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read in 2017 →  we are okay by nina lacour 

i close my eyes, and i breathe her in, and i think about this home that belongs to neither of us, and i listen to the fire crackling, and i feel the warmth of the room and of her body, and we are okay.
we are okay.

Panic! at the Disco Challenge: Day 2 - lyric you would get tattooed


I know the world’s a broken bone
But melt your headaches, call it home

(Northern Downpour)


hello everyone this is jackie aka yongs (& other urls)!!!!

thank u all for following me even tho i annoy u all everyday w my super unnecessary posts … ilove u all….this is a mutual appreciation + follow forever post mixed together sorry its super messy im lazy.. special thanks to kathryn an d lucy i wont promo them but they made my edits :) and the angel @ytsgf for making my banner :’) n e wayz i hope u all have a nice new years and 2018 turns out well for everyone!!! 2018 year of spreading love….

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dragon pen pals????

hey yall i wanna interact more w/ the flight rising community, but im not too sure how? so i thought pen pals would be a sorta fun thing, itd be sorta like a letter from hatchlings but instead of between hatchling/parent it’d be dragon/dragon????? idk how to put it into words ? id only want to do one w one or two people, but i think it’d be super fun??
if you’d be interested in doing something like this, at least for awhile please reblog and say so!!!! no more than like 3 people tho pls??? if there’s already 3 people who seriously rlly wanna do this and another person wants to do t too i can make an exception.
i can work out the details w/ you over messages if you wanna do this !!! edit- this isn’t just for me and my followers, it can be for you and your followers too!!


Franklin Delano Donut Stimboard/Moodboard/Aesthetics

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Do not mourn,

Do not weep.

for islandofmisfitfangirls: I did warn you, though.

and also for pietrobutts: she’s my sunshine, my one and only sunshine.

and for qvcksilvr:  pietro must be protected.

rebloop this w/ ur face/selfie tag and i’ll describe ur appearance like an author would!!

tbh its rlly sad that young girls r constantly seeing these retouched pics of ig baddies who wont admit to editing their photos and thinkin its all natural like i have no issue with retouching ur pics as long as ur honest but like? so many girls r comparing themselves to something thats not even real and bc its on ig and not a magazine it seems more real even tho thats far from the reality of the situation