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lance flirting with keith but when keith finally flirts back, its not cute, lance becomes extremely defensive cause, like, no one ever flirts back with him unless they want something for themselves (nyma stole blue, plaxum was just showing appreciation for the person that saved her civilization so he figures that it wasnt anything actually personal) and keith just like "whats your deal?" and lance just cant accept that someone could legit like him in that way

oh jeez i can see that

or Lance just, not even picking up on it at all because he’d never even consider the fact that anyone would reciprocate his feelings 

Top 5 Lucy Heartfilia Moments

I freaking love Lucy so much so its gonna be hard to pick only 5 moments (so they’ll be long sorry) but here it goes:

1. Lucy destroying Aquarius’s key. This is my favorite Lucy moment ever. Lucy use to be this weak person who was always being saved by someone. But in this arc  Lucy summon 3 celestial spirits at the same time and the celestial spirit king himself. Not only that she ends up freeing all her comrades single handedly (with the help of her spirits but they come from her power) And she has to sacrifice her first friend, first key and the key her mother gave her in order to save everyone, she showed so much strength and bravery. Even after losing all that she stands up again to fight and that will always be my favourite moment because of her character development. 

2. Its always more fun when we’re together. This. Just this. This is the moment that I started to notice just how strong Lucy was and from there I fell in love. Lucy may not be physical strong (from this point) but she’s always been emotionally strong and this just proves it cause she’d rather be beaten to death by this guy holding her and be with Natsu then leave him alone and live. 

3. Lucy standing up to her father. This is the first time that Lucy has ever spoken against her father and went with what she wanted. Up until now she did what he wanted then ran away not thinking he would even notice that she was gone. But when he drags her back he never expects her to say no to him and I think this just shows that Lucy was growing up and finding her way. 

4. Grand Magic Games. Lucy fought with everything she had for her guild and herself.

5. Celestial Spirits. I think this scene was the one that really told me how much Lucy loves her spirits and how she views them as her friends and not objects that she controls. This made me fall in love with Lucy more because she was willing to give up her life so that her friends (spirits) could be free and happy. 

What the Whumpy Heck is Activated Charcoal?

Today I was a-scrollin’ through my dashboard and happened upon a lovely whumpy gifset by @mypheralside. The gifset depicts a scene from the show Emerald City involving a character in the throes of an unspecified poison- a character who is saved when his companion scrapes some ashes into a cup, mixes them with water, and makes him drink it. Its a great whump scene, but there is one little thing I feel the need to clear up-

It wouldn’t work.

Yeah, yeah, I know- you’ve just gotten good at not shocking asystole and now I’m saying you can’t use wood ash to cure poisoning either. Whump killjoy of the month right here.

But here’s why:

From what I can tell, the writers confused a substance called wood ash with a much more helpful substance called activated charcoal (this is actually a pretty common misunderstanding, so I don’t hold it against them).

Wood ash is what you get after a campfire. It is good for growing delicious, calcium rich tomatoes and after soaking it in water to produce lye, can be used in either soap making or the disposal of dead bodies, depending on how far you got in Fight Club.

Activated charcoal (AC), meanwhile, is an ultra porous form of pure carbon. And those pores are really good at trapping certain kinds of chemicals, some of which are poisonous to humans.

It’s basically a kind of chemical sponge. And if your character has a susceptible poison* in their stomach and drinks AC (or gets it pumped in through an NG tube), the AC can adsorb/bind some of that up, making it more difficult for their body to absorb it.

Less poison absorbed means less harm to the poisoned character, and can possibly mean the difference between life and death.

Activated charcoal is made by heating wood, peat, or coconut shells at high temperatures in a low oxygen environment (so they do not burn). The resulting charcoal must then be “activated” by heating it again (this time with even higher temperatures and steam) or by soaking it in an acid for 24 hours, rinsing it, and heating it again.

For fic purposes (i.e. we need this now), AC can also be purchased online or over the counter at pharmacies/grocery stores (as tablets, powder, and capsules), and found in water filters, such as those for tap water or fish tanks.

AC is usually given in multiple doses. The first dose is usually between 50 and 100 grams mixed with 6-8 oz of water (tablets must be crushed), repeated every 4 hours after that until blood levels of the poison drop (or in the case of remote care, until symptoms improve). The first dose usually needs to be given within the first hour after poisoning takes place for best results.

*Some chemicals that AC is probably good at adsorbing/binding (studies have shown better outcomes when AC is used):

  • Opiates/opioids
  • Carbamazepine
  • Phenobarbital/barbiturates
  • Quinine
  • Theophyline

Some chemicals AC might be good at adsorbing/binding (studies are conflicting or too anecdotal/limited to say for certain):

  • Aspirin
  • Digitalis
  • Amitriptyline/tricyclic antidepressants
  • Disopyramide
  • Nadolol
  • Piroxicam
  • Bleach

Some chemicals AC probably wouldn’t be good at adsorbing/binding (studies have specifically said these don’t work):

  • Most pesticides
  • Arsenic (conflicting anecdotal evidence exists)
  • Yellow oleander
  • Strong acids/bases
  • Alcohol/ethanol/methanol
  • Ethylene glycol (though stronger drinking alcohols like vodka work for this one)
  • LIthium
  • Methotrexate
  • Sodium valproate
  • Tobramycin/vancomycin

“We’re happy, then cold, its yes then it’s no, and we’re changing like the tides but I want you, I need you, and I guarantee you we’ll make it out alive.”

 “I know that we’re playing not too fair”

“Show me you care, I got my white flag up and it’s wave, cause you know this love’s worth saving”

“Cause I don’t wanna fight no more, even when the waves get rough. I don’t wanna see the day we say we’ve had enough. And I don’t want fight this war, bullets coming off our lips. BUT WE STICK TO OUR GUNS AND WE LOVE LIKE BATTLESHIPS.” 

Just end me now. 

Caryl is Gimple’s Secret Weapon

I am 100% convinced TPTB are keeping Caryl in their backpocket. They know fans want it. People on the show want it. TTD wants it. 

It’s not an IF, its a WHEN.

When Caryl goes canon, TWD ratings will skyrocket. Caryl will be trending on twitter. People who have not watched the show for years will come back because of the love they have for these 2 characters.

That is why it is being saved. They are not going to waste the pairing of this couple. When Caryl goes canon it will be blow up. It is the OTP of OTPs.

aiight listen up yall 

know what this is? its the internet and its gonna save our asses yet again 

this is google maps. 

go on, try it. google your fave lifting store. now scroll down to this lil beauty. 

 this feature is for customers who wanna avoid crowds and go when there are less people in the store but seeing as how crowds are gr8 for blocking and concealing around the holidays, use this to your advantage. see when your store is busiest during the day, and go fuck all their shit up 

 what i love about it is that it shows you average traffic through the WEEK not just TODAY. say u wanna hit up old navy on friday but its tuesday? no problemo. you can schedule ur hits based on the time of day. 

 this is also cool because you can find out when a lot of people avoid the stores, so if you’re one of those people who feel comfortable lifting in a nearly-empty store, this will work for you too. (idk if anyone has tried this or knew about this feature, but its saved my ass a couple of times. yay internet)

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Newlynn Hill and Lynport are extremely amazing and so beautiful and all the sims you choose were really great! I loved seeing all the new faces. But I was a little upset that all the other towns were completely empty of life. Its a little daunting. I was wondering if there was a version with the EA townies? Like you did with just the Blythe Harbor save?

Hi Anon! Are they empty when you visit, or do you not like seeing empty residences in map view? Because Sims from all worlds will visit the other worlds, so when you visit a community lot in Windenburg, you should still see plenty of Sims show up, even if none of them actually live in that world. If Sims aren’t showing up to community lots then there might be another issue. But if it bugs you that map view is empty of Sims, I can understand why that might feel daunting.

The reason for those being empty that I had to delete all of the pre-mades because I was getting close to the population limit (which I believe is 140 Sims, unless they’ve raised it) and I didn’t want the game to get too laggy or for any of the townies that had been donated to be culled.

What you could do is take some of those Townie households (”Unplayed” in the Household Management panel) and move them into houses in Windenburg, Oasis Springs, etc. If you miss the pre-mades I’m sure you can find them on the Gallery somewhere and just plop them back into their houses. 

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I feel like the whole GMW fandom gave up :( Its really sad too because I thought when GMW people would still be engaged trying to save the show but no one is doing anything and I feel as if they just moved on with their lives.

Well not the WHOLE fandom, I’d say a majority of the fandom is still hoping, just not on tumblr lol. But I do agree that the girl meets world tag just seems like a ghost town because barely anyone is posting and it just makes it seem like they’ve given up hope. I can’t really blame them because I’ve been on the edge lately to completely forget about it ( even though I have not! ) The fandom was super active RIGHT after they heard about it being cancelled but about 2 weeks later, they left. They could also be busy too, I know I am with my schoolwork. It’s not like people aren’t doing anything at all, I see some campaigns still going around and people are still continuing to make planes for GMW. A lot of people say we won’t hear any news for a while for like 1-2 months or so. So until then, yeah, some people have moved on with their lives until they hear some news. For me, if there isn’t any news in about 2 months, I might just bail. I do love the show and everything they’ve done, but if there’s still nothing announced there’s a good chance MJ just probably gave up and just let the show stay off. I literally started this tumblr account because of GMW. I wanted to share my love for the show with others. I don’t know about deleting it though because I’ve made a lot of progress.

But let’s not even talk negative about it, let’s just keep hoping MJ will do something and GMW will carry on! I heard somewhere that if he continues, there would be a time jump so that will be interesting.

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48 (OH - and 10 - cuz - reasons)

48. Are you a crier? Do you smile?


“Actually I don’ cry so much… when I’m overwhelmed or lonely or scared sometimes… Its somethin I mostly save for being alone up in the Vengeance rigging. Somethin I do for inner solace rather than for show or attention. But m’smiles are fer everybody!”

10. Do you wear dresses, and skirts?

“What is with the sudden curiosity with m’pants situation? Have y’ever seen me in a skirt Sis? Pretty sure m’Captain would laugh me off the boat for wearin one.”

I had this as some doodle after wondering about movie night with the robo boyfriend. Try as he might, he can’t ever shut up when a couple shows up on screen…

They probably watch all kinds of nonsense but I have this feeling that they have a guilty pleasure for musicals and classics….

Bonding Over Music

Originally posted by bat-britishdemon13

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Request: “(Sorry if this has been done b4!) maybe a fic on peter showing reader all his favorite songs and its just really cute???”

Warnings: None

A/N: I love writing Peter so much he’s such a cutie. I haven’t seen this done, I don’t think. This was fun to write :)

                        You were lounging in Peter Maximoff’s basement, sitting on the couch, your feet crossed awkwardly. Peter was sitting over by the ping pong table, an uncomfortable silence weighing on the room. This was the first time you had ever officially spent time with Peter. You searched for something to talk to him about, coming up blank. You were saved when Peter sat up, pointing to the shirt you were wearing.

                        “Are you a fan of Rush?” He asked. You looked down at your shirt, the band’s latest album cover pictured on it.

                        “Yeah. What do you think of them?” you said, sitting up to see his face better.

                        “Love them,” he said, his eyes lighting up. “I have all of their music.” He sped across the room to a stack of boxes, a streak of silver hair. He slowed down, walking back to you with a box labeled Cassette Tapes. He sorted through them, tossing you one.

                        “Rush, Moving Pictures album,” he said pointing to it. You flipped the tape over. “Awesome.”

                        Peter sped forward again, taking the tape from you and inserting it into the player, Limelight playing.

                        “What else do you have?” you asked, scooting over to let Peter sit next to you.

                        “Let’s see…” he flipped through, pulling out one every once and a while.

                        “Queen, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pink Floyd…” he mused. You plucked one out, grinning. “Cyndi Lauper?”

                        “She’s good, okay,” Peter said, blushing. He snatched the tape from you, putting at the back off the box.

                        “No, I’m not judging,” you said, trying and failing to hide back a laugh at Peter’s embarrassed face.

                        “You totally are,” he said, punching you lightly on the shoulder. You shrugged.

                        “I mean she is good. I just never pegged you as the Cyndi Lauper type.”

                        “Well, there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Peter said, glancing up from the box to look at you pointedly.

                        “Fair,” you relented. “But I expect you to tell me about those things now.”

                        “Are we officially friends now?” Peter asked, getting up and running at the speed of light, putting the box of music back and returning with a Twinkie in his hand.

                        “I’d think so. I do know all about your secret music collection,” you said, chuckling again.

                        “You’re never going to let that go, are you?” Peter sighed. You shook your head. “Never.”

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What would it be like to be the younger sister of Artemis and getting seriously injured on a mission

Thank you for the request my friend. I hope you like it!!!


Being Artemis’ Younger Sister - Getting Seriously Injured

  • Artemis is by your side the minute Dick calls
  • She comes into the cave like a bat out of hell (heh get it, bat and cave and ya know its dc so batman…. I digress)
  • She’s yelling at everyone wanting to know what happened
  • Wally and M’gann make her calm down before she can see you
  • Dick and M’gann show her to the medical bay, explaining how you had saved another team member but were caught in the cross hairs
  • When she sees you her heart stops
  • her little sister was battered and hooked up to an iv and heart monitor
  • Your arm’s in a sling from a bullet wound to the shoulder
  • You have a concussion and multiple abrasions
  • “Oh my god!” she yells before running over
  • You’re conscious but the loud voice almost splits your head open
  • “Agh, could you be any louder”
  • She just laughs happy you’re going to be alright.
  • She immediately starts scolding you for being reckless
  • even though you actually had thought it through but miscalculated the number of gunmen
  • She constantly voices that ‘this’ is the reason she never wanted you caught up in this life
  • Eventually Wally saves you from your sisters over protective nature
  • Making her calm down
  • and cracking some jokes to help your mental state
  • Artemis visits you everyday while you recover
  • Though being a big sister she constantly looks for reasons to tease
  • “Sooo… Anyone here catching your eye?”
  • “I hate you”
  • “No you don’t lil’ sis”
  • She helps you with your shoulder and physical therapy so you can get back in the field
  • You can’t take the cave anymore
  • One can only handle impulse zipping in and out every 5 minutes so much
  • Once you’ve recovered she now constantly nags you about being safer
  • You tell her you will but the truth is if you’re teammate is in danger, you’d do it all over again
  • and she knows that
Somethings bothering me about that helmet...

You all know the one.

In the very last scene of the very last episode that hinted to a new villain of the the next series, the one dominator walks past.

Yeah this one.

At least, i think its a helmet right?

I mean we all thought that this helmet was more evidence to the hater is a monkey theory right? And i’m not saying it isn’t, its got his fancy green electric powers lighting it up after all. But until i took the time to actually look at this thing, i thought it was this helmet:

Now call me out if i’m wrong, but now that i look at it this helmet its a completely different shape!! and the glass section takes up half of the helmet. sure maybe the first helmet is facing the wrong way up but i think that we’d be able to see at least a teeny part of that glass visor.

but hang on let me get another look at this thing.

ok i’m just gonna straight up say that this isn’t a helmet.

i mean i’m probably not the first to say it but c’mon!! look at this thing!!!

where is the neck room?? the space where a neck would be is covered by metal with wires sticking out, and theres no eye visor!! that gap in the metal where someone would look through is clearly where that metal piece next to it would slot back into!!

but it does have that same american flag that we have seen on the monkeys space suit. so they’re obviously associated…

maybe it’s an escape pod?…

i can find that far more believable than this being a helmet, and from what Craig Mccraigen recently said about a possible redemption arc for Hater:

Hater is 100% involved somehow, whether he’s the monkey or not (tbh though i’m betting my money that he is)


I love it when fanfic gives you long backgrounds on the characters and their relationships every time a new one shows up in canonverse fic.  Yes, you caught me.  I, a person reading BtVS fanfic, had no idea that Buffy was a vampire slayer who goes to high school and is friends with Willow and Xander!  Thank you, fic writer, for saving me all that confusion.

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I made a post and tried to tag the blocklist blog but it didn't show up. If you could please add the 50 Shade of Grey blog ad for its awful movie ad. It pop ups to minors and tbh I'm sure a lot of people don't want to see it on their dash. Blocking the blog for the ad gets rid of it! I just want people to feel save when scrolling on their dashboard!

I reblogged it!

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I mean both haeton’s and rodard’s bodies will “wake up” if they ever get uninfected but theyre ok for the most part!–save for wounds affecting them unstead of their viral counterparts.


When my world’s particle accelerator went off, I became a speedster. I became the fastest man alive. Only- Only, it wasn’t enough for me. I wasn’t fast enough. So I figured with my scientific background, I could increase my powers. I did.



[scene opens in a messy hipster teenger-stylized room. it’s MORNING, sunlight peeks through curtains. BARRY ALLEN crawls out of his bed and walks up to the window, letting more sun in. demolished skyscrapers and stacks of smoke are visible in the distance]

BARRY ALLEN (voiceover)
Yeah, those last few days were crazy. I can’t believe that our planet almost got destroyed.

[he keeps staring out of window. cut to the ruins in the distance. cut to his reflective face that suddenly brightens up]

BARRY ALLEN (voiceover contd)
But we saved it. 

[he allows himself for a smile. turns around, walking back to bed]

BARRY ALLEN (voiceover contd)
And when I joined the league, I hoped to find some friends--

[camera pans out showing the room in its entirety. there’s a male figure in BARRY’S bed that wasn’t visible before. the man is sleeping noisily.]

[cut to the hand of the man that’s loosely hanging from the side of bed. a green power ring can be seen clearly]

--I didn’t expect that I’d find a boyfriend.

[BARRY climbs back into bed, pressing a kiss to the back of HAL JORDAN’S head.]

[fade out]

[end credits]

Powerless - Pilot Review

What do you get when you create a super hero parody in the DC Comic universe, combine Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches and Danny Pudi?


I so wanted to like the show but wow it tried too hard and it was just so awful. Like “Didn’t they see how awful this was when they wrote it, saw the table read, saw the first cut, then put it online?

The premise is this, they live in a city in a DC Universe that exists near Gotham, super heros and villains are an every day occurrence and their company is run by Bruce Wayne’s cousin, played by Alan Tudyk. The company makes crap to sell QVC style to people to save them from the onslaught of super hero messes and super villains. And its all crap.

So is the show. I give it half a season. And if it gets picked up for a 2nd season, I think I may just stop watching tv because this is almost as bad as those reality shows and they are shite.

Just calling it like I see it.

Seventeen Reaction

“Seventeen (hip hop, Joshua, dk, boo) reacting to their s/o wearing something slightly revealing to one of the practice room”

Seungcheol: “Babe, you can’t wear things like that to my practices all the boys look at you. You’re mine” he’d get protective over you, giving the boys little hits if they are caught staring 

Originally posted by hanwooz

Wonwoo: He’d wink at you from across the room, when he finally came over to you he’d grab you closely and whisper, “Why did you wear that huh? im at practice and you know its distracting” 

Originally posted by allurity

Mingyu: “Isn’t that a little revealing babe, not that i mind..” he’d be thinking about you the entire time he was practicing, so much so he’d trip on his feet messing up the dance. “blame y/n” 

Originally posted by seokmin---s

Vernon: *gif* “What you’re showing is for my eyes and yours only babe, wouldn’t you rather save that for later” good god this gif bye

Originally posted by saysvteen

Seokmin: “If that is meant to be my motivation to practice hard, its working” He’d say smirking at you. 

Originally posted by shininghoshi

Joshua: “You look v-very nice today, isn’t that a new top?” he’d try his best to distract himself from what your revealing the best he could, by keeping his eyes on yours

Originally posted by jisood

Seungkwan: “Are you trying make it hard for me to practice, this isn’t fair if i cant do anything” he pretend to scold you, but would really want to see if he could get a reaction out of you. 

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