its not really a redesign if shes new

Have you been keeping up with Infinity over at Marvel? No. Okay well, its one of those universe threating (but not Galactus) things. A lot of fancy aliens n stuff. They showed Ronan the Accuser and his…..I guess you can all it The Accuser Corps., but there weren’t any females that I could see.

So I made her. Why can’t she be an Avenger as well? If a human can be on the Imperial Guard, why can’t an Accuser be an Avenger in return? Too many hammers, I suppose.


GLaDOS looks REALLY different in the Robot Repair VR

So, accidental misinformation like the thing I said about the rails aside, GLaDOS does look a lot different in the robot repair VR. Like, they actually went and changed her design instead of just porting her model into the thing.

I giffed the next couple images so some details would show through better, hope you don’t mind.

The orange wires now have a flashing animation, and her head looks extremely different.

She has the markings on her head now, she’s smoother and cleaner looking, her “eyelids” are removed, and her optic is a COMPLETELY different color, with an added grid texture like Rick’s.

(Most recent appearance, for comparison.)

Here are some other images of her new model for reference:

Anyways, I just think this is really interesting, considering they went to all that trouble of redesigning her just for a silly demo. 

(Unless they didn’t. *X-files theme plays*)

It’s worth to note that her optic is way more similar to its color in the first game. and also that, well, this is unrelated, but you can see P-Body in the VR as well

She’s reading a magazine in the waiting room while ATLAS gets repaired, and I think that’s great