its okay if someone doesnt like me thats just how it sometimes is

Lance AU

  • Okay but like what if one day Lance crashes into an alien planet and for some reason Blue isnt working and communicators are down and he realizes that hes alone. (And for some reason Blue cant fix herself… pls bear with me.)
  • The first few months Lance is barely getting by. He does some small jobs to get the food he needs and soma scrap parts for Blue. (He’s gotten skinnier and more cunning. He also sleeps in Blue bc he wants to remember NEEDS to remember that the other paladins are looking for him. He needs Blue to remind him.)
  • But as time goes by he starts question whether the paladins are really looking for him. So Lance decides to just live there for the time being… he gets a military job, buys/rents a house, and starts making an image of himself. (He forgets to continue fixing Blue but still remembers her… She obviously told him that it was okay for him to do this.) He becomes well known and jumps up the ranks in the military. His skills improve, hes the best of the best, he has alot of power, he is a hero to some (But honestly hes just really lonely.)
  • Then one day, on a patrol/battle, Lance comes across someone. (Someone who was taught to be a emotionless killing machine) (Im using they/them cuz who knows if its a girl or boy… who knows?) This person is captured and everyone wants to kill them but not Lance. He believes that they can become someone better.
  • So Lance takes it upon himself to teach this person all about love and care. (Obviously it would take a long time. He gets hurt in the process. He sometimes almost dies. But other times, he laughs. He tells them all about his life, about his family in earth, about the paladins, and eventually about his insecurities. He jokes and they laugh. He feels like hes finally doing something good.)
  • after a while he starts to see that they arent as aggressive and that they are more calm and he might even say trustworthy.(they just really love Lance. They would die for him. They really appreciate what Lance did for them and what better way to return the favor than to protect Lance?) So he decides to partner with them. They both work together. They fight together. They live together. (By this time, many years have passed) The person helps Lance get through his loneliness, his anxiety, his troubles. Lance helps them too. And so both of them heavily rely on each other that if they are separated they cant function normally.
  • And then one day, Blue calls out to him. she tell him that she ready, shes fixed, they can go home. Lance doesnt know whether to be happy or sad. He doesnt want to leave but he knows he has to. He knows he has a bigger responsibility. (Voltron and saving the universe) but he doesnt want to leave his friend behind, doesnt want to leave the one person who made all these years better, doesnt want them to feel alone(like he always felt) So he decides to take them with him.
  • they say their goodbyes to the planet and get inside Blue (who lets them get in cuz they have been taking such good care of Lance all this time) and leave of to space.

aaaannnddd thats all i have and i may or may not continue

who knows?
Part 2
So its come to my attention that my AU is similar to an AU from @nuro-does-art, which you can find here. Of course it was never my intention to copy them and im really sorry for any troubles. Of course we have different ideas and i hope to see how both of them develop!! Sooooo go check out their blog!! They are really nice and their AU is really good too! Anyways, Sorry once again!!
Dating Taehyung (V) includes

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  • he’s such a child omfg i love him 
  • he’d be so confused regarding his feelings towards you 
  • end up confiding in jimin about the girl he makes an extra effort to make laugh and be around 
  • “I think you like her, V" 
  • “should i ask her out?“ 
  • “definitely" 
  • and when he does its just the purest thing y'all i c an t 
  • taehyung is romantic af dont lie 
  • he’ll get you a flower when confessing
  • and you’d wouldn’t be able to stop smiling cause hes just so sw E E T
  • speaking of smiles 
  • box smiles for d a y s
  • you’d do what ever you could to make him smile cause it just makes you weak asf 
  • along with his puppy eyes you’re just completely under his spell
  • and he knows this 
  • “hey Y/N can we get this, please”
  • “no, thats expensive”
  • *insert puppy eyes and box smile* 
  • please?
  • “urgh fine" 
  • speaking of expensive 
  • G U C C I 
  • gucci everything hoe 
  • he’d buy you gucci toothpaste if he could 
  • he’s so into skinship 
  • he’ll hold your hand in public
  • and kiss you 
  • but only on the cheek
  • cause lips kisses are reserved specially for your alone time 
  • V doesnt strike me as the jealous type 
  • but if he’s feeling insecure about a guy he’ll straight up ask you about it 
  • no beating around the bush 
  • Tae is not one for getting angry 
  • but when he does
  •  ooohhh boi is it hot asf
  •  his voice drops like 3 octaves 
  • you once got into an argument with him and his voice dro P P ED and you just had to take a fucking moment cause 
  • d a m n 
  • I feel like he can switch from big spoon to little spoon
  • but mostly big spoon 
  • dates to places like the park
  • or the zoo 
  • y'all dont even have to go out 
  • building forts out of pillows and duvets on a quiet sunday when it’s drizzling outside 
  • Tae will always buy you cute jewellery if he sees it 
  • you have like 4 necklaces, 6 rings and like 184738 bracelets 
  • you make V weak asf when you’re in his clothes
  •  you once wore a hoodie that was even big on him
  •  he saw you and could not stop smiling and laughing to himself
  •  "wow my honey is so cute”
  • he’s rapping like all the time
  • he’ll do it subconciously while washing dishes or something
  • he’ll rap about anything tbh
  • when will he feature on cypher im waiting
  •  he wants like 5 kids
  •  and maybe 10 dogs aswell idk
  •  hella family oriented
  •  lots and lots of backhugs 
  • he rests his chin either on your head or shoulder when he hugs you from behind 
  • LMAO you cant rest your chin on either cause mans tall asf
  • so you just end up with your arms wrapped around him and your face buried in his back
  • inside jokes for d a y s that leave you guys a giggling mess
  • lowkey annoys the other members when you suddenly burst out laughing about something
  • probably salty that they don’t have a significant other to have inside jokes with lmao 
  • i heard someone sAY TICKLE FIGHTS
  • always end up with you pinned on the floor a laughing mess cause V is way stronger than you and you’re ticklish everywhere
  • his hands just tickling you on your neck and stomach 
  • he blows raspberrys on your stomach cause it makes you laugh even harder
  • sometimes they can lead into small kisses leading up slowly to your neck then eventually your mouth
  • slow and long kisses leave you all soft and loved
  • but sometimes depending on his mood his kisses are fast and teasing asf
  • leaving you begging him for more
  • and then there are his o t h e r type of kisses that leave your lips a swollen and bruised mess 
  • those kisses always end up travelling down your neck, leaving hickeys behind
  • lowkey your favourite type of kiss tho
  • right y'all 
  • time for s I N
  • we all know tae doesnt even bother keeping his tongue in his mouth on a normal basis 
  • so when times like this come his WILL use it
  • and use it extremely well
  • sometimes he doesn’t have to get his dick involved to make you come 
  • V’s into foreplay pass it on 
  • dont get V twisted
  • he can be rough as hell if he wants to be
  • and that deep voice of his
  • whispering impure thoughts and desires
  • him calling you baby with that deep voice of his 
  • “come on baby, grind for me”
  • okay wO W 
  • moving on 
  • afterwards he’ll cuddle you so tight and tell you how much he loves you, his beautiful hands playing with your hair
  • hands down a relationship with V will make you feel like a child again
  • so youthful
  • so hopeful
Ghost Hunters AU

Okay so this is a really stupid headcanon AU shit that probably isn’t original but fuck it. They dont own a show, its lik, a srupid youtube series or something.

-He’s the dude who’s always in the frame, ya know?
-Hes the most charismatic and camera friendly guy (he slowly gets better as time goes on)
-Usually the one to be like “dude, a ghost just touched my ass…YO ANY LADY GHOSTS FEEL FREE TO TOUCH ME ;)” sometimes it works and he screams
-VERY dramatic
-Like im talking dramatic pauses, overhyping a location, stops talking to the camera to stop and be like “i feel…..a presence…” even if he doesn’t
-He truely believes in ghosts and is always low-key scared thats why he never is alone

-But he has to because these kids will do some DUMB SHIT if there isnt someone with the slightest sense of common sense
-He never leaves lance’s or pidge’s side (both are secretly grateful)
-whenever there is an “angry spirit” he somehow never has a stratch, even if everyone else has one
-he usually brings treats he baked or something, he eats them during quiet moments and it freaks everyone out someone:“shhhh…..what is that..noise……..m” hunk: “*snack crunches* oh..was that me, whoops”
-whenever he has to talk to the ghosts its usually very polite like “hello! Uh, how…how are you?”
-usually the one who has to find keith when he wanders off, he hates doing that.
-Whenever he knows Pidge is getting a little scared he sticks close to her

-Oh my god this kid, needs a fucking leash.
-He wanders off with a recorder and goes to the most “haunted” area and just starts talking
-Oh hes terrified but he loves this shit
-Whenever he comes back from wandering off everyone’s like “WHERE??? DID YOU GO??!?” hes always confused why they were scared, “i was literally like two rooms down, with the door open.”
-Very camera shy, lance kinda has to keep him close for him not to wander
-gets a lot of creepy recordings when hes alone
-Ghosts LOVE to leave scratches on his back and shit, he sees these as badges of honor or something and everyone else is like “dude please, go get an exorcism.”

-Camera man, obviously.
-Makes snarky remarks towards lance, jokingly of course, for laughs
-Almost always the first to notice is Keith is missing. “Keith is gone…………*sigh* again”
-She doesn’t do much outside of camera work and enhancing audio and shit
-Is secretly always terrified and sometimes you can hear it in her voice, it quivers slightly, and Hunk doesnt leave her side, she is ALWAYS grateful and thanks him off-camera
-sometimes when shes brave she’ll go into to small places
-working to give keith his own cheap camera so they can get some footage of him being him

-He isnt a big ghost fan, he comes as like “speical guest shiro, a.k.a our ride”
-He helps edit the videos with pidge, just to help.
-He is the Ghost Gang's™ ride (unofficial name that everyone hates but no one changes)
-Sometimes he packs little lunches for them, like oranges and granola bars and water bottles
-When is there he’s by lance’s side because lance wants to show off their cool friend on camera
-Easliy jumpy
-“where’s keith?” “Oh he wanders off a lot” “Why do you let him??? He could be im danger??!” (Keith is always fine)

-number 1 fan
-she tried to go on the show once but got a little spooked
-made the mistake of wandering off with keith
-She always recommends their videos to other friends
-when she does agree to go with them she’s also very polite with the ghosts
-lance also shows her off just as much as shiro

-He is the gangs FAVORITE guest appearance, because the weirdest shit always happens with him
-they forget theyre huntinf ghosts with him because nothing wrong can go wrong with coran
-sometimes he’ll wander with keith, but he likes talking to the camera with lance so its not often
-can get scarily serious and tell a chilling tale of the house or location they’re at, then immediately is super chipper and is skipping the halls while everyone is shitting themselves

The gang once did an episode with EVERYONE there and it was a hot mess but its their most viewed video so they plan to do those every so often

on advice for those with mental illness

so inb4 i get slapped with “we cant all be neurotypical KAREN” ill preface this with the fact that i have severe depression, generalized anxiety disorder, moderate to severe OCD (more along the hoarder spectrum), and ADHD. all diagnosed. i deal with childhood sexual trauma as well. my experience is not universal, but it is not in the slightest neurotypical.

so learning how to grow and start healing fucking sucks. it really does. at a certain point it gets easier to just stay in your downward spiral. i get it, i totally do. ive been there for over 10 years (im 21 at the time im making this) and its taken me years of therapy and personal work to get to where i am now. i would consider myself stable at best, but its leagues better than where i used to be. part of that is just being lucky with recent life events, but much of it is me actively working on my mental illness.

cognitive behavioral therapy helps a fuckton. part of that is exposure therapy. it starts with little things. FORCE urself to go outside sometimes. FORCE urself to let something be “clean enough” or “good enough.” you dont have to personally handwash dishes you want to use to know theyre clean. let something be imperect, but start small. FORCE urself to look into someones eyes when u talk to them, or at least look at their mouth. a lot of the early work is about breaking out of your habits, your spiral. and it is work, absolutely. i know executive disfunction and lack of spoons/energy very well. starting small and succeeding tells your brain that you CAN do it.

i also have impulsive, intrusive thoughts. that sort of this is common but for me, its nearly every second of the day. when you start to understand that these thoughts ARENT yours, that obsessions have a cause you can point to, it starts to get easier. often i get thoughts of screaming nasty, racist, homophobic, transphobic things and it used to terrify me!! i used to think that those thoughts defined me or were some sort of “secret personality” of who i actually am. theyre not. theyre just shitty things that you hear and see from other people and your brain KNOWS you dont like them. but things that you KNOW are wrong are very often subjects of intrusive thoughts, especially for OCD. these thoughts arent who i am, and even tho i have to fight to not let that impulse take over, its much easier when you know WHY things happen.

ive been in therapy for years and i only recently told my psychiatrist about my ocd spectrum symptoms. that shit happens. it can be hard to trust someone until youve known them for YEARS. i never even told anyone about that facet of my mental illness until about a month before i told him during a session. my parents dont even know yet (unless they still check out my blog in which case HEY MOM i have ocd but im working on it real good also sorry about all the furries ily)

i have control issues. pretty bad ones. ones where i feel the need to control every aspect of my own life and those of people close to me. ive learned how to talk to people to get what i want from them. ive spent years working on not acting on them. i give people free reign to do what they need to do and offer to help when i can. i make a point to feel the mood of a room and go along with it. i make a point to involve other people in teaching me abt things that they like. being supportive and patient is hard for me, but it makes other ppl feel welcome around me. its probably for an ultimate selfish reason (i feel good that people like me and feel safe around me) but who cares!!! everything in life is selfish. being alive and continuing to live is a selfish act. but its not bad.

its been commonly said that your initial thoughts dont define who you are, but what your words/actions end up being (barring certain mental illnesses that prevent that ofc). the moment my therapist told me that theres things in my life that i cannot control, that there doesnt HAVE to be a reason for everything, it kickstarted the best, healthiest moment of my life. and im definitely not saying that you NEED a therapist/psych to start healing. honestly, that shit he told
me is really simple in basic. but you need to learn how to reach out and ask for help. ask anybody you feel comfortable with for help. getting help does not make me weak, it means i have the capacity for growth.

HEALTHY coping mechanisms will overcome unhealthy ones. youve probably been learning and using healthy ways to cope since you were young and just didnt realize it. think about the way you currently deal with your illness and be proud of it! good and bad! youve survived, and youre still surviving! youre not lazy, or difficult, or a bad person; you just have much more work and effort to put in to do the seemingly basic things that neurotypicals do. you and i work so hard to get to the bare minimum that its exhausting. you have to keep pushing your limits, and i dont mean you have to start yoga (fuck that my brain doesnt slow down enough for that) or run every week (im not there yet either) but just start working on one thing. even if that one, tiny thing takes a month, guess the fuck what!! you did it! you improved, you grew, you started HEALING. the words grow and heal might seem a little cliche and overused, but thats exactly what it feels like.

drink more water, being hydrated makes you feel better. try to eat healthier (mashed potatoes are suuuper easy to make btw u dont even need exact proportions to make delicious tates that YOU made. hmu if u wanna know what i do), youll feel less lethargic over time. stand up a few minutes every 1-3 hours, youll be surprised how much it helps. yes, these sound like neurotypical points of advice, but im there with you. these things DO help. they dont cure you, but they can help expand the base of things you fine yourself able to do.

TL;DR for other ADHD folks: growing as a person is hard. it takes work, actually difficult work. start small. you can do it. eat a potato. thank you.

smoothie klance au?? i guess

you would not guess how many half-written AUs i have in my drafts that become WAY TOO LONG for me to ever consider publishing in a text post. yes this is a short one.

  • keith makes smoothies for a living. it isnt a big deal until it is.
  • one night, this dude comes in. who cares about build-up, we all know its lance, and he looks frazzled. he sits at the counter and orders the fruitiest smoothie on the menu. keith makes it and doesnt think much of it, except to note that something about this kid is just… weird?
  • 1: hes coming in alone, which people their age usually dont. 2: hes dressed pretty nicely. 3: hes just sitting there??? drinking a smoothie??? not even scrolling on his phone or anything, just looking around and slurping. okay weirdo. 4: he seems off. keith does not use the word “aura” on a regular basis but lance has an aura. (which does not make sense to keith, who barely understands his own emotions, let alone someone else’s.)
  • lance thanks keith, and leaves like thirty minutes later. hes certainly not the weirdest customer keith has ever served, but for some reason that random, singular dude sticks out in his mind.
  • but the shifts come and go, and gradually keith forgets about lance.
  • until he comes back in again.

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batshizzmizz  asked:

Hi Leslie! I'm a game design major and after seeing some of my art in class, a classmate of mine asked for me to draw him in some cartoon style. I told him that I don't do that kind of thing for free, so he agreed to pay me. I took the request, but after a bit, I realized that I know NOTHING about taking commissions. I don't know how much to charge, if I should send progress updates or anything really. So that brings me to ask: do you have any tips or insight on doing commissions? Thank you!


1.) Figuring how much to charge is p hard. I heard there are websites that help you do it. All I can say is make sure it’s never less than the minimum wage. Here in CA I think min wage is $10.50/hr. so I won’t go under that. Technically I’ll spend up to 2-3 hrs per icon so I should be charging up to $30 haha but ech. JUST YKNOW. Dont undercharge! 

2.) Make them pay UPFRONT. Don’t work first and then have them pay! You can get scammed like that really how stupid!! If the person who is commissioning you doesnt want to pay upfront don’t take the commission. They can find someone else then.

OR you can have them pay half up front, do a sketch and send them that, and once they like the sketch they pay the other half and then you finish. But yeah I rather go with full payment up front cuz I refuse to work for free lmao.

3.) I, personally, love sending progress sketches! So that if they dont like something about the picture they can tell me as soon as possible! Nothing sucks more than finishing a long commission AND THEN they ask you to change something they dont like.

“No one could ever be that big of a jackass, Leslie!” UM YES THEY CAN haha trust me. So its best to send people multiple updates if you can afford to do so!

I like to send then a rough sketch WIP. If they like it I’ll do the lineart and send them that too. Once they approve the lineart I finish the coloring! The end!

4.) Communication is VERY important! Try to keep your commissioner updated often! If you dont talk to them for a while they’ll think you abandoned them and their commission. If you need a vacation or hiatus or whatever let them know! 

5.) REQUIRE VISUAL REFERENCES. unless of course it’s a custom adoptable or something. Nothing sucks more when someone is like “can u draw my oc they have short brown hair and blue eyes thanks :)” LIKE NO THANKS 

Not having visual references makes things incredibly hard! If they have no references then it’s considered a custom adoptable (you design a character for them) and that is usually more expensive than normal commissions! CUZ YOURE DESIGNING A CHARACTER FOR THEM WOWIE yeah 

6.) Be upfront about how long it’ll take you to finish the commission! If you think it’ll take you a week tell em! A month? Be honest! Dont say youll have it done in 2 days when you know youll be extremely busy or whatever haha like I said, COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANTE! 


7.) If the commissioner is rude, too impatient, overall an unpleasant person it’s okay to drop them. Give them a refund and let it go, you HAVE that right. Don’t put yourself in a position you dont want to be in. If they cant be professional you can leave. If you give them a full refund you owe them nothing more. Sometimes people are assholes so don’t work with them. 


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deh comforting you hcs

hi im a whiny ass bitch and my heart hurts so here are some quick and sloppy hcs abt the deh peeps (minus the parents whoops) helping u when u just internally hurt all over so ya enjoy

evan hansen

  • tbh hes prob hurting too but he realizes you havent texted him all day and hes like “?? buddy are you okay” and youre just like “fake it ‘til you make it!” so you give him the ol’ spiel like ‘ya just feel like taking a day to myself’ all that jazz
  • he doesn’t buy it, hes done the same thing. so hes like “ok if u say so” but runs to the supermarket and buys brownies and cookies and funfetti mix and fondue dip and rushes to ur house
  • hes def like the kinda guy whos like “ive always wanted someone to do this for me so might as well start by doing it for someone else” you know? :( poor baby i love him 
  • anyway so you answer the door with sloppy hair and in a onesie and just Not In The Mood but you see him and are like ?????????? whats the kind lil babe doin on my doorstep??
  • you bake funfetti cupcakes together and eat So Much junk food but you eat the fondue with baby carrots to be healthy
  • you both just snuggle platonically in a warm blanket and watch sad movies as an excuse to cry together and its nice and bonding and yall feel closer as friends after it

zoe murphy

  • oh shes so supportive
  • shes mainly there as a shoulder to cry on and to just listen to you. she’ll take you out to eat at ur fav restaurant to make sure you dont hole yourself up and you get out a bit and she’ll go to the mall and just walk around aimlessly 
  • you def go to dairy queen because zoe is a child and gets all excited when they flip the blizzard an- oh my god how do they do that??? how does it break physics??? its, like, liquid it should fall!!!! it never gets old, im tellin ya, every time it mystifies her and her reaction is adorable and just puts a smile on your face
  • go to old record stores and listen to all your favorite music and blast it in the car (you get control of the aux) and just do domestic relaxing things like go to ikea or go grocery shopping etc
  • uhhh thats all i rly got for zoe sorry omg

connor murphy

  • he def just distracts you. he says its because he doesnt wanna hear you complain but its rly because hes bad at shit like that???? he wants to help???? just he doesnt know how???? he was just always the person ppl were trying to help (and failing) so he knows sometimes it’s rly fucking annoying so he just chill abt it
  • he just takes you on long car rides and you listen to nice music. not music thats like punk or pop or whatever. calming and emotion extracting music like will connollys music. ur free to just,,, cry in his car and he doesnt blink twice abt it hes fine with it
  • yall find this empty and serene road and stop to smell the roses a lil bit. maybe taking a small nature walk. yall smoke if ur into that but if ur not then he doesnt, as much as he may want to, bc he knows you wouldnt like it
  • yall can just be numb together

alana beck

  • oh alana is such a sweet angel she would have a full day planned thE NEXT DAY
  • first, build a bear. theres a sale so you each get two. you get your fav pokemon and you both build one another as a build a bear. its a grand time and ur both just happy and youre so happy to be happy
  • next, to an aquarium. yall take your damn time gazing at the mesmerizing fish while holding your bears and you share earbuds and listen to music while laying under the aquarium roof thing, you know?? 
  • and you go to this open field that framed with trees park and make each other flower crowns out of tiny daisies and blow all of those dandelions and make lil wishes and its good, wholesome, and pure

jared kleinman

  • how obvious is it that i want a jared kleinman
  • anyways so he totally helps you out of your lump. he sees you tweet smthn half sad and hes over in ten minutes just to check up. yall dance to the mamma mia soundtrack in the kitchen while making grilled cheese at 3am
  • youre kinda bummed out the whole time esp bc its like late but jared just makes u smile and giggle and you start to forget
  • yall go to an arcade and just play everything and do some lazer tag and yall stick together and kill everyone when youre on the same team but specifically target each other when youre on opposite teams
  • omg and watching movies and just making the dumbest commentary. bc ur not at the theater yall are both free to be obnoxious so u put on hsm2 and fucking belt everything and do alllll the choreography and make stupid yet hilarious comments abt everything as if youve never seen and are some cynical movie reviewers 
  • and jared totally seems like the kind of guy who got a wii at age 8 and never felt like getting another console so yall play mario kart and kirby and wii sports bowling for like 24 straight hours until u nerds both pass out on the couch mid game
  • he just makes you laugh until you forget and thats why jared is The Best and i love him

hadmysushigotmyslushie  asked:

omgomgomg hi it's me again and i just thought of something??? ok you said fics were closed so maybe some headcanons?? but i just got some nice inspo. our lil mikey boy having a long distance s/o and like having to convince his pals they're real and all those "i'm gonna get money and fly out to meet you and give you the biggest hugs" convos but like the internet gives him more confidence so he's all shy in person and it's cute and gdi i want michael mell to exisT IN REAL LIFE

hello! :0

headcanon under the readmore since this is adorable and i love it

(and same tbh i want michael mell 2 be my friend)

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I may have gotten a bit too real here but we need these posts

Yknow i do love seeing all the aro positivity posts about how its okay and we arent broken…. but honestly as someone who emotionally got majorly fucked up when they realized they were aro i wanna see more posts i can actually relate to.

So I’ll start by making one others may relate to.

I actually realized i was aro because of a post like this. A post where someone talked about realizing they were aroace. It clicked with me when i read the descriptions of how they felt.

Wanting the closeness of a romantic relationship without the romantic connotations. The though of certain actions being taken as romantic causing discomfort. The fucking journey of going through… ten twenty thirty labels before finding out what the hell aro is and that…. being aro is fine.

I identified as, in the past;

  • A cisgender heterosexual heteromantic female
  • A cis lesbian
  • A cis female bisexual
  • A cis female pansexual
  • A genderfluid pansexual person
  • A transmale bisexual
  • A transmale asexual and panromantic
  • A transmale ace biromantic
  • A transmale ace lithromantic (!! Arospec appears!)
  • A transmasculine nonbinary asexual panromantic person
  • A (transmasc) agender asexual panromantic person

And now? An agender asexual aromantic person.

And its hard for me to deal with. I’ve probably known since I IDed as lithromantic (romantic attraction fades after getting to know the person) but I refused to accept that I didnt feel the attraction because i thought romantic attraction was the same as aesthetic and sensual attraction.

It… really isnt but thats its very own story.

Anyways i came out the same day i found out to my mom as a sobbing mess. I didnt want to say im aromantic out loud because i felt like ot would be confirming what i was afraid of: not getting that true love story i always have wanted, not getting married for true love one day.

I told her subtley and she actually let me know that she knows people in QPRs. It helped a bit. Not with the internalized shit though.

This was yesterday. Ive surrounded myself with the aromantic, aro positivity, and aro tags to see if i could find others who… get it and arent afraid to fucking talk about it.

The stuff about it being okay is nice but wheres the posts we relate to. Where are the posts saying how we can eventually accept ourselves. Where are the posts that dont feel preformative.

Here. Here is one thats as real as i can get. I hate knowing that I’m aro. I know theres nothing wrong per se about me but it doesnt change the feeling of it. I still feel like i need to be fixed as an aroace person. I know i dont but sometimes i want to be different. I want to be normal sometimes.

And i just want to hear others stories from people like me.

ronan ‘oh my god im so in love with adam parrish what is happening to me’ lynch
  • idc what u say ronan honestly gets BUTTERFLIES IN HIS STOMACH every time adam enters the room
  • yes its true u heard it here folks; stubborn tough angry ronan lynch gets Butterflies from sweet charming studious adam parrish
  • and when adam talks to him and lets his henrietta accent slip in ????? oh shit Oh McFreakin Shit thats the end of ronan lynch rest in pieces
  • sometimes it’ll just be him and adam at monmouth or st. agnes when everyone else is who knows where, and it’ll be all normal and casual for adam but ronan’s heart is thumping out of his chest and his hands are shaking and oh my god what is happening to me
  • ronan is probably the first person to tell adam he loves him. i dont care if its before or after they get together, in a seemingly platonic way or known romantic way, but its happening
  • like, adam knows his friends love him, know they’d die for him, of course, but ronan is the first person to actually vocalize all these things to him. he tells him how loved and important he is and oh god, adam, please dont die, for me i wouldn’t survive without you, i’ve loved you for ages, please adam—
  • give me desperate and vulnerable ronan lynch who’s aching all over and pours his heart out to adam, can barely even look him in the eye because he loves him so much it Hurts
  • u wanna know why ronan isnt doing so well in his classes ??? huh ?? u wanna Know ??? ? i’ll tell u why its because he spends every damn class period staring. at. adam’s. hands.
  • “ronan did u memorize the latin vocab?”
  • hell fuckin no he did not he memorized the shape of adam parrish’s hands thats what he did
  • adam writing/taking notes is its own pure form of art ok trust me on this 100% ronan lynch approved
  • ronan’s life motto: ‘talk shit (about adam parrish), get hit (by me)’
  • ok but really
  • ronan honestly loves adam so much adam’s like some sort of beacon to him, some sort of hope and happiness and light and everything about him makes ronan believe in religion as long as that religion includes adam parrish
  • ronan would follow adam into the deepest pits of hell he’d do anything for him if adam even gave the slightest notion of wanting something
  • he dreams him stuff he needs all the time but w/out adam knowing?? like if he notices adam broke his pencil in class by accident, guess which aglionby student with a henrietta accent has a new pack of pencils in his bag the next day
  • even the smallest things tho ??? like razor blades or new shoelaces. ronan is the Official™ provider of Things That Make Adam’s Life Less Difficult Than It Already is
  • i bet ronan lies awake in his bed at night wondering if a boy like adam parrish could ever love him back
  • i bet he can’t even think about adam going away for college and leaving him behind, not seeing him everyday or getting him to laugh and do stupid things with him 
  • :( what a fuckin nerd
  • ronan is such a Mean Tough Guy until he’s around adam and then he turns into Soft Needy Puppy
  • disgusting. filth
    !!!!!!!!!!! EN D ME!
  • ok listen. i dont know how when or why but sometimes ronan just gets really affectionate and lowkey clingy and will just get a sharp dose of nostalgia when he sees adam in the kitchen or something and be like ‘how did i get so lucky’
  • and he’ll go up to adam from the side (never behind, he doesnt want to make adam jump or flinch) and gently wind his arms around adam’s waist and bury his face in adam’s neck
  • and adam’s hands will come up to ronans back and they’ll just stand there holding each other like the gross ass nerds they are
  • before they get together ronan PINES. and i mean like, hard.
  • ronan will be bouncing his knee or some shit and adam will put his hand on his knee to get ronan to stop and ronan literally just freezes. 
  • but also :(( sometimes ronan will pull back because he doesnt want to overwhelm adam
  • like, adam will grab his shoulder or something to get his attention and ronan will pull away as if he’s been burned and oh god he doesnt think these things through, does he, because he’d do anything not to see that look of rejection and confusion on adam’s face, and all he wants to do is jump on him and kiss him but he cant
  • ronan worships every little thing about adam. all of his quirks and habits, his likes and dislikes. ronan knows everything just by listening to adam and observing him
  • he knows adam can fend for himself and doesnt need to be protected but there will always be some small part of him that will go to any lengths to keep him from ever getting hurt and keeping him out of danger
  • ronan always has to make sure adam is okay. always. if they’re leaving cabeswater or something and they’re all walking back to the pig to drive home, and adam is looking particularly worn out and distressed, ronan will discreetly walk up to him and just be like ‘u ok parrish?’ and its not until adam gives him a teeny tiny smile and nods that ronan is satisfied
  • everything adam does is just amazing to ronan. every little thing. so precious and heartwarming and it makes him so dizzy because how can he be this in love 
  • and how can someone so radiant love a mess like him
  • but he does, and thats all that matters

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okay but alec and lilly as bros is my aesthetic


  • Alec asking her to babysit Max??? Shes surprised af but PRETENDS to be nonchalant about it. A shadowhunter asking a vampire to babysit their child? Pffff, totally normal. Happens all the time. 
  • Sometimes Lily visits at the same time as the Lightwoods, and she calls Robert “Bob”, and when he corrects her about it she’s just like “Shh Bob, I’m trying to talk business with your son, you can go do something useful for a change”  
  • Lily sending Alec messages during official clave meetings??? 

“Lightwood your progenitor is insufferable”
“He’s not that bad…”
“who the fuck is that person anyway”
“thats my Parabatai actually”
“well he’s also insufferable”
“….I know”
“your sister is kinda cute though”
“that’s not my sister”
“my bad, some of you shadowhunters look a lot alike.”
“Lily please stop pulling faces, Maia is gonna kick your ass if you make her laugh”
“not my problem I’m naturally hilarious. Also tell her to text me if she has anything to say” 

  • Drunk!Lily calling Alec in the middle of the night and he gets so worried??? Maybe she’s in trouble or something happened, but when he picks up she’s babbling about some girl that turned her down and that had never happened to her before??? Is she losing her touch??? It takes Alec twenty minutes to calm her down, but he doesn’t care too much because nobody apart from his siblings had ever told him about their personal problems, and its kinda nice to know Lily trusts him enough. 
  • Lily sends Alec selfies all the time, but she rarely gets any on return. 
  • She probably downloads Snapchat on his phone, and sends him pics of ketchup and blood alike stuff like “oh man I was so hungry” followed by a pic of herself pulling a horrified face “Wrong number!!”. 
  • LILY TRYING TO TAKE ALEC CLUBBING ALL THE TIME!!! She pouts when he reminds her that he has a son to take care of, sorry
  • Magnus completely betraying him and reminding him Isabelle is available that night, and that he should definitely go out with Lily
  • “Huh yeah my friend over there likes you, you should um, talk to her” and then, lower “And be nice to her or just for you to know I could kill you with my eyes closed” 
  • They have movies nights every now and then because Lily can’t believe Alec knows crap about pop culture??( “Magnus what are you for if not to teach young Lightwood here about pop culture??” “I did my best, sue me”)  
  • Obviously the first thing they do is watch every single Twilight movie. 
  • “ I’m glad you don’t do that” Alec smiles when Edward steps into the sun “I have enough glitter in my life already”  
  • Of course Alec complies. The reason she doesnt let people see her phone? She has TONS of baby pictures. 
  • Lily has always hated that nickname, but let’s him use it. Magnus uses it once and he still has nightmares about the glare he received from her 
  • “Just for you to know, Lightwood” she tells him one day over coffee after they have solved a particular hard case that had taken them hours “I’m expecting your next child to be named after me”. Magnus splutters on his cup, because Max is barely three, they’re not having another kid that soon, thank you very much, but Alec nods solemnly and replies “ Sure. You will have to fight Isabelle to death for it, but okay” 
  • It stays for like a week but it was awesome 
  • Sometimes she talks about Raphael with Alec, because he’s a really good listener and always knows what to say. 
  • LILY MAKES ALEC TAG ALONG FOR CONCERTS!!! So far they went to see Halsey, Taylor Swift, and Years & Years. Alec had never listened to any of them, but he loved some of the songs. 
  • “Truth to be told, I only brought you because I need someone tall with broad shoulders, and Maia doesn’t like Taylor Swift” “Why would you need-” and then Lily hops on his back. She pulls his hair during some songs because “I just know you’re judging this song, stop being a pretencious asshole and SHAKE IT OFF”
  • Every time Wildest Dreams comes up when they’re together, she points at Alec and sings at the top of her lungs “He’s soooo taaalll, and handsome as hell, he’s so baaaad but he does it so wellll” 
  • Jace shaking his head when Lily comes into conversation because “I honestly can’t understand how you’re friends with her. She’s so scary and intimidating” everyone agreeing while Alec looks directly into the camera like the office because he literally just received a text from her saying “LOL look at this cat video” 
  • Funny cat videos!!! They send each other those all the time. 
  • Lily kidnaps Chairman meow every now and then, sends Alec pics of both of them with sunglasses (he rolls his eyes, it’s 22PM) and lots of emojis. 
Dating Park Jimin

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- AND HES So affectionate with you omG

- you need to go to the bathroom? he’s coming with you and holding your hand

- you’re literally his teddy bear when yall cuddle

- dont get me started on how long he holds you for

- he’ll hold you for HOURS LIKE WHO CARES RIGHT? NOT HIM

- but youre not complaining either

- and with you, hE’s a fucking attEntion sEEkEr

- he will not have a good time if he doesn’t have your full attention

- when you’re around his members,,,,,,, OH MAN

- he goes on a rampage if one of them either talks, looks, or even thinks about you

- but of course, you still talk and joke around with them 

- because they’re like his family so why tf would you not



- omg and jimin being so nervous when meeting your own family

- but they end up loving him to death

- him always talking to your parents whenever they phone you and vice versa 


- but he’d end up being sad when you couldn’t


- because there are endless phone/facetime calls!

- and he’ll always come back with souvenirs

- but the best gift is him being home safe lets be real

- despite some major time differences, he will always make sure to wish you a goodnight

- every. night.

- tour or not, if you guys had an argument or not, he will make sure to say goodnight

- oh, when it comes to arguing, you both would have a hard time trying to apologize to one another

- because yall are stubborn as hell

- but you both would end up apologizing at the same time

- moving onto affection LOL

- hes someone that i think would appreciate hugs a lot

- it shows to him that hes not alone sometimes yenno

- the kisses are a bonus

- he loves kissing you, especially making out

- jimin is insecure so you will need to do a lot of reassuring

- but that doesn’t mean you’re also not insecure because everyone in the world has insecurities

- but he will look past them and love you endlessly (you obviously doing the same to him as well)

- jimin is the cheesiest person eVER

- he doesnt care where or who is with you two because he’ll just be the biggest fluffball no matter what

- you know he loves you a lot, but he always finds the right time to say it to you

- a relationship with jimin is so pure itself

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- dont get me wrong, he may be cute and fluffy during the day

- but trust me when i say that he changes under the covers

- once hes turned on, theres no way you’re getting any sleep that night

- i dont think he would have a lot of kinks, but dirty talk is definitely one of them

- daddy kink too

- also spanking

- and choking

- actually thats quite a bit LOL

- but omg bed with jimin is so heavenly

- he’ll be vanilla the first time yall do the do do

- but after that, hes a fucking beast that no one can stop

- and lets not forget about the hickies you guys are gonna give to each other

- he lives for your moans

- and how hot you look in you look naked

- and when hes jealous? he’ll go even harder

- im not getting too into detail but ill let your mind imagine the rest ;)

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I was having a pretty shit day until I read your happy headcanons. They're so warm and fuzzy! Keep 'em coming!

awww sorry you had a shit day, hope todays better tho… but this message was so sweet thank you!

i got a family headcanon thing comin soon to own on dvd and video, but heres some more fuzzy shit :$)

-mulder adn scully cuddle at any possible opportunity.
like big family gathering? dont bother with the extra chairs, ill just sit on top of mulder!
wow, humans really do waste a lot of water per day, maybe we should conserve more… and that leads to mulder and scully sharing baths and showers for the sole purpose of environmental conservation. the only purpose. whatsoever.
jeez, this hospital bed is so cold. i could use some more warmth but theres not a thermostat in sight… scully what are you doing? climbing into my bed! well this is a welcome surprise.

-in the very beginning of their relationship, mulder was very nervous about being with scully, thinking he didn’t deserve her, that he was bad for her, etc, and one of the arguments that he used was “you deserve someone who will take you to brunch, to art museums, for walks in the park” and scully countered with “why can’t you do any of that. what if i want all of that, i just want it with my spooky partner who will point out aliens in renaissance paintings.

and so at least once a month, they go out to brunch then to an art museum and a walk in the park. mulder always makes a point of taking her past every statue and painting of people kissing, and then sticking his tongue down her throat. “life imitates art. right, scully?”

-the lazarus bowl got them hooked on crappy movies. anytime the shittiest, corniest, obvious trainwreck comes to their local theater, they go, make out in the back of the theater and then go to dinner and make fun of the parts of it that they did see.

-mulder has a list of the best huggers in the entire world:

1. Maggie Scully
2. Dana Scully
3. That Big Bald Beautiful Man

-the only reason maggie’s above scully is she always lets him have like a five minute long hug because lets be honest the man is kind of hug-deprived and she always smells like cinnamon buns right out of the oven and her cardigans are so soft and shes his new mom now.

-scully carried mulder over the threshold.

-ok i know this is another lazarus bowl one but hear me out:

the sex files still happens because of that movie and anytime scully’s out of town, the two can simultaneously be found watching it miles apart.

-mulder takes a weekly pottery class and by the time they actually got around to getting married, their “wedding china” was made up entirely of his creations. scully adores it and if anyone other than mulder breaks a plate they need to vacate the area for at least 12 hours.

-when william was born, mulder tried to stick tiny little vulcan ear tips onto his son’s ears and scully almost murdered him right then and there when she saw him putting him in a star trek uniform onesie

-they’ve been banned from at least four different dry-cleaners in the dc area because of unidentified substances on their clothes. it was almost five but the last one was luckily convinced that it was their son’s spit-up not mutant goop (again).

-scully and mulder are regulars at the batting cages and years later, they’re still going to that same one, but they get there and notice their son with his (future) husband and they just back away and go get ice cream. they write a review of the venue for the newspaper. “10/10 would recommend. my husband took me on our first date there. my son took his on his first date.”

-mulders been kicked out of multiple flea markets for “harassing the vendors” about “ghosts in their products”.

-their dog’s favorite chew toys are mulders ties.

-they have a fireplace and since mulder’s no longer afraid of fire, they curl up together in the winter, wrapped up in the same, huge blanket maggie made them and they fall asleep listening to the snowy wind whipping past the house. if it gets so bad, the wind is literally howling, tiny little scullys will toddle down the stairs with their baby blankets dragging behind them adn crawl onto the couch between their parents.

-the uber-scully’s history projects are always really something, given that their father has a million different takes on every event in history.

-mulder adn scully call each other “honey” as a subtle reference to the bees they didnt let beat them.

-scully HATES cooking. like with a fathom. she never was good at it when her mother tried to teach them kids, and anything that she tries to make always turns to crap. so in those rare occasions when she does have to cook, mulder always waltzes into the kitchen with a cd player, drops it on the counter and grabs her hips from behind and dances her around the kitchen until the mood is lightened. their second child was conceived shortly after he pulled this shit.

-mulder kisses every injury scully has. paper cuts? kiss. rolled ankle on the stairwell? unfortunately it was only a kiss while he was down there.

-*mulder clutching scully’s hand, tears forming in his eyes as he whispers*: “i don’t know if my being here… will help bring you back. but i’m here”.
scully then wakes up and locks him out of the room. ‘im pregnant with your miracle baby and you’re commenting on me sleeping a lot????“

-if one is out of town, they’ll fall asleep talking on the phone. will’s learned by now to check the master bedroom before he goes to bed to make sure the phone hung up properly and they’re not gonna be charged out the wazoo for his parents stupid “platonic” relationship. to this day mulder’s convinced that the phone magically making its way to the stand is an x file. william doesnt correct him he finds it too funny.

-theres a bakery in the town they live in thats run by a little old lady who adores mulder and his children and his wife and helps him brainstorm romantic things to do for scully because she deserves it miriam, she jsut deserves it so much. the kids go there to do homework sometimes if its bad enough weather that they can’t walk home and the buses aren’t running. she always gives- “what do your parents call you, sweetie? uber-scully’s?”- always gives the uberscullys hot chocolate adn the coveted seat by the radiator.

-maggie is the one who taught the uber scullys how to play poker.

-his children always beg him to act normal for open houses and school plays adn shit, and so whenever the event occurs, mulder always wears his pink, Rob Petrie polo shirt and tells the kids to “go shovel the driveway, it builds character! you know kids school plays are a scam created by the government. drink a gallon of milk a day, william, it makes you grow chest hair adn that makes you manly. GO HYPER-MASCULINITY!!!” and they just have to stand there and suffer. “mom, dads being weird again we just said we wanted him to not talk about aliens.” 

-mulder always gets really cut if skinner doesnt like his selfie. mulder’s not 100% sure what liking is -“will is it just when he texts me and tells me he likes it?”, “no he presses a button and it says he liked it.” “but how do i know.” “uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh dad he doesnt even follow you.” “wait how do you know that?” -and now, out of sympathy for his godchildren, skinner texts mulder to tell him he liked the selfie.

-they have a big bookshelf of sci-fi books in the study and he and scully take turns reading them to the kids, but occasionally he’ll be reading along adn find that a cryptid is spoken about inaccurately and mulder will just close the book and they pick another one. how dare they.

-the kids know the story of “bad blood” by heart and each take a different side. will thinks scully’s retelling is mostly correct but he definitely thinks hartwell had buckteeth. 

-when their children were babies, scully would occasionally find mulder asleep next to the crib in a very uncomfortable position, with his hand through the bars and the lil uber scully is just clutching his finger for dear life.

-mulder has a thing about big fuzzy wool sock and anytime he gets them it makes his day

-scully broke the kids out of school once because a researcher that had been an asshole to her in med school had come to lecture in town and mulder was in a meeting with skinner nad she needed a mulder spawn with their father’s throwing arm to help her egg the guys car. 

-mulder cant explain why a fuzzy pink sweater on scully turns him on so much, but it does. he gets it even worse when she wears it while traveling. “you okay mulder?” “not really and i dont know why…” 

-william was so proud, he ran out of school and out to a payphone and called the hoover building collect just to tell scully that they read a paper she wrote in his science class and he didnt know how to tell the teacher that he could recite the thing from memory because dad had been reading this stuff to him since he was a baby

-both the uberscullies and mulder are those lemon people. like you go to a restaurant with someone, and theres a lemon wedge on the water glass. and then they take it off and eat it like an orange. but its a lemon. but they eat it. 

-at a school dance, once they played “walking in memphis” and the scully children just exchanged looks adn groaned knowing what was about to happen.

-at movie theaters or restaurants or anything mulder and scully dont share soda cups or straws or anything, no “hey mulder can i have a sip?” because hes a filthy straw-chewer and scully doesnt approve until its later that night adn she realizes what talents came out of that oral fixation.

-bill scully jr wears socks on the beach. 

-mulder, and the offspring who share his hair genes, have a longer hair preparation process than scully, but she doesnt complain because she likes stroking it so much. 

I havent really felt like being on tumblr much

I’m currently dealing with 2 sometimes 3 of my colleagues being difficult in work and it’s making it just really shit right now so when i go to draw I just lose the motivation very quickly

Often before I even pick up the pen.

They’re basically being mean girls, which considering they’re 15 and 20 years my senior is saying something. I’ve taken a few days off work to try and feel better. 

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Gryffindor!Peter and Ravenclaw!Reader Headcanon

*posts headcanons to make up for the lack of imagines*

these are fun, thought i’d try it.

Gryffindor!Peter and Ravenclaw!Reader dating…

  • He’d find every reason to bother you while you’re doing something important
  • One time you were up at the astronomy tower looking through a telescope and he just comes barreling through the door and attacks you with hugs and kisses
  • Anyone would be flattered by this but your telescope slips out of your hands and spirals down to the castle grounds, so naturally the first thing you say is “Peter whAT THE FUCK I WAS LOOKING AT SATURN’S RINGS”
  • You still love him though
  • He offered you his telescope to borrow and then he bought you a new one for your birthday
  • You then proceeded to slap him on the shoulder and cry in his arms
  • “why are you like t-this” “I bought you a telescope and you’re crying, what the hell y/n” “don’T YELL AT ME IM EMOTIONAL” “you’re welcome” “thank you. I love you.” “love you too, babe”
  • Study dates hELLLLL YEAHHHH
  • Sometimes when you’re cramming for an exam in the morning he’ll come to your table and give you a kiss on the cheek for “encouragement”
  • “holy shit are you okay?”
  • “Yeah jus a little bit of coffee in the lungs”
  • And he’s often staying up upgrading his housemate’s broomsticks *cough* illegally *cough* so you return the favor and bug him until he goes to bed
  • Room of Requirement is your go-to place for dates (or literally just anything), after Hogsmeade
  • Sometimes he gets these itches to do something really impulsive and he’ll have to drag you along with him because you’re the level-headed one out of you two
  • “there’s a 30% chance we might die” “oh, not on my watch. let’s go”
  • Peter, no doubt likes to look out for the little guys. Whenever he sees a student being bullied, he’ll step in and then take the kid to your common room so both of them can get treated (and he can get scolded)
  • this happens so much that y’all become that one power couple in the school that is simultaneously sweet and intimidating as fuck
  • draco Malfoy who? I only know Peter Parker’s Right Hook and his Ravenclaw Girlfriend
  • Michelle’s also a Ravenclaw and since the both of you are muggleborns, plus liz being a halfblood the three of you are always gossiping at lunch about the newest song or movie that’s out in the muggleworld
  • meanwhile, Peter and Ned are just sitting in the corner nonchalantly eating at their pudding and trying to get your attention
  • They end up trying to charm an extra pudding bowl into growing legs and walking towards you
  • It immediately backfires and flies into someone’s head from the table down
  • you, michelle, and liz want to bury your heads in the salad as you three watch when they dig themselves under the table to hide from peril
  • you sometimes like to draw peter when you two are both in the library studying
  • it’s just doodles on the side of your parchment but you can still capture his little pout and the way he frowns when he can’t quite remember exact dates in history
  • when he looks up to ask you a clarifying question and he sees the sketches, he fucking smirks like a chesire cat and says “having fun there, babe?”
  • “shut up before I give you a unibrow”
  • “you wound me”
  • the squad would totally throw parties in the room of requirement after lights out, don’t fight me on this
  • hufflepuff!ned would bring food and snacks because we all know which house has the easiest access to the kitchens
  • you and peter designed fake galleons that worked as a secret messaging system where the time of the party would scribble themselves onto the side of the coins and a confirmation button would have to be pressed for each participant
  • ned thinks its genius and michelle and liz think its ridiculous
  • but they attend the parties anyway, “pfft not like we have anything better to do”
  • michelle brings the music and speakers
  • and liz brings games and uh… alcohol
  • she doesn’t tell anyone where she gets it from, but you have a sneaking suspicion its from a slytherin named flash that she’s had her eye on for a few months
  • Christmas with peter would be so precious
  • If you’re not visiting your parents, he’ll take you to Queens to see Aunt May
  • Speaking of which, aunt may would love to hear that Peter’s found someone that keeps him in check (sometimes). You don’t mention the many instances where you’ve joined him in his escapades though because Peter’s giving you frantic hand waves from the kitchen and mouthing “SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP”
  • So you choose to smile and nod “of course. He’s always so reckless, it’s hard to keep up with his antics sometimes. Still love him though”
  • Peter jokingly glares at you “oh shut up”
  • Christmas aside, I feel like Aunt may would always send him howlers whenever he’d get caught
  • ned’s head pops up from the plate of pastries “nO NOT THE LEGOS”
  • peter’s face is as red as his school sweater and you want to swat him over the head for getting ahold of another one of the Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes products but also hug him so he wont be as embarrassed
  • Whenever Peter has nightmares, he’ll contact you with sickles the two of you designed exclusively just for yours and his purposes only
  • the sickle starts to play a tune that would usually lull people to sleep, but you’ve recognized it as the one that starts playing whenever peter wants you to come over after he’s woken up from a bad dream
  • and when you reach his dorm, he’s shaking in bed and the second he sees you, his arms reach out
  • you automatically get in bed with him and the two of you will spend the whole night talking and soothing him
  • even though you wont admit it, you love to take care of him and pamper him as much as possible
  • and of course he absolutely loves it
  • but sometimes he feels guilty that he doesnt help you as much as you help him
  • you always stop him before he can continue, though. peter’s the reason why you’ve never felt happier from the moment you walked into this school and you’re pretty sure that if he wasn’t in your life, it’d be a much tougher place
  • he’s always there to listen and cheer you up, even if you dont explicitly mention that you’re feeling down
  • GOSH i cry just thinking about it, overall you two would be that one couple that sometimes bickers but the love that they have for each other is so obvious
  • affectionate and puppy-like and whipped and loYAL

this has been a mess of Ravenclaw!Reader x Gryffindor!Peter headcanons. Halfway through it sorta morphed into a hoco-squad HP!AU shitpost but thats okay, no headcanon would be complete without those guys

Uhhh im supposed to be writing, but writer’s block is kicking my butt right now and I started school a couple weeks ago, so i havent had much time to do pretty much ANYTHING tumblr related.

one of these days…i’ll be productive and have my shit together… but that ain’t today

hope y’all enjoyed it!

come scream at me on tumblr, y’all

kim taehyung as your boyfriend

ahh thank you all for the support for this little series! i appreciate so much! but without further ado, here’s mr. kim taehyung’s version!

Yoongi / Hoseok / Jimin

Seventeen / Got7 


- when you wake up, its almost always because taehyung is poking your cheek, giving you kisses everywhere, or tickling you lightly. like seriously, almost always 

- he gives you his famous rectangle smile every morning when you look at him with an annoyed glare then he tackles you in a bear hug thats super duper warm and comfy

- you two always get ready together because honestly you cant get enough of each other. taehyung will comb your hair while you brush your teeth and then you’ll sit on the counter and do his casual makeup while he has his hands wrapped around you and resting on your back (sometimes he tries your makeup but he can never get the eyeliner matching so he just pouts)

- breakfast is always at the cafe next to your house and you two share some type of unhealthy, sugary pastry and maybe a coffee and talk about what you had to do today and then what you two will do after work together and its basically  tradition now

- you guys are big on candy like you’ll go to the drug store and grab a jumbo bag of assorted candies to share and that’s basically your friday night date

- you two sit on the floor across from one another with the bag of candy in between you and you close your eyes and grab a piece from it and try it wihile giggling and you always let the other try the certain candy that you picked out, whether its a sucker or chocolate bar or hard candy

-“yo tae, i got a pizza flavored dum-dum pop!“ 

- "ooh let me try it!”

- tbh taehyung is the master in weird dates. sometimes he’ll wake you up in the middle of the night and you both will go to a grocery store and buy a birthday cake even though its neither of your birthdays and take it home and eat it across from each other at the dinner table and usually it ends in a food fight that neither of you want to clean up or you’ll go to a zoo but instead of observing the animals you observe the people and ask what country they’re from (but honestly you still check out the lions and elephants and sometimes the birds) 

- tae almost always buys matching couple things that you two never use, like couple oven mitts and seat covers for a car that you dont own

- but you two do have these matching animal onesies that you literally wear every weekend while cuddling up and watching a plethora of fluffy movies (you two also eat the extra candies)

- even though people never take him serious, he can be very calm and a great listener when needed. he is always the first person you go to because he doesn’t care if you rant or shout your frustrations or share gossip and you trust him 10000% because he’s so loyal and, well, trustworthy and you honestly are so grateful to have someone like him

- tae loves PDA because he just cant get enough of you. when you leave the airport together he is always snuggling with you (the small baby is tired from the plane ride) or while walking around town he never fails to be holding your hand tightly in his. but your personal fave is when you two are waiting for the bus or something and he hugs you close and gives you really sweet forehead kisses and he looks at you with love and adoration and it just makes you melt

- speaking of kisses, taehyung’s kisses are very random (though amazing). like he’ll just give you a surprise kiss on the arm or something and you’re just like “wtf tae” and he just smiles that adorable rectangle smile and gives you another warm and sweet-tasting kiss on the lips this time and you cherish all of them 

- there was this one time that you were in the hospital because you had to get your appendix out or something and precious taehyung was so worried that he cried in the waiting room and jimin had to try and calm him down because honestly tae loves you so much that he doesnt know how he’ll survive without you (when you were released from the hospital totally okay he still wouldnt let you do a thing like he cooked you every meal and cleaned the house and although it was very sweet and considerate of him, you were totally okay) 

- honestly taehyung’s first priority is you like when you guys are in a crowd he always is looking after you to make sure you’re okay and he even secretly sneaks you the best pieces of cake while he takes the stale piece and omg he’s just so in love

- when you guys said i love you for the first time it was because he kept tickling you and you were laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes and everything was bright and happy and suddenly you just yelled out “taehyung i love you, but stop tickling me before i kill you!” and he suddenly stopped and you just went wide-eyed and he was all like “you love me?” and you nodded with a blush forming on your cheeks and he just smiled really delicately and kissed you with such softness that you thought his lips had to be made of clouds

- your and taehyung’s relationship is extremely playful and random, but also filled with so much love that you guys dont know what to do with all of it

pancakejournal  asked:

Hcs for paladins with a s/o that's really sensitive to touch and sound? If it's not too much :)

(Me too, I’m really sensitive to touch and loud noises so I relate.) -Dakota

(Honestly S ame and I’m so sorry for getting your request in so late! I hope you like it!)


• Figured out right away after your first attack

• Whenever you enter a room, he immediately get everyone to quiet down. Even if that requires removing some people. (keithandlance)

• It doesn’t even matter if the room is near silent, he will stare at the person talking until they shut up.

• If he notices you having an attack, he’ll start talking too you in a soft voice. Leading you away from the situation.

• If he can’t get you away from the situation, he’ll do his damnest to make everything quieter. Even silent if he can achieve it. (Without yelling, of course)

• Will have ‘a talk’ with the people who triggered your attack. (More then likely expressing the extent of your anxiety, telling them to be more thoughtful of other people. Space Dading to the max)

• He once dragged Keith and Lance out of a room by there collars and THREW THEM OUT OF THE ROOM

• He’s always very cautious when approaching you for a hug or kiss.

• Always is sure to ask you if your comfortable, even with the smallest things like forehead kisses and small sidehugs.

• Makes an effort to show you he’s about to touch you to mentally prepare you. Even though the poor man asks everytime.

• He honestly kinda loves your quiet behavior because dealing with screaming children all the time can be a headache. And it’s nice to just sit in his room with you in silence.

• He just wants you to be happy.


• He was oblivious the first time it happened. He probably was the cause of it considering he’s the loudest on the team.

• Was more then likely arguing with Keith about something and didn’t notice your attack, just watched you kinda run from the situation.

• He was really confused.

• Pidge had to explain to him what had happened. (thisgirlprobablybluntlysaidhecausedit)


• Goes too you and starts apologizing profusely, saying how sorry he was and how he’ll never do it again

• He truly does make an effort to stay as quiet as possible when you’re around.

• He goes from yelling to soft spoken like that when you walk into the room.

• Sometimes he slips up and he always feels so bad about it, so he might end up avoiding you for a little while

• He just cares so much and doesn’t want you too be scared of him.

• For the touch thing, he notices you aways get this look of discomfort on your face when he gets too close, when you shy away from hugs and kisses and such

• Now this clingy boy automatically thinks the worse

• “Do they want to break up with me? Did I do something wrong???”

• After a few weeks of this he comes to you crying and asking if you wanted to break up with him

• You had to calm him down and explain too him your touch sensitive and why you always shy away from physical affection

• Once he realizes, he honestly does an amazing job asking if you’re okay with him doing this or that, always asks for kisses before doing them too see if you’re okay. (He sometimes slips up and forgets but hes human)


• When you leave after an attack he will be ANGRY (lots of yelling and snide remarks)

• He comforts you as best he can without being to physical.


• This sweet baby omg

• He kinda figured it out after you would shy away from him and his bear hugs.

• He was really calm about it, asking you about it and being sure what he said wasn’t too invading. But he wants to know why your touch sensitive if something happened or you just have it.

• Kinda overreacts about it afterwards, like the slightest touch he gives you without your knowing sends him into a mini panic and he’s just asking if you’re okay and apologizing over and over.

• If you’re cooking with him, he tries his best to make the process as quiet as possible.

• Always being extra sure he gets your permission to hug or kiss you. If he does there always really light and sweet. Even after he checks to make sure you’re okay.

• If you start having an attack. He will take you away from it all immediately, cooing sweet words too you while you’re calling down.

• he won’t address the person who caused it right off the bat, instead uses it and holds it over there head.

• He’s really good with blackmail and winning arguments with stuff that you’ve done in the past. Especially when it’s comes to his S/O.


• Finds out the latest out of all the Paladins

• What can I say? He’s not a very touchy guy. Which is probably better for you.

• He doesn’t notice by his own actions, instead he noticed when Lance tried to hug you and you leaned away. (Which he stepped in and “kindly” told Lance to hit the bricks and crack his skull while doing it)

• Didn’t ask you about it, instead went to Hunk or Pidge and asked one of them to explain it.

• Didnt quite understand it, but now anytime you two are alone. He makes sure your okay.

• With his hotheaded temper, when you have an attack. He sometimes forgets yelling makes it worse. So he has to catch himself before going on a rant at the person who caused the attack.

• He doesnt exactly know how to help when you have an attack so he just sits beside you and rubs your back.

• Mullet baby is trying his hardest okay.



• first one to notice, right off the bat.

• She often times can sense a bad presence in the air and lead you away right away. Explaining as you two leave to avoid conflict.

• Though she doesn’t seem like she would, she constantly checking on you. Asking if you’re okay, if you’re feeling any anxiety, Ect.

• Actually knows a lot of great tips on anxiety???

• Always asking if you’re okay but being firm with her affection. She just wants to see you smile.


• she will lead you away with a blank face, and make sure you’re okay before leaving and ROASTING THE PERSON WHO CAUSED YOUR ATTACK.

• Will leave the person intimidated and afraid.

• It’s full on protective mode for the rest of the day from you and said person.

• When you two are alone she’ll ask you if you’re okay and tell you she loves you over and over. (Depending on how recent and bad the attack was is what she’ll do)

Supernatural Circus AU

Remember how I wanted the vampire circus well @fuckerson indulged me and we made an au(and this is me unnecessarily expanding it):

So the supernatural circus consists of ringleader KG3 (vampire) and his lackeys Charles Lee and Samuel Seabury (vampires). There are performers such as Snake Charmer Aaron Burr (he just has a really weird thing with snakes, like he can understand them and shit), The Three Noble Witches (the schyuler sisters, they are very powerful but keep it downlow for the sake of their act. Their magic protects the circus when theyre travelling or grounded though to a point where you cant find it unless the field knows you wont wreck their shit. Peggy can do a shit ton of future stuff, Eliza present, and Angie past. They do fortune tellings and sometimes people leave the circus sobbing because of it.), Fire Breathe Thomas Jefferson (hes fucking part dragon okay), the incredible Wolfman (John Laurens is a werewolf), The Incubus and his pet (laf and stone Gollum Hercules. Laf made Herc because its the only way he can really have a sig other, but sometimes he does feed on audience members. I imagine they have a trapese act bc why thE FUCK NOT), the Strongman (Washington. No one really knows what he is but hes very powerful and kind of scares KG deep down), there’s Maria (a shapeshifter, freaks the fuck out of people), and I’m not sure if theres anyone else rn. Oh and James Madison is the very tired and very irritated pretty normal medic, he treats everyones injuries and stuff but he wont take any bullshit.

But like they come through Alex’s poor as fuck run down as hell town, bc once they settle anyone will be drawn to them no matter how poor or rich. Its like a deep down inkling that urges you to turn down roads and take strange paths to get to this superficial place.

And little struggling 19 yr old Alex with no home and no family and shit finds himself at this circus, but he has no money and cant pay the ticket fee (it changes to accommodate whoevers at the ticket booths funds but for some reason its giving him a price he cant pay) until Mr Ring Leader George shows up and is like “let me show you around, hm?” And the tour ends with Alex being bitten and turned because kg is very interested in this person and wants him in his circus. And alex doesnt wake up until the next time the circus is on the move (5 days later) and is very confused and he cries everytime someone comes near him cause his senses are all whack but Aaron appears and starts telling him snake facts and it helps to calm him down and thats he and Aaron get a strangely close bond (alex listens to Aaron and no one never listens to Aaron and they just understand each other and stuff) and kg doesnt integrate alex into the circus for a couple months bc he doesnt want to stress his Pet™ but then one day alex is messing with one of his violins and he finds out alex is way talented with it and that it can actually be turned into an act and so he uses it and alex mesmorizes the crowds so easily (and…circus members as well (cough john and Thomas cough)). And kg3 is so proud and like starts favoring alex over Sam and charles and it pisses those two off but that comes into play later.

Anyways thomas fucks up talking to alex and lands himself a 30 minute argument instead of an attraction concession and john is smug and makes his move on alex but honestly they both fail. They fail a lot. Because alex is only trusting of Aaron and kind of KG and he cant figure out if he wants to trust anyone. But the fact neither can score with alex escalates one day at breakfast while the vampires are all asleep and john and thomas get into a Hella bad fight and james has to patch them up but neither can preform that night and kg is Pissed™ and just cancels the entire circus for the night because his members are children and then hes too angry to go out and feed, but alex has recently fed so he just pulls him aside and feeds from him (bc hes that stuck up) and it pisses John and Thomas off because they want alex and vampires feeding from other vampires is weirdly intimate and Sam and charles are pissed bc thats supposed to be one of them and theyre supposed to be kgs favorites but he’s favoring this stupid scrappy kid he turned into a vampire instead.

And because kg fed off alex he has to go out with Sam and charles to hunt and they take that opportunity to beat him the fuck up and them leave him in an alley besides their kills while they rush back to the circus.

And then kg is even more pissed and he almost kills both of them but wash stops him and then says he’ll go out and get alex and when he gets back with him hes nearly dead and at that point kg actually kills Charles (he spares Sam because he stills needs one lackey) and then everyone is HELLA Terrified except james who has to treat this near dead vampire before sunrise and hes just tired

And after that alex is too scared to interact with anyone but Aaron and hes basically always glued to Aaron and that makes John and thomas just start a nasty competition to get Alex (during all of this peggy is getting a lot of visions of the circus getting Destroyed but not telling anyone abt it bc she are her sisters and maria are mostly part of the circus getting destroyed)

The competition makes kg3 more and more pissed up until the day he snaps and destroys Herc in his rage and severely injures john and Thomas and thus the circus is shut down for a month because everything is going to shit (mainly bc of KG lets be real)

But during this the noble witches and the shapeshifter get together and plan the demise from the inside (they really only have to get rid of kg and Sam to bring the circus down because George will become the new ringleader very easily (Peggy knows)) and when they go through with it everyone is kind of shocked but take their side and then theyre watching the old circus burn one morning along with kg and Sam and Oh Yeah Alex (thomas rushes the fuck into the fire to save alex because hell no he isnt part of this at all) and then its just a weird group of people and a kind of burnt coffin

Alex wakes up that night and plasters himself to Aaron because hes terrified and then he tells Aaron that he doesnt want thomas and john to fight anymore because he wants them both and Aaron makes him tell them and thats settled

Laf is kind of angry as fuck bc he doesnt have his love anymore but he discovers Washington isn’t affected by him and they have a weird dynamic that works to lead this new circus and etc etc

Some of this isnt fully thought out bUT OH WELL WHEN DO I EVER POST A FULLY THOUGHT OUT (also it cut me off from tagging I’m Upset™)

Female characters with shy fem s/o

// Thank you so much bab! I love your blog and I know you are away so you cant read these now. You really made my day! I am so sorry it took so long my Wifi is crappy. In return have a cute mercy gif! Gosh I am so down for some cute antisocial gay lady. Its relatable for me since I am antisocial person myself..


Originally posted by mskneesocks


💋 Honestly she doesnt mind. After her well.. change Amelie doesnt talk much to others too, obviously because of her lack of emotion. Another cause its due to cold temper everyone is scared of her.

💋 She doesnt mind your fear of human beings relationships and why would she? Amelie has your attention only for herself.

💋 Sometimes she gossip about other people with you about how stupid and puny they are.

💋 ,,Hey chérie dont worry I dont want to talk to others too. I only need you.“

💋 But when you started to keep your mouth shut when you both are out with other talon agents she is a bit worried. She knows whats up. You are the ,,secretive” type of a person.

💋  If your antisocial level gets you to that point when you are scared of people it makes her even more worried. Of course you dont know that she is worried she keeps it for herself,

💋 Welcome to your therapy where traumatized woman without emotions tries to help a small ball of anxiety meet other people.

💋 She tries really hard to help you. REALLY HARD.

💋 You feel nervous? No worries. Amelie gives you her cold hands so you can calm down.

💋 If someone treats you shitty when you try to comunicate she gives them a death glare. You will have to ensure her you are alright because she is ready to give them that BOOM HEADSHOT

  💋 Deep inside Widowmaker knows you can do it she cheers for you tho you might have not notice it due to her resting face. Like come on! You could enamor a deadly widowmaker! Thats a big thing to do and you are scared to talk to normal people? Well she is rather confused.

💋 She doesnt want to pressure you by the amount of comunication so she simply takes you to your apartament when you drink cofee in comfy sofa talking how great you did today. Widow is really a chill lover.


🕊 Angela notices your antisocial behaviour immediately. She has a sixth sense to people. All thanks to her load of empathy!

🕊 She will try to get others in base to know they need to be gentle when they talk to you.Trust me Overwatch agents talk to you the sweetest they can and if someone makes you cry later Angela will kindly kick their ass and give them lecture ,,How would you feel huh?.”

🕊 Everytime you both go out in public and you get anxious about yourself Mercy will take your hand and hold it gently. She gives you her bright smile that says ,, Its going to be okay dont worry my love”.

🕊 Honestly she is supportive to you. You went to order food obly by yourself? ,,Good job y/n!” You talked to mailman? ,,You are doing great my beloved!”

🕊 Encourages you to talk to others often. She isnt harsh. Angela just wants you to take your time and cherish your future friendships.

🕊 If someone makes you feel bad she will try to cam you by combining your hair, make you tea whatever type is your favorite and kiss you in the forehead. Later on she will witch haunt that dude who made you sad.

🕊 As i said she is really determinated to make you feel comfortable around others. She even buys stickers a star ones. You know why? Everytime you make a step likely a conversation you get one.  


🕊 In conversations Angela compliments you a lot. ,, Oh y/n is such a great artist she draw me once it was so realistic I thought its a photo” ( again you can insert whatever skill you have here! )

🕊  But if you want to be alone with her ( yeah not very alone if together ) she will cuddle with you and shower you not with stars but kisses.

🐰 Hana noticed your strange behaviour when she streamed. You immediately ran away out of room. It was kinda weird. She just wanted to introduce you to her fans.

🐰 She has a mission now. Make you more open to others although she feels important when you talk only to her but  Hana wont hesitate until you earn yourself a new friend.

🐰 Really determinated. will take any oppurtiny to give you social connection with others but dont worry a thing she wont let you go alone!

🐰 Complimates you in conversation with others , says how great your skills are and over all how lovely person you are. ,, Yeah y/n is such a badass when she fought these talon agents I am telling you” ( considering you are another overwatch agents but its okay if you are not lets just say you are  )

🐰 Now when she streams she explains to her followers why you act like that. Later you receive ton of cute letters from’s fans! They gently encourage you to be more open.

🐰   ,, Listen y/n I know some people are pure shitheads but please give others a chance I am sure they will like you!“

,, But what if they hurt me?”

,, Nah thats not your problem. They will have my mecha on their face".

🐰 After your training ( yeah thats how you guys name it now). You both go out and buy some milkshakes or if you like boba tea. Whatever you prefer. Sushi? Fries? Burgers?  Heck yeah you deserve those. You did great today.

🐰 She will continue your journey so you can meet some cool people. Tho she is lowkey worried you will fell in love with someone and you will leave her. Just kiss her on cheek and she will calm down.