its ok sam i do that too

I know that everyone loves the idea of T’Challa introducing Sam to Wakandan culture/society – which I do too don’t get me wrong – but imagine for a moment: Sam showing T’Challa US culture. 

Sure, T’Challa has probably studied it in an academic sense – he’s royalty he has to know these things – but has he ever eaten a hotdog? Has he ever been to a baseball game? Has he ever listened to Marvin Gaye? (Sam has asked all of these questions and more)

But ok, T’Challa managed to get a weekend off or maybe he’s in the US/New York City for work and Sam is like “ok man you and me, crash course in US culture for cats” and T’Challa definitely doesn’t roll his eyes or think that Sam is being ridiculously adorable

And they go to the natural history museum and T’Challa is mildly impressed but doesn’t say anything because he is Too Proud and Sam definitely does roll his eyes and buys T’Challa a black panther beanie baby because that’s obviously what the King of Wakanda wants, a little stuffed panther collectable. 

(No one dares question why the aforementioned king puts it on his bedside table.)

Afterwards they grab hotdogs and T’Challa is definitely offended by how disgusting this is – seriously what do you mean people eat this on a regular basis – but he finishes it because Sam paid, like, five dollars for this and also T’Challa is a gentleman, he is polite and has manners, unlike some people.

Sam ends the day by bringing T’Challa to his hotel room to introduce T’Challa to the wonders of Netflix (they have it in Wakanda but what do you mean you haven’t watched The Walking Dead–) and T’Challa, with a small smile on his face, asks “Is this what you refer to as Netflix and chill?”

And Sam is like wait wait is he – and yes, Sam, he is. 

In anticipation of the Season 12 premiere, we asked if we could give Sam a hug and it was absolutely cathartic.

From what I was told, Jared took a good couple seconds to get into character. The fact that he brought Sam to life for us, even for that one second, makes me love him forever and ever.

First One Shot?!?

Ok guys here it is my first one shot I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think and if I should do more? Hope its not too long! 

Title: Need a Place to Sleep?

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1445

Author: supernaturalfanimagines

Summary: Sam has to stay in your motel room because Dean is having sex with some random waitress.

It was a typical night in your hunter life. You had just finished a hunt with the Winchesters. There was a pack of werewolves just outside of Tampa and you were able to take care of them pretty quick. You have been hunting with Sam and Dean for a few years now. You were pretty good friends with them almost like siblings, except maybe Sam. You have always had a crush on the younger brother but nothing had ever came from that crush. When you first met them Sam was just getting over his college girlfriend that died in a supposed fire. You eventually found out what really happened.

You and the brothers were driving to the next hunt somewhere in Rhode Island when you decided to stop for the night and get some rest. All three of you go to a bar and grill down the street from your crappy motel you planned on staying in for the night. Luckily for you this time they had plenty of vacancy and you got your own room. Sometimes you didn’t always get that lucky and had to share a room with the brothers.

You ended up sitting at the bar it was busy and no tables were open. Dean got the bartenders attention and ordered beers for all three of you. After a half an hour the place started to settle down and you guys made your way to a table and ordered dinner. To know surprise Dean started flirting with your waitress. She was pretty but kinda trashy looking but that was definitely Dean’s type. She was blonde, blue eyes, double d’s also Dean’s type. Honestly any girl without a brain is Dean’s type. You and Sam both rolled your eyes when Dean started using all his pathetic pickup lines on the waitress. Before you knew it the bar was closing and Dean had his arm around the waitress’s waist and his tongue done her throat. You decided to head back to your motel room before you saw more than you needed to see.

You had been in your room for a few minutes until you realized you left some things in the Impala. You walked out of your room and toward the parking lot were the car was. As you approached the car you saw someone lying down in the back seat. At first you thought some homeless person had broken into the car until you saw the person’s shoes. Those were Sam’s old work boots that have been falling apart for months and you had been teasing him about it. You walked up to the car and knocked on the window and Sam’s eyes shot open faster than a bolt of lightning.

“Did I scare you sleepy head” you said. “Hey Y/N what’s up?” Sam said sitting up and opening the car door. You watched as he stepped out of the back seat. He stood next to, towering over your small body. Sam was really tall even taller than his older brother. You always like how tall he was. You always felt safe when he was standing next to you. “Sam what the hell are you doing sleeping in the backseat of the car?” “Dean kicked me out of our room so he could have his fun with the waitress.” He said. You could tell how pissed he was at Dean for making him sleep in the car. “So what are you doing out here anyway, I thought you went to bed?” Sam asked. “I was going to but I realized I left one of my bags in the car.” Sam turned around and opened the back door of the Impala and pulled out your bag and handed it to you. “Thanks.” “No problem, now if you don’t mind I need to try and get some kind of sleep without breaking my neck” Sam said. He looked exhausted and you knew Dean was going to make him drive in the morning because Dean usually didn’t’ get much sleep when he’s entertaining. “Listen Sam if you want you can sleep in my room with me. I mean not sleep with me, you know like in the same room with me.” You said laughing off the awkward way you asked that. “Um….Y/N are you sure?” “Yeah totally its fine, you will be more comfortable that way.” You said smiling way too much. “Well if you really don’t mind I would appreciate it.” Sam said as he rubbed the back of his neck. You gestured for Sam to follow you and you walk back to your room. You open the door and walked in the room and set your bag down on the table. “So there’s only one bed?” Sam asks as he closes the door. “Yeah it’s a king there’s plenty of room. You’re not scared I’m going to give you cooties are you?” You said jokingly. “No it’s just that. Well you know. It might be a little weird.” Sam said getting red in the face. “You don’t sleep naked do you Sam?” You asked. Sam laughed. “No Y/N I do not.” You both laughed and you walked away towards the bathroom to get ready for bed.

You changed into your oversized t shirt and sweatpants and brushed your teeth. You walked out of the bathroom and saw Sam laying on the bed still in his plaid shirt and jeans. He was on top of the blankets and watching the news on the small tv in the corner of the room. “It’s all yours Sam.” You said as you crawled onto the opposite side of the bed. “I would love to get ready for bed but my bag is in the room with Dean and the waitress. I guess I’m sleeping in jeans tonight.” Sam said with his eyes glued to the tv. “Well there’s an extra tooth brush in the bathroom and if you want to sleep in your boxers I really don’t mind.” You said as you laid down and pulled the sheets over your body. “Y/N are you sure about that? It wouldn’t be weird?” Sam asked looking at you. “Yeah Sam it’s no big deal.” Sam got up and went into the bathroom to get ready. You laid in the bed your heart was going 80 miles an hour. You thought you could literally hear it beating. You were fixing to sleep with Sam fricking Winchester! Well you were just going to sleep…unfortunately. You could feel goose bumps forming all over your body as you heard him turning the knob to the bathroom door. Sam walked out in just a white t shirt and his black boxers. Correction black boxer briefs and he looked good. REAL GOOD. The only light in the room was what was coming from the tv. Sam turned the tv off and climb on the bed. He was still laying on top of the blankets. “Sam you’re going to freeze to death get under the blankets.” Sam grunted and pulled the blankets out from underneath him and pulled them over himself. “I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable Y/N” “Sam I’m fine really. If I wasn’t I never would have invited you to stay.” You said turning over and facing him. Sam turned to face you and smiled. “Thanks again Y/N I really appreciate it.” You felt the goosebumps again as he stared into your eyes. You could smell his minty breath as he talked to you. You couldn’t help but feel a shiver run up your spine as he talked. “No problem Sam.”

Before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep. It was the best sleep you had in weeks. You didn’t want to get up. You almost felt like you were being forced to lay in that exact spot and not move. You could hear banging on your door and your eyes shot open. There was an arm laying across you, holding you close. It was warm and firm. That’s when you realized Sam was still in bed with you and was spooning you? You heard banging again on the door and Dean yell “Y/N are you awake? Do you know where Sammy is? We gotta get on the road.” You turned over and Sam’s arm moved away from you quickly. “Y/N I’m so sorry I don’t know what happened.” Sam said getting out of bed and almost falling backwards. “Sam its ok we were just sleeping. It was nice.“ You said smiling. Then Dean yelled again "Are you both in there? What the hell happened last night?” At the same time you and Sam both shouted “Nothing” and started laughing.