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ok so fun fact i dont often talk about: i have OCD. one of my coping mechanisms is washing my hands, and sometimes the first wash doesn’t ‘feel right’ so it winds up with me going back and forth from the kitchen sink to my room like a dozen times until i get it right

and i just had the mental image of a borrower with an ocd doing the same thing. washing their hands, walking away from the sink, turning around and doing it again. a tol walks in and they just. see a smol furiously pacing back and forth on their counter whilst washing their hands and the tol’s just “???”

  • Kyungsoo: *looking at his thighs*
  • Jongin: What are you looking at hyung?
  • Kyungsoo: Thighs
  • Kyungsoo: My thighs are soo full because they are full of secrets
  • Jongin: ...
  • Kyungsoo: ...
  • Jongin: So wrap them around my ears and lemme hear all of them :)
  • Kyungsoo: *is about to cry bc jongin is just so beautiful*
  • Baekhyun: i sweAR TO GOD-

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I really need kindergarten teacher Will and hot single dad Nico.

bruh me too

  • so nico’s job requires a lot of late hours so he hired a babysitter to pick up his daughter lucy every day so will always assumed that this was a suspiciously young mom or an older sister who came to pick up one of his students every day (but how was it his business anyway??)
  • one day nobody came to pick lucy up??? and the rest of the class was gone??? and will wasn’t busy so he figured it would be fine if lucy hung out in the classroom for a little while until someone came for her so will pulled out the coloring books and crayons and sat down at a table with lucy and they colored for about an hour until nico ran into the classroom
    • nico was apologizing immediately and going on about how his babysitter quit on him and he couldn’t get a replacement on short notice and he had a meeting at work that went on longer than it should’ve and it won’t happen again he promises
    • will’s like “its ok i dont mind we were just coloring i figured someone would be here soon dont worry about it” but like he really doesn’t mind bc now he gets to see this very attractive man in nice clothes and a loosened tie and messed up hair
    • but nico is a business man who wont take no for an answer and goes “no u know what take my phone number and if it happens again call me and i’ll be here as soon as i can ok” so he pulls out a business card and a pen and writes his personal number on the back and shoves it in will’s hand
    • and will’s mostly frozen until they leave
  • another time will’s too focused on playing a guitar and singing with his class that he doesn’t hear the phone ring, or someone knock on the door, and then he sees lucy’s dad standing in the back of the classroom and will’s fingers catch on the guitar strings and he stutters a few words and he stops and nico’s like “sorry the secretary said you weren’t answering your phone so i just came down here lucy has a doctor’s appointment”
    • when they leave nico asks lucy a bunch of questions like does her teacher always sing for the class, what kinds of songs does he sing, has he ever talked about singing at home for his own kids, has he mentioned if hes married; but lucy gets real tired of the questions real quick and nico figures he should stop
  • the next time nico shows up late to pick lucy up, he finds her and will sitting on the floor with will’s guitar, and will’s teaching her how to play (the guitar’s like, the same size as lucy but shes managing ok) and nico stands back and watches for a few minutes bc wills????? so cute?????
    • and then will notices him standing there and visibly blushes and tells lucy to get her stuff together and apologizes to nico for not noticing that he was there and nico tells him that it’s fine and please stop calling him mr. di angelo bc they’re like the same age and he can call him nico and can also maybe go out to dinner with him sometime?
    • wills immediate answer ofc is YES but as soon as the word is out of his mouth hes like “wait no no i cant lucy’s my student and youre lucy’s dad i feel like thats weird and possibly against school rules somehow??”
    • so nico pulls out his phone and opens up a calendar and goes “so then how do you feel about dinner at 7 on june 10, exactly one week after lucy’s last day of school?” and wills like “yeah yes that sounds super great ok”

!!!!!!! im always a fan of parent/teacher aus ok so i hope you like this as much as i do!!!!!

drop an au in my ask and get a list of headcanons!

p much ever since i saw these masks i wanted to draw the goop in one bc it hides his mouthlessness in an Edgy™ way,, i do wonder how they stay on bc they seem to have no straps so i just gave it some for now?? messy doodle yee

also yes im posting art on my personal im lazy bc im logged in on my main on my phone and personal on laptop so yea. plus its messy so far anyway rly

Peterick vs Ryden #26
  • Patrick: (is blasting taylor swift and quickly turns it off when pete gets home) hEY PETE
  • Pete: aw it's ok you can turn ur music on i dont mind <3
  • vs
  • Brendon: (is blasting taylor swift and quickly turns it off when ryan gets home) hEY RYAN
  • Ryan: turn that shit back on that's my fucking jam

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I don't wanna debate, but I would love to hear your reasons for sorting each character of Team Urameshi anyway!



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He would have never known that that one was going to be his last trial as the person everyone knew… or at least as a human, and not what he considered a monster because he hadn’t been the same man for a long time.

It had been easily noticeable how Dwight hadn’t been there to guide or protect them, then how much attention from the killers he’d got not only by not giving him a break, but by making sure he wasn’t able to help anyone or killing them in front of him to the point of breaking him. He’d become quiet, submissive, he’d stopped trying to work on generators… what for? They were trapped there forever. There was no escape. But it wasn’t just the killers the ones who made him change. The behaviour of all the other survivors, not allowing him to help or being looked down on. Not even his best friend had managed to get him out of that state, irresponsive and avoiding crossing gazes with anyone; just whispering disheartening things to whoever tried to get him to do anything. There was nothing for him to go on for, everyone seemed to be perfectly fine in his eyes even if everything had become more chaotic.

When the killer had found him on that last trial, he hadn’t moved. He got hit, thrown to the floor until he couldn’t move, and taken to the basement; where he was left sitting and leaning against a wall at the opposite side of the stairs so he could see everything. The killer brought the first survivor downstairs, hooked them, and stood next to Dwight, insidious, blocking the stairs after one of them unhooked the other. The survivors were freaking out, one of them even trying to get Dwight to stand but he wouldn’t. He put both of them on the hook, once again standing next to the hopeless survivor. He waited. Claudette was obviously going to go downstairs, the killer knew it, so he waited.

A quick look from the killer made Dwight stop feeling the need to stand up to warn her as she moved downstairs and tried to unhook someone… but the killer pulled her off and threw her to the floor; stepping on her lower back to keep her in place. But Dwight wouldn’t look, which made Claudette earn a kick on her side so she couldn’t move from the spot. Was that the sound of broken ribs? Only she could know. The male got grabbed by the back of his shirt and forced to watch from the killer’s side how she was killed right there, his cleaver sinking into her back with violence until her spine cracked; her head almost teared away from her body by the last stabs. The other survivors were already being taken away by the Entity. That was how bad it could be if one of the survivors was missing, except he was right there.

That was the last thing he would see as a human, and it would haunt him until the end of times. Dwight was tearing up, making his vision blurry so he could barely see anymore. Feeding him to the Entity was going to be useless, since there was no hope left in him. He was like an empty vessel ready to be filled up with something else. He got dragged upstairs, his lack of sight getting worse as his glasses fell on their way out, seeing some kind of huge monster materializing and approaching them. He couldn’t remember that part at all too well, just a burning feeling when the monster touched him and pain as his body stretched and spikes grew out of it, his clothes breaking until he passed out… and woke up in complete darkness.

He looked around -he couldn’t see anything. Touching his face to try to adjust his glasses, he realized they were nowhere to be found. But nothing had ever been that dark to him so he realized he’d finally lost his sight. He sighed loudly, making him realize he could see in a strange way… as if silhouettes appeared after waves of white lines travelled through the place. It was hard for him to stand up so he sat there confused until he heard a strange voice in his head. And he immediately knew what was going on.

It only made him begin to sob, still sitting on the floor without moving. He knew what he was supposed to do, but he didn’t want to. So he stayed. And the more he cried, the more desperate he got, making him cry louder and louder until he was almost screaming; the spikes over his body painfully and dangerously growing outwards.

He couldn’t see his surroundings, but everything was equally as dark except for some barrels with fire in them and the lights being mostly dim everywhere. It was like a mine, hot, suffocating, lightbulbs connected with thin cables all around the place that would light up only when certain generators were done. His eyes and tears were bright, so they would be able to be seen in the distance.

there is actually a difference between heterosexuality and heteronormativity, and i dont think it is useful to label particular people as heteronormative based on their relationships (especially when you are doing that to… lgbt people. the fuck)

heteronormativity is society wide, it’s a set of views and biases that presume heterosexuality is the norm and the way things should be and enforces that standard to the harm of lgbt people. saying “this couple is heteronormative” makes no sense.