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having a mental illness is so wild bc like some days u just wake up like ‘oh hey look at that my body doesn’t belong to me again, let’s just… ignore that and hope it goes away lmao’ or spend days feeling every little thing like your emotional intensity’s been dialled up to eleven and then feel absolutely nothing for days or have a full on emotional crisis and want to die but you can’t feel any severity in the situation bc that’s just how things always are?? basically what i’m tryna say is it’s scary as hell and i sure as hell did not sign up for this

keith stood outside the bathroom and watched hunk brush his teeth in contented silence with furriosa on his shoulders, one hand lifted to scratch at her fluff while she chirped happily. he steps inside the bathroom and goes to the sink to start brushing his own teeth, pretending he wasn’t flushed at the sight of his boyfriend before he’s shaven, and his cat acting like she owns the place. he’s caught as soon as hunk sees him, though. 

“what’s got you blushing so early in the mornin’, babe?” hunk asks with his mouth full of toothpaste, his eyes all soft and still vaguely tired but happy. 

“nothing,” keith says quietly, unable to keep the smile from his face. “just you.”

i got an anon suggesting more cat dads and i’ve been thinking about this for days tbh… its so soft…. so domestic… 

furriosa is named after furiosa from mad max because its 1) probs one of hunks fav movies and 2) shes a white fluffy monster with weird patches of grey and black that look like oil, plus the dusting across her face looks like furiosa’s Look


I’ve been toying for ages about writing another Kylux Harry Potter AU ficlet and I have the terrible habit of writing fics and never posting them. So here is a snippet of a fic I’ve been dipping in and out of where an extremely nosey Hux wants to see Ren’s Patronus and of course wants to show off his own. In which Snoke is the Dark Lord, Hux and Ren are dorm buddies and not even a spooky forest can stop Hux from getting what he wants

The trees bent their long limbs downwards, spindly branches like fingers reaching to grasp at clothes or foolishly bared skin. Pulling his black cloak tighter about himself, Hux avoided the worst of the snagging branches and stood listening to the eerie night sounds.

Ren had agreed to meet him here. It was highly ridiculous to flout the school curfew when they slept a mere few feet away from each other in the Slytherin dorms, but it had been an age since they had been able to speak to each other freely and without unwanted listeners. Hux yearned for the early days, before they both got tall and when the magic world seemed full of an innocent kind of wonder as they learnt new spells together. There was too much talk of death nowadays, the war looming over all like a black choking cloud.

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Smiling through it, she said she’d do it again.
—  La la land

peteyprker  asked:

hi!! if you're still doing prompts, maybe something for brooklyn nine-nine? jake/amy or maybe jake & gina or anything!!!

This is probably not what you asked for, but: here. It morphed from a fun Marvel cameo to a complete side-scene from my other fic, I’m SORRY


Things my heart used to know. Things it yearns to remember.

The mountain is a mother
cradles you in arms of stone
keeping you safe
keeping you sane
a haven, a home, a temple.

The mountain is a father
protects you with its tumbling wrath
puts fire in your blood
and courage in your heart
a fortress, a kingdom, a city.

The mountain is both parent and child
bids you welcome when you return
stifles your screams
soothes your fears
a lullaby, a hearth, a tomb.

But he, he is the one you truly need -
wraps you in his loving arms
stills the tears
quiets the trembling
a lover, a friend, your One.

—  Erebor is Dwalin’s home, but without Nori he would never be able to bear the weight of it pressing down on his shoulders.


Arthur: Hey, Yao? We got a small problem here.

Yao: Arh?

Arthur: … Yes. There’s uh- A customer. We’re fully packed and he insisted he’s eating here.

Yao: … ok.

Arthur: Okay?

Yao: If he’s desperate. Ok. Very rude. Who is this?

Yao: …

Yao: Ok.

[First event: Actual Meeting]

kehideni answered: Nalu: Lucy dancing to her favourite song and Natsu walking in on her :’D Make it funny

It was a hot summer’s day and the streets of Magnolia were completely deserted. The light breeze was refreshing and the sun was high, and so was the mood of a certain blonde young woman who was currently caught up in an enthusiastic and emotional performance with her feather duster.

It was far from the truth to say that Lucy Heartfilia liked cleaning, she had always considered it a necessity more than a pleasure, but her new music lacrima had the ability to turn even the dullest of duties into a stage performance worthy of the gods. (At least, that’s how she would describe it.)

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