its one of my favorite videos ever

FACE YOUR FEARS commentary post!

I love the commentary posts that Toby has been doing, so i wanted to follow suit and give some backstory to the episode! It goes without saying that there will be spoilers, so mute #OK KO SPOILERS if you wanna keep your eyes and ears unspoilt!

This was the first episode that Haewon and I got that addressed substantial main story points! It was a very intimidating episode to tackle, but it ended up being immensely fun and satisfying to work on! Since it’s about getting trapped in a video game, i decided to lean hard into my nerdy videogamey roots and paid a lot of homage to games that left a huge impact on me! 

The Face Of Fear arcade machine:

The arcade machine was in Haewon’s part of the episode, but i couldn’t help making designs for it… and not only did she use it, she made it even better!! She designed the SUPER EXTRA HARD DIFFICULTY version that the machine turns into after Gar bites off more than he can chew!

Dendy’s explanation of how the game works:

I made a little video game overworld map segment to accompany dendy’s explanation of how the Face of Fear game works! This was a blend of three of my all time favorite games: I referenced MAGICAL DROP 3 for the general UI of the map because I love its aesthetics, I referenced the TURBO TUNNEL stage from the original BATTLETOADS N.E.S. game because that was one of the most terrifying and nightmarish stages i have ever played through as a child (a perfect fit for a game that is basically a nightmare given form imo), and i referenced EXOR from SUPER MARIO RPG, because that boss battle had such a huge impact on me when i first played it! Exor still looks really cool and badass to me, to this very day.

Enid’s Fear:

This is probably the most obvious reference, if you’ve ever played Chrono Trigger! It’s based on the climactic Magus fight, about a quarter of the way into the game! chrono trigger has been such a huge influence and helped me shape what my definitions of dramatic storytelling were, so i just HAD to give it a nod, even if its application wasn’t half as dramatic as the source material, hehe.

Rad’s Fear:

I can’t remember for the life of me if it was me or haewon that thought of having rad’s fear set in a room that was just a bunch of rad faces laughing and posturing (pretty sure it was haewon), but i DID draw this diagram of the room’s layout!

I have hit the image limit for this post, so i think i will end this here! There are more references in this episode, maybe i’ll do a part 2? maybe not? who knows! Thanks for reading, all the same! And to those who were saying that the right enid portrait in her fearscape looked a little familiar…


WELL! The amazingly talented @outlandishchridhe saw a quilt pattern and decided to make me a wee giftie. She made me pick out a few different options of sets of colors, and wouldn’t even tell me what she picked! Rude, right!? (I LOVE YOU ISH!)

Anyway, she teased me endlessly about what it looked like and all sorts of torture. But. IT’S CATS!!! AND ISN’T IT PRETTY!?

I put it on my bed and Wes was the first one to jump up there. And he laid down just like that. (I think he was posing for you @widchadidcha) Ish even made me record a video of myself opening the box so she could get my super squeaky voice. I’m so blown away that she would take the time and make me something so beautiful. I’m glad we’re friends, Ish! My life would be much duller without you in it!!

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what are your favourite videos to watch for halloween, mt or not??

ooh, this is fun!

musical theatre:

johanna (reprise)

sweet transvestite

no good deed 

the time warp

now (it’s just the gas)

final lair

literally this entire musical because why the fuck not

non-musical theatre videos:

this amazing performance (seriously impressive but i’m not sure it’s the best thing to watch if you’re afraid of clowns)

how could you not love this movie (i watch this one at least twice a year)

this always fucking kills me

and this is a fun one

and who in the absolute fuck doesn’t love hocus pocus

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Since you werent on Tumblr when Pokemon SuMo came out, any good memories you have? What was your team?

woof i had to do a LOT of digging back into twitter to find these pics, but this was my team! my beautiful children

and also a drawing of my player character + my wonderful lizard son

and a very good video

i had a very good time with the game, i of course fell in love with lillie and she became one of my top favorite pokemon characters ever, her storyline is so wonderful. i loved it so much that i ended up getting the other version and playing through it again. and i hope ultra sumo does its predecessor justice!


“A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness.”
-Daenerys [A Song of Ice & Fire : A Clash of Kings]

I know I first posted this a month ago but because Jonerys is finally happening…I had to repost it again because it still makes me squeal. This video is one of my all time favorite videos I ever made and I was shocked I made it so fast too [2 days] but I was soooo seriously hyped and motivated to make it since this season is our season! AHHH! Its finally happening yall!! 

Am I crazy that I feel this song fits them so darn well? haha

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What's your favorite Danisnotonfire video ever?

Nuuu, I love so many of them! XD Heck. Two that come immediately to mind are Psycho Thoughts and Audience Participation Fear. Counting out collabs and stuff, probably those ones. 

…Also, I Mumble. And The Story of My Hamster. And My Greatest Fear. And I know I said “counting out collabs,” but the blindfolded makeup challenge and baking videos with Phil. XD Stop me.

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been working on this off and on for over a month, though to be fair it ‘actually’ only took about 2 weeks to do the rest of the time was me failing miserably at dealing with depression and struggling to build the motivation to do anything but try to lose myself in video games and youtube…

but anyways sad shit aside id decided i really wanted to have this done and posted by today cause todays my bday and i figured this is could be like a bday gift to myself since metroids always been one of my favorite game series, even if i hadnt been able to play most of them personally, and this is the most difficult pics ive ever done so its also a huge accomplishment for me :3

id like to thank glenn for helping me throughout workin on this by helping point out loads of problems with the pic while i was workin on it that i never woulda noticed myself, the pic turned out sooo much better then i had intended because of her help ^^

the shading was the only thing i didnt get her input on cause i basically stayed up really late last night workin on it to be sure it was done but i think its alright but if theres any problems with the shading anybody can feel free to let me know and i hope yall enjoy the pic, happy bday me lol

zayn is the darkest larrie….that’s so interesting, harry….you don’t say….tell him more…and stare a little deeper into louis’ eyes while you’re at it….louis, smirk a little wider, maybe…zayn is thriving from it all and so am i

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Hi 💜 can you gimme ur top 5 kaisoo videos

Khi! sure!

1. KAISOO #17 (made by kaisooism. she is such a goddess of kaisoo. i miss her)

2.  Kaisoo Last January Trailer I KNOW this is a fanfic trailer but I can’t help but loving it so much. this ff is my FIRST EVER kaisoo fic that i read. its so fucking sad and good. the writer is one of my fav writer. whenever i see the tariler vid i cried lol

3. KAISOO FMV Lean On Me My favorite kaisoo fmv!

4. EXODUS D.O. focus on JEJU Both kai and d.o. gettin boner /cough/ and ksoo touch nini’s booty /cough/

5.Kai and D.O. Precious moments fancam  by one of dabest fansite  joyeuxnoel!


Shawn's Cleveland Q&A Breakdown
  • "I do have a sister, she's 13 & if she came home with a boyfriend I would probably just explode from the inside"
  • Shawn said "he regrets mentioning Benito and that it's not really a thing anymore" that's what happens when people make it a big deal 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • "I wouldn't want to do an EDM track" well my dream went down 😂
  • "Don't eat chocolate, it's bad for your skin" - Shawn Mendes
  • Fan: "well you better get fake plants cause their gonna die"
  • Shawn: "yeah they're die"
  • Shawn said it would be an honor to work with Ed Sheeran and John Mayer
  • Shawn said he was starstruck when he met Adam Sandler, and that he was shaking when he came into the room
  • Shawn's excited for his birthday because he's turning 19 in Canada!
  • Shawn still wants to do skydiving since he didn't end up doing it for the TNHMB music video
  • Shawn prefers Illuminate over Handwritten!
  • "Do you think you can ever replace Kyrie?
  • -*laughs* Do I look like a basketball player?"
  • "What's the best thing about hanging out with Matt and Brian?
  • -Showing them new places"
  • Shawn couldn't choose between the Cavaliers and Golden State, he then was asked Lebron or Steph, and he said "that's not a better question"
  • "If you could relieve any moment what would it be?
  • -Playing the ACC in Toronto"
  • "It's not one of my favorites, but I'm glad you guys like it" Shawn talking about "Imagination"
  • Shawn said that he gets stage fright every night

I was trying to work out who of the Legends received the worst punishment. And, of course, in my unbiased opinion, it turns out to be my favorite, Rip Hunter. Now, before you object, hear me out.

Ray Palmer, the genius, has been reduced to working as a janitor. Instead of being the owner of a multibillion dollar tech company, he cleans its toilets. Upside, he still has access to the technology and he even gets to spend time playing video games.

Nate Heywood, the historian and (I suppose) the authority on several topics, is a conspiracy theorist to whom no one ever listens to. But still, he has the support of a loving mother (who makes awesome sandwiches).

Jefferson Jackson, our chief engineer with a heart of gold, is a domineering, self-important version of himself. If he was in his right mind, our sweetheart would probably hate the person they made him into. We don’t know that much about his life outside of what was shown, but based on how he treated Martin for wanting to spend time with his family, Jax’s family life is probably non-existent. Upside, he appears to be a high ranking official in Eobard’s company.

Martin Stein, the professor, works under the dominating and terrifying pressure of Jefferson Jackson. But he is still a genius, working on the science that he cares about, and he actually has a family.

Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe are the runners up in this analysis. Amaya, because she is forced to work under the organization headed by the man that killed her lover, and Sara, because she works for Damien who actually killed her sister. These strong beautiful women were reduced to doing the bidding of a despicable man. Upside, they don’t remember who they used to be.

This brings me to Rip Hunter. He is left alone in his incapacitated timeship with his memories intact. That means he remembers everything and everyone. They took away everything he ever loved. His ship and his ability to travel are gone. He believes that his friends are probably all dead. Knowing our lovable mental health patient, he very likely blames himself for all that happened.  And they allowed him to remember.

So, yeah, I think, Rip had the worst deal. If you disagree, I don’t really care. 

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I remember it being said in videos once or twice that Gavin used to be scared of going to get Ryan to film with them, and it makes me wonder if it's gone a similar way in fahc. Like when Ryan first joined and he didn't hang around or say much Gavin would avoid him at all costs, but now he's one of the gang Gavin's always climbing all over him and asking him silly questions and completely at ease even though he knows now more than ever what kind of creepy dangerous things Ryan's done.

oh you know it, that’s one of my favorites.

“gavin go get the vagabond.”

“right. ehm. well, geoff, there’s this thing i have to do, geoff, it’s really important-”

“it can wait, go grab him.”

“but geoff, hang on geoff, it’s reeeally important, and i have to go do it right immediately now-”

gavin cocksucker free go get the fucking skull man.”

( loud british sulking )

and then once he becomes a permanent addition to the crew it’s an instant attitude change - i guess maybe gavin’s more comfortable now that he knows ryan’s been vetted enough to be included in the crew and won’t kill him at the slightest change in weather? - and ryan is left wondering where that sweet, sweet peace of mind went, to be replaced by the probability of three fuckiNG coins.

PencilTrash’s Otayuri Ficrecs 7/17

Amor Vincit Omnia by AuthorMAGrant @AuthorMAGrant [ E | Otayuri | Vampire AU | 5/?]  

Otabek Altin is the Brotherhood’s most diligent soldier, expertly hunting and killing the vampiric enemies of humanity, until he faces a bloodthirsty Russian punk named Yuri who kicks his ass … and captures his attention as no one else ever has. The lines between hatred and lust blur, and the deeper Otabek falls into Yuri’s world, the more he questions the Brotherhood and its orders. Now, what should have been a simple eradication trip to America has become a fight to determine whether Otabek will remain the obedient soldier of his youth or the warrior who may earn a love he’s never deserved.

While He Was Sleeping by H3llcat @h3llcat [ M | Otayuri | Otapliroy | past accident | 2/?]

My husband is in a coma after being hit by a drunk driver approximately two months ago. I found your videos favorited on his YouTube account and when I played one for him, his doctors detected an increase in his brain activity.

Would you be willing to record a video for him, talking to him and asking him to wake up? I am willing to pay.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Otabek Altin

Six Kinds of Love by Frilly_Axolotl @frilly-axolotl [E | Yuri & yuuri, Otayuri, Viktuuri | slavery  au| 16/?]

It’s almost funny how one night can change a person’s life forever.

They were caught and sold together over a year ago. Two Yuris for the price of one, the auctioneer said. But now their sadistic Masters seem to have angered the enigmatic Viktor Nikiforov, who is willing to take on another slave or two as compensation.

In a world where slavery is legal, it’s hard to know who to trust. Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.

Bitter Blue by BoxWineConfessions @boxwineconfession [M | Otayuri | shepherd with magic elements AU | 3/?]

“Got you something,” his husband supplies in quick explanation. Yuri thrusts a small lump of warm down into his hand. It takes him a moment to fully understand. Large eyes too big for it’s small frame, sharp beak, pointed feet that would someday grow into talons which would shred, useless stumps of wings that would someday sprout feathers and soar.

Otabek holds a small goshawk chick in his hand. The creature blinks at him a few times as he blinks at it, both stare at one another in confusion and rapt fascination.


that time gaby moreno and oscar isaac did a concert together? still one of my favorite things to ever have happened

Rap monster’s dance monster // namjoon

RQ:  Hiiii could you do a BTS scenario where Namjoon’s little sister has a YouTube channel and she posts a dance video and he shows all the boys cause he’s proud of her and he tells her how good she did Thanks

First of all, thank you so much for the request! 

Second of all, sorry if there are mistakes and if you’re not happy with it,, I’ll try my best !~

Word count: 604

All of the boys already knew that their tall leader has a younger sister. He sometimes mentioned that she is their fan, and that she really likes dancing, but they never really met her in person or saw what she looked like.

It was a cold autumn evening, and the dorm was surprisingly very calm. Jungkook and Taehyung were having an intense battle in Mario Kart, Hoseok was helping Jin with cooking some dinner, Jimin was silently scrolling through his phone and Yoongi was just sitting on the couch, trying not to fall asleep while writing down some of his lyric ideas.

Namjoon was quietly sitting in his and Tae’s bedroom, answering bussiness emails and munching on some chips. As he looked on twitter for a couple of minutes to check if anyone messaged them, he got a text from his younger sister Y/N.

Taking his phone from his bedside table, he smiled at her name popping up on the locked screen. He quickly entered in his password, which was Jin’s birthday sorry for namjin lul. And read the message.

“Hey, do you remember my little youtube channel?” he read out loud and chuckled. Of course he did. His younger sister made it about a year ago, and she’s been posting alot of videos about her favorite groups ever since.

“Of course I do, kid.” he simply replied and closed the email tab, opening another one and typing her channel name in.

He couldn’t help but smile at the familiar dotted banner and her dorky profile picture in its corner. Since they had an insane comback at the start of the year, he didn’t really have time to check if she posted anything new, and he felt really bad for that. 

Clicking on the uploaded videos button, he noticed there is a brand new one, posted a couple hours ago. From the thumbnail it looked like a dance cover.. could it be? He tilted his head and plugged in some headphones, adjusting the volume and clicking on the video.

At first it was just an empty gym, but then you quietly walked on the screen, dressed all black in a BTS t-shirt. Namjoon started laughing. “This is how you promote your brother’s boy group.”

His eyes suddenly widened as the music started. You covered one of their older choreographies, “Danger”, and you didn’t miss a single step. 

“I need to show this to the others!” he nearly yelled, taking his notebook and exiting the room.

He couldn’t stop grinning as he put the notebook on the living room table and called his fellow members. As they all gathered on the big couch, Hoseok sat next to him and gave him a confused look.

“Remember how i told you that my younger sister has a youtube channel?” he said before anyone could speak up. They all quietly nodded.

“Y/N, am I right, hyung?” asked jungkook as he leaned over his shoulder to take a closer look at the screen.

Namjoon’s grin grew even wider, his deep dimples showing.

“I think you guys need to see this.” he giggled and replayed the video.

Proudly leaning his back on the couch he looked at his friends. Except for Hoseok, who was grinning widely, most of them were simply Jungshook. After the video finished playing, Namjoon clapped his hands together.

“Isn’t my sister awesome?” he giggled again and turned back to the computer screen.

After a while of talking about it he felt a tap on his shoulder. Tilting his head, he saw the maknae grinning at him.

“Hyung, I think we have a new dance line member.” 

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I look at pictures, and that suit is absolutely gorgeous, like, ridiculously so, but then I look at the video and it just doesn't compare, or do it justice. It's a shame, it might be one of my favorite things he's ever worn.

i know wtf i’m so bitter….tv dulls it so much. thank god for the pics tbh.

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You said awhile ago that critical was your voice for sans right? Well I just rewatched his Bad Flirt video and thought of sans telling the story and IM LOSING MY SHIT

oh my god. Bad Flirt is one of my all time favorite critikal videos. It’s fucking hilarious. imagining sans telling this story is amazing. 

here’s the video for anyone who wants to listen to the whole thing but there are the highlights:

“god forbid a girl ever make the mistake of starting a conversation with me. they’d soon find out that i was fundamentally fluent in affasia. the shit coming out of my mouth was just unintelligible. it was just downright disrespectful to humanity how bad i was at flirting.”

“the moon, tucked away behind the clouds as if trying to cover its eyes and shield itself from the awkwardness that was about to unfold at this little bar.”

“the odds were stacked against her because she was trying to wingman a sinking ship of social skills”

“the weatherman may have predicted cloudy with a chance of humidity, but what he couldn’t have predicted, what no one could predict, was the storm of awkwardness that was about to befall the area.”

“we make it to the table. small talk begins. names are exchanged. i instantly forget both their names, but i remember how i introduced myself to them. i extended my hand for a handshake like i’m conducting a fucking business meeting. oh yes ladies, i’ll need the stock reports on my desk 8am sharp. but the worst part about this exchange is that when they oblige my handshake, i KUNG-FU grip ‘em! i grabbed their hands hard as shit!”

“i was pushing too much awkwardness right from the get-go”

“she was working under the assumption that i am NOT a bumbling goober and can handle a one-on-one conversation with the other girl. rookie mistake, i absolutely could not handle that in any capacity.”

“she got so bored and was putting the kabosh on it. she said ‘look i’ve had a shit week and i just wanna go home with a guy tonight, okay?’ and then she puts her hand on my hand.”

“i looked her in the eyes. we locked eyes. and i said to her. ‘well you’re gonna have to hurry up because the bar’s clearing out. i wish you the best of luck finding a guy but if you don’t find one i’ll eat your pussy a little if you want.”

“for me, this was proof that whatever higher power or creator exists they truly don’t care about this world.  because if they did they would have sent a fucking wild ice cream truck to take me out right then and there.”

“every emotion a human is capable of feeling, she felt in that moment. and then she pretended to get a phone call so she’d have an excuse to leave. and that makes her a good person in my book because what she should have done is say ‘hey get the fuck away from me you creepy humunculous’ or something to that effect because that’s what i deserved.”