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Camila just unfollowed all the girls on ig and more drama is coming tomorrow. I sent an ask days ago to you and multiple other blogs about this happening, but none of you answered. It's pre planned management drama and it's not the girls at all. Remember this and don't pick sides. Both of the girl's teams want media coverage for this drama, stay OT5...

That’s weird because I never got a message?But yes anon!!! Anyways word on the street is there’s also shipper drama happening tomorrow

So please bare in mind that:

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I hate my job. I talk to old, angry and not technology efficient motorcycle shop guys. We sell parts to dealers. These guys call and ask for the most ridiculous shit and take it out on us. Plus our HR department sucks and made so we get a point off for non planned days off, which makes sense but now it's for sick days. If we don't pre plan our use of sick day in 2 days advance, we can still use it but we get a point for it. I just wanna pay off my school debt. do youtube gaming videos..


And actual selfies from today! Plus I feel fancy about my dinner even though it was a super last minute decision.


Hi, everyone! Hope your day/evening is going well. The main admin came to me with an idea and after some discussion, we’d like to send our feelers out and gauge how everyone else would accept this. We’re thinking about adding an interactive TMZ-style site for the group and we’d like your feedback. The aim is to take the basic gossip blog to the next level. One idea? Fashion the blog in the same layout as the main and have it run mostly by user’s input with stories and headlines featured on the page, including rumors of the week or gossip of the month. And whoever features the most on there has their character named and showcased for up to a month. And for a change, what’s posted doesn’t necessarily have to be only “negative news”, either. Could be announcements about photo shoots, movie signings, business ventures… anything that has our tongues wagging and our fingers typing! This venture is truly in its pre-planning stage, nothing is finalized yet. We also want to stress that what’s said on the proposed site is in character! If you’re uncomfortable about what was sent in surrounding your character, never hesitate to tell us. Love this idea? Dislike it? Neutral on it? You can respond to this post or send an IM/Ask/Submit to the main if you’d like your comments private. We’d love to hear from you!

ETA: WOW!! What a positive response so far! This is awesome! Just a few more things to add…

  • Any threads marked with a private tag will not be added as fodder to the blog. We want every character to speak freely on the dash so private tags will be honored.
  • The possibility was brought up and if our resident Miz is inclined, perhaps we can add a “MizTMZ”-type section where there are featured interviews conducted by the Miz.
  • We want to stress again this is all in-character. Everyone should feel welcome here. You chose this group, and we respect you.

how i imagine sirius’s disinheritance to go down (in bullet point form because im too lazy to actually write. like. with grammar and stuff)

  • so like, sirius has two types of anger
  • there’s the type of anger that makes him abandon his wand and throw a punch with a badly made fist just because he fucking feels like it
  • the kind that makes him lash out and snarl insults breathe through ragged lungs
  • but that kind of anger, for all of its apparent unpredictability, is actually utterly predictable 
  • it always ends up the same way: 
  • a nasty fight followed by a sullen trip to the hospital wing 
  • james can deal with this kind of anger, he gets it
  • but then there’s the other type

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Love is magic, it just happens, everything starts to look beautiful and you seem to be flying in the skies. It does not care about circumstances, possibilities, money or beauty. It is complete in itself, profound and magnificent. The ones who fall for beauty or money are working on pre-planned schemes, its not love. It is the reason most of people end up lonely and sad.
—  Ay. En.

Nah but enough jokes aside

If ur gonna make any month and dont include what the month is originally for in the beginning then u obviously didn’t care about it

The creator of that wlw month can make as many posts as they want but theres literally no way I would 100% forgive that person like that was the shittiest move

voltronwlwmonth had the nerve to call the actual wlw month a spiteful and hateful month like they literally say that on their blog its right there

They had the audacity to come at an actual wlw with actual wlw in their month all of it pre organized and dates already pre planned and call its spiteful and fake

A wlw month with literally no wlw came at an actual wlw with actual wlw in their month and said the month was made out of spite and they don’t actually care about wlw with literally no proof they made those claims

Like I’m gonna keep repeating this this is the most reckless and innapropraite shit I’ve seen in a long ass time

Where Art Thou (D.R)

|based on the request from anon: Hey could I have an imagine were your dating Dillon Rupp and it’s kinda long but your mad at him because the where art thou video was very sexual do you ignore him and go to take a shower and he gets in with you and then he starts making out with you then he gets out and carries you to the bed and it gets smutty then at the end he says by the way I wrote that song when k first met you. And if you could hashtag it Dillon Rupp smut I would appreciate it :)

|•I changed it a lil bit but it’s pretty much the same, it’s also pretty bad but HEY who cares😊, 1.5k words, REQUESTS ARE OPEN AND ALSO GO BUY ‘BOOM’ BY MAHOGANY LOXXXXXXXX•|


“Baby, why are you mad at me?” Dillon whines through the phone, making me roll my eyes and grip the pen in my hand. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

“Oh, okay, so letting another girl feel you up isn’t wrong? And then getting all up, close and personal with her isn’t wrong?” I hear him sigh into the microphone. “Even when you have a girlfriend on the other side of the country?”

“Is this about the video?”

I roll my eyes again. “Yes it’s about the fucking video, Dillon.”

He just dropped the music video to his song, Where Art Thou with Sammy and Skate, last night and everyone was going crazy about it. Me, not so much. The model he was paired with was so beautiful and I was straight up jealous of the attention she was getting from my boyfriend. Because she was getting the physical attention I had been lacking the past month.

“You’re jealous of a model?” He scoffs. “Really, Y/N?” Dillon laughs and I can imagine his eyes creasing and his head rolling back as he laughs. “That’s a new one for you.”

I drop my pen onto the floor in front of me and rest my head in my hands. “Shut up, Dil.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Why are you jealous of Charmaine?” He asks quietly, the trace of amusement in his voice gone.

“Oh so the bitch has a name?” I snap back before I can even think about what I should have said.


“Sorry, sorry.”

Dillon’s voice comes out hushed through the speaker. “Talk to me, baby, I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“I just…” I pause and look around my room. I had a wall full of pictures of me and my friends, there is a lot of me and Dillon, too. “I just don’t like it how you’re all over her in the video, like your hands were always on her somewhere and I hate it how that isn’t me. I’m your girlfriend! I should be the only one with your hands all over them!”

“Babe, I’m coming home in two weeks, you’ll have more than just my hands all over you.” Trust Dillon to throw in the inappropriate puns in a serious conversation.

“It’s too far away, I need you now.” I pout, even though he can’t see what I’m doing.

“Baby girl,” He chuckles deeply, making my heart beat even faster. “I need you too, but I have to wait those two weeks just like you.”

“Why can’t you just fly out early?”

“I’m staying with my brother when I’m home, his house is hectic enough with the wedding craze.”

His brother’s getting married soon and that’s the only reason Dillon is coming back to Indiana. He’s only coming for 4 days! I don’t know why he doesn’t just come back now, I mean all he’s doing in LA for the next two weeks is lying around and doing nothing. He doesn’t have any performances so why doesn’t he just come home and do things?

Also known as me. His girlfriend of 5 months.

“Come and stay with me.”

“You know your parents won’t like that, babe.” He argues. He sounds so condescending and I don’t like it.

I mutter, “Who cares? You’re my boyfriend and I love you, that’s all that matters.” It’s not that my parents don’t like him, because they do! They’re supportive of his career decisions and they’re not that critical of him. They just don’t like him staying over night unless its pre planned and necessary.

“Y/N, I love you too, but I can’t burden your family like that and I have to go.”

“What? Why?”

“I uh, I have a meet and greet.” Typical. “I’ll call you later, I love you baby.”

“Love you too.” I grumble before he hangs up, rolling my eyes, once again, and throwing my phone in front of me.


Dillon didn’t call me like he said he would. I called him but it went straight to voicemail. I knew he was lying about being at a meet and greet because 1) it would have been advertised all over his Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat but it wasn’t and 2) he was really hesitant when he told me about it. That’s a clear indication that he’s lying. Dillon cannot lie. Especially to me. When he does, he has to leave the situation as fast as he can to avoid the temptation of telling me the truth, which is exactly what he did last night.

If he doesn’t want to tell me what he’s doing, that’s fine, but I would rather have him say that it’s his own business than have him lie to me. I decided to leave it and go to sleep, I, unlike my boyfriend, still have to go to school, I can’t just stay awake waiting for a phone call from someone in a different time zone.

It was an average day at school, as usual. I have gotten used to people asking me to get them a Dillon follow or a tweet from Taylor, so that’s now a normal day for me. After that, I got a friend to drive me home, I went straight up to my room and procrastinated doing my homework until after I had dinner with my family. My younger brother had soccer practise so I was left home alone, that’s when I decided to do my homework. I wrote about half a page of my English essay before I decided to take a shower.

Ten or so minutes into my shower, I heard the door creak, which was strange, because I know that I locked it. I always double check to make sure that it’s locked. Someone must have picked it from the outside.

I’m going to die tonight.

“Honey,” A deep voice coos and the door slams shut. “I’m h-” I know exactly who it is.

“Dillon! You asshole!” I screech, pulling the shower curtain back and pulling it around my body. “Why the hell would you do that to me?!”

“Because I love you?” He laughs, leaning up against the sink with a cocky smile. “Nobody answered the door so I just let myself in, the car was gone so I thought this would be a great way to tell you I’m back.”

“When I’m in the fucking shower? Way to prove you’re not a pervert.” Dillon just smiles at me and eyes the patterned curtain covering my body. I roll my eyes and throw it back across the tub, cowering back into the warm water. “Can you go and wait in my room please?”

There was long pause and I could hear things being dropped onto the floor. And then a belt buckle being opened.

“Nah, the flight was really hot, I’m pretty sweaty,” I can hear the grin in his voice, “I think I’ll just join you.”

“Dillon, if you get in this damn shower with me I swear to god, I will stab you with my razor.”

“Well then, will you come and cuddle me, on your bed, naked?”

“Nope.” I protest, running a hand through my damp hair.

“Well then, I guess I’ll have to take charge here.”

I swear I nearly died. Dillon pulled the curtain across so fast that I nearly fell back and hit my head. He looked down at my naked body for a few seconds before he stepped forward, wearing nothing but his white, Calvin boxers (something I had brought him, coincidentally) and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Dillllll,” I whine, hiding my face in his neck. “I missed you like crazy, but please just let me shower? By myself?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t let that happen.” His hands run down the middle of my back until they were dangerously low. “If you’re going to shower, it’ll be with me, but I don’t know how much longer we have with each other, alone.” He reaches down and grabs my ass with one hand, the other gripping my hip.

“We could always hire out a hotel.”

“We could, but I love fucking you in your bed.” He grins, pulling his chest away from mine and staring down at me - at my chest. “It feels more romantic.”

“You’re so crude.” I giggle. I trace my finger along his cheek and down to his lips. “But you’re also really adorable.”

“Only for my baby.” His grip tightens slightly before his hands move back up to my waist and he picks me up, pulling me out of the shower. My arms instantly reach up and wrap around neck, my legs wrapping around his waist. “You know that I wrote Where Art Thou after I met you.”

“What, at Leyton’s party?” I ask and he nods. “You’re not serious?”

“Of course I’m serious,” Dillon kisses my cheek. “Have you not seen yourself, baby girl? I knew that I had to get this booty all to myself.” He plays a cheeky, yet somehow innocent, smile and his eyes have that shiny spark that makes me melt on the inside. “I did just that and I don’t regret it one bit.”

Dillon shuts the water off and finally presses his lips against mine. “Now, let’s go ‘cuddle’.”

The Chris Benoit tragedy, 10 years on: proving wrestling isn't "fake" in the most harrowing way imaginable

I’ve watched professional wrestling since the age of five, and in the near three decades since Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior did battle at Wrestlemania 6 and hooked me for life, one particular question has reared its ugly head more times than I can bother to count:

“Wrestling? You do know it’s fake, right?”

On the occasions where I’ve had the energy to answer that question, I often explain the difference between “fake” and “pre-determined”. Pro wrestling plans its outcomes in advance, which in theory should maximise the storytelling and entertainment values, and yet the physical hardships of performing such a taxing form of soap opera are very, very real.

For the last 10 years in particular, pointing out why “fake” is absolutely the wrong word to associate with professional wrestling has been much simpler. All I have to do is mention the name “Chris Benoit”.

On this very weekend a decade ago, Benoit murdered his wife Nancy and his seven-year-old son Daniel before taking his own life. With each passing day a new detail of the double-murder-suicide came to light and the story grew progressively more disturbing. Even 10 years on, its effect on so many people and so many aspects of an industry scorned for a multitude of reasons is sizeable. It’ll remain that way for well over 100 years.

Prior to his reprehensible actions and demise, Benoit was in fact one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet, making the whole thing even more difficult to comprehend for those first few months.

The polar opposite of 1980s icons such as Hogan and the Warrior, Benoit was a relatively-diminutive grafter who earned the respect of wrestling fans with his incredible intensity and dedication to his craft. When he was in the ring, even those who walk around smugly proclaiming that it’s all “fake” would question their own statement as Benoit performed with above-average physicality and constantly sought to steal the show, usually succeeding.

That intensity was part of his downfall. Benoit would willingly take far too many wrestling maneuvers that require unnecessary stress on the head and neck. He was willing to receive very real shots to the head with wrestling’s famed weapon, the steel folding chair – perhaps the only prop that was never gimmicked in any way to protect the wrestlers. He was diagnosed with far too many concussions in his career. Alarmingly, autopsies showed he suffered even more that went either undetected or were simply ignored by Benoit.

Unfortunately the wrestling business isn’t really a ‘hard work eventually pays off’ kind of place. Benoit was considered far too small to become a star, regardless of how well he performed or how much the diehard audience loved his work. So, like many before him, Benoit resorted to steroids to cultivate a look that would encourage North American companies to market him. And as we found out since, he abused them every bit as much as he abused his body between the ropes in his quest for acceptance.

Between the hard knocks and the unsavoury levels of illegal drugs, Benoit’s reputation grew and grew through the 1990s. He finally made it in the US after gaining such a reputation as a performer in Japan in an age where global fans would have to trade VHS tapes to access wrestling from outside their local area. A stint in ECW led to his first ‘big time’ gig with WCW, who by this time had Hogan himself at top billing.

Determined to break through to the top, Benoit kept up the hard work and kept up the sacrifices. By the time most fans grew sick of the likes of Hogan and the Warrior in the late 90s, Benoit was one of several state-of-the-art performers they wanted to see replace them. It took years of being overlooked and being taken for granted, but by the time Benoit became WCW World champion in January 2000 – the same month he welcomed his tragic son into the world – his crowning moment created such a buzz. The popular underdog was finally getting his recognition.

Benoit actually left the company the very next day, fearing they would continue to make the mistakes they had been repeating since falling from the top of the world in 1998 to the WWF and their “Attitude Era” led by Steve Austin (they did, and were out of business just over a year later). He showed up in the company that would soon become WWE during his tenure and repeated his hard-working underdog rise to the top of their ranks in front of an even bigger global audience.

When his absolute career highlight took place at Wrestlemania 20 in Madison Square Garden, the winner of a classic main event against Triple H and Shawn Michaels was joined in the ring by his close friend Eddie Guerrero. One of the most emotional moments in wrestling history was covered in celebratory confetti as two of the hardest working and most respected men in the history of the game reached the top of the mountain, and did so together.

To many longtime viewers who just couldn’t shake the habit that is professional wrestling, this wasn’t just Eddie and Chris’s victory, it wasn’t just their moment. It was our moment. But just like the confetti in and around the ring, that moment would only float pleasantly before our very eyes for a short period of time before it hit the ground hard.

Just 20 months later, Guerrero was dead. Despite cleaning up his own drug-related demons, they’d had enough of an affect on his body to bring it to an early halt at the age of just 38. Months later, another wrestler and close friend of Benoit’s, Johnny Grunge, died as a result of sleep apnea complications. And many of those who knew Chris and are still with us today cite the loss of his two pals as what lit the fuse on a time bomb made of steroids and severe head trauma.

Even then, nobody could have predicted just how devastating that time bomb’s detonation would ultimately be. Not even Chavo Guerrero Jr, nephew of Eddie and one of Benoit’s closest friends and work colleagues at the time of the horrific murders.

That weekend, Chavo received a voicemail message from Benoit’s phone stating that he had overslept and missed his flight, which would cause him to be late for that night’s house show in Beaumont, Texas. Guerrero called Benoit back and found that Benoit sounded tired and groggy as he confirmed everything that he had said in his voice message.

Guerrero, who was “concerned about Benoit’s tone and demeanor,” called him back 12 minutes later. Benoit did not answer the call, and Guerrero left a message asking Benoit to call back.

Benoit called Guerrero back, stating that he had not answered the call because he was on the phone with Delta Air Lines changing his flight. Benoit stated that he had a stressful day due to Nancy and Daniel “being sick from food poisoning.”

Guerrero then replied with “All right man, if you need to talk, I’m here for you.” Benoit ended the conversation by saying “I love you, Chavo.” During a 2014 appearance on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Guerrero said Benoit sounded “off” when he talked to him, especially when he said “I love you”.

For a brief window when Benoit and his family were found dead, WWE were on the verge of going live for two hours with their flagship weekly show, Monday Night Raw. The timing of the news combined with the unfortunate coincidence of their content at the time (the company’s owner, Vince McMahon, had his on-screen likeness ‘killed’ in a limousine explosion), forced a very hasty rewrite.

Instead, some of Benoit’s most famous WWE matches were replayed, in between interviews taped at the last minute with members of the roster at the time. Though the company were doing this under the misapprehension that the Benoit tragedy was an accident, it was clear in the tone of several of the interviews given that his worrying behaviour left them suspicious of something far more ghastly.

As it turns out, it wasn’t just his behaviour over the week, sending eerie texts to his friends stating his home address and an open means of entry. It wasn’t just his demeanour, even more withdrawn than usual, ever since losing Eddie and Johnny Grunge. In the weeks and months after the incidents, stories poured out left, right and centre.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by TOIVANEN/REX/Shutterstock (431933a)

Stories of his thuggish behaviour towards less experienced wrestlers and members of staff. Stories of domestic violence – a door that had been ajar ever since Nancy had filed and then rescinded divorce papers in 2003. Stories of Dr. Phil Astin, the physician who prescribed the grotesque volume of steroids to Benoit, who had links to other wrestlers and who was jailed in 2009, echoing the fate of George Zahorian who was the doctor at the forefront of the famous steroid scandals in wrestling during the early 1990s.

Whatever you make of the testimony of everyone who had spent as much as five minutes around Benoit, one thing was sure: the mask had fallen. The underdog hero to so many fans had never actually existed.

As WWE removed any trace of the Benoit tribute – as well as any mention of Benoit at all – from their website and everywhere else, many wrestling fans debated whether completely disassociating themselves from their former champion was the right thing to do. Quite frankly, they absolutely had to. Especially when, as expected, a tidal wave of backlash over the drug culture they swore had mostly been cleaned up followed in the coming weeks.

The company’s current Wellness Policy, a ban on using moves that endanger the head and neck and the strict outlawing of swinging steel chairs at heads in search of a ‘pop’ from the crowd all came as a direct result of the Benoit family tragedy. Books have been released, and a biopic of the whole ordeal – entitled Crossface after Benoit’s finishing move in wrestling – is finally moving forward after much stalling.

To this day, there remains a pocket of those who are still able to separate Benoit the performer who carried the hopes and dreams of the everyman on his shoulders from Benoit the murderer, who amidst a storm of rage or depression decided to take the lives of his own family and then his own. I wish I could say I was one of them, but it’s just not possible.

In an interview on his official WWE-published DVD, Hard Knocks, released months after he became the top man at Wrestlemania 20, Benoit said that wrestling was his “mistress”. He spoke of how much he had sacrificed to make it as a wrestler because it was all he had. His best friends were wrestlers. He even met his wife in wrestling.

Much like the links in the NFL between concussions and tragedy – not least of all the Aaron Hernandez saga – the physical demands of a high-risk, high-profile and often very lucrative profession gave the fairytale a dire, dire ending.

And when posthumous tests on his brain showed it resembled that of an eighty-something with Alzheimer’s, the toll his “mistress” had taken on him was disturbingly clear. Whether you believe Benoit was evil for just three days of his 40 years or anything more than that, the nauseating degree to which the industry had chewed Benoit up and spat his entire family out was undeniable.

The last word I’d just to describe it, however, is “fake”.

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Hey Tracy! This might seem like an odd question, but I'd like to get an opinion from a professional level comic artist such as yourself for a research project. If you feel it's of importance, how do you think teaching comics to young children would be beneficial to them; specifically at an elementary school level and how would teaching comics to children (and art classes in general) go beyond just mere drawing skill? Thank you for your time! Long time admirer of your work, by the way :)

Well…good question. I’m sorry I didn’t respond more immediately.

There are so many more aspects to comic making than simply drawing. If you mean to teach students how to create their own comics, it would challenge them to invent a story, calculate how to communicate it effectively with visuals, dialogue and narrative combined, and then follow through with producing the work. It incorporates elements of creative writing, art, and graphic design, and it requires some considerable pre-planning and elbow grease in its execution. There are innumerable things to be learned, both on technical and conceptual levels.

In teaching comics as reading material, I think it has further potential to foster an interest in literature and storytelling, perhaps even rendering advanced material more digestible to a younger audience than it would otherwise be in text only format.

I know comics tend to be regarded as ‘low art’ - a sort of escapism for escapism’ sake, but, really, there’s an array of work out there far more sophisticated and varied and literary and challenging and enriching than the old hamfisted superhero serials that might immediately leap to mind at the mention of comics to a given audience.

Anyway, in case it’s not obvious, I think there’s a tremendous amount of learning potential in comics. This really deserves a much more in-depth answer, but I’m typing this on my phone at an airport, which is not especially conducive to essay writing…and I’m about to start boarding.
So, I’ll end here, but encourage other comic artists to please contribute any thoughts they have about what sort of intrinsic learning comics offer here in the replies!

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so i have been dating my trans boyfriend for about a month now and talking for over 3 months and when it comes to him being unhappy with his body it can be hard to help any tips ? he is pre everything and it's a long distance relationship we plan on meeting this month but it can be hard

This can be really hard and it’s great that you’ve come here for advice, it shows that you really care about him and want to help make him feel better. Long distance relationships do have their own unique challenges, I’ve been with my girlfriend for a year and a half now and we met through tumblr, so I know where you are and I know how tough it can be. The first thing to do is communicate. Communication is the most important part of a relationship and with long distance it becomes doubly important. When it comes to making him feel better, more confident, and so forth ask him about it when he’s feeling good. Ask him what he needs form you when he spirals or is having a bad day. Then you can use those tools later when things are rough. On the other hand, being in your boyfriend’s shoes, sometimes I honestly don’t even know what it is that I need, and I doubt he does either sometimes. So I asked my gf to write up her own advice for you, from one person dating a transman to another. 



Elsa’s answer:

I know that feeling very well and it can be really hard on both parts when this sort of thing happens. Especially since he will either be really open to your help or if he’s in a really bad place he’ll shut it down really fast.

The important thing is you don’t give up on him. He’s going through a lot of pain and whether it looks like it or not, he really does need your patience and understanding. 

When my boyfriend is having a really hard time there are several things that I do.

- Remind him that he is a real man just like all the other men.

-Talk to him about the future and everything that he will have fixed that he doesn’t like, talk to him about how someday he will look in the mirror and see the right reflection. The one he knows he should be seeing.

-Encourage him to take selfies when he feels REALLY good about himself so he has pictures to look at when he’s down to remind him how good he looks, how masc he is.

- this may seem weird but honestly sometimes just saying his name out loud can help a lot. When he crashes hard theres no telling whats going through his head and quite possibly hearing his -real- name out loud (the one that he’s chosen as his) can help slow the bad thoughts or even stop them for a moment.

-call him cute gender affirming names regularly. My favourite is “baby boy” Cameron really likes when I call him this. You could also call him your man. They like that too from what I’ve seen ;p

-help distract him from his lingering thoughts. Watch a movie together, play a game online. Or even just talk about something brand new. The longer you can keep him out of his head the better it is for him.

I don’t know where you are in your relationship with him and if you’ve exchanged “I love you’s yet, but sometimes those three words can go a long way too. Remind him that he’s not alone through any of this. You may be apart but that doesn’t mean you don’t support him. Support is really what I’ve discovered most trans men need and it really goes a long way when you’re just there to listen. Let him get it all sometimes. Let him babble on about everything that crosses his mind just so its not sitting under his skin, and when it’s all over remind him that you’re not going anywhere. That he is and always has been a real man regardless of what anyone else says, and that nothing anyone says can change that. 

I’m sure there are many other things that you can do, but these are just the ones that work best for me. I hope they helped!


This is a thing I made for my nuzlocke update but it looked cool on its own..

Because this comic was planned pre-gen6, I have conveniently not drawn the Fairy type symbol. This is probably a combination of the type symbols in   tgc/diantha’s room.

the wild thing is how as soon as news comes out of a member leaving an sm group there are immediately 100 gifsets about it on my dashboard its like u all pre-plan this shit like what kind of thats so raven fortune telling………….

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what i don't understand is why release an old BTS. It's fairly evident from Harry's hair alone. So if it is old and Zayn's not there obviously it's going to bring about the speculation this is all pre planned. If he was edited out of the video then people are going to ask why can't they take a new photoshoot after all they did a commercial. Either ways it's going to put bad light on 1D and management. Is this pure incompetence?

I honestly don’t know what to think. It could be incompetence and it could be shade but why would management sabotage themselves.
The main commercial doesn’t reveal how old the video is but to release the BTS we could tell. So I’m baffled.
They do this though. As with the onepiece video that they cropped ziam fondling each other from AFTER we’d seen the whole thing. Like the “whispers brave” moment they released after the original video.
I don’t know if someone on the inside is just done and releases these things so people who are woke can see, but it’s a repeat occurrence.
Of course, it nicely moves the stunt along cause now people are side-eyeing this mess.