its not rlly an edit tho

Panic! at the Disco Challenge: Day 2 - lyric you would get tattooed


I know the world’s a broken bone
But melt your headaches, call it home

(Northern Downpour)

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what can you tell me about snatch the tv show? it had horrible reviews so as a fan of the original film i'm slightly dubious...

well i havent read any reviews i just dived right into it and im glad i did ! im a big fan of the origianl film too and the show is a great homage to it imo: it’s fast paced, the editing is rlly good, the cast is amazing and very good-looking and overall the show definitely has the guy ritchie feel™ to it and even tho it has its weak spots it’s still very entertaining and worth ur time

[get to know me meme: seiyuu edition] || {04/05} favourite seiyuu of all time: eguchi takuya

tbh its rlly sad that young girls r constantly seeing these retouched pics of ig baddies who wont admit to editing their photos and thinkin its all natural like i have no issue with retouching ur pics as long as ur honest but like? so many girls r comparing themselves to something thats not even real and bc its on ig and not a magazine it seems more real even tho thats far from the reality of the situation