its only a made up story ok

Everyone should really go see Power Rangers. What Marvel has failed to do for nearly a decade it did in one movie. 

Racially diverse cast. No hetero subplots! Blue Ranger is on the spectrum!! Queer Yellow Ranger!!!

And none of it is treated like some sort of burden for dramatic effect. They fuckin bond over the things that make them feel like outcasts. Its like Breakfast Club on steroids. I can’t believe people are passing up on this. 

And the movie isn’t that horrible. Like yeah ok the actual Power Rangers are only in the last half hour but this is an origin story. We learn about the characters and who they are before the final battle. GO SEE IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. This deserves as many sequels as possible. It only made something like $40 million this weekend. Its so sad. I see so many people on tumblr and twitter begging for a diverse super hero movie and when one drops no one talks about it. Like??? Thats a problem!


I loved how quiet this scene was. Because basically everything about it is so fucked up - that he can only sleep in a bathroom, the reason why (hiding in the outhouse waste made him feel safe from his abuser as a kid? So now as a thirty-something yuppie writer he can only sleep in a bathroom? That is so fucked up, I have no words), the fact that he’s managed to have a fairly successful life despite that and just and that GHJ knows and deals with it in a very matter-of-fact way…you know a normal kdrama would pull out the violin but not this quirky, weird, amazing story…

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You have a comic called pulling a tooth right? Did you finish it? If not could you put a link up please?

Yes I did! It’s not done yet. You can find it in order over here

@mirriky Ok I should explain, this comic was only supposed to be a few pages long and have a cutoff ending because it was an experiment.
I have never made a comic before or written any kind of story before.

But it does not feel right to do that. So there IS an ending now. Don’t worry it will get done. :)

teacher: tell us an interesting event which happened over the summer

me: oh man whats an interesting story i can tell them about me

brain: ohoho, let me help you there :)

me: i know what you’re gonna do you lil shit don’t do it

brain: *brings up a wheel of made-up events, spins the wheel severeal times* let’s see.. you’ve met brad pitt.. had a romantic dinner with him..

me: oh no oh god that never happened i never even met a celebrity

*2 seconds later*

me: *stands up* I had a romantic dinner with Brad Pitt, and,


“I knew I always wanted tattoos from a young age and I made this bet with her [Sydney’s mom] and said ‘Ok. If I scored 10 goals at Nationals, can I get a tattoo?’ and she said ‘Of course. It’s only 4 games.’ I ended up scoring 13 goals at Nationals, so she had to take me to get my first tattoo. She was like ‘Ok like, its gotta be something you love’ and I was like ‘I love soccer.’ and she was like ‘ok, get a soccer ball.’ So I got a soccer ball in flames on my back. It was terrible.” -Sydney Leroux