its oodles of doodles


twitter doodle-oodle dumps// (click for captions!)


(Sorry this took so long, I had so many sketches that i wasn’t proud of,,) This was really fun!! I’m gonna comment on these in left to right order!
1. Mmbn I l ov rage, rage and hope are my fav gts and the Knight of Rage is a real cool gt!! My original idea for xefs gt was page of blood, and I’m glad that there’s atleast one blood here!
2. Yea it was pretty silly for me to not see Breath in a rebel leader, with all the freedom subtext in Breath, and Dammek does fit the thief role (but maybe he could be a Rogue? Take freedom from the highbloods and give to the lowbloods?) Lots of people had Page of Time for Xef so I ended up drawing it more then once, but then decided to just scrap it and only post one.
3. Mmm 👌👌👌 Knight of Breath is so good,, I’ve always been in love with the idea of a Knight of Breath but couldn’t ever make an oc to fit the role. The page of heart is also super cute!!!
4. This one didn’t have a Xef to go with but I really love the Prince of Breath!! I have an oc that’s one so I wanted to draw Dammek beating him up. (Cause he’s a highblood and all,, it’s silly)

so i cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago and pulled out some old clothes, and when i was sorting thru them i found this old dress my uncle made for me in like third grade and i was like “awh man too bad this probably doesnt fit anymore..” and my mom said “it might, try it on” and i did a ND LO AND BEHOLD IT ACTUALLY FIT


so have lil acid n current acid side by side to show off the dress

Was playing around last night with my idea for “Daughter of Madame Leota”. Sybil? Toombs… making me want to create Tarot card leggins just cause. Ideally her sheer vest would have a metallic print (perhaps creepies and crawlies and toads from a pond?) but mostly her theme is modern New Age/Fortune telling. Lots of crystals, stars and suns/moons. Her heels are pendulums. Her hair is whispy white (having seen way more in her time than a young child should), and if I customize her (after some tweaking), I’ll probably use a Frankie and cry the entire time.

She’s learned to reign in her psychic powers. No one likes a spoiler- least of all when its regarding your life.