its one of the best


A Totally New Stutter Effects Pedal for Radiohead Fans

Five years ago, I established The King of Gear to create an encyclopedia of Radiohead’s gear, and to give fans a better understanding of how the band crafted the unique and innovative sounds heard throughout their discography. Since then, I’ve answered hundreds of questions about the band’s gear, ranging from Thom’s vintage guitars to Nigel’s mic'ing techniques, but easily the most asked was “how do I recreate Jonny Greenwood’s random stutter Max/MSP patch with guitar effects pedals?”

For a long time, the answer was always that there were no available pedals which duplicated the effect – particularly its randomness – and the best that one could do would be to use loopers or tremolos. The randomized glitch effect is easy enough to program if you purchased expensive software and learned how to use it, but it subsequently required a computer and audio interface to use. For the average gigging musician without a crew to carry their equipment, this simply wasn’t doable for live performance. I’ve played many gigs where I wished I could use this effect during part of the song, but didn’t have that capacity. The ’Feral Glitch’ was conceptualized to fill this niche. It offers that distinctive random stutter effect which has previously only been feasible via complex computer software. It sounds a bit cheesy, but with this pedal I really built the one that I had dreamed of for years.

Kickstart the Feral Glitch here to receive one of the limited run of 25 pedals, or to check out our new t-shirts!


hey !! i’m aimee n ive been lurking in the studyblr community for a couple months now. ive always admired people’s motivation to study (n their pretty notes lolol) n i made this blog to (hopefully) increase my own will to do homework n study for tests!

facts abt me

  • i’m chinese!! i immigrated to the us when i was 5 n i currently live in wa state :)
  • although english isnt technically my first language, its the one im best at (i can barely read & write chinese now oops)
  • im a freshman in hs- class of 2020!
  • i rlly like alt music n i hold a soft spot for panic! at the disco which is left over from my emo days lol
  • im interested in psych n hope to take it next yr
  • our school lets people who qualify to do ib sophomore n junior yr & internships senior yr- im part of this program !!
  • im a really bad procrastinator n i want to fix this asap
  • my main blog is @lesterie hehe

classes im currently taking

  • algebra 2
  • freshman english
  • ap world history
  • computer graphics
  • chinese 2
  • chemistry

studyblrs tht inspire me

@tbhstudying @studyquill @elkstudies @bookmrk @studylustre @acadehmic @studyplants @bluelahe @eintsein @focusign @freudoh @gryfhindor @intellectus @knoweldge @lernend @languesetmoi @mildstudies @milkystudies @studypetals @scholarly @steudious @stillstudies @studistrict @studyblr @studycoffees @academiix @studie-s @studymoo @medstudie

thanks for reading through my rambly long post n i hope u have a nice day!!

its so weird to like………see RE stuff be like……….horror????

at least for me bc like. tbh all im familiar w/ RE wise is re5

which is. Not The Best i’ve heard bt its th one i’m th most familiar w/ + most fond of bc of it, hahA

so its just

super strange to see ths sorta gameplay + stuff (which is remindin me like 500000000% more of outlast thn anythin else) thts from. Tht Same RE u kno


yes im aware the dog filter is dumb but I love it and its one of the best pictures of me
ANYWAYS! I have a question. Do you believe the Name “Leonidas” fits me? Or should I just stick with Leon?

I like that name! You can still use Leon all the time, of course. I chose Wrenly for the longer name, but I mostly just use Wren.



Thank you to @a-court-of-feysand-and-elorcan for tagging me! X Tag 20 of your followers that you’d like to get to know better, (It was really hard to pick because I would love to get to know literally everyone, you’re all so amazing so there are definitely more than 20 accounts but for now…) Tags: @hermajestymanon @feysandsmut @rhyswingspan @rhystrashforever @rowaelin-feysand @rhysand-vs-tamlin @elegant-colby @a-court-of-rhysand-and-feyre @a-court-of-elorcan @a-court-of-beauty @feysandsmut @teamfeyre @rowaelin-feysand @rhystrashforever @feyrhysbabies @heir-manon-blackbeak @highladystarfall @house-of-galathynius @adarlansassasins @myhighladyfaeofthenightcourt >and just an honoury tag for one of the best accounts @its-suriel

Name: Madeline

Nickname: Mads

Gender: Female

Star sign: Aries

Height: 5'4

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Hogwart’s house: Griffindor

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite animal: Wolf

Average hours of sleep: probably 6 as a maximum :(

Cat/Dog person: dOG

Favourite fictional character: this isn’t even a plausible question… (Manon, Rhys, Maven, JesperxWylan, Aelin, Adelina, are just a few)

Number of blankets I sleep with: One fluffy and then duvet

Favourite singer/band: The Neighbourhood, Twenty One Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Lana del rey, (but pretty much anything)

Dream trip: Greece

Dream job: Author/Actress/Business woman/Chef/Painter

When was your blog created: I have to be honest.. I have no clue but probably around late December time 2016 most likely

Number of followers currently: 88

What made you decide to make tumblr: Just so I have somewhere I can post about my obsession and because the fandom is so enormous and amazing that I love being apart of it


i have only one thing to say and its that this is the best thing french music has ever produced and its bc it was made by africans 

I hate going to a place and theres only a bunch of people I kind of know, its best when theres at least one person I know very well or no one that I know at all but between that is just torture

Honestly the best part of the movie.

(Redbubble) (My Star Wars art was removed last time, so maybe an limited run)


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve just got one thing to say to you! Never forget who you want to become!” |
  Happy Birthday to my lovely Annie~ ✿♥‿♥✿ ( @shotous )

that one moment you just know a movie has such an impact on you. just the music, the actors, the scenery, story, everything. when you feel chills and know that this movie means something to you. to feel so blessed that you are able to witness it for the first time, and then feel the same way every time you see it. it never gets old, it never goes out of style, it’ll always be the masterpiece you know it is. its one of the best feelings ever.