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Be More Chill / Dear Evan Hansen crossover

  • Connor being the first one to buy a squip
  • he thinks that it’ll help him but it ends up fucking him up 
  • he’s so tired of it that he ends up killing himself not knowing how to get rid of it
  • the squip is the one who tells him to write his name on Evan’s cast
  • when Connor reads Evan’s letter to his psychiatrist he decides to tell him about squips
  • he thinks that maybe it’ll help Evan  
  • Evan not believing him at first
  • still he takes one, thinking that he has nothing to loose
  • it ends up working, so he’s like yay might as well get the best of it
  • he asks his squip to help him with Zoe
  • so the squip does, it tells him to tell Connor’s parents that they were best friends to write the letters, to create the Connor Project and everything 
  • Will Roland, Jared singing michael in the bathroom before Good For You 
  • Evan pushing everyone away, he ends up alone, Zoe is the only one who still talks to him but it’s not the same
  • He starts to feel guilty 
  • Evan slowly figuring out that the squip is an asshole after that
  • Then when he finally fully understands how bad the squip truly is, he wants to tell the truth to everyone 
  • he has an inner battle with the squip 
  • he almost kills himself because of it 
  • but then 
  • Jared happens 
  • Jared had looked for solutions on the internet but couldn’t find anything
  • until finally a guy on warcraft tells him about mountain dew red
  • jared ends up having exactly that
  • because Jared™
  • he rushes to evan and makes him drink it with Zoe’s and Alana’s help
  • Evan being finally free and he telling the truth
  • after that he closes himself from everyone for a few months
  • even facing his mother his hard
  • he begs her to let him change of school even though there’s still only a few months left
  • he just feels so guilty
  • having to see zoe, jared and alana everyday is just to hard
  • evan finally being okay with himself after one year and wanting to see everyone, wanting to explain himself again, to apologize one last time 
  • everyone ends up in the parc and they just have a nice talk/afternoon
  • Evan finally feeling good 

Me: Okay. I have a million projects to do, so if I’m gonna stay up I should do one of those.


Me: *draws Zim in a flower crown at 12 am*

Have a transparent doodle of a soft irken boy! I’m really hype for the movie, I couldn’t help but binge watch the series and fall in love with it again.

Aight let's play a game

Send me a word and a ship and I’ll write you a super short (two sentences - a couple paragraphs) fic/headcanon/AU

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x21 thoughts (mostly about Fitz cause I’m trash)


Okay, I am calm. Perfectly calm. Really. So, I just closed the streaming page and I don’t even know if I have the words to describe this rollercoaster of emotions. And speaking of emotions, Aida/Ophelia/Whatever experiencing human feelings for the first time was freaking amazing. The writers handled it perfectly (on her part, Ophelia didn’t. Damn, girl, that is not how you handle a breakup). Emotions are complex and messed up even for us, and we have all our lives to learn to live with them, controlling them when necessary. But she just received them along with her new body, and I understand how this could be too much to process, especially when it’s about anger and sadness and stuff. I kind of expected her reaction when Fitz let her down. I mean, she was overjoyed and over-everything, really, that is not a balanced person. And when her anger stroke, she was legitimately scary, wow. I hate myself for saying this… but it was awesome.

As I was saying, before going batshit crazy (am I the only one who’s pissed of about her having Lincoln’s power? Because I’m mad af), Aida was trying to do some good. And for that we have to thank Fitz, of course. And let me tell you, Fitz is God’s gift to humanity. After everything he’s been through because of Aida, he still wants to help her. I honestly thought he’d be completely repelled by her, that he’d try to escape from her grip, but instead he tried to help her. He called her Ophelia once again, reassured her that there was a chance to conquer the team’s forgiveness. After everything that happened, Fitz was gentle, caring as always, and he did his best to help anyone he could.

I am actually sorry that it ended that badly, I would’ve liked some more “Fitz teaches Aida how to help people”, I think those scenes were actually pretty good. Also, Fitz’s face when Aida started to scream at him. Iain’s acting is always one step beyond. I’d like to meet that guy and give him a high-five.

And what can I say about Fitzsimmons reunion? They are the perfect match. You know what? Dialogue would have ruined that scene. There was no need for words to get in the way. While Jemma entered the room everything I could think about was “please, don’t say anything”. And she didn’t. She gently hugged him and they both cried, holding on to each other. And it was perfect! I loved every second. Sure, they’re still traumatized, they have a lot to talk about, and I mean A LOT, but they’re still together. And togheter, they’re going to make it.

Also, I need to put myself together because Yo-Yo almost gave me a heart attack and Coulson is so in love with May it’s not even funny.

I expect 4x22 to be at least 2 hours long, because there is so much going on right now and I don’t want anything to be neglected!

  • <p> <b>Jesse Tuck:</b> All we see is sky for forever...<p/><b>Miles Tuck:</b> We let the world pass by for forever...<p/><b>Mae Tuck:</b> Feels like we could go on for forever this way.<p/></p>

Anita made a spontaneous unplanned appearance in the Naruto crossover. I don’t think I’ve ever actually written her before, but I like her. (And it’s nice to be able to actually write out this hunting-down process, because frankly it would’ve been a pretty crappy start otherwise. Nice to get some other DGM characters in there before it narrows down to just Kanda.)

…I really need to name that thing, huh?


Happy Birthday, Audrey Hepburn! (4 May 1929 – 20 January 1993)

“Audrey was known for something which has disappeared, and that is elegance, grace and manners … God kissed her on the cheek, and there she was.” (Billy Wilder)

Throwing a fit
  • Me: *whines until Daddy puts pen down*
  • Daddy: why are you being so stubborn? You need a nap. C'mon, let go. *grabs my arm*
  • Me: *gasps* *runs to stuffie to see if it's okay* *turns back holding onto it for dear life into my chest*
  • Daddy: *nose flares and turns a bit red* You listen to me right now. IM in charge. Don't let me catch you in this attitude again or you will get worse than a few spankings. *picks me up and walks me to the room*
  • Me: .......... *has a grumpy pout*
  • -----
  • Me: *does it again within a couple weeks because I hate when daddy has to work*

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Oh god why I just read the story why why why

Y'all are gluttons for punishment!

As Jason best put it, ‘I am the voice of the people’.