its not quite right.. all too spaced out

Why I ship Bechloe....

Got asked this the other day and my only response was… Why not? I mean all you have to do is watch the movies and you’ll see the chemistry between Anna K and Britt Snow.

It’s in the way Chloe made it her mission to get Beca into the Barden Bellas. And once Beca was in, Chloe seemed to spend quite a bit of time backing her up and pushing for the Bella’s to perform new material under the DJ’s guidance. She knew were the talent was in the group even if it meant defying the girl who was supposed to be her best friend.

At the initiation party, why did Chloe feel the need to seek out and tell Beca of all people that they were going to be fast friends? Couldn’t she have just said that to all the Bella’s while they were altogether?

It took Beca speaking up and telling Chloe to grow a backbone for the redhead to finally stand up to Aubrey. Why does Beca’s opinion matter so much?

While Chloe broke down over the Bella’s being disqualified from competition, Beca, even though not really that bothered about it as they were already 3 time champs, came up with a solution to save them, knowing how much it meant to Chloe.

Chloe was the only one to enquire about Beca’s whereabouts at the Treble party.

Even though Fat Amy stated that she was Beca’s best friend, (something I’m still confused about) she told Beca that she should tell Chloe about the internship. Not the Bella’s, just Chloe. Shouldn’t the other girls be informed too if they’re a sisterhood?

Chloe’s use of the Yellow cup. Sure it’s a Barden University novelty cup, but the girl clung to that thing like it was a lifeline for most of PP2. The only significance it has, is Beca’s Cups performance from PP1. My only other theory was that Chloe was drinking liquor every time we saw her with the cup.

Rather than telling Chloe about the internship in the first place, because of how stressed the redhead was about Worlds, Beca decided to keep it a secret, adding more stress and pressure onto herself in the process. She would rather crumble than burden Chloe.

That tent scene. Seriously? Seriously!

Chloe seemed more upset about Beca not having told her about the internship, not because of its affect on the Bella’s, but because of how spaced out Beca has been and because quite clearly, she consider’s Beca to be one of her closest friends and friends tell each other stuff right?

Chloe was all about saving Beca’s ass from that bear trap once it started dropping.

Beca seemed more concerned with straightening things out with Chloe at the camp fire than she was the rest of the Bella’s even though she’s been keeping the secret from them too.

Of all the songs for Chloe to pick to sing, she picked When I’m Gone (Cups). But wait, weren’t Chloe, Aubrey and Jesse the only characters who witnessed Beca’s performance in PP1? Wouldn’t a number they performed as a group have been a better choice? Why does that song hold such a soft spot for Chloe and Beca? You can see it in their faces.

And more importantly, closed off Beca, who doesn’t seem like the type who is comfortable with people being all up in her personal space, seems to have no issues sharing it with Chloe, who doesn’t seem to know what personal space is.

Subtext all over the place people….!!!!

‘Be Nobody’s Darling’ – Alice Walker… with a little help from Nicki Minaj

“Be nobody’s darling; 

Be an outcast.

Take the contradictions
Of your life
And wrap around
You like a shawl,”

I was reminded of Walker’s advice to us after reading some of the responses to Nicki’s statements towards Miley at last night’s VMA’s. Nicki snatched Miley’s edges, and I live for it! Most of the reason why I got so much life from that moment was the contradiction of it all. Here is a woman winning an award for best Hip Hop video, winding and twerking in a gold gown up to the microphone, encouraging other women to be independent, thanking her pastor, then calling Miley out of her name. The contradictions made me laugh and applaud Ms. Minaj.

Everything was out of place within moment in a way that embodied the kind of carefree Black girl that I can identify with. Hip Hop? That’s a man’s world…naw! Nicki was the only woman nominated in the category and took the trophy. Don’t even get me started on how women continue to keep Hip Hop relevant and profitable, but get none of the credit! Next, she was helped up the stairs by Rebel Wilson – and the visual of a Black woman draped in gold with a blond white woman as her assist struck me. Maybe because I am usually flooded with imagery of women of color helping white folks. Possibly because I didn’t even notice Rebel until rewatching the clip. Perhaps because I can’t recall a time when a white woman paled in comparison to a Black woman on MTV… whatever the reason it struck me.

Then, her winding and bouncing that big ole booty in that flowing gold gown. Respectablility exited stage left and Nicki celebrated her thickness and Rebel Wilson’s – patting her on her booty as the two danced. We’re not supposed to dance like that in front of people…and in a gown no less! This was especially legendary for me as a big girl, because at every turn Nicki has highlighted the ways in which girls with thicker asses, bellies, boobs, and thighs are shaded and snubbed by the industry. That booty pat to Rebel showed a moment of solidarity that intersectional feminism can allow for and that white feminism leaves out – yes, it is about Black girls who on average are a lil thicker, AND its about the girls who aren’t Black who too share in thickness. See how liberation of Black women makes space for all of us? Lastly, Nicki’s thanking her pastor right before callin Miley a ‘bitch’…chiiiiiile! I’m still not quite sure what it is about Black ‘church’, but it somehow creeps its way into every aspect of Blackness. In that moment I was reminded of the Deaconess in my grandma’s church who would ‘give thanks and glory to god’ right before shading the entire congregation for not tithing enough to get a new roof for the church. It functions as a ‘I still care about your soul, but Imma call that ass out for the shit you pulled too!’

She didn’t say it ‘nice’ – the way Miley suggested she should. She didn’t confine herself to any box people thought she should as a grown Black woman. She addressed bullshit onstage as she accepted an award, wrapping herself in contradictions. Nicki was impetuous, brave (because yall know the backlash will be real), and nobody’s darling!