn’t. it was a symbol of how much my life was controlled by the patriarchal social structure i was living under. i wouldn’t have been allowed out of the house without it.

tl;dr: it’s great that some women find wearing headscarves empowering, and good for them. but please, please everyone stop romanticising something that for LOTS of women is nothing more than a tool used by men to keep them submissive and under control. For some of us empowerment comes from casting our headcoverings aside.

I just… had to…

Super quick thing based on this preview from the new drama CD, in which Genos introduces himself as your “average middle school cyborg” and Saitama questions whether this is a shoujo manga or something :0

Thank you Nyte again for the translation <333

there’s nothing funnier than when someone you’ve just met tries to guess your fave Doctor and they’re like “oh, David Tennant!”

like….. he’s not even in my top five…. 

Me & Kook's First Meeting

Jungkook: Hello, What’s your name?

Me: I'am your Noona show me some respect.

Jungkook: *Doesn’t believe me and is suspicious*

Me: Well would you prefer me to call you Oppa then?

Jungkook: *Jungshook*

Me: Yeah that’s what I thought.

I find it annoying when people take their Pottermore sorting too seriously because “its our choices that show who we are far more than our abilities.” Choices are one of the major themes of Harry Potter. Harry asked to be in Gryffindor, and that made all the difference. If you want to take the sorting quiz, fine, but don’t be too upset at the results. It’s up to you in the end.

People who like Triss vs People who like Yennefer

Disclaimer: Not all YP behaves like this, but the vast majority do. Finding YP who don’t behave this way is like hitting the jackpot.

    Typical Meeting of Triss and Yen Fans

Normal Triss People: We will find Triss forums and Triss videos to watch and just be happy today.

Normal Yen People: We will find Triss videos and forums to visit so we can be obnoxious. We will make pictures and videos to argue how bad Triss is so people can pick Yen. We are so not satisfied with our choice, therefore we need to be rude and act foolish to make others agree with us.

Triss People: We love Triss, because she is caring and openly affectionate. She cares about Geralt and Ciri. She grew  and learned from her mistakes.

Yen People: Triss is different than Triss from the book. In the book, she was a terrible person, not opposing the lodge is the same as agreeing with them.

TP: Not true, she had many great moments in the books and yes she made mistakes, but we still love Triss, because she showed character growth in game.

YP: That’s not Triss, the real Triss is not that nice.

TP: Well that’s your skewed opinion. Truth is Yen also made a lot of mistakes.

YP: No, everything yen did was out of love, she loved Geralt so much she treated him like her pet, but that was out of love. She loved him, its true. So much so she almost got him killed by her other cunt scratcher, because she love him so much.

TP: Excuse me?

YP: Yeah, Yen is such a darling. Triss’s feelings for Geralt was so childish, because she showed it so easily. She embarrassed herself to show her affection. Once you get to know yen, her attitude and abusive relationship with Geralt are a sign of a strong woman and a strong man.

Strong Men: Ahem, Bullsh*t, that’s called having no balls. You can still be a strong man and have some self-respect.

Strong Women: Um please do not confuse being a bitter puss with being a strong woman. Strong women don’t use their past as an excuse to be bitter.

TP: Triss helped Geralt in the books  and games many times and saved his life.

YP: Nothing Triss does is good, because she is Triss. She is like all the other sorceresses, but when yen does something disgusting. Its because she loves Geralt and Ciri. When she used Geralt to get back at people who wronged her, that was love too, trust me i read the book, and even thought you read the same books, my views are better than yours.

TP: Triss in game is nice. Mature, she stood by Geralt side and saw him through his Amnesia.

YP: She lied to him and stole her friend’s man. She raped him in book and in game and all those other times they had sex, because Geralt is a little boy and he can’t think for himself. No one else told Geralt about Triss, but she is the worse because she believe Yen was dead like everyone else. Who cares, she is Triss so we hate her.

TP: She didn’t rape him. They were both willing participants and it was at a time when he and Yennefer were separated.

YP: It doesn’t matter. It’s rape because we claim its rape, and worse she didn’t tell him about Yen in games.

TP: Um in Witcher 1 Kaer Morhen she tried to tell him and Geralt said he wasn’t ready. In Witcher 2 when he was, she told him everything. No one told him because they didn’t care or they thought she was dead. Maybe, just maybe because Geralt wouldn’t remember and will look at them like they are crazy if they were to accurately describe Yen’s character.

YP: It doesn’t matter we say she lied, so she lied. We will use alternative facts. Geralt and Yen’s relationship wasn’t abusive and toxic. It was full of love, and those breakups were only because she’s a strong woman, and she loves him. It’s  healthy, trust me, I read the books, and I know because I read them and you didn’t. You don’t know what an abusive relationships looks like.

TP: Who read the books… We read the books and still love Triss, always.

YP: You can’t like Triss, she is too nice with Geralt, she’s not the real Triss from book. You have to like yen. It’s canon, the author wrote it. How dare you not like yen? You are a Triss fan boy or girl.

TP: I still love Triss and will always put her with Geralt and Ciri.

YP: The game is Fan Fiction anyway, because you don’t like yen. If you said you like Yen then it’s canon.

New to Witcher: I like yen.

YP: Cool the game is canon. Just ignore her attitude and she is really nice. I swear, I know because i read the books, trust me.

New to Witcher: I like Triss.

YP: You can’t! You have to like Yen she’d canon. We know because we read the books and Canon dammit Canon. The games are not canon until you like Yen.

TP: Triss grew up in game, more mature, strong. Just like she showed at the end of the books. Geralt grew up too and Geralt truly loves her.

YP: NO! NO, NO, NO NOOOOOOOO. Geralt can never love anyone else. Love doesnt change, Its canon, I play this RPG like Geralt would because, I know Geralt from the book, he’s spineless, but that is because he’s a strong man, and he will always go with Yen. Canon, books, canon. Game suck because they made Triss nice and trying to do what she thought was best.

TP: Like she did in the books? After Amnesia, Geralt got a chance to sample life with Triss, and it was better. He will definitely go with her. No man would let a woman like that go. She’s not perfect but it feels so right for him, better like he said in the game.

YP: Triss is for boys, and Yen is for men. When he said better that was the dev being nice to Triss, when he said he love Yen that was truly Geralt though.

TP: WTF why did i reply to that post?

Real Men: Um no. We like to be treated with respect, and we treat our women with respect.

YP: Deep down, we know Triss is nice, but we have to say bad things and do things to make her look bad, so we can justify picking yen. It’s canon because we say it is only when it benefit us. We use words like canon and books when its supports our choice and dismiss them when it don’t you know?

TP: Um what? I still like Triss though. She offers Geralt a better life. His friends can visit. He can still be a witcher and she continued to do what she loves. You know compromise, like a healthy relationship where you don’t ask your partner to give up what they like for you?

YP: How dare you chose who you want in the game. You didn’t read the books. Read the books and you will love Yen. You have to love yen.

TP: who read books: I read the damn books and I love Triss, always will.

YP: NO! How dare you? Yen is an Angel in Demon skin. All the shitty things she did in books and games were for love. Her mistakes are nothing compare to Triss. Triss is so nice. Ignore Yen mistakes, don’t ignore Triss’s. Trust me, I am a witcher expert. I read the books.

ME: I read the books and I love Triss. Wanted it in books but I will settle for it in games. Geralt and Triss together in the game is the best romance every in an RPG. Bias :).

YP: You suck, just another Triss fan boy.

Me: Sigh…Cool, I need to speak to people who are not so negative and confused.

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Why do I get mad when my boyfriend thinks I look prettier without makeup? When girls in the movies get told this they're all like omg yay but when I get told that I'm just like... well this eyeliner was $18 sooo..

There is the dismissal of effort and cost that is frustrating. But there is also an aspect of ‘I can’t win’. Society tells women they have to wear make-up, so we invest time and money, and sometimes we get really good at it. Then a boyfriend comes along and says ‘I prefer you without it’. So now we are torn. Do we listen to what society has been telling us all our lives, or do we listen to this one guy who is now trying to push us in the other direction? Either way, its not really our choice is it? Either way we are being told what is better for us. I think ignore your boyfriend and do what you want to do, wear makeup one day, don’t wear it the next, whatever works for you. And when he tells you ‘You look prettier by doing or not doing…’, tell him to mind his own damn business.

Voltron: Legendary Defender, a summary
  • Allura: okay Paladins now make sure you stick together or you won't be able to form Voltron.
  • (they split up)
  • Allura: okay now since everyone fucked up it is my duty to do this thing.
  • Coran: Princess, please do not do that thing. you are definitely going to die.
  • Allura: I know, Coran, but it's our only choice.
  • (she does it)
  • Coran: Princess! are you alright?!
  • Allura, exhausted but otherwise perfectly fine: yeah lol :)
The Frames That Used To Greet Me
Into It. Over It.
The Frames That Used To Greet Me

Its a problem that our choices choose the wrong ones
Its probably the reason we’re afraid to die alone
To a fault defending a simple course of action
We’re distance and distraction from the nights we’d spend at home

Your eyes seem to observe my room so neatly
Behind the frames that used to greet me
At the bar around the block
Tonight they tell me that you never sleep too soundly
That you might have even missed me
More times than you could count

As you quietly let yourself out

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Could you maybe post some of your very old drawings from when you started drawing seriously? I need some motivation ;-;

well this is one of my very first Leo drawings I ever posted on here and I started posting my drawing in November last year, these 2 drawings only have a 7 month difference :D  its funny because the first one looks like it has been drawing on a cave wall or something and the second one looks so digital XD

This is the evolution of my profile picture XD each have about 2 month difference, and yes I decided to grow a moustache :<D 

omG I this one is embarrassing but this is how I drew Leo in around december 2014 to april 2015

and these 2 are the more recent ones, more than a year difference :D

anddd here are my two dark percys 

first one was drawn 4 months ago :))))

I really hope this helps and motivates you, dude you can do it, you can always get better, but only if your really want to and try hard. I remember having so much trouble trying to understand art, me not being good at something got me to almost give up, and omg I am so happy I didn’t. This sort of thing applies to everything, if you want to be good at something it takes time, you cant be good straight away, we all start from nothing and its only our choice to improve, if you give up too quickly it wont get you anywhere, and this is what a few months of practise can do <3

To me, the biggest piece of evidence that Cas will be Dean’s Colette (and have a major part in curing him) isn’t a five page meta analysis, or a quote from an actor or producer. 

To me, the biggest piece of evidence is this season’s fucking title card. 

This is what they chose to represent Season 10. 

That is a hell of a lot of symbolism shoved into four seconds and they made every single moment count.