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I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. I love the way the two panels on the left set everything up for a giant go-all-out battle of psychic powers between Shimazaki and Mob… 

…and then the next few panels have Reigen just walking straight up to Shimazaki and punching him right in the fucking face. 

And the only way he could do it, was because he doesn’t have any psychic powers at all. 


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The great hero Napoleon Bonaparte once said… ‘True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life.’ Plus Ultra!! Break a leg, everyone!!”

want one?

There were a lot of quality Seros in this episode tho, that was so good

look at this cutie holy heck

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E: "Yo. Curious question for the new distant brother. If you are a fusion, how does that work?"

Divide :  And because of the encounter of our parents’ magic that made it works. even if it didn’t make any sense at all.

/me : don’t believe him. he’s just making up his story. its crack, not-canon

i’ll tell you how he was born adn about his story next time :’3 

Ur right. Rick can do whatever the fuck he wants with his books, they’re his story. But the moment he opened them up to the world and took our money, he opened them up to criticism. He can do whatever he wants with his story just as I can not like what he decides to do. Not to mention that like, his offensive statements are outside of the books. Like u can completely detach them from Reyna and hoo and they’re still awful, like it’s not Just a criticism of his story it’s a criticism of his character as someone who claims to be an ally.

I wonder what it feels like to know what the f**k is going on


from left to right: magi (daddy dog), sivi (perfect child of god dog), bambi (mama dog), and dreamer (brother dog)

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Not trying bring Murdoc’s ~intellect~ into question because I know he’s smart but like, does anyone actually think the “doctorate” in medicine he supposedly earned during his time in prison between phase 1 and 2 is legit? Because afaik  med school takes about four years (in the US) and then a residency that can last anywhere between 3-7 years depending on if you want to specialize in something. I’m not sure there’s any source out there that lists the exact amount of years Murdoc was in prison but even if he was there for four years we know for a fact he never completed a residency so like…he’s got sketchy credentials at best no matter what. I’m sure he can get away with things like writing prescriptions for people in his inner circle but I don’t think I would credit him with ACTUALLY completing medical school. Not saying that he couldn’t but I doubt whatever he completed in prison involved the same criteria or rigor of actual medical school but if there’s something out there that says otherwise plz link me. I know I know “don’t think about the plot too much” I can’t help it.