its not reciprocated

there’s nothing more awkward than when a guy acts like you’re friends but is only waiting for the right moment to shoot his shot and the entire friendship is awkward and contrived and you feel guilty for not being nicer but also not wanting to lead them on 

see, like, missy has been a very touchy character in this regen?

she snogs the doctor, and constantly rests her arm around him/on his shoulder (outside st paul’s, and once she’s free on the plane, to name a few times), and just holding on to him for dear life when he kisses her in the graveyard. she wraps her arm around osgood. in s9, she reaches into clara’s personal space to make her have the vortex manipulator, and she sits very closely to the doctor in the ship.

getting into people’s personal spaces is a very quick and effective way to make them very uncomfortable, and she uses this to her advantage to scare osgood, and her just being nearby people makes them nervous.

the scene in which she reaches for the doctor (and to me she looks like she’s reaching to fix his coat, like in s8 with the unit/cybermen in the square scene),  he steps back, and it shows she wants to be near him and touch him for her own comfort, not to make him uncomfortable. she instantly stops, and freezes and looks down and laces her fingers together, kinda shakily. she doesn’t continue her attempt, which is something the old her might have done - stepping forward and not allowing a rejection in the first place.

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12 recognizes, however, how much she needs that contact, but isn’t ready to give it. he’s not much of a hugging person, but he understands that she needs that from him, so he does what he can. her reaction to this, like she’s taking a breath, about to speak, is so fundamental. she knows he’s trying to help her too, but doesn’t know how to convey how much she needs it without embarrassing herself/acting ooc.

i feel that missy really needs that hug. she really, really needs it. even just from bill. she hasn’t really had physical contact with anyone in years, presumably, and that does things to a person whose character revolves a lot around it. she’s restraining herself so much.


you didn’t have to do that! you already have permission.
i– yeah, no, i didn’t have to, uh…i just wanted to.


Getting to hell is easy. The rest is where it gets hard.

(something for your way to work? Have a good day!)

So I kinda want Jons first date to be with someone who ISNT Damian. Like he has the biggest crush on Damian in the world, but he thinks its not reciprocated (cause you know damian and feelings). So this cute boy from his high school asks Jon out and Jon agrees. Jon tells Damian and Damian is just SO JEALOUS. Just grinding his teeth to dust jealous. But he can’t complain, or do anything about it. Some other guy just had the guts to tell Jon, “Hey, you’re cute. Wanna get dinner and watch a movie with me?” While Damian can barely manage a nice thing to say to Jon. (even though the thought of Jon laughing or smiling at a dumb joke keeps him up all night). So what does he do? He tells Jon to enjoy his date and that he’ll see him on patrol the night after his date; calling himself a coward the whole time he writes out the message and sends it.

The next day is just a moping Damian. After training and a shower, its just moping all around the manor. Eating breakfast? Full of sighs. In the library? Titus is sitting in his lap and hes curled around his dog, looking out of the window. Listening to music? Sad songs. 

“Damian?” Dick asked, carefully removing one of Damians earbuds. Damian grunted. “Everything okay, bud?”

“Peachy, why do you ask?”

“You seem…off.” Dick said careful of his words. 

“’M fine.” Damian grumbled, taking his earbud back. 

Tim comes strolling in with some tea for Damian, and ruffles his hair. “Jon’s going on a date because poor Damian here can’t sort out his feelings like the rest of us.“ 

“How do you know?” Dick asked

“Kon told me.” Tim answered, typing something on his phone. “I told him that i’m gonna sabotage his little brothers date.”

Dick perked up and was about to open his mouth until he heard a gun getting loaded. “WE’RE NOT GONNA KILL HIM, JASON.”


Stephanie comes skipping in with some pictures, “his name is Clay. What an unattractive name, CLAY. Like Ew. Put a face after that and you have a villain name.
ANYWAYS. Cute kid. Gray eyes, blonde hair. He’s on the basketball team. So if Mad Dog Jason gets out, make sure he doesnt break his wrist.” Stephanie relays all of this information while stroking Damians hair. Damian would normally hiss and growl and promise her demise, but today he just lets his head rest on her hip. (Damian ofc cant hear anything. He just thinks his siblings + steph are just keeping him company)

“Fuck you, Steph.”

“Don’t you wish, honey.”

So it’s friday night. Jon and Clay are at a diner. (Damian is patrolling with batman. B notices that Robin is a little more aggressive tonight than normal) 

Jay steals Clays wallet making Jon pay for everything.Jon doesnt mind. Hes just a little annoyed cause Clay said it was his treat.  

Since Jay still has Clays wallet, Jon also has to pay for the movie tickets. 

Anytime the other boy wants to touch Jon, hand over shoulder holding his hand Dick shocks him. 

Jon is miserable. This was a shit date. Why did he even come? Even during dinner he realized they had nothing in common besides sports, and the fact they’re in AP Calculus. And they’re not even on the same sports team! (Jons in baseball) Every conversation he had with him was an absolute bore, He seemed so charming in school! Jon sighed as they finally pulled into the driveway to his house in metropolis. 

“Sorry about tonight! I guess, I just wasn’t on my game.” Clay laughs. Jon tried not to cringe at yet another sports reference. 

“We all have our off days.” Jon smiles, ready to put this dumb date behind him. 

Clay holds his hand, and Jon finds himself desperately wishing that it was someone else holding his hand. Someone hes trying to get over. Someone whos too tied down to crime fighting. Someone whos passionate about animals and art and literature and his city. 

“Thanks for being so understanding.” Clay says leaning forward. Jon found himself leaning forward too. The hell with it, maybe at least the kissing will make up for this lousy excuse of a date. 

Tim hacks the boys car before his and Jons lips touched, making the car alarm go off in the dead of night. The batboys tried not to snicker, that would tip off a certain someones super hearing. 

Jon grits his teeth and get out of the car. “Thanks for the ride.” He calls over his shoulder and retreats into his house. 

Jon sees his mom waiting up for him in the living room. “Hey, honey.” Jon super speed runs to her and plops himself on her lap. 

“Im taking your date went bad?”

“Oh you have no idea.” he mumbled into her lap, holding her closer.

“Think of it this way, this just sets the bar for all of your other dates!” Lois said, carding her fingers through her sons thick black hair. 

“Mom, anything lower than this would be my date not showing up. And honestly, that’s still probably better than tonight.“ 

Lois had to laugh at that. 

"I dated the captain of the basketball team when I was your age too.”

“Howd it go?”

“God awful. He ran off with god knows who in the middle of our date. I had to walk home myself.”

“What happened after that?”

“I started dating your father.”

“Think he asked batman to scare the other guy off?”

Lois laughed at that. “Somehow, I dont doubt it." 

Lois pressed a kiss to Jons cheek and went off to bed. He could hear his Dads thunderous snores as she opened the door to their bedroom. 

Jon pulled out his phone and sent a quick text to Damian. 

Worst date ever, and it was my first one. Tell you about it on patrol tomorrow. Night!

Damian opened the message as he waited for the GCPD to pick up the would be bank robbers he just busted. A big smile spread across his cheeks. Looks like Damian will get his second chance soon.

BONUS: when Batman and robin strolled into the cave, Tim, Jason, and Dick were all napping in random spots with their suits on. 

"They didn’t tell me they went on patrol.” Batman frowned. The pieces clicked into place for Damian rather quickly. He had to hide a smile from his father. He also made a mental note of finding out ways to thank his brothers. 

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does dennis deserve mac?

possibly an unpopular opinion, but at this point in the narrative of the show, no, i don’t think dennis deserves mac. they’re both terrible people but as it stands, i think dennis has a lot of learning to do about himself - he needs time to grow more comfortable with his feelings and he needs to get other aspects of his life together before he can start reciprocating all of the affection that mac has shown him time after time. also i would LOVE to see an arc for mac where he dates other men for a while before realizing dennis is the one he wants to be with  

Kang Daesung: a man you can blindly trust


Source: 冠军小屁屁

in the drama, the traumatic loss of his mother turned light into a much more gentle person in the beginning

with her death, the role of “mom” had to be filled in the yagami home, and as sayu was much too young, and soichiro remained committed to his career over his family, the only one capable of stepping up to the plate was light

he took on the sort of responsibility expected of a girl. he cooked, he cleaned, he cared for his younger sister and for his emotionally distant father. this labor and its lack of reciprocity had a “feminizing” effect on him so to speak. he broke in the same way every girl does: he longed only for a simple life where he could be content and not stick out too much. he became an underachiever, a gentle young man, already worn down by a decade of responsibility.

but when he gets the death note, he gains a power that was unavailable to him as a child. it was initially his since of responsibility to his family and his caring nature that drove him to use it, but it was that promise of power that made him keep using it.

as the series progresses, light begins to change. he tells sayu to cook for herself, to wash her own clothes. he demands a seat with his father, and sayu pours him a beer just like she did for their father. he stops being kind to misa and begins to use her as a tool for his plans. he manipulates women in his path, consistently viewing them as tools and neglecting their humanity. the death note has given him access to manhood and the freedom that it provides that he was denied by taking on the role of his mother. the death note teaches him that masculinity holds power, and he gladly takes hold of it.

light believes this was his only option to unshackle himself; if he did not begin acting as a man (by way of violence against women, aka “toxic masculinity”), he would suffer the pain women experience forever. 

but he was presented another option: L.

L rejects social norms, he lives as he desires, and it is only men L becomes close with. L seems to heal with light. light inspires something kinder in him, something that wants to care and be cared for. and moreover, L ignites a spark in light, inspiring him to achieve and challenge himself and be better.

L’s rejection of society and closeness with other men is the route light couldve chosen and did not. L begging him to confess that he is kira is also a plea for him to confess that he loves L. L wanted light to see the value in loving him, to see how much he could be with him, and that his embrace of the social values that had caused him this pain was not the only way to free himself from that pain

but we know how that played out.

Imagine Woozi feeling really proud of himself after knowing that his music has given so much happiness and joy to so many people.

Bad habit confessional: You don’t have to tell me twice that I’m unwanted in your lfe. If I get the impression that my presence in something not to your liking you best believe I’ll be outta there in a jiffy girl bye