its ny premiere




A collection of my favorite RA/LP images and mentions from the web.

Thank You to all those who created, uploaded, screen-capped and edit-corrected these images.  Credit to you all.


I ran out of room on this post to paste the image below, above, so I’ve pasted it below.  It’s a tweet from Ian McKellen via TheHobbit Twitter account when he held a Q&A where he mentions going to see LPs Golden Age play.

The official opening night of Golden Age in NY was Dec 4th.  The Hobbit Cast were also in NY on that date because they appeared on TV Shows leading to the Premiere held Dec 6th, which LP also attended.  The date of RAs pic above outside Manhattan Theater Club is Dec 5th.  He could have gone to the Opening Night and again with Ian.  The posting by the audience member saying she saw RA was at the Jan 11th performance, so yes, RA saw this Play a few times similar to LP watching The Crucible a few times, hence why I called this a “Supporter” post.  :)


Rob popped up on Friday night at a screening of Heaven Knows What, the film he saw in NY at its MOMA premiere. Pic shows him talking to Joshua Safdie, the writer and co-director of the film. The producer of this film is also the producer of Harmony Korine’s film, The Trap.

There was no red carpet, so we didn’t get any pics of stylish Rob (but we aren’t going to soon forget those pics, included above). 6-5-15