its one of my favorite past times


Tonight Im looking back at some of my favorite Haunted Mansion designs Ive made in the past. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, and each time I get to make a custom Vinylmation based upon it, its always a treat. 

4.18.17 // 9:30pm // april 17-23 weekly spread

remember when i said i’d post more regularly since my busy week is over? yeah its still busy… i’m trying though, i promise

here’s my spread for the week! i messed up about a billion times on the quote part on the left, so i covered it up twice (the page is now very stiff). i also messed up the numbers until i realized once i got to saturday. not the prettiest spread i’ve done, but the quote on the right is one of my favorites from rent. i tend to dwell on the past and past mistakes, so i have to constantly remind myself not to… -m

How come every time SU makes any sort of mistake you’ll have loads of people who wanna play it off like its secretly intentional by the shows creators? Like they’re some sort of masterminds?
Over the past year or so I’ve seen this done a lot and it’s really just annoying at this point. Like look, the people behind SU are just a group of your average artists. They make mistakes and that’s fine. Dismissing the mistakes as intentional and misunderstood genius is honestly just stupid.

I think one of my favorite examples of this kind of thing is Steven being really off model. This is probably one of the more annoying ones, considering that I have been vocal about my distaste of Steven’s size inconsistency. Like stated in a previous post of mine, its fine for the characters to be kinda off, as it’s impossible to be 100% accurate, but a lot of the time Steven’s model is just ridiculous. I digress though. One of the main defenses for this common mistake is that Steven is intentionally changing his body shape and looks because he is uncomfortable with his appearance. The only evidence to support this of course is the episode, “Steven’s Birthday”. I’m sorry, but this is honestly just the silliest excuse for a model not looking proper. If Steven’s appearance was that much of a bother to him that it required frequent changes to his looks then the show would have addressed it as something major. It already does this with him feeling useless and having to deal with what his mother left behind, so I would expect the same to be done with something such as this. Even if the show did address this, I’d honestly be unable to excuse it as it’d just come across as a cop out for inconsistent designs.

What’s funny is that I’ve seen this same kind of argument used for other characters in the show. Honestly, the worst one I think I’ve seen has to be people claiming Peridot’s size becoming much smaller as of recent was because of the Earth having a negative effect on her body??? I can’t really see the logic behind that one?

Someone even told me that Rose looking a tad weird in “Storm the Room” was because of the fact Steven couldn’t perceive his own mother accurately enough?

Same goes for inconsistent character behavior. What’s funnier about this one would have to be how I haven’t seen a consistent solid defense for it. It basically always boils down to how the creators are secretly geniuses, prepping for something in the future, it’s too deep to understand, etc.

Overall point here being, SU has its flaws like any other show. It’s dumb to dismiss all its flaws as intentional genius while trying ignoring the criticism it does receive. The shows creators aren’t masterminds that are beyond our plain of comprehension. They animate cartoons all day and make mistakes. That’s it. Nothing else to it. It’s so frustrating to discuss episodes where any time a mistake is pointed out its ignored completely. There’s plenty of stuff in the show to admire and enjoy, just acknowledge the reality of the actual mistakes and then move on.

Anyways, that’s all I have to really say for the time being. Not sure if I have anymore real input on the show as of right now? This is only the second time I’ve been really vocal about my critique of the show.

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do you think they'll renew Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Season 5?

Originally posted by thesecretsofdaydreams

I’m going to be a broken record and recycle this post.   We’re on the bubble and I wish I could say 100% we are good and going to be renewed but I can’t.   All we can do is FIGHT for the show, cast, and crew we love so much.  We need to do this now because its incredibly hard to get a show back after its been cancelled.  

As we watch and tweet tag (using the @) ABC as well and add the #renewagentsofshield

WATCH LIVE!  I realize we have a large international fan base but everyone who can WATCH LIVE!

  • DVR it and watch/rewatch preferably in the first 3 Days but up to 7….I literally have all of Season 3 and Season 4 so far on mine.
  • Watch again or watch on ABC on Demand
  • Buy the episode on itunes and amazon.

TWEET! Make us trend as the episode airs.  And keep it going all night as we air in different time zones. 

  • Use the Hashtags ABC, Colo, Agents of Shield Feed, and the Cast are using.  #AgentsofShield, #LMD, #Philinda, #FItzsimmons, and anything else they put out.  You can tag ABC as well.   HERE is the Tweet Colo just put out with that lovely picture.  Let’s unite Tonight @Marvel #AgentsofSHIELD #LMD LIVE Tweet
  • Retweet things like the Sneak Peeks and Promos to help bring new people into the Fandom.
  • We can add a new hashtag like #renewagentsofshield
  • Interact with the cast on their live tweets during airing.
  • Spread positivity about the show.
  • Cast we know will be live tweeting tonight as of 4:00pm MST.  Interact with what she tweets out and retweet.  If anyone else sees another cast member live tweeting spread the word.  

Build the Hype!  Keep it up on here, twitter, and Facebook.  If people see us posting and getting excited about something they will want to check it out.  

  • Fitzsimmons has a moment…BLOW IT UP!
  • Philinda does something awesome….BLOW IT UP!
  • Plot twist….BLOW IT UP!
  • Badass moment….BLOW IT UP!
  • Cool Easter Egg…BLOW IT UP!
  • Share teaser articles (just not the click bait ones).
  • Share Promos, Sneak Peeks, and other videos they put out on Twitter and Facebook.  

I know some of you are lucky enough to have the Season 3 DVD on pre order now.  Buying the past seasons shows the interest.

Yes, the ABC president was Bullish about us and seemed pleased with how things were going.  But, we need to plan for the worst but fight for the best here guys.

Do any of you want to tell my adorable kiddo that her favorite show has been cancelled?   I don’t!

Its time to mobilize guys, its time to watch, its time to be vocal, its time to show them just how much love there is for this show, its cast and its crew.  Boost this post by reblogging, spread the word, and I’ll see you all Tuesday night!

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Shit I need to see (Nier:A spoilers)

Android intimacy that isn’t sex but instead they mutually hack into each other and get lost in each other’s memories, reliving some of their favorite ones through the eyes of their partner this time. 

Shit I also need to see because I apparently haven’t had my heart ripped out enough:

2B and 9S doing this, but in the middle some of the memories of one of them dying forces its way in and whoever’s memory it was starts freaking out and apologizing for failing to push it away and upsetting the other, while the other comforts and reassures them that it’s in the past and won’t ever happen again. 

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“Cargo shuttle SW-0608?” The voice on the comm had returned.

“You are cleared for entry.”

Jyn dropped the crystal and squeezed her hand in a fist, almost shouting in triumph.

She spun and was startled to see Cassian standing close to her.

On instinct, riding the joy of the moment, she grabbed his arm and squeezed.
He looked at her with a wry, curious smile. She dropped her hand and brushed past him. “I’ll tell the others,” she said.

The cave was getting brighter all the time.

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Do you have a fic recs page? :)

I do now :) 

Here are a few of my favorites:

Caged by @mrsmon : This is honestly one of my favorites- it was one of the first and only fics I actually cried over. The way she writes is captivating and just… wow. She’ll pull you right in. 

Underworld by @onlylovekpop : Holy. Crap. I die every time she updates this amazing series. It’s so unique and beautifully written- and there are so many plot twists that you’ll always be on the edge of your seat. 

Vampire!Yoongi by @versigny : This girl. She’s one of the most talented writers I have ever come across. Basically all of her fics are perfect, but her vampire Yoongi just makes me feel so many emotions. I don’t read smut, so I can’t say anything about a lot of her stuff, but honestly the fluff and angst I’ve read just leave me feeling so nice and warm or dead and sad- and I’m not sure which I like more. 

EVERYTHING by @dreamscript : I can’t even choose one to link so I just linked her masterlist. I died when I found her blog and I stayed up for an entire night just reading all of it. I’m absolutely in love with her style and imagination and W O W go read her stuff right this second!!!

EVERYTHING by @wasabi-duck : Are you sad? Read all of her completely adorable and lovely and perfect scenarios. I cry at father!bts and I always run to Ally’s blog when I’m having a bad day. She’s honestly the sweetest person alive too. Read her stuff. Especially father!bts because it makes me cry with joy. 

I can Fix That by @eureka-its-zico : fun fact: we’re staying in the same hotel in Anaheim for the BTS concert!!! Anyways, this is my favorite fic by her just because it’s so cute and fluffy and amazing and did I mention fluffy???? I love her.

Blue Orchids by @inktae : This story is one of the most creative and beautiful works I’ve ever read on this entire site. Here’s how it works: She’ll rip your heart out about 9000 times, but then she’ll come and put a soft blanket over you and kiss you on the forehead and everything will seem okay even though you’ve been crying for the past 10k words of her story. Honestly her fics are so elaborate and beautiful; you can just immerse yourself right in. 

Painting the Meadow’s Void by @jungblue : This is a work of art. I was squealing by the end of it and I honestly don’t think I can express in words how much I admire her writing. 

These are honestly just a few of the amazing fics I’ve read, and I wish I could remember and put down all of the ones I’ve fallen in love with. Below are a few noteworthy blogs to check out who never fail to amaze me. They are all absolutely worth checking out and I’ll be really sad if you don’t.

@bangtanhmu, @ggukyng, @asexpectedofthestork, @syugatae, @taetaetown, @park-jimeme, @mochirapgod, @your-miss-right

And honestly so many more that I’m going to hate myself for not tagging?? 

Please give all these amazing people lots of love and feedback and happiness because they all deserve it. 


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Awesome, Link to the Past is def my favorite 2d Zelda and one of my fav Zeldas of all time. Thanks for answering :D

Link to the Past is great! I still think I like Ocarina of Time more… maybe the most, but its hard to rank all the Zelda games, I like them each for specific things that they did.

I decided to indulge @batsybatboy‘s Mobster AU headcanon, and made these aesthetics and included the story:

The Wayne Crime Family are one of the treacherous family of mobsters and powerful crime lords. The Waynes were once the gods of Gotham, but as tragedy strikes, and Martha and Thomas Wayne were killed during a full scale mob war, against the Court of Owls, their member, Joe Chill was the one assigned and executed the assasination of the Waynes.

One Wayne survived. The remaining Wayne offspring. Bruce Wayne. He was sent away for his safety. He was trained by the League of Assassin’s headmaster, Ra’s Al Ghul. Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City to fullfill his vengeance. Bruce Wayne begans to develop a crime city with his adopted sons from the streets.

Some would say, that Bruce Wayne is the infamous, Gotham’s Dark Knight, the Batman. Whom all criminals worship and fear.

Jack Napier is the powerful crime lord of the Rogues Gallery. The Rogues Gallery is in charge of Gotham’s underbelly, and the mass crime around the city. They are dangerous, intelligent, and cunning. 

Jack Napier is a cold-hearted killer, and has an undying love for his dead wife, Jeannie.

Jack and the Batman met, which led to a fight in Ace Chemicals, where Jack Napier fell into a vat of chemicals, that led to the birth of the dangerous clown that dreams in bright colors and gold, The Joker.

The Joker had appearance, his altered mind, past memories forgotten and gain an unhealthy obsession with the bat. 

These are two gods. Diamond against diamond. Love and Hate.

(For those in interested in reading a similar fanfiction of this, check @ashtosilver‘s wonderful “And I, I Will Poison The Skies” fanfiction. It’s still one of my favorite BatJokes AU’s of all time.)

Favorite Character Meme

I was tagged by @nothing-here-is-vegetarian

Rules: Pick one favorite character from ten different shows, then tag ten people

(Man, i definitely dont have ten different shows that I watch right now. Most shows in this list are shows I have watched in the past (probably not until the end xD. Let’s see.))

1. Hannibal Lecter (NBC Hannibal)

Originally posted by torturezone

2. Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)

Originally posted by rockandrollchick

3. Cal Roberts (The Path)

Originally posted by livingthegifs

4. Rumplestiltskin (Once Upon A Time)

Originally posted by midstorm

5. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

Originally posted by drunkbroadway

6. Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock)

Originally posted by ayyuz

7. Mitchell (Being Human UK) my vampire baby

Originally posted by turnitdownsometimes

8. Gregory House (House MD)

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9. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

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I don’t have ten shows, I’m sorry. LOL

Tagging @empathalitis, @burningupasun-foryou, @mygoldendragonfly, and whoever else wants to do it :D

Big Bang Fic Recs

I only recommend heterosexual fics. Favorites are in bold.

(a)-angst | (f)-fluff | (m)-smut, or mature themes such as violence, abuse

Big Seunghyun

Sugar (m): “After your parents death when you were a young girl, you had always been in financial trouble growing up. At the age of twenty, unable to find a job to help you get ahead, you realized you were forced to take extreme measures. Not once in your life did you ever think you’d be apart of what people call a “sugar relationship” but when you’re desperate, you do desperate things. Being in a binding contract with a powerful older man, you find yourself stuck in an unpredictable situation” by @bb-imagines

Just Another Song (a): “where you’ve had enough” by @bigbangclappin

The Interpreter: (a, f): “If fate had given you an opportunity to meet the person you admired for years, you would have wanted to at least build rapport with him. But your stupid alarm went off and destroyed that slim chance that you had… or did it really?” best damn work of fan fiction I’ve read. By seojinnie over on asianfanfics

Don’t Touch (m): you meet Seunghyun in line for an art gallery, by @noonachronicles

Simple Affection (a, f): “You get the call about the role and the offer to work with Choi Seunghyun” by @kimtrain

Angels and Demons (a, m): TOP Mafia, by noonachronicles

Not Experienced (m): Seunghyun helps you get a little more comfortable with a sex scene, by @kpopkhhjams

Haunted (a, f): Choi Seunghyun is a ghost, and you’ve just moved into part of his penthouse (I’m a sap and it’s made me cry so much thinking about him being dead) by @mainhoonemily

You Like? (m): nothing gets better than aggressive, dominant Tabi. By eureka-its-zico


Studio Fun (m): Exactly how it sounds, by @nefelibata

Eyes, Nose, Lips (a): “Traveling through Youngbae’s memories of a lost love, up until the day he chooses to encase her memories into a melody.” by  victoriousdragon over on asianfanfics

Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (a, m): Taeyang confronts you abusive ex at a party, by eureka-its-zico


The Customer (m): “You’re a waitress, trying to save up enough money to move to Seoul when you get a customer that changes everything” by bb-imagines

Virginity (m): Jiyong has your first time all planned out, by bb-imagines

Bump (get ready for tears): how do you even summarize something so heartwrenching? By noonachronicles

Drunken King Confessions (m): “After spending the night at home with Jiyong and having a few drinks, the two of you decide to share some more intimate details that you’d never told each other before…” by waitinginthedarke

Do Me Your Worst (m): Jiyong confessing after having a little too much to drink, by @hwasasbae

The Scandal (a, m): Running into GD would seem like a dream, if he wasn’t screwing his girlfriend in public and roped you into a scandal. By t-yangs

Christmas Party (m): GD gets extremely frisky during a Christmas party, by waitinginthedarke


Oh What You Do To Me (m): “You and Daesung have been together for two years now. And with an entire month off from Big Bang related things, you get to have him all to yourself…. or so you thought?” by bb-imagines

Call Me Daddy (m): “Sometimes you meet a stranger in a club and he wants you to call him Daddy…so you do.” by @noonachronicles

Even When the World Ends (a): “When Daesung comes back from his enlistment, still not over the heartbreak of his last girlfriend, all it takes is a girl with a motorbike and a love for life to make him feel whole again. But will he realise this too late or will both of their dark pasts be able to open his eyes to what’s right in front of him…?” by waitinginthedarke

Little Seunghyun

What Can I Do (m, a, f): “He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…” by @waitinginthedarke (one of my favorites)

Friends With Benefits (m): “You and Seungri had a friendship dipped in gold. You have been the best of friends your whole lives, but… There was something that made your friendship unlike most. It may have been the fact that it came with benefits” by bb-imagines

More For You (a, f, m): “Seungri wasn’t a bad guy, he just wasn’t a traditional type of guy. Where his hyung’s took joy in looking forward to starting a family in the future, he took joy in doing what he pleased in the present. Sure, he wanted to fall in love and have children someday but he was young, and he wanted to play while he could get away with it. ” by noonachronicles

They’re Not You (m): “Seunghyun keeps disappearing with countless girls, and you can’t help but wonder when it’ll be your turn” by hwasabae

After Midnight (f, a): Vampire Big Bang, inspired by Seungri’s movie High&Low. Please don’t be deterred by my horrible summary, please read it! By @mainhoonemily

Truth or Dare (f): super cute, super fluffy experience playing truth or dare with the panda while trapped in a room together. By mainhoonemily


Tell Me You’re Mine (m): “In the downtown suburbs of Seoul is a famous club where men go at night to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Its name is Heaven on Earth, and as Youngbae soon finds out, it is indeed where Angels are found. But not all Angels are free for the choosing…” GD/OC/YB by waitinginthedarke

Be My Family (a, f, some smut): “Life can be hard and Wo Daheun knows it really well as she has to struggle being a single mother for her son Duri. Can the kind-hearted Young Bae or the determined Lee Seung Hyun be the support she has longed for?” link takes you to asianfanfics, by  KurosakiMafuyu

Bad Boy (m): Series of one shots surrounding each member of Big Bang, by BlueStarIX over on asianfanfics

Only The Best (so much smut): It’s Jiyong’s birthday, and he wants nothing more than to see Taeyang and Seungri treat you like he wants. YB/GD/SR/OC, by @t-yangs

Voyeur (m): Top allows Daesung to fuck you at work, by @jinkimon

Just What I’ve Always Wanted (m): “Seunghyun sandwich” by @sindrafalcone

The Hunt For Ghosts (m, a): Inspired by the Big Bang MADE trailer, by @eureka-its-zico

Authors who put out nothing short of perfection:

noonachronicles | bb-imagines | waitinginthedarke

PSA: Taeyang smut is seriously lacking like what the hell

Please, don’t hesitate to notify me with any suggestions to add! ESPECIALLY IF IT’S DAESUNG OR TAEYANG

Updated: 3/7/17

Blind Dates (Bucky x reader)

@kissofvenom922​ If you don’t mind could you do a Bucky x reader using these four prompts “Give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later.” “BOOM! That oughta show you not to mess with me!” “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?”

I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for sending the request in and I hope I did it justice!

word count: 1992

warnings: cursing

You cannot believe you were giving Tony the freedom to choose a date for you. You weren’t even sure what exactly possessed you to allow him to do so but there was no going back now. The night had fallen and you were forced by Tony to wait at the cafe alone.

Tapping your fingers swiftly across the screen of your phone, you rapidly sent out several texts to Natasha in hope for a response. Of course, you received nothing in return as you sighed heavily, dropping your phone onto the table. You leaned into the chair as you groaned audibly, waiting for your said date to show up. You were given no details on your so called date and you prayed to God that Tony had given the latter some sort of description of you to him.


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Share ten facts about yourself, then send this to your ten favourite followers :)

oh my god i completely forgot to answer this i’m sorry. sdfghjkl. i was trying to think of facts then forgot about it– its been at least a week maybe 2 im sorry i’m trash.

also thanks so much for thinking i’m one of your favorites!!<33

  1. I’m Puerto Rican
  2. I was born 2 months early had to stay in the hospital those 2 months
  3. I was adopted 
  4. I have one brother who is about 2 months older than me (he was adopted too) 
  5. Not very close with my brother despite being close in age
  6. I’m close with my cousin @ace-chemical she’s my soul sister
  7. I’m really obsessed with LOTR for the past couple years. I wasted so much of my time not being obsessed–younger me didn’t know any better when I first watched them
  8. Kingdom Hearts and Dangan Ronpa Series are my favorite video games
  9. Blue is my favorite color
  10. I suck at socializing and have only a few friends all online (except my soul sister)

ahhh just picking 10 is hard. i hate playing favorites i would pick a lot more but i’ll pick 10—but don’t feel bad if i dont pick you. i appreciate all my followers even if we’re not mutuals. 

Reiji’s Diabolik Interview!

1) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? « What does it matter? Perhaps I would applaud her, though aside from that, there isn’t much else to stand ground for. »


2) Reiji, you’re so proper… I can’t imagine you laying with a woman… Are you a virgin? « What kind of indecent question is that? If you can’t imagine it it’s your problem but I refuse to answer such perverted questions. Virgin or not it is none of your concern. »


3) What turns you on? « Ah, interesting. You’re quite straightforward with it. I can’t deny I enjoy the tormented screams of the female under my control. Her begs for mercy and forgivness, especially knowing her punishment would be severe would rile me up quite a bit. This, of course, isn’t all. I simply think it would be wise not to disclose more information to you »


4) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where do you like to bite?  « Well it would most likely hurt, fangs piercing thought the skin isn’t a mosquito bite, I’d believe not anyone would bear it but any masochist would enjoy it. Now I believe the spot where it would hurt the less is where muscles are relaxed,I’d say the thighs perhaps? I’m a proper man, I bite to feed and not for any sexual motives therefore I’d bite the wrist or neck. »


5) How tall do you like your woman? « Height isn’t a factor to determine whether or not I find attraction to a female or not. »


6) What’s your obssession with whips and chains in bed about? « Obsession? I believe anyone has their way in bed, chains and whips are simply tool I use to make the woman submit to me. I don’t always use them of course, it all depends on my other half’s behavior and expectations. »


7) Reiji, can you tell us how would you bring up your own children? « I would bring them up as scholars. Education is the basic foundation for a healthy future. Unlike the rest of my unworthy siblings, I care for education and will raise my children the same. However, I understand children need their freedom. I’ll leave that mostly to their mother. »


8) Reiji what’s your favorite type of tea? Also how often do you drink it? « Hmm I tend to drink black tea a lot, it helps relax and since my annoying brothers are always up to no good I highly need its benefits. »


9) Reiji if I may ask, how many brides have chosen you to bite them in the past? « Chosen me to bite them? How naïve of you. They don’t choose. They’re simply our prey, as vampires. However, I’ve taken the blood of plenty sacrifices. Only the ones deemed worthy, however. I have no time to deal with filthy blood. »


10) How many tea sets do you hide? « H-hide? I do not hide anything… I mean I keep them away from my brothers for their own safety but up to know I on around 14 different tea sets. »


11) Do you do pervy things with your tea cups? « Do you believe that is funny? My China is a precious item. I would not dare do something so dastardly, unlike Laito. »


12) Will you use a whip on your siblings if they misbehave? « I wish I could, but those idiots wouldn’t even care. For example I am sure Laito would do more than enjoy it. Kanato would cry like a baby and I’m sure Subaru would break it. »


13) What would you do if you s/0 accidentaly broke your favorite tea set? « The answer is simple, isn’t it? Punishment is in order. Even if it were an accident, she would be forced to clean the mess. A broken piece of China is simply trash. Nothing more. If I am feeling particularly irritated that day, I can guarentee it would not be a pretty sight. »


14) Top or bottom? « I’d rather top and control everything but I believe letting the woman too once in a while is good for the relationship. It shows her we are on the same level and are equals to each other. »


15) What if your s/o wanted to be the one with the whip? Would you let her? « Of course not. Simple as that. If she continues to pester me about it, I’ll give her a taste of what she desires. I haven’t brought my whip out in a while. Would you like to be the first person I use it on? »

(Please do not repost the picture without creds! I worked hard to make this little edit! )

Rewatching Babylon 5: Remembering its innovation (and a small comparison to Star Trek)

Babylon 5 is still one of my favorite tv shows of all time.  Its 5 seasons, handful of movies, and spin off may be one of the best and most innovative sci-fi shows of the past 20 years.  I’m gunna talk some shit about Star Trek, so let me be clear, I love Star Trek in all its incarnations and its philosophy has been integral to building my personal beliefs.  

However, Babylon 5 did things that no other sci-fi live action show had done before.  Some of those things really changed the face of Sci-fi, and others have rarely been done again.

- There are tons and tons of alien extras that, unimportant to the plot, roam the backgrounds of each shot, all wearing clothes appropriate to their fictional cultures.  This is some intricate shit, and the cultural styles are solidly designed and easily recognized.  I can’t imagine their wardrobe budget.

- The show has multiple complex female characters, some of which are in command positions, none of which are tacked on as eye candy.  At this point, Star Trek, one of the most women friendly shows on the market at the time, had Uhura (politically and culturally important outside the show, but barely featured in the show itself), Tasha Yar (Two words: “rape gangs”), Deanna Troi (regularly faints, experiences mental rape at some point and then it never comes up again), Dr. Crusher (mother of the Mary Sue, romantic interest for the Captain) and Ro Laren (great character in all 9 episodes she’s in).  I think it is also notable that Star Trek always includes a “bunny” character on the bridge in their special snowflake uniform (Deanna Troii, Kira Nerys, Kes, Seven of Nine, T’Pol). 

-Bab 5 featured a continuous, non-episodic plot where tiny details from the 1st season actually matter in the 5th.  This was pretty big at the time.  I don’t know if you remember the 90s, but they were full of episodic crap, and even when a season had a big story arch overall, there was usually a bunch of filler that had nothing to do with it.  This is a pretty common thing now, especially in the shows we care about in the newer Fandoms.

- The show involved believable, big changes in the lives and actions of characters, making them 3 dimensional and fleshed out. We all feel like we know the characters of ST:tNG, but how many times did we dance Worf’s kid Alexander in and out for tear jerker episodes, only to pretty much ignore him and Worf’s responsibilities to him pretty much the rest of the series? How many times did a female character fall victim to some kind of creepy sci-fi sexual assault, only to never deal with the lasting emotions involved?  In Bab 5, characters deal with their traumas all the time, often over multiple episodes, sometimes over multiple seasons.  Many characters change completely between season 1 and season 5, carved and sculpted by the situations they are forced to deal with.  Even more than this, most of the characters don’t fit well into the “good guy” or “bad guy” boxes, but instead have complex motivations that deepen their realness.

- I almost forgot, it also included a lesbian relationship.  It is never explicitly stated in the show, but it is an obviously sexual and loving relationship, built over multiple seasons that never needs to define or defend itself.  That was CRAZY SHIT for the 90s. And on top of that, it is not a relationship slipped in for extra sexiness or ratings as shown by the deep attention to the emotions and relationship value and the total lack of attention to actual sex.  

Anyway, even though it is dated, I’m enjoying re-watching it.  The cgi doesn’t hold up, but the writing and the make-up do, and much to my surprise, the cinematography holds up better than many of the shows from that era.  If you haven’t watched it and you’re a sci-fi fan, I really encourage you to go back and do that.  I will warn you that the episode in season 1 with Jason Ironsides, Talia’s friend, is probably one of the worst/most hackneyed plots of the entire series.  Nothing’s perfect.

Chicago Fire Round Table S5 - Take a Knee

Hi everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the Chicago Fire Round Table! This past week’s episode, Take a Knee, was a solid episode overall and definitely brought out all sorts of emotions. I have a smaller panel than normal this week (its that time of year when everyone gets crazy busy) but there’s still a fun discussion here for you so sit back and grab a cold drink. =)

Before we get started though, have you all seen this Dawsey video yet?! OMG, it might be my favorite one ever. IT’S SO GOOD. <3

1st Responder Award: Big congrats and throw up the confetti for @CurlyBuckeye because she won this week’s 1st Responder Award! =)

PSA: Please remember that none of the pictures, videos, or GIFs used in this blog (aside from the 1st Responder Award) were made by me but by other amazing people who share their talents with us every week. Apparently I’m still having the problem of some GIFs not being active by the time I post the blog so hopefully they all work this week! Please let me know if they don’t so I can try to figure out the problem during this (annoying) show hiatus. Thanks! =)


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Kitchen (Request)

could you do one inspired by Harry requesting a song on the radio; but the two of you are making breakfast instead of just him


The moment you opened your eyes, a huge smile spread across your face.

Harry was home and the house smelled like pancakes.

It had been a long time since you had been able to wake up to someone making breakfast in the kitchen. It made you even happier to know that it was Harry. You stretched, sitting up in bed and rummaging around on the floor for one of Harry’s sweaters that he had discarded there the night before, and throwing it over your head along with a pair of yoga pants. You tied your hair up in a messy ponytail as you walked in the direction of the kitchen. You could hear music playing softly as you approached and realized that Harry had the radio on. He always did like to have background noise while he was cooking.

When you got to the entrance of the kitchen, you saw Harry standing in front of the counter in a pair of low-rising boxer shorts and a button up shirt that he had, of course, kept unbuttoned. He was stirring at a pan of scrambled eggs while the music played in the background and you could see his hips swaying side to side slightly with the sound.

You smiled, leaning against the door frame and being content simply to watch him as he cooked. The sheerness of his shirt allowed to you see every crevice and muscle on his back as he worked. His hair was up in a bun with bits and pieces of it falling out past his shoulders. The boxer shorts hung dangerously low on his hips, showing off the strong v-lines of his stomach and slim, but muscular legs.

It was when you heard him start singing along to the song on the radio that you couldn’t resist making your presence known. You stepped into the kitchen, eliciting a huge grin from him when he spotted you.

He walked over you to, spatula in hand and using it as a microphone, wiggling his hips and singing along to the song that was currently playing,

“I am here now.

Won’t you take me away?

Come and take me, underneath this Midwest sky,

This Midwest sky…”

You laughed as he took one of your hands in his and twirled you around underneath his arm, dipping you down and placing a kiss on your nose.

“G’morning, gorgeous.” He said, helping you to stand upright again and going back to his eggs.

“Morning.” You replied. “It smells amazing in here.”

”I’m making my specialty – and your favorite – pancakes, eggs and sausages. Plus, there’s one more surprise in the oven.”

You cocked an eyebrow, intrigued. You walked past him before pulling the oven door open and peeking inside.

“Oh my God!” You exclaimed. “When did you have time to make biscuits?!?”

“Jet lag has its’ advantages sometimes. I’ve been awake since about five; figured I’d put it to good use. Besides, I know it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to make you those.”

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Hetalia Ship Meme

Five ships you’re into right now :

1. USUK - America x England
2. RuPru - Russia x Prussia
3. Spamano - Spain x Romano
4. GerIta - Germany x Italy
5. AusHun - Austria x Hungary

Three ships you liked, but don’t anymore :

6. RoChu - Russia x China
7. Germancest - Germany x Prussia
8. AuSwis - Austria x Swiss

Three ships you never liked :

9. AmeBela - America x Belarus
10. SpaBel - Spain x Belgium
11. FrUK - France x England

Three ships you’re curious about, but don’t actually ship :

12. RusAme - Russia x America
13. PruHun - Prussia x Hungary
14. NiWan - Japan x Taiwan


1. Why do you dislike #11 so much?

Just… no. I don’t know why, but I can’t see them as couple, I’m used to see them as rival and how England is so eager to kick his ass lol. France is a perfect big brother in my eyes so I love to see him giving advice about love, despite that I just like France with Jeanne d'Arc more. Anyway, France support USUK so why not? :“)))

2. Who is someone you know that ships #14?

One of my cyber friend… but then actually I’m not ship it because of her. I just like them since Hima-papa made a strip about valentine when Taiwan gave her chocolate to Japan, its pretty cute x"D

3. What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?

It will be wonderful if they can have a happy ending :”) The dismissed of Romano ruin everything, but I will think that tragedy never exist. /nah After Spain proposed to Romano, they will live happily ever after even with Romano’s tsundere side x"D They both need love for each other <3

4. Which is your favorite moment for couple #1?


5. How long have you been following couple #5?

Since the first time I watched Hetalia xD They first show up as husband and wife, take care of chibi Italy and Holy Roman Empire, how can I’m not following them? :)) I just love straight pair like them when a guy is calm and cool with a girl who energic and cheerful. They complete and understand each other, just like a perfect husband and wife in my point of view.

6. What’s the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring?

Maybe because I’m too hung up with AusHun I can’t even pair Austria with another guy haha even though I’m still okay with PruAus or AusPru. But I saw Swiss already attached by his ‘sister’ too, Liechtensein, so I don’t see any problem there.

7. You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 or #12!

#10, because I definitely can’t like them. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with Spain or even Belgium and I’ll admit the fact that Spain ever want to 'get’ Belgium. But I can’t get feels from them, just no. Maybe its based of my taste too. I enjoy look at Belgium with his brothers and even want to pair Belgium with all of them haha.

8. Which ship do you prefer, #2 or #4?

Aaaargh, I love both of them! How can you ask this to me…. /hey But if I have to choose, then its definitely #2… I just love them too much I can’t even handle it… their angst stories always torture me, but I love it… maybe this is why I don’t mind being called a masochist because of them :’( This is the ship that actually make me wanna torture Prussia so bad because he hurt Russia’s heart without even know it and sometimes some stories made he didn’t care ;;A;; Of course I know Russia is wrong too but… I just hope at least Prussia understand… ah okay, I’m out, too much feels here :“” but still…. they can be a cute couple too <3

9. What interests you about #14?

Well, I’ve already told you in question number 2, right? “I just like them since Hima-papa made a strip about valentine when Taiwan gave her chocolate to Japan, its pretty cute.” Anyway sometimes I saw Japan and Taiwan just like a perfect sibling–because I’m more into NiChu.

10. Why did you stop liking #7?

Because… believe me, when you know more stories about RuPru, you will feel it. Russia is the third person in this relationship, I don’t mind as long as Russia still doing fine, but in some headcanons of Germancest, they made Russia is a very cruel, sadistic, heartless psychopath who want to take Prussia away from his lovely brother. I don’t want to accept that, well yeah, Russia is pretty cruel and sadistic but it doesn’t mean he’s heartless. Russia is the most beaten country when WWII end. And don’t even make me remember how some headcanon made Germancest laughing their ass off when they saw Russia falling to the ground. So, the point is… I do like Germancest as brothers and if they’re going to be a couple don’t make Russia as a third cruel person. It is REALLY pissed me off.

11. Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the fandom?

Actually not in the fandom, but just in some people who ship it. I will never ever accept America with a girl, even with Belarus who is my favorite female chara in Hetalia. This is my NOTP, but just to be clear America with any girl is my most NOTP. I love them being a step-sibling or partner in crime, but as couple is definitely no.

12. What’s a song that reminds you of #5?

Ai Kotoba by Hatsune Miku. But for more feels, I prefer Shounen-T as singer with Ai Kotoba Piano version.

13. If you could have any of these two pairings double-date, who would it be?

USUK and RuPru. THESE FOUR TOGETHER WILL BE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT YOU KNOW <3 <3 America and Russia are rival but partner in the same time too, they can discussed anything about their lover while England and Prussia are friends who can chit-chat about anything. Recently, there are many people who ship these two ships too and draw them all together, I know they will work somehow x"D Well, even though in real history USUK is the one who made Prussia fell in Russia’s hand but then after that they are the one who take them apart too. This is a rival pair anyway :“))

14. Have #2 kissed yet?

YES, THEY HAVE…. I HOPE……….  /hey 

15. Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn’t ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?

NOT YEEEET ;;A;; but in some conversation, Hima-papa already said that he want to made HREIta has their own happy ending. Anyway, I’m pretty sure Germany = HRE if you want to know. But this is Hetalia… what do you expect? :”)

16. What would make you start shipping #13?

Not yet but actually I’ve started like to see them together. Prussia is gentle enough with Hungary after he knows she is a girl. I like that kind of boy xD Just unfortunately I ship AusHun too hard I can’t even let this ship in. My headcanon for them is… Prussia actually love Hungary–he just too clueless to realized–but Hungary love Austria and then they got married. After that, just imagine what would happen hahaha.

17. If only one could happen, which would you prefer, #2 or #5?

#5 already happen nyahaha~ that’s why I choose #2 :“)

18. You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?

Spain and Belgium realized that they are just friends, no more than that, and so they come back to their own true love. I don’t want to hurt both of them after all.

19. Which of these ships do you love the most?

USUK! DEFINITELY USUUUUK!!! <3 <3 They are my main OTP which pull me back to hetalia after all :”) I love them so much huhu……..

Have a nice day! (O ̄▽ ̄)O(O ̄▽ ̄O)O( ̄▽ ̄O)

Credit gif to the owners