its not that easy honey

  • Yang: Oh this is bad! This is really really bad! *Yang panicked as she pasted around the room in her wedding dress.*
  • Ruby: Yang. Calm down. It's just an old saying.
  • Yang: Ruby. My sweet baby sister when you get married to the woman of your dreams you'll understand that the wedding must be perfect. *Yang told her maid of honor holding out her mechanical arm to place on her shoulder.*
  • Qrow: Jeez Firecracker. You keep all this worrying about impressing you kitty wife to be you'll lose you-
  • Yang: NOW IS NOT THE TIME! *Yang shouted as her semblance bursted out.*
  • Tai: Whoa! Easy there honey! It's going to be alright.
  • Yang: HOW IS EVERYTHING GOING TO BE ALREADY! I need something old, something new, something borrows, and something- *Just before Yang could finish, the door opened to allow a blue arm to slip through and knock on the door.*
  • Kai: Hey. Sorry to interrupt but you got like fifteen minutes. *Kai Informed the Xiao-long rose family when Yang stared straight at his arm.* ... Why she looking at me like that?
  • Yang: ... Something Blue. *Yang muttered.* Said Kai. You can make something new out of something old and let me borrow it right? *Yang Smiled innocently at Kai, glancing between him and his arm.*
  • Kai: *Kai Stares at Yang and then looked down at his arm.* ... Seriously?
  • Yang: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.~<3
  • Kai: ... *Kai Sighed as he removed his tux coat, rolling up his sleeve while drawing his sword.* Siiiigh. Hand over your arm so I don't have to guess that sizes.
  • ~~~
  • Blake: This is amazing Yang. It's like a dream come true. *Blake smiled as she danced with her wife
  • Yang: You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, Blake my love. *Yang smiled as she leaned down and kissed Blake how kissed back.*
  • Blake: *Once that pulled away from each other Blake glanced at Yang new dark blue and gold bio-mechanical arm.* And I have to admit. Your new arm to beautiful, Mrs Belladonna
  • Yang: Why thank you Mrs Xiao-Long. Kai made it for me just for today. *Yang smirked as she brushed some of Blake's hair from her face with her new arm. The Newly weds Loook over to the table where Kai sat, raising a glass to them with his new more elemental clawed monstrous arm.* Though, I don't know if he'll want it back after out honeymoon.
  • Blake: Hehe, He did mention to me that Yang had our wedding present. *Blake Laughed as she kissed Yang.* I love you Yang Xiao-long Belladonna.
  • Yang: I love you too, Blake Belladonna Xiao-Long.

avoids studying for finals by drawing the bh6 studying for finals

i cant decide if hiro cant focus bc the material is too hard or too easy, but its too much work…

honey is SCARY efficient at studying, so is wasabi. gogos not worried for her engineering finals, but she’s bullshitting her women’s studies essay all the way

Stir-fry Spring Roll Salad with Spicy peanut dressing

The Veg:

½ red bell pepper, sliced
½ zucchini, chopped
½ C sliced carrots
handful of cherry tomatoes 
fresh cilantro
fresh mint 
mixed greens (I used a spinach and kale mix)

The Sauce:

3 tablespoons olive oil
2 cloves garlic
2 Tbsp soy sauce
2-3 Tbsp peanut butter (or other nut butter)
2 tablespoons water
1 Tbsp rice wine vinegar 
1 Tbsp honey
1 Tbsp lime juice
½ tsp crushed red pepper (or to taste) 
a dash of fish sauce

Stir fry all the veggies except greens, mint and cilantro to desired doneness. Turn off heat and stir in chopped cilantro and mint, stir until fragrant.

Add the warm veggies to a bed of greens and top with peanut sauce. Voila! Deliciousness Achieved! I ate the whole thing (with dressing left over) so if you want to feed more than one person, add more veggies. wink emoticon

Also, so many easy adaptations!

Replace the zucchini with cucumber and skip the stir-frying. This would make a great cold salad too!


Skip the greens and add to a bed of rice noodles instead, which would make it taste even more like a spring roll.

Without the fish sauce, its totally vegetarian. Without the honey, vegan! This is also easy to make paleo and/or gluten free.

Sarada's Question (Anti-SS)
  • Sarada: Hi Mom.
  • Sakura: Hey, honey. How was school?
  • Sarada: Same. Bolt is so damn annoying. He spent all day playing pranks and complaining about his dad, saying he's never around or whatever.
  • Sakura: Who?
  • Sarada: His dad. Named Naruto, right?
  • Sakura: ....
  • Sarada: You know him, remember? He used to be your teammate?
  • Sakura: ...
  • Sarada: Married to Hinata? The HOKAGE?
  • Sakura: Oh, the Hokage! Sorry, honey. It's too easy to forget about him.
  • Sarada: He was your best friend for six years.
  • Sakura: Anyway! What's the matter, Sarada?
  • Sarada: Bolt. He's such a dobe. Though I can relate to the father troubles ...
  • Sakura: Oh, honey. Just because your father's busy doesn't mean he doesn't care.
  • Sarada: Suurre. What could be so important he can't even be home?
  • Sakura: He's atoning! An adventurer! See, Sasuke-kun's very deep, you know. You should be proud he's your dad.
  • Sarada: Atoning? More like wandering around pointlessly to avoid us.
  • Sakura: Lies, Sarada! Your father loves us! And I am perfectly okay waiting for a husband who's never home because he's just doing what he has to. He'll come back. Someone needs to do the housework.
  • Sarada: ... How you'd two even fall in love? You're just so ...
  • Sakura: Perfect for each other?
  • Sarada: ... Incompatible.
  • Sakura: Look, Sarada. Your father LOVES me.
  • Sarada: You sure?
  • Sakura: He does, damnit! Don't question our relationship!
  • Sarada: Srsly, how you'd fall in love?
  • Sakura: That's a beautiful story! See, it all started back when we were kids. I was obsessed with Sasuke, but he thought I was so annoying. Then eventually we become friends. And-
  • Sarada: He liked you?
  • Sakura: No, actually. He rejected my heartfelt confession to him, knocked me out, and left the village for revenge to an evil guy named Orochimaru. But I wasn't giving up! We found him again a few years later to bring him back home-"
  • Sarada: And let me guess. He felt bad for what he did?
  • Sakura: Um, no. He tried to kill me and Naruto. A few times actually for about another year or so. Then I went through a Naruto phase and started leaning on him from comfort when Sasuke-kun hated us.
  • Sarada: A Naruto phase?
  • Sakura: IT WAS JUST A PHASE, SARADA! Anyway, eventually after all the pain and hardship, your father saw the errors of his ways.
  • Sarada: Your love redeemed him?
  • Sakura: YES ... no. Actually it was Naruto who saved him. Instead your father stabbed me in the heart in a genjutsu he put me under after rejecting another confession. A few days later he was good.
  • Sarada: So you didn't have involvement bringing him back at all? You loved him that long and he just walked all over you? He didn't FEEL anything for you?
  • Sakura: It's ok, Sarada. I loved him.
  • Sarada: Why?
  • Sakura: Because .... I just love him, okay! Moving on.
  • Sarada: I know he's my dad and all, but this isn't making a lot of sense.
  • Sakura: It's getting there! Anyway, you father was finally good and of course I was all over him. It had been so long since--"
  • Sarada: What about Naruto?
  • Sakura: What?
  • Sarada: You said you went through a phase with him.
  • Sakura: Oh! It was over. Sasuke-kun was back so I forgot about him.
  • Sarada: But he was there for you, you said.
  • Sakura: So? Sasuke-kun was back! I don't like guys nice guys, I realized. They're boring.
  • Sarada: ... This is starting to sound really messed up, Mom.
  • Sakura: Anyway. Sasuke-kun was good now, but he had to leave again. So I waited and waited for him to come back. See, that's what true love is. You keep fighting even when you have nothing.
  • Sarada: ... Does Dad love you now?
  • Sakura: Yes! I finally tracked him down and won him over. And then I had you. And he's never around, but it's okay. We're married and have a kid so that's what matters.
  • Sarada: ... How?
  • Sakura: I just told you how.
  • Sarada: No, you didn't. None of that explains why. I don't get any of it.
  • Sakura: I love him.
  • Sarada: WHY? He was a jerk who didn't care. How'd he change so much? You didn't even help redeem him, Mom! It's just Naruto! This is the worst parent love story I ever heard!
  • Sakura: I love him.
  • Sarada: ..... I'm never falling in love.
A substitute for tea

God forbid that someone doesn’t like tea but I know that there are people out there who can’t drink or don’t like tea just like me. But what happens if you get sick or lose your voice and you want something that will soothe your throat? Well huns I have the perfect thing: Ginger Honey Lemon Water. Its a super easy concoction that I made in a minute and it tastes amazing and soothes your throat. Here is how to make it:

          ½ teaspoon of ginger honey

          ¼ teaspoon of lemon juice

          1 cup of water

First fill your cup up with water. Add your lemon juice and microwave for 30 seconds. Then add your ginger honey and stir it in and microwave for another 30 seconds. 

Enjoy, and if you have any home remedies or tips go ahead and submit them!

    Admin K