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Ok but honestly, whenever i have a fav character i want them to be latinx like me. But obviously if theyre name is Tadashi hamada and you see both of their parents to be a certain race, im not gonna fucking cry abt it. Dreamworks was kind enough to give us some diversity so honestly im pissed that people are STILL claiming Lance is white. Its like shhhhhhhhhhhhh. You have a million characters that is your c a r b o n copy. This is ours.

i’m in love with whoever wrote this 

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what are some of your fav blogs on here?

ok i follow probably like 50 new blogs every day sjfbasdkfn i either fall in love with their blog or them as a person and its really all over the place from celebs to tv shows so imma just name some that pop into my head this isnt an entire list

@graintgustin @selenagomezaf @suprcorp @archerie @promoteselfsoothing @leamichelerps @goldenglider @wally-iris @gomezes @zendayar @yourstrulys @llastjedi @andialmostdo @babyv @marieselena @maliatait @meandstherhythm @selenangomez @beyoncegiselle @beyhive4ever @veronicalocge @selmaries @supercanaries @rodenly @wokuspokus @beautifulstragic honestly there likes so many but thats all i can think of rn, you can check my blog roll if you’re just looking around for some blogs to follow!!

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what do you see in scriddler? its a toxic ship and i dont get why so many support

@problematicgaysinspace didn’t you get an anon like this lmao

Ok well, I rarely reblog Scrids but you must’ve seen some of my other posts, so thanks. Um, I’m not here to say the ship is a happy gushy romantic ship, because it isn’t, but it all boils down to who’s writing about it and what their interpretation is. See, the ship wouldn’t be ‘healthy’ as others because the two people involved aren’t the healthiest. Regardless, as well, if either of them got in any relationship it probably wouldn’t be ‘healthy’ like others, but okay.  I’ve explained this in asks before, but what I want to say is that between the two the relationship seems workable of sorts. Again they aren’t going to have a gold star kinda thing, but it’s workable. For one they’re intellectual equals - evidence goes to show that such thinks tend’s to make relationships better. Secondly, they’re in the same career so hey when one gets arrested it won’t be awful and separating. As I’ve said before, Jonathan is admittedly one of the few who could probably butt heads with Edward regarding logical debates and keep up with what he’s saying. They’re two peas in a pod per say. Also like I’ve said before (so many times) the people involved with the ship are who keep it running. You have fantastic artists, fantastic writers, fantastic headcanon producers and just great people in general. Just because they like something you may regard as toxic (and to each our own, whatever, don’t get why you bring it to me though) doesn’t make em bad. I know a lotta people who I care about deeply who support it :/ but yeah, it isn’t the healthiest, but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it toxic. Again it’s up to the writers and the people to interpret it as they will. Anyway you can keep viewing it as bad but yeah don’t bring it to me - as a scriddler blog that seems kinda dumb lmao

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Can I have your thoughts on old school people that still use lame, rad, dope, trippin', etc...? Since I know people find some words "offensive" nowadays... I know "lame" had bad meaning in the PAST, but it became a casual slang term for something that just wasn't cool. I use these words all the time and, while nobody has really said something to me, I almost feel like it's a matter of time... Is this bad o me to continue using them? Although, even if it is, its a habit I probably won't break :')

I would probably avoid using lame if possible, but you’re probably ok on the others.

So, I have somewhere between moderate and severe(?) depression and as of late my mom’s been giving me plushies with smiley faces on ‘em (one is a smiling rainbow star and another is the sunglasses emoji, for examples) and I’m not sure if it’s just her way of helping with my low days, but I really love them and they do actually help in a way? Like they just sit on my bed and smile at me, but it’s oddly comforting.

a real question: is it ok to headcanon a characters sex if theyre nonbinary/agender?? like if its not canon i mean.

idk like i know its messed up to call them by their old pronouns but like?? is it bad to hc what their like…birth stuff was (idk how to word this AT ALL i hope this doesnt offend anyone aaa,,, im sorry im jyst confused)

ok wait important question

so everyone has those types of monsters that they like, design and appearance-wise, but what’s your favorite kind of personality for a monster? do you prefer for them to be mostly human-like with only some monstrous traits, do you prefer for them to be friendly, or do you prefer for them to be fully capable and willing to completely tear you apart? and we’re talking like, hypothetically in a situation where you wouldn’t literally die from that

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are we aloud to draw the roll cats ?? like not the ones youve created but our own. Its fine if youre not ok with that

 yeah my dude anyone can draw them and make their own roll cat. just be sure not to draw them commercially (e.g as adoptables)


“7 or never, 7 or nothing.” #GOT73rdAnniversary #3YearsWithGOT7 #LetsFlyHighLetGreenShine

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..


(the background is transparent woohoo)