its not sexist guys

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Just a know those au's where the name you call your s/o is on your body. Think about chowder and him being so excited, "maybe they're a farmer!" And some stupid person being sexist says it's probably a guy and chowder probably at least had the thought what if it is a guy? I've never felt that way about a guy but I must love them and kinda freaking out a bit about sexuality? I just thought about that..

Sweet baby Chowder would love his soulmate no matter what, and he would constantly be asking himself “is farmer a pet name?? ARE THEY A REAL FARMER?? but why would I call them that? Do they call me goalie???” So many questions, and all Chowder can think when he runs into the women’s volleyball team is “i hope this one wants to be a farmer, she’s got such pretty eyes” and he nearly cries when he finds out her name

i dont even get why so many ppl are “anti fangirl” ,,, i honestly feel like ppl only are bc every one else is and the constant demonization of younger female fans is slung everywhere

like,,,, ur literally labeling yourself “anti female fan of this character” like u might as well call urself “anti people harmlessly enjoying this character in a way thats fun to them just because theyre female and im better than them bc  A. im male or  B. a female that doesnt do that”
its so immature and petty

like,,, the moment a girl has a favorite character or she ships her self insert oc with with it shes a cringey, bratty fangirl, but if some 22 yr old dude drew himself making out with a female character (typically underage) its a-ok. skeevy perverted guys? fine. young girls innocently having fun? god sooooo annoying and evil i hope they die

nice double standards y’all


how come all men are literally exactly the same? like even my guy friends are Exactly like Every Other Guy 

Reasons I won’t shop at the locally owned comic store: Those who work there embody literally every negative steryotype of male geeks and make me feel like crap when I try to buy things there, and asking them questions only results in rude “i’m better than you because I know this,” responces.

Reasons I will shop at hastings (part of a chain): The people there are always helpful AND knowlegeable abt comics and the guy who works at the comics is an older man and once told me a story about reading captain marvel with his daughter back when i was first getting into comics and has never once made me feel inferior because i don’t know much about comics or have a question

  • Straight White Guys: It's not racist. The reason why most characters are straight white guys is it's a business. They just want to do what makes the most money. No one's being racist or sexist. It's just smart business.
  • Straight White Guys: Having a Black Captain America or Pakistani Ms. Marvel or female Thor is PANDERING. All they're trying to do is get MONEY from you. It's just a marketing ploy! This is horrible!

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I swear i saw a gray fan call lucy a slut because her clothes are always ACCIDENTALLY ripped off due to mashima's need to please the horny fanboys. But then another person said that gray also strips ON PURPOSE and the person replied by saying "get lost your making yourself look stupid!" Double standard much? Like srsly just because a guy does it doesn't mean its ok to strip whenever you want. Sometimes i hate this fandom. Its so sexist and treats the girls like trash while praising the guys.

Ah,, yes,, the girl whose clothes are typically forcefully removed, compared to the guy who strips of his own free will, is totally a slut,, yes that make sO much sense,,

My eyes are bleeding and I haven’t read the actual post

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No offense but why do you draw fem jack so hypersexualized and thin? It's really problematic and kind of sexist to take a cis guy who is chubby and masculine and hairy and decide that the only possible "fem" version of him HAS to be a thin, busty, long haired girl. She legit looks like Meg Turney. I'm not trying to hate I'm just like.. making sure you realize how harmful of a mindset that is, man. He's a really laughy and deep guy and in your comic the first joke with her is "boobs" like..dude.

none taken at all that’s a good point my dude, but honestly

how jack looks now and how she looks when michael’s chapter will be up are two completely different looks. i want to show how jack at this moment is not dressing for herself, but rather for her clients since right now she does a lot of freelance work and almost all of her clients are grody dudes in LS.. they want to see hypersexualized, jack gives them this, she doesn’t particularly like it but it puts bread on the table. they want her to dress and act a certain way, and jack does because she’s trying to make her way up in the crime world and she doesn’t have a crew but she cant fucking stand any of the clients before geoff anyway so there’s that.

geoff will be the first hire to let jack be jack, let jack dress like jack, let jack eat like jack, and not expect anything but what jack wants for herself from jack. just total utter acceptance

but i gotta get past the first couple of heists and get gavin into the story to get jack to where jack is gonna be for the majority of the story. so, if this is still sexist then im sorry but eyyy it wont be like this for forever

and as for the boobs thing, i meant for that to be Geoff thinking that this random chick is trying to seduce and then kill him, bc he’s had that happen to him before quite recently. a few days ago in fact. hence why he quick jerks back expecting a knife in his ribs. and why hes so hostile to jack afterwards.

so yea dude i know its kinda cringe and also quite sexist right now but i have a lot of this story to get through, dont you worry it’ll be a lot less cringe as it goes on

I hate those guys who make sexist misogynist jokes bc they think it’s funny how girls will react n how they will get “so worked up”, but then claim that they’re not actually sexist or misogynist. Like ???????? If u r a guy who does this u need to ask yourself why u find it so funny when a women isn’t ok w/ being disrespected. U need to ask yourself why u don’t take a women expecting respect n equal treatment seriously. Could it be bc you’re idk… Sexist??? A misogynist????? Hmmmmm

Doctor Who Rant (Yes, it's everywhere, but it's really getting on my nerves.)

You are not wrong for disliking the actress chosen to play the Doctor. (If she does a bad job, which is subjective. )

You will not be wrong to dislike the plot or characterization of her arc. (If it is bad, which is also subjective.)

But you are entirely wrong for disliking that there is going to be a female Doctor, at all.

Other than it being canonically improbable (which it isn’t), what viable excuse do you have to support such a sexist view?

“Its always been a guy.”

“Its always been this way.” Is an excuse to ignore problematic features of society because it’s uncomfortable. If people never had the courage to make the changes necessary toward any kind of equality, we wouldn’t have come this far in society (as far as we still have to go, and as slow as it will be, we are still moving). Next.

“Timelord is gender specific.”

I can’t even begin to fathom the stupidity of that, because NO IT’S REALLY NOT.

There were women on Gallifrey, and the Doctor generally refers to her own people as “Timelords”. River Song, who is half TIMELORD is still referred to as such.

“Its physically impossible for the Doctor to change genders.”

Okay, is Missy/Master being ignored here for your own personal reasons or…? Also, when a Timelord regenerates, their entire physical makeup changes and warps into something completely different. I once referred to it as “genetically rolling the dice”, but someone pointed out that other Timelords are able to control their regeneration, and I thought it interesting that the Doctor always just seemed along for the ride. Someone else made the point that to could be because of the ADHD that she could never focus enough to control the aspects of her regeneration (which is cannonically possible).

And my favorite so far:

“I’m a woman, and I am outraged!”

As if that automatically absolves the sexism of such a view. You are a woman and hate the idea of a female Doctor, so it makes it okay. See points above sarcastic analysis for further reference, if you’re still not sure what sexism is.

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Its getting on my nerves that everyone hates Dany for executing that guy but praises Jon for executing Janos Slynt. Like Jon can chop peoples heads off but not Dany? Don't get me wrong, I agree that everyone should be more sympathetic to the executed person in Dany's situation. But Jon isnt super cool or a heroic badass for killing a crying old guy. Idk I feel like its almost sexist. Thoughts?

Women are generally expected to be gentler than men, so I see where you’re coming from, however, in this instance the Jon vs. Dany issue goes a lot further than gender. Let’s examine the facts:

  • Jon executed a man who openly spoke out against him. Dany killed a man who was a close ally.
  • Jon executed a rich snob from the capital who was only looking out for himself. Dany killed a former slave who wanted to help her cause, and the cause of his people. 
  • People tend to cheer more when an asshole is killed, rather than when it happens to a young, passionate, misguided underdog who killed a murderer.
  • Jon followed in the footsteps of Ned and executed the man himself. Dany followed in her father’s, and had the man killed. The result was of course the same, but people respond differently to something that is for better or worse, seen as more honorable.
  • Jon got rid of a voice of dissent. Dany killed a member of her council representing a large and extremely disenfranchised group of her people.
  • Jon had to make his decision in public, everyone heard Janos. Dany decided to have a very public execution, not handle the matter privately.
  • Both were forced into the decision, but Jon actively sought it out. His enemies were either going to swallow his commands or disobey orders. Many people see it as badass, because it was in fact the result of a calculated move.
  • Jon’s actions strengthened, at least for the time being, his position. Dany has weakened her control over the city and lost support.

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Oh nooo a female character in clothes you don't like WHAT EVER SHALL WE DO! What next, a character made for the fans who runs around naked? OH WAIT. His name was Raiden and he was made by request of female fans. Seriously at first you guys were just annoying but now it's obvious you guys are just being subtly sexist in the name of "progression".

I turned on anon for art style submissions but instead I get a fake gamer boy in my ask box. 

Here it is, fake gamer in the wild, trying to talk about a game over 14 years old to prove something about a game in 2015. And not only that, they got the facts all wrong too. Girls never requested shit much less girl fans. Kojima merely interviewed high school aged girls (who didn’t play games fyi) about if they would play MGS. One responder said they didn’t want to play a game about stupid old men. Kojima designed Raiden thinking it would appeal to girls. 

He didn’t ask that girl what she wanted, he & shinkawa literally thought they would just design a character around what THEY thought girls wanted. As we know, Raiden was basically a total joke, pretty much until his incarnation in MGS4/MGR.

So here you are. In 2015, trying to lecture me about something you basically got wrong in every conceivable way about a game that came out in 2001 to negate a delusional reaction today (oh no what ever WILL we do???). 

Edit: Just wanted to remind people this is the type of person sending these asks [tw: ableist slurs]

  • Guy: *tells sexist joke*
  • Me: That was a pretty sexist thing to say.
  • Guy: Calm down, it was just a joke. I thought it was funny.
  • Me: Well, it wasn't funny. Likely you think it was because you're a guy, but to me as a woman it was not funny.
  • Guy: You're saying I think it's funny because I'm a guy? THAT is actually sexist.
  • Me: *looks into the camera like I'm on The Office*
  • Guy: *Say stupid sexist shit*
  • Me: That is sexist and offensive, don't say it again.
  • Guy: Oh, but I didn't mean it that way.
  • Me: It is still sexist and offensive. Don't use it.
  • Guy: But how would I know you have a problem with this?
  • Me: It's about ME. It's about women, everywhere in the world. Again, it's sexist. Don't say it.
  • Guy: But...
  • Me: I, a woman, am telling you it's sexist. Just don't fucking use it again.
  • me on a date: So how do you feel about Steven Universe?
  • them: It's alright I guess. Just wish the gems were guys. It's kind of sexist how they're all women
  • me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: Sorry but i have to go home right now immediately