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ok so i don’t have a lot of evidence on this considering i don’t have screenshots and i really need to binge voltron again but im making this off of pure memory so hear me out ok? im porbably looking way too deep into this lmao

I think Lance feeling like he’s a seventh wheel is completely justified. 

Alright so everyone has had that moment where you make a joke and everybody just stay silent like it isnt funny, right? Well if you think about it, Lance has those moments every time he makes a joke or tries to lighten the mood, all of the time. Nobody really laughs at his comments or even pays much attention to them in the first place, only gets glares in return.

Now clearly, Lance usually cracks a joke for comic relief, but apparently no one else finds it funny. For example, he comes out of the pod after healing and everyone is happy to see him.  But as soon as he starts talking, people just groan and act like, “Oh, it’s that Lance, he hasn’t changed one bit,” and act clearly annoyed. Even his idol, Shiro, acts fed up with his shit- which in some cases is justified, but most times, it shouldnt matter, he’s just trying to be funny lmao.  Lance probably feels, unwanted, out of place, like he is the fifth wheel because no one really accepts him, and everyone finds him annoying.

Its not even just with Lance’s sense of humor, too.

People always think his ideas are stupid.

For example, the iconic scene where he keeps Keith from running straight into the danger that could get both of them killed, he suggests his alternate idea. Keith- who usually thinks Lance’s ideas are dumb, automatically jumps to the conclusion that his idea is going to be. Before he can argue, though, he works it out and sees that maybe Lance’s alternate route is a good idea. 

People disagree with the way he wants to complete something, in season 2, Lance comes up with the idea to form Voltron in a situation and everyone vouches against it, however 30 seconds later, they end up forming Voltron, like he said, anyway. 

Another reason, people also think little of him, they underestimate him, and that all starts with the Garisson. He was told that the only reason he ever got at his fighter pilot class was because his rival was kicked out of school, and without that he shouldnt have even been there. Again, he feels out of place, and like he doesnt belong. Then, his idol, his hero, Shiro, shows up, and when he finally feels like he has a purpose, like he could accomplish something amazing, but then Keith shows up. Even then, he doesnt give up, he is like “um excUSE ME BITCH I CALLED SAVING SHIRO FIRST” And once again, he doesnt want his rival that always beat him to do that once again. 

And again in season two, there’s clearly favoritism happening between Keith and Shiro, and Lance is jealous of course. Like, he finally gets to meet and work with his idol, and when he wants to go with Shiro on a mission, SHiro chooses Keith over him. Man, I wonder why he’s so overdramatic about it. Its not like he was treated the same damn way at the gaRISSON OR ANYTHING NAHH

No, but clearly, he has an inferiority complex, especially when it comes to keith, because he knows hes better than him in every way.

People in the show also deny that he has any good skills, and even he himself starts to believe it, when sorta venting to the yupper. (i die a little inside whenever i see it)

I loved it when shiro gave him praise for once because it was specifically for him and not directed at the whole time. It was good job LANCE

And honestly the pride on his face was so heartwarming like omg thank you shiro for ackowledging him

im probably going way off track but anyway 

daily dose of what its like in my mind 24/7 lmao

I hope in season 3 they kinda bring his insecurities up again as a sort of conflict i mean- with Keith possibly becoming Black Paladin, Lance is probably gonna be hella jealous and im sure thats gonna instigate a fight between them, and now theres not really a mediator. So. Fantastic…..

Guys i feel like a lot fo stuff goes right back to shiro, how lance probably aspires to be like him, or be good in his eyes and therefore be good for the rest of the team but hes having this inferiority complex because he feels unappreciated. Like hes just that annoying guy they dont really need and they could replace him if they wanted to, and keeping all of those thoughts hidden or masked by this confident facade is like

lance youre gonna break at some point 

I hope lance gets the recognition and the acknowledgement he deserves in season 3 i swear he better not be tossed under the rug.



Omg here we go

Word Count: 2141

Warnings: swearing


  • So it was a long weekend near the beginning of the school year and you, Peter, Ned, and MJ ended up on the road with Peter’s Aunt May to go on a camping trip. 
  • It was kind of a long drive
  • Ok it wasn’t that long but when you ended up sitting in the backseat squished between MJ and Ned it felt really long 
  • Only because Ned and Peter were arguing about Star Wars and Michelle had her head stuck in a book 
  • Not to mention the fact that you got car sick 
  • Halfway through the drive you started to feel really nauseous and Peter being the smol, soft bean ™ that he is, noticed you weren’t feeling well 
  • “Y/N what’s wrong?” 
  • “Nothing, just a bit nauseous from the traffic and sitting in the middle and such,” 
  • “Aunt May can you pull over?” He asked 
  • “Peter, if you haven’t noticed I can’t exactly do that, we’re in the middle of a three lane highway stuck in traffic,” 
  • Peter sighed and un did his seatbelt 
  • “Okay, Y/N, climb over the middle and you sit here, and then i’ll climb over and sit where you’re sitting,” 
  • You took a second to process what Peter had said but you listened, un did your seatbelt and moved to the front seat of the car 
  • Eventually, Peter moved out from under you (wink wonk) and moved to the back seat
  • It wasn’t the much longer of a drive but every once and a while Peter would still check on you to make sure you were feeling alright. 
  • When you finally got there and clambered out of the car, Peter and Ned began pulling out everyone’s things 
  • “Did you two idiots think that maybe we should build our tents first before we pull everything else out?” MJ said
  • Then Ned did that cute thing he does in Homecoming where he touches his nose and points (ya know when he found out that the internship was just Peter being Spiderman and then Peter forced Ned to leave his room) 
  • So Peter and Ned pulled out the tents
  • Initially you and May had offered to help 
  • MJ said she would rather sit on the picnic bench and watch them struggle 
  • Peter and Ned insisted that they didn’t need your help 
  • They spent so much time struggling not actually understanding how to put a tent together 
  • You eventually decided to help them 
  • “Y/N are you sure that’s right? Ned and I pretty much had this figured out,”
  • Literally you took over and everything was done in five minutes 
  • Ned believed in you the entire time 
  • Peter just wanted to look manly in front of you but we don’t talk about that 
  • “Can we start the campfire yet” 
  • “Peter its not even close to being dark”
  • “Oh come on Y/N” 
  • One simple glare from you would completely shut him up 
  • May decided that instead of sitting around on your camp ground that you four needed to go exploring and she would set up the other tent 
  • Michelle refused to leave her book despite Peter’s protests 
  • You found yourselves by a river in a small wooded area 
  • You begged everyone to go exploring 
  • Michelle kindly declined and sat down on a rock to keep reading 
  • Ned decided that he wasn’t interested in falling into a river while climbing around and stayed near Michelle 
  • HE NEEDED TO PROVE TO YOU (the love of his life ofc) THAT HE WAS NOT AFRAID 
  • Lmao but its flowing really fast and Peter was trying to show off 
  • This boy fucking slips off the rock he was on and ends up in the river 
  • Lmaooo you hurry to get back to the river bank and shout to Michelle and Ned to help you save Peter 
  • You’d think with being an Avenger and all this boy would be able to stand on a fucking rock 
  • But no 
  • When you got to Peter he was pulling himself ashore 
  • “Peter you idiot! I almost had a heart attack” 
  • “Almost? You mean me falling into a river only almost sent you into cardiac arrest?” 
  • “Shut up Peter you scared me” 
  • Peter pulls you in for a hug 
  • “But I thought I scared you, i’m only trying to make you feel better” 
  • And then he would hug you tighter while you struggled to get away 
  • Ned and Michelle were standing a few feet away, forced to listen to the two of you 
  • *cough* “get a room” *cough* 
  • “What was that Ned?” 
  • “Oh nothing, Y/N” 
  • When you got back to the camp site May was not pleased with Peter 
  • “Peter BeNJAMIN PARKER” 
  • May stood there with her hands on her hips glaring at the two of you 
  • “Peter go change before you catch a cold. I can’t believe all of you I leave you alone for 30 minutes and my nephew comes back with half the river on him,” 
  • When Peter came back he was in a pair of sweats and a tshit with his wet hair forming into his luscious curls that you really wanted to run your fingers though 
  • “Can we start the fire now?” 
  • “It will be dark soon…” Ned added 
  • “Jeez fine but you two have to go get the fire wood,” 
  • Ned and Peter began wandering off to find that fire wood 
  • Jokes on them though 
  • May bought firewood while you were trying to pullPeter out of the river 
  • You had the fire started in less than five minutes 
  • Peter and Ned didn’t even care that you pointlessly sent them out into the woods to get wood because THEY WERE JUST SO EXCITED FOR THE CMAPFIRE
  • You were all sitting around the campfire just enjoying each other’s company and 
  • It started to get dark and  C O L D cause u idiots went camping in october
  • But you were sitting next to Peter and this boy noticed you shivering and low-key moved closer to you 
  • “Y/N do you want my sweater” 
  • “But then you’ll freeze” 
  • Peter rolled his eyes at you “I’m spiderman ill be fine” 
  • “That can’t be your excuse for everything” 
  • “But I’m spiderman” 
  • “Fine give me your sweater you can freeze” 
  • Peter slips his sweater off and hands it to you 
  • “You having a good time with my sweater there Y/N?” 
  • “Actually I am. I might have to take this sweater back to my sleeping bag with me tonight. I think this sweater can show me a good time,” 
  • “Oh my god Y/N, Peter please stop flirting the rest of us have to sit here and listen to the two of you,” 
  • Eventually you guys decided to make s’mores 
  • You all were roasting marshmallows 
  • May refused to let any of you be in charge of chocolate and gram crackers so she was manning the station 
  • May was right 
  • There were accidents 
  • There was chocolate smeared 
  • There were broken crackers 
  • There was marshmallow stuck to things it should not be stuck to 
  • Long story short, It’s good that marshmallow washes out of hair 
  • Ok lets go into the story cause LMAO WE GOTTA 
  • Peter’s dumb 
  • He got marshmallow in your hair 
  • “PeTeR?!??!!?!?!???” 
  • PeTeR pArkEr yOuRe goInG tO pAy FOr tHiS” 
  • Needless to say, Peter had some marshmallow in more than just his hair by the time you got to him 
  • When you were done s’mores May offered to tell you all a ghost story 
  • She actually managed to scare Ned 
  • And May decided to graciously spook you guys and then head to her tent to go to bed 
  • Michelle told the next story 
  • You and Peter were curled under a blanket
  • Fucking Michelle 
  • Ned suggested truth or dare 
  • It was a little after 10pm and you losers were sitting around a campfire that was burning out and playing truth or dare 
  • It was stupid stuff at first 
  • Until Michelle dared you to kiss Peter 
  • “You don’t have to kiss me Peter,” 
  • “Are you kidding? If we don’t kiss you have to go into the woods and bring back a rock. No way am I letting you go out there. What if Michelle’s story was true? What then? You’d be dead,” 
  • “Good to know you’re willing to kiss me only so I don’t die” 
  • “No! No! That’s - I didn’t - no- I mean I always want to - I don’t want you to… I want to kiss you!” 
  • Instead of waiting for your response Peter just full out kisses you 
  • And by full out 
  • I mean as full out as two fifteen year old’s can kiss. 
  • “Well I’m gonna head to bed” 
  • “YEAH ME TOO” 
  • You and Peter were left alone, sitting very close to one another, under the same blanket, UNDER THE STARS, in front of a dying fire 
  • “So did you really only kiss me because you dind’t want me to die,” 
  • “I mean it’s one of the reasons” 
  • “So what are the others” 
  • “Ah, you don’t get to find out that easily” 
  • “Fine. Truth or dare,” 
  • “Dare,” 
  • “I dare you to tell me the other reasons” 
  • “That’s not fair”
  • “Do you want me to make you go into the woods and get a rock?” 
  • Peter started leaning closer to you 
  • “You wouldn’t send me out there. You’re too scared to be alone” 
  • “Not true” you lied 
  • “Totally true” 
  • “I still don’t know the other reasons” 
  • “Oh my god, Y/N,”
  • You and Peter sat by the fire until it died completely 
  • “C’mon Y/N, I wanna look at the stars” 
  • Peter dragged you away from your comfortable seat
  • He was holding your hand 
  • The blanket was wrapped over his shoulder and your shoulder so it was like one giant cape for two people 
  • Two person cape 
  • Vampires 
  • Peter leads you to the picnic table where you lie down on the table and look up at the stars 
  • Peter never let go of your hand 
  • you’re cuddled up next to him while he points at all the stars and explains the different constellations 
  • You loved it the this boy talked 
  • It was so precious when he got excited about something 
  • Eventually when you started yawning Peter realized how late it was 
  • “WE should probably go to bed” 
  • “Probably” 
  • “I kind of don’t want to get up” 
  • “Me either” 
  • Headasses fell asleep the tbale like ten minutes later
  • You frequently woke up throughout the night FREEZING 
  • It dropped down to almost 0 degrees and you and Peter only had the one blanket 
  • Peter kept pulling you closer to him
  • When you woke up in the morning the sun was shining and Everyone else was sitting at the other picnic table eating breakfast 
  • “Good morning” May greeted you
  • You slowly sat up, unwrapping yourself from Peter’s arms 
  • “You two look comfy” ned said wiggling his eyebrows at you 
  • Peter woke up and joined your guys at breakfast
  • He brought the blanket with him and sat down next to you, keeping himself wrapped up 
  • Only letting one arm snake out so he could wrap it around your waist and pull you closer to him
  • “You were my furnace, now I’m cold and I need you to warm me up again,” 
  • “SURE” Ned said 
  • Let’s just say that the rest of the camping trip was a hell of a lot more of the same thing

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When someone is drowning, you can try to save them, but not if they’re going to drag you down with them. I did the best I could for my family. For you.

hcs for a voltron au

- obviously a fire/ explosion quirk (like bakugou)
- when he realizes that he likes lance, his body just kinda,, bursts into flames 
- when he gets flustered, he also kinda just,, bursts into flames
- was set on being the loner kid but shiro kinda forced him to make friends
- pidge was his first friend and that was kinda how he met everyone but not because keith and pidge are the best brotp
- keith’s quirk developed later than most kids but he’s much stronger than most kids
- sophomore at the garrison (this is his first year at the garrison)
- mother is from the galra gang (his dad is quirkless, so that’s where he got his quirk from)
- allura didn’t talk to keith for a week when she found that out
- gay ace trans guy

- uses the water around him and can kinda just,, move it (can also breathe under water) lmao im running out of ideas dont judge me
- was super scared when one day in kindergarten he was just chilling and when he moved his hands water would move with them
- will casually just throw water on keith when he bursts into flames
- sophomore at the garrison
- can also heal with the water (has to be the special water from the pond behind his house)
- has a lot of family members but him, his mother, and youngest sister are the only ones with the quirk 
- been hunk’s best friend since kindergarten
- bi trans guy

- teleportation
- can teleport anywhere any time
- used to use this to bother keith when they were kids and played hide and seek shiro thats a crappy thing for a big brother to do 
- is a teacher at the garrison (new teacher though)
- coincidentally teaches keith’s homeroom
- eats lunch with keith everyday (its what started the rumors lmao)
- picked up on keith’s crush on lance very quickly
- constantly teases him about it
- pan 

- electricity quirk
- p much just generates electricity from her body and shoots people with it
- one time lance teased her about it but she poked his stomach and he got shocked 
- lance learned his lesson
- best friend is keith, but also v close with lance, hunk, and shiro
- known shiro for a few years bc his best friend is matt 
- known hunk and lance since middle school (is a freshman at the garrison, but somehow in the same class as hunk, lance, and keith)
- only recently got her brother back from the galra - a big villain gang that terrorizes the city
- nonbinary; uses she/her and they/them pronouns (but doesn’t completely hate he/him)
- aro ace

- skin can turn super fucking hard so it acts as armor
- arms can shoot shit out like wow dude what a cool fucking quirk
- isn’t the most skilled with his quirk yet, but is getting there
- uses it best when he’s trying to defend his friends
- had his quirk a bit before lance got his
- was there when lance discovered his quirk
- pan

- can talk to animals 
- has four mice that follow her around and do the shit she tells them to do
- parents died when she was young, so her father’s best friend, Coran took her in and raised her
- junior at the garrison (still in the same class as everyone else)
- zarkon killed alfor (despite being one of his closest friends)
- her mother had a sister (that was disowned by the family when she sided with the galra gang) but allura never learned her name (she would learn it later on, though
- bi

- can grow his mustache to sling enemies around into the setting its all i could come up with 
- principal of the garrison
- favorite student is lance
- gay

- same quirk as pidge
- recently saved from the galra
- became a teacher shortly after getting saved
- low key has a crush on shiro (almost all the students that arent spreading rumors about shiro and keith can notice it)
- when he gets flustered, his quirk shows it (since him and pidge have the same quirk, her quirk shows it for her as well)
- when he gets flustered/ when he blushes hardcore, his hair gets really electric at the ends 
- also a gay ace trans guy

- son of zarkon, the leader of the galra gang
- quirk is telepathy (he can also control people with his mind)
- knew about keith and lance liking each other before they did
- was barely accepted into the garrison (because hes the son of a villain)
- everyone in his class hates him (especially allura)
- originally he attended the garrison because his father wanted him to infiltrate from the inside, to destroy the heroes from the inside
- but then he fell in love with lance and allura and couldnt continue with his plans
- he ends up being the awkward friend that everyone hates but stays with for no apparent reason
- junior, in the same class
- much to keiths disapproval, he and lance became kinda close friends (pidge and hunk became closer, keith had shiro and matt, allura had coran; lance felt kinda alone)
- lance became close with lotor before he became the awkward friend (back when he was still in his original plan)
- lotor thought that he could destroy the strongest heroes in the school (they were called Team V; shiro, hunk, etc) by controlling lance
- but then he ended up falling for lance (lance knew of his feelings but didn’t reciprocate them and lotor wasnt a complete ass and didnt force his feelings onto lance, especially since he knew lance is in love with keith) and could no longer go through with his plan
- lied to his father about the plan
- one day, haggar saw lotor hanging out casually with team v and almost ratted out lotor to zarkon but didnt
- haggar still talked to lotor about it later though
- bi

- lotor’s biological mother (though lotor doesnt know that) and allura’s aunt
- has the same quirk lotor does
- even though she hates going against zarkon (she took pride in being his most loyal servant) she still sides with lotor in the end
- eventually lotor discovers that he is her son and figures out that thats why she all of a sudden stopped being such a kiss ass to zarkon
- eventually (after zarkon is completely defeated by team v and other heroes) becomes a teacher at the garrison
- when the people in the galra gang get locked up in prison, haggar suggests for team v to stay there while they attend the garrison, since (even though its underground) its v close to the school
- after siding with lotor and p much abandoning zarkon, she realized she was in fact Not Straight
- after a bit of questioning with labels, she realized she was gay and ace
- when her and coran were teenagers (before her family disowned her), they were best friends
- they quickly fall back into that routine and become true wlw and mlm solidarity
- gets a lot of shit at the garrison for the fact she used to be a villain (uses mind control to make them piss themselves or shit their pants every time)
- people learned quickly to not be a bitch to her

General hcs
- the school they go to is called the garrison
- the kids at the garrison dont know that keith and shiro are half brothers so half of them think that they have some weird student/teacher thing going on and the other half think that shiro is just playing favorites
- keith and shiro both find it funny and uncomfortable at the same time
- the rumors that they were dating died down when someone saw keith and lance kiss one time and they just,, fizzled out quickly
- despite pidge and matt’s height difference, people find it difficult to tell them apart (except when they’re in the same room, the height difference makes it easy to tell them apart then)
- people in their class had a bet going on with three different sides to it
   - the most people betted on keith and lance becoming a thing
   - the second most people betted on keith and shiro having a student/teacher thing
   - a few people bet that hunk and lance were more than friends (they kinda just lay on each other when tired who can blame them)
- the klance people won
- the classes in the garrison are pretty big (about 30-40 people a class) and aren’t decided by what grade you’re in
- the garrison goes by the whole four years for high school thing
- haggar, coran, matt, and shiro all eat lunch together in the teacher’s lounge
- meanwhile the rest of team v has to pull two tables together (one table would only seat 4 people, they have 6)

the talon!mccree au

*sweats* ok i know it’s been like six months but have some mchanzo

  • in this universe, talon catches mccree before overwatch does, and genji does not rebel from the shimadas. hanzo joins overwatch of his own volition, allowing genji to take over the clan. genji meets a boy who becomes his advisor, and then his lover. he and zenyatta are married four years later, at the same time the shimada clan’s activity becomes completely peaceful. the old shimadas protest, but they do not rebel, wary of hanzo’s wrath.
  • hanzo becomes one of overwatch’s top agents. he is sent to france for a mission, where he meets the socialite ballerina amelie lacroix. they become close friends, fuelled by a mutual love of sarcasm
  • when talon takes amelie, hanzo is frantic with worry. she returns, and he is the only one who sees that she is not unscathed. when gerard is murdered, he is saddened but unsurprised.
  • overwatch sends him on the hunt for her the next day, accompanied by lena ‘tracer’ oxton, the pesky brat of a speedster.
  • (they have a few conversations beyond the battlefield banter, fuelled by liquor and the darkness that lurks behind their eyes. ‘i loved her’, she admits, one midnight, and then she hides her tears in hanzo’s robe.)
  • unfortunately, talon has an interest in keeping widowmaker. they send out one of their best agents, a cowboy with a stupid belt buckle and a stupid hat and a stupidly pretty face who likes to do distracting things during fights.
  • like flirt.
  • tracer and hanzo are following a tip to a talon base when there’s a gunshot nearby. they trade glances, and then tracer darts down the edge of a building and disappears into the street below
  • hanzo pulls an arrow from his quiver and nocks it in a practiced motion, scanning the surrounding area. he waits.
  • suddenly, a rush of hot breath brushes his ear
  • ‘hey, pretty boy.’
  • hanzo flushes and spins, releasing an arrow.
  • if it’s a little skewed, it’s because of the wind. nothing to do with the red painted across hanzo’s cheeks.
  • hanzo curses and reaches for another arrow
  • abruptly, there’s a tug on his ponytail. he hasn’t cut his hair in a while, and it falls nearly to the small of his back. he whirls, and comes nose-to-nose with the cowboy.
  • he goes even redder, which is not helped by the cowboy stepping closer.
  • back to play so soon, hanzo?’
  • he winks. hanzo nearly falls off the edge of the roof.
  • ‘i-uh-’ and his breath stutters in his throat. the cowboy looks at him with that infernal grin on his face.
  • suddenly, mccree’s com buzzes. hanzo’s close enough to hear it. he’s frozen, and it’s not as if the cowboy’s doing anything to increase the distance between them (and his eyes are really quite pretty up close, and also he has freckles. which should not be cute.)
  • ‘hiya, reapy,’ mccree chirps.
  • ‘where are you?’ a pause. ‘and don’t call me that.’
  • ‘i’m, uh, doin’ something,’ mccree says eventually.
  • hanzo isn’t moving. why isn’t he moving this is someone who has tried to kill him many times in the past why isn’t he nocking an arrow right now he’s going to die because he was distracted by a pretty boy
  • there’s a derisive snort from over the line. ‘are you with that boy you keep obsessing over? the one you keep gushing over?’
  • mccree turns scarlet. ‘um-’
  • ‘what was his name? oh yeah. the shimada. hanzo, right?’
  • hanzo’s eyes go wide. ‘you-’
  • ‘sorry, reaps, i’m losing ya-’ he clicks off the com.
  • ‘you- i- gushing- wha?’
  • it’s not hanzo’s most eloquent moment, but it’s excusable.
  • ‘i, um-’ the cowboy scratches the back of his neck, steadfastly refusing to meet hanzo’s astonished gaze. ‘i mighta, kinda- well, i reckon i should say this-’
  • there’s another gunshot in the distance, and they jump apart like teenagers caught making out.
  • ‘i-uh-that’s my cue to-’ mccree starts helplessly
  • ‘yes, i’ll just-’
  • hanzo does an awkward backwards shuffle and disappears over the edge
  • and then mccree hurls himself off the roof.
  • he lands on his feet like a cat, one hand securing his hat to his head, only to see reaper gliding out of the nearest building. he’s wearing a shit-eating grin. (you can’t tell, because he’s a wraith and also he’s wearing the stupid mask, but it’s there.)
  • ‘just a little crush, my ass.’
  • mccree blows out a sigh. of course. ‘papá!’
  • ‘i told you,’ he says smugly. ‘you-’ and he jabs a finger into jesse’s chest- ‘are-’ jab- ‘weak-’ for- ‘pretty-’ jab- ‘boys.’ and he jabs mccree into a wall.
  • ‘i didn’t even- what-’
  • ‘don’t deny it! you like him.’
  • ‘papá!’
  • ‘you want to kiss him, eh?’ at mccree’s fierce blush, he snickers. ‘hopeless. such a loser.’
  • ‘says the guy who can’t even ask out a man he’s known for years.’ mccree shoots back.
  • it’s gabe’s turn to splutter. ‘you- pendejo- morrison and i are a different situation!’
  • ‘different situation. yada yada.’
  • ‘okay,’ gabe says, regaining his composure. ‘here’s the deal. you ask this shimada character out on a date and i’ll talk to morrison.’
  • ‘aww, papá! ya can’t do that!’
  • gabe smirks, folding his arms. ‘why?’
  • ‘ya know i just want y’all to be happy! why you gotta do this?’
  • ‘so you finally get some courage. go talk to the loser. ya have my blessing or whatever.’
  • mccree grins up at him. gabe wraps an arm around his shoulders and rubs his knuckles against his head.
  • ‘alright, papá!’ and he races off, holding onto his hat.
  • gabe watches after him with a fond expression. there’s a snicker from over his shoulder, and he whips around.
  • ‘shh, you.’
  • ‘so you do have feelings,’ sombra drawls, stepping out of the shadows. ‘never woulda thought it, papá.’
  • he messes up her hair with a hand. she yelps and darts away, frantically adjusting her hair.
  • ‘shut your damn mouth.’
  • mccree finds hanzo in the building where he and tracer are cooped up. he crawls through the window and finds himself face to face with the barrel of a sparking blue-orange gun.
  • ‘hey, mate,’ lena says, with a terrifying grin. ‘ya mind?’
  • ‘um, well, i really do-’
  • ‘who’s that?’ comes a call, and hanzo rounds the corner, bow at the ready. he freezes when he sees mccree.
  • ‘uh- hi.’ mccree fiddles with his hat. ‘i was wonderin’ if i could talk to you. an’ i ain’t comin’ from talon. just me. and you.’
  • hanzo stares at him for a moment, before slowly lowering his bow. tracer takes her cue, and disappears, winking at hanzo.
  • ‘so, uh, about earlier-’
  • ‘yes, we should discuss that-’
  • ‘of course.’ mccree shifts from side to side. ‘we should talk.’
  • hanzo looks at him. ‘should i-’
  • ‘yes. please. go ahead.’
  • ‘we should definitely talk,’ hanzo says. mccree steps a little closer, smiling.
  • he gets a little rush of courage at hanzo’s blush. ‘then again,’ he murmurs, ‘maybe i should just show you.’
  • and then he leans in and kisses him.
  • hanzo makes a muffled noise that sounds oddly like ‘oh my god,’ and then he drops his bow and pulls jesse in, one hand sliding to the back of his neck.
  • when they part, both of them are blushing, with matching wide grins.
  • ‘so, uh-’ jesse starts. ‘you wanna go get coffee?’
  • hanzo laughs. ‘i’d love to.’
  • and then he kisses him again.
  • jesse posts a picture of him and hanzo to the official talon instagram. hanzo’s mouth is pressed to his cheek, and both of them are holding non-fat venti chai lattes. it’s captioned ‘i guess this time we do play on the same team.’
  • gabe (@death) comments with ‘u better not hurt my boy shimada #happyforyou’. the official overwatch instagram likes it. genji comments with 24 winky face emojis. when talon tries to take it down, sombra just takes control of all their social media.
  • when talon sends mccree into the field, he just ignores his mission objective and goes to get coffee with hanzo. gabe complains about being sent to do the dirty work that mccree neglects.
  • he and jack do work it out, by the way.
  • mccree makes friends with hanzo’s dragons. one of them likes to perch on his shoulder and rest its head on his hat. sombra takes pictures and sends them to gabriel. gabriel has them all saved to his family folder. when widowmaker is released into the field, she gets them too, and she teases hanzo mercilessly.
  • ‘into a cowboy? le perdant.’
  • ‘fuck off,’ hanzo says cheerfully, texting jesse a kissy face emoji. ‘you’re into a girl that unironically says ‘the cavalry’s here’ everytime she shows up to a battlefield.’
  • ‘wha- i don’t- i don’t even have feelings.’ she huffs, and disappears off the edge of the roof.
  • mccree ambles along a few moments later, and sits down next to hanzo.
  • ‘i believe i was promised a kiss,’ he says. hanzo grins and kisses him.
  • they get married a few years later. the entirety of overwatch gathers, and widowmaker and sombra are the groomsmaids. genji and zenyatta arrive, and hanzo’s father walks him down the aisle. 
  • they recite their vows, and as gabe finishes reading off the ceremony script, jesse places his hat onto hanzo’s head and pulls him in for a long kiss. amelie releases the doves, and they break apart, laughing, at her grumpy expression. they shove cake in each others’ faces and take their first dance and kiss each other for the wedding photos
  • and in the end, it all works out just fine.

anonymous asked:

lance flirting with keith but when keith finally flirts back, its not cute, lance becomes extremely defensive cause, like, no one ever flirts back with him unless they want something for themselves (nyma stole blue, plaxum was just showing appreciation for the person that saved her civilization so he figures that it wasnt anything actually personal) and keith just like "whats your deal?" and lance just cant accept that someone could legit like him in that way

oh jeez i can see that

or Lance just, not even picking up on it at all because he’d never even consider the fact that anyone would reciprocate his feelings 

lijau  asked:

About your "I don't have any ships post," neither did I. When I watched Voltron I had no inclination to ship anyone. When I rewatched it before S3, no ships had made its way into my cold heart. Then S3 hits and Keith shows up looking for Shiro and I was like "Damn. He really cares about him." Finally Keith says "As many times as it takes" and I clutched my heart. You don't get more intimate than saying you'd put yourself through hell countless times in order to save someone you love.

Ya I can see what you mean, usually I don’t go into a series looking to ship something. But yes, watching Keith grieve Shiro throughout season 3 was just so damn heartbreaking. Even if I didn’t ship it, I’m pretty sure that character arc still would’ve broken me. Because you know it’s been weeks now, months–everyone else has moved on, but Keith’s still searching, he never loses hope. He’s still looking, because if he doesn’t, no one else will

And it’s always Keith who we see mourning Shiro. Keith who’s still carrying a torch for him all these time, who can’t bear the thought of losing Shiro when he’s endured that hell once already, who’s so overwhelmed by emotions both human and galran he lashes out in his rage and grief, taken aback by his own behavior because he’s bottled his feelings up for so long he’s just ready to burst. And we know from Joaquim that, “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep in check.” 

Later he mentions that “[Keith’s] got this emotional side to him,” and Lauren adds that, “It’s kind of exasperated by the fact that Shiro’s gone. Like he’s having a hard time dealing with it, he doesn’t really know how to feel. And I think he just goes back to that inner part of himself where it’s just—he can’t control his emotions. And that comes from the galra side.” Shiro literally helps Keith retain his humanity; he’s the only balm that can really soothe these volatile, intense galran emotions Keith really struggles with. And so to lose that one person who was so grounding, who was his anchor–you know that really hit him hard

And really, you feel Shiro’s loss through Keith. He’s the one aching and longing and hoping and fighting–he’ll save Shiro on his own if he has to, because it seems that’s exactly what Shiro did for him. And even though lots of fans don’t ship it I imagine it still must have been painful to watch Keith endure all of this, to know that he lost the person he cares for the most and would give anything to have them back. 

He’s so invested in Shiro, so adamant about finding him–it really stings to see the others pull him aside and say you have to move on. And the fact that he’s really the one with his heart bleeding out over Shiro, that you have people telling him Shiro would want him to go on, it does give me the sense that this is someone mourning a lover. Keith’s grief is almost singular and possessive in nature–he accuses the others of not caring about Shiro the way he does, reminding them that, “We don’t have Shiro anymore either. Everyone seems to have forgotten that.” This is a very deeply personal, intimate loss. And it runs much deeper than any connection he’s ever had with the other paladins 

and then that reunion!! When you finally see Keith save Kuron and the look of absolute adoration on his face–the way they both slowly drift into each other’s orbit in a scene that’s just the two of them. How Keith is the only one Kuron is comfortable having at his bedside, the fact that Keith must’ve been there to have these talks and care for him all this time. And the way Kuron says, so matter-of-factly, that Keith has always been there to save him, and just how unbelievable that is–again, really reads like something you’d expect from a love interest to me. And Keith’s confident, gentle promise of “As many times as it takes,” is just so heartfelt and sincere I can see why it changed your mind 

I just finished Voltron Episode 3, and is it like a running thing for Keith to save Shiro? In Episode 1, he was the first one to show up and to rescue him from the Garrison; in Episode 2, he jumped up after being knocked down by the Training Room robot to block Shiro from getting hit; in Episode 3, he was the first one to shoot the Gladiator down when it advanced on a collapsed Shiro (and Pidge).

Hi everyone.

First of all, we’re sorry for disappearing like we did. After the Irene Adler case, we decided that we were owed a little break (read: Sherlock woke me up the morning after the case was concluded by throwing my suitcase on the bed and pulling our clothes from the closet, announcing that we were leaving 221B for a while). By the time I realised it wasn’t for a new case, we were already halfway to Sussex. Apparently, the Holmes family has a cottage here, but, unfortunately, the wifi is nonexistent.

So, here we are now, on our own, with the sea air surrounding us and the sound of seagulls as our alarm clock.

Anyway, Irene Adler. She’s… well, I can’t disclose too much information due to its sensitivity, but I can safely say that Sherlock has saved the day, yet again. When Irene showed up at our flat, she was in danger. She had faked her death and hid her phone with Sherlock, to get away from those who were out to get her and coming back endangered not only her, but her girlfriend Kate as well. That phone was the only thing she had to use to keep them safe. Page after page of sensitive information, all locked away with a code only she knew. Not even Sherlock could figure it out.

And she used it. She used Sherlock to crack a code (I can’t divulge in this further, so don’t ask) and Irene sent it on. To Moriarty. She had been working for him, all this time! And we fell for it.

It was a close call, but Sherlock figured it out. God, he was brilliant. The moment he realised what the code was, I couldn’t believe that he even real. I know we’ve both said on multiple occasions that not everything is about me… but this was. She must have changed her password when she met us, so it spelled JOHN. Unbelievable!

Sherlock was down, beaten, ridiculed and he managed to come out on top anyway. It’s over now. Irene Adler has disappeared from our view - although Sherlock does not appear too worried about her wellbeing. I’ll be happy if she stays away, to be honest.

But enough about her. That’s over and done with. On the one hand, I’m grateful to her. Without her, I never would have - well, I’m not sure how long it would have taken for Sherlock and I to tell each other how we felt without her interference. I’m currently basking in the sun, laptop on my lap, and I’m typing one-handed because next to me is an amazingly brilliant and gorgeous man, scrolling through his phone whilst holding my hand with his free one.

So… ta for that, Irene Adler. And good luck to you, wherever you are.

Stray Cat Crossing

Part 2 /  Part 3

Summary: Y/N is alone. She had to find a way to live, so she became a thief. But when a bloody murder happens and one of her robbery is the last thing caught on cameras, everyone is after her, including the pack. Peter decides to take the little stray cat home, and they become closer. However, McCall pack doesn’t like their relationship.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Requested ?: Yes, by @fandomnationwhore

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I hope it’s what you wanted… I must confess I wasn’t sure about your request but I did my best and I’m kinda proud of this one!

Also the first imagine I’m writing on the second pov, let me know if you like it better that way!

Also the gif aren’t mine, credit to the owner! 

Word Count: 2450

Contains: Bit of violence, blood, swearing.

You were circled; there was no escape, no way to run. Four people surrounded you, and your back was against the cold basement wall where you thought you could hide. You were certain of this hiding place; nobody should’ve found you there. But these people didn’t look human. They had eyes that illuminated in the dark, frightening eyes. Not to mention their inhuman teeth. Sharp fangs like those of wolves. Your body began to shake, you were afraid. For the first time, you were really scared. Their monstrous faces continued to stare at you, and you, in the dark corner, tried to convince yourself that it was only a dream. A simple nightmare. Okay, it was you who stole the money. It was you who had pointed the knife in front of the cashier who had to submit to your sharpened blade pointed towards his throat. And it wasn’t the first convenience store you’d attacked, there were video clubs, grocery stores, retirement homes. You stole the money because you needed it, because your parents didn’t pay attention. Your father was always drunk, and your mother, let’s not talk about it. Impossible to count on them, you had to find a way to survive. And this wasn’t the most reasonable way. However, you had become pretty gifted in the field. The ease you had to just passed by someone to subtly stole his wallet was surprising, especially for your age.

You knew how to fight, use a weapon, a knife. The misery you lived through had taught you many things, how to survive and defend yourself, how to set aside emotions and pity. You were a lone wolf, no one was there for you, no one stopped to ask you if you needed help. You were alone. You had learned to hide your emotions, not to show them and to bury them deep inside you. Especially the fear. But at this moment, circling by four pairs of bright eyes, a red, two blues and a gold pair, you were afraid. Your legs were trembling, and even if you were sitting on the ground with your legs up close to you, you couldn’t stop them from shaking. And this simple weakness succeeds in putting you in all your states.

“It’s just a kid …” Red eyes muttered as he stared at you.

“So what? Whether or not, someone died by its fault. ”

Someone was dead? You didn’t kill anyone!

“We are not going to rely on what our eyes have seen, we must know all the sides of the story,” One of the two blue-eyed boys had just spoken. He was muscular enough compared to the other, and had thick black eyebrows. The other blue-eyed was slightly older and had a lighter skin. The youngest of the group was probably the one with golden eyes.

“Look there … poor little frightened creature …” The other with blue eyes tells you, as if he were talking to a child.

You weren’t a child! His comment frightened you, and it’s by swallowing that you open your mouth to defend your integrity.

“I’m not a child,” you answered, trying to show the least the fear that ran through your whole body. “And I didn’t kill anyone,” you added, leaving your gaze in the blue-eyed one.

“Look, that speaks,” he answered, smiling, and his eyes took a natural and human tone. In the darkness of the basement, you don’t manage to see exactly its true color. “Sorry to frighten you, little cat.”

“I wasn’t afraid!” You added more strongly when you got up.

“It’s not good to lie, little cat.”

“Don’t call me that!” You raise your voice, feeling the rage take hold of your body.

“Peter, please, we’re trying to save lives,” muttered the boy with the big eyebrows. “My name is Derek,” he added before pointing at the red-eyed boy who had now brown or black eyes, you couldn’t tell. “Here’s Scott, and he’s Liam,” Derek finished pointing at the last boy, the gold-eyed one.

“And I’m Peter, but smart as you are, you’ve already figured that out, I guess. ”

You looked at him for a moment, detailing his appearance. He had a certain sarcasm and an affront that you admired, even though he was very, very disagreeable to you.

“ Yes.” Was all that you replied to him, on your guard. “What are you exactly?” “

"Well, let’s start with the most important. What we are can wait.” Peter whispered, getting closer to you. But you’re not afraid of him. He had a big mouth, but not enough to hurt you until you answered his questions at least.

"I didn’t kill anyone,” you repeated calmly, looking him in the eye. Finally, they were blue, even in the natural. “I’m a thief but not a killer.”

Peter’s eyes lit up, suddenly interested.

“A thief,” he repeated after you. “Then we caught a gutter cat in our nets. Interesting, ” he finished smiling, and despite the intense urge to strangle him for what he had just said, you felt your legs faint. There was something intriguing and attractive about him.

“Peter,” Scott said. “Let’s stay serious.” Then he turned to me. "We have on a surveillance video one of your … robbery,” he continued as he studied my reactions. “And soon after, the cameras become faulty and … and when the image comes back, the cashier is dead and there’s blood everywhere.”

You didn’t know what to say. Blood, there had been a murder. Right after your passage. A shiver of horror ran through your back, if you had stayed a little too long, it would have been you.

“I …” You began by not knowing how to proclaim your innocence. “It wasn’t me, I was gone. ”

“Yes, we know, but the cops are looking for you.” Liam said and then spoke to Scott as if he were his boss. "Are we taking her to the station?”

At the thought of being at the police station again, you feel your heart beating louder. No way you’re going back!

“What about no.  I’ll take the stray cat home until the police look for a different suspect,” Peter said, casting a look that didn’t inspire you.

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea,” Scott began before being interrupted by Peter.

“Come on, Scotty. A little confidence in Uncle Peter!” The older man goes over before grabbing your arm and pulling you out. "I’ll take care of her. ”

You didn’t feel frightened, and decided to let you drag no matter where he was taking you. You were certain of it; It would always be better than staying with your parents or spending the night outside, homeless.

A few weeks passed. You lived in the loft with Peter and Derek, the latter didn’t pay you much attention. He was busy saving everyone, Peter said, adding that despite all his efforts to save the widow and the orphan, he always ended up wounded. Because he was just a big awkward teddy bear.

You were enjoying Peter more and more. When he didn’t ask you for stupidities, or ask you to brought him a beer, or his habit of calling you his lost cat, he was good company. But you didn’t notice that in fact, Derek was watching you, and once in a while he called the pack to talk about you.

You got attached to Peter, he had become like a father to you. The father you never had. He taught you stuff, he taught you all about the werewolves. In return, you had shown him some tricks to trick people and steal their wallets. You laughed at his black humor, and he smiled when you tried to do the same. You had become a true inseparable duo, and that, only in a few weeks.

When Peter was there, you felt safe, strong and untouchable. And of course, someone had to get involved.

One morning while you were in the loft of Derek and Peter, the latter sleeping on the second floor and Derek absent, the worst happened. You had your back turned at the front door, and without the supernatural reflexes of the werewolves, you heard too late the door that opened. You didn’t start the alarm; you didn’t think you needed it.

Big mistake.

“Y / N?” A voice called you, and you froze in horror. It was them. They were here, you never expected to see them again, to hear their voices piercing your eardrums, bringing you bad memories. You didn’t turn towards them and your body began to shake again. Your body that hadn’t trembled by fear for days and days.

Your parents had found you. You never thought they’d notice your absence.

"Y / N, I’m so glad to see you again!” The voice of your father echoed in your skull and you felt all the bruises he had done to you the nights he was too drunk to remember.

"We’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Your mother’s voice added. Your mother who had looked without moving, who had never stretched out her hand to help you.

"You’re not welcome. Get out of my house,” a well-known voice came near you, and at once your shaking stopped. Peter was standing right there, close to you and facing them, his muscular arms crossed on his chest. Immediately you crossed the distance that separated you and snuggled up against him. Peter put his arms around your shoulders as you hid your face against his chest.

“Peter …” You whispered, feeling tears of relief invade your eyes. You felt so much better in his arms.

“Kitten,” he mumbled, your usual greeting. “I can’t go to sleep for an hour, can’t I? I heard your heart accelerated. It’s them, these infamous beings who have broken the heart of my little cat? The ones who throw you in the garbage like you were nothing? ”

“Who are you? You kidnapped our child!” Your father shouted, and you hid even more against Peter.

"Don’t be afraid, little cat. They’ll never hurt you again,”  Peter said, stroking your back. “Don’t claim what you abandoned, it’s not yours. ”

“Fucking asshole!” Your father added before going to you. You heard each of his footsteps, which made the floor resound behind you. He was getting closer, he was going to hit you!

Then, nothing. A muffled noise echoed over you, and when you raised your head to look, you saw that Peter held your father by the throat with one hand. When you looked at Peter, you saw that his eyes were bright blue and that fangs protruded from his half-open mouth. He was furious, and behind you, you heard your mother shouting.

“So, little cat. What do we do with this waste? Tell me. ”

You sniffed, staring at your father, whose face was getting redder and redder. A new rage rose in you, and you cast a look of a desire for vengeance toward Peter, and a smile stretched out your lips.

“We kill him. No wait. ”

You looked at your father as you felt your hand tremble. Then you grabbed the knife that you always had on you. You never wanted to be afraid anymore. With Peter, you know you will not. You pointed your knife toward your father and his eyes widened in fear as you lowered it towards his manhood.

“We cut it. So he’ll know what it’s like to lost integrity,” you added, stretching your smile.

“I like this idea, my kitten. Go ahead, I’ll hold him still. But don’t miss your shot, I don’t want Derek to force me to clean all the blood. ”

“Blood is no problem.”

You pulled out a lighter and began to heat the blade.

“That way, he will not bleed too much. ”

You had not finished heating the blade that you saw a stain spread over your father’s pants.

He had just pissed himself.

“Oh, let us see what we have here. You dirty the floor, you dirty pork. ”

Peter dropped your father on the ground, and immediately he began to cough, holding his throat with both hands. You didn’t wait a second more and rushed towards him to give him a violent kick in the face, your mother still shouting in the back. She didn’t act nor move to help him. Still as a wimp.

Blood spurted from your father’s mouth, his fat mouth that you hated. You sit on his obese belly and went on and on again to punch him in the face. The blood spurted again, your hands were aching but you didn’t care. There was so much rage in your fists, memories of all the times that he had hurt you, ridiculed you, the times you didn’t eat for days because mister took your money to buy himself alcohol. A constant humiliation.

“Kitten, that’s enough.”

You weren’t listening, the rage was strong, your body was numb. You didn’t hear.

“Dirty pork!” You shouted, giving him a last blow before powerful arms came to take you from him. You struggled for a moment before recognizing the embrace, and relaxed at once by spitting on your father’s inert body. His face was nothing but a pool of blood. Your mother ran to him immediately, swore to you and helped him out of the loft.

“Calm down, little cat. They’re gone, everything’s fine,” Peter whispered in your ear, still holding you up against him by the waist. You hadn’t noticed how fast your breath was until his arms were around your waist.

“It’s okay …” You whispered and he let go of you. Immediately you looked at your hands full of blood. His blood. You started to panic, but Peter’s hands entered your field of vision and he began to clean the blood with a piece of wet cloth.

“Look what you did …” He told you reprovingly. “You hurt yourself, kitten,” he added before taking your hands now clean between his own. Immediately, black veins burst on his skin and you felt the pain disappear.

“Thank you …” You mumbled as you felt your body still trembling.

“You did well, kitten. You didn’t kill them. You’re better than them, they deserve worse than death,” Peter tells you, taking you in his arms so you can snuggle against his chest to let out a painful groan.

You didn’t hear him, but Peter did. A voice, someone who had witnessed the scene.

“It’s worse than we thought,” Scott’s voice spoke on the phone. “Peter makes her eat in his hand, she is entirely at his mercy.”

Peter smiled, pressing you closer to him.

Next part->>

hey pals so @cruvcio wanted to know how I made the doodle gifs in this post so I thought id make a little tutorial (pls bear with me this is my first time making a tutorial✨)

- okay so to start, I use photoshop (you can find great free download links at @yeahps​, @itsphotoshop​, or @completeresources​ ) so you want to open that up with your picture or blank canvas or whatever you want to doodle on

- next you want to go to your timeline (if you can’t see it, go to the tab windows –>timeline and make sure its ticked), click create frame animation, and then create 3 or 4 frames (the number depends on how much movement you want between doodles)

- next you want to create some new layers and you want the same number of layers as the number of frames you created 

- this is the fun part! select your first layer and doodle whatever you want (you can experiment with brushes and colours and all that fun stuff) and then once you’re done, select you second layer

- say you’re just doing little squiggly lines like the header on this, draw the lines on the second layer slightly to the left of the ones on your first layer. then once you’ve done that repeat for third layer and so on. in the end, with all your layers selected it might look a bit mad like this:

… but that’s fab

- next you want to make sure that your frames and layers match up, so when you click on the first frame, only the eye next to your first doodle layer is showing, etc. etc. for all your frames/layers (it makes more sense if you just look at the screen cap, i’m terrible at explaining)

- on the timeline bar, choose how many seconds you want each frame to be showing for (I used 0.2s for this, but I normally use anywhere between 0.05 and 0.3) and make sure that its showing forever (so the gif doesn’t stop)

- go to file –> save for web, and wham kablam you’re done!

I hope this was helpful, pls like/reblog if it was, and if you have any more questions just hmu  💛

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for some fluff for Keith? Like maybe some dancing or kissing headcanons?

A/N: yes. yES. YES 


  • He will use Classical Music from the famous composers such as; Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Brahms, Vivaldi and many more. He is a sucker for music like this. Trust me. 
  • Dancing with Keith include some blushing Keith. He will try his best to impress you but end up blushing away. 
  • If you dress beautiful, you could feel Keith might faint. I mean, look at the dress. It shows your curve. Can Keith keep up with you? Oh dear galaxy, save this blushing man. 
  • His favourite part is when you put your arms around his neck. He will feel secure. He knows that you will with him. 
  • Your favourite a part is when each other foreheads touch each other. Its a sweet moment. Practically, the distance is close to each other lips and close the gap-
  • His style of dancing may varies to the song he choose. If its soothing and subtle, slow dance. If its his favourite, here comes some waltz. 


  • Things might get, a bit, steamy from here. He may a blushing dancer but kissing? Oooh, boy. 
  • Let me list it down before moving to the ‘interesting’ part. 
  • He gently kiss your hands if you are feeling low and sad. Some kisses are a few pecks at the cheek. 
  • He will continue from the hands, to the shoulders and his target was the neck. You heard me, the neck. Ladies, calm down. 
  • Neck is the sweet spot to hear you purr. Just a short kiss and here comes the purr. Sweet mother of the Altean Kingdom, keep it PG Keith. 
  • Lips is Keith number one place to kiss you. And so are you. If Keith has something bothering his mind, surprise him with a kiss onto his lips. You can cheer up Mr Grouchy with a swift kiss. 
  • And, bam! He will become from Mr Grouch to Mr Blushing. Lance would give him a thumbs up as Keith glares at you. In return, you wink at him.
  • So, be careful of kissing the Red Paladin. It may become fluff and sweet at first then all of a sudden, its just you and him. 

on today’s episode of “mina has literally one day off a week and spends it being horrendously unproductive”, i marathon through another anime of my childhood. 

  • Feyre: on the edge
  • Feyre: loathing Rhysand
  • Feyre: devastated after murdering innocents and dying
  • Rhys: If there's no on beside you, when your soul embarks, then I will follow you into the dark.
  • Feyre: trapped in a cage by Tamlin
  • Feyre: begins to heal in the court of dreams
  • Rhys: almost dies, Feyre saves him and finds out about mating bond.
  • Feyre: alone at remote cabin when Rhys shows up
  • Feyre: LETS GET IT ON
  • Feyre: must save the world
  • Azriel: staring at Mor

It’s legit one thing so its not an actual master list but I figured if I was going to be doing this more I should make one…

Dean Winchester


Hellfire (completed)  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Dean and Y/N meet in hell, befriending each other, trying to hold onto their humanity. What happens when Dean gets saved and Y/N doesn’t?

One Shots/ Drabbles

The Perfect Life

What would life look like if Y/N and the Winchesters were never hunters?

Don’t Say It

Y/N gets tired of waiting around for Dean when he shows up unexpectedly 

The Fast Lane

AU where Dean is a racecar driver and Y/N had an eye for the green eyed driver

I’ll Always Stay 

Y/N has to go fetch a drunk Dean from the bar

A Princess and Her Fish

Dean and Y/N’s daughter wants to get a pet, but she doesn’t quite understand how to take care of it

Witches Man

After a run in with a witch, Y/N learns the hard way, ‘be careful what you wish for’

All My Soul 

Dean reads the note Y/N wrote him and has to let go

Wake Up Call 

Y/N wakes up to find a slightly hungover Dean, fully clothed, at the bottom of the bed

Three Years Gone 

Dean knocks on Y/N’s door after his time in hell


A smutty surprise in Dean’s POV

Whiskey Confessions 

Dean gets into a bar fight to defend Y/N’s honor

Dark Days

Dean helps Y/N through some tough times

You’re Safe 

Y/N has a panic attack after a hunt gone sideways and Dean is there to help Y/N through it


Dean catches Y/N trying to boost the Impala

Little Things 

Dean and Y/N find out they’re pregnant and things get a little complicated


Y/N gets into a car crash after a fight with Dean

Sam Winchester

One Shots/ Drabbles

Tomorrow Can’t Come Fast Enough 

Sam and Y/N through the years… Kinda

Nine Years Later 

Sam shows up at Y/N’s door when Dean goes to purgatory, not knowing what to do

Lost in Translation 

Y/N has been careless on the last few hunts with the boys and Dean banishes her to research duty and she’s really pissed but ends up crushing on Sam 


One Shots/ Drabbles

Where’s The Fire? 

Cas overhears Dean bragging about how he kicked Y/N’s ass, but in true Cas form he doesn’t interpret the metaphor right.

Jensen Ackles


Unexpected News 

Y/N’s character on the show is dating Sam. In real life Y/N is Married to Jensen and they find out some surprising news.

Jared Padalecki

One Shots/ Drabbles

Practice Makes Perfect 

After Jensen posts the picture of the whole Ackles family, Y/N gets some major baby fever

GIF Submissions

Sex Hair (Jensen x Reader)

Onyx (Dean x Reader)

Stop Staring (Jared x Reader)

What Happens In Alleys (Dean x Reader)

Pranks (Jensen x Reader)

Pie (Dean x Reader)

Dreams (Sam x Reader)

Stay (Dean x Reader)

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So not sure if ur actually doing headcanons but I want one where MJ is Midtowns BAMF. Like she gets arrested in protests and punches Nazis in the face and she ain't got time to do makeup and dress pretty because she's raising money to get young black girls through school. Like, she's the real life superhero and Peter is the romantic interest, but also she's incredible smart and help Pete with issues in his suit not even Tony Stark figures out. Just badass MJ

MJ is bamf, okay?? like, we only get maybe (and I’m being generous here) 10 minutes of her in the whole movie but I know and you know and we all know that she is the most boss-ass bitch at Midtown. LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT IT-

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RANT: Rumplestiltskin and all Anti-heroes

It’s a bit late (6 seasons late) but I recently became a fan of “Once Upon A Time” and marathoned essentially the entire thing. Unfortunately, as I’m sure loyal fans already know, the majority of the cast, with the exception of 3, are not to come back for the 7th season. As a new fan, this feels jarring for me too because I just got to understand the characters and dynamics of the series, only to learn that the structure will completely change for it’s season return.

A part of me feels miffed but there’s another part that has thought this through and thinks that perhaps this is a much warrented change needed for the series. That’s the part I want to discuss; again, I binged through 6 seasons and watched a ton of clips on Youtube but it wasn’t long before I caught on to a pattern that I suddenly realized is in a lot more shows/movies than I realized.

First, I want to point out that without a doubt, my favorite character is Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold. Particularly in the earlier seasons (1-3) he’s fantastic! By fairytale standards, Rumple is certainly a villian and even in “The Land without Magic,” he’s seen to be pretty messed up. But as the series goes on, we see that this “monster” was once a human man with fears and dreams as real as the neighbors. Not only that, but we also learn that Rumple was meant to be/do great things (*cough* if it wasn’t for the Black Fairy *cough*). Based off of that information, instead of villian, I think it’s fair to say that Rumple is an Anti-hero.

BUT! There in lies the problem! Ever notice how ridiculous anti-heroes are treated? In the series, Rumplesiltskin, known for making deals, is constantly approached by numerous main characters for help. They make a deal, KNOWING the kind of man Rumple is, and then when things get serious/tough, they either back out of the deal or backstab Rumple for their own gain. Prime example is Cinderella! For those that don’t know *SPOILER!* she, on her own, makes a deal w/Rumple, promising whatever he asks for, in return for getting her out of poverty. True to his word, she ends up rich and marries a prince. He asks for her 1st born child as the price, so she rats him out, “tricks” him, and gets him arrested. The entire time, Cinderella is praised for…something(?) but Rumple is called a scumbag for deceiving the poor girl (NOT deception though, she signed a CONTRACT!!). What’s worse is that the same people (Prince Charming!) that call him names, later come back asking to MAKE. A. DEAL. for help.

Okay, but all that could be done on purpose though to invoke drama in the show, right? Well here’s the thing, I’d go along with that, if the “good guys” were written in a way that showcased they understand the consequences of their actions–that they are aware of what they’re dong and they respect the villian that’s helping them, even if the reason for the help is selfish. Take for example how Belle, from the get-go, declares that she loves Rumple so much that she’ll never abandon him. She confesses this several times through the span of several seasons. Except whenever Rumple does something selfish or angers one of the good guys, she backtracks and grows distant, even going as far as dumping him (they broke up like 3-4 times -_-). The problem isn’t just that she’s playing an emotional tug-of-war with Rumple, it’s that at some point, she never takes a moment to understand him and why he does what he does/is what he is.
It’s sad because she ends up learning everything about his past, yet still villianizes him.

This is what Rumple’s life is like through the series (in case anyone’s confused):
1. Abandoned by mother because she didn’t want to give up her powers
2. Abandoned by father when he was a child because he wanted eternal youth
3. Grew up as the “son of a coward” and was called one himself by community
4. Married Milah, who later left him for another man and who confesssed she never even loved him (also she abused him frequently during their marriage)
5. Lost his son due to PTSD and a moment of fear of the unknown
6. After becoming the Dark One, had a lover named Cora, who abandoned him for power, but also because “he was her weakness,” as she puts it -_-
7. Meets Belle and has the ups and downs with her (through seasons 2-6).
8. Learns that his son is alive and well but is hated by him
9. Learns that ex-lover did love him but she’s too power hungry and later tries to kill him.
10. Discovers his father is Peter Pan and ends up killing him (killing himself in the process)
11. Is brought back to life only to become a slave to Zelena (who later kills Neal!)
12. Has to deal with Hades who wants Rumple’s 2nd (unborn) child
13. Discovers his mother is the Black Fairy and ends up killing her too!

Belle knows most–if not all–of this and yet she still blames Rumple for him being, well, himself. Just looking at what he’s been through, how can she expect Rumple to be a good guy when nothing he’s previously experienced gave him indication that he should even try. And instead of helping him or sticking with him when shit got real tough, she abandoned him too; acting no different than anyone else!

This all brings me back to my original point; characters made as the anti-heroes get the short end of the stick. I’ve seen this in shows like House, M.D., Sherlock Holmes, 24 (Jack Bauer). Don’t get me wrong, I get it; the whole point of an anit-hero is that deep down, they are good, they just don’t go about it in the morale or conventional way. But again, my problem isn’t with the anti-hereos themselves being assholes or that they are hated within their own shows, it’s that DESPITE being hated by other characters, they are still used or demanded for assistance, even guilt tripped on many occasions. And when these anti-hereos do just that, they either don’t get any credit or thanks or those deeds are forgotten the moment they do something for themselves. What continues to bother me is that a lot of the times, the anti-heroes end up buying/believing what the good guys are saying. Like in OUAT, everyone tells Rumple that he’s selfish even though he’s murdered members of his own family to SAVE THEM!

It’s never acknowledged by the shows how messed up that is. So far in the 6 seasons I have yet to see Belle or Emma <–ESPECIALLY HER, or Snow or any other good guy admit that Rumple is a jerk but that they’ve messed up too and that they respect him. That they’ve needed him more than he’s needed them. That if they still believe he’s a monster, then they need to stop using him when its convienent for them.
This trope is just getting dumber the more it appears and it’s ruining how writers WRITE their characters; there’s no love or respect if you just have all of your “good guys” hate the one guy that’s labeled selfish.

I don’t know if this is just me or if I’m even wording any of this correctly. I keep re-reading it and feel as if my point isn’t being made. To quickly end this before it’s another 23 pages long, I love the anti-heroes and think they deserve a lot more love/respect than what they are getting. I think more in-depth writing is needed for these characters so it doesn’t just look like lazy cliches thrown together.
Trust me, it’s possible to have someone as pure-hearted as Belle love someone as dark as Rumple but feel conflicted in doing so, without it looking or sounding so hypocritical. One major break up was all that was needed between those two to heighten the drama but also highlight the pros and cons of their relationship; that way it doesn’t compromise who each character is and it properly showcases WHY Belle loves Rumple so much but feels conflicted for doing so.

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Spot Conlon and the Gay British Bakeoff

*cracks knuckles* Okay, im ready for this.

This is where he meets Crutchie.  Everyone is like how is this kid supposed to run around the kitchen with a crutch quick enough? No one believes in him but Spot instantly sees his potential. Spot and Crutchie become fast friends because Spot is only a few years younger and the two quickly make an alliance. Somehow if Crutchie needs to put something in the fridge or freezer that’s halfway across the tent Spot will carry both of them over there and get them both out. Crutchie could do it on his own but it’s a slower more risky process. In return Crutchie helps spot with his decorating at the end of the rounds because Crutchie is a speedster and somehow finishes his bakes with like with 20 minutes to go every round. No one knows how he does it??? But once Spot was having a harder time on his so Crutchie went to put his own in the freezer but he only could carry half at a time and some jerk decided to trip Crutchie Causing his bake to splatter all over the ground Spot knew that fighting in the tent was illegal (I don’t know if it’s really illegal I just assumed) so no matter how badly he wanted to punch that guy’s lights out he went and helped Crutchie clean it up and reassure him that it was okay and he still had time to make the other six the best they’ve ever tasted. He could still present the other six and he did. It was the technical though so Paul and Mary didn’t see what happened, and even though Crutchie;s tasted amazing, he got last because there weren’t enough. (If the guy who tripped crutchie had on some stage makeup to cover up the massive bruises he was sporting from our favorite angry boy, well, that’s something no one but Spot will really know)

Crutchie gets eliminated in the semi finals because it was a bad leg day for him. Spot helped as much as he could but he also had to concentrate on his own. When Crutchie was eliminated, that was the first time Spot ever actually passed out in the whole show. Somehow he kept it together all the other stressful times before??? But when Mel says “Crutchie.” Suddenly Spot passed out. Crutchie caught him and hardly has time to register what happened because what’s wrong with Spot???? Jerk guy laughs like ohh. Little spottie couldn’t take his boyfriend getting eliminated. Now this guy. This jerk guy is such a homophobe, and since Spot and Crutchie announced they have boyfriends, he’s been out to get them ever since. Crutchie nicely states like “Actually he’s not my boyfriend, I have a boyfriend though!! His name is jack and hes the best thing to ever happen to me. I love him.” The jerk guy doesn’t know how to say anything else because crutchie was just so nice?? When Spot wakes up and hears about this, jerk guy gets another black eye.

Now it’s time for the final. His signature bake is some type of whatever they’re making but its in the shape of a Crutch with rainbow colored frosting stripes around it. He’s totally honoring Crutchie and doesn’t care it doesn’t look normal and “You should have saved this for the show stopper. The design is amazing but not what we were looking for.” And Spot’s like yeah well I have something planned for the signature. But i wanted to show this one right now in honor of Crutchie.”

So like you said his signature is the inside joke. But the cake itself or whatever hes making is literally all striped through with a rainbow. And each layer of color? A different flavor. He has so much going on when Paul and Mary come over he doesnt even stop to talk. He’s just throwing things together and just kinda humming to answer their questions, not having time to chat. They all think he’s lost it and gone crazy. They interview race who’s like “I’ve eaten nothing but his six flavored six layer cake for the past two months and it’s still the best thing I’ll ever eat. Ever.” Once it’s made Spot still has like two hours left to decorate it and he starts freaking out like I’m behind in running out of time!!!! And everyone in the tent is like???? you have two whole hours and your bake is already out of the oven??? But yeah his design is so intricate and well thought out. Race has obviously never seen it before because it’s a surprise. He finally gets it done with like one minute to spare and then you just hear a scream coming from him and you think it’s fallen over Instead he’s like I FORGOT THE CHOCOLATE FLAKES. Which makes everyone and their dog confused including Race because Spot hates the stuff??? Anytime he had to work with it in the technical Spot almost threw up. If it was used in the decoration of the technical Crutchie did it for him so now he’s willingly putting on chocolate??? you basically see this blur as spot puts on the chocolate shreds. See before the episodes started Race was like are you sure you won’t use chocolate??? And Spots reply was please. The only reason I would use chocolate in my bakes willingly is if I was gonna ask you to marry me. Race doesnt remember this for a while. Of course his show stopper is the best thing the judges ever tasted. He wins. And when Race sees his cake hes like???? Why chocolate?? And Spot is like dont you remember what I said before? And Race remembers just tears up and is like spot you’re not really doing this on tv… And Spot shrugs like I already have. And everyone is holding their breath because break up??? And Race sighs and rolls his eyes like you’re dumb. Of course ill marry you. And then they kiss. Jerk guy is not happy in the slightest. Spot is so happy with winning and his new fiance he passes out in Race’s arms.

Bonus: Crutchie was the best man for their wedding and he and spot spent hours and hours on the deserts.