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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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I.M - Never Change

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Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: @fangirlbible

Request:  “ Hi I was wondering if i could get an I.M. scenario where the girl is a trainee and she’s friends with I.M. but she’s super shy. She likes him but has no courage to tell him. So her friends tell her to change and get a makeover but he doesn’t really like it because he likes her the way she usually is? Sorry it’s so long. Didn’t know how to explain it 😄”

Authors Note:

Hey, guys! First of all, I just want to take a moment to apologize for not uploading much! I’ve had a lot going on lately and it’s been really hard to come up with ideas for all of your amazing requests! BUT, I’m slowly getting back into it and I’m hoping to upload a good amount of request over the next few days!

Also, I just want to say that this scenario is not one of my best. Actually, I’m really disappointed with it. I’ve been writing it on and off for about 2 weeks now and this is the best I can do. I’m so sorry about the word flow and pacing, but for whatever reason I’m physically and emotionally unable to do better than this. I really hope you understand, and I hope you enjoy it none the less!

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“I don’t know about this…”

“Come on, Y/N! You look great!”

“But what if he doesn’t like it?”

“Are you kidding me? Look at you! He’d be crazy not to!”

You let out a sigh, you breath deep and heavy as you looked over your mirrored image once again. Most days you wouldn’t spend more than a few minutes looking at yourself in the mirror, your casual and carefree style having no need to check for makeup creases or outfit choices, but today was different. Today was the day that you decided you needed a change, and you definitely got what you asked for.

Your normally straight hair was flowing with lively curls, your frequently makeup-less face was painted in colors, and your way to casual style had been taken over by something more girly and proper. You looked, and felt, like a completely different person, and though you couldn’t deny the fact that you looked beautiful, you had never felt so out of place. 

“But Lisa I…I just…..I don’t know.” You argued, your voice high with concern as you played with the white lace hanging from your shirt.

“I get that you’re nervous.” Lisa comforted, her hand lightly resting on your shoulder as she stood behind your gazing figure. “But you agreed to this, and honestly, I have no doubt that it’s going to work. You and I.M have been friends forever now and you’ve literally been in love with him since the day you became a trainee. If you’re to scared to tell him how you feel then you need to get his attention, and if this makeover doesn’t get his attention, nothing will.” 

You let out another sigh, your eyes meeting Lisa’s before giving her a swift nod. You knew she was right, she always was. You had spent years trying to come to terms with the feelings you had for your best friend, and after coming to terms with them you had spent another few years just trying to make yourself say them out loud. You were in love with I.M, there was doubting that, but you highly doubted that I.M felt the same and you didn’t want to risk your friendship on an attraction that was more than likely one sided.

“Now go get him, sexy.” Lisa laughed, breaking you out of your thoughts as a huge smile made its way onto her face. You smiled back, softly giggling as she playfully poked you in the side, the confidence she had in you radiating off of her and filling your pores.

“Okay.” You whispered, giving yourself what you hope came off as a confident nod before turning on your heel and exiting the bathroom, not giving yourself another moment to think about it in fear that you’d try to change your mind.  

Making your way down the long corridor of Starship Entertainment, you quickly felt  your heart begin to race and throat begin to close. You were nervous. More nervous than you had ever been in your entire life. You didn’t know how to feel and you didn’t know how to act. All you knew was that you had feelings for I.M, and at this point, you weren’t sure if him finding that out was even worth it anymore. 

After a few more minutes of continuing down the long hallway, you finally found yourself in front Monsta X’s occupied practice room. You made your way closer, your hand barley cracking open the door before the loud thump of music quickly took over your senses. Giving yourself a small nod, you made your way inside, the sweat drenched air invading your nostrils and instantly making you dizzy.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” A voice asked, knocking you out of your trance and making your head spin. Turning toward the voice, you immediately came face to face with Wonho, his skin beet red and covered sweat.

“Uh….” You started, not really sure what the explanation for your surprise visit should be. “Nothing really. I um…I just…your comeback is soon and I…um…how’s that going?” 

Wonho let out a laugh, his eyes forming a beautiful smile before quickly taking a desperate sip from his water bottle. “It’s going good, Y/N. Thanks for asking.”

You gave him a small nod, your eyes instantly leaving his and making their way around the room. All of the members were there, which you had hoped wouldn’t be the case, and every single one of them were looking at you with such a shocked expression that you almost felt as though you were naked. 

“What are you guys staring at?” You asked, trying your best to play dumb as you nervously picked at your curls.

“You look different.” Minhyuk stated, his eyes doing a double take as he took in your outfit. “Like…really different.”

“Yeah, what’s with the outfit change, Y/N?” Shownu asked, the small smirk on his face making it obvious that he knew what it was about.

“I just wanted to try something different.” You lied, “Why? Does it look bad?”

A series of “No’s” left 6 of the boys’ mouths, the small compliments rising to your cheeks and making you blush. Giving them a smile, you thanked them quietly, quickly looking at the boys happy and taken aback expressions before coming face to face with I.M, who, unlike everyone else, didn’t look very impressed. 

You felt your heart drop, the concerned and unimpressed expression on I.M’s face taking over your vision and invading your mind. You let out a shaky breath, the feeling of tears welling in your eyes quickly taking over as you looked to the ground. The last thing you expected to do was cry, and there was no way in hell that you were going to cry in front of them. No. Damn. Way.

“Well, I’m gonna go.” You stated, giving the boys a polite bow before heading towards the door. “It was nice seeing you. Good luck on your comeback.”

As soon as you were out of the room a stream of tears began to run down your face, the feeling of being a complete idiot taking over your body and making your heart break. How could you ever think that changing your looks would impress I.M? He absolutely hated the way you looked and you could tell the moment you looked him in the eye. Now not only does he have no idea how you feel, but he has no reason to find you attractive whatsoever. How could you ever be so stupid?

“Hey, Y/N!” A familiar voice called out, the sound immediately breaking you out of your thoughts and forcing you to turn around. When you finally managed to blink the blurry vision due to your tears out of your eyes, you found yourself face to face with the last person you wanted to see.


“What do you want, I.M?” You whispered, keeping your eyes toward the ground in hopes that he wouldn’t see your tears.

“I want to know why you’re dressed like that.” He stated, his voice so full of concern that it was almost as if he had thought you’d hurt yourself.

“I told you.” You breathed, not daring to look him in the eyes. “I just wanted to go for something a bit different.”

“Bullshit.” He stated, his tone going from worried to angry so fast that it was apparent he knew you were lying to him. “You don’t like heavy makeup, you hate high heels, and I’ve never seen you wear a dress in my life. Are you being forced to dress this way for your debut, or something?”

You let out a sad laugh, your eyes finally leaving the ground and looking straight into his. “It’s not for my debut, I.M.”

“Well, what is it then?” He asked, his face showing so much curiosity that you could feel it in your bones. “Are you trying to change yourself? Is it for a guy?”

You let out a strangled cough, the air in your lungs coming to a halt as his words made their way into your ears. “I told you. It’s nothing.”

“Stop lying to me, Y/N.” He demanded, his hand reaching out and lightly resting on your shoulder. “Who or what are you trying to change yourself for?” 

“Why do you care?” You asked, lightly shrugging his hand off your shoulder as an unnecessary anger came upon you.

“Because you’re my best friend and I don’t like that you’re trying to change yourself! You’re perfect just the way you are and I don’t like that you’ve seemed to have forgotten that.”

“Best friend? Just…damn…don’t you see that that’s the problem?” You scoffed, all the hesitation and fear you had going away completely as the wall you put up quickly began to tumble down.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, confusion filling his face as he questioned why your friendship had suddenly become a problem.

“Are you seriously that blind?” You asked, no longer worrying about him discovering how you’d felt. You were angry and sad and frustrated and you couldn’t keep pretending that everything was okay. You had been hiding your feelings for I.M for as long as you could remember and you couldn’t take it. Not any more. 

“Hey, slow down a minute! Why are you getting mad at me all of -”

“I’m in love you with!” You shouted, your chest heaving as all your pent of frustration had finally been let out. “I’ve been in love with you for years and I was scared to tell you and Lisa convinced me to change the way I looked to get your attention and now you probably hate me and think I’m an idiot and I totally understand if you don’t want to talk to me again and -”

Cutting you off from your confession, I.M quickly placed his lips onto yours. You let out a gasp, the action taking you by surprise and making your heart stop. You were frozen for a moment, your eyes open and looking into space, before finally giving in, your lips gently rubbing against his as you became brave enough to kiss him back.

The kiss was slow at first, the deep flavor of peppermint gum and sweat heavy against your lips. I.M was pressed against you, his hands gently cupping your face before he lightly nipped on your bottom lip. You let out a gasp, the foreign feeling breaking you out of your trance and forcing you to full away.

“I…I um…” You started, your speech completely gone as surprise continued to fill your body. 

“Never change for anybody.” I.M. whispered suddenly, his lips so close to yours that you could feel his breath fan against them. “Especially not me.”

You gave him a small smile, the words in your mouth failing to come out as you tried to process what had just happened. I.M kissed you. I.M kissed YOU. In what world is that considered to be a plausible thing?

“Does this mean….” You started, slightly scared of what you were going to ask. “Does this mean that you…I don’t know….like me?”

I.M let out a laugh, his pink lips stretching into a wide smile before gently landing on your cheek. You gave him another smile, the action making you blush so hard that you were for sure it was showing through your makeup.

“I’ve been in love with you for years, Y/N.” He admitted, his hand gently reaching down and linking with yours. “I just always kept it to myself because I never thought someone like you would love me back.” 

You let out a surprised laugh, your eyes widening at the fact that he not only loved you, but that he never thought you’d love him back. That’s the way you had been feeling for years, and to know that he had felt the exact same way was one of the best feelings in the entire world. 

“Seriously?” You questioned, still not sure if what was happening was some messed up prank that Wonho had convinced him to pull. “You’re not just messing with me?”

I.M chuckled, his voice so soft and deep that it made your heart sing. “Of course I’m not messing with you, Y/N.”

You breathed in a heavy breath, the surprise of everything that had happened taking over your body and leaving you in shock.

“But,” I.M continued, his hand leaving yours and gently poking you on the shoulder. “You should really go put some clothes on.” 

Blind // Yoo Kihyun - 13

Blind Chapter 12 / Thirteen / Blind Chapter 14

“Tell me,” he whispered, listening to you pant into the stale air. You were breathless for him, he warned you that you would be—the way his lips felt against your jaw, against your neck had your heart pounding out of your chest. “Tell me what you’re feeling,” he requested, those lips still grazing your jaw.

“Dizzy,” was your first word.

“Say more,” he asked, nuzzling your head to the side to open your neck for him just for his lips to latch to it.

“Breathless,” you added.

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holding on to your soul. | minhyuk

member: lee minhyuk / reader
genre/warning(s): romance, angst, death, suggestive, drama, drabble, tragedy.
word count: 1,000+

     ↳ song: rhodes - your soul

It was hard for Minhyuk to move on after you had left your mark on his heart, like words of eternal unity carved deep in stone, and even he couldn’t quite piece together the reasons as to how he managed to keep breathing in your absence.

Perhaps it had been her smile when he met her, and the gentle way the corners of her lips tilted upward just the way yours used to. He knew you would’ve grown fond of her, had you seen her there that day as he did. Her smile was merely a reflection of the brilliance that once shone from yours, and it brought him comfort in its familiarity when he didn’t know he needed it. There was so much he didn’t know without you.

He wasn’t sure that falling in love again was something he was capable of, after having lost you and your soft-spoken I love you’s over tendrils of steam above freshly brewed coffee in quaint cafés, or between the shelves of quiet bookstores, as you ran your fingers along the tilted spines.

Yet, he found that he was somehow capable of loving again.

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don’t let me be yours.

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» minhyuk x reader
» FWB!AU; angst
»  2.066 words
» summary: you were feeling out of breath with out fast things were happening, you had never thought of actually confessing your feelings, because you had never really thought you would’ve been able to in the first place.

soundtrack: don’t let me be yours by zara larsson
→entry for the mxwriters network songfic event “lyrical writings for the soul

I may know myself, but I realize I can’t be led astray
I know, I know that you’re bad for my health
But I don’t care, I want you anyway

You had always thought that there could not be anything worst than being in love with your best friend. You were sure about it, seeing as you were talking from experience.
Falling for Minhyuk had been so simple for you, you often thought you probably had been in love with him since the very beginning. He was like the sun after a rainy day and you always longed for him, for his loud laughter and warm hugs. The thought of confessing had never really crossed your mind. Because it did not matter how much obvious you were being, Minhyuk had always seen you only as a friend and he never failed to remind you that.
However, one infamous night at a party, after a few shots of tequila, you found out that there could be something much more worst than unrequited love and that there was no end to how many bad decisions you could make in a few minutes.
You knew that you should’ve stopped the exact moment his lips grazed over yours, that you had ignore how soft his lips were or good they felt against yours. You both were obviously intoxicated by alcohol and you were sure he did not meant what he was doing, that if he had been sober enough he would’ve never thought about doing that. Your brain was screaming at you to run away from there, away from Minhyuk and that kiss. But it did not matter if you thought that stopping was the right thing to do, your body was not budging. You leaned into Minhyuk’s touch, hands trailing up to tangle in his burgundy hair as he trapped you against a wall. Not too long after, you were climbing on his bed while he threw to the ground his clothes as quickly as he could.
The next morning you had woken up in a bed that was not yours, with Minhyuk’s arms keeping you flushed against his chest.
And it probably wouldn’t have been that bad and embarrassing, if only you both had ended up convening that what had happened was just a mistake.
But after that first time, it happened again, and again, and again. You found yourself tied to it, whatever was what your relationship with Minhyuk had evolved into. You knew that you were just hurting yourself like that, sleeping with him when he asked, making it as if you were not madly in love with him. But you really did not have the strength to say no to Minhyuk and deep down you knew it was because, after all, you did not want to.

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TITLE: set me on fire

PAIRING:  senpai!wonho x kouhai!changkyun (wonkyun)



SUMMARY: “if only senpai–” “oh but he already noticed you long ago.”

A/N: this…i don’t know what happened to me. unbeta-ed as always, however, with a tsun changkyun fufufu ~ shownu, minhyuk and jooheon make an appearance on this fic as well!

 this was actually meant to be a crack fic  but oh well–

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meeting mx at the airport ♡

In honor of it being exactly a week since I met Monsta X at the airport, I decided to write a little fan account of how it went down. I was going to make a video about it, but long story short, Vivian and I think that there’s a possibility MX or their management watched our KCON vlog titled “WONHO WAVED AT US… TWICE!” because there’s like 170 views from South Korea, and 150 of those views are from Korean males, if it is MX and their mgmt, I don’t want them get in trouble (since the manager didnt stop me from being mx’s 8th member) So here’s a text post!

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The Clan: All In - Minhyuk

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Genre: not really sure haha, it’s an AU obviously lol

Group/Member(s): Monsta X / Minhyuk (mentions of other members of course)

A/N: This is just sort of my take on things, in no way am I saying this is what the video is saying happened. It’s just what I interpreted it to be saying. Inspired by/Based off of the  All In MV. 

So I just finished this and I’m honestly not sure about the ending, but hopefully you all like it. Like I said this is just my interpretation of the MV and what I took from it.

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