its one of my favorite videos ever

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🎮 - Favorite video game(s)?

{{ oof. ive had a looot of favorites through my life. cant remember a time i didnt have a pokemon game on my person! been playing them since the very first games.
im also one of those dweebs that liked naughty dog and square enix games a lot, i think they were called squaresoft back then… crash bandicoot, final fantasy, einhänder, jak n daxter, a little resident evil and silent hill on the side…
then the xbox came out and i was all over halo for YEARS. fps skills; unlocked.
portal, spyro, devil may cry…
pokemon snap, pinball, trozei…
and of course, undertale!

i lost a lot of games in moving, so nowadays i just stick with skyrim and destiny.
but boy howdy. i really…. really love video games. }}


a fanmade trailer for the amazing book carry on by @rainbowrowell. i’ve spent months on this and so much thought has gone into this project, so pleeease reblog!!

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“Despite everything, it’s still you.” This quote is simply one of the best things ever to be in a video game. It’s honest, powerful, and sincere. It’s so hard to find words that incredible sometimes. 

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What's your favorite Danisnotonfire video ever?

Nuuu, I love so many of them! XD Heck. Two that come immediately to mind are Psycho Thoughts and Audience Participation Fear. Counting out collabs and stuff, probably those ones. 

…Also, I Mumble. And The Story of My Hamster. And My Greatest Fear. And I know I said “counting out collabs,” but the blindfolded makeup challenge and baking videos with Phil. XD Stop me.

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i love when i talk about mcfly and how it’s been 6/7 years since their last albums and people just think i’m exaggerating the amount of time since its release but like im really not? they literally released an album in 2010 and then just…… Never again…..


please watch this its one of my favorite videos ever

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What are your top 5 favorite markiplier videos?

oh jeez, okay

5. the first pizza delivery game video is the first video of his i ever watched and it will always hold a special place in my heart

4. the baking simulator video had some dorky intro skit and its really funny to me 

3. the fedora flappy bird one is a gift and always makes me laugh

2. the lonely instinct, purely bc i am team instinct

1. disco discomfort. i didnt get to be there, but honestly, it was the start of something amazing.

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Name: Caleb
Nickname: I don’t really have one?
Height: 6'5
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
SSB Main: pikachu
Fictional Character I’d Date: I don’t think I’ve ever considered this
Favorite Bands: Red, Twenty One Pilots, Switchfoot, Crowder
How Many Blogs Are You Following: 725
Aesthetic: idk? blue
Favorite Greeting: I mean I say “what’s up” a lot
Pets: my family has a dog back home named Coconut
Last Song Listened to: currently listening to History Has Its Eyes On You- Hamilton
Favorite Show: too many. The Office is the one I’ve watched the most probably
Hobbies: guitar, video games, reading, playing sports recreationally, Netflix
Books I’m Reading: just my textbooks right now
Worst Thing I’ve Ever Tasted: probably one of those like bad flavored jelly beans like skunk
Favorite Place: Zion National Park

Will Four Walls ever get a music video??
I am just a poor film student who has an idea for it with no ways of making it happen.

the japan video with the balls is honestly the most one direction thing one direction has ever done… put in a small room with a bunch of important people telling them what to do and literally everything goes wrong.. harrys string detaches… the confetti balls are popping open at the wrong time.. niall sitting on the couch crying over the stress in the room.. harry blowing sly “secretive” kisses to louis… i’m.. i’m, i’m sat here hysterically crying over this video its so so so one direction i love it so much its my favorite thats literally all you need to know about me

World's Most Famous Couple Drabble #4

#4:Carpool Karaoke: Couples Edition

“JUSTIN!!” You called your boyfriend from the couch in the living room.

“One second babe!”

“Hurry up, The Late Late Show’s on in like four seconds!”

Justin came in carrying a bowl of popcorn wearing nothing but sweatpants. He caught you staring as you quickly turned your attention back to the tv.

“Mmm, you enjoyed that view.” He teased.

You smacked him on the arm and took a handful of popcorn.

“OH MY GOD QUIT TALKING ITS ON!” You shouted, though the only one talking happened to be you.

Justin put his hands up in defense and swung his arm around you.

“Oh my god, thank you so much.” You heard James Corden say through his phone on the tv.

This was one of your favorite segments ever, and now, both you and Justin were members of the iconic Carpool Karaoke video.

Justin appeared in the passenger seat as cheers and screams were heard throughout.

“So,” James continued.

“You have this girlfriend, correct?” You started to laugh. The way he tried to change subjects was just so flat and hilarious.

“Correct. Her name is Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Right, right, and I feel like I’ve heard that name before.”

“Oh yeah? Where on earth could you have heard it?” Justin teased.

“Like, on this record on the radio, here let me play some for you.”

Justin started laughing, knowing what was about to happen. A familiar song by the name of One Last Time blared through the Range Rover speakers.

“This is my jam.” James replied with a. straight face, causing Justin to laugh once more.

Before anyone knew it, both of the grown men were enthusiastically belting words throughout your entire song, that when the chorus came, they created specific choreography.


Justin pointed to James in attempt to have him sing the next line.


“Oh, I can’t hit this note.” Justin laughed.

So instead of falsetto, he decided to belt it.



Wait, you didn’t think you were narrating this from the couch did you? You’re actually hiding on the backseat floor, waiting to scare the shit out of your well-dresses boyfriend. And right now was the perfect time.

“Oh my God, guys, that’s my jam.”

You sat up. Applause went wild as they had to censor at least twelve words from Justin out of shock.

“What the HELL?!?” He couldn’t control his laughter.

“In England, this is what we call surprise.” James croaked.

“Mmhmm. Yeah, we have surprises in America too, James.”


“So are you two like, married yet?” James questioned.

Justin and I giggled, given the fact both of us are in our early twenties.

“Dude, we’re like eleven years old.” Justin cackled.

“But you’ve been dating for like a decade, correct?” He joked.

“I mean to keep Y/N waiting like this?”

I laughed, and so did Justin. He couldn’t help it, the guy was such a great comedian.

“Now, what do you do when the both of you are needed on tour? Do you like try to see each other or?”

Justin was first to reply.

“I think like we have the same manager so, they try to arrange it so we play some dates where we’re either in the same city or close to one another.”

“Yeah, that was a question I was dying to ask because you two are inseparable I was like ‘wait, what do they do when they’re forced to separate?’”

You giggled.

“Now, Y/N, what is the best part about Justin? Like, you can take some time to think about it, I know there’s a lot of bad points, but…”

The two of you laughed as you took in his appearance to try and decide. Out of all the things he was amazing at, which was your favorite?

“I think that, my favorite thing is the fact that he knows what’s best for everybody, and he does things out of heart. He wants to do things, for the better of other people and that’s a super duper hard quality to find in someone. Truly, I’m just so happy he decided to like me back.”

Justin faced the camera and gave the cockiest smile, you wanted to erase everything you just said and slap the smile right off of him.

“But he’s also, annoying as hell.” You joked.

He turned around and looked at you.

“That was so sweet, I appreciate it, really. ”

“You see, that’s what I needed to hear.” James joked.

“Now, Justin, try to do the same. And keep it PG-13 there are children watching.”

“Um…Y/N’s just always there to keep a person grounded. She’s just one of those people where like you’re feeling upset, and you’re just like 'I know exactly who to talk to.’ she’s amazingly humble and knows exactly what to say.”

You teasingly flipped you hair and rolled your eyes.

“We’re almost there but I think it’s time for another great hit.”

The chorus of “Sorry” began to play as the three of you sang at the top of your lungs.

The camera showed the back of the car pulling into the studio as the music faded out.

You looked next to you at your smiling boyfriend and wondered in your head how your life turned out so amazingly.

Basically I tried to start working on a romcom-style trailer for TFTBL and I think I’m giving up on it because it’s a lot more work than I realized it’d be. So have one of my favorite bits I edited so far in gif form because Tumblr wouldn’t upload the video of what I’d finished for… Whatever reason.

Will this project ever be finished? Probably not. But who knows, maybe I’ll pick it back up at some point  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



this is my first ever vlog and it would suck it doesnt suck only bc its about the best days of my life w my favorite person @aracuans @wondrouswatchdog

so!!! thats mostly for us to remember the trip and cry a lot bc we’re gross emos. but also i’d love for people to see it bc this is the best things that’s happened to me and i still can’t believe it so !! thank u!! feel free to watch reblog like whatever and give me feedback maybe woooo 🌙


Full HD set of time lapse video taken over a year in Iceland by one of my favorite time-lapse-videographers. Here’s the original caption:

Ephemeral is a film about the ever-changing state of nature. As humans, we expect everything to be the same – day in and day out. But if we look to nature, we see that nothing lasts forever. The universe is in a constant state of change.

Shot over 12 months, the film covers Iceland in its various states of change. From the long days of summer to the long nights of winter, the stunning colors of the midnight sun to the equally breathtaking northern lights, the green and lush summer to the snow-covered winter, Iceland is a great example of extreme opposites and drastic change when nature’s elements come together in all of its beauty, growth and destruction.



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B.A.P DAEHYUN Intagram Update 15.03.03 ~ 14.04.02 ~ 15.06.06
🎬©@dh_jung_bap | Instagram
🚫NOTE:■These videos (1st, 3rd) were posted during B.A.P HIATUS. I really RESPECT ‘n so glad with him.. coz during that hard time.. he kept posting 'something’ to keep in touch with Babyz.😢 I was happy 'n very PROUD of him.. even though on 'break time’ he kept practicing 'n worked so hard.👍👍 ■The last video is my favorite One ever! I can’t stop repeating it! He danced SUPER DUPER DOPE!😍. Its BGM was “LOYAL” by Chris Brown (Ft.Lil Wayne&Tyga). Truly, I really recommend U to listen to it! My Daily Jam! 👍💕
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my favorite part about 80s anime, especially the older audience oriented OVAs is that they had probably the best dubs ever. In the sense that they swore so much, like comically too much.

I remember way back in the day, back when video rental stores were still a thing, before internet streaming and torrenting and all that shit, you had to pretty much rely on the “Anime/Cartoon” section of your local Blockbuster or Hollywood Video, get a VHS tape that was probably not rewound with a sleeve that was beat to shit inside of a plastic case (that we affectionately referred to as “the tape condom”).

Only to get home to find out that it was a dub with the most atrocious writing of all time with every other line being “fucking” this and “goddamn shit bitch” that. I don’t know if these early dub companies thought that American audiences would better relate to a wall of expletives but man it was terrible and comedy gold at the same time