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Sick day today, so I decided to work on the Otabek drawing (color vomit) I started a little while ago. I also made a messy/lazy Yurio sketch because I’m addicted to colors

based on this reference

INTP trying to go to bed
  • INTP: alright INTP nice job today, you actually got all your work done and it's only 10pm! time to treat yourself and go to bed and get some extra sleep. we all know you could use it
  • brain: wow look at this cool cat video why don't you watch it
  • INTP: pfft sure it's only a minute why not
  • INTP: okay now that I've watched this cat video let's go to bed
  • brain: no go write a story, you've had that idea for one for a while
  • INTP: hm writing does help me relax before bed
  • INTP: *spends three hours writing* dang that took a while, time to sleep
  • brain: but wait look at these theories of time isn't wikipedia amazing
  • INTP: ok now that i've had an existential crisis let me go to bed
  • INTP: please
  • brain: no
  • INTP: why
  • INTP: it's right there
  • INTP: i can just walk over to it and lay down and close my eyes
  • brain: ughhhuguhgu too much work :/
  • INTP: it's literally two feet away i could be asleep in five minutes
  • brain: could watch this hillary clinton remix
  • INTP: please let me sleep
  • brain: the ten hour version
How We Met

Pairing: Civilian!Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You’re casually strolling around your local dog park. Nothing unusual. That is until you get made into the biggest fool alive. Oh yeah and its in front of the most attractive boy you’ve ever met. Great.

Warning: Adorable puppies and the misuse of commas in about every other sentence. Good luck.

Reader’s POV:

The slight breeze brushed against the red, orange and yellow leaves that kissed the clean blue sky. Surrounding birds were gaily tweeting their special songs, nestled between branches. My black lab, Grizzly, and I were exploring the dog park I always said I would go to but never had the time to visit. School had given me the wonderful temporary release from my daily confinement called Christmas break. 

Grizz was crazy excited, running around in the new expanse and sniffing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in sight. One earbud in my ear was singing the new song by my favorite artist that I’ve been DYING to hear. No seriously. I was almost in a car crash because of my ranting to my amused but slightly scared friend about its release. Skipping with the beat, it was unfortunate I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. A tennis ball soared through the air and came into contact with my head. Considerably dismantled, I didn’t notice the gnarly branch peeking out of the ground waiting for its next unsuspecting victim (the first being the adorably clumsy human you’re about to meet).

“Oh my gosh! I’m terribly sorry! I didn’t see you!”

The most gorgeous (British) voice traveled through the air meeting my delighted ears. Graceful footsteps sounded across the grassy terrain stopping near where I sat.

“Here, let me help you.” An elegant pale hand reached down to aid me.

“Oh, thanks. It’s really alright. That happens a lot more than it should.” It was completely embarrassing to have fallen in front of a complete stranger. I couldn’t quite get the courage to look up at him yet.

“So idiot blokes like me hit you with tennis balls making you fall over branches in a dog park often? You must be quite special.”

Oh gosh. He’s laughing. Can this get any more embarrassing? Is it possible to spontaneously combust from embarrassment? If it is, let it happen.

I slowly look up at him and am completely taken aback. There are no words. What are words? HOW DO YOU ENGLISH? OH NO HE’S TALKING TO ME!! BRAIN!! WORK!!

“Uh, I-I-I’m Tom. Again, terribly sorry. I was just playing with my dog.”

“I-it’s really fine. My name is (y/n). I’m here with my dog, too. Uh, I mean, obviously. Its a dog park. Its not like I’m here to kidnap dogs or anything. Oh gosh, that probably sounded terrible. I have a dog. I love dogs….heh.”

Kill me.

“You’re completely fine, though? Nothing got hurt when you fell?” he seemed genuinely concerned. Cute.

“Only my ego. I guess there wasn’t much of it there anyways.” Then he laughed. Did he think I was funny..?

“Hah! That’s hilarious! (phew) What breed is your dog?” “Grizzly is a black lab.” “Oh cute. Little Tessa is an American Staffordshire Terrier.”

It was as if they knew we were talking about them when our two bounding dogs barked their way over to their owners.

“Hey buddy! Did you make a new friend? Oh really? Isn’t that fun? Yeah you were a good boy weren’t you? Good dog.”

Reaching down to pet Tessa, Tom watched as I completely dropped any nervousness I previously had. Looking up, I noticed him staring.

“Oh sorry. I’m a bit puppy crazy..” “Not don’t apologize.. do you want to meet Tess?” “Um.. of course!”

“Okay okay. Ha! You really love pups, don’t you? Tessa. Meet (y/n). She’s my new friend.”

Tessa inched over to sniff my hand and immediately started nuzzling it. She flopped onto her back, begging for a scratch.

“Aww! Hey baby girl! Aren’t you adorable!”

While I played with Tessa, Grizzly leaped over to Tom. Shying away from his hand, Grizz seemed to be playing a game with the brit, letting him get close but not quite touching. Tom seemed a bit disappointed.

“It’s ok. He does that with everyone he likes.” “He likes me?” “Definitely.”

Feeling better, Tom and Grizzly started to chase each other around the field. After playing with the puppies for a while, it was time to head home.

“I better get going. The fam might worry..” “Oh yeah of course… it was great to meet you and Grizz.” “Likewise.”

Calling Grizz and making our way out, I took a last glance at our new friends and left the park.

“Wait, (y/n)!”

(Jk its not over XD)

“What’s up, Tom?” “ I really liked spending time with you and Tessa seems to really like you too and you’re really cool and I think you’re really pretty and.. and..” “Tom?”

He sighed. “Yeah?”

“Do you want my number?” I tried to stifle my laugh as he let out the most relieved sigh.

“Yes.” I hand him folded piece of paper. “I figured.”

I then left feeling confident and proud of myself with the way I left things. I felt pretty cool.. you know until I tripped walking down the street. I really hope he didn’t see that. I look back and see him laughing and waving.

Yeah. He saw.

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Ok so my parents grew up in India and my mom actually had a child servant who took care of her when she was growing up, so I asked her about 6p having a child slave. Basically what she told me is that while it may have been common practice in richer families 40 years ago it's very very illegal now. Even though 6p's family is in Bangladesh and not India I'm sure the practice there is highly illegal too.

Tango: hey whiskey what does idk mean?

Whiskey: I don’t know

Tango: oh ok i’ll see if bitty knows


Tango: what does brb mean

Whiskey: be right back

Tango: oh ok I’ll wait here!! 


Whiskey: tony.

ok I know I’ve been whats the word ?? fucking annoying n hard to deal with talking about day6 for the past few days but in my honest defence, you would be too if you took the time you waste from taking a shit to truly listen to their music and watch their videos. I’ve liked their music for a while, but I never knew what they looked like until LITERALLY 5 days ago….n frankly, it doesn’t take that many days for me to see talent and true lov n passion….like it really doesn’t. if you saw young.k n wonpil cry @ the same time you would be this annoying too

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ok,,, bokuroo and number 12 are like Very Important!!! if youre still taking prompts

It took me a little a while cause I’ve been so busy but I swore I would get one of these done by the end of the week. Rated Teen for obvious kiss and teenage hormones related reasons. 

12. a hoarse whisper “kiss me” 

Bokuto has this weird new habit lately. Or rather, its a trend, because it’s not like he’s doing it everywhere.

At first Kuroo thought it was just a regular bout of teenage hormones. Which…wouldn’t be too weird. He’s enough of a chemistry nerd to know what it is. Dopamine, phenylethylamine, adrenaline and an extra dose of testosterone. It happens. He knows this. Being a teenage boy himself and all.

It happens once and he doesn’t think twice about it. Happens a second time and he just goes with it. But the third time, thats when he starts to notice it.

It only ever happens right after matches too. Not Bokuto’s. But Kuroo’s own. Whether it’s practice matches, official matches, or even matches against Fukurodani itself - that’s when it occurs.

And it’s always the same thing. The match ends. Nekoma thanks the audience, shakes the other team’s hand and then they’re walking off the court. Pushing the volleyball cart. Chatting with each other. Just like how it always goes.

But then, of course. There is Bokuto. Standing in the hallway that goes back into the main building, right between the lockers and the gymnasium. He comes to his games when he can. For mutual support and all that and Kuroo appreciates it. A lot more than he lets on. But this is also when that little trend shows up and well…

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hey. i've been pondering over gender things as of late, and i think i might be either trans male or gender fluid. i don't know anyone irl who is either, and was wondering: how did you figure out your identity? are there any ways to know specifically?

well!! it actually took me a good few years to figure out my identity! in fact im still trying to figure myself out! but the way i came to the point that im at now, and that i feel might help you, is i experimented with pronouns. i would just simply ask my friends to refer to me by a certain pronoun and id see if i liked it or not!
figuring out your identity takes a while so remember not to get too stressed out if youre unsure of what youre feeling. it takes time and its ok if you wanna change up your pronouns <3



Yesterday was too hot to sit with me in the evening but apparently this morning the usual scheduled coffee snuggle habit is too important to be ignored. Even though it’s just as hot in the apartment (which bodes well for later, we’re going to melt).

On the one hand, it’s sweet, and it took a while to train her that it was ok to snuggle and also to ask for affection. So even though she’s fluffy and making me feel even more overheated, I’m going along with her, after she insisted on climbing on to my lap this morning, though I offered the empty bench first.

On the other hand, she is also clearly melting and you can see she has one paw placed on bench of coolness. Like that will help.

Wisdom Teeth

1.      littlebreadstickmoose asked:

Can I get a samxreader fic where the reader just got her wisdom teeth out and she’s all happy on laughing gas and she tells Sam how hot he is and how she’s had a crush on him forever ect.

Word count :2048

Authors note : sorry its taking so long to post .I’m hoping to be posting more frequently .Thank you for all the support I can’t believe how much my blogs grown .I hope you enjoy I feel like I need to improve in my samxreader fics .What do you all think?







It was way too early to be up but you had the dentist appointment today .You slowly got out of bed you shut off the your alarm on your phone .you made your way to you’re the bathroom brushing your teeth mid-way you heard a knock on the door .You went to your door thinking it was way too early for this .Once you opened the door you saw the guy you’ve had a crush on since you met him no one other than the infamous Sam Winchester .You were shocked to see Sam he seemed way too happy for it to be too early.

    That’s not what shocked you the most though  .All he had on was a towel around the waist .He had just recently showered water was dripping from his hair .You got really nervous all of sudden it was hard enough to see him with clothes on now without them made it almost impossible to not just grab him and kiss him .You could clearly see how fit he was and it took everything to distract yourself so you just looked at his hazel eyes .It only made things worse because the sun from your window was hitting him right in the eyes causing his eyes to almost change color .what were you thinking so you looked lower to his upper chest only to see his peck flex .You had nowhere else to look but down only to see that all you were wearing was your underwear and a tight shirt  .You hid behind the door realizing that you were practically naked in front of Sam a little ashamed because man was Sam in good shape and you had always been shy about your body .You had to take control even though it was practically impossible .

“uhh hey Sam um what’s up.” you could tell Sam was acting a little weird to .I mean you two were standing practically naked in front of each other .

“uhh no I Just wanted to say to be ready in a half hour so were not late for the dentist .”

“Uhh I thought Dean was taking me.”

“Well how long did you think that was going to last he woke up half an hour earlier throwing me the keys saying that there’s no way in hell he was taking you this early and then he went back to bed .No way you’re getting him up either if he let me drive his precious baby that means he’s serious.”

“Wow I should have expected this.”

“Yeah I’ve always been the morning person anyways plus it’s no big Deal.”

“Sorry about this so I guess I should start to get ready.”

“Yeah me too ill wait for you in the car.”

“Ok Great thanks again Sam.”

He walked away and you closed your door .You thought to yourself I’m going to kill Dean .Now Sam gets to see me drugged saying stupid stuff and overly swollen cheeks wonderful .You started to get ready legging boots and you wanted to be comfy but there could be chance of blood and well you didn’t want to stain any of your shirts so you went to Deans room you put on a tank top then you headed to Deans room .You slammed the door open and walked in only to see Dean Wake up pointing a gun at you .

“What the hell Y/n .”

“That’s for not taking me and I’m taking your favorite shirt just so I don’t stain mine with blood. OH and I Our Deals off no homemade pies for a week.”

“Y/n I’m sorry it’s just I’m tired and I really don’t want to go to the dentist.”

You walked up to his bedside and grabbed him by the collar.

“Dean we had a Deal for god’s sake I was going to clean your weapons for a week and get pie yet you couldn’t wake up for a couple hours for my wisdom teeth removal. I’m mad and I will hold this against you .What’s nice is Sam’s doing this for free yet now he has to see me totally drugged and disgusting .You know why I needed this and now my nightmares coming true .”

You headed to his closet and grabbed his Army green shirt.

“y/n that’s my favorite one .I’m sorry but  If I’m totally honest I kind of wanted this to happen .i mean come on you’ve been in love with Sam forever being alone with him will help don’t you think . I kind of wanted to see how it was going to go .”

You looked at dean while you put his shirt over you tank top.

“I’m going to kill you when I’m no longer drugged and you’re going to find yourself a new best friend that helps you when you get drunk.”

“Y/n you can’t stay mad.”

You stormed out.

“Watch me.”

You headed to the car you saw Sam sitting in the driver’s seat .you smiled at him and he smiled back at you .Man his smile always made you feel better .you went up and sat in the passenger seat.

“So Dean told me where the dentist is are you ready?”

“Not really I’m ok with the whole surgery the dumb drug aftermath scares me .Can I just say now I’m sorry for everything I say.”

He laughed “Its ok I won’t judge you I’m a really bad drunk too.”

You both laughed.

“Man it feels good that we don’t have to listen to Deans singing and music.”

You laughed at Sam’s statement. You both laughed and talked on the way to the dentist .once you arrived you went up to the front desk with Sam they took you while Sam waited in the waiting room. Once the surgery was over you saw Sam walk in to the room he talked to your doctor .you had absolute no idea on what was going on and the cotton in your mouth felt weird.

“Hey Sammy “you got out of your chair and you went to hug him .you held on to him for a little too long you moved your hands on his back going a little too low at one point causing him stiffen .He was shocked to see you like this he didn’t know what to do .He didn’t know if it was the drugs or maybe you being honest .He couldn’t help but enjoy he liked you but he never thought you liked him back.

“Uhh y/n you ok?”

“Yeah just peachy I got a great feel.”

He laughed a little the doctor said

“Your girlfriends probably going to be like this for a while your either very lucky or not.”

You laughed “I wish I was his girlfriend I mean look at him and ive been in love with him since forever. He’s hot but no I can’t tell him doc though because then that’d be embarrassing so shhh lets keep it between us .”

The doctor laughed at your statement just by the fact that Sam was the one holding you up clearly being able to hear you .You yet oblivious to anything you were saying .Having no memory you of much of anything you looked up to see Sam.

“Oh hey Sam when did you get here shh doc don’t tell him.”

The doctor informed Sam of what he had to do .

“Ok so her cotton needs to be changed for the next half hour she has to eat soft food and she’s going to be weird for a while from the anesthetic.

“Doctor did you know me and Sam kill monsters for a living of course Sam looks a lot better doing it .”

“Ok I should take her home now.”

The doctor looked confused and a little shocked but laughed.

“Ok ghost busters you can both leave.”

You both walked out Sam helped you in the car.

“So y/n I know you’re drugged but do you really think I’m hot.”

You looked at him “You weren’t supposed to hear that shhh.”

He laughed “Ok then I’m Dean not Sam so tell me“

“No your Sam your hot Deans just goofy .You have the nice hazel eyes that make me like you even more every time I look at your eyes .Oh and the body I always check out when we go on hunts .I mean I’ve liked you since forever.” you giggled more you heard your stomach growl a little bit after “I’m kind of hungry Sam and for food not you for once  .”

“Let’s get Dean to buy you some ice cream then.”

“Yay ice cream I knew I liked you for your brains too.” He smiled at your statement.

“You have to change your cotton though.”

“Ok Sam anything for you.”

You slowly changed your cotton. Sam drove you to the bunker first. he didn’t want to leave you alone in a car for too long so he decided Dean could go get the ice cream while he took care of you at the bunker. .When you arrived Sam helped you to the couch .Dean came up to you

“ how’s it going druggy .”

“Hey you’re the guy I helped when a girl kicked you out in your underwear after having sex.”

“Y/n shut up”

It was too late though Sam heard you.

“Really Dean “

“I’m going to go get y/n her ice cream and we’re never talking about this again.”

Sam laughed “Oh we totally are.”

“Sam come sit with me I miss you.”

Dean looked at Sam shocked when he saw Sam smile more than usual when he went to grab a blanket to cover you and grabbed ice for your chipmunk cheeks.

“Sam what did she tell you.”

“She’s drugged Dean nothing she probably meant.”

Dean walked back up to you.

“Y/n did you tell Sam you liked him?”

‘No just the doctor shhh or he’ll know.”

“She told you didn’t she.”

“You knew “

“Yeah she got drunk one night I just can’t believe it happened like this.”

Sam looked like he got mad. ”You knew and you never told me for god’s sake I never thought I had a chance .you’re a jerk I told you I liked her and you knew and never told me or her.”

“Hey you both told me to stay quite so I did.”

You couldn’t control how you were feeling so you started to cry.

“Don’t fight please “you felt tears falling down your face.

They both turned around shocked .They both didn’t know what to do you never cried .sam took care of the situation.

“Y/n its ok we’re not mad Deans going to go get ice cream for you.”

You sniffled a little . ”Oh ok get my favorite Dean “

“I will “


“You started to get sleepy though but you didn’t want to sleep alone .

“Sam I’m tired .”

“Then let’s go to bed”

“Ok you went to your room your bleeding had stopped so you removed the gauze .Sam was right behind you helping you .You decided you didn’t want to sleep in your own room though so you walked out Sam was confused on what you were going to do .You stepped in his room and went to his closet you took off Deans shirt and your tank top and grabbed one of Sam’s you put it on while Sam was standing behind you .you slipped it on and smelled it .After you put it on you took off your boots then your pants and you went to Sam’s bed .you pulled Sam behind you .you both lied in bed he gave you more ice to put on .He lied down next to you and you put his hand around your waist .


“Yeah y/n?”

“I love you always have. “You giggled after

“Me too y/n “

“I Feel like a marshmallow man hehe.”

“You’re the cutest one I know y/n “

You couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re the hottest friendly giant I know too Sam.”

You started to fall asleep feeling Sam kiss you on your forehead .You fell asleep not knowing what was to come when you woke up.

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  • Geunsuk: He's (Jaejoong) naked at home.
  • Jaejoong: I can't deny it.
  • Geunsuk: I don't understand why Kim jaejoong even needs clothes. The only thing I have seen is him taking off clothes. No Kidding. There were a lot of times he took off on stage, didn't he?
  • MC: Right, just a while ago, he took off his shirt too.
  • Geunsuk: I think he will take off his pants too someday. By the way, its ok to take of your shirt and sing at your home. But why did he do that in other people's house?
  • Jaejoong: I know who he is. This friend...
  • Geunsuk: My mom scolded me you know?
  • MC: "Who is he to come to other people's house, take off and wander around??" Your mother must have thought that way lol
  • Jaejoong: That friend's house is like my house and my house is like his house
  • MC: What do you thing? DO you agree with that?
  • Geunsuk: What are you sayin? I told you mym mom has scolded me!
Mistakes, part 14. (Neymar imagine)

Previous parts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 

‘Careful!’ I quickly grab Neymar’s elbow as he gets out of the car. Rafa walks up to us with his crutches so he can walk by himself. He looks frustrated, trying to walk. It’s not only his leg, but also his back and his neck. He’s in a lot of pain.

'It’s ok.’ He mumbles, and hobbles after us, while we walk into his house. Well, it’s my house too, but all my stuff is still in the hotel, and in my car which is still at the hospital. I took everything with me when I moved into my apartment. Oh.. With all the things going on I forgot about my apartment and how I still need to get the rest of my stuff.. And while we’re at it, let’s not forget how I’m probably replaced for the role in my movie by now. I didn’t bother to call the before, which was very unprofessional. I also need to call David, he knows Neymar is awake but that’s about it. I haven’t bothered to look into my social media, because by now the news about what happened probably got out. I sit down on the couch and rub my temples. My head hurts, and the things I need to do keep piling up. So many things to do.. 
I sigh and make a list in my head of all the things I need to do, and I decide that the sooner I’ll start, the sooner I’ll be done. And when I’m done I can focus on Neymar. 

I go to the room Ney and I once shared, but now feels empty. He’s laying on the bed. His foot on a pile of pillows for good support. He looks up when I walk in and smiles. I sit down next to him and he takes my hand.
'I need to take care of some things. My stuff at the appartement, the hotel, and my car..’ I hesitate to tell him about the movie, considering that my opponent is the reason he was so mad, and got into a car incident. He isn’t supposed to remember that, and something in the back of my mind wants to test him. 
'I also need to talk with my manager, and Theo..’ I add, and I watch his facial expression change. It’s the tiniest change and barely noticeable, but I noticed. A troubled and angry expression, for a tenth of a second before his face went back to normal. 
'Everything okay?’ I ask nicely, as if I’m not doing something terrible. He’s been in a car accident and told me Davi and I were the only reasons he woke up. And here i am, testing his honesty.
'Alright, what else?’ He asks, his voice sounding normal. 
'Some other things but I’ll take care of that later.’ I lean in and kiss him softly, leave him wanting more as I walk out of the room. 

 It was just a tenth of a second, a tenth of a second his facial expression changed but it’s been consuming my thoughts for the rest of the day. I call the owner of my apartment building, letting him know that I’m moving out, and I’m dealing with all the stuff. I tell him a u-haul will come by tomorrow, which will also get my stuff from the hotel. I call David and we decide to meet up in the weekend. I go to the hotel lot with a taxi, to find out my car had been parked in someone else’s spot, which means it got towed away. When i finally have my car, and i get home, I’m exhausted. Rafaella has cooked and Davi is napping on the couch. I walk into the bedroom, finding Neymar sleeping too. I lay down next to him and he turns around. He’s on a lot of medication due to the injuries on his back and leg. I feel guilty looking at his pained face.  

 It’s time for dinner and we quietly eat our spaghetti, only interrupted by Davi, giggling every time he tries to lift the spaghetti with his fork and it glides off onto his plate.
'What’s wrong, aren’t you hungry?’ Neymar asks, taking a sip of his soda. I shake my head.
'Nauseous.’ I mumble, and Rafa glares at me. The smell of tomato sauce makes my stomach turn. Just like the smell of meat, onions and garlic. It’s been like this for a couple days now, and Rafa knows why I’m sick but she quietly continues to eat her meal. 

 After dinner, I take a long shower, scrubbing my body till my skin is aching. I slowly massage my stomach, and close my eyes. I take extra long, because I decided to tell him. I can’t wait any longer. 
I put on my pajama’s, and get into bed. Neymar takes of his shirt and gets in next to me.
'Ney..’ I start, and he puts up his hand to stop me from talking.
'We need to talk.’ He says, and I raise my brows.
'What’s wrong?’ I ask, and he reaches for my face, softly caressing my cheek with his fingers.
I sigh, closing my eyes and leaning into his palm.
'I need to tell you something.’ He says, before I can start. I smile and nod. He hesitates, and looks agitated.  Angry even.
'You know, that day I woke up and we talked?’ He says it as a question so i nod again, anxious about what is to come.
'I lied about something.’ I feel how my body gets cold and how the tips of my finger feel numb, intertwined with his.
'Continue.’ I say, sounding braver than I feel.

 ’I remember.’ 

 Those two words. They’re supposed to hurt. They’re supposed to make me feel bad, but deep down inside i knew. And a part of me is happy he told me now, because it would be worse if i found out myself.
'I know.’ I simply say, and he frowns leaning on his elbow.
'What?!’ He asks, whispering loudly.
I almost want to giggle at his response. Instead I sit up and he does the same.
'I knew when I mentioned Theo today, and saw your facial expression. I’m supposed to be mad, but I’m glad you told me.. Honestly, when you told me you forgot, I was kind of sad because that would mean you also forgot how badly you wanted me back.’ I smile, but he still looks confused.
'I’m so sorry.’ He says, and reaches for my arm but I push his hand back.

'I need to tell you something too..’ I say, and he looks like curious. Even though I practically give myself away, by putting my hand over my belly, and I see his lips slightly part.

(Hey darlings, i can’t belive there’s only one part left! Thanks to everyone who read this series, and sent me nice messages :) I’m sorry it tooka little longer to write this one, but the last part will be posted this week too! Thank you)

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ok time to confess one of my biggest OnS  headcanons. :3

Mika is reluctant to take Yuus blood for many reasons, but one big reason is how he hates himself doing that to him. That he himself experienced as a kid. Mikas only experience in that other role of the “interaction” is Ferid u see, and he remembers how disgusting and horrible it was, and he hates to put Yuu-chan in that role, to have a vampire feed on him.

I also hc Yuu-chan finding out about this for ex. while talking Mika saying how it must be horrible and he smirks and gets close to Mika and says 
“Hey, Mika, let me explain something”
Mika nods, confused, and Yuu leans in and playfully bites his neck and starts sucking on it, and Mika blushes like mad -
“Wha-what are u doing Yuu-chan?”
Then Yuu leans back and says grinning: 
“Would it be really that horrible if i took some blood too?” (Mika shocks his head a little puzzled) “U know its not different for me. Its you, Mika. Its ok. Its more than ok.”


i NEED this omg i NEEEEED THIS ok????. 


I couldn’t decide on a background

y o u  D I R T Y  B R O T H E R  K I L L E R 

I’ve had so much fun drawing these!!

I plan on drawing frisk with the rest of the characters, but here, some FRISK-y doodles 

more to come!

(*drawing Undertale characters fill me with determination) (click on the pictures for a running commentary)

Never Tease my Boyfriend Again. (skylox and merome)


Authors Note: I TRIED MY BEST.


Jerome and Adam talked about random things in the dining room While Mitch and Ty sat in the living room using their Gadgets While Not saying a word

that’s when Adam screams it echoed to the living room

Mitch Laughs unexpectedly 

“Adam screams like a girl” Mitch laughed

“at least my boyfriend isn’t a furry Creature” Ty finished

“what did you just say?"Mitch questioned while standing up in front of Ty

Ty repeated the words "AT LEAST MY BOYFRIEND ISN’T A FURRY CREATURE” while putting his phone on the table he stood up also facing Mitch He hasn’t notice he was extremely small compared to Mitch

the both of them faced each other With determined faces

“Well at least my Boyfriend doesn’t love me more than butter!"Mitch exclaimed

Ty’s mouth dropped

"at least my boyfriend doesn’t love a microwave alarm” He shouted

“Well at least my boyfriend isn’t a Bipolar physco !” Mitch answered back furiously

“At least my boyfriend doesn’t go running around with a diamond axe in everybodies faces!!”

“At least My boyfriend doesn’t betray me when we play the Hunger deans” Mitch answered

“atleast my Boyfriend doesn’t slurp all the day!” Ty answered who looked like he was about to blow up


Jerome and Adam went running to the living room Having no comment and just stared at the two while they were fighting both of them just giggled hilariously

“Well at least I dont have to worry about getting Eaten by my Boyfriend!” Ty shrieked

“at least I get to see my boyfriend’s eyes everyday!” Mitch shrieked louder

Adam being the tough won went to stop their fight that was going out of hand Jerome followed behind him without Hesitations

“What the heck just happened?” Adam questioned

“IT WAS HIS FAULT” Ty and Mitch say in unison while pointing at each other

“ok ok chill” Adam said soothingly while pulling his lover into a hug

Jerome did the same and pathed Mitch in the Head

the two were pulled apart by there boyfriends

both of them gave one last Glare at each other

together they said to each Other


Jerome and Adam just looked at each other and smirked both of them whispered and sighed “hhhuhh.. Boyfriends” they both laughed and pulled there Lovers away

on the side where Jerome and Mitch were , Jerome just comforted his boyfriend

“You are so cute Biggums when you get angry. you Jag” Jerome smiled at Mitch who looked really pissed off

Mitch smiled “I love ya Biggums you know that?”

“yep"Jerome smiled while kissing his lover on the forehead

on the other side Ty was looking so pissed off on what just happened a while ago Sky just patted him in the back

"Chill out Ty.Dont feel Hurt you know he was just defending also joking  besides Your perfect to me You know that? Dont hate yourself” Sky said

“yeah you’re Right, You are the perfect boyfriend you know that?” Ty smiled while staring at his lover’s glasses

he took them of and revealed his perfect gold gray eyes, I was completely lost in them

he kissed my forehead and smiled at me

“I love you Ty”

“I love you too”


I Tried my best ok? Dont blame me if its Horrible. I was just Really bored and had nothing to do Sorry for my Grammar, Punctations, and other mistakes :)