its one of those character you see and say wow


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[6] Lead – Say Yes, 7x12

Say Yes was such a gift of an episode, it was nigh on impossible to arrange its scenes into an order of favorites; they all offer a unique angle of this multi-faceted relationship. This one sees a reversion of the typical Richonne dynamic. So rarely does the pace of the show allow for Rick to play a supporting role. We usually see him pushing the A-plot forward, with various supporting characters in play for those scenes, or we see anyone but Rick because Andy needs an hour off to clean the glitter out of his car and maybe sleep. In Say Yes, though, the dramatic climax is framed around Michonne, with Rick as her support.

Rick clearly believes there’s every chance they (or certainly he) won’t make it out of the AOW alive; therein lies the explanation for why he has hesitated for so long. 7B has shown Rick doing everything he can to spoil Michonne, create this special time for them and prolong it – precisely because it won’t last. Michonne, however, has been living it up in a fun place called Denial, sleeping peacefully because “we’re the ones who live.” Except here she’s been forced to confront their vulnerability.

It’s so important that this be a totally equal partnership. This scene offers a nice balance to the many pep talks that Michonne has issued Rick with over the years. She is allowed a rare moment to be open and vulnerable while Rick rallies her. The line, “You led me here” pays tribute to a long-established dynamic – honoring Michonne’s contribution to Team Family, to Rick and to their survival up to this point. The delivery is stunning, too, with a breezy air of assurance to it – because of course. Of course she did. If you ever need a reminder of how important these people are to each other, how deeply they feel for one another, and everything that they put on the line when the fights start, this is your scene.

  • Andy: It’s that moment where she is incredibly vulnerable, she’s shocked by what just happened and how much she feels for Rick and how undone she is by what just happened, by essentially seeing him die. So Rick in exchange — it is an exchange — he tells her about the fact that he feels haunted by the death of Glenn. It’s a sort of exchange of vulnerability, which enables them to become stronger. They become more whole. I think that’s basically their relationship: they become more human, more whole, with each other. She knows that if he does die — and he will die at some point — the community has to go forward. And she is an absolutely qualified leader in her own right. Rick is no fool. He’s in the firing line. He’s going to war with the Big Bad Wolf and there’s going to be collateral damage. […] It’s an interesting question: are you vulnerable because of love, because you love somebody, or does it make you fight stronger? That’s the central question that we’ve been riffing on for the last seven years. I think, ultimately, my position would be unless you love, you’re not human. You’re not a complete human being. That’s why [Say Yes] was so much fun – seeing these two warriors, Michonne and Rick, in love, bringing out qualities in each other that you’ve never seen before, that certainly they haven’t accessed for a long, long time. Otherwise, what the fuck are we fighting for?
  • Greg Nicotero: When we shot that episode, I felt that was the best scene we had shot all season. There was so much power behind it, so much emotion behind the words, just raw and beautiful. And the performances in that scene — I sat at the monitor and was like “Oh my God!” What they’re saying and how they’re saying it and the connection, all of that lands because we’ve seen them raiding the buildings and pillaging and scavenging and going at it in the van and you know, the Sixteen Candles birthday dinner scene that I specifically choreographed like Sixteen Candles. I just wanted the audience to really feel that part of their relationship so that when she realizes that she could lose him, it’s just devastating to her.

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Hey, I love your writing and every time I see one more I go running to read, even if english is not my first language. It's always so, so ... wow. Even when it is an au you can maintain the essence of the characters. Your Killugon are awesome. I do not know if she appeared in the manga, I've never seen anime either, but I wanted to ask, if you're not too busy, how Mito-san reacted to Killua being a killer.

This message made me so, so, soooooo happy, thank you so much for saying all those nice things about my writing ;;__;; the fact that you like to read my fics even though they’re not in your first language is so amazing to me ^////^

I really liked this prompt! I don’t remember how Mito found out about Killua’s past, or if she ever did, but this is how I think it would go! I hope you like it~

Canon universe, set during Gon and Killua’s visit to Whale Island

“So, Killua,” Mito said as she dropped the heavy load of laundry onto the grass. “Tell me, how did your family let you participate in the Hunter Exam? You’re so young!”

Killua gave her a questioning look, brows furrowed. “Why are you asking? Didn’t you let Gon take the Hunter Exam, too? He’s only two months older than I am.”

Mito couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her lips. It was true; she had left Gon to his own devices, like she always had. Because while Gon was obedient and always respectful towards her wishes, he was still Ging’s son. Ging had done whatever he wanted, and she knew if Gon was determined enough, he would too.

“Gon wanted to take the Exam,” she said. “He would have gone off whether I wanted him to or not. So it was better to let him go with my blessing.”

“Hmph.” Killua grabbed a shirt from the laundry and shook it once before hanging it up on the line. “I guess you have a point there.”

“Did you leave with your family’s blessings, Killua?” Mito asked in a teasing tone.

Her movements faltered though at the dark expression that suddenly appeared on Killua’s face.

“Nah,” he said. “I’m…well, my family didn’t want me to take the Hunter Exam, or leave home at all, really. They’re really annoying like that. So I had to fight my mother and brother before I could get away. My mother’s face was covered in bandages the last time I saw her from where I stabbed her.”

Mito blinked. She stared at the twelve year old currently hanging up Gon’s green shorts, unsure if he was joking or not. He didn’t say anything else though and the unnatural silence made Mito’s heart twist.

Killua was rarely so quiet. From the short time Mito knew him, she had learned that he was an extremely bright, mischievous and usually cheerful boy. He had as much stamina as Gon, sometimes even more, which truly astounded her. He spent every day with her son without ever showing a sign of boredom and the way they grinned at each other filled Mito with warmth.

She was happy for Gon and that he had finally found a friend who could keep up with him at every turn. And she knew that not every family was as beautiful as theirs. So, no matter what Killua said, she would listen.

“Was it a long fight?” she asked and Killua’s head snapped up.

“…no,” he said after a pause. He spoke slowly, as if unsure of how much to tell her. “I’ve always been better than Milluki, and my mother wasn’t expecting it. If anything she was probably proud of me for attacking her.”

He shook his head and muttered, “She’s so controlling. She never let me go on my own missions until after I returned from Heavens Arena! And even then she had Illumi tracking me, the bastard.”

“What kind of missions would she send you on?” Mito asked, genuinely curious, as she picked up one of Killua’s shirts from the pile.

“Assassination missions,” Killua explained offhandedly and Mito’s blood turned to ice. 

“Assassination?!” she squeaked.

Killua’s face fell.

“Oh…I guess….Gon didn’t tell you? I’m not surprised.” Killua looked off into the horizon. The look in his blue eyes was unreadable. “I’m a Zoldcyk. We’re a family of trained assassins. I’m a professional killer.”

Mito’s arms dropped her her side, Killua’s indigo tang top brushing the tips of the grass. She didn’t know what to say to that. Who would know what to say to that?! It wasn’t normal to suddenly learn that your son’s best friend was an assassin!

But Gon, Mito knew, wasn’t normal either. Not in the usual sense of the word. He was too strong, too powerful for someone his age. Again, like Ging. 

And like Ging, he attracted the most unusual company.

“I left them,” Killua said and his voice cut through her inner monologue.

She glanced at him. Killua’s expression was hard, but not angry. It was almost like he had been expecting her immediate shock and horror.

 Killua continued, “I won’t lie and say I haven’t killed people before, because I have, but I never wanted any of that. My family didn’t give me a choice. I didn’t want to be like them, so I left.”

Mito swallowed thickly. Killua was only twelve, but he had probably seen more blood in his life than Mito ever would. Killua was born into death, but had walked away from it. Killua was her son’s best and only friend, and Gon had taught her on numerous occasions the meaning of looking past appearances to see the things that mattered most.

She took a deep breath. 

“It sounds like you had a horrible family, Killua,” she said softly and Killua’s eyes widened. 

He looked down, grip tightening on Gon’s jacket in his hands.

“They were the worst,” he muttered and there was a deeper meaning in those words. A hint of frustration and misery that caused a swell of pity in Mito’s chest.

He was only twelve years old and he had experienced such horror. Being here must be a kind of paradise to him.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you like,” she told him.

Killua’s mouth fell open. “R-Really?”

She smiled fondly at him. “Of course. Are you getting hungry, by the way? Its almost lunchtime and Gon should be getting back from town soon with the ingredients I asked him to get. I can make more of that salmon, if you like.”

Killua’s responding smile was small but hopeful. “That would be awesome. Your a really great cook, you know.”

She laughed at that and the sound was whipped away by the breeze.

When they finally made their way back to the house, Gon was jumping up and down in the doorway as if bursting with excitement, waving his hands and yelling Killua’s name.

Killua’s eyes lit up and Mito knew then that she had made the right choice.

Castiel, Angel of Thursday

I feel like I really need to say this. See, I’m a Casgirl. I am not one of those fans who’s been with the show from season 1, and has been seeing the show airing on TV since its beginnings. The reason why I started watching Supernatural was because of Cas gifs on tumblr.

Because come on, who wouldn’t be taken away, or even slightly intrigued by that?

I just felt that, wow, this is such a complex character. He looked meek, powerful, obedient, calm, strong, formidable, intimidating, unpretentious, and so fucking badass, all at the same time. You kinda get all that vibe from a couple of gifs. Like wtf right?

He is an angel?

he is a warrior…

he is human..



a stoned hippie…

a nutcase..


he is a servant, a soldier, a rebel, a healer, a father, a vessel..

he is god?

And I was just mesmerized, because wow, this actor puts so much into this character, and somehow he seems to pull everything off, in a very convincing way. Like i need to know more about this Castiel. It was just so impressive. And then I remember seeing for the first time gifs of him and dean suggesting a non-platonic relationship, and I was just floored because I really thought that it was canon, and I set off to really watch the show. The chemistry was just incredible, it was just there. It demanded to not be ignored. 



but it was there

it fills the gap even in scenes supposed to be filled with contempt


and so glorious

You can just tell that this angel is so in love with this human.

There it was in bold letters across his face.

This angel fell for this human and it was so beautiful.

It’s just so sad and beautiful.

There were so many layers to Castiel’s character—so well, and lovingly, and, gently portrayed–that I was in love with this character even before i started watching the show, and even before i knew what a wonderful human being the actor who played him was.

And that was why I watched Supernatural. Because of Cas.

I know that the show is ultimately about the two brothers. And I can understand that the endgame would be about just Sam and Dean, and yes, it would be just the two of them against the world, but I hurt for Cas. Because I want this to be his story too. Because I started watching this, and I am still watching this show. For Castiel’s story.

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wow thats amazingly rude. just because your ship isn't canon you'd say ladygts fanart is the real one? damn. ns is so salty theres even an anti naruto / kishi tag. please respect kishi and the official ending. why can't you be happy for naruto :/ everything will be explained in the movie