its not suppose to be cold! its summer!

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tuaf when you're not 'cold' but you definitely need all these blankets for sure. And the two big pillows. What do you mean it's summer? That's terrible. How am I supposed to squish myself under the blankets- I mean, uh, yeah, I want to sleep with the window open. And next to the wall. Of course I always sleep curled up like this. It's definitely not because I'm trying to satiate my need to be squished without overheating, that's ridiculous. 🐙🦑


【What is Yamato Island?】
Yamato Island’s beauty cannot possibly be described in words.
The villages of Summer and Winter give you the impression of rural life, whereas the villages of Spring and Autumn act as developed areas.
Each village has its own symbol that maintains its peace.
【Spring Village: Thousand-Year Cherry Tree】 A magnificent cherry tree whose life lasts forever.
【Summer Village: Drop of Fire】 A big, fiery red-colored pearl whose beauty takes your breath away.
【Autumn Village: Field of Resurrection Lilies】 A field of red spider lilies, where it is believed to be the gate to afterlife.
【Winter Village: the Everflowing Waterfall】 A beautiful waterfall that never freezes no matter how cold it is.
Dragons are supposed to live in each village as peacekeeper, but their appearance can only be seen by the chosen.

Your family has traditionally been in charge of maintaining the peace of this island.

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One of the Stevens wears winter themed clothing even though its supposed to be summer. Do you think they'd warp to another side of the earth and finally use that humongous Wailing Stone?

Its actually not summer anymore in the show! Remember in “Same Old World”, they fly through the trees and Steven comments that the leaves are changing color because the season is changing from summer to fall. Its now in the colder months in the show’s continuity, so it makes sense he’d be wearing cold weather clothing in some of the coming episodes

I do definitely think we’re going to see that Wailing Stone, though, but I don’t think it’ll be on the other side of the Earth necessarily