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alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.

Pompeii 30

the chapter where you realize that the authors really, REALLY like cars. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“You driving?” Karin asked, eyes alighting upon the Camaro.

Sakura laughed. “Not a chance. I can’t put any mileage on it. Pein is taking it back.”

The looks Ino and Karin gave her clearly let her know what they thought about that. Still, mercifully, Ino held up her keys. “I’ll drive,” she said, guiding Sakura over to her white 1969 Pontiac GTO. “Backseat, Karin.”

Karin rolled her eyes but climbed in. Sakura marveled for a moment over the vehicle before tentatively taking a seat, barely trusting herself as she relaxed against the red interior.

“Yeah, I’ve updated it a bit,” Ino said, voice tinted with pride. “It’s a bonding activity for dad and me.”

“She’s spent the last few decades on it,” Karin said. “Soon enough she’ll move onto a new one. What was it before this? Horses?”

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Some people can't choose between Luna or Ardyn or any other character in FFXV survey, but I don't want to choose anything, because how hard Square Enix ditched Ravus again.

Yeah, I feel that. Honestly, the one thing that would please me the most is if they confirm that Ravus would be a playable character. At the very least. He has alot of potential as a fun and interesting character in combat – acting as a dark knight type class perhaps and bringing a full-on aggressive type combat compared to Gladio’s mix of defense and offense or Cor’s tactical strikes and assassinations. Seeing Ravus as a playable character? That’d be glorious…!

But just because Ravus isn’t in this survey doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take it, I feel. c: The reason why this survey exists isn’t to make fans pick out which piece of content stays and which one goes, but it’s to put a priority on just what the fans want to see next as they continue to work on improving the game and remedying their mistakes as they first released the game. Because think about it: this content should have been in game to begin with – I think we can all agree with that. But after this game spent 5+ years in development hell before they finally started reworking it to a different game than what they first had – fans were getting weary having to wait over ten years for the next Final Fantasy game. Pressure really caused SE to make the decision: to release the game in a completed state, and then continue to better the game and make it complete.

Honestly, this is alot more thoughtful that Square is doing this – compared to other companies that would never patch their games to repair glitches and errors, never offer additional content even after fans complained, and never give small gifts to the players – as a thank you for sticking with them through their trouble. I think Square is really kind for trying to do this, even though they still have their flaws as they try to get things together.

But regardless, Square Enix put out this survey not to make you upset about having to pick between one – they’re just curious to see if they’re coming up with the right ideas based on fan feedback. The story contents mentioned, I’ve seen, are all ones fans have discussed and brought to interest before, and SE really did listen to that. (Ravus fans! We gotta scream a little louder! :D) They’re going to try to expand on the story, believe me – especially when they have confirmed previously that they will/want to make an Ardyn DLC of sorts, and that Tabata is working on something known as the World of Versus, which probably refers to the World of Ruins content mentioned.

Also, the Comrades DLC wouldn’t really be a thing if they DIDN’T have playable characters. It’s already been confirmed that Aranea, Iris, and Cor will be playable characters for this multiplayer DLC – especially when their animations and controls are already used by AIs and the like. Adapting them to a playable format is just a few more tedious steps away, I hope. They also, at one point, confirmed Lunafreya for it as well, and Gentiana was seen during the 2017 tech demo a few months back – these characters will all make it in, I feel. One way or another.

And wanna know what else? During that tech demo, you know who else was seen during it? Ravus. This probably is hopeful to Ravus fans because they are working on assets for him in some way, shape, or form – going through the process enough to have him rigged to explore the open-world and see how he interacts with environments. I think that proves to be hopeful for Ravus fans in the near future!

So I really do encourage you and others to take the survey and show interest to Square Enix – to support them in their work, because they’re honestly trying as hard as they can compared to other companies that leave their fans in the dust. Vote for something you’d be interested in seeing first out of everything, because then Square will know that they’re getting onto the right track with their future content. c: And it shows them just how much the fans enjoy their work enough to care about FFXV’s future~

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How could Aria possibly be AD though? Like if she has ~gone over to the dark side~ and is doing video chatting with AD, how could she be AD? I just don't see how it would be possible

Aria being A.D. is just a sliver of leftover cocaine that us crackhead theorists hang onto for dear life. We know that Aria won’t be A.D. but in the waaaay back of our heads, that delusion of hope will always be there until the day we die. Aria being “bad” is literally our wet dream - we deserve this lmao 


OMG OKAY SO first off, sorry for the clickbait title lmao but this is really exciting

I emailed Mr. Iconis, the creator of “Be More Chill”, pretty much because I love his musical and I’m dying to know if it will ever return. (Turns out it was performed in a theater near me but I didn’t know at the time…)

Anyway, I sent him an email asking if the musical would ever be revived. Here’s his reply!!:

Of course, it’s not a guarantee that the show will come back, but I was absolute ELATED when I read that our interest might prove helpful.

So I guess…keep up the hype?? With luck, maybe we’ll be able to see Be More Chill back on the stage one day!

Edit: Here’s a link to the image if it’s too small for you to see:

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Hold up…..are you implying obi wan is going to be kissing someone in tango and kenobi???

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zenosanalytic said: and also irrelevant. You make a cogent point and they say something entirely unrelated in response. It’d be like if you were talking about accessibility in buildings, they were arguing against it, and you pointed out some people are born with limited mobility, or rendered limitedly mobile by illness or injury through no fault of their own, and they said “Yeah, but some people try to jump motorcycles over cars and crash out, so we shouldn’t have ramps and auto-doors”

‘but what if while helping 999 people, 1 person gets something they didn’t deserve??’ is a bizarrely common worldview

zenosanalytic said: oh man this guy lives in an entirely different world. He obviously doesn’t know that most job advancement REQUIRES degrees. That a hell of a lot of non-menial jobs, even generally bureaucratic people-facing stuff like social workers and case-managers, requires a master’s degree, at minimum.

the guy has been in the federal government since 1997, he is completely detached from reality

and so is my state that keeps electing him back

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#mood but YIKES are you ok??

IM OK GUYS. listen: i take self-defense classes. i was sparring at the dojo and a beginner who didn’t know how to pull his punches landed me square in the eye,,,,, (i wasn’t in a fight; i was never in danger or anything). he got reprimanded for not following the rules but tbh i think it was an accident