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"I barely have the Stamina for a sketch a day" I have never felt more proud of myself, ive been doing digital art for a year and I can get done like 10+ sketches a day if I am listening to good music omg OwO Also do you still do critiques ?? Because I did a messy human the other day and I am super proud but other people are telling me it's bad (people who don't do art) so idk i wanted to ask if you still do... ;-;

yOO you go dude! I’m envious

I’m afraid I don’t do critiques, but that sounds pretty nasty of them to say omg. Keep observing and practicing, you’ll get more confident with time. When people offer constructive criticism, take it, but when people just say ‘that’s bad’ I’d take that with a grain of salt. 

The opinions of people who don’t do art can still be useful, as they may be the main audience in which will see your work, but also they have little knowledge of the construction of a piece; composition, colour theory, stylization and exaggeration etc. so they can’t really give constructive criticism on how to improve, so it’s not very helpful most of the time otl

Part One- Dating Jimin Would Include:

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  • Giggling all the time at basically everything you do because he’s whipped
  • He just is, trust me.
  • The boys know it,
  • You know it,
  • and he knows it too
  • So ur just like: bby chill
  • And he does bc this hoe is so whipped he can barely function.
  • You’re his everything tbh, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell you
  • But then after he tells you he gets super bashful because all of the sudden your gaze makes him feel vulnerable  
  • And AHA surprise : he’s giggling again
  • But when you trace the outline of his lips before kissing them sweetly he sighs and all is good on earth as far as he’s concerned because his bby love is just so amazing and wow he’s so lucky  
  • He would be very transparent with his emotions but not necessarily because he’s intending to be
  • Like he’ll still try to play it cool but even though his lips are sinning against the soft skin at the nape of your neck he has a faint blush dusting his cheeks and it’s adorable
  • Speaking of sins tho— Park Jimin, am I rite?
  • This hoe is so thirsty for you oh my gOSHHH
  • Like zero shame about saying it too and it’s like ?? WHY Do YOu TEMPT ME SATAn?!
  • You’ll literally be like cutting up some watermelon or something and he’ll drag his thirsty hoe ass into the kitchen with a sultry look and pose dramatically against the wall  
  • “Damn girl, you look so sexy cutting that watermelon” and you honestly don’t even look at him while shooting him a mumbled “fuck off” and he’s all
  • “Aight then, [Y/N]… be that way” :/
  • But let’s be serious, the teasing would literally never end
  • The dorm would constantly be echoing with your fake retching and explosive laughs as he tries you with another greasy pick up line:
  • “Wow are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the onl—”  
  • “eww fuCK OFF”
  • But you lowkey like it a lot because it always ends up in cuddles where he drags your salty ass to the couch and just pulls you down against his chest and he presses kisses to the top of your head and it’s so comfy and warm and nice that you two fall asleep and honestly
  • When the boys see you two love bugs all snuggled up on the couch, cuddled and sweet they literally line up for pictures because their hearts swell just as much a Jimin’s does at the thought of your relationship.  
  • One day he decided to tease you while you two were getting ready for bed by licking his lips or something basic af bc he’s only a smol bean
  • And you’re so fucking done with it that you just: “Stop that, Park Jimin”  
  • But of course he’s too much of a little shit to listen even though the warning tone in your voice rung with foreign intimidation  
  • “Or what?”
  • “Or I’ll make you stop.”
  • “Oh yeah? How’re you going to do that?” he’ll lean back against the headboard with a smug look and lick his lips again so ur like lol fuck it this bitch is going down  
  • so you get up and move to straddle him sitting down right on his crotch grinding ever so slightly, ignoring the fact that he’s now looking at you like a deer caught in headlights and you lean down to his ear and whisper:  
  • “Do you want me to tell you..?” And then press your ass down on him a bit more
  • “Or do you want me to show you?” You’ll say before nipping at his earlobe and LOL GAME OVER, FUCKBOY
  • He’ll basically piss himself because the tone in your voice was so sultry and you were leaned back now looking at him through hooded eyes waiting for an answer and its honestly a bit overwhelming because now he’s hyper-aware of your ass pressing against the oppressive material of his now constricting sweatpants and wow what are you doing?? R U SRS?!
  • He’s blushing so hard that even his neck starts to turn splotchy because this was so out of the blue that he almost doesn’t know what the right answer is and eventually he decides to go with his gut
  • So with after a few shaky breaths and a small nod he’ll barely whisper a weak:
  • “…Show me…”  
  • and oop, he’s yours! >:)
  • Your first time with Jimin would most likely be his first time in general, which really only means that if its your first time too then it’ll be all smiles and awkward mumbles of:  
  • “I’m sorry..”  
  • “oops, my bad” and  
  • “Is this ok?”  
  • But it would be super special and emotional because our bby Jiminnie is so unfortunately insecure that the act would be so intimate and emotionally stripping for him (and for you too)
  • but it would also be overwhelmingly embarrassing because even though he wills his breathing to steady and the blush on his body to ease, it just won’t
  • He feels so absolutely vulnerable because he was exposing everything to you and yes, he knows you love him and yes, he is certain that he loves you more than anything but still, the possibility of seeing disappointment flash on your dark, lustful expression is washing him with doubt and it isn’t hard to tell
  • So you take your time, and he does too. Slowly moving your mouth against his before moving to the flushed skin of his neck while whispering words of adoration to him and he just throws his head back relishing the feeling of your body against his with a shaky sigh
  • It would be body worship galore because frankly, bby would need that small boost of confidence from you to really let go.  
  • He wouldn’t say it explicitly but it wasn’t hard to tell what your words were doing to him because with every roll of your hips against his and every ghostly touch on his body, and every breathy confession of your love for him (and his body) his hand would grip your hips a little harder, and he would pull you down a little further against his impossible to conceal hard on and wow the sounds he would be trying to stifle, good grief
  • They would be barely audible moans that spill effortlessly because his jaw is slack and though his head is leaned back against the headboard he’s looking at you and he can’t help himself because its such an erotic sight that mumbles of your name, words of adoration, and approving groans just spill freely without him even being aware— GOOD LUCK BITCH! PRAYING 4 U
  • It would be gentle but urgent at the same time. The intensity of it all, the way you feel around him, the sounds that fall from your lips to his, the way you rake your nails up his chest and clutch his shoulders harshly leaving crescent moon indentations as you approach your high,  
  • it was almost too much for him and before he knows it the moment is gone, both of your highs passed and you’re left collapsed onto his chest panting and collecting your breath as he tries to finally steady his restless heartbeat  
  • “You’re amazing you know that?” He’ll whisper into your hair feeling the familiar warmth of his swelling heart spread through his body
  • “I know, I know, I try” You’ll tease back and even though he laughs along briefly, his smile falters and then he’s looking at you with loving, glossed over eyes and he shakes his head slightly in disbelief because in this fleeting moment he truly feels undeserving of you and oh man it’s v emotional for our poor bby and even though he doesn’t make it obvious, and he would deny it with everything in his being if you asked, he’s a little choked up
  • “I mean it, [Y/N]… You’re so much more than I could have ever hoped for.”  he’ll say looking down at you intently watching as your smile fades slowly and you sigh contentedly leaning your face up to kiss him gently
  • “I love you, minnie.”
  • “Forever?” He’ll mumble bashfully pulling you closer to him
  • “Forever.” You assure him letting your hand run through his hair like you knew he liked
  • And he doesn’t doubt a single word. He would feel all of his worries and insecurities disappear and a comfortable silence would envelope you both and slowly without even realizing it you’ve fallen asleep completely entangled with each other.
  • Dating Jimin would be such a beautiful experience. 
  • He’s such a sweet, easy going and loving soul that he would make sure to prioritize your happiness
  • Whether through unbashful and unapologetic affection, or through small good morning and good night texts while he’s away or with stolen glances that he makes sure you catch, or through his unfiltered proclamations of love in the wee hour of the morning as you both fight against sleep, he would make it a priority to see you happy and smiling.  
  • Bby isn’t irrational though, he knows that there are things he can’t protect you from
  • He knows that one of those things was his career and that everytime he leaves for extended periods it takes a toll on you and it kills him because he never wants to see you hurt, or upset
  • But alas he cannot always avoid all obstacles for you so instead he resolves to never be the cause of your sadness or stress
  • You two would be so completely in love that everyone would groan at the mere sight of you in the same room
  • Like even if he was on his phone and you were watching a dumb tv show, Jin would walk into the living room and basically turn on his heels because, as Jungkook once said: “ewwwWW WHAT THE FUCK, JIMIN!? YOUR GREASE IS LITERALLY MAKING THE FLOOR SLIPPERY!”  
  • They all highkey love you two together though, everyone does because even though you two are SO FUCKING EXTRA WHEN UR TOGETHER LIKE OMGGG
  • The smiles on both of your faces as you tell each other to fuck off tell a different tale and seeing such a genuine look of joy on Chim’s face melts everyone’s hearts.
  • Yours included.

yesterday i went 2 college for an english skills assessment thing, and that was actually really good for me, for a lot of reasons??

i got a day off work, i got a chance to get comfortable with my new bus route and campus while there weren’t many people there (because it’s summer), i wrote a short timed essay which i haven’t done in forever and honestly felt pretty good about, and i got a reminder of things i have to look forward to (i’m starting college this september! i’m gonna be an art student!! i’m not just gonna be dragging myself through this summer forever!!!!!)

yeah it was Good

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I hurt myself tonight while suuuuper drunk and I can tell that it's gonna super hurt for a week pleease write me fox!Stiles and wolf!Derek? I would totally love you forever.

[Ahh I hope you’re not hurt too badly!! I hope you feel better soon!] 

Derek knows he shouldn’t shift when he’s drunk, but the moon is just calling to him, and it feels so good. He steps out of his clothes, feeling the cool night air on his bare skin and shifts, bounding into the forest. 

The moon is high in the sky, and Derek feels light-headed and amazing. He howls lustily into the passing breeze, marveling at the feel of the dirt under his paws, and then starts chasing down this delicious scent. 

What is this scent, it’s incredible— Derek follows the trail for most of the night, feeling giddy; sometimes it gets stronger, like he knows it’s close, and then the creature darts ahead, the scent thinning. There are false leads and Derek chases it down, determined to catch it. Whatever — whoever it is, Derek just wants to pin them down, nuzzle into them and get more of this scent. 

He’s feeling ridiculously pent-up and teased when he can’t even see hide nor hair of the other creature — not a wolf, but something else, something fascinating— and then the scent suddenly gets richer. 

Derek’s found a den. 

He leaps headfirst into the foxhole, eager to find the source, except he gets stuck. 

Derek howls mournfully. He can’t move. 

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  • heteronormative viewer: bucky and steve are like brothers - bucky protected steve like a little brother and they grew up together
  • me: achilles openly kissed (amongst other things) patroclus (in the song of achilles)and protected him like a brother would and they grew up together. also after patroclus died (doing something for achilles because he loved him) achilles avenged his death and let his enemy take his life because he couldn't bare to be away from patroclus and if you can't see the parallels there then I can't help you friend

life is strange is an interesting game for me because it’s honestly not good good, like it’s super flawed and awkward and kinda dumb. but in a way I find really interesting and honestly all the flaws just kinda… enhance it for me.

all the complaints people have about it are probably true, but also if they fixed any of that I honestly don’t think I would like it as much? like the awkward writing, the cringey teen dialogue, the way the lipsync only barely matches half the time like yeah sorry I like all that shit. it’s all imperfect and kinda embarrassing but it all adds to an experience that I enjoy and I think adds to a really weird charm. and I guess that’s a kinda charm most people don’t really enjoy, but for me it comes together in a wonderful dumb little teen soup

it is painfully imperfect and that’s what makes it so interesting and enjoyable

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i can only play a few chords on guitar :O its still fun even if im not good at it haha

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(Super Sentai Successors) "Thank goodness that's over..." Hoshi rubbed her head. "I barely remember what happened. It's like we...blacked out..." Ryuusei said.

“Oh trust me, you did” Demos laughs.

okay so a plot where muse a is a very quiet and shy high school girl with no social life who spends her time writing novels, and she’s always lugging around a big stack of paper with her latest novel draft printed on it so she can edit it in her free time. She gets assigned to work on a school project with muse b, a fairly social and popular guy who she would never talk to on her own. They meet up to work on the project, but some emergency comes up and muse a has to run out on him. A few hours later she realizes that she forgot her novel manuscript on the table, and goes back to get it. She didn’t expect muse b to still be there, but he is, and when she walks in on him he’s halfway through her novel and practically bawling over a particularly sad part. From then on he’s hooked on her writing and becomes her biggest fan, bugging muse a to let him read all her stories and later trying to talk her into getting them published because the world needs to know about this greatness. Usually muse a is scared to show anyone her writing because she doesn’t think its good and she bares a lot of her soul in it, but no one has ever appreciated her like this, so she always shows muse b her writing even though she’s super nervous he won’t like it or will think it’s weird. Of course he always loves it, and through her writing he starts to appreciate her as a person beyond her stories and maybe even fALLS FOR HER and this would be the cutest fluffiest thing I’ll barf rainbows someone do this with me

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Not really a ask but I just have to say I love your rose quartz sword it is so awesome I would love to know how you made it if you would mind sharing

Okay so first of all this is going to be quite a long post so buckle up

Lets start by going over the stuff that you will need for this:

1. Something to use as the foundation of the sword - Cause lets face it, foam alone isn’t going to cut it. I used a wooden pole that I bought from a hardware store. You can also completely skip this step and simply purchase a cheap toy sword to paint over instead, its cool.

2. A yoga mat - Honestly I found this is the cheapest way to buy large amounts of foam for cosplay. 

3. Your finest primers - I can’t stress how important this step is. Without priming your prop before painting what you end up with is a less finished product and find yourself wasting more of your spray paint on trying to cover up the foam. Not a cool move. I used mod podge, a white undercoat paint and gesso primer to prime my sword, all with different finishing results which I will explain below. 

4. Spray paint - Yes you can use normal acrylic paint here instead but I found that spray paint gives you a smoother, more even finish free of brush streaks. Again I used a couple different brands here and I’ll explain the differences between them. 

Some other necessities:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Fabric Scissors or a craft knife 
  • A saw or just a really good serrated knife (you’ll see what I mean)
  • Window sealant???? 
  • Leather stripping/ a nice leather belt

Now lets get started!!!

So first of all I started buy taking away some of the thickness of the wooden pole cause otherwise when I applied the foam the pole would show through underneath. Now guys I dont own a saw so I literally spent about an hour using a knife to saw off little sections of wood until I had a wooden pole that was half as thick as when I had started. I Also left a section at one end of the pole untouched where my handle would be. 

Next I cut out 2 generic sword shapes out of the foam and glued them together over the length of the sword. Now if like me you also dont own a good pair of scissors/ craft knife and end up with really uneven/ unsmooth edges which are not very blade like at all then I have a nifty little tip for you. 

>>>> Secret tip <<<< Window sealant works really well at filling in all the rough edges along the foams surface. I literally bought this stuff for a £1 at a 99p store and honestly it transformed how it looked instantly. 

Seee you can see all the window sealant applied to the outline of the sword, 100x better. 

Now that brings us on to priming!

So like I was explaining earlier You. Need. To. Prime. If you skip this step your sword will basically end up looking like exactly what it is, a painted piece of foam. This goes for any cosplay prop (armour, other weapons, whatever) the finished result will look a million times better just trust me. 

Here I used about 3 or 4 coats of matte mod podge (great for smoothing out any rough surfaces) and then sprayed it with a white spray paint. Though honestly dont used the brand I’ve got crossed out above, it takes about 5 coats just to produce any coverage and each can only has about 2 coats worth in it.

Instead I’d recommend using a better quality white spray paint or mixing some white paint/white gesso primer together with some mod podge (again the mod podge will help here to smooth out any brush stroke lines as it dries. 

Time to paint!

Once I left the undercoat to dry (you will need at least a couple hours between each coat and another 24 hours for the sword to dry fully) I applied a line of masking tape where I wanted to protect the section I would be later painting silver and then painted the rest pink. 

Now guys let me talk about canbrush spray paint for a sec. This shit is super cheap but still produces the smoothest, most chip proof finishing layer ever like I’m in love with it. In fact the end result is so good that when I went to apply some weathering later on I could barely get a blade to cut through it or the acrylic paint to grip onto its surface so thats why I decided to leave the the pink looking nice and slick and used a different brand for the grey paint which was a little more easy to work with. 

Again after allowing long enough to dry (otherwise good luck trying to remove masking tape off a wet layer of paint) I covered up the pink layer with masking tape and plastic bin liners and spray painted the remaining section of the sword with silver spray paint. This is what it looked like before I weathered the silver section ^^^^

And this is what it looked like after weathering. If you don’t know how to weather then heres a really cool tutorial for you. Like I mentioned before, instead of using canbrush here I used hycoat spray paint for the silver section which turned out for be much more easily manipulated and susceptible to weathering. 

On to the handle!!

Again I cut out different sections of foam and then hot glued this bad boy together. I didnt follow any template patterns for this I just went with trial and error and whatever I felt looked good but if you want a little more help on this part I can probably whip up some templates for you. The rose on the other hand (again made out of the same foam) I made following this tutorial.  

I then once again smoothed out some edges using the window sealant but this time primed the handle using a couple layers of white gesso primer mostly because I wanted the finishing result to be a little “messier” as this would help with making it look like real metal once I weathered it. 

Get a load of that handle. 

So lastly as a finishing touch, again to try a make it look a little more fancy I used an old leather belt I had lying around the house, cut off the end and buckle and wrapped it around the handle, adding a little hot glue in a couple places.

And thats it! Final results: me looking like a straight up badass. 

You guys can also add me on snapchat (dormantfig) where I usually post my my cosplay progress.  

I hate how there’s a fan culture where fan writing is seen as less valuable than fan art. Hold on with me here, I’ve got some coherent thoughts on this.

1. Creators of the original work one might be a fan of have explicitly said that they don’t look at or respond to anything written for fear of being sued. Like, shit. I don’t want to sue anyone. I want creators to tell me, “Oh, wow. You took my thing and made it amazing!” Fan art gets reblogged and commented on by creators because there’s no fear of law. Fan art gets more validation and praise than fan writing.

2. Popularity of fan writing increases when there is fan art dedicated to the piece. Fan art is popular no matter if fan writing is made from it.

3. In general, fan art is reblogged and liked more often than fan writing. Art is pretty and might occupy an “aesthetic” while writing is considered to clog up a dash with too many words.

4. Fan art is easy to engage with no matter the demographics of your audience. Writing will–at the very least–limit the age demographic. If you write for an older audience, younger folk might not be into it and vise versa.

5. And unless you’re super into supporting fan writing, you’ll probably not say anything about it. Fan art gets the bare minimum of “gorgeous.”


HAPPY BIRTH-DAE, @poltergeistparade/ @faultlinenuzlocke!!! 

Your nuz bbies are the cutest, most adorable children ever I love them all 

(psst. pls read their nuzlocke)


In Fitz’s briefcase everything has its own place

I had this headcanon that Fitz is very well-organised when it comes to work and engineering, but I couldn’t recall anything from the show to support it. 

And look, it was in here the whole time!

2016 review

2016 has been an awful year for mostly everyone due to known public events that affected people in one way or another. In my case, this year wasn’t good either and I can rescue some moments that involve family, friends and achieve some interviews. But I made this blog for talk about animated series and other stuff, so here is my balance of this year.

I began this blog with Regular Show, Adventure Time, BoJack Horseman and Ash vs Evil Dead, which I’ve been following when I made the blog, but I found many surprises like Disney’s hits Gravity Falls and Star vs the Forces of Evil. After watching both shows I came up that they were another proof that this fifth generation of animation (since 1990: 1990-1998;1998-2002;2002-2007;2007-2010;2010-2016) going into the sixth is really great. Despite that, we also knew RS and AT are going to finish: the first in January 2017, meanwhile the latter on 2018.

About the shows I’ve been already watching, every one of them had a tremendous year. Ash keeped that gore, peculiar humor Evil Dead handled through movies and the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead. The arcs, relationships with the main and new characters were well handled and also we saw that classic Evil Dead moments like Ashy Slashy handpuppet (I FUCKING WANT ONE!), or the return to the cabin in the woods. Also, Steve Austin as Ash’s father was excellent, sorry he had to die so early.

(NOTE: this one is the exception because I love Evil Dead and I follow the series like a deadite).

Adventure Time had begun their seventh season and they were doing good, but after Stakes things became better and they brought their best season since Season 4 (2011/12). Meanwhile, Regular Show left us in a mid-season where everything happened, but they had surprises for us: the closure of important arcs, the opening of the following season theme and incredible adventures on space. Both seasons 7 and 8 are the best since, also and in my opinion, its fouth one. Sadly, Mordecai, Rigby and the rest of the Park Rangers adventures are going to end in two weeks from now. January 16th 2017 is going to be a super sad day.

BoJack Horseman broadened its universe and, although we see the main character facing his demons everytime as always, we could see his sweet side in the underwater episode. But also we saw the crashing death of Sarah Lynn. If your heart didn’t broke when BoJack realized she was dead, go to the doctor and check yourself!

About the surprises

Tumblr forced (?) me (yeah @owlwright you’re responsible too) to watch Star vs the Forces of Evil due to its fan art and some caps of the long awaited Season 2. In two weeks I found a wonderful western magical girl series that, despite being too cringy the first half of its first season, had good stories which became stronger in its second season, besides bad guys point of view could be seen (something many series don’t apply). The characters have their own charm and go in crescendo up to the midseason finale, the heavy feeling puncher Bon Bon The Birthday Clown.

Gravity Falls was something I’ve been pushing for a year more or less. This year it ended with a bang with the resolution of the story, and also because the amazing Alex Hirsch didn’t want to continue the story, a respectable decision that opened him Hollywood doors by writing a script for a future movie I don’t remember which. About GF, the mysteries are the key of the series, but to me the characters make it incredible. Stanley and Mabel Pines steal the show basically, meanwhile Dipper makes a good Fox Mulder. It’s quite enjoyable and no surprise it’s one of this decade best animated series, casually alongside AT, RS, Over The Garden Wall, all shows created by Hirsch’s former partners on Flapjack (yeah, Steven Universe too, I just wanted to point the coincidence).

(I’m not done with it since I have to watch Weidmageddon, but I’ll do the proper review for this soon)

Rick and Morty is the most insane, kickass, awesome animated series this guy watched in years. Yeah, it parodies Back to the Future, but has its own style. The craziness Rick and Morty’s universe handles is very enjoyable, and it gets dark as BoJack, even darker. Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland created a successful and lovable freak circus monster. And talking about Justin, his voice acting is great, he is as insane as the characters he voices, no matter if it’s Lemongrab, Morty, Rick or Ants In The Eyes Johnson. In fact, I dare to say Rick and Morty is the crazy cousin of Gravity Falls since both share not only a despicable character (Rick/Stanley), mystery, voice actors (both Roiland and Hirsch voiced characters in both shows), they share amazing fake TV shows and TV ads! Try to watch them, it’s worthy.

This year we knew Nickelodeon confirmed the comeback of Hey Arnold. Craig Bartlett wanted to finish the story with The Jungle Movie, the story where Arnold and his friends go to find his lost parents. This TV movie animation and voice recordings are finished, it’s all matter of time to watch that ending. Speaking of comebacks, this time I felt surprised when Nick announced a Rocko movie. I’m so glad they bring my favorite wallaby, but I’m afraid they would ruin the show’s vibe. Luckily, I trust Joe Murray could give that show a modern vibe using that cool mirror named Regular Show. Sadly, we also knew Harvey Beaks wasn’t going to be renewed because the network didn’t want to, and also they mismanage HB not re-runing it or promoting properly as it’s been said. It’s a shame because, despite watching few episodes, HB is a nice series about friendship.

CN also had this mismanage thing in favour of crappy shows (yeah, I’m looking at you TTG and PPG2K16), promoting and marathoning them all the time meanwhile better shows had small time on air. That decisions made Steven Universe and Regular Show rush their seasons in no time, the first in a month and a half, the other aired half a season in five weeks. Also, Adventure Time had a super long hiatus right before the awaited finnale, whose first episode, Preboot, was shown in conventions (SDCC, NYCC and so). Fans had to wait four months to see what happened to Finn, Jake and Susan Strong.

On the brightside, Steven Universe once again amazed fans with a good season that I’m watching little by little as CN Latinamerica airs (comfort reasons mostly). Mr Greg is one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen, where Dee Dee Mango Hall showed all her singing skills as Pearl. We Bare Bears had its cuteness as ever, but to me the baby bears episodes are everything. And the future is promising if the network greenlights the amazing pilots Infinity Train and Víctor and Valentino, both episodes with lots of mystery vibe and quite entertaining that could continue the fresh wave that is on CN since 2007 more or less. Also, IT hit the superb mark of a million views on Youtube! Kudos to Owen Dennis!

And last but not least, you guys. The road was tough while I began in a new social media with this topic, but finally I met good people I enjoy sharing thing with and I enjoy the things they share. I wish you a much better 2017.

i’ve always been super self conscious about my legs because of my thunder thighs so i always always wear tights  but since i got my tattoo i can’t wear tights because it’s healing so i’ve been going bare legged and its been good??? I don’t hate myself??? for the first time in like 6 years.  silly that its a tattoo that got me to finally like myself  but eh whatever


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Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Reigisa is that popular? Their tag on tumblr barely moves and while a lot of people say they ship it, a good number of those people don't give any attention to them and rant over another Free! ship.

Reigisa is, like, the ship everyone is like “yeah” but not super SHIPPY with? I think it’s because they’re side characters and, also, not in a love triangle. So there’s no competition. And fandoms love competitions because it makes them love their pairing even more in comparison to the other, and more excited when their pair gets moments and the other doesn’t. 

And like Rei and Nagisa are just over here being the cutest little sweethearts

And like I get why they’re not super popular but at the same time I’m like HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM

Like Nagisa is so cute around Rei and always teasing him and getting him to be himself

And like loves how dorky Rei is

And like always looks out for him too

And like Rei can’t help how much he needs Nagisa in his life

And even though Nagisa drives him nuts he really cares about his happiness and tries to please him

And like gets super jealous because even though Nagisa is overbearing if an ounce of that attention goes to someone else he’s a wreck

And he’s very protective of Nagisa and looks out for his safety which is no easy task considering the trouble this boy gets into 

And like in general they just are adorable in their everyday conversations and just being around each other?

And like I get why people don’t like the pairing as much but at the same time I’m like

PLEASE SEE HOW PERFECT THEY BALANCE EACH OTHER! Please, fans and Kyoani, give them more love!

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I've always got my piercings for 50$ and with externally threaded jewelry, i know it's crap and not good for my body but i've NEVER had any problems with those piercings, they've healed perfectly in the correct period of time , I'm a student so i barely have any savings. Why should i spend my (inexistent) money on a super expensive piercing (the jewlery and the process) if the cheap ones work well on me? (Not trying to be rude or anything, i ❤️ your blog) thanks! x

While it’s certainly true that not everyone has issues with low quality jewelry(the body can be pretty impressive and heal things in SPITE of obstacles in its way), but the fact that you’ve been drastically overpaying for piercings with low quality jewelry should piss you off to the point that paying literally only a few more dollars for proper jewelry shouldn’t be a big deal lol. Most of the piercings I do, for example, start at 60 dollars with some nice pretty gemmed stuff with implant grade titanium and gems that are guaranteed for life. If you’re getting pierced with externally threaded jewelry and you pay more than 20 or 30 dollars(most of that money should be tied up in the piercing fee) then you’re not getting what you paid for. Externally threaded jewelry is dirt cheap. If you want to pay 50 dollars for a piercing with a piece of jewelry that the piercer/studio paid a dollar for, that’s your business and you’re entitled to do what you want. But understand how much you’re getting ripped off lol. It’s funny how some people, not necessarily you of course, think that high quality piercers rip people off with our prices but if you look at markup percentages, I can guarantee you that piercers that pierce with low quality jewelry have a DRASTICALLY higher markup percentage on their jewelry, and that should make you angry enough to not support them!

But if you want to talk about why high quality jewelry is better than low quality jewelry and not refer to pricing, we can do that as well! Sure, your piercings might have healed with low quality jewelry, but they likely would have healed faster and easier with high quality jewelry though. Low quality jewelry with a poor or non existent polish will have a rough surface finish which can irritate your piercing any time it moves which could cause excessive scarring during healing. Those little nooks and crannies in the jewelry can also harbor bacteria which can lead to infection. Luckily that hasn’t happened to you at this point, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t in the future. Externally threaded jewelry will also irritate your piercing every time the jewelry is inserted or removed. So yes, you haven’t had any issues, which is great, but that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit more from high quality jewelry and doesn’t mean that you won’t have issues in the future with low quality jewelry.

I personally just prefer to support companies/piercers that care enough about their clients to provide them with quality that is honestly the industry standard. You’re free to do what you’d like of course, but I try to encourage people to support the people in this industry that show that they deserve that support. Hope this explains everything a little better!

so i saw pitch perfect today and my short review is:

  • good music, high production value, nice costumes
  • honestly the best performing imo was the german group bc they were hardcore, all black, singing muse and fall out boy
  • but all of them looked and sounded good
  • 70% of the jokes were shock humor (most of which were racist ugh)
  • but ok hear me on this!!! it got waaaay more racist than the first one
  • theres a latina girl (flo) in the group now and her entire character is her responding to White People Problems with “””funny””” quips about her horrible life as an immigrant, which ofc the audience is supposed to laugh at
  • theres a super transmisogynistic joke about a filipino acapella group composed of lady boys (”who are good with their mouths” – paraphrased from the female host gail) and then WE NEVER EVEN SEE THE GROUP PERFORM (edit: drag queens are called ladyboys as someone mentioned to me, so not necessarily trans)
  • speaking of the hosts omg they got worse. except for one scene they’re in everything is horrible. racism, sexism, fatphobia, inappropriate sexual innuendo, everything
  • the plot doesnt know what its doing. one minute were supposed to be focused on one of 2 romance subplots with barely developed dude characters, and the next were seeing beca at an internship with a record company that shes shamefully hiding from the bellas but isnt really made suspenseful enough
  • speaking of suspense, the movie didnt really give us much in this arena
  • like, the german group, Das Sound Machine, who were supposed to hate, are actually pretty cool?? yeah theyre rude, but at least theyre never racist and they dont make weird sex jokes
  • same as before, the scenes with fat amy are mostly supposed to be funny bc hahaha a confident fat woman doing normal things like liking herself and freaking existing physically at all. her romance subplot wasnt actually too terrible, though!
  • a positive thing is there is MORE GAY in this movie!!! beca being attracted to the female lead of the german group! the black lesbian character (cynthia rose) talking more about being gay! possible hints that chloe wants to experiment!! good stuff
  • so overall: disorganized plot, terrible jokes, high budget, pretty good music, and a significant increase in gay
  • also, be mindful of the audience youre watching with! mine sucked and most ppl laughed at all of the racist/sexist/fatphobic jokes, but watch it with like-minded ppl and you should be good to go~