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send more! sorry this one took so long I’m also repainting an old dresser that I’m going to have in my apartment next year but rn I’m waiting for it to dry


a fine dapper tailor with a yard in his hand did proffer his service to be at command. he talked of a slit i had above knee but i’ll have no tailors to stitch it for me 😘

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yams is the type of person to lose everything. he'd lose his head if it weren't attached to his shoulders. but, he can find anything anyone else has lost. "yamaguchi i can't find my phone ive looked everywhere" "it's on the dresser under a notebook". "yamaguchi where's your wallet" "lost to the abyss never to be seen again" - potion seller

Yes and I’d like to add to this that Tsukki constantly pulls a me and wonders where his glasses are when he’s wearing them

~ Mod Han

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Good vibes! I'm an amab trans demigirl, and I've been out to my best friend for a while now. Today we went to Walmart and she helped me pick out panties that could fit me! My parents still don't know but I was able to hide them behind my dresser when I got home; it's just nice to know I can wear them from now on


A Way To Go: Part 3

There is nothing in this world that can prepare you for waking up from what is literally a dead sleep. I’m crouching in the backseat of the Impala, literally perched like some sort of zombie bird, and staring at Sam and Dean like if I move one of them might shoot me. Honestly, I can’t say that Dean isn’t tempted, judging by the look on his face. Sam’s reaction is a cross between excitement and sheer terror, and the only thing that is keeping me from laughing is knowing that I must look like an absolute disgusting disaster. Actually, the more I think about that, the funnier this situation is becoming.

“What the hell?!” Dean speaks up first as I slide myself into a normal sitting position. Sam is still looking at me slack jawed. “You’re…you died, Y/N.”

I look down at myself and realize just how bad the damage is. My shirt is a torn and bloody mess, and if the gaping hole in it is any indication of what my body must have looked like…I can’t even think about it. I glance up in the rear-view to find blood is still smeared all over my face. That’s a real good look. “Well, Dean, you aren’t wrong there, buddy.” I sigh and lean back in the seat. If there’s nothing else to learn about this experience, it’s that coming back from the dead is exhausting. I thought dying was hard.

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The Signs as Things I Have Heard the Signs I Know Say
  • Aries: *is fighting w brother on facetime bc he wants to use her brush; convinces him she has no idea where it is; he leaves* its literally right on my dresser i just dont feel like getting up
  • Taurus: *grunts extremly loudly for no apparent reason*
  • Gemini: what gender do you think instagram is
  • Cancer: what if a dog and a human breeded, would the offspring come out adorable or terrifying?
  • Leo: honestly i love this album more than i love my fucking self literally every sobg is fire af
  • Virgo: who the hell came up w the word "fuck" like ??
  • Libra: why isnt libras animal thinv a zebra i mean cmon it rhymes
  • Scorpio: *talking about american horror story* tates gonna fuck you bitch-aND YOUR MOM
  • Saggitarius: sometimes i attempt to chill down my fangirling but its like part of my soul
  • Aquarius: i swear to the motha fuckin lord jesus that i dont even beleive in, that i will smack you if you say that again
  • Capricorn: *runs into door* sorry
  • Pices: *dancing crazily* *hits arm on bedpost* oW THIS MOTHER FUCKER HAD NO GODDAMN RIGHT FUUUUUUUUUUCK
His lost girl PT.3

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Warnings: Fluff, sad ending, bad grammar oops (trough the whole story, not only this chapter)

Summary: When you first appeared on the island Peter hated you, but that quickly changed as you were independent and not weak.

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Requested: Can you do an imagine with Pan x reader, with a lot of fluff but at the end when Rumple daggers him he dies in her arms? - anon

Notes: Y/n = your name - y/e/c = your eye colour


I feel the sun brushing over my face, I feel its warmth and slowly I wake up. I walk over to my dresser and take out some clothes. “I wouldn’t wear that today, love.” I jump and look behind me. Peter is standing there, smirking. “What the heck are you doing here, Peter?” “Me? I was just about to wake you up, but too bad the sun already did.” Without paying further attention to him I grab my clothes and head back to my bed. “You’re really going to wear a summer dress while fighting practice? That’s defiantly not a good idea when you’re around boys that didn’t see a living girl in one hundred years.” I roll my eyes and make my way back to the dresser. 

“I suggest you wear this.” Suddenly he’s standing next to me, an outfit that exactly looks like the one he’s wearing in his hand. Although I need to add, it has something female in it. “Fine.” I shrug and take the outfit, putting the dress back in the dresser. “What are you waiting for?” “Go away, Peter.” “Oh c’mon, can’t you give me another show?” I walk over him and lean over to his lips. At the last moment I slid to his ear. “No.” 

Smirking I go to the extra room in my tent and shut the curtain between the two rooms. I quickly get dressed. Once I’m fully dressed I go back to the other room, putting my clothes on the bed. Peter is nowhere to be seen. I smirk again and walk out of the tent. 

Immediately the suns blinds me. I put a hand above my eyes so I can see better. In front of me are all the Lost boys, fighting. I gasp in surprise until I see it are only sticks. A feeling of relief whelms trough my veins. What was i thinking? It are just some little boys. “Ah love, you are here.” I look up in two green eyes. 

He grabs a stick and hands me it. “Max come here! I want you to fight y/n.” “But she’s only a girl.” “Oh but she got some fire, when she first got here she almost put a dagger down my throat.” “But how am I going to fight, with a stick?” I ask doubtful. 

“Oh but don’t you know? This is Neverland, darling. Everything is possible in Neverland if you just believe.” he smirks. Believe it? I start to imagine that the stick in my hand isn’t a stick but my good old dagger. Instantly the stick disappears and my dagger pops up in my hand. “Holy shit, what kind of place is this?” “Okay Max, y/n, take places please. On my command you start fighting. This is just a practice so don’t make any moves that are dangerous for your opponents life.” 

I take a few steps back en prepare myself. Max does the same, still not convinced if it was okay to fight a girl. “Let’s play!”

I storm over to Max and try to tackle him. He quickly sees what I’m trying and grabs my wrist, twisting it to my back. The pain gives me a surge of adrenaline. I turn around and grab his leg. I throw him on the ground and straddle him, my dagger at his throat. He tries to free himself underneath me. “Finish it, y/n.” “What?” “Give him a cut, not a life threatening one of course.” I let my dagger sweep softly against his cheek, making an un deep cut. I get of Max and stand up. 

“I told you she got fire.” Max looks at me, surprised. “What do I do now?” I ask, bored because it was too easy. “You will come with me.” I shrug and follow Peter into the forest. “Where did you learn to fight like that y/n?” “I don’t know, since my memories are gone.” He angrily continues his way. His back is tensed and I can see a vein at his neck almost blowing up. “Whats wrong, Peter?” “Nothing.”

“You know, I want to go home.” “Okay y/n I’m going to be clear with you since this is the second time you say this. There is no escaping Neverland. You’re not going home.” a sudden anger floods in his words and taken by surprise I back off. 

He looks at me with pure disgust, just like the first day I came here. He walks up to me and pins me against a tree. He’s hands are just roaming my body. “What the heck are you doing?!” I try to fight him, without success. By one move I’m bounded by some tree branches. “What did I do wrong?!” I shout angrily in his face. “You make me weak, that’s what you do wrong!” I’m taken by surprise because of his words. I make him, the mighty king of Neverland.. weak? 

“And I’m going crazy! I’m losing all my power when I’m around you. Heck I even watch you sleep. I made the temperature in your cage adjust how you wanted. I made sure the food was okay. I gave you new clothes, something I never do. I even let you not kiss me back at the lagune. I’m madly in love with you y/n and I don’t want to feel that kind of things, because I know I’m going to loose you anyway.”

My eyes widen at his words, making me blush slightly. He changed the temperature for my comfort? H-he’s in love with me? I quickly untangle my hands and bring them to his cheeks. I grab his face and pull him closer. Before I know my lips touch his. Our lips melted into each other in a passionate kiss. As I pull away a little smile creeps his way up to my face. 

Heck I think I’m in love with a villain. 

The Who were my first favorite band. In my mid-teens, my bedroom was papered in magazine photographs and posters of The Who, hung with pop-art mobiles I made from photos of them, and my dresser had a Union Jack painted across its top (a triumph of clumsy masking and brushwork). In the middle of one wall I had painted the bass-drum logo from Keith Moon’s famous “Pictures of Lily” kit. (Another challenge for my mediocre artistry with paints.) I possessed every one of their singles, albums, and compilations, and every magazine that mentioned them. On the “drumset” I made across my bed from old magazines, in the layout of Keith’s drums, I could play along with all of their songs.
—  Neil Peart
Tough and Tender

A Smutty and Fluffy Louis One Shot

“How am I supposed to undress ya with your goddamned hand wrapped around my cock?”

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Request: A one shot where [Y/N] and Louis were getting busy last night and she wakes up and is extremely sore, so Louis takes care of her and carries her everywhere - @lovelylouiswritings

(2.0K words)

Rating: Mature

A/N: This was meant to be a one-shot but turned out more like a blurb?? I’m so sorry

It had started with just making out. Our movie night had turned sexual rather quickly, but I’d be lying if I said it were a surprise to me.

We were in the middle of Grease when his hand started to crawl up my leg, coming to trace small lines on the inside of my upper thigh.

I glanced over to him to see that he was acting oblivious; pretending that he didn’t realize what he was doing and that it was driving me wild. “Louis,” I finally said. 

He turned his head to look at my face. “What, love?” He questioned. I didn’t say a word, just cocked an eyebrow, looking down at his hand before looking up at him. 

He had a devious smile on his face, “Sorry, darling. Is that bothering you?” He teased. 

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, quickly grabbing the back of his neck before pulling him in for a kiss. 

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