its on youtube if anyone would like it

PSA re: Urban Magic AU

Guys, I’m loving that everyone loves my moodboards and characters, but I don’t want anyone thinking that its -my- AU. ‘Cause it isn’t. It wasn’t even my idea originally. 

So, please PLEEEEEEAAAASEEEE flex those creative brains and show everyone what you’d think it would be like in the Urban Magic setting. Whether the characters/location/rules are the same or completely different. Write ‘ficlets’(did I use that correctly?) or whole fan fictions even make art or even just a few sentences about your canon. 


Hello everyone! Looking for online friends

Hey there my name is Angel, I’m 19 from Canada. I like anime, movie, music,cartoons, video games, aesthetics, youtube, fashion and drawing. I like to connect with people of all walks of life but I would really love if you are :

- a multi fandom person

- lgbtq (I identify as non-binary and bisexual ) (they/them pronouns also she/her too)

- someone who loves anime 

but of course everyone is welcomed 

im in a ldr so if anyone wants to talk about that topic its fine with me 



pm for my kik and other social media

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hey in light of all this yt drama if it isn't a problem do you have any lp/game youtubers you recommend? nowadays i only really watch one or two because i keep running into the type who use '''humor''' like this and it's getting really hard and tiring to find anyone who isn't gross.

yeah its honestly so annoying when u think someones good and they ruin it with their shitty Offensive Humor 

for ppl i would suggest u watch, i would say that manlybadasshero is my top recommendation! ive been watching him for years now and i cant think of even one time that hes used that type of “humor”. he also has a really soothing voice and plays a wide variety of games (mostly niche ones), so i really enjoy his stuff. hes my favorite lper! 

i also suggest harshlycritical - ive only started watching him recently, but i havent seen anything bad from him thus far! he mostly plays horror games but theres some point and click adventure ones in there too. i recommend him as well!

Hey lovelies my friend tells me i would be really good a making youtube videos so im kinda thinking about it seems fun .im also going on my first flight alone in a months very excited im gonna be doing some traveling outfits.I really love these types of summer outfits because its so hot outside but when you step inside a building it suddenly freezing.Does anyone feel like this ??


In the works now, is the last chapter of the single dad Wonho thang, another Wonho scenario, two taehyung things from the drabble game, and another project that wasn’t requested, its just my own personal thing. You’ll see what it is soonishly (? hopefully).

I’m also now writing for Ikon 🙌 and I should be writing for Day6 shortly, hopefully some time in the next couple of weeks. I just need to learn their personalities better and they’re not as big as bts and some others, so its harder to find stuff for them. If anyone has any really good youtube links for reality shows or anything with them, then I’d love to see them so please by all means, send them to me! 

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(I would like to know what inspired him to do this.. I mean, I’m certainly not complaining, its frickin adorbs but… what if the bunny bit his lip? And I don’t remember, but I hope he didn’t eat the rest of the strawberry that the rabbit had been nibbling on, that would be very unsanitary. I love it, it’s just… *sigh I just have some concerns…)



Hey everyone! LEGO’s Youtube channel just posted the ENTIRE last episode for season 2, AKA the 10th. I know I had not been able to watch this episode in English before this, so I thought I would share the video with anyone who hadn’t seen it like me :) 

Don’t do this

I was watching @markiplier​‘s stream earlier, and noticed a disgusting habit some watchers had of posting rubbish comments like these ones

Now these aren’t even the worst ones there, nor are they all there, but i wanted to point this out.


 I know that a few of these people would say “I was just trolling” or “its just a joke” But if Mark was a woman would this still seem like an appropriate thing for you to say? 

This is a problem so many youtubers have to deal with, and not only is it wrong but it’s disgusting too. They are just trying to do their jobs and entertain people, they don’t deserve such horrible treatment. And as much as those prankster losers like to think it is, harassing someone like this is not a prank nor joke.

So stop treating youtubers this way. They don’t need to put up with this, when they’ve done nothing to deserve it. You do not own them, and becoming their fan does not entitle you to be a jerk about it either.

Treat youtubers with the same level of respect you want from others