its not serious no fancy shit

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ok but..... lance is a really bad dancer. a REALLY bad dancer. and the paladins are invited to a fancy ball or something and lance is like 'help'. now shiro knows that keith's dad made him take ballroom dancing or some shit as a kid and volunteers keith, surprisingly, to give lance dancing lessons. chaos ensues. pidge records the whole thing (she says it's to play at their wedding. nobody can figure out if she's serious)

u can pry good dancer lance from my cold dead hands

but dis au,,,cute

hc sunday

Smiles (Tree Bros)

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you should do a Tree Bros imagine where like Evan says ‘i love you’ to Connor first and then gets rlly nervous when Connor stays quiet for a few minutes and then Connor just starts smiling ? (lord christ this sounds so weird rip)

this is so cute ahhh!!!

Warnings: pretty ooc but other than that nopity nope nope

Sorry its hella short lmao


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haha I’m hyped up on Gatorade lmao


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Clarke asks Lexa where she got her glittery stuff she puts on her neck bc she's a glitter hoe. Lexa is confused bc there isn't a Trigedasleng word for glitter so Clarke just leans in and kisses at her neck and husks "what do you put on your neck?" and Lexa is probably a stuttering mess and kinda scampers to her bathroom/vanity area and shows Clarke and tbh this is where she keeps MORE candles and perfumes and lingerie and Clarke is like "ok she's actually a little girly and it's adorable"

this starts out like all lowkey sexy but spirals into CUTE because can you imagine like they’re making out and then clarke asks and then

lexa… drags her into her bathroom… too look at all of her Fancy Shit™ and Lexa’s being v serious about it but there’s like a lot so Lexa’s like “And this is the soak I put in the bath when I’ve been training all day…” and “I use this balm on my hands because they get a bit dry sometimes…” and “This smells of lavender Clarke, sniff it” and she’s like going through it all methodically and showing Clarke everything, very serious and all and Clarke is just like? wtf she she’s so cute?

i propose a novel abt internet friends teaming up to solve a magical mystery

• one of the kids stumble upon something while hanging out at a saltwater lake
• they take a couple of pics with their shitty cellphone camera and jokingly tags the myth/aesthetic blog friend
• caption: are there monsters in this lake y/y
• turns out, y
• the squad all start researching it on their own
• eventually they start a blog/email collectively, bc its fun and none of it is serious and also the posts abt the freaky shit get a lot of notes, so
• it gets real when some kid drowns late at night while a bunch of the ppl last seen with him turn up on all sorts of places over the next two weeks
• all of the locations are next to saltwater
• the rich one with the fancy photography blog flies them all to the place where the thing is happening, bc its actually something they can afford to do since the only ppl who are in work can do it remotely. so they go for it
• weird social justice arguments while hiking to locations between the journo and the rich kid
• journo is suddenly in every photo set rich kid posts at least once
• hardcore memer goes thru rich kids suitcase eventually
• ‘wtf is that?’ 'an exercise tool. for my face.’ 'ur kidding’ 'its totally legitimate and normal’ 'wtf woULD U NEED THIS FOR?? U HAVE THE BEST JAWLINE IN THE WORLD’ 'its for my smile’ 'im done. thats it. ur officially unnecessarily wealthy. do the 1% have private organizations and shit?? do u get high together????’ 'no. what? no.’
• drinking games while watching shows
• anons sending them clues. its helpful, but its creepy.
• its like scooby doo but also tumblr
• i want it