its only my first one be nice

svt version of shit i heard from college students

s.coups: yeah mom i love u too. o mom? im…out of money

jeonghan: the only reason why i woke up from my nap was cuz it was dinner time

joshua: yeah i dunno how the quizzes are gonna be like so im just gonna wing the first one

jun: i just caught my reflection in my computer. i look so bored lmao but my brows look nice

hoshi: i hav so many fun stories to tell but people are like gonna judge me but i still tell them anyways

wonwoo: ah…autumn, my favorite season of the year. the era of sweaterpaws begins

woozi: its only week 1 and im ready for break

the8: can’t we just karate chop this coconut in half tho.. it’ll be more effective than my butter knife

mingyu: i’m not goin- wait did u say free food

dk: ur lotion smells so gooooooood if u blindfolded me, i would have probably eaten it

seungkwan: omg i know that girl !! shoot lemme check my groupchat to see who she is *checks phone* catherine! uhh emma??! no…..cynthia????

vernon: i wanna experience a college party before i graduate but idk where they are. where are they hiding……why are they hiding from me

dino: mom stop calling me the problem child

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The way u draw people reminds me of The Iron Giant which is in fact one of my fav movies. I love ur style <3

That’s such a nice thing to say, thank you! <3
If only I was able to draw hands as deliciously as they do in that movie because they’re so tastyyyyy

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Half Body Flat Color With Detail

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Fourth Place

Half Body (Without background or detail)

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Up to 1-4 characters

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Ahrima refused to relent, he demanded to be heard. ‘Let my unique deft hands be known!’ He asserted. But even this brash avowel was met in return by no mouth full. O simply just smiled.
So defeated and galled, Ahrima headed for the darkness. No one seemed to understand, only the shadows would hearken.”

aaa i hope i get more commissions soon bc i rly rly want a fish

Glitch In The Matrix Stories (#1)

Dream Glitch

When I was about 6-8 years old I had the same dream every night, and that’s why I remember it so well. It was in a hallway that was rather dimly lit. Now here’s the weird part, I had never seen that hallway other than in the dream, and my new job requires me to walk through the hallway every day.

Credits to: caryLarryMC

A Glitch In The Way

I was 16 at the time I experienced this “glitch” (I call it a glitch because its the only answer I could come up with,but its nice to get a new perspective.) My then boyfriend (we will just call him S) was taking me home after a date night with a few friends. I lived on a well known mountain in may area that at one point in time was a gated community, but not for many many years now. 

When you first enter the community, there is a small patch of woods on either side of the road, when they finally break a pond is visible on one side and a bus stop on the other with the road running in between. Before entering the road that leads to my neighbor, we saw a few signs saying “Road Work Ahead” and such but never saw any road work. We turned onto my road and right before the break in the trees, we saw what is more accurately described as a rather large tree laying across the road with huge boulders aligned behind it. We thought it was a bit odd but didn’t give it much thought- we just figured we would take the alternate route up the mountain. 

As we looked behind us to back up and make sure we didn’t see any cars or anything, we were confronted by traffic cones directly behind us, blocking us in. Now him and I being the hot heads we are, we were instantly outraged and thought there were some kids were playing around. S then took out his flashlight and began to search the woods, looking for the ones who pulled this prank while I moved the cones. 

I stacked them on the side of the road and reversed the car as he rushed out of the woods breathing, heavy from running and saying he saw no one. He asked me where the cones had gone and I told him how I moved them and go to point at where they were, except there were no cones. We were scratching our heads completely dumbfounded for what seemed like 5 mins, just trying to figure out where those cones had went, and came up with absolutely nothing. 

S took me home and the next day when he picks me up, I try and talk to him about what had happened and he got real weird on me. He remembers the big tree and boulders, but has no recollection of running through the woods or the cones. According to him, we just turned around and drove off. After that, he seemed a bit odd and made up some excuse to go home. I never brought what had happened up after and neither did he. I still have no idea what was going on that day or why he didn’t seem to remember about a half hour of time.

Credits to: Xtiinthis

The Jacket

This was back in Winter 99-00. My Mom & I went to the winter jacket store and I picked out an amazing black and red Adidas winter jacket. It was expensive and beautiful. I literally had the thing for 2 weeks and it randomly disappeared. I looked everywhere. School, home and the youth center I frequented. It was nowhere to be found and no one ever saw it. I described it, they had literally never seen me in it. Even though I wore it everyday for those weeks. Including my mom. No idea what I’m talking about.

Cut to a week or so later, this guy shows up wearing it. I immediately attack him, saying he stole it. But he didn’t- his mom had just got it for him, 2 weeks prior. Named the store and everything. It looked exactly like mine.
I thought maybe it was stolen, but no one remembers it. My parents, my friends, my brothers. My mom actually took me out winter jacket shopping again, because the other jacket didn’t exist. It drives me crazy.

Credits to: tammybex

Déjà vu

My story goes on like this: in the beginning of my 20s I was studying abroad (in Turkey) and went there by bus because it was cheaper and no limit of luggage. Anyway, short after we’ve crossed the border I went to ask the driver if it’s much longer until the next stop (because I had to pee). The driver answers me that we’ll stop in a matter of minutes.

As we stopped we were in front of some shopping center (which was opened although it was pretty late). On my way to the building, I hear some guys saying that they should buy some cigarettes from here because it’s cheaper. I enter the building and there are several shops - all closed (because it was around midnight) and wonder if there’s a non -stop store where they are going to buy the cigars. I didn’t give it too much though because my main concern was to find a toilet or I would pee myself. I was desperately looking for WC signs but there was none. I was walking on hallways and at some point I finally found the toilets.

And that’s the point where the strange part began. There was a guy at the entrance of the toilets asking for money in order to use the toilets. He wasn’t speaking any language I knew and I wasn’t speaking Turkish. With sign language I show him empty pockets and mimic that I really have to pee. He gives me this face of “whatever, you can pass” and I run to pee. 

After I pee and exit the toilets I see the folks that were headed towards the unusual store opened that late. They all pay the money and enter the toilet. Next, when I exit outside and lit a cigar, the next moment I find myself in the bus, near the driver as he tells me we’ll stop in a matter of minutes. 

I was totally starting to freak out, but decided to stay calm and see what’s going to happen next. We stop to that building, I hear the same group of guys discussing about cigarettes, I enter the building and go straight to the toilet (because this time I knew exactly where it was) and strangely, although I just peed, I had the same urge to pee as before. 

I enter the toilets premises and see the same guy, only that this time he smiles, says something in Turkish (I really tried to remember the words he said so I could translate it later, but I guess due to the shock, I could remember not even one) and gesture that I can go on. I go and pee. I look in the mirror and check my pupils to see if I was drugged or something- because nothing of what was happening made any sense. I wash my face, slap it, pinch my skin (thinking that maybe it’s a dream). 

Anyway, I exit the toilet and see the same group of people paying to use the toilet, exactly as it was happening before. I exit the building and decided to lit that cigar once more, not knowing what will happen next. I wasn’t thrown back in time as before. 

I finished my cigar and embarked the bus and continued my journey. I was utterly shocked and couldn’t explained what just happened to me. Not even today I can. I’ve been experiencing déjà vu before, but nothing at this scale. And there are 2 things that aren’t in place:

1. Why did everything the moment I lit the cigar? 

2. What was the thing with the dude at the entrance of the toilets? I mean he was acting like he was fully aware of what’s happening and he knew that I didn’t have cash to pay and he didn’t bother to move his hands in attempt to communicate with me as it was in the beginning. He knew!

Credits to: Jinuxxx

justaborednerd  asked:

Your lapis cosplay is amazing!!😍😍 can you give my any pointers? I want to cosplay as her for a con i want to go to this year

Aw shucks, thank you!! :’D And if its pointers you want its pointers you’ll get! >:D

Dress: I used performance fabric from Joann’s that can also be used for swimsuits. Not only is the dress waterproof, but the skirt flows nicely when I spin! I used a lot of bits and pieces from this tutorial when making the outfit: :D

Wig: I just bought a relatively cheap navy blue one off ebay and chopped it down and teased the bangs and back. Just watching any wig cutting tutorial should help with this!

Body: My first time doing Lapis I used snazaroo for my whole body. It took 4 hours to put on and it only stayed presentable for about an hour. My trick for this year? A zentai suit with split fingers and toes and no hood and snazaroo for my face. I like this method a lot better, even if there was a seam around my neck and on my back. The seams don’t really show up in cellphone pictures and photoshop can remove those seams easily if you have a more HQ picture.

Gem: You can’t see it in the photos I posted, but I used a HUGE (3.5-4 inches tall) flatback rhinestone that I colored with a cheap nailpolish. 

Contacts: I used a white mesh lens from Uniqso or Honeycolor (I completely forgot which one). 

Fans: I bought a pair of blue gradient bellydancer fans from ebay for about 20 bucks. Even if you don’t know how to dance with them, they still look cool when you spin and wave them around!

I hope this helps! :D Good luck with your Lapis! 


I was tagged by the amazing @nacrissablack to post my lock and home screen, a selfie and the last song I listened to. (im in bed wearing pajamas sorry lol)
I tag: @wlfstar, @pickettandnewt, @totally-ravenclaw (only if you want to, ofc)

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1) hey syd im at the moment in my life where im confused w who i am. im a libra sun and leo moon. apparently libras r really sociable and all. i mean, i get along with literally EVERYONE im good at adapting to different ppl but ive never had a genuinely true and close friend that will stick with me forever and loves me, supports me, encourages me etc. i feel like ppl come and go and im so scared this is how it'll be romantically for me as well. am i doomed.

2) i feel like all of my friends have closer friends and theyd prefer hanging out w them than w me. and the only time im ever invited to something is if its a group thing. but no one actually dislikes me cos i always avoid conflicts, its just that im never someones first choice - someones BEST friend. i feel like i have all these ppl who i get along w and r super nice but im always floating in the middle and never at peace. havent found anyone who genuinely wants to stick with me
3) ALSO. i find it hard to communicate w other ppl. idk i see so many ppl texting each other 24/7 and im over here like WHAT COULD U POSSILBY BE TEXTING ABT. i always run out of things to say especially on text. im literally the only one i know who doesnt text anyone. at. all. i have nothing to say& i dont find enjoyment in doing it? i remember this one taurus guy was flirting w me and asked me to text him when i got home and i literally straight up said sorry no cant do that
Awww my love I’m sorry. That’s not a fun feeling. I wish I had something to say that would make everything better. Just hang in there, be open minded, and I know you’ll find your people. 💜


 I LOVE the ME3 Multiplayer and I still play to this day.
And I never got attacked or kicked off. 90% of the time
people do not even talk and the ones that do use a mic
have been really nice.
Sure I was scared at first but what I did was create a
private match and experiemented on my own to get
an idea of how to play. I only made it past a few waves
but it taught me how to play and I knew what I was doing.
Its really fun and it was disheartening to see the hate it
got. I hope the multiplayer for Andromeda is just as fun.


You were the only one who saw me where others saw a monster,

Just let me do this for you.

Oh my god this took so much longer than it shoulder. That fricken’ gif did not want to play nice. Originally, I had just planned to do the first image, pretty spacey Lapis with her water wings but after Chillie Tid aired, I decided to add the second and make the a gif (hence its roughness and general bleh). Next, up is Peridot but I dunno how long it will take. Hopefully not as long as this monstrosity. 

“I’m sorry, Sawamura. Thank you.”

This is an AU where Miyuki is died (around where after Eijun go back to Nagano after he met Miyuki in Seido for the first time yes that shojo-esque encounter) and his soul still wandered around Seido because he still have a goal to stand in Koshien.

The only one who can see Miyuki is Eijun (even though Eijun is totally a normal person). So Eijun wants to fulfill Miyuki’s dream to bring him to Koshien and win it. Because Miyuki is the reason why he got to Seido.

As time grows, Miyuki, he has a feeling for Sawamura and actually feel so depressed because he can’t be the one who catch his pitch, he can’t touch Sawamura, he can’t support Sawamura, but he tried to bury that thought and keep watching over him (also teases him whenever he can).

Like other ‘ghost’ story, after their dreams are fulfilled, they will disappear, they will go back to the place where they belong. And yes, i plan to make Sawamura forget everything about (ghost) Miyuki after he disappeared.

fuck me and my grammar errors lol


Okay, dusting this old Tumblr off after forever, because it has recently come into my attention that someone’s reposted a photo of my work on Tumblr and it is currently spreading around. I…haven’t ever been in a situation like this, not really knowing how to react so I think the best I can do is give an explanation, so you can understand a few things before anyone rails me for putting furry art in an art gallery.

Firstly, TL;DR: I displayed this, my school and my class had no beef with it, even liked it, I have no shame and should not have shame, I am proud of my work, and HAVE SOME REPOSTING ETIQUETTE SERIOUSLY.

The school (NOVA) did not explicitly display this, I did. The school did NOT take this down for its content though. My Drawing 3 class teacher said that there would be an art showing in school and that it could be nice (as well as extra credit opportunities) for displaying your work. The two works I displayed for the gallery are here in this post, even though one mainly in attention was the first one. The only, ONLY time this particular image got taken down was simply because it had to be moved from one hallway to one in another building with all of the other work, and it fell underneath a bench in the process, where it was then taken back up to my classroom by the next session with only a note that it fell. Nothing that gave any idea that it was removed for its content.

The class of which this was originally given a CRITIQUE SESSION before I could even think of displaying it, had no problems with the content as well. They even actually enjoyed it. Even if the background is honestly complete trash (backgrounds, almost as much of a bane to me as hands.) So I had my class’s approval towards displaying this, as well as my teacher’s support and blessing.

I am a proud artist and cartoonist through and through. I have no shame for any of my artwork I do, and I have pride for my work. An art gallery is where you want to show off your best work, and those two were some of the best work I’ve done in a long while. That’s all that mattered to me, more than the content. I don’t care what the content of it happens to be, so long as I’ve worked my hardest as I can, I do not have any regrets for the work I have displayed nor for any work I display in the future. Something you should have feelings for about your own creations as well. TL;DR, yeah I have the self confidence to show my own work off. (Which I would love to thank my Drawing class for, you have helped me develop a lot in my confidence as an artist.)

Do not repost my artwork without sourcing back or asking for permission. One of my only main beefs with the guy who made that post is the lack of them communicating with me. In the art gallery I’m required to give my name, and my email. They were right there for you to talk to me about the art, that’s also the point of an art gallery. I’m willing to show my own work off in public and link its source to me. The least you can do is reciprocate. This should be common courtesy anyway. Always provide the source as well as have the permission to share.

I think I’ve pretty much explained things the best I can. I don’t know if I should have but I needed to do something. And maybe it’s just fatigue and the resulting nihilistic attitude from having gone through an all nighter, with no extra sleep to make up for it and a long day, but yeah I…still don’t know how to take this.

My two featured works are right there in the post so you can see in that sweet, sweet source quality. Much better than what a camera of it would give you. This, you may reblog, but maintain the message I’ve written for this particular one.

If you are interested in talking to me about my art, or even if I can work on something for you, feel free to email me at !

(Honestly I dunno if I /can/ really offer commissions but I’ll be sure to feel really flattered about it and consider it! Who knows!)

Thanks for your reading and understanding.

first kisses, as if i
had been holding my breath
for the past few hours,
looking at you through my eyelashes
hoping that you liked me
as much as i liked you.

sugared kisses, as if i
had painted my lips with the red
of a strawberry, picked from the field
with just the right ripeness
and just the right sweet.

tired kisses, as if i
had only three hours of sleep
and you were the first one
who has told me good morning
the entire day.

goodnight kisses, as if we
had just had the time of our
lives and we didn’t want to leave
but the kiss was a promise
and not a goodbye.

quick kisses, as if i
was running late but
as long as i was with you
that was okay
(but really— i have to go)

last kisses, as if we
had reached the end of us
the end of an era
the end of a story
and it wasn’t dramatic
but it wasn’t sweet
it was just you and i.

—  there are many types of kisses || k.w.

blue-lemons-in-the-sky  asked:

sorry if im wasting your time but yesterday was the first day of school and i didn't know anyone at lunch until i saw my friend Ben so i sat with him. All of his other guy friends came along but it didn't bother me. they were really nice, one of them even asked if he was making me upset by flirting with me. so it was going pretty well until this girl called me a slut for sitting with a bunch of guys,and i only wore a low cut shirt to get laid. i know its not true but for some reason i feel bad

Don’t feel bad about it. The truth is that society has programed people, especially girls, to always feel like they’re in competition with one another and that’s probably what happened here. It can be really hard to be a girl, and it doesn’t help that we are set up against each other. My advice is to forget about it. Fighting back, or retaliating isn’t worth it, and she probably doesn’t mean what she said. Main point though, don’t take what she said to heart. You know it’s not true, and so do the people who care about you. Good luck, and thanks for the question!

-The Daily Feminist 

Plutchik Rising

“Nooo…. NOOO!” Teiko gripped his head as he curled over in pain. It was a mistake coming to this alley way. The guilt of what he had done was becoming too great. Those people that he killed were once along the ground where he stood over. He refused to believe it was what he had done. If only he had tighter control…Especially now that Plutchik was taking control. The blood stained ground triggered him to come to. 

The first outbreak. He thought it was caused by a loose chord, but it was thanks to the nightmare he was finally face to face with. 

“Ohhh little one….I’ve been away for soooo long…You’ve kept this body nice and warm for me…its time for the original owner to take over….don’t you think?” 

“NO! THIS IS MY BODY! THIS IS MY LIFE! YOU CANT DO THIS!” He cried, clutching his chest. “Don’t do this… I beg of you…” he slammed his head against a wall.

“Don’t you get it Teiko…..Your the virus.”

Teiko’s eyes turned from its fearful white to a sinister red, his limbs trembled as he continued to fight, but once the demon spoke those words… was….

“Game Over.” Plutchik’s voice laughed as he gained control. This….This was his body now.