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I have a naill request.. hope you can do it for me.. if not it's okay either. Love your writing anyways Yn is driving home from a long day work and she hears too much to ask in the radio and knows it's about here. She stopped the car fast,grabbed her phone and give him a call to explain.. Sorry for my bad english😃

I hated days like this.  From the moment my alarm went off 30 minutes late this morning to the present moment where I was stuck in gridlock due to an accident, nothing had gone right.  I spilled coffee on myself before I even walked through the doors of my office building.  I broke a heel on the way up the stairs.  Since I was late, the only bagels the cafeteria had left were “everything” bagels and I hated those with a passion.  I had prepared my team for a meeting we weren’t supposed to have until next week and forgotten to prepare them for a meeting we had after lunch, which meant everyone had to scramble.  My laptop keyboard stopped working, my phone rang off the hook, and my mother called to ask me when I was going to start dating again.  

It was a never ending barrage of crap followed by a few feet of more crap.  I just wanted to go home, take these stupid shoes off, get in my pajamas and binge eat while I watched Grey’s Anatomy.

I looked down when my phone buzzed in the cup holder of my car.  My eyes rolled when I saw it was my mother again.  I didn’t even grab to pick it up this time.  

It wasn’t that I didn’t love my mother, I did.  Without her I might not have made it through the last year.  But she’d started to pressure me into dating again.  And I just wasn’t ready.  I knew she was worried.  She had a right to be.  I was just now getting over the only boy I’d ever loved.  It had been the longest year of my life.  Things were finally returning to normal for me.

But I couldn’t face her constant questions about Niall anymore.



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Daryl x Reader - I love you (One shot)


3. “Not because I hate you, but because I love you.”

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Prompt taken from  hyenaswritings ‘s list

English is not my first language so, sorry for eventual grammatical errors.

Set on season 2

Warning: fluff, sexual situation, a little bit of angst (just a little, the rest is all love for Daryl ♥

It was supposed to be a drabble but I wrote a oneshot 

Plot: Daryl is upset because he can’t find Sophia and for this reason he distance himself from everybody, even from (Y/n).

It’s been three days since we arrived at the Greene’s farm.

Even if we have to camp outside, in the RV, it’s good to finally stay in a safe place.

However, if our situation got better, something change.

First of all, Sophia got separated from us while we were running away from a horde of walkers.

Everyday all of us went outside, in the forest, looking for her, but without success.

Her disappearance didn’t affect just Carol, but Daryl too.

Me and Daryl were close, he and his brother saved me from a walker at the beginning of the apocalypse, then we grow close when the group left Merle on a roof during a ran. However, after Sophia’s disappearance, he started to change. Every time he came back from the forest, he was angry, he talked back at all of us, including me, and that hurts so much.

Today was no different. I saw Daryl walking to the stable, so I decide to go after him.

“Hey stranger! Where are you going?”
Daryl doesn’t stop and keep walking: “I take an horse and go outside, lookin’ for the little girl”

He sounds annoyed, but I keep talking to him anyway: “Can I come with you? I’m pretty good at riding”

Daryl stops and turns around at me: “Listen, just leave me alone, all of you must leave me alone! Just because I saved your life and open myself to you after what happened to my brother, doesn’t mean that I care about you or that your special. AND NOW LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE”.

I couldn’t believe it.

It’s true thathe just broke my heart, I deeply care about him, but that was enough to make me angry: “You know what? You aren’t the only one that is suffering. Carol is suffering, everybody are suffering because all of us love Sophia! Don’t you think that I suffer just at the thought that she’s alone and scared out there? Just because you’re upset, it doesn’t mean you have to treat everyone like shit! Especially people who deeply care about you:”

I turn around before he could see my tears, and run toward the farm.


Today I help Maggie and Patricia with the dishes, both of them could see that I was upset, but I didn’t want to talk about that. I just wash the dishes in silence.

I keep thinking about Daryl and the things he said to me.

Of course I didn’t think that he could feel something for me, but I couldn’t believe that I was nothing to him.

Suddenly there was commotion outside, so I run toward the RV.

“What’s happening?”

Shane and Rick were arguing with Andrea.

Rick turns to me: “There’s a walker there, Andrea wants to shoot him but the shot could draw walkers here”.

In the distance I could see a silhouette, it was stumbling toward us.

Without thinking I take my knife and start running in its direction.

As I get closer to it, that silhouette became clear…it was Daryl!
All of sudden I hear a shot and Daryl fall to the ground.
“No!” I start crying and when I finally reach him I check  where the wound is.

In that moment Rick, Shane and Andrea reach us.

I listen Andrea gasps: “oh god, I thought it was a walker”

Anger rise up in my body, I stand up and grab here by her shoulders:

“ How could you!? Didn’t they tell you not shoot?!” I scream while pointing at Rick and Shane who take Daryl up.

“(Y/n) calm down, it’s just a scrape, we take him to Hershel so he can check him up”. 
Of course Shane would back-up Andrea.


I stay with Daryl in his room, he didn’t wake up yet.

I skipped dinner, I was too worried.

Hershel said that the bullet just scrape him, the main problem was the dehydration and the wound on his leg.

Apparently, he fell from the horse.

Suddenly he starts to move and moan: “Where am I?”

I was so happy that without thinking I stood up from the chair and hugged him, forgetting about his state:
“Oh god, you’re okay! I thought I lost you”.

He was confused but put an arm around me: “What happened?”
I tell him about Andrea, and how lucky he was that she hasn’t a good aim, he laughed at that.

Then I decided to leave him to rest, so I got up and start heading to the door when I feel a grip on my wrist:
“Please stay….I need you..I didn’t mean what I told you earlier today”.

I was taken aback; I smiled at him and lay down beside him: “ That’s fine, but I’m still angry at you”.


After two days Daryl was ready to go back to his tent, again he distance himself from us, and , after what he told me when he was recovering I decide to confront him.

It was dinner time so I took a dish for him.

Once I arrive to his tent I give him the food and sit with him.

There was silence, and I couldn’t take it anymore: “Ok, what do you want from me?”
He look up from the plate with wided eyes: “ what do you mean?”

I continue: “Before we were so close, we talk about anything, then you tell me that you don’t care about me, that I’m not special and brake my heart, and a few hours later you beg me to stay with you because you need me. WHAT DO YOU WANT DARYL DIXON?”

Tears start to fall from my eyes: “why do you play with my feelings? Why do you hate me so much”

I stand up, ready to leave him alone, but suddenly he stand up too, and walk toward me: “Damn! It’s not because I hate you, but because I love you”.

I look at him with a surprised look on my face.

He loves me?

“I love you ok? I was scared because there is a chance to lose you, and I didn’t want to suffer. But when I was out there, and I was delirious, the only thing I could think was you, I made it to the farm because of you, you gave me the strength to fight because I wanted to see you again and tell you what I really feel”.

After that he starts to lean down, I stood on my tip and we crush our lips together.

This kiss was full of love and care.

After a while we parted: “I will never hurt you again (Y/n).”
He lean down to kiss me again, the kiss became more passionate, his tongue parts my lips and make love with my tongue.

We went into his tent and started to take off our clothes. That was the best night of my life.


I wake up to the sound of birds chirping.

I was slump on Daryl’s chest, memory from the previous night come back at me, and I can’t help but smile.

Suddenly I feel kisses on my head: “Good morning (Y/n)”
I smile and kiss his chest: “Good morning babe”

He squeeze me with his arms and say: “You wore me out yesterday”
I giggle: “Told you I was good at riding”

He laughed and kisses my head.

Finally I was happy in the arms of my beloved redneck.

{ cry for help }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt(s): “You should do a poly!hamilsquad fic where its reader waking up in the middle of the noght due to nightmares or PTSD and all th boys trying to calm her down.”

“could you maybe do one where the reader has a bad dream and one of the boys (or all) comfort her and its really fluffy?”

trigger warnings: reader has a bad dream that leads to a (short!) ptsd episode. don’t worry though! the boys got you!

“Duérmete mi amor" - sleep my love
“Duérmete pedazo de mi corazón" - sleep a piece of my heart.

“D'accord?” - “okay?”

You were driving in the dream. Your hands were on the wheel, gripping it tightly as you prepared to turn. You were driving with your best friend, going to pick up something from the store. 

You were getting ready to make a left turn, signaling, inching out forward just like you were supposed to. The light changed yellow. You figured the cars on the opposite end would obey the light and slow down, so you started to turn. Your breath hitched quickly as you moved your foot to find the brakes. Unfortunately, you found them too late. One last silver car decided to try to run the red light. 

You weren’t completely in front of that lane but your car was out forward, maybe taking up a fourth of the lane and you couldn’t reverse. The driver didn’t slow down in time. He hit the front side of your car, crashing into your head lights on the right hand side and pushing it back down the road by a couple feet. 

The airbags flew out and you held back a scream.

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Steve Rogers X Reader Soulmate AU

A/N: I know I said I was going to bed, but ERMERGERD!! I finally hit 200 followers!! I have been obsessing over Soulmate AUs, lately, so I figured what a great time to try and bang one out! A special occasion fluff piece! Thank you so much for those who have followed me! 200 may not be a lot to some of you, but it is a huge milestone for me!

Summary: Soulmates are born with their partner’s name tattooed over their heart. What happens when the reader is born with a famous missing Captain America’s name?

Warnings: A poor deer gets hit by a car, minor accident, very little injury and blood.

Word Count: About 1700 words (more or less)


Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Steven Grant Rogers.

When I was born, my parents and doctors were astonished. Captain America had been presumed dead since the forties, making it an impossible scenario at the time. History books never mentioned that he had a name tattooed over his heart. He hadn’t made that information public. I guess soulmates were considered controversial at that period of time, since there was not a lot of information about it.

“You mustn’t let anybody know who your soulmate is, Y/N.” My father always warned, failing to hide the fear laced in his voice. “You don’t want the wrong people to know this piece of information. It could do a lot of damage and get you hurt.”

So, I covered up the delicate writing. Foundation and high-cut shirts became my life-line. I never told anybody that I had a soulmate, and people didn’t question me. Not everybody’s born with a soulmate, anyways.

The world is cruel. I would rather have had no soulmate, instead of a dead one.

I had gotten pretty good at hiding my tattoo, and refused to let the sting of knowing I would never meet my other half get me down. I had graduated high school with honors, graduated from a great college, and got a job as a nurse in a local hospital in New York. I loved my job. I worked really hard to have a good life, and enjoyed the satisfaction of knowing that I was helping people.

Then he was found. He was alive.

I was sitting in the break room, talking to one of my colleagues about an upcoming vacation I’d planned, when someone had shouted to turn on the TV.

Captain America Alive – Frozen in time!

The headlines all said it.

My heart almost stopped beating. He was alive. After all this time. He was alive.

I ran to the restroom to call my mother. “Did you see the television?” I all but shouted, hands shaking.

“I did.” She responded, a smile in her voice. “He’s alive, after all this time.”

“What do I do? I don’t want to freak him out! I’m sure waking up in a different era after being frozen is hard enough, without adding me into the mix.” I sat down on the counter, next to the sink. I needed to think this through, before making any rash decisions. I was overjoyed. I was nervous. I was hurt. I had spent my whole life believing that I was never going to meet my other half. Thinking that the universe was playing a cruel joke on me by giving me the name of a dead man.

I had been wrong after all this time.

“It’s up to you, sweetheart. You need to be the one to make the decision.” I could faintly hear the television in the background of the phone. “If you really want to meet him, you don’t need to do it today. Do it in your own time.”

So that’s what I did. I waited. Three years.

I had followed what he was doing through the news and social media, over time. He had joined a group that called themselves The Avengers, and was trying to do some good in the world.

I was trying to get my life in order, before I met him. I was paying off my student loans, I was working a lot, and I had moved closer to Stark Tower – now called The Avengers Tower – to be close when I was ready to talk to him.

After a particularly grueling day at the hospital – a twelve hour shift – I was supposed to be making my way to see my parents for an upcoming birthday. I was tired. It was really late at night, and I was skipping the set-up with my mother, since the party was the next day. It was a gross night, the rain was coming down in sheets, and it was way too cold. I had been wearing my scrubs, but the shirt was too dirty, so I was driving with my scrub pants and a tank top, making sure the heat in my car cranked up.

Luckily, traffic was pretty light, but the rain was not letting up.

“What the hell! Pass me, asshole.” I muttered, looking in my rearview mirror at a giant SUV behind me. “What, are you trying to pick your goddamn teeth in my mirror?”

My eyes had only flicked to the SUV for a second, but when I looked forward all I saw were a pair of shining eyes.


I gasped, slamming the brakes as the deer was tumbling onto my hood and smashing into my windshield. My body was forced forward, and my face made contact with the steering wheel. My foot felt like it was forcing my body weight onto the brake, and I threw my car in park, praying I was on the side of the road. “God dammit.” I yelled, bringing my hand up to my throbbing nose, and it came away sticky with blood. I felt it, and – luckily – it hadn’t been broken.

Shit. My windshield was fucked.

The deer!

I clicked off my seatbelt, throwing open my door. Before I climbed out, I grabbed my dirty scrub shirt, pressing it against my face to soak up the bleeding.

“Woah, are you sure you want to be getting out of the car, right now?” A woman’s voice said from a few feet behind my car. “Are you okay?”

My windshield was splattered with blood and hair, and the car was totaled. “Fuck! So much for paying off my car!” This fucking sucks.

I turned to the woman, and froze in my tracks. I would recognize that red hair anywhere. Natasha Romanoff? The Black fucking Widow? “Uhh, I’m fine. I just hit my nose. It’s bleeding, but it isn’t-”


The passenger door to the SUV opened, revealing none other than him. Captain America.

He was a lot bigger in person. He was tall, broad, and handsome. His hair was so golden blonde, but dirty at the same time. And his blue eyes stood out from his clear, attractive face. They were the most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen.

Oh, God, I’m freaking out…

Oh, shit. You were talking, Y/N.

“-It isn’t broken. I’m more pissed about my car.” I shivered, rain making the cold seep into my exposed flesh, and shock of the accident waring off. “I just need to call a tow.”

“I already called one, Ma’am.” His perfect voice flooded my ears, and I had to stop myself from embarrassing myself by swooning. “Are you sure you’re okay? That’s a lot of blood.”

I nodded, using the soiled scrub shirt to wipe the blood from my face and chest. I tossed it into the car and grabbed my umbrella to block off the rain, “D-did they say how long they would be?”

“Twenty Minutes.” He responded, unzipping his hoodie and tossing it to me, “Take this. You don’t want to catch a cold.” Such a gentleman.

I was so focused on not embarrassing myself in front of Steve, that I didn’t notice Natasha eyeing up my badge and my half-wiped makeup over my tattoo. “Hey, Steve.” She looked over, beckoning him closer. “Check out the name on her badge.”

My heart stopped beating. Oh, shit. My eyes were almost bugging out of my head, and I could tell that she knew exactly whose name was tattooed over my heart.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” He read aloud, voice questioning. His head sprung up, looking serious and taken aback, “Your middle name wouldn’t be Y/M/N, would it?”

I smiled sheepishly, taking my sleeve and wiping the rest of the dripping foundation off my chest, “Hi.”

“Hi.” He smiled, a look of relief on his face. “You’re my soulmate.”

I felt my face blush, and I bit my lip – heat radiating off my cheeks as he walked up to me, “And you’re mine.”

“Why didn’t you say anything, before?” He questioned as Natasha walked back over to the SUV.

I wrung my hands together, nervousness taking over my body, “Well, uh, I don’t know. I mean, it’s pretty surreal seeing you in person and not on the news.” I wrapped his hoodie tighter around my body, “Plus, I mean, I thought you were dead my whole life, so I never exactly planned out what I would say the first time I ever met you.”

His face fell, “I’m sorry. I had my whole life before the ice thinking about meeting you, and you spent yours thinking that I was never going to be with you.” He gently grabbed my hand, leaving my other one free so I could hold the umbrella. “I’ve had a whole speech planned since I knew what this tattoo meant, and I’ve forgotten every line.” He chuckled, rubbing his thumb over my knuckles. “I’m happy to finally meet you, Doll. You’re beautiful.”

I cleared my throat, “You’re not so bad yourself, Captain.” Oh my god, he isn’t disappointed. Thank god.

“You can call me by my name, you know.” He winked, leaning against my dripping car. “So, do you want to go get some coffee, or something?”

“Oh, shoot!” I pulled my hand out of his, and leaned back into my car to grab my phone, “I was on my way to my parents’ house for a birthday that’s supposed to be tomorrow.” I quick texted my mother, letting her know that I was going to be late without going into details. “I would love, some coffee, though.”

He chuckled, running his hand through his wet hair, “Why don’t we leave Natasha with your car, and I’ll take you to your parents’ house? We can stop for coffee on the way?”

“Sure, that sounds lovely.” I was so relieved that he wasn’t disappointed. I had always dreamed of meeting my other half. This was not a dream, this was reality – and I was so ecstatic, I could cry.

Natasha came over, tossing Steve the keys to the SUV and my suitcase from the back seat. “You kids have fun, I’ll have this towed back to the tower. Make Stark pay for it.”

Steve ushered me over to the vehicle, opening my door and taking my umbrella from me. He jogged over to the driver’s side door and closed my umbrella, hopping in and starting up the SUV.

As he pulled back onto the highway, his right hand took hold of my left, “I am really glad I found you, Doll.”

Another blush crept its way over my skin, and I gave his hand a little squeeze, “I’m really glad I found, you, too.”

As we rode, I felt a sense of happiness spread through me. My soulmate had finally found me, and I’d finally found him.

My heart felt complete.

I could finally show my tattoo to the world.

Steven Grant Rogers.

My soulmate.

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Tony!Stark x Daughter!Reader

Part One

Proof read and edited by @heyitskatrina

You lay on the hotel bed with your suit’s helmet on. An earpiece wedged in your ear as you listened to the message over and over again; he was ok. 

Just like New York, he’d somehow who survived. 

 “(Y/N), sweetie you need to sleep.” Pepper sighed as she sat next to you and gently pulled your helmet off. 

 “Can’t we call someone, or go and help?… Auntie Nat would help!” You gasped as she stroked your hair and chuckled. 

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Jealousy H.S. **Smut**

So this is my first time writing anything smutty so don’t be super harsh on me! I hope you guys like it!

You and Harry were out celebrating your birthday with the night turned into a disaster and resulted in a screaming match between the two of you.

The door slammed shut behind you, only to open and slam shut again. You kept your face forward as you kicked off you heels and stomped into the kitchen to get a glass of water. A night that was supposed to be one to remember turned into a nightmare you wished you could forget. To top it all off, it was your birthday and the one person who was supposed to make it special was the one who ruined it.

You turned around to see Harry tossing his jacket onto the back of the couch before he walked over to the counter you were standing by and rested his hands against the countertop. He kept his face down so you couldn’t see his expression, though you had a good idea of what it looked like. You took a drink before finally speaking; you had stayed quiet the entire ride home.

“I just can’t believe you’d ruin my night like that.” Your voice was quiet but there was venom behind your words. He shook his head and looked up at you, his eyes dark and full of anger. 

“Me? You were the one who was all over that guy, and when he grabbed you I couldn’t just stand there!” he shouted, walking closer to you, but you backed away with every step.

“Harry! You beat my childhood best friend to a bloody pulp! You’re lucky I’m friends with him or he’d be suing your ass!” You ran your fingers through you hair, wishing that there was some sort of do over for the whole night.

It started off nice enough. You had bought a new dress and shoes and you even got your hair done just for the party Harry was throwing for you. While you were getting dressed, Harry came in dressed nice suit and gave you a small kiss on the cheek. He led you outside to his car before driving the two of you to your favorite bar. All of your friends were there, including Brad who you hadn’t seen in years. After doing some celebratory shots and having some cake, you began to catch up with Brad when, out of no where, Harry came up and shoved him away from you before pounding his fist into his face over and over. 

The memory saddened you when you remembered how nice the night was supposed to be, but it also made you angry all over again.

“So what if he sues me? It’s not like I don’t have the money and I’m not about to let some prick touch my girl like that! Don’t tell me you didn’t notice how he was looking at you? You aren’t that blind are you?”

The insult was a smack in the face but it just added fuel to the fire. “Are you fucking kidding me? I haven’t seen Brad in six years. Six years. So forgive me if, on my birthday, I wanted to catch up with him and see how he was doing. And you have absolutely no right to comment on someone else staring at me when your Harry-fucking-Styles. Every girl on the goddamn planet thinks your the hottest thing to walk this earth and I don’t go around punching every girl you talk to.”

“It’s different and you know it,” he said lowly, walking over to you. Frustrated tears began to fall down your cheeks leaving cool trails in their wake.

“Oh my God! You don’t even see how what you did was wrong! Harry! You don’t even trust me enough after we’ve been together for two years. Brad is just a friend; that’s all he’s ever been. And now, thanks to you, he probably hates me!” You ran your fingers through your hair and let out a sigh. The previous burst of energy you had had drained away, leaving you a burnt out mess.

The two of you stood there in silence for a good while. You just stared at the coffee pot just past Harry, the nights events replaying over and over again in your head. After minutes past, Harry spoke softly, breaking the deafening silence.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I don’t know what came over me. I just saw him touching you and it drove me crazy. I ruined your night and I’m sorry. This night was supposed to be about you and I ruined that,” he apologized, grabbing your hands. The knuckles on his right hand were cut up and bruised, but he brought your hands up to his lips to leave a small kiss on your knuckles. “Let me do something to make it up to you. Please.”

You could feel his warm breath coming out in puffs against your cheek.  His hands dropped to your waist and pulled you closer to him, making your heart pound. Your house was eerily quiet, only the quiet sounds of your breathing could be heard. You finally looked up at him; Harry’s eyes focused on your lips. The two of you stood there, timeless, neither one of you wanting to break the tension.

After a moment, Harry couldn’t take it. He pulled you even closer, smashing his lips against yours, his tongue flicking playfully at yours. A small groan erupted from the back of Harry’s throat as you pushed back against him. His hands dropped down to your butt as he squeezed gently, before dragging his hands back up your body to cup your face.

His lips peppered kisses down your jaw before settling on a spot on your neck. A whimper left your mouth as he bit down softly before dragging his tongue up your neck. He grabbed your legs and picked you up, setting you down on the counter. You tightened your legs around his waist and ran your fingers through his hair before reaching down to pull his shirt off. His skin was hot and sent sparks throughout your body with every touch.

He lifted you and began walking, or rather, stumbling, towards your bedroom down the hall. His lips never left yours until you decided to brake the kiss to bite down on his shoulder, a spot you knew he enjoyed. His hands on your butt tightened when you did and he stopped moving for a moment to entirely enjoy the moment. A small smirk found its way onto your lips when he began groaning, and you stopped kissing him, resting your chin on his shoulder. He whimpered at the absence of your lips, but hurried to the bedroom.

You released your legs to stand once you were next to your bed while Harry fumbled with the zipper down the side of your dress. The moment it was off his lips began ravishing the soft skin peaking out of your bra and goosebumps erupted all over your skin. He pulled away and pushed you backwards so you fell onto the bed. The wet spots on your breast were cold, but you barely noticed as you watched Harry tug off his pants and boxers. He was so desperate to feel you, he didn’t even bother with his socks.

His fingers looped into your panties and quickly pulled them off before expertly unclasping your bra. His eyes widened and he immediately began teasing your left nipple with his tongue while massaging the other with his hand. The feeling was numbing and you almost couldn’t stand the teasing.

Suddenly, Harry flipped you over onto your stomach and pulled your ass up in the air. Normally you’d oppose to this position, but you were so turned on it didn’t bother you at all. In fact, it made you ache even more. You heard him reach over and dig around in the drawer in your end table, followed by the tearing of foil. The condom wrapper was tossed to the floor and forgotten about the moment you could feel his tip pushing against you.

He began rocking into you, a low growl coming from behind you as he moved slowly. Your mouth opened, but no sound came out as you buried your face in the sheet. Harry stopped moving for a moment to reach and grab your hands, twisting them behind your back. His hands were large enough to hold both of yours with one, so his other hand reached for your hair, tugging softly.

A small whimper left your lips as he began moving again, this time even harder. His hand released yours and he placed it back on your hips, steadying himself as he pushed faster and faster. Small moans were continuously falling out of your mouth as he hit that perfect spot with every thrust. A small layer of sweat covered your body as you felt the familiar warmth growing in your stomach. 

Harry’s grip on your hair tightened as he gave a particularly strong thrust, causing the both of you to cry out. Continuous ‘I love you’s fell out of your mouth as the pleasure began filling your body. Your toes were curling and your fingertips were growing numb as his grip on your hip tightened, destined to leave small bruises.

A wave a pleasure swept over your body as you came, crashing down onto the mattress, loud cries echoing throughout the large room. Your body was still twitching with pleasure as Harry came over you, falling on top of your back. His heartbeat could be felt on your back and you let out a breathy laugh, too exhausted to move.

The two of you laid there for a moment before Harry found the energy to roll off of you and onto his back. He grabbed a tissue and disposed of the used condom before pulling you into his side. His fingers drew aimlessly on your shoulders as you listened to his heartbeat slowing down to a more relaxed pulse.

“I really fucking love you, Y/N. I’m truly sorry about the way I acted earlier,” he told you, kissing the top of your head. His hand tightened on your shoulder before continuing to draw random circles on your arm.

“What you did wasn’t okay, but you should apologize to Brad. Tomorrow. I just want to cuddle and spend the last hour of my birthday with the crazy, jealous, handsome man that I love. Is that too much to ask?” You looked up at him to see him resting his head against the wall with his eyes closed and smiled peacefully. Even if he was crazy sometimes, you loved him even more for it.

Okay so here it is! I hope you like it! And sorry for the kind of super cheesy ending, I just wasn’t really sure what else to do :/ Anyways if you liked it let me know and if you want me to write anything else just message me!

Mango Float

Street racers!AU

warnings: fight scene, bloody and gory, flirty Minhyun, man Minhyun’s different here, still mafia related, two more chapters then boom done, someone finally breaks, Minhyun getting real tired of Daniel’s shit, strong language, Kita na Kita (I Finally See You).  

Setting the pots outside your store was what you normally did in the morning, but today was an exception. A man was standing outside the boutique, he had shoved his hands inside his pockets while waiting. You stared at him for a minute or two to get a glimpse of his face until he turned around and met your own gaze making him smile.

You averted your gaze to fix the plants outside the closed store before turning the sign. For a split second, you said to the male without facing him, “I’d rather stay inside than wait for the rain to pour.”

He conceded, entering the shop and strolling around the garden. You eyed the guy, a grin creeping up your lips as you watched him observe the hanging plants. Thereafter, you looked back at your desk proceeding to work; however, he interrupted you, “I’m Hwang Minhyun.”

You said, “I know who you are, my grandparents used to talk about you. They tried to set me up with you as a matter of fact.”

He licked his lips whilst nodding his head at your straightforward attitude, he knew you; could almost recite your entire life, and how your grandparents describe you. He just stared from far away at most times.

“Why didn’t you?” He questioned. You replied, “We just met.”

“I’ve known you for years. You just never bothered to stop and look around.” He blurted out which finally made you face him. Minhyun added afterwards, “Do you want to take the day off? Go on a drive?”

“How about tomorrow around six in the morning?” You scheduled, noticing another beam from him. Minhyun drove back to the TRXY bar that evening, a scene unfolding itself inside their room. Daniel was about to throw a punch at Seonho, but Minhyun was quick enough to react and thus he restrained Daniel.

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so I just read this cute thing and can you make a thing where reader and a member (of your choice) have been dating for a while and they live together and everything. And they just do a bunch of cute and stupid shit together and it's like adorable ? Pls and thank you doll :)

Genre: Drabble, Fluff, Couple Life! SVT, Fiancé! SVT

Word Count: 1000+

|| Admin Angel

WARNING/NOTES: The scenario is in the neighbor’s point of view! 

They had been a regular couple, two young adults in their early twenties; working constantly, leaving when the sun rose and returning back to the condo adjacent to mine when the sun was setting. I remember hearing the loud chatter from my open window as her fiancé returned, his friends who gave him a lift back once in a while playing music quite loudly in the hushed neighborhood of large condominiums. And later, when she pulled into our shared driveway, the squeal of her brakes sounding and her car door slamming shut as per usual, he had always been there. No matter how late she had gotten back, he always seemed to be sitting on the steps in front of their door, waiting for her return. There were times when I watched unknowingly as I sat on my bed, gazing through the open as he jumped from off the step and towards the driver side of her car that had yet to be shut off. He’d open the door for her and as she stepped out he welcomed her with a hug and ask for a kiss. And after helping her grab any belongings, he’d wrap his arm around her shoulder and ask her how her day had been. 

They had shared many kisses, not that I had seen, but heard mostly. I’d be closing my bedroom window when they both shared their goodbye kisses, his tone sleepy as he walked her out to her car. Once in a while, you’d be able to hear her giggle as her fiancé leaned down to kiss her through the opened car window. And a “drive safely babe, have fun at work” followed by a kiss as soon as she finished. 

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Lena Luthor/you fic part 18

Originally posted by karadanversbitch

It hadn’t worked.
At least, that’s what you were hoping.  The pain had subsided gradually, and as soon as you could find it in yourself to move you had attempted to break the chains binding your wrists.  The effort proved to be fruitless and you had fallen still again in less than a minute, trying to determine if you were in fact mutated.
Maybe this was just some giant mind-fuck that Lillian was using to play with you.  Maybe what she said was all a lie to make your last hours full of anxiety.  She was smart; she could have simply used some kind of drug to create the painful ‘effect’ of Kryptonian DNA and had your neck cut and then stitched back up.
You laid on that table for God knows how long, trying to convince yourself that this was a cruel deception and that you weren’t really going to hurt Lena.  Still, the potential scenarios ran through your head.  If what Lillian was planning was real…would you know what you were doing?  Would it be like a black out once the programming took over or would you watch yourself kill her?  The idea that Lena’s lifeless body could potentially be in your hands almost made you vomit again.
“Good morning.”
You had been so absorbed in your own thoughts that you hadn’t heard the door open.  Lillian stood in the doorway, smiling that signature, cold sneer.
“How are you feeling?”
You clenched your jaw, refusing to answer.  The woman could practically see the way you were trying to guess her next move.
“That weakness you’re feeling will disappear after we get you into the sun.  That’s how she gets her powers—did you know that about Supergirl?  I imagine you’re as chummy with her now as my daughter is.”
Your heart dropped.  This was real.
“Gentlemen?  Care to get a move on here?”
With that, two burly men entered behind her and made their way to you with haste.  Too exhausted from the toll the last day or so had taken on your body, you allowed them to unchain you and pull you to your feet without much of a struggle.  With the fatigue that plagued your muscles, it seemed hard to imagine that you had any alien powers at all.  Your captors were practically dragging you out of the room and down a maze of various hallways.  The sound of your own feet scraping against concrete rang out in your ears.
No one said another word until suddenly, sunlight was blinding you and your arms were being forced behind your back again.  Despite the initial pain inflicted upon your eyes, the rays felt warm and rejuvenating as they bounced off of your skin.  With every second you spent with your eyes clenched shut, the exhaustion in your bones faded.  
“Can you feel it?  The strength entering your cells from every individual photon that hits you?”
Lillian’s voice cut through the refreshing effect.
You forced your eyes open.  Your pupils dilated immediately.  Despite your newfound strength, you couldn’t manage to break through the restraints on your wrists.
“Get her into the van.  She can finish recharging once the chip is activated.”
The new order caused you to be pulled away from the building and out across a parking lot.  Your heart hammered violently against your ribcage.  You couldn’t fool yourself any longer.  Lillian hadn’t lied to you; this was happening and there was nothing you could to do stop it.  Despite your growing strength, the device locking your arms behind your back refused to break.  
Roughly, you were pushed into a van and tossed to the carpeted floor.
“Any last words before I press this button?”
Lillian had produced a small black box from the pocket of her coat and cocked her head to the side as she held it up for you to see.  
“I—I love her, Lillian.  And I just can’t understand why you don’t.”
“How could I love someone who betrayed her own family after they so generously took her in?”
“Lena is good.”
“Too good for you, perhaps.  You know, I’ve always found it puzzling that she would go for someone like you when she’s apparently so close with Supergirl.  I’ve never been happy with her choice in…suitors, but it seems that anyone would have chosen that blonde-haired, blue-eyed alien over you.”
You dropped your gaze, trying not to let the words spilling from her mouth sting as much as they were.  The van started moving and you jolted to the side.
“She’ll regret it when she realizes what you are now.  And I suppose you’ve always been a bit of a monster; lying to her, lying to me, putting her life in danger…now, you at least have the biology to match.”
“We’re nearing the destination, ma’am,” the driver announced from the front seat.
“Sadly, our chat must come to an end then,” Lillian sighed as if she was disappointed and shook the remote in her hand.  “Give Lena my regards.”
There was a click.  Then a small beep.  Something warm pulsed behind your head.  You expected your vision to go, but instead it remained perfectly clear.  It was your muscles that clenched.  You were completely aware of the fact that the restraints on your wrists were removed.  
Automatically, you got to your feet in the cramped vehicle and before you even knew it you had ripped off the side door and stepped out into the street.  Horns blared as vehicles skidded to a stop and swerved to avoid crashing into you.  A taxi braked too late and its metal frame twisted around your left leg.  You didn’t even flinch.
If you hadn’t been so terrified at the way your limbs were moving on their own, you would have been completely in awe of your apparent invincibility.  Your knees slowly bent as the irritated honks continued and the pavement cracked beneath your feet before you launched up into the air.  
A layout of National City flashed briefly through your head and like a heat seeking missile, you veered through the air sharply.  Skyscrapers whizzed through your field of vision and wind blew your hair back out of your face.  Despite your complete ability to feel and witness everything, you felt as though you were a passenger in your own body.  You had no control over which way you flew, where you looked, or even when you blinked.  The sensation was far scarier than the fact you were hundreds of stories above the pavement.
By the time you got to the balcony that hung off of Lena’s apartment, you were starting to lose any hope that you could pull yourself out of it.  Your hand didn’t so much as waiver as it reached for the door handle, no matter how hard you tried to stop it.  When the door didn’t budge, you yanked it off of its hinges with minimal effort.  Glass shattered from the force with which you tossed it down.
She was halfway through the living room by the time you stepped into the apartment.  She froze in her tracks, but you kept moving.  You wanted to scream—to warn her of what was about to happen—yet you were powerless to do so.
Your facial muscles didn’t so much as twitch as you closed the distance between the two of you and grabbed her by the throat.  
“What are you doing?” her expression turned from one of astonishment to one of scared confusion.  Every fiber of your being was begging your muscles to stop, but the chip in your neck continued to send pulses of electrical signals up into the motor cortex within your brain.  You couldn’t stop.
“Y/N, stop!  What are you—what have they done to you?”
Silent as ever, you stalked towards her steadily.  Her feet fumbled beneath her as she moved away from you.
“Stay back.”
Her words and your own internal pleading did nothing to stop the way you moved forward.
“Y/N, get back!”
Your legs moved thoughtlessly and your every muscle tensed as you neared her.  Finally, Lena turned away from you and ran to the balcony.  You followed her there.
“Kara!” the other girls name ripped through her throat and rang out over National City’s skyline.  Lena backed herself against the barrier separating the balcony from an all-out free fall.  She screamed the desperate cry for help again.
Lena couldn’t manage to get Kara’s name out a final time before your hands closed around her neck.  Pressed against the railing, she had no way to pull away from your grasp and even if she did…you were too strong.
Desperate, weak gasps forced their way out of Lena’s gaping mouth as your grip tightened.  After less than a minute, her knees began to buckle.  Her face turned a deep red, then purple.  Her lips were starting to change towards blue by the time a crushing force pushed you off of her.
“Y/N?” Kara frowned down at you in utter horror.  The two of you were hovering over the city, with her holding you by the shirt.  The apartment complex was now a good 20 feet away.  Lena’s form lay crumpled on the balcony.
Inside, you were immensely grateful for the interception.  However, the chip in your neck caused you to pull away from her nonetheless.  Too well trained and accustomed to her strength, Kara found it relatively easy to grab you again and keep you from returning to your target.  
“Alex, I need you to send someone to Lena’s apartment.  She’s been attacked.
“By who?  What’s going on?” her sister’s voice crackled over the DEO earpiece.
“It’s Y/N.  Something’s wrong with her.  I’m bringing her in now.”
With someone of equal strength pinning your arms behind your back, it was impossible to break free in the air with no leverage to weight against your captor.  Still, your programming continued to influence you to struggle against her as Kara took off and you soared through the air as a duo.  The grid-like map of the city continued to flash through your mind as your location changed significantly.  Eventually, Kara jolted to a stop and you found yourself landed in front of a small battalion of well-armed men.  With no choice, your body moved toward them and soon after, pain radiated through your body as a harsh bullet struck you in the chest.  The pain seemed to surge throughout your entire circulatory system and slowly, you dropped to your knees.  Despite the agony wracking your every cell, all you could picture as you collapsed face-down was Lena’s expression as your hands squeezed her neck.
You weren’t coming back from this.

pathlosergm  asked:

Hello, it's me again, quick question: There's at least one reference to Batman and Black Canary doin' the do. Whereabouts does that fall in your timeline? Because he's not one to dip his pen in company ink, as it were, so it seems an odd situation for them to find themselves in.

Batman gave a slight tilt of his head, just enough for Zatanna to notice. She pulled away from the conversation, and followed as he lead her into a side hall.

“Isn’t she great?” Zatanna asked before he could say anything, before frowning toward the ceiling. “Why is it so dark over here?” She turned in a slow circle, looking upward, brow furrowed. “Be honest, did you ask them to put uneven lighting in the Watchtower on purpose?”


“What if I did some kind of darkness charm, so it was always dark around you?”

“How likely is it that it would render me ironically blind.”

“I’d give it about a four out of nine.”

“I’ll pass.”

“You used to be fun.”

“You don’t really believe that.”

“I don’t,” she agreed, “I’m kind of just opening my mouth and letting words come out.”

“You are the literal last person who should ever do that.”

“Haha, yeah.” She turned her whole body to let momentum swing her arm into his. It was somehow even less effective than a playful punch to his shoulder would have been. “So what’s up? What did you want to talk about? Is it about Black Canary? Is it about how she’s great? Is it about how she should definitely be in the League? Is it about how you shouldn’t even get a say in it because you won’t admit you’re a member of the League?”

Rather than respond, he reached out and rested his hand on top of her head. He waited. When she looked appropriately chagrined, he removed it.

“So what’s up?” she tried again.

“It’s about Black Canary,” he confirmed.

“Why don’t you like her?” Zatanna demanded, stomping one foot.

“I never said I didn’t like her.”

“She’s been so excited to meet you!”

“Has she.”

“Yes! She never had a chance to thank you for helping out in Star City while she was gone.”


Zatanna squinted at him suspiciously. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

He gestured with his fingers for her to move a little closer. She did. He leaned down. He kept his voice even lower than usual. “Is that Laurel Lance.”

Her eyes widened. “How did you know?”

He sighed the sigh of a man who’d been hoping he was wrong, while knowing that he wasn’t. “She has a beauty mark on her left collarbone shaped like a ruby-crowned kinglet.”

“I thought it was a canary.”

“Canaries aren’t that round.”

“You recognized her beauty mark?” Zatanna asked.

Slowly, realization dawned on her face.

“You didn’t.”

He sighed again.


“Don’t call me that here.”


“That is. Not. Better.”

“You didn’t know it was her until now?” Zatanna pressed.

“I had a hunch,” he admitted. “The city. The connection to Green Arrow.” He paused. “The week I spent deaf.”

“A whole week?”

Only a week,” he corrected. “I got lucky. It was muffled.”

“Muffled by — don’t tell me what it was muffled by.” He didn’t. “Why didn’t you warn me?” she demanded.

“I had a vague hope that it was actually her dead sister.”

“No, her dead sister’s White Canary.”

“There’s two Canaries now?”

“There’s been two Canaries for a while, how did you not know that?” she asked.

“Now I’m supposed to keep track of who’s dead in someone else’s city?” he asked instead of answering.

She threw up her hands. “I just can’t believe that you of all people didn’t see this coming.”

“I saw, and heard, and then I was deaf for a week.”

Zatanna gasped, scandalized.

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aAAAh jamilton 22, i beg. ;__; (and welcome back!! <3)

#22 - Caught in a storm

Okay this turned into a full, self-indulgent h/c fluff fic. Let me know if the read more is working because Tumblr is the wo~rst!

Warning for heroes in peril, and a very brief but not entirely watered-down mention of a dead body.

They’re a full half mile from the cabin when the dark, low-bellied clouds reach a decision. One gust of wind flattens Alex’s clothes against his front and bounces Jefferson’s hair around his cheeks, but the next drags cold water into their faces. Their yelps are swallowed by a flash of light and the enormous round bellow of thunder – and Alexander’s stomach pinches.

The sound rolls, unobstructed, across the wide green field that stretches out in every direction.

So much for that shortcut to beat the rain.

Jefferson says, “Shit,” and then they’re running.

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Cadwell 4/4 – Nicole Harashima’s 1997 B16 Turbo Honda Civic Type R EK9

The most iconic car in the Honda world is, in my opinion, the Honda Civic Type R EK9. It’s every Honda enthusiasts dream to own one. Due to it being the original Civic Type R it has become one of the centre pieces for all Honda car culture around the world. It is a very important car because it was the car that made Honda’s VTEC engines as popular as they were back in the 90s and thus are today.

The EK9 epitomises everything that Honda owners love. It started out as the JDM EK4 SiR Civic. Honda then took this Civic, tweaked and fettled with it until it was a track ready machine. Its B16 set the record of the most powerful naturally aspirated production engine. It produced 182hp from a 1600cc, the highest ever (at the time) for an engine of that capacity. Honda ripped out the sound deadening and many other things in the interest of saving weight and making this car faster on track. They even gave it a limited slip differential so that it could put down its huge power on to the road. It was as if Honda gave the people the pencil and told them to draw what they wanted.

So not only had Honda designed arguably one of the best and most iconic hot hatches ever, they then decided to release another version known as the Motor Sports Edition. This very rare example was even more track focussed. It said goodbye to even more luxuries such as electric windows, mirrors, air conditioning, power steering; even the stereo was thrown out! Later, many people have adopted this approach with the EK9 and took it even further. Some of the 9s that your see on the Kanjozoku videos barely have anything left in them.

EK9s are incredibly rare over here and I remember the first time I ever saw one in the flesh. I was about 15 and was on a day out with my family in a town called Harrogate a few hours from where I live. It was in the famous Championship White, a colour which just seems to stand out when you see one on the roads. Whenever I see a car painted in this colour it immediately catches my attention and I know that I’m looking at something very special and probably rare. This colour alongside the iconic red Recaro racing seats have become the focus point for all Type Rs and seem to spark a strange feeling in all Honda enthusiasts. It instantly makes the car look faster and more powerful. You immediately get the sense that the car you’re looking at is an absolute pleasure to drive and it provokes you to spend hours on auction websites fantasising about buying one for yourself and selling all of your belongings in an attempt to make it so.

In every car scene there are cars that are regarded as “famous”. Cars that are so special that everybody within that car scene knows about them. Usually this is because the car is so different and unique that it becomes a trendsetting masterpiece. In the Honda scene there are some cars that are more popular than others; I guess that can be said about most car scenes but usually, the rarer the car the more people are interested in it. The EK9 definitely fits into this popular group. It’s probably the most modified of all the Civics. The vast number of aftermarket parts means that people everywhere are coming up with new and inventive ways of making their EK unique.

The first time I ever heard about the owner of this gorgeous Black 1997 EK9 was when I saw an article/post from a popular motoring website which stated that “this girl builds and races her own EK9”. Yupp that’s right Nicole is a female. As in a girl. Like a female girl. With an EK9. That she built herself. (I’ll give you a moment)…….

As if that wasn’t cool enough she also made the big decision last year to turbo her B16. Following her build over the past year has been very exciting to watch. Especially considering she did a large amount of it herself. So it was a delight for me when I heard Nicole would be racing at Cadwell on the day that I was visiting.

When I arrived the first thing that I noticed was that it is an exceptionally clean car. If any of you know Nicole you’ll know that she takes great pride in her cars and always likes to make sure they are clean. It’s a very rare occasion that you’ll see her with a mucky car. Under the bonnet was more of the same a very clean bay with a perfectly engineered turbo setup looked right at home alongside the B16.

Watching her smash it round Cadwell was a pleasure and listening to the noises that the car makes you get a sense of how dedicated she is to this build. Everything that she does, she does properly. Only the best parts will do. This became evident when I looked at her tyre/wheel set up. Genuine TE-37s wrapped in very sticky looking Toyo Proxes and peeking through where a set of Spoon brakes. Lots of time, money and effort has been spent getting this car to how she wants it. She has slowly made her dreams come true and the most refreshing part about it, is that she still drives this car like it’s supposed to be driven. Many people who have this much devotion towards their car get caught up in the show boating side of it. Half the cars you see at the shows will only be brought out on special occasions. Not Nicole’s, she has driven a considerable amount of the UK track network and she doesn’t hold back either.

Nicole is also very loyal to her cars. She has owned a series of Citroen Saxo’s that she also used to drive on track from relatively early on in her driving career. In addition, Nicole has since purchased a second EK9, this time it’s in that iconic Championship White colour. Judging from what I’ve seen so far it’s going to be a lot of work to get it up to her standard but I’m fairly confident we can have no doubts that it’ll get there. (So, that’s two EK9s! Yeah.)

Watching her do this turbo build has only confirmed how determined she can be. She has taken a car that for most would be their dream to own and improved it further to fulfil hers. Adding the turbo has meant that she could keep everything that we loved about the EK9 whilst releasing more of the potential bound up within it and in the process, she has achieved things that most will never experience. She has created her perfect driving machine. Surely that is what modifying cars is all about and I’m pretty sure that’s what Honda set out to do when they built the first EK9. To inspire and push people to achieve things they never thought they could; that truly is, the power of dreams.

Nicole’s Instagram - @nicoleharashima

Part 1, Chapter 10: Thistle

Near the Nevada border, I pulled the truck to the side of the road, cut the engine left the AC on. It is so hot here! Opening the window feels like opening an oven to see if it’s ready for bread – how it feels like you’ve been slapped in the face? Like that. You know, Alice.

I’m staring at my hands. They’re just my hands, like I’ve always had, but…also there is something of Heaven to them, because not that long ago they were touching your hands. How could they be ordinary hands and also hold that memory at the same time? Doesn’t make sense.

I can’t drive while I tell this. Too much to say. I’m going to tell it all Alice. Even the parts you know. I’m going to describe the shape of the monster that is devouring me.

And then I’m going to start this engine, and leave that monster behind.

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Love Is... (Part II of II)

A/N: This is the second and final part of this scenario! ^__^ Enjoy!

Pairing: You x Kai

Summary: When he breaks up with you because he’s afraid to love you

Three weeks later

Is this what love was supposed to feel like? Pain, searing through not only my heart, but my entire being? My hands trembled by my sides before I clamped them around my glass of Jack Daniels and coke, eyes blinking rapidly as my table of friends glanced around awkwardly.

I shouldn’t have come out tonight. But after almost a month of moping, I had decided that I couldn’t do this to myself anymore. I couldn’t let myself wither away like that just because of Jongin.

Except he was never ‘just’ Jongin, was he? He was the love of my life, the most important person to me. Without him, I had no meaning.

And of course I had to bump into him at the club. I had to see him standing by the bar, talking to that tall, beautiful, model-like woman who flirted and laughed with him whilst I sat some distance away, unnoticed by Jongin and close to bursting into tears.

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Your voice Inside My Head

AN: This is pure and utter trash and totally my fault but I had to do a final PIP. Awful couple of weeks and just happened to bust this bad boy out while spending two nights in the hospital. Maybe a WIP after a couple drinks who knows. Anyway, hope you enjoy and thank you for this awesome Everlark nest.

Summary: A comatose Peeta waking up after 6 years in search of his girl on fire and learning so much more. AU.

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Of Mafias and Men (8)

Parts:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 / 9 10 11 12 13 End

Note: Finally, here it is!!! So sorry for anyone who’s been waiting for me to update this~ I hope it was worth the wait. :D

Again, I’d like to thank Sikah (haha! gasul) who took the time to read this time and time again~~~

And you!!! For being so patient with my weekly updates and for being so kind in liking/reblogging and leaving messages~

P.S. I know the gif’s not from the Fire Truck promotions, but I can’t resist the temptation to use it because Jaehyun looked so handsome in it. XD

Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N/ Taeyong

Originally posted by jinhwansdoft

The afternoon Y/N met three foreign faces at the front of the coffee shop, she prepared herself for any possible attacks. She could never be too cautious especially since the most recent attack.

She almost ran. However, when Jaehyun placed a hand on her shoulder to assure her that it was alright and that he knew them, her fears melted. It was only then that she relaxed.

Y/N also learned their names. The youngest with the reddish hair color was Mark, the cute one that reminded her of a bunny was Doyoung, and the eldest but silent one was Taeil.

As she observed how Jaehyun interacted with the three of them, Y/N could not help but be reminded of Taeyong and his own group of friends. The memory made her smile.

‘I wonder how Ten, Yuta, and Donghyuck are?’ she thought. It had been awhile since she saw them, too.

Y/N wanted to work that day, but with no choice left, she got in the car with them.

“Y/N, are you okay? Where should we go?”

When Jaehyun asked her that, it reminded her of how Taeyong always asks her. She was free to decide their destination. Wherever she may be, Taeyong will always follow. That was how it has always been.

‘This is wrong,’ Y/N thought, frowning, as she watched Jaehyun’s face. His eyes were focused on the road but even so, she liked the look on him.

She felt wrong. Jaehyun was making her feel like how she would normally feel with Taeyong.

“Hm, I’d rather go to work, Jae,” was what she replied. And it was true. She’d rather not miss another day’s pay even though the prospect of going to an amusement park was extremely tempting. Besides, Y/N wanted to clear her head of Jaehyun. It seemed like he was the only thing in her head ever since.

Taeyong was gong to fetch her, too, anyway. Y/N worried about what he would do if he found her missing at work.

However Mark’s face convinced her otherwise, as much as she didn’t want to. It was hard to resist.

When Y/N saw how deep Jaehyun’s dimples got when he smiled, pleased with her decision, she couldn’t help but say it out loud then poke it.

“Hey! I’m driving!”

She only laughed in response. “Are your bruises healing well?”

Jaehyun nodded, and Y/N said her next words faster before her mind could even process.

“Good. ‘Coz you’re cute and I don’t want you to bruise.”

She was taken aback and Jaehyun was too, causing him to press on the brakes all of a sudden.



She didn’t have a good response. Good thing was, the other three at the back of the car interrupted the moment.

When Jaehyun stepped again on the accelerator, with face and ears still red, she found him adorable.

She had to look outside her window so he wouldn’t see the small smile on her lips.

And that was how she got her first trip to an amusement park. 

Y/N bit her lower lip. It was supposed to be something she wanted to share with Taeyong. She wanted all her firsts to be with him, but again, Jaehyun came into the picture.

Oddly, Y/N realized that she didn’t mind.


After ages, Y/N finally got to have fun. She felt like she was a kid all over again, experiencing the rides for the first time.

She especially enjoyed the rush of adrenaline as the roller coaster reached its peak, before it sped down, leaving her heart in the twists and turns.

Even when she was breathless, Y/N took a large gulp of air as she heard what Jaehyun screamed into the air.

He might have thought she was too scared of the height to notice, but she heard him loud and clear.

“Y/N, I like you!”

Deep down, perhaps brought about by the rush of adrenaline, Y/N somehow wanted to scream that back, too.

After the roller coaster ride, Y/N felt the hunger eating her stomach out. But with no extra money left, she just thought of bearing it out than borrowing some from Jaehyun.

It was then she noticed the shift in the air about him. 

He was more caring and more sincere than usual. Her thoughts went back to his confession. Perhaps he thought that she was blissfully unaware. But even just thinking about it made her blush. Y/N had to fight the urge every time.

However, just as she was enjoying her food, she heard Jaehyun whisper a name.


‘Ten? What’s he doing here?’

Panic gripped her. Ten might get the wrong idea if he saw her with someone else. Extra trouble if it was a guy. Every one of Taeyong’s group of friends, Taeyong included, were overly protective of her.

Things got worse when Jaehyun and Y/N were about to ride the Ferris wheel. Ten, out of nowhere, pushed her into one of the compartments. She didn’t really doubt Ten’s intentions (who knows? Maybe he just wanted to talk in his weird way of asking) but Jaehyun had other ideas.

Jaehyun punched Ten square in the face which caught Y/N by surprise.

Clearly, Jaehyun does not like Ten.

They were almost like enemies.

Y/N was itching to ask Jaehyun what was going on when they were in the car, escaping the scene. And just as Jaehyun was about to share, Ten caught up and interrupted them again.

“Leave Y/N or face his rage.” She remembered Ten saying.

‘Who? Taeyong?’

There were more questions than answers. And Y/N was determined to find out.

“Hey.” He tapped on her shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Y/N was startled back to reality. She was staring into the worried face of Jaehyun.

“I am.” She tried to smile after the confrontation earlier. “Are you?” Her eyebrows then furrowed in worry.

Jaehyun softened at the sound of her voice.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Let’s get you home?”

All the weariness of the day’s adventure suddenly soaked Y/N to the bones. What little energy she had left seemed to have been sucked out of her. So instead of a reply, Y/N just nodded.

The ride back to the coffee shop (at Y/N’s insistence) was pin-drop silent. Only the low whirs of the car’s air conditioning unit served as the background noise.

When Y/N got tired of the view outside, she turned her attention to Jaehyun who was focused on driving. As Y/N observed, Jaehyun seemed distracted.

“What are you thinking?” she could not help but ask. The quietness finally got to her and she had to talk about anything just to break it.

“Nothing,” Jaehyun replied. Yet, his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter.

Y/N sighed. So did Jaehyun. “I’m sorry our day had to end like this.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s fine. I had fun.” That, she meant.

They finally arrived at the coffee shop. Before Y/N could go out of the car, Jaehyun asked, “You sure you’ll be alright?”

“Yeah. Someone’s coming to get me.”

Y/N noticed how his jaws tightened.

“How come you never let me accompany you home?”

Y/N smirked at how Jaehyun sounded like his age. “Because I just don’t want you to.”

Of course, Y/N couldn’t. She lives with the most powerful mafia family in the country. Bringing Jaehyun with her would risk, not only his, but the security of everyone in the mafia.

“I wish I could meet your ‘better’ half.” Jaehyun frowned at the word ‘better half’.

Y/N laughed before she reached for his hair, ruffling it. “You’re so cute. But, uh, yeah. Gotta go. Good night, Jae.”

Y/N hugged him, surprising Jaehyun. She felt him stiffen up but just as he was about to return the hug, Y/N broke the contact.

“See you tomorrow.” It brought a smirk on her lips seeing how Jaehyun’s usually pale cheeks were red.

“Stop blushing. It’s just a hug,” Y/N teased.

Jaehyun cleared his throat and sat up straighter in the driver’s seat. A small smirk made its way on his lips and he kissed her cheeks in revenge.

She closed her eyes when his lips came in contact with her cheeks. Her heart quickened its pace and she felt herself blush.

“Good night, Y/N.” Jaehyun’s voice was so low it sent shivers up her spine.

“O-okay,” she said after, not looking Jaehyun in the eyes.

With that, Y/N got out of his car.

She was only able to walk a few meters before someone spoke in a low voice. “Where have you been?”

Y/N swallowed down a scream as her soul almost left body in fright. She saw who it was and said, “Tae, you scared me!”

She hit him on the shoulder before her hand came on her chest to calm herself down.

Taeyong, however, remained poker faced. “Who was that  in the car?”

“A friend.”

“Someone I don’t know or—“

Y/N held out her palm to stop him from saying anything more and sighed. It was obviously heading to another argument which she didn’t want or even have the energy.

“Tae, give it a rest.” Y/N resumed walking.

Taeyong sighed before catching up with her. Then, he placed an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer. He inhaled the scent of her hair.

“Sorry. Let’s go home.”

Y/N only nodded. But she hoped Taeyong wouldn’t notice the pounding in her chest. Taeyong was being intimate more that day than he had in years.

Another blush crept up her face and Y/N was sure it would give her away. So, she tried looking away. But taking a glance at Taeyong, she was relieved to see his eyes so focused on the road.

When they arrived at the mansion, Y/N thought that was where they would part ways, just like the usual. But instead, Taeyong led her to her favorite part of the mansion: their garden.

The garden looked like the Lee family tried fit an entire forest. It was filled with plants and flowers of all kinds and colors. The landscaping was unbelievable. It displayed the refined taste Taeyong’s family had.

Everything was quiet except for the rush of water in their pond which snaked around the garden. It also housed their huge collection of kois.

A light wind blew and Y/N inhaled the smell of roses.

“I’m sure you’re hungry,” Taeyong said. He led them to a table set-up in the middle of the garden. “You’ve always been working too hard, Y/N. Are you sure you’re not going to accept my proposal?”

Y/N’s heart leaped at the word ‘proposal’. She had to remind herself it was not for marriage but rather a proposition Taeyong came up to help her and her family. She knew he cares for her, but she cannot accept any more of his money.

“I can’t,” she said. Taeyong frowned at her. “But I’m going to accept your fancy set-up for a dinner.”

Taeyong smirked but the playfulness did not reach his eyes.

“Let’s eat?” He sat at the end of the table while Y/N was on the other.

Ddeokbokki?” Y/N laughed at his humor. The set-up was too fancy for his homemade ddeokbokki. “You’ve always loved this.”

Taeyong laughed with her at their inside joke. “Eat well, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” Y/N replied with a mock salute.

A few minutes passed with Y/N not saying a single word to Taeyong. But still, she enjoyed the silence. That was until she noticed a smirk on his lips.

She set down her chopsticks. “Tae, what are y—“

The rest of her sentence was drowned as the sprinklers burst to life. A light rain of cold water sprayed into the air. It didn’t take long for Y/N to be completely drenched.

“Tae!” Y/N cried out. Taeyong only laughed in that boyish laugh of his as he got up from his chair.

The kid in him came out. It had been ages since he played a prank on her.

Y/N stood up to chase Taeyong around the garden. However, he always seemed to be just out of her reach.

Their laughter echoed in the garden. It blew Y/N’s mind that no one came out of the silent mansion and told them to shut it.

Just as she was about to touch Taeyong’s shirt, he halted, causing her to ran right into his back. The collision made a wet smack.

In one fluid motion, Taeyong spun around, caught her, and then lied on the ground. He pulled Y/N towards him and made her use his arm as a pillow.

Together, they lied down in the middle of the garden, soaking wet, but admiring the stars in the sky.

“I miss playing,” Taeyong said. He sounded breathless, but it was masked by the sound of the sprinklers.

Y/N looked at him. “Didn’t you play when you were a kid?”

Taeyong smiled at her. “I did. With Ten, with you, with J—“

He caught himself before he could finish the rest.

“With who?”

Taeyong’s eyes hardened for a moment. “No one.”

“You’re not telling me something.”

“Should I tell you all my secrets now?” Taeyong had a teasing smirk on his lips. He stuck out his tongue at Y/N.

“I want to know everything because I think I missed out a lot of your childhood. You know, before we came.”

Taeyong made no response.

“And here I thought we were supposed to be close.” Y/N returned her gaze back to the sky.

Taeyong chuckled at her annoyance then stared back at the sky as well. “Are you sure it’s just that?”

Y/N felt her cheeks slowly heating up. “Y-yeah.”

“We used to call him ‘Casper’,” Taeyong finally shared. “It was because he was so pale.”


“Stuff between our families happened.” Taeyong waved his hand like it was unimportant. “They left.”

“Where’s he now?”

Taeyong gaze at Y/N sharply then back into the sky. Still, his eyes never softened. “I don’t know.”

Even as he said that, Y/N knew he was lying.

“Come on,” Taeyong stood up and held out a hand at her. “Let’s get you home.”

Clearly, the subject was closed for discussion.

Y/N felt a bit too cold. She pulled the sheets closer, but it did nothing to warm her.

Eonnie? Eonnie!”

Y/N woke with a jolt. She opened her eyes and was greeted by the sight of her sister. Her eyes held worry.

“You’re sick, Y/N.” Y/N noticed her mother beside her. Then, she pressed the back of her hand on Y/N’s forehead to check her temperature.

She tsk-ed.

Slowly, Y/N rose from her bed. Her body felt like lead and she ached everywhere.

‘Damn,’ she thought.

Y/N rarely cursed, even in her mind, but she thought it was one of those times that deserved it. 

Great. She got fever. From being soaked to the bones last night.

‘Lee Taeyong, this is all your fault.’

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Request: Could you do an imagine where Theo “loves” the reader, but in a crazy, evil, selfish, way. And he sort of kidnaps the reader who is a human member of the pack but has no special skills while the rest of the pack are dealing with the Dread Doctors, and he’s about to hurt her or something but then Isaac, who was in a relationship with the reader before he left for France, comes out of nowhere and saves her? And then it’s a super emotional reunion because she never thought she’d see him again?

Note: I am so sorry this took me so long to write. It’s changed up a bit; I hope you still like it! I’m going to try to update this blog more frequently. Feel free to send in some requests! Just nothing about 5B; I haven’t seen it yet oops

Warnings: Theo is kinda out-of-canon crazy. The reader sustains head trauma that is pretty bad. The ending is so cheesy omfg

“I really wish you were here.” I spoke into the receiver as I trudged home through puddles lining the sidewalk. “You’re missing so much.”

         “I know.” Isaac sighed. “Scott’s been keeping me updated on everything. I…” He stopped himself. He’d been doing that throughout the entire conversation, always ending his sentences before he could spill whatever it was that he was trying to suppress. I knew better than to pressure information out of Isaac. It would only result in hurt feelings and wouldn’t get anybody anywhere.

         “At the same time, though, I’m glad you’re all the way over there.” I told him honestly as I walked up my front steps. “That way I know you’re safe from all of this mess.”

         “And what about you?” Isaac asked. “Are you safe?”

         I chewed my lower lip as I felt around the flowerpot for the key. “Yeah, the pack is pretty strict about my involvement in everything. It’s driving me insane. I feel totally helpless, like I’m a little kid or something.”

         “They’re just trying to look out for you.” Isaac comforted- although I could hear a level of relief in his voice. “From what I’ve heard, these Dread Doctors are bad news.”

         “Yeah, well, they don’t seem to be going after humans- unless someone forgot to tell me something.” I waited half a minute. He didn’t say anything. I sighed, giving up on my search and straightening my aching back. My Mom would be home soon; she would be able to let me in. “I want to help, but Scott won’t let me.”

         “That’s because Scott is smart.”

         I huffed and crossed my arms, leaning my damp forehead against the cool door. “Not you too. Stiles says the same thing every time I start complaining.”

         He laughed lightly. “Maybe you should listen, then, love.”

         I groaned, which only made him laugher harder. “Okay, but-”


         I jumped, whirling around, pressing my phone against my chest. “Theo,” I let out a shaky exhale. “Hey. You scared me.”

         “Y/N?” I could hear Isaac’s concerned voice coming through the phone. “Y/N, are you okay? What’s going on? Your heart is going really fast.”

         “I’m sorry.” Theo smiled, but it wasn’t friendly. There was some sinister edge to it, like he was straddling the border of insanity. It was in his eyes, too- blue alight with crazed energy. It was the way he always looked at me: when we were in the hallways; when I was sitting with members of my pack; when I passed him papers in class.

         “You’re fine.” I assured him, gripping the phone in my hand a bit tighter. “I just wasn’t expecting you.”

         Theo chuckled darkly, shaking out droplets from his dark hair as he stepped under the cover. “I wasn’t apologizing for that.” He continued to come closer, eyes slitting, like an animal stalking its prey. It was extremely intimidating.

         Involuntarily, I took a step back, ending up pressed against the door. “Oh,” I said softly, trying to ignore the faint sound of Isaac yelling. “Then what-”

         He was right in front of me, toe to toe, fingers ghosting along my cheek. “I’m sorry for this.” Suddenly his fingers fisted in my hair, yanking me towards him and then slamming my head against the door.


I groaned, eyes squinting as I fought to open them. The light stung, making my vision blurry with tears. I forced myself to sit up, head spinning.

         I was strapped down- rather securely, I might add- in the passenger seat of a car. Trees were racing past my window as the truck sped down roads.

         Theo was driving, a frustrated expression settling on his face when I looked over at him. “You’re not supposed to be awake yet.” He said flatly.

         “What do you mean?” I asked. “Theo, what’s going on?” My temple was throbbing; it hurt to think. “Did you… did you seriously kidnap me?”

         “It’s not kidnapping.” He defended immediately. “I’m taking you to a better place- a safer place.”

         I stared at him, dumbfounded. “Why?”

         Theo sent me an impassive glance. “So we can be together.”

         That took me a second. “What?”

         “I’m in love with you,” he explained, voice rising as he continued, pressing harder on the gas pedal. “I’ve been in love with you from the start. I’m the only one who cares about you, none of the others. They don’t care if you get hurt. They don’t look out for you the way I do. You’re mine; I’m going to take care of you the way they never could.”

         I bit my lip hard, fighting the urge to scream. Theo had obviously lost it. It wouldn’t help if I freaked out too. I needed to try and be calm and find a way out of this.

         “Theo,” I struggled to keep my voice level. “I understand what you’re saying. Why don’t you slow down and we can talk about this, yeah?”

         “No!” He snapped, causing me to flinch. “It’s too dangerous! I need to get you out of Beacon Hills and away from all of this. I’m going to get you far away from here. Then we can finally be together.”

         “Uh huh,” I forced myself to take even breaths. “Alright. Just slow down.”

         “No! For the last time, I-”

         “Theo hit the brakes.”

         “-am not going to slow down-”

         “Theo, brakes.”

         “-because I need to-”

         “Theo, brakes!” I screamed, staring wide-eyed at the figure up ahead in the road. My shriek seemed to jolt him out of this self-proclaimed mission because he slammed his foot down on the brakes hard.

         My body lurched forward against the seatbelt, nearly throwing me out the windshield. My head smacked against the window beside me, causing me to cry out.

         The door was ripped off its hinges. I could barely process anything due to the head trauma I was undergoing. There were snarls unfurling from furious throats. I was jerked back and forth like a rag doll children were fighting over. My vision kept fading out and then honing back in sharply on little things like the rocks in the concrete or the shape of the weeds on the side of the road.

         There was a loud roar that felt like an axe sinking into my skull. My hands came up to claw at my ears, feebly trying to shield them from all the sounds that seemed ten times louder than they should be.

         Then I was floating. I blinked several times, hoping to get my vision back just once.

         My wish was granted, and I knew I had to be dead.

         “You’re not dead,” the angel said with a bloody smile. “You’re going to be fine, Y/N. We just have to get you to the hospital is all.”

         “No, I’m definitely dead.” I slurred. “Because you can’t be here.”

         “Yet here I am.” He grinned. “You’re okay. I’ve got you. We’re going to the hospital.”

         “What… what about Theo?”

         “Don’t you worry about him. You just try to stay awake for me, alright?”

         “Isaac… how are you here?”

         “I’ve been here for a while now, actually. Stiles called me when things started to go bad. He wanted back-up near-by for situations like this, I guess, when the pack wasn’t available.”

         “But… you’ve been in Paris…”

         “It’ll all make sense when we get you well, love. Here, give me your hand. Let’s make this a bit more bearable, hmm?”


         “Sh, it’s okay. You don’t have to talk. I know it hurts.”

         “I didn’t think I was ever going to see you again.”

         “…you can’t be serious.”

         “I didn’t think I was ever going to see you. I thought you were gone forever and that eventually you’d get tired of calling me and wouldn’t call ever again and then-”

         “Sh, sh, sh. Don’t cry, love. That was never going to happen and it never will happen. I’m here now and I promise I’m never leaving your side again.”

Imagine Dean Finding You Injured After a Hunt Gone Wrong.

Author: loreleisonafaire

Word Count: 2218

You knew that you weren’t supposed to go after something like a wendigo alone. You could almost hear the person who taught you how to hunt berating you as soon as the idea came into your mind.

You tryin’ to get yourself killed?! If you can’t handle it alone, you don’t go it alone!

It’s not like you wanted to go it alone. You called a good friend of yours, one you met through your mentor as backup when you figured out it was a wendigo hunting residents of a small town in the middle of the country. Told him to meet you at the town’s only motel. But when you had arrived there and heard about a more recent disappearance, you knew you couldn’t wait for the backup you had called for. If that victim had decided that fighting the wendigo was a good idea, or if they got hurt while running from it, there might not be time enough to wait for backup.

Your major concern was that camper.

You had taken a good number of flares with you and a flare gun into the abandoned mine, and as you walked through the damp and dark tunnels, flashlight prone, you tried to count your blessings.

Recent land developments made it so the exit you had just come through was close to a road, meaning that once you got the wendigo’s chosen victim out, help was just a drive away.

You had already called a Hunter to come in—even if you failed, they would succeed. They had a good track record like that…Well, then again, if they didn’t have a good track record, you wouldn’t have been able to call them.


Footsteps. You whipped around towards the sound, other hand preparing to shoot one of your flares at the creature you knew was in the mine as your wide eyes scanned the dark mine shaft, no longer able to see the exit from the light of the flashlight. After a few more moments of silence, you continue down your path, suddenly very aware of the stakes you’re playing for here.

You begin to repeat directions to yourself: Left, right, right. Those were the directions you turned as you ventured deeper into the mine, when suddenly, you heard a voice screaming, “HELP! IS ANYONE OUT THERE?!”

Shit, you thought, trying to figure out where the voice is coming from. Realizing that it’s coming from further along the corridor you’re already on, you hope that the wendigo hadn’t gotten to them first. You knew that wendigos kept their victims alive, but they were also keen on hibernating, and you doubted that anyone would be able to sleep with someone screaming in a series of large, echoing tunnels.

When you reached them, hanging like meat near a dead end caused by what looked like a cave-in, they started and you held up a hand to show that you meant no harm—admittedly, this was the hand that held your flare gun, but that wasn’t too threatening by itself, apparently, as the fear in their dark eyes died down some. “It’s cool, it’s cool, don’t worry. I’m here to help you get out,” you assured them, quietly, “But you need to keep your voice down. They’ll hear us. Okay?” You nodded, prompting them to nod in turn.

You put your flare gun in your pocket—not entirely safe, you know, but you’re more likely to get killed by the monster roaming this mine than a fire hazard—and pulled out your knife, beginning to cut the wendigo’s victim down from what looked like a wooden rafter in the mine shaft as they asked, “Who are you?”

“My name’s [Y/N],” you answered as you sawed through what looked like rope, and, trying to redirect them from asking what you were doing there, you asked, “What about you? What’s your name?”

“Riley,” they answered as you cut through the last of the rope, Riley’s hands dropping with a pleasant snapping sound that you hoped the wendigo hadn’t heard. They pulled their hands free from the remainder of the coarse material as you put your knife back in its proper place on your belt and retrieved your flare gun.

“Alright, Riley,” you asked, “Can you walk?” They nodded, prompting you to continue, “Follow me. We’re going to get back to the road and get you back to civilization.”

“But what about the person who took me?” they asked, fear inching into their voice.

“Well, they’re probably still here,” you muttered, “So we’re just going to have to be very quiet and very fast. Alright?”

They nodded and you began leading them back through the mine shafts, keeping your eyes moving and ears prone for every small sound beside that of the both of your footsteps. Every so often, you would mutter words of encouragement to Riley, to make sure that their morale didn’t get too low. You knew where you were going.

But something had to go wrong.

A roar pierced through the quiet darkness, a roar that was much too close to the both of you for your liking. You began running, urging Riley ahead of you when you looked behind you for a split-second and thought you saw the vague shape of elongated limbs behind you.

The exit had to be close—you were pretty damn sure you had turned the way you had needed to whenever you came across an intersection. Oh, how much shorter the trek had seemed when you had first came in!

It was just when you had begun seeing the exit in the distance when you suddenly felt a pain blooming in your shoulder—it had caught up with the both of you, and apparently decided practically tearing your shoulder to ribbons was a good idea. You had heard these things enjoyed toying with their prey, but…

You couldn’t help the scream of pain that had left you, and from dropping your flashlight, your hand suddenly deciding to betray your courageous spirit, but you’d be damned if you were about to just slow down and die because a cannibal’s claw managed to sink into you while you were running. “Go! Go!” you yelled to Riley, trying to get them out of the tunnel first when you slowed and turned, the wendigo itself having slowed down some, too, apparently enjoying the sight of its prey running. It didn’t have much to enjoy any more, though, when you pulled the trigger.

It howled in pain, embers consuming its body in a sudden flash. You watch on in a mix of fear and awe as it practically evaporated in the face of flames into a pile of ashes.

You turned around back towards the exit and ran towards it, beginning to worry if the wound is as bad as you think it is, and if it’s just adrenaline making you ignore the pain. You walked forward, through the short bit of forest separating the mine and what was practically the only paved road leading into and out of the town. Your truck, a dark blue pickup, was waiting for you to come back just where you put it—you were surprised Riley hadn’t stuck around with it, but, then again, you imagined they’d be anxious to get somewhere with people, and the adrenaline probably still hadn’t died down in their system. I wonder if I’ll be able to find them. You moved your bad arm to try and get your keys out of your pocket only to find out that was a very bad idea was pain flooded every nerve on your shoulder. “Nope nope nope,” you repeated, easing your arm back down to a neutral position—still painful, but definitely less than moving it. “Bad idea. Bad idea.” You leaned up against your truck as you thought of what you should do before you realized you only had one option anyway. “Guess that means I’m walking,” you muttered, knowing that you didn’t have your first aid kit with you in your truck.

You wondered how long you’d been walking for, gripping your shoulder to try and keep up pressure on it when you heard a car beginning to slow down behind you to a stop, the brakes screeching a little in the act. You turned around to come face-to-face a black 1967 Chevy Impala. The door to the old car opened and Dean Winchester stood up from the driver’s seat, staring at you, or, more specifically, your wound, looking concerned, and maybe even a little frightened. “[Y/N]?” he asked.

“A little late to the party, aren’t you Dean?” you joked and he closed the door behind him as he stepped closer to you.

“What the hell happened?” he asked, grabbing you by the forearms, a little too close to your wounded shoulder.

You stepped back and he let go. “Like I said,” you explained. “You were a little late…At least the wendigo’s dead.”

“We need to get you somewhere to patch you up,” he said, putting a hand on your back to usher you into the passenger seat of his car. He got back into the driver’s side and you were on the road before you knew it.

“Sorry about the upholstery,” you muttered, trying not to chuckle like you bleeding out was some sort of joke.

“Don’t worry about it,” he muttered, glancing over to you and shaking his head as he put his focus back on the road. He glanced between where he was driving and you as he asked, “Dammit, [Y/N], what the hell were you thinking?”

Now that, you did bark out a bit of laughter to. “I know, I was stupid. I can practically hear him in my head now, calling me about twelve different forms of ‘idjit.’”

“Why didn’t you wait for me?”

“There was someone else who was taken,” you replied, simply, glaring at him because screw it, if he hadn’t dragged his ass, you would’ve had some backup in that mine. “I saved them. The wendigo is dead. And if you were there, I probably wouldn’t have gotten hurt, true enough, but hell if I was about to let them stay in that mine for one more minute.”

“[Y/N]…” He sounded like he was trying to think of something to say to you to make you understand just why he was so angry with you, but the knowledge that you were just about as stubborn as he was put him off that idea pretty quickly.

For the next few minutes, as you came into town, you tried to forget about the pain blooming from your shoulder, but when you shifted somewhat in your seat, trying to get more comfortable, you hissed in pain, causing Dean to shoot an alarmed look your way. “Damned adrenaline,” you muttered, trying to put on a brave smile to show you’re fine to the other Hunter sitting beside you. “Don’t suppose you’ve got some pain killers for me to take now?”

“Hold on, we’re almost there. Just…try focusing on something else.”

“That would be a good idea if there were something else to focus on, Dean.”

There was a brief moment of silence before he began half-humming, half-singing a song you tried to recognize. You knew you had heard it before somewhere—on the radio? On a jukebox in an old restaurant?—but you couldn’t quite place its name to its muttered lyrics and quick tune. Of course, it didn’t help that you were beginning to feel pretty damn tired.

When he pulled into the motel parking lot, you were forced out of your blood loss-induced stupor when his door slammed shut. You opened your door with your good arm, standing up and closing the door behind you when you felt a sudden spurt of lightheadedness and put a hand to your head, leaning against the car. Dean was next to you in a second. “Don’t worry, I’m just a little dizzy,” you said, but it didn’t stop him from picking you up, an arm under your legs and the other around your torso.

“Hang in there, I’ve got you,” he grunted as he began to carry you to the door of the motel room. He set you down outside the door after you retrieved the key from your pocket, and he helped you into the room. He left once more and returned with a first aid kit.

You hadn’t ever really asked about Dean’s medical expertise, but as he stitched you up, you were feeling pretty damn glad that he was the one you called. It wasn’t long (or at least it didn’t feel like long to you) before he was done, and you were handed a cup with water and some pills. After taking them, you managed to smile at him and say, your voice hoarse, “Thanks.”

He sat in one of the chairs near you and took one of your hands in his. “Just don’t do that again, [Y/N]. I’ve already lost too many people, and if I lost you…” He didn’t need to finish his sentence. You had both lost a lot to the job, and you knew how much it hurt. “Just…wait for me next time, alright?”

You nod, squeezing his hand. “Alright.”

astridianmayfly  asked:

You know that recent headcanon about the Rainbow Basher on the main blog? It said that one of the world's best demonologists finds out it can be summoned- I was just thinking for a short drabble/one-shot with Dipper and Thomas....

You asked!


Drives Like A Demon

“What are you doing?”

Thomas jumped. He’d been so focused on scrolling through the web pages he hadn’t noticed Tyrone popping up behind him.

Well, Alcor, actually, but Thomas had gotten so used to thinking of his friend as ‘Tyrone’ that it was hard to break the habit. Probably for the best, this way he would be less likely to slip up and call him Alcor in public.

“Just browsing,” Thomas said.

Tyrone leaned over his shoulder. “You’re looking for a car.”

Thomas looked at his screen. Six tabs active, all websites of nearby used car dealerships. “It’s frightening how you just know these things,” he said.

“I am omniscient, you know.” Tyrone nodded to the picture at the top of the screen. “That one looks nice.”

“I know. It’s also way, way over budget.” Thomas leaned back in his chair and groaned. “They all are.”

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We’re Supposed to Protect Her: A Criminal Minds Imagine

A/N: Hey, so thank you all again for 800 followers, it’s honestly blowing my mind and I’m really excited for it, so thank you! This is a request for Y/N being the youngest on the team, and so they protect her, but she’s abducted on her way to work one day - Emma

Rating: 14A

Warnings: Y/N nearly dies, cussing


Your tongue traces over your bottom lip and the smooth taste of your coffee coats the inside of your mouth, breathing life into your overtired body, your eyes mere slits in the cool air of your kitchen, you back gently leaned against the counter, your phone across from you.

This had become a morning routine, you didn’t want to have to get up, you didn’t want to have to leave your house, but once you got where you were going it all seemed to dissolve, and you were okay, but for now you took refuge in the three minutes you had left before you were to be on your way, or to be more exact, the three minutes you had before you actually had to be in your car.

Sighing deeply as you brush hair back from your forehead, you set down the mug, undoubtedly leaving a cream coloured ring on the white surface and push yourself off, reaching for your phone and slipping it into its place on your belt before pulling your boot all the way on, mentally preparing yourself to leave your solace.

With your keys in hand, you reach down and pat the top of your dog’s head as he watches you shut the door behind yourself, cutting off the place you found the most comfort, and locking it as you murmur that you’ll be home before he knows it. Did you say that every morning for your benefit, or for his?

As you tuck swing your keys around your finger, you’re reminded of how Morgan always tells you to hold the railing going down the stairs, and you subconsciously do it now, it’s become a habit. Or the way you look both ways before you job across the usually busy sidewalk in front of your house, the way you make sure your license is right beside you when you drive, the way you drive with the carefulness of a beginner.

Things like this came with being the youngest on a team of FBI profilers who took their job seriously, and thought that protecting you was a big part of their job description. “You’re just a baby, you’ve got to be careful” was one of the first things that Derek had ever said to you, followed by “I’m sure Reid with love that his place has been taken”.

As you pull out from your parking spot and stop at the red light that seems to glare down at you, you can’t help but smile of all of the little things that they’ve done, sometimes without thinking, to protect you. Like when you were on your first case, and JJ jumped in front of you when Morgan kicked in the door, just in case anything splintered outward.

Or when Emily would tell you that she just didn’t have a good feeling about your date that night, saying that you were “too young to jump into things”, or Garcia who would offer to do your hair and makeup because she thought that you had no idea what you were doing at your age, or how Spencer would tell you that certain things could impair your growth or take years off of your life, and who would want that when they were still so young?

It was like growing up all over again, watch the road before you cross, wear your helmet when you ride your bike, finish your vegetables, get enough sleep, don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings, wear your coat, don’t use your teeth to open things. But now it was more like is the safety on your gun on? Did you get enough sleep? Is anything bugging you? Is your vest on correctly? Should I drive to the scene?

The memories seemed to make the morning move a little quicker and with less disruption or annoyance than usual, and you find a simple smile falling across your lips before you’re even halfway there.

Paying attention to the car in front of you, you pause at the stop sign before looking both ways and continuing on, but the sound of squealing tires snaps your concentration, and without thinking you slow right down to assess the situation.

Looking to your right, you try to stomp your foot down on the gas as a truck comes barreling toward you, but with the road still wet from last night’s rainfall, your tires can’t grip it well enough, and you seem to spin in place for just long enough to realize that you’re about to be hit by this truck.

Keeping your foot to the floor, your car leaps forward just the slightest, but the sickening crunch of metal against metal jolts you as his bumper hits the tail of your car, spinning you as the seat belt slams against your chest, knocking the wind out of you.

Gasping for air, the car spins once more before coming to an unsettling stop, and your hands flail for the button to the side of your seat, desperation clear on your panicked face as you push it over and over again, finally the belt coming free.

You can hear the near silent dripping of what the scent tells you is gasoline, and you moan as you push open the driver’s side door, before stumbling out onto the littered cement. The man from the truck is already out, and he looks at you with wide eyes and his hands on his head.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I hit the brakes too late and I couldn’t slow down in time, I wasn’t paying attention. Oh god, your nose is bleeding, can you hear me? Miss?” you nod your head, although it feels like it’s stuffed with shards of glass, and reach up to touch your nose, clearly broken as it slides around beneath your fingers.

“It’s okay, it was an accident, I just.. I need to call my boss, I work with the FBI, and I” you can’t find words, you’re stumbling over them and nothing is working, so the man waves you toward his vehicle, which is in much better shape than yours.

“Here” he hands you his cellphone, and as you reach to grab it, he grips your wrist with an uncomfortably tight hand, and you look up at him, confused and unsure. “Get in the truck” he murmurs, and you shake your head, your neck stiff and sore.

“No, let my arm go” you try to pull back, but he’s much larger than you are, and understandably stronger as he pulls you towards him, a burning pain shooting up your entire left side. “No!” You raise your voice, but he spins you so that his hand is against your mouth, and starts dragging you backward.

The heels on the back of your boots scrape across the ground beneath you, pebbles causing slight jolts as you try your hardest to free yourself. He climbs up into the back of the truck, hauling you into the enclosed cab space, and dropping you onto the painful ridges. As you try to push yourself up, he forces your head back down with the toe of his shoe, and you yell as loud as you can.

“Shut the fuck up” he mutters, a guttural voice replacing his seemingly kind one, and you lash out with your legs, landing a blow to his upper thigh, but he seems to take no notice to the fact that you’d hit him, and instead spits down at the floor beside your head.

“Now stay quiet”, his toe meets the side of your head, and you feel a crack in your neck as the inside of the vehicle becomes blurred and dark, tears springing to your eyes you moan softly, and he reaches down, wrapping the cold metal of what you could only think was a chain around your wrist, before it locks to a hole cut out of the side of a heavy wooden box.

Climbing over you, he pays no mind as he steps on the side of your shoulder and a clump of your hair on his way into the driver’s seat, and the loud rumble of the still-drivable truck vibrates beneath your body as your breathing picks up alongside your heartbeat, and you cry out once more, surely drowned out by the noise, and your body painfully slides around the small space as he drives for what seems like forever.


My fist finds the hard tabletop once more and a loud bang accompanies it causing Penelope to jump beside me, her hands pause momentarily before going back to work at the unbelievable pace they had been. “Derek, that isn’t going to help” Hotch’s face is set in its usual stern expression, but beneath it is silent panic, and I shake my head.

“Well what is Hotch? Her phone GPS isn’t working, she hasn’t checked in, she doesn’t do these things. Y/N knows how to be careful, she knows how to be aware of her surroundings, and this isn’t her”. The annoyance is clear in my tone as I try to nail down the overwhelming thoughts in my mind, like a internal hurricane.

“She was at home this morning” JJ breezes through the door breathlessly, Rossi and Spencer trailing behind, and tosses her jacket over the back of a chair as she hurriedly picks up a marker and heads for the board.

“Used coffee mug on the table, no sign of forced entry, no sign of a struggle, the dog was completely calm and had eaten, the door was still locked. This didn’t happen at home, this happened-”

“On her way to work, look” Penelope gestures towards the television and squeezes the trigger on the remote, broadcasting a photo of a car accident on the screen. “It was just confirmed, it’s hers”. Her voice shakes with anxiety and discomfort, and I step closer in order to take a better look.

“She was hit, look at that, there’s clear indentation on the right side of the vehicle, and that paint scrape is definitely not from her vehicle. She was going through the intersection and somebody hit her. What’s the other vehicle description Garcia?”.

She stays silent for longer than I’d like, and as I go to repeat myself, I see the pained expression on her face and the slight shake of her head, her blonde curls bouncing as she does so. “That’s the thing, there was no other vehicle on the scene”.

“Witnesses?” Rossi’s voice breaks through, and she nods, the first sign of excitement filling the small room.

“Red truck, 2008 Dodge Ram 2500, it had significant front end damage but was still drivable, he offered her his cellphone and then she was gone, and he drove away”


“59L is all she got, but I’ve got some possible hits in the surrounding area, there’s 4”


The harsh noise that emanates from your chest would make you cringe if you could have, but as the belt cracks across your face once more you hardly feel the shift of bones beneath the skin like you had the last 5 times.

Your breaths come out noisily, but weak and shallow as you try to soothe the burning beneath your ribs, and with one more sickening hit, he drops the bloodied leather to the floor where it fits right in with the spatter underneath it. “You useless cow, you useless fucking cow” his voice wavers, his tone one that grates against your eardrums and you cough, the reddened drool leaking from your split lip.

Leaning your head back, the restraint around your forehead loosens in the slightest and you try to take a deep breath, but the discomfort brings forth an unintentional wheeze and he turns from the counter where he stands and shakes his head. “You ruined my life, you ruined everything”.

The sound of tools moving around within the rusted red tin causes goosebumps to rise to the surface of your skin, and you shift uncomfortably in the chair, your legs and arms strapped down, although it’s not like you’d be able to use your right leg, and where would you go? You didn’t have the willpower to cross the room, let alone climb the stairs and escape the house.

He saunters toward you, the harsh light bleaching out the instrument he holds, as he gets closer, the scent of body odour strong on his sweat stained clothing as he leans into your personal space, he exudes rage through every pore of his body, including those on his eerily steady hands as he slides the smooth end of the knife that you can finally see across your cheek.

You try to pull away, but he’s made it impossible, and instead you cry out although the sound seems to die out in your throat and he laughs, before lifting up the hem of your shirt and exposing the reddened, bruising skin beneath it.

“I want this to hurt, I want it to hurt as bad as I hurt when you broke my heart you fucking bitch” he hesitates just the slightest, the first wound one that just cuts the skin, and you hiss as the burn that accompanies it seems to bring every other ache in your body back to life.

His sadism should tell you that he would want to take his time with this, but instead he wastes no time in pushing the tip of the knife against the soft flesh, an intimate area that most people don’t see and as it slides in with little deterrence. This time there’s no mistaking the scream that comes forth, and there’s no sound dying out midway, instead there’s the most chilling sound you’d ever made in your life, and he takes his time pulling it back out, the red painted blade pressing once more against yet another place.

“No” you moan, your words slurred with your tears, and you try to prepare yourself to scream once more, try to prepare yourself for the raw feeling in your chest as it pulls itself forth, and he pushes it in much quicker this time, fast and efficient as it slides in and out, again with no resistance.

The black ring that had played around the edge of your vision for as long as you had been here began to increase in size, and you could feel your breathing slow, but your heart still raced inside its cage, slamming against the wall of your chest, keeping you alive. But when the adrenaline stopped, did you?


Spencer holds himself against the back of the seat as I take the corner sharply, my patrol circle becoming more like a trap than anything else, and I sigh heavily as I slow the truck at a red light. “Reid, it’s been hours man, I’m getting real tired of this area”.

His nod is less than comforting, and as I shoot him a look it becomes apparent to him that I need to hear what he has to say to keep myself grounded.

“Well, everywhere else in the outlined area that I calculated is being patrolled by the rest of the team, or local police. We can’t risk leaving here in case the truck shows up, leaving this spot blind is knocking down our percentage rate of finding her” taking a long drink from his bottle of water, I struggle to admit that I agree with what he says, and turn left onto a block that we’d been down time and time again.

As I look out my window at the slowly diminishing sunlight, I gaze over the tree line in hopes that I’d see something - anything to lead me to her. I slow the truck to a crawl, and Spencer perks himself up, his head nearly out the window as he squints to try and get a better take on the surrounding area.

“Car 554 here, I have a possible 10-82” the channel crackles to life, and Spencer spins in his seat, knocking his water and staring intently at the scanner.

“That’s a possible dead body Morgan” he says it as if I don’t know what it is, and I pick up the radio piece on my end and slam down the button.

“Car 554 is it a confirmed 10-82?” Reid is sorting through messily stacked paperwork beside him, and his eyes widen as he slams his finger against the clipboard, bringing my attention to where he’s pointing. Car 554 isn’t even ten minutes from us, and I nod, starting the lights and sirens as I put the gas pedal to the floor as the SUV surges forward.

The voice on the other end comes through once more, but this time with more urgency and a higher tone as he yells into his mouth piece. “10-52 at my position! 10-52! She’s alive, it’s the young girl from this morning, she’s got her ID on her, Agent Y/N Y/L/N”.


The larger man kneels down in the dirt beside you, his shimmering silver blanket causing you to wince as he carefully wraps it around your battered body, and places your head on his knee, pieces of gravel digging into the skin of your scalp. “Stay with me sweetheart, they’re on their way, you’ve made it this far, you’ve gotta hold on”.

His words are barely making it through, but you make quiet noises to show him that you’re still there, and that you’re digging your nails in, and not letting go. The sound of squealing tires on the pavement forces more adrenaline into your system, and you’re sure it’s the only thing keeping you alive at this point.

“Y/N!” Derek’s voice booms over the stagnant air, and you try to move, but the officer places a gentle hand on your shoulder.

“Not a good idea sweetheart, hold tight, here they come” the sirens in the background fade as Derek comes into view, his body coming ever closer as he throws himself onto the hard surface, no doubt cutting his knees. His hand gently brushes hair from your face, although it’s stuck with dried blood, and he shakes his head.

“This is all our fault, we’re supposed to protect you, I was supposed to drive you to work today, I could have been there.. I should have been there” tears flow freely on his skin, painting trails against the lines that you’re sure are a product of exhaustion, and as he kisses your forehead, the medics push him from their way.

“Three stab wounds, multiple facial lacerations, suspected broken ribs and a right fractured leg, possible internal bleeding and I’m going to say a collapsed lung, punctured at the least” the older lady is quick to assess, and she carefully lifts your head to wrap a brace around your neck, before asking the officer to move so that she and her partner can get you on a backboard.

“She’s lucky” the woman’s partner mutters as the two of the lift you, pain radiating through your body as the board is placed on top of a stretcher. “Careful with the straps” he says, his voice louder this time, and if your eyes would roll you’d roll them.


Sitting bedside had never been so hard in my life, and as I find my eyes slipping shut for the umpteenth time as her hand rests heavily in my own. JJ sits on the opposite side, knees curled to chest in the larger chair and her eyes glued to Y/N’s chest.

“I can’t even begin to explain the way I feel about this.. Distraught isn’t even good enough” her voice is quiet, strained against the ache that she undoubtedly feels, the ache that I feel, that comes with holding back the tears that prickle behind our eyes.

A dull ache tugs at my lower back, and I shove it away as I run my thumb in circles over the pale skin on the hand within my own, and nod. It seemed to be a shared feeling within the team, between sullen expressions and bags beneath eyes, murmured apologies and careful touches, we all knew what JJ was trying to say, and it was that we nearly lost the one person we all secretly protected the most.

“Pass me the chart, please” not wanting to bring forth the agonizing guilt that threatened to swallow me whole, I hold out a very slightly shaking hand as JJ stretches out to pass the clipboard to me, stuck to it were multiple, multiple papers.

I can almost feel the wince on my face as I read over the list of injuries, the paramedic hadn’t been far off at all, three stab wounds, seventeen facial lacerations, most of which required stitches, four broken ribs, a fractured right leg, bleeding from her liver, a massive concussion, and a rib had pierced through her left lung.

Reading it makes my head swim with images I can’t seem to hide from, and I shove it away from me, biting at my lower lip as it slides across the table to my left. “She’s one hell of a fighter” Prentiss’ voice comes from the open door, where she stands brandishing multiple cups of coffee, and I feel a faint smile force its way through.

Standing for the first time in what feels like days, I lift my hand away from Y/N’s, but it’s pulled back, faint at first but then more urgent, and I turn to look over my shoulder as the fragile body in the bed seems to come to life, her eyes wide open and surveying the full room, and I feel a tightness in my chest that hadn’t been there since I held her hand on that road.

“Y/N! Hold on, don’t move, JJ get a nurse!”