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hi hello just me popping in to say that i love mr tom holland with my whole heart and sure i do have a massive crush on him and probably always will but thats not why i love him so much. i love him for his compassion, for his heart, for his spirit, for his talent and passion for doing what he loves, and for him just truly being himself. i love him for being the dork from london who does backflips to impress people and falls on his face, for how much he loves his dog, for how kind he is to children, for how amazing of a brother he is, for how much he appreciates his supporters. not because he’s attractive, not because i think that i own him/his decisions or will marry him, but because he’s just tom. and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants, and at times like these i hope he knows that the people who really love him don’t care what he’s doing as long as he’s happy and healthy. 

Hanahaki Disease - An illness born from one-sided love. Where the patient throws up and coughs of flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love.

You should know better than to fall for a Demon.

  • Sakura: So is the Kage meeting taking place today?
  • Sasuke: I don't know yet, Naruto is supposed to call me to confirm.
  • -the phone starts buzzing-
  • ringtone: Shannaro! ... Shannaro! ... Shannaro! ...
  • Sasuke: (sighs) Sarada?
  • Sarada: (walks out of her room) Yes, papa?
  • Sasuke: Did you change my ringtone again?
  • Sakura: (giggles)

“7 or never, 7 or nothing.” #GOT73rdAnniversary #3YearsWithGOT7 #LetsFlyHighLetGreenShine

I have one thought
that I can’t appreciate things if I don’t appreciate myself
and it’s so true

I’ve tried for so long to be the person I always wanted to be
as soon I’ve seen improvement, I’ve began to show more interests
I’ve began to compliment myself, that never happened some years ago

I didn’t want a relationship, because I first wanted to love myself before the others, to be my biggest supporter, inspiration, fan and friend

I was a naive child, and I’ve grown as a more cautious naive adult
I have my pros and cons, many of the fights I had with some people were happened for my fault
I might not be good at showing the best of me, but I’m trying anyway
I might sound dumb writing all of this down a test, but I was thinking a lot in the process
I wanted to write it down

and I’m proud, because I’m not a very talkative person in general
and I’ve never wrote so many “I"s in one thing

Fat Fingers part 4: Morning kisses

Note: Wow. That took me a long time. Sorry about that. Here’s the next part of Fat Fingers tho. Hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 2267

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: Idk. A bit of swearing. Mentions of racism, bigotry, homophobia, male chauvinism and all in all just discrimination. Probably still shouldn’t read if you’re a Trump supporter

Originally posted by eisoj5

You were kind of surprised to see Daveed waiting for you at the door, leaning slightly against the door frame of his apartment. He looked at you as if to make sure that you had not been hurt. Scanning you for physical injuries. He lastly moved his gaze to your face, noticing the tear stains on your cheek and your red eyes and at that he opened his arms, welcoming you in and it was all you needed. You practically let yourself fall into his arms, letting him comfort you and letting his strong arms pull you close.

After simply holding you close for some time, Daveed pulled back a little to look at you. “What happened to you, Y/N?” He asked, sounding really concerned as he gently wiped one of your tears away with his thumb.

You shrugged, not knowing where to begin. “What didn’t happen?” You whispered, your voice sounding a lot weaker than you thought it would.

Daveed sighed softly, simply pulling you close again. You knew that you would definitely have to explain at some point. But, for now you just stayed in his warm embrace with his strong arms wrapped tightly around you.

After a while, the two of you finally pulled away. He smoothed your hair gently, before speaking; “Do you wanna head inside?” He asked.

You nodded and let him lead you inside, you followed him all the way to his couch where you sat down before you spoke. “So… I should probably explain.” You started, as he sat down beside you.

“Yeah, that would be pretty great,” Daveed admitted. Maybe he could tell that you were somewhat nervous because he gently took your hand. “Just go slow, okay? It’s gonna be fine.” He reassured you.

“Right… Well. I went to dinner at my parents’ place…” You started, grimacing slightly. Daveed actually looked terrified about that. You understood, though. Your parents probably did not seem like the nicest people at all. “Garrett had obviously told them about when he met us. My father disapproved strongly. Mother didn’t say a lot. I had a really big fight with my dad and he basically called you the most disgusting things, so I stood up to him and gave him a piece of my mind. Us fighting pissed my mother off and she basically said that if I wanted to have any kind of relationship with you, then I couldn’t be part of their life and I don’t really want to be either, so I guess that’s fine….” You rambled.

He looked really stunned at first. “Wait. So, you aren’t going to see your family again?” He asked, trying to process everything you had just said.

“I guess not. A lot of other stuff happened too, but that is a story for a time when I’m not about to cry.” You tried to joke it off, but tears soon ran down your cheeks again. Sure, you hated your family. But they were also your family.

He wrapped his arms around you again, carefully pulling you close. “Hey. It’s okay. It’s difficult. I get it.” He murmured, pressing a gentle kiss to the top of your head. You wrapped your arms around him as well, clinging to him as if you would dissolve if you let go and you actually felt like that.

“We’re gonna figure this out okay, Y/N? Everything is going to be fine.” He mumbled against your hair. You were not exactly sure how long the two of you sat like that, but once Daveed finally pulled away again, you were pretty close to being asleep in his arms.

You stretched a little, offering an apologetic smile. “I should probably head home.” You sighed. You did not mean for this to take this long, as you had honestly just imagined him to reject you. But he did not and now you felt even more exhausted than before.

“Stay.” He simply said, pulling you close yet again. You were not about to complain about him asking you to stay, so you simply snuggled closer, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in the soft scent of him. You were not sure how the two of you got to this point, after all, you did not really know each other that well. But, it still felt so right and you could not find yourself caring whether or not you knew him well enough for this because it really did not matter, did it?

You must have drifted off at some point because when you opened your eyes the next time, you were lying in a bed with the sun peeping through the blinds, the light hitting your face ever so softly and heating up your cheeks. You had never seen the room before, though you already knew where you were. You sat up, stretching lightly. Daveed was not beside you, so either he was already up or he had slept on the couch. You suddenly felt really bad. What if you had forced him to sleep on the couch?

You quickly got up, making your way out of the bedroom. You were soon met with the nice scent of breakfast with pancakes, eggs, bacon and everything that belongs to that kind of breakfast. You made your way to Daveed’s kitchen, leaning against the doorframe lightly.

“Did you sleep on the couch?” Was your initial question.

You must have startled him because he jumped slightly before turning to you. “Y/N. Good morning to you too. Yes, I did sleep on the couch.” He admitted as he handed you a mug of coffee.

You felt your cheeks light up and you lowered your gaze. “I’m really sorry, D.” You apologized as you took a sip of the still hot liquid, burning your tongue slightly.

“It’s cool, really. I’m good.” He answered with a small chuckle, making you giggle as well. “How’d you sleep?” He added.

“Well, I woke up in something that wasn’t my own bedroom, so I guess I just need a moment to get over that.” You joked.

Your joke made him snort and he shook his head at you. “At least you didn’t have to sleep on a couch.” He teased with a wink.

You groaned slightly. “Fuck you, D.” You simply answered as you put your mug down on the counter. “Do you need help with anything?” You asked. You did not really like standing around doing nothing while he cooked breakfast.

“Sounds like fun, but maybe we should wait a little.” He joked. “I’m almost done. You can help me with the dishes later, though?” He then suggested.

You simply decided to ignore his joke, but could not help the small blush that spread across your cheeks. You felt a bit bad for not being there to help, though. But you simply nodded anyway. “Sure.” You agreed. It was the least you could do after everything he had done for you.

The two of you sat down at the table shortly after. You felt weirdly at home with him, even if you had never been to his apartment before. Perhaps that was just how Daveed made you feel; at home.

“Do you wanna go into more detail about what happened last night at your parents’?” He questioned.

You shrugged shortly at his question, leaning your elbows against the edge of the table, folding your hands under your chin. “I’m not sure if there’s much more to tell. My dad just started by saying ‘So, Garrett saw you with a black guy on the street the other day’ and I was stupid enough to talk back to him and just snapped at him after he basically told me to behave and asked me what I was doing with a guy like you.” You started with a weak smile.

Daveed did not even seem surprised. He had met Garrett after all, so he had figured that your parents would be the same, if not worse. “And then? What did you snap back at him with?” He asked.

You took another sip of the coffee Daveed had given you earlier. “I said; ‘A guy like him? Really? You and your friends ruin every form of relationship that I have with any person who doesn’t have the same values and views as you. Why does his complexion even matter to you?’ And I was almost yelling at him at that point.” You chuckled slightly because you were honestly so happy that you had finally stood up to your family and especially your father.

Daveed seemed proud in a way that made your heart swell. “You really said that?” He asked in awe.

You nodded with a slight grin. “Yeah. I decided what I wanted even before I got there. I knew he was going to bring the situation with Garrett up so I just decided that I wouldn’t take any more of his crap.” You explained.

“Did he snap at you after that?” He asked. Neither of you seemed to be focusing on the food that was getting cold in front of you right now. He needed to hear what had happened.

“Yeah, definitely did. He basically said that he wouldn’t tolerate me speaking to him like that and called me a brat. He told me that he had given me everything I could ever ask for and said that this was what he got in return. He even told me that he didn’t want me to see you anymore.” You answered with a snort. I was a huge mess.

Daveed looked mildly pissed at that, clenching his fist a little, which made you place a gentle hand on top of his. “How the hell can he even think that it’s okay to speak to anyone like that?” He asked through slightly gritted teeth.

You shrugged. “I did give him a piece of my mind after that. I told him that he could find someone else who wants to be subject to his male chauvinistic views because I couldn’t deal with that shit anymore. I called him a bigot, racist, sexist and a homophobe and that he didn’t get to tell me what to do with my life. I told him, that he might be my dad but that I never asked or wanted anything from him.” You added, lowering your gaze at the next part. “I told him that… That you had made me happy, but because of him and my mother I would never be happy.” You said in a low voice.

Daveed gently tilted your head up by the chin. “Yes, you will.” He simply said, offering you a soft smile.

You started to tear up a little again. “My mom didn’t really interfere until that point, where she basically slammed her hand on the table and yelled enough. I thought that she would save my ass, but that wasn’t the case.” You murmured, biting your lip lightly to hold back the tears.

Daveed got up, pulling you with him and pulled you into a tight embrace. You were not even sure why you were crying again because standing up to your parents was something you had wanted to do for a while now and now that you finally did it, you were so worried about the consequences that would follow. Daveed simply held you close for a while, his strong arms holding you gently.

“I thought my mom had finally realized that they had been wrong all along because she started to say that if I wanted to be with ‘a black’, they couldn’t really tell me not to.” You started, sniffling slightly.

“A black? She really said that?” Daveed snarled angrily. You were angry too because they had no right to say anything like that.

“Mmmh. Then she continued to say, that if I wanted to date you, then they wanted nothing to do with me and they told me I couldn’t ever contact them again. She literally said that they don’t approve of this lifestyle of mine.” You murmured against Daveed’s chest.

He placed a light kiss in your hair, shaking his head lightly. “God. I wish you didn’t have to go through that.” He sighed. No one as amazing as you deserved to go through something like that, he thought. No one deserved to go through that, period. “Did anything happen after that?” He asked.

You looked up at him with a weak smile. “It did… I told her that it didn’t even matter because I screwed up whatever I had with you because it was that or getting screwed over by my own family. I told her that I didn’t care anymore and that I didn’t care about losing all the people I knew because they were practically all like them and I would still have done the right thing. I told her that if her and my father didn’t start realizing soon that what they are doing is wrong, then I wanted nothing to do with them.” You rambled.

“Hey, Y/N. You didn’t screw this up. I’m still here, you know.” He tried with a weak smile, gently tilting your head up by your chin to meet your gaze again. “I’m still here.” It was barely above a whisper as he bent down to kiss you.

You felt paralyzed at first, but your arms soon snaked around his neck, pulling him further down towards you as you kissed him back. Your lips moved together in perfect sync and the kiss pretty much took your breath away. Was this really happening? Definitely was.


We’d Up And Fly If We Had Wings For Flying 1/?

Originally written for the @jonxsansaremix
Summary: Another bastard finds a home within the halls of Winterfell. Canon Divergent. A Robin Hood AU.

So @sansapotter reminded me that I started this little nugget for last year’s Remix. In true Emmy form, it is incomplete…but dagnabbit I will finish it one of these days! In the meantime, here’s the first chapter.

Before they set out from the Gates of the Moon, father gifts her with a fine new cloak.

It is a pretty thing, lined thick with sable, and fastened together with a silver broach inlaid with moonstones. She thinks it too fine for a bastard girl, no matter how beloved, but Alayne accepts it with a smile and an obedient kiss to father’s whiskered cheek.

She dons it over her riding clothes the morning they are to leave, desperately trying to quiet the secret part of her heart that calls for another cloak, the one that was promised to her.

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