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Alolan Lickilicky!

I finally beat the Elite Four in Pokemon Sun & Moon and its just rekindled my love for this reion and everything about it. I’ve seen some folks make their own Alola forms of pokemon so I thought I’d do one for my favorite of all time, Lickilicky!

Some thoughts about their Alolan form:

Type: Grass

Lickilicky’s diet consists of mostly fruit in Alola. They eat so much of it that they eventually began to resemble the fruit they eat. In the past they were believed to bring a bountiful harvest and were given lots to eat whenever one showed up. Lickilicky helps nurture fruit trees and make them produce plenty of berries, it shares the bounty with other pokemon. 

( Inspired by a few theme makers fonts’ page, particularly @mangitos and @666rps and needing a place to refer to my hosted typeface codes, I introduce you to ddkinzart fonts’ page. Hosting some of my all time favorite typefaces; if you would like to use, just copy and paste the code under each of them then paste it the <style> section of your theme. To install the font on your computer, just click the title of each one to be redirected to its original download source.

This is for personal use only. No copyright infringement intended and I claim no copyright or ownership over the fonts hosted; merely provided a code for them so they may be usable in themes and websites. )

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Olicity Fic Rec (Part 1)

Hey everybody! I have been wanting to do a fic rec for a while, but I haven’t been able to find the time to do it. Luckily now that school and finals are over, I finally can! I kinda tried to organize this fic rec by categories and stuff and I got really carried away lol, but I hope you enjoy!

SOME OF MY FAVORITE FICS (Not necessarily recent fics, just fics I LOVE (not all of my favorites bc we’d be here for days), and for the recent fics that are also my favorites, I put them in the recent section):


Sportsmanlike Conduct by @mogirl97: Overall one of my favorite sports AU’s! It has both fluff and angst, and I literally couldn’t stop reading it! I originally read it when it first came out, and each update made me so happy! Not to mention, hockey is literally my favorite sport (and I may or may not be a Flyers super fan) so this fic was especially fun to read! It all begins in college, when Felicity meets Oliver Queen, a handsome and talented hockey player! They hit it off immediately, and their relationship is so good, but of course, things get in the way! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Such an amazing fic!!

Times Like These by @anthfan: I REREAD THIS EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING (i literally just re-read it and finished it before I started making this post)! If you have free time, go read this fic, and if you don’t have free time, drop what you’re doing, make time, and go read this fic! This fic is so good, and all of Oliver and Felicity’s interactions are so well done. I actually only came across this story a few months ago, and I am so mad I didn’t find it sooner, but now that I have read it, I can’t stop reading it over and over! It begins with Felicity’s stalker and cousin, Nate, coming back into her life, and of course, Oliver and Dig doing everything they can to protect her. SO GOOD. SO SO SO SO GOOD. I’m not gonna lie, this fic made me cry, and I rarely ever cry, so that should tell you how AMAZING this fic is!

The Firebird by @supersillyanddorky06: Am I gonna rec every single one of Matty’s fics? Yes. And the Firebird is NO EXCEPTION! This fic was recently finished (ending was super amazing) and if you’re looking for an amazing, riveting fic to read, go READ IT RIGHT NOW! I literally would not put this fic down when I first read it, and everytime I go back and re-read it, I read it from start to finish because its SO GOOD(lol the amount of HW i’ve been able to complete has gone way down since I started reading matty’s fics). This fic is an Al-Sahim story, but has Oliver in Felicity’s house every night, not saying a word, and watching Tv with her, after Felicity finds Oliver about to kill someone one night. Basically, Oliver starts seeking Felicity after that night, and you’ll have to see what happens! Honestly tho, I don’t know how to describe this fic (it’s too amazing to put into words), so just go READ IT!

Forever is Composed of Nows by @dust2dust34 and @so-caffeinated: I’m pretty sure everyone has read this fic, but that’s because it’s only the best thing to ever exist! I read this fic a while ago, but lost it, and when I found it again, not only was it completed, but there was a SEQUEL and I SCREAMED OUT LOUD BECAUSE OBVIOUSLY! Such a good fic, and as a person who doesn’t even like children, I fell in love with Ellie Queen (believe me that is saying a lot, like i hate kids, but this story made me absolutely love Ellie) ! This fic has so much amazing fluff, and good angst, and just a wonderful wonderful plot. I love having the Queen fam in it, and every single chapter is just so good. It begins with Ellie Queen, Oliver and Felicity’s daughter, being brought into the past to escape Zoom, when Felicity and Oliver are not together, and haven’t even accepted their feelings for each other. SO GOOD. Such a great idea for a fic, that was made into a beautiful story, and I love it so much!

With our Backs to the Wall (Darkness will Fall) by @theirhappystory: ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES LIKE I CAN’T EXPLAIN GUYS ITS SO SO GOOD!! I am the biggest sucker for Army AU’s and age differences and this fic touches upon both of those and does it so well. Every single moment in this fic I absolutely love, and I really can’t put into words how good it is. You have to read it. You just have to. It starts with Oliver returning from war, coming back to a home with Felicity, who is looking much different and more mature then when he lost saw her. Oliver struggles with keeping his feelings and thoughts in check, and it is GLORIOUS! GO READ IT! I LOVE THIS FIC SO SO SO MUCH!

Or Forever Hold Your Peace by @katanabaabe: Such an incredibly angsty and beautiful fic, that you won’t be able to put down! I came across this fic a long time ago, and I am still just as obsessed with it now as I was then. I loved how this story was done, and I loved the way that Oliver and Felicity’s relationship plays out. I LOVE ANGST, and this fic had such well done angst it was impossible to put down. It begins with Oliver comforting Felicity after she is very upset over what happened with her fiancé, Ray Palmer, and things escalate. Such a good fic!

Where There’s Smoak There’s Fire by FelOllie @littlered-sourwolf: THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING FIC! I have re read this story countless times, and I think it gets better each time. I love, love, love, the way Felicity and Oliver’s friendship plays out, with tons of sexual tension and teasing, and the angst (oh my god the angst is so good guys) all just is written together so beautifully you have to go read it! It begins with Oliver and Felicity, five years after the count took her, being the best of friends. I don’t want to spoil too much, but all I can say is READ IT because you will not regret it! Amazing amazing story!


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anonymous asked:

who is your favorite band/artist? at the moment mine is MIKA

oh my god dude u just sent me into infodump hell mode here we fuckin go

ok so as of now my favorite band would probably be glass animals, because holy shit their stuff is so intricate and complex?? like the overall musical texture is just a+. i can listen to their songs over and over again without getting tired bc like literally every time i hear something new its wonderful

but liKE I FEEL LIKE IM LEAVING OUT SO MANY MORE THAT ARE ALSO MY FAVORITE BANDS/ARTISTS so here are some honorable mentions in no particular order

  • Gorillaz: would die for all of them. the new album literally killed me and then rose me from the dead
  • Nine Inch Nails: great music for going AAAAAAA!! strangely, also good music for crying
  • Panic! At the Disco: Beebop Eureka is the only man ill ever love
  • Bush: Also good AAAAAA! music. strangely powerful though??
  • Radiohead: there was a post that i saw on here once that said something like “radiohead makes music for people who are afraid to ask for ketchup at mcdonalds.” to this day its the truest statement ive ever read
  • Arctic Monkeys: this band always slips back into my life at the weirdest times and i just roll with it 
  • Foster the People: My favorite band in sixth grade. i still love them to death. torches will always be sacred to me
  • The Offspring: from my edgy phase (which im still lowkey in)
  • Nirvana: I was blasting smells like teen spirit while driving past my old middle school and it scared the shit out of the sixth graders. A+ music
  • Weezer: Shout out to the cute girl that got my gay ass to listen to this one
  • Pierce the Veil: And this one too
  • The 1975: Look shes really pretty and wonderful ok dont judge me
  • Two Door Cinema Club: I listened to them because the album cover for tourist history has a cat on it. i have no regrets
  • Grouplove: Good summer vibes. their music always cheers me up
  • Twenty One Pilots: I’m sorry. I’m so sorry I have no excuse for this one
Stalk (part one)

Title: Stalk (part one)

Part Two

Part Three

Ship: Dean x Reader

Description: The reader is in Sioux Falls visiting her father, Bobby, when her old childhood friends, Sam and Dean, stop by to do some research on a local monster. Dean becomes suspicious of the reader and questions her to find out she has a stalker.

Warnings: Threats; Lying; Stalking; Mentions of Molestation

Word Count: 1,915

(Y/D/J) ~ Your Dream Job

(Y/C/N) ~ Your City Name

(Y/E/C) ~ Your Eye Color

It had been a long time since she’s been in Sioux Falls. Hell, she was even beginning to miss it. “Dad!” (Y/N) smiled, enveloping her father into a big hug. “(Y/N), what are you doing here?” the older man wondered, but was still happy to see his daughter nevertheless. “I was just passing though and I thought that I should stop by to see you.” He welcomed her inside, leading her to the kitchen. “Would you like anything to drink? Water? A beer?” It was something he was still not used to but asked anyways. (Y/N) left home when she was nineteen… and that was seven years ago. Occasionally she would stop by for little visits so she wasn’t totally cutting off her father. “No, no. I’m fine, Dad.” She smiled at the man as she sat down at the kitchen table. “So,” he grabbed a beer for himself from the fridge and sat across from her, “Tell me everything that’s happened since the last time I saw you and, please, don’t leave out any details.” He was more than eager to catch up with his only child.

“Well,” she thought for a moment, attempting to remember if anything interesting happened lately, “I finally got my degree for (Y/D/J).” His eyes widened, a grin crawling across his face. “That’s great, (Y/N)!” As much as he exposed (Y/N) to the hunting life when she was a little girl, he was kind of hoping that the girl would get a normal job and a normal degree when she was older. The hunting life wasn’t for everyone and he had come to accept that once she left home for college. Just as the man placed his hand on his daughter’s, the front door of the house opened abruptly. “Hey Bobby?” a loud, husky voice called out and echoed throughout the home. A sigh escaped the older man’s mouth as two significantly younger men entered the kitchen. “(Y/N), you remember Sam and Dean Winchester, don’t you?” She nodded, although she hasn’t seen the two since they were kids. Their father, John, was a good friend of her dad’s and would swing by every once in a while and drop the boys off. “How could I not?” (Y/N) stood up from her seat to get a good feel of how much the boys grew, Sam shooting almost as tall as a sky scrape. Dean? Not so much.

“(Y/N), I thought I was never going to see you again!” The tallest on hugged her and let go after a couple seconds. Dean was more than eager to hug the younger girl. There was only one person that knew about his childhood crush on Bobby’s daughter and that was Bobby. Once the man learned of this fixation, he immediately put an end to it. He was only scared because of Dean’s reputation with girls. Of course, you can stop actions but you can never stop feelings. Dean’s hug was tighter, with more feeling, than Sam’s hug. “Well, I’m here guys. What are you two doing here anyways.” As much as Dean didn’t want to, he let go of the girl and turned towards Bobby. The boys explained themselves, needing a little help with a hunt nearby and decided to stop by instead of calling. As their conversations carried on, Dean stole as many glances at (Y/N) as he could when Bobby wasn’t looking. If he found out that Dean still liked her, he would get hung by his ass.

“So, (Y/N), what’re you doing here today?” Sam asked, a smile crawling across her lip as she explained that she was just passing through town and wanted to see her dad. But there was something about her story that was… a little off. A glimmer in her eye? A twitch of a face muscle? It was something Sam and Bobby did not catch, but Dean did. He went on listening to her reasoning, trying to absorb every twitch he could, picking out the lies. The truth was something he was going to have to pick out of her sooner or later.\

A little later in the day, (Y/N) was in the study rereading one of her favorite books when Dean strolled in and sat across from her. “Yes?” She looked up for half a second, not turning her head from the book. Dean leaned forward, his elbows on the top of his thighs as he sighs, “Sam’s boring and from the looks of it, so are you.” He teased the girl who smiled as she set her book down on the desk. “Reading is boring?” She crossed her legs and folded her arms, eager to hear what the eldest Winchester has to say about her favorite past time. “It is when you’re doing research twenty-four-seven.” (Y/N) raised an eye, releasing her arms and leaning on the desk. “What exactly are you guys researching?” A smile of curiosity crawling its way across her lips. “Oh, it’s nothing.” He shook it off, waving his hand in the air.

“Well, it’s obviously something if you’re both here bothering my father about it, isn’t it?” No one could fool her, not even the infamous Dean Winchester. The room became silent for a matter of seconds, (Y/N) considered picking the book up to make it less awkward in the room. Dean, on the other hand, had a different plan to set in motion. They kept eye contact as he opened his mouth, “I’ll tell you if you tell me the real reason why you’re in town.” Her heart beat began to quicken as the thought crossed her mind. ‘He knows. He knows. Oh shit.’ She silently panicked and looked away from the emerald eyes that stared at her intently. “I told you why downstairs. I was passing through.” Her voice was low and quiet, almost giving away the truth.

“(Y/N), you live in (Y/C/N), why would you just happen to be passing through Sioux Falls?” She felt the fear beginning to build up as he kept pressing her. If Dean found out about what happened last week, he would surely tell her father, who wouldn’t take it too lightly. All she wanted was a weekend away from home (or her Hell) to relax and feel safe in a house with a hunter who has many, many, many guns and weapons to choose from. Sweat beaded at the base of her forehead, making Dean believe was finally beginning to get her to crack. “I have my reasons, Dean. Now, if you’d excuse me, I have a book to read.” (Y/N) immediately picked up the novel and read the same words over and over again for at least a minute, not able to concentrate when she glanced up and saw Dean still sitting in the chair, staring at her.

“Are you in trouble, (Y/N)?” His words came out softly and quietly. Her eyes reverted back to the words. “Does it really matter?” she sighed, attempting to move onto the next sentence, but this one only seemed even more jumbling to her as the stress grew more and more out in the open. “It does. Obviously you’re running from something if you want to be in a house full of hunters. If you were visiting you dad for real, you would be downstairs with him, right now, in that kitchen chatting him up. Not… not in hiding in the study up here.” He cleared his throat before continuing, “So, are you going to tell me what you’re running from or do I have to go full interrogation on you?”

It was too much for her. “I have a fucking stalker, okay? Are you happy? I was trying not to think about it until I figured out a plan to get rid of him but you’re kind of fucking ruining that, Dean.” She slammed the book down on the desk before standing up from the chair and walking around the desk and heading for the door. Before she can even reach for the door handle, Dean gently grabs her wrist, prompting the girl to look at him. “I can help you, (Y/N). I just need his name and that’s it. No questions asked and it’ll be quick, I promise.” His emerald eyes stared into her (Y/E/C) which only widened in fear from his statement. “You’re not fucking killing him, Dean! What the fuck?!” She shook her wrist away from him, taking a step back. “Who said anything about killing? I have my ways to get him to leave you alone without harming the dumbass.” He rolled his eyes, standing up and stepping towards her and enveloping her in a big, warm hug.

“You promise that all he’s done is stalk you?” He pulled away slightly and looked down at the girl who seemed to be melting into his hug suddenly. “You… you said no questions asked, Dean.” She muttered into his chest.

“Come on, Sam.” Dean rushed out of the Impala, shot gun in hand. He didn’t care that he just left a monster behind in Sioux Falls. (Y/N) was in danger by a human, one of the worst monsters out there. They can be destructive, selfish, harmful… just down right dangerous and Dean wasn’t going to let (Y/N) get hurt. The brothers went up the steps of the old colonial home, presumably owned by the boy’s parents. From what (Y/N) told him, this kid was a couple years younger than her. He was smart, skipped a couple grades in intermediate school and graduated high school early. He just earned his degree the same time as (Y/N) and couldn’t bare to face the fact that he’ll never see her again.

So naturally, his instinct told him that sending her a message on facebook wasn’t enough for him. He had to stand outside her house every night, watching her bedroom, watching her in her kitchen, watching her as she got out of the shower. That also wasn’t enough for him… the week prior to (Y/N) making her way back to Sioux Falls, the boy broke into her home and groped her in her sleep. This was punishable by death in Dean’s opinion, but since that wasn’t part of his and (Y/N)’s deal, he settled to just scaring the kid into confessing to the cops about what he’s done.

“Hopefully mom and dad aren’t home, Dean. People don’t take too kindly to people knocking on their doors with fucking shot guns in their hands.” Sam looked to his older brother, nervously, taking out his hand gun. He was willing to do anything for his brother, even if that meant scaring the guy who was stalking his childhood crush. “I’m not knocking on the door.” Dean muttered as he pressed on the doorbell with the barrel of the shot gun and hiding it behind his back when he heard footsteps approaching the door. A kid about ten years younger than him answered it, rubbing his eyes. “Do you understand what time it is?” He groaned, studying the two suspicious brothers.

“Yeah, it’s time you leave (Y/N) alone.” Dean pumped the shotgun and aimed it at the kid. His eyes widened when he processed what Dean had in his hands. “Woah! Woah, dude, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!”

Part Two


Tonight Im looking back at some of my favorite Haunted Mansion designs Ive made in the past. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, and each time I get to make a custom Vinylmation based upon it, its always a treat. 


5/12/17 // today, i found these old postcards and faded polaroid photos in a local vintage shop in my town. although random, images on them are truly beautiful and nostalgic. they all belonged to someone at some time in the past, and some even have writing on them, still. i intend to collect them & perhaps send them to friends in the mail. what a find ☆

Who else dad is weird like this 🙄
  • *in another world at another time*
  • Me: *gets text*
  • Dad: Hey, who's my favorite daughter?
  • Me: Dad?
  • Dad: Hey there, dear. 😉
  • Dad: Last time I checked I was. 😂
  • Me: *out loud* Oh my god!
  • Roommate: Please stop screaming, I'm in a very intense debate about the merits of socialism with an online friend, and I can't concentrate with you making such a racket.
  • Me: Socialism? Aren't you incredibly rich and vain?
  • Roommate: I'm a Trotskyist, you fool.
  • Me: Who cares! My dad's alive!
  • Roommate: I wasn't aware that your dad was dead?
  • Me: Neither was I. I thought he had just abandoned me and my mom all those years ago. I have quite a story about it. When I was about 14, my dad took me on a road trip to go to IHOP for a delicious breakfast. After we had finished, he got up to use the bathroom and never returned. He left me stranded in a strange IHOP two states over.
  • Roommate: You traveled two states away to go to an IHOP?
  • Me: I mean, it was a road trip.
  • Roommate: How do you know it's your dad?
  • Me: Check my phone, it says dad right there. Of course he's my dad.
  • Roommate: It could be anyone.
  • Me: There's no one else in my contacts with the name dad, other than my dad, ya goober. In fact, with every new phone I've gotten I always added his old phone number to the contacts in case of a moment just like this.
  • Roommate: Even still, don't you think it's suspicious that your father is contacting you via text nearly a decade after he abandoned you?
  • Me: No.
  • Roommate: Not even a bit?
  • Me: No. *buzz* Oh, he texted me again!
  • Dad: Hey, who's my favorite daughter?
  • Me: Me, of course! 😘
  • Dad: No.
  • Me: What?
  • Dad: You're my fifth favorite daughter.
  • Me: I don't understand.
  • Dad: I have six daughters and you're my fifth favorite one. The sixth one died in a scuba diving accident.
  • Me: So I'm your least favorite daughter?
  • Dad: No, don't think of it like that! You're not my least favorite daughter, you're just my least favorite LIVING daughter. 😉
  • Me: That doesn't make me feel better.
  • Dad: Ah, it doesn't matter. You remember me, your dad, the big wacky goofball! 😝
  • Me: I remember you trading my bicycle for coke.
  • Dad: It's a thing of the past, my daughter who I love the least. I don't want to worry about the past, let's meet up and discuss the future.
  • Me: OMG You want to meet up? Where?
  • Dad: IHOP, for old time's sake, but this time let's make it the one in town.
  • Me: *out loud* Oh my god, I'm meeting up with my dad!
  • Roommate: I'm right here, you don't have to yell.
  • Me: I'm so excited. I'm reconnecting with my father. Most girls can only dream of this moment.
  • Roommate: He honestly sounds like a terrible person.
  • Me: People change.
  • Roommate: Yeah, sometimes they become worse.
  • Me: You're just overly pessimistic because you're a goth and also a Trotskyist.
  • Roommate: Eh, I can't deny it.
  • *later at IHOP*
  • Me: *waiting at table* I can't wait to see my dad again. I wonder what he looks like. I bet he's a businessman now. Oh, or maybe he's a priest. *notices commotion at the front of the store* Hmm?
  • Waitress: Sir, please wait to be seated.
  • Disheveled Dude: I'm meeting up with someone, you flighty broad. There's not much time. Get out of my way.
  • Me: *internally* At least that guy isn't my dad.
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh, there she is. *runs and sits at my table* Oh my god, is that my little girl. You've grown up so much. You look way too much like your mom. It's bringing back some really bad memories. I'm sorta regretting. Just joking. Hahaha. WHERE THE FUCK IS OUR WAITRESS, I'M TRYING TO EAT HERE!?
  • Me: What a coincidence it is that the horrible man making a scene at the front of the restaurant is my dad...
  • Disheveled Dude: What's with the distant look on your face? You're acting like you saw a ghost. Haha, maybe you do think I'm a ghost. Hey, sorry about leaving you at the IHOP all those years ago. Kinda got bored of the whole dad thing. JESUS CHRIST, CAN YOU GUYS FUCKING HURRY UP AND GET US A WAITRESS. F-Fuck. *wipes sweat off forehead*
  • Me: Dad?
  • Disheveled Dude: WHAT!?
  • Me: *jumps in seat*
  • Disheveled Dude: Sorry, I've been really on edge recently. *nervously looks over shoulder* Where the fuck are these waitresses?
  • Me: Dad... *gets teary eyed*
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh god, are you gonna start crying on me.
  • Me: *sniffles* I'm sorry, I just missed you so much.
  • Disheveled Dude: Yeah, yeah, I missed you too. Time to move onto the next thing. Inheritance. Uh, I'm gonna die eventually, so you can have all of my money. *put suitcase stuffed with cash on the table and pushes it towards me* You can just have it now, for all I care. I mean, you never know when I'm gonna die.
  • Me: Dad, I don't want your money. I just want to spend time with you.
  • Disheveled Dude: Well, you can spend all the time in the world with me once you accept the fat wads of cash in this suitcase. I just need you to say verbally that you're accepting this money from me as a legitimate form of inheritance.
  • Me: Dad, please. I just want to talk to you.
  • Disheveled Dude: Come on and take the fucking cash, Elizabeth.
  • Me: My name's not Elizabeth.
  • Disheveled Dude: Okay, whatever. Take the money and clearly dictate that you are accepting the entirety of this money as a legitimate form of inheritance from your loving father. You can use it for college, you're college aged right. Or prenatal care. I don't fucking know. What shitty kid doesn't want FREE FUCKING MONEY!?
  • Me: *stands up from seat* Dad! You're the worst ever! I hate you! *runs out of IHOP sobbing*
  • Disheveled Dude: Fuck, I knew that wasn't going to work. *notices how dark it is outside* It's almost here. I wasted so much goddamn time. I'm never going to get rid of this thing. FUCK!
  • Waitress: *nervously* I can help you now, sir.
  • Disheveled Dude: Oh, so now you show up. I'm not so hungry now. In fact, I've lost my entire damn appetite.
  • Waitress: I'm sorry, sir. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry.
  • Disheveled Dude: Which one of those cars outside is yours?
  • Waitress: The red one.
  • Disheveled Dude: That broken down piece of shit?
  • Waitress: Yes.
  • Disheveled Dude: Guess, there's no other choice. It'll have to do. Give me your fucking keys.
  • Waitress: What?
  • Disheveled Dude: *points gun at waiter* GIVE ME YOUR FUCKING KEYS!
  • Waitress: *drops keys on the table*
  • Disheveled Dude: *tosses wads of cash at the waitress* That's easily $200,000. Go buy yourself a better car. You might want to make it quick. *runs out of IHOP*
  • Waitress: *watches disheveled dude speed off* Why is it so dark outside and where did everyone go? I guess it doesn't matter now, though. $200,000. That's a lot of money. I wonder what I'm gonna do with all this? I'm so excited that I'm lightheaded. The future is so bright now.
  • Wall of Darkness: *encroaches*

4.18.17 // 9:30pm // april 17-23 weekly spread

remember when i said i’d post more regularly since my busy week is over? yeah its still busy… i’m trying though, i promise

here’s my spread for the week! i messed up about a billion times on the quote part on the left, so i covered it up twice (the page is now very stiff). i also messed up the numbers until i realized once i got to saturday. not the prettiest spread i’ve done, but the quote on the right is one of my favorites from rent. i tend to dwell on the past and past mistakes, so i have to constantly remind myself not to… -m

caffeinewitchcraft  asked:

Every time, EVERY TIME I see one of your stories on my dash, I think "don't do this to yourself. Keep scrolling. You know how this ends." So I scroll past but the temptation is always too great. "This time will be different. It's day time. There's people around. It'll be okay." I go right back up to click on that dreaded Read More. And it's not okay. It's never okay. And I love you for it.

That’s one of my favorite things to hear. Thank you. I appreciate you.

Reiji’s Diabolik Interview!

1) How would the guys react if their gf is super flexible ? « What does it matter? Perhaps I would applaud her, though aside from that, there isn’t much else to stand ground for. »


2) Reiji, you’re so proper… I can’t imagine you laying with a woman… Are you a virgin? « What kind of indecent question is that? If you can’t imagine it it’s your problem but I refuse to answer such perverted questions. Virgin or not it is none of your concern. »


3) What turns you on? « Ah, interesting. You’re quite straightforward with it. I can’t deny I enjoy the tormented screams of the female under my control. Her begs for mercy and forgivness, especially knowing her punishment would be severe would rile me up quite a bit. This, of course, isn’t all. I simply think it would be wise not to disclose more information to you »


4) Does vampire bites hurt? Like on the neck ? On the leg ? Where does it hurt least, where do you like to bite?  « Well it would most likely hurt, fangs piercing thought the skin isn’t a mosquito bite, I’d believe not anyone would bear it but any masochist would enjoy it. Now I believe the spot where it would hurt the less is where muscles are relaxed,I’d say the thighs perhaps? I’m a proper man, I bite to feed and not for any sexual motives therefore I’d bite the wrist or neck. »


5) How tall do you like your woman? « Height isn’t a factor to determine whether or not I find attraction to a female or not. »


6) What’s your obssession with whips and chains in bed about? « Obsession? I believe anyone has their way in bed, chains and whips are simply tool I use to make the woman submit to me. I don’t always use them of course, it all depends on my other half’s behavior and expectations. »


7) Reiji, can you tell us how would you bring up your own children? « I would bring them up as scholars. Education is the basic foundation for a healthy future. Unlike the rest of my unworthy siblings, I care for education and will raise my children the same. However, I understand children need their freedom. I’ll leave that mostly to their mother. »


8) Reiji what’s your favorite type of tea? Also how often do you drink it? « Hmm I tend to drink black tea a lot, it helps relax and since my annoying brothers are always up to no good I highly need its benefits. »


9) Reiji if I may ask, how many brides have chosen you to bite them in the past? « Chosen me to bite them? How naïve of you. They don’t choose. They’re simply our prey, as vampires. However, I’ve taken the blood of plenty sacrifices. Only the ones deemed worthy, however. I have no time to deal with filthy blood. »


10) How many tea sets do you hide? « H-hide? I do not hide anything… I mean I keep them away from my brothers for their own safety but up to know I on around 14 different tea sets. »


11) Do you do pervy things with your tea cups? « Do you believe that is funny? My China is a precious item. I would not dare do something so dastardly, unlike Laito. »


12) Will you use a whip on your siblings if they misbehave? « I wish I could, but those idiots wouldn’t even care. For example I am sure Laito would do more than enjoy it. Kanato would cry like a baby and I’m sure Subaru would break it. »


13) What would you do if you s/0 accidentaly broke your favorite tea set? « The answer is simple, isn’t it? Punishment is in order. Even if it were an accident, she would be forced to clean the mess. A broken piece of China is simply trash. Nothing more. If I am feeling particularly irritated that day, I can guarentee it would not be a pretty sight. »


14) Top or bottom? « I’d rather top and control everything but I believe letting the woman too once in a while is good for the relationship. It shows her we are on the same level and are equals to each other. »


15) What if your s/o wanted to be the one with the whip? Would you let her? « Of course not. Simple as that. If she continues to pester me about it, I’ll give her a taste of what she desires. I haven’t brought my whip out in a while. Would you like to be the first person I use it on? »

(Please do not repost the picture without creds! I worked hard to make this little edit! )


johndaveweek DAY 1: Fanart Trade

Blue Skies 
by kancake 

i have so many favorites but i went to the short and sweet route. it’s a pretty old fic and i don’t know if the author is still active but it’s a really fluffy read.

How come every time SU makes any sort of mistake you’ll have loads of people who wanna play it off like its secretly intentional by the shows creators? Like they’re some sort of masterminds?
Over the past year or so I’ve seen this done a lot and it’s really just annoying at this point. Like look, the people behind SU are just a group of your average artists. They make mistakes and that’s fine. Dismissing the mistakes as intentional and misunderstood genius is honestly just stupid.

I think one of my favorite examples of this kind of thing is Steven being really off model. This is probably one of the more annoying ones, considering that I have been vocal about my distaste of Steven’s size inconsistency. Like stated in a previous post of mine, its fine for the characters to be kinda off, as it’s impossible to be 100% accurate, but a lot of the time Steven’s model is just ridiculous. I digress though. One of the main defenses for this common mistake is that Steven is intentionally changing his body shape and looks because he is uncomfortable with his appearance. The only evidence to support this of course is the episode, “Steven’s Birthday”. I’m sorry, but this is honestly just the silliest excuse for a model not looking proper. If Steven’s appearance was that much of a bother to him that it required frequent changes to his looks then the show would have addressed it as something major. It already does this with him feeling useless and having to deal with what his mother left behind, so I would expect the same to be done with something such as this. Even if the show did address this, I’d honestly be unable to excuse it as it’d just come across as a cop out for inconsistent designs.

What’s funny is that I’ve seen this same kind of argument used for other characters in the show. Honestly, the worst one I think I’ve seen has to be people claiming Peridot’s size becoming much smaller as of recent was because of the Earth having a negative effect on her body??? I can’t really see the logic behind that one?

Someone even told me that Rose looking a tad weird in “Storm the Room” was because of the fact Steven couldn’t perceive his own mother accurately enough?

Same goes for inconsistent character behavior. What’s funnier about this one would have to be how I haven’t seen a consistent solid defense for it. It basically always boils down to how the creators are secretly geniuses, prepping for something in the future, it’s too deep to understand, etc.

Overall point here being, SU has its flaws like any other show. It’s dumb to dismiss all its flaws as intentional genius while trying ignoring the criticism it does receive. The shows creators aren’t masterminds that are beyond our plain of comprehension. They animate cartoons all day and make mistakes. That’s it. Nothing else to it. It’s so frustrating to discuss episodes where any time a mistake is pointed out its ignored completely. There’s plenty of stuff in the show to admire and enjoy, just acknowledge the reality of the actual mistakes and then move on.

Anyways, that’s all I have to really say for the time being. Not sure if I have anymore real input on the show as of right now? This is only the second time I’ve been really vocal about my critique of the show.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that i don't want Cas's resurrection to just be like 9x03 or some of the other ones? I'd love to see Dean and Sam go a while either having to handle Cas's death or maybe cas comes back and they're not immediately aware of it? And then Dean has to deal with not only Cas's death, but then Cas coming back and Dean can't immediately get to him sort of thing. Idk, i just really want this one to have a little more intention and meaning to it.

Howdy! And yeah, I don’t think Cas’s resurrection can be like any of his prior resurrections. Not only are the circumstances very different than at any time in the past, but where he is in his own character development and also where he is within the larger narrative (including in his relationship with the Winchesters and specifically with Dean) is unlike it was at any time in the past when he’s been killed.

Writing sentences like that one ^^ is one of my favorite things about Supernatural, honestly. :P

I mean, individually, the circumstances of this particular death have all happened before, but never like this, and never all at the same time. That renders each of these elements into a “whole greater than the sum of its parts” sort of scenario:

-Cas has died as an angel before, but never via angel blade complete with the wing imprints and the body left behind. He’d typically been blown up. No wings, no body, no visual resurrection for us to witness on screen.

-The one time he WAS stabbed with an angel blade (well, the one time he DIED from such a stabbing) he’d been human at the time, so no grace blowout or wing imprints. This was the 9.03 death you mentioned, and he was immediately resurrected by Gadreel.

-He’s never died while actively being a part of the Winchester family. Yes, we have long considered him a part of Team Free Will, and the Winchester family, and I think even Dean has probably thought of him as family for years and years. But in 12.12 Cas accepted his place in their family and made it clear that he understood his relationship with them in a different way than he had in the past. He reconfirmed that to Kelvin in 12.19, that he wasn’t acting on behalf of Heaven anymore, but on behalf of the Winchesters.

I think that if Cas IS resurrected quickly, even within 13.01 (which is entirely possible), it won’t be him sitting up and smiling at Dean and just being ~completely fine~ again like in 9.03.

My pet theory is that something about Jack’s grace that he’s been tapping into since he killed Dagon in 12.19 will be what “resurrects” him, and as such it will become obvious that Jack’s grace has been manipulating him all along. (I mean I know there’s some debate over this, but heck nothing about 12.19-12.23 makes a damn lick of sense to me unless Jack was exerting at least SOME control over Cas and his actions.)

Cas gulping in a deep breath, his eyes opening, even with Dean still crouched over him… it would be shocking and heartbreaking for Cas to get up and walk toward the house without so much as acknowledging Dean, while Dean watches him go, calling his name, trying to stop him and get him to SEE HIM there…


Maybe Cas will acknowledge Dean (and Sam), than them politely thank them for looking after Jack before booping off with Jack and leaving Sam and Dean there to both worry about Cas. (and oh gosh maybe it’ll be just as agonizing as that time in 8.10 after he killed Samandriel on Naomi’s orders and then gave Sam and Dean the line about needing to take his body to Heaven while his eye bled, and Dean’s reaction was just WRONG WRONG WRONG SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH CAS HERE, and then we didn’t see Cas again until he was murdering thousands of Deans to prepare himself to murder the real Dean in 8.17…).

Whatever the case, this resurrection MUST be substantially different from anything we’ve ever seen before. In 10.18 we saw Cas do the “maddest thing a man can do,” and “let himself die” by reclaiming his own grace. Well, he’s certainly done the absolute maddest thing he could possibly have done now, and however he comes back must be radically transformed, at least for a little while.

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do you think they'll renew Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Season 5?

Originally posted by thesecretsofdaydreams

I’m going to be a broken record and recycle this post.   We’re on the bubble and I wish I could say 100% we are good and going to be renewed but I can’t.   All we can do is FIGHT for the show, cast, and crew we love so much.  We need to do this now because its incredibly hard to get a show back after its been cancelled.  

As we watch and tweet tag (using the @) ABC as well and add the #renewagentsofshield

WATCH LIVE!  I realize we have a large international fan base but everyone who can WATCH LIVE!

  • DVR it and watch/rewatch preferably in the first 3 Days but up to 7….I literally have all of Season 3 and Season 4 so far on mine.
  • Watch again or watch on ABC on Demand
  • Buy the episode on itunes and amazon.

TWEET! Make us trend as the episode airs.  And keep it going all night as we air in different time zones. 

  • Use the Hashtags ABC, Colo, Agents of Shield Feed, and the Cast are using.  #AgentsofShield, #LMD, #Philinda, #FItzsimmons, and anything else they put out.  You can tag ABC as well.   HERE is the Tweet Colo just put out with that lovely picture.  Let’s unite Tonight @Marvel #AgentsofSHIELD #LMD LIVE Tweet
  • Retweet things like the Sneak Peeks and Promos to help bring new people into the Fandom.
  • We can add a new hashtag like #renewagentsofshield
  • Interact with the cast on their live tweets during airing.
  • Spread positivity about the show.
  • Cast we know will be live tweeting tonight as of 4:00pm MST.  Interact with what she tweets out and retweet.  If anyone else sees another cast member live tweeting spread the word.  

Build the Hype!  Keep it up on here, twitter, and Facebook.  If people see us posting and getting excited about something they will want to check it out.  

  • Fitzsimmons has a moment…BLOW IT UP!
  • Philinda does something awesome….BLOW IT UP!
  • Plot twist….BLOW IT UP!
  • Badass moment….BLOW IT UP!
  • Cool Easter Egg…BLOW IT UP!
  • Share teaser articles (just not the click bait ones).
  • Share Promos, Sneak Peeks, and other videos they put out on Twitter and Facebook.  

I know some of you are lucky enough to have the Season 3 DVD on pre order now.  Buying the past seasons shows the interest.

Yes, the ABC president was Bullish about us and seemed pleased with how things were going.  But, we need to plan for the worst but fight for the best here guys.

Do any of you want to tell my adorable kiddo that her favorite show has been cancelled?   I don’t!

Its time to mobilize guys, its time to watch, its time to be vocal, its time to show them just how much love there is for this show, its cast and its crew.  Boost this post by reblogging, spread the word, and I’ll see you all Tuesday night!

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Terrible thing. What is? Being born like that. Is it? Can you imagine, looking in the mirror and seeing that staring back at you?

Yes, I can.

Nazz’s Weight

In a flashback scene from Every Which Way but Ed, viewers were shown that Nazz was once chubby.

This did not change at how the cul-de-sac kids thought of her. They were enjoying their time with her and laughing with her when she made the cannon ball into the lake. This is so heartwarming. Seeing how the kids maliciously treat the Eds its nice to know that they’re accepting towards someone who is physically different then them.

Although Nazz was having fun and was smiling, was she really happy?

It’s implied that this episode took place in the last year seeing how the kids look younger. 

One of Nazz’s favorite past times is physical exercise. She likes aerobics, gymnastics, playing baseball, sports, dancing. Nazz was able to get into a better, more healthier mindset from doing things that she liked.

The reason I say a healthier mindset is do to my head canon that Nazz’s parents divorcing had a bad affect on her.

Whenever we see Nazz eating she gobbles down food so quickly. Nazz used to stress eat for some time and lost control of her weight. The kids may have known what was going on and helped in every way they could.

Kevin is her biggest supporter. He hardly remembered that Nazz was once chubby. The reason why Kevin and Nazz are so close is due to how they both have divorced parents and they relate to one another. He helped Nazz during a difficult time in her life to gain a more positive mindset, and body.

Nazz’s journey with her weight is important to her character. Nazz was an underwritten character who deserved development and a backstory. And to show this in a way that was not mocking or insulting anybody is so beautiful.

 Ed, Edd n Eddy payed close attention to the serious moments on the show. They showed their viewers what friendship was. It never mattered what you weighed to have a friendship. Everybody can be different. The messages are always a blessing to learn from this series.