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Part One- Dating Jimin Would Include:

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  • Giggling all the time at basically everything you do because he’s whipped
  • He just is, trust me.
  • The boys know it,
  • You know it,
  • and he knows it too
  • So ur just like: bby chill
  • And he does bc this hoe is so whipped he can barely function.
  • You’re his everything tbh, and he doesn’t hesitate to tell you
  • But then after he tells you he gets super bashful because all of the sudden your gaze makes him feel vulnerable  
  • And AHA surprise : he’s giggling again
  • But when you trace the outline of his lips before kissing them sweetly he sighs and all is good on earth as far as he’s concerned because his bby love is just so amazing and wow he’s so lucky  
  • He would be very transparent with his emotions but not necessarily because he’s intending to be
  • Like he’ll still try to play it cool but even though his lips are sinning against the soft skin at the nape of your neck he has a faint blush dusting his cheeks and it’s adorable
  • Speaking of sins tho— Park Jimin, am I rite?
  • This hoe is so thirsty for you oh my gOSHHH
  • Like zero shame about saying it too and it’s like ?? WHY Do YOu TEMPT ME SATAn?!
  • You’ll literally be like cutting up some watermelon or something and he’ll drag his thirsty hoe ass into the kitchen with a sultry look and pose dramatically against the wall  
  • “Damn girl, you look so sexy cutting that watermelon” and you honestly don’t even look at him while shooting him a mumbled “fuck off” and he’s all
  • “Aight then, [Y/N]… be that way” :/
  • But let’s be serious, the teasing would literally never end
  • The dorm would constantly be echoing with your fake retching and explosive laughs as he tries you with another greasy pick up line:
  • “Wow are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the onl—”  
  • “eww fuCK OFF”
  • But you lowkey like it a lot because it always ends up in cuddles where he drags your salty ass to the couch and just pulls you down against his chest and he presses kisses to the top of your head and it’s so comfy and warm and nice that you two fall asleep and honestly
  • When the boys see you two love bugs all snuggled up on the couch, cuddled and sweet they literally line up for pictures because their hearts swell just as much a Jimin’s does at the thought of your relationship.  
  • One day he decided to tease you while you two were getting ready for bed by licking his lips or something basic af bc he’s only a smol bean
  • And you’re so fucking done with it that you just: “Stop that, Park Jimin”  
  • But of course he’s too much of a little shit to listen even though the warning tone in your voice rung with foreign intimidation  
  • “Or what?”
  • “Or I’ll make you stop.”
  • “Oh yeah? How’re you going to do that?” he’ll lean back against the headboard with a smug look and lick his lips again so ur like lol fuck it this bitch is going down  
  • so you get up and move to straddle him sitting down right on his crotch grinding ever so slightly, ignoring the fact that he’s now looking at you like a deer caught in headlights and you lean down to his ear and whisper:  
  • “Do you want me to tell you..?” And then press your ass down on him a bit more
  • “Or do you want me to show you?” You’ll say before nipping at his earlobe and LOL GAME OVER, FUCKBOY
  • He’ll basically piss himself because the tone in your voice was so sultry and you were leaned back now looking at him through hooded eyes waiting for an answer and its honestly a bit overwhelming because now he’s hyper-aware of your ass pressing against the oppressive material of his now constricting sweatpants and wow what are you doing?? R U SRS?!
  • He’s blushing so hard that even his neck starts to turn splotchy because this was so out of the blue that he almost doesn’t know what the right answer is and eventually he decides to go with his gut
  • So with after a few shaky breaths and a small nod he’ll barely whisper a weak:
  • “…Show me…”  
  • and oop, he’s yours! >:)
  • Your first time with Jimin would most likely be his first time in general, which really only means that if its your first time too then it’ll be all smiles and awkward mumbles of:  
  • “I’m sorry..”  
  • “oops, my bad” and  
  • “Is this ok?”  
  • But it would be super special and emotional because our bby Jiminnie is so unfortunately insecure that the act would be so intimate and emotionally stripping for him (and for you too)
  • but it would also be overwhelmingly embarrassing because even though he wills his breathing to steady and the blush on his body to ease, it just won’t
  • He feels so absolutely vulnerable because he was exposing everything to you and yes, he knows you love him and yes, he is certain that he loves you more than anything but still, the possibility of seeing disappointment flash on your dark, lustful expression is washing him with doubt and it isn’t hard to tell
  • So you take your time, and he does too. Slowly moving your mouth against his before moving to the flushed skin of his neck while whispering words of adoration to him and he just throws his head back relishing the feeling of your body against his with a shaky sigh
  • It would be body worship galore because frankly, bby would need that small boost of confidence from you to really let go.  
  • He wouldn’t say it explicitly but it wasn’t hard to tell what your words were doing to him because with every roll of your hips against his and every ghostly touch on his body, and every breathy confession of your love for him (and his body) his hand would grip your hips a little harder, and he would pull you down a little further against his impossible to conceal hard on and wow the sounds he would be trying to stifle, good grief
  • They would be barely audible moans that spill effortlessly because his jaw is slack and though his head is leaned back against the headboard he’s looking at you and he can’t help himself because its such an erotic sight that mumbles of your name, words of adoration, and approving groans just spill freely without him even being aware— GOOD LUCK BITCH! PRAYING 4 U
  • It would be gentle but urgent at the same time. The intensity of it all, the way you feel around him, the sounds that fall from your lips to his, the way you rake your nails up his chest and clutch his shoulders harshly leaving crescent moon indentations as you approach your high,  
  • it was almost too much for him and before he knows it the moment is gone, both of your highs passed and you’re left collapsed onto his chest panting and collecting your breath as he tries to finally steady his restless heartbeat  
  • “You’re amazing you know that?” He’ll whisper into your hair feeling the familiar warmth of his swelling heart spread through his body
  • “I know, I know, I try” You’ll tease back and even though he laughs along briefly, his smile falters and then he’s looking at you with loving, glossed over eyes and he shakes his head slightly in disbelief because in this fleeting moment he truly feels undeserving of you and oh man it’s v emotional for our poor bby and even though he doesn’t make it obvious, and he would deny it with everything in his being if you asked, he’s a little choked up
  • “I mean it, [Y/N]… You’re so much more than I could have ever hoped for.”  he’ll say looking down at you intently watching as your smile fades slowly and you sigh contentedly leaning your face up to kiss him gently
  • “I love you, minnie.”
  • “Forever?” He’ll mumble bashfully pulling you closer to him
  • “Forever.” You assure him letting your hand run through his hair like you knew he liked
  • And he doesn’t doubt a single word. He would feel all of his worries and insecurities disappear and a comfortable silence would envelope you both and slowly without even realizing it you’ve fallen asleep completely entangled with each other.
  • Dating Jimin would be such a beautiful experience. 
  • He’s such a sweet, easy going and loving soul that he would make sure to prioritize your happiness
  • Whether through unbashful and unapologetic affection, or through small good morning and good night texts while he’s away or with stolen glances that he makes sure you catch, or through his unfiltered proclamations of love in the wee hour of the morning as you both fight against sleep, he would make it a priority to see you happy and smiling.  
  • Bby isn’t irrational though, he knows that there are things he can’t protect you from
  • He knows that one of those things was his career and that everytime he leaves for extended periods it takes a toll on you and it kills him because he never wants to see you hurt, or upset
  • But alas he cannot always avoid all obstacles for you so instead he resolves to never be the cause of your sadness or stress
  • You two would be so completely in love that everyone would groan at the mere sight of you in the same room
  • Like even if he was on his phone and you were watching a dumb tv show, Jin would walk into the living room and basically turn on his heels because, as Jungkook once said: “ewwwWW WHAT THE FUCK, JIMIN!? YOUR GREASE IS LITERALLY MAKING THE FLOOR SLIPPERY!”  
  • They all highkey love you two together though, everyone does because even though you two are SO FUCKING EXTRA WHEN UR TOGETHER LIKE OMGGG
  • The smiles on both of your faces as you tell each other to fuck off tell a different tale and seeing such a genuine look of joy on Chim’s face melts everyone’s hearts.
  • Yours included.

Im supposed to be writing but im going out soon and had to put makeup on to look like a somewhat decent person and ended up taking selfies so hi

  • heteronormative viewer: bucky and steve are like brothers - bucky protected steve like a little brother and they grew up together
  • me: achilles openly kissed (amongst other things) patroclus (in the song of achilles)and protected him like a brother would and they grew up together. also after patroclus died (doing something for achilles because he loved him) achilles avenged his death and let his enemy take his life because he couldn't bare to be away from patroclus and if you can't see the parallels there then I can't help you friend

the calculus class I took my freshman year of college that I barely went to and got a C- in HAUNTS me because its the only college level math course I have on record other than a stats class and I need to prove math prereqs if I want to go to any community college but (1) they all require a C, not a C-, and (2) I havent dont any math in years and even though I used to be SUPER GOOD at it I dont remember Jack Shit and every time I look at a math placement test I have a panic attack because I dont know anything (3) My partners dad offers to cover my costs if i stay with them over the summer and go to community college but the midwest apparently is ACT land and all my kickass SAT scores do me no good

i turn 18 this year and its fucked because i’ve had depression since i was 11 so mentally i’ve barely grown lol
by that i mean i sometimes go days (~7+) without bathing or changing my clothes and eat cold nachos at midnight like? what the fuck. disgusting.

And also since its ruined my memory it makes me super anxious over time passing because I forget everything. 


HAPPY BIRTH-DAE, @poltergeistparade/ @faultlinenuzlocke!!! 

Your nuz bbies are the cutest, most adorable children ever I love them all 

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What's your favorite feel good music to listen/jam out to?

God ok so im a huge weeb so Ill throw a couple your way since I love me some feel good J rock- but for sake of other stuff I’ll throw in some others- here are some of my feel good/get up tracks!

Stella by Man with a Mission (Super upbeat feel and lyrics)(Jp)

Odds Are by Bare Naked Ladies (Eng)

Boys and Girls by LMC (JP)

I wanna get better by Bleachers (not really happy but its cathartic to yell to in the car haha) (Eng)

Followers by Man with a Mission (JP)

Road to Hope (Inst.)

and added bonus I was jamming to this today at work 

Just Like the Movies off the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Game Soundtrack - Guitar Covers

Those are just some but I have so many more! 

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help.... whts th difference between concealer n foundation n what brands do u recommend

google says “A foundation is for all over the face to even out skin tone, balance out redness, etc. If you have only faint blemishes, foundation can cover them, but for more significant blemishes, or really dark circles, you would need a concealer to fully cover the discoloration.”

I like the maybelline instant age rewind concealer and its super popular with a lot of other people too. the only foundation I use is the maybelline fit me dewy foundation… they have a matte line too and it’s pretty good. I’ve literally only tried like 2 other foundations the bare skin one from bare minerals and the true match lumi one and maybelline is better than both imo.