its one of my favorite videos ever

  • ah community: gets pissed whenever jack "ruins" a video by trying to fuck over the person in first
  • ah community: finds it hilarious when literally any other member does the same thing

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What's your favorite Danisnotonfire video ever?

Nuuu, I love so many of them! XD Heck. Two that come immediately to mind are Psycho Thoughts and Audience Participation Fear. Counting out collabs and stuff, probably those ones. 

…Also, I Mumble. And The Story of My Hamster. And My Greatest Fear. And I know I said “counting out collabs,” but the blindfolded makeup challenge and baking videos with Phil. XD Stop me.

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I look at pictures, and that suit is absolutely gorgeous, like, ridiculously so, but then I look at the video and it just doesn't compare, or do it justice. It's a shame, it might be one of my favorite things he's ever worn.

i know wtf i’m so bitter….tv dulls it so much. thank god for the pics tbh.


I was trying to work out who of the Legends received the worst punishment. And, of course, in my unbiased opinion, it turns out to be my favorite, Rip Hunter. Now, before you object, hear me out.

Ray Palmer, the genius, has been reduced to working as a janitor. Instead of being the owner of a multibillion dollar tech company, he cleans its toilets. Upside, he still has access to the technology and he even gets to spend time playing video games.

Nate Heywood, the historian and (I suppose) the authority on several topics, is a conspiracy theorist to whom no one ever listens to. But still, he has the support of a loving mother (who makes awesome sandwiches).

Jefferson Jackson, our chief engineer with a heart of gold, is a domineering, self-important version of himself. If he was in his right mind, our sweetheart would probably hate the person they made him into. We don’t know that much about his life outside of what was shown, but based on how he treated Martin for wanting to spend time with his family, Jax’s family life is probably non-existent. Upside, he appears to be a high ranking official in Eobard’s company.

Martin Stein, the professor, works under the dominating and terrifying pressure of Jefferson Jackson. But he is still a genius, working on the science that he cares about, and he actually has a family.

Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe are the runners up in this analysis. Amaya, because she is forced to work under the organization headed by the man that killed her lover, and Sara, because she works for Damien who actually killed her sister. These strong beautiful women were reduced to doing the bidding of a despicable man. Upside, they don’t remember who they used to be.

This brings me to Rip Hunter. He is left alone in his incapacitated timeship with his memories intact. That means he remembers everything and everyone. They took away everything he ever loved. His ship and his ability to travel are gone. He believes that his friends are probably all dead. Knowing our lovable mental health patient, he very likely blames himself for all that happened.  And they allowed him to remember.

So, yeah, I think, Rip had the worst deal. If you disagree, I don’t really care. 

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I remember it being said in videos once or twice that Gavin used to be scared of going to get Ryan to film with them, and it makes me wonder if it's gone a similar way in fahc. Like when Ryan first joined and he didn't hang around or say much Gavin would avoid him at all costs, but now he's one of the gang Gavin's always climbing all over him and asking him silly questions and completely at ease even though he knows now more than ever what kind of creepy dangerous things Ryan's done.

oh you know it, that’s one of my favorites.

“gavin go get the vagabond.”

“right. ehm. well, geoff, there’s this thing i have to do, geoff, it’s really important-”

“it can wait, go grab him.”

“but geoff, hang on geoff, it’s reeeally important, and i have to go do it right immediately now-”

gavin cocksucker free go get the fucking skull man.”

( loud british sulking )

and then once he becomes a permanent addition to the crew it’s an instant attitude change - i guess maybe gavin’s more comfortable now that he knows ryan’s been vetted enough to be included in the crew and won’t kill him at the slightest change in weather? - and ryan is left wondering where that sweet, sweet peace of mind went, to be replaced by the probability of three fuckiNG coins.

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Could you recommend some Arctic Monkeys music for me? ;u; I just started getting into them and I want to make a playlist and I trust your judgement

okay ill try my best to keep this short as i can!! but it might be kinda long haha

heres ones you should watch the music video for:

-r u mine?
-crying lightning
-black treacle
-suck it and see (but on here, cuz its the original one that i like better: )
-teddy picker
-one for the road

heres some songs that i like from each era !!

-a certain romance
-dancing shoes (i totally mean to toot my own horn when i say this is literally one of my favorite songs ever and that ,, i can play it on guitar. like ive got this shit MEMORIZED)

-d is for dangerous
-do me a favour (yes, with the “u”)

-secret door
-dance little liar

-black treacle
-thats where youre wrong

-snap out of it

“Despite everything, it’s still you.” This quote is simply one of the best things ever to be in a video game. It’s honest, powerful, and sincere. It’s so hard to find words that incredible sometimes. 


please watch this its one of my favorite videos ever


that time gaby moreno and oscar isaac did a concert together? still one of my favorite things to ever have happened



Tom Hardy- Booker DeWitt

Alison Brie- Elizabeth

John Malkovich- Father Comstock

Tom Hiddleston & Elizabeth Banks- Lutece Twins

Danai Gurira- Daisy Fitzroy

Bored so I fancasted one of my favorite video games. I might Fancast in the future out of boredom. But yeah, its not like they would ever make this movie, but here’s how I would cast it.

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Do you have the sources for the video for the gif set about Sebastian not talking? Please😄

i’m surprised at the asks i got about this, bc i feel these are the kind of quality videos everyone must have seen a thousand times already because they are incredible and ICONIC. if you haven’t seen yet, you’re in for a treat!!! here’s the ca:cw cast video where you get lizzie talking about how civilized sebastian is and chris does the hilarious ‘CHEADLE?? CHEADLE???!! who said cheadle? get outta here. cheadle’s playing grabass with the rest of us’ in one of my fave boston-drowned soundbites from him ever. joe russo’s bit is from this video, where they literally follow up joe’s answer with a cutaway to a muted sebastian with the sound of silence playing in the background a;lskfdj:

and the stackie one’s from one of my all-time favorite interviews with this infamous show-stopping spectacular moment that launched pining!needy! (look at me, praise me, ANTHONY I LOVE YOU) seb straight outta canon:

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Basically I tried to start working on a romcom-style trailer for TFTBL and I think I’m giving up on it because it’s a lot more work than I realized it’d be. So have one of my favorite bits I edited so far in gif form because Tumblr wouldn’t upload the video of what I’d finished for… Whatever reason.

Will this project ever be finished? Probably not. But who knows, maybe I’ll pick it back up at some point  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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talk more about sal

✿ buckle up buttercup bc here it comes ✿

♡ ♡ ♡

ok, so as you all know Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano is this beautiful man

he looks so happy here! i love him with every inch of my gay ass heart  ♡


Sal’s birthday is November 6th and shall henceforth be known as a national holiday; all schools, banks, churches, and offices with be closed on this day every year.


Sal has a podcast with Brian “Q” Quinn called ‘What Say You?’ where they just idk talk abt stuff its really great tho they tell really funny stories like the time Sal’s manager at a pizza place was getting married and getting rid of his porn stash which back in the day porn was on vhs tapes. also his manager had gotten all his friends stashes so sal ended up with a box with like 60 porn videos, each one having 8 hours of porn worth $40 each (so totaling $2,000+) and sal ended up being a Porn Library for his friends

of course like any Ja’Thirsty (my coined term for sal fans) i love when he falls

this one is my favorite!

he just falls directly down its great ♡

have you ever heard the story of him holding a pair of pants hostage for a ransom of a jar of peanut butter? no? ok well here it is its hilarious

i relate to him on a spiritual level

we’re actually really similar its #spooky like

he has flat feet, i have flat feet
he’s part cuban, im part cuban
he wears glasses, i wear glasses

clearly those are the only criteria u need to be either the exact same person or soulmates so idk

Sal has this green hoodie and wears it a lot so i bought the same hoodie so we’d match (its looks better on him than me tbh because fucking look at him) this shade of green looks really good on him tho jussayin

(sorry for the quality this is the only good pic i could find of him wearing it without having to screenshot a video)

also have you heard him sing? i listen to this on a loop every night before bed tbh  😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

 the tag i use frequently for sal (but not for every post) is ‘my thick boy’ which is a reference to this monster factory video; a thick boy is described as a boy that you cant knock over with a pail of water. i have also compared the rest of the tenderloins to other monster factory boy types.

also while looking up stuff for this post i found out he was in a front bottoms music video 

hes so cute hes havin a good time also this video is kinda hilarious. sal with silly string is my aesthetic

and of course i dont even have to get into double dutching but heres the transparent gif i made

and now a big dump of gifs bc why not

tl;dr sal vulcano is so very important to me and im p sure he saved my life just by being alive at the same time in the same timeline on the same astral plane in the same universe as me and i think thats amazing 

♡ ♡ ♡

the japan video with the balls is honestly the most one direction thing one direction has ever done… put in a small room with a bunch of important people telling them what to do and literally everything goes wrong.. harrys string detaches… the confetti balls are popping open at the wrong time.. niall sitting on the couch crying over the stress in the room.. harry blowing sly “secretive” kisses to louis… i’m.. i’m, i’m sat here hysterically crying over this video its so so so one direction i love it so much its my favorite thats literally all you need to know about me