its one huge metaphor and i love it

Listed: The Body

Chip King and Lee Buford have been emanating waves of blackened emotion as The Body since 1999 when they formed in Providence, RI. Since then they relocated to Portland, OR and during the last few years have embarked on a frenzy of activity. With extensive touring and collaborations with (among others) Wrekmeister Harmonies, The Haxan Cloak, Krieg, Thou and Sandworm, they capped things off with No One Deserves Happiness (Thrill Jockey). Released last year, the album was widely acclaimed, and for good reason. Setting out, as they said, to “make the grossest pop album of all time”, The Body drew on collaborators in the studio to blend pop, beats, metal, doom, and noise into an oppressive yet utterly compelling vision of inner torment and drama. Here, Lee Buford of The Body offers Dusted readers some pointers to what inspires him.

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