its not my fault i like his back so much

me: i don’t know maybe i’m getting over colin

colin: *gets up from the nycc panel to hug a fan*

colin: *takes a selfie with an 8 year old girl who describes him as gracious and so cool*

colin: *is a total nerd at the live q&a’s*

colin: *looks like a skinny lil youngin’ and reminds me of the days i first began to swoon over him*


anonymous asked:

I loved your response to the anon about Harry's image. You managed to articulate so much of what I feel in regards to his image. I personally despise A-list Harry hanging with the Kardashians as much as womanizer Harry ( I know that's not a popular opinion) I understand that image is a constuct for all in the business & is used to protect to an extent the celebs real life but.... when I find myself constantly reminding myself that is not who they really are so I can find them palatable then...2)

2) your current image is doing as much harm as good, if not more. I love Harry but its gotten to the point that I roll my eyes when I hear about ROCK GOD HARRY, the expectations are unfair & not his fault but the whole narrative leaves a bad taste. The other 3 seem like guys I could kick back with but not Harry, we as 1D fans see another side but the gp doesn’t & if I wasn’t already a fan I’d dislike him immensely and that makes me sad. I have thoughts about Jeff that I’ll post seperate.


The general public has a vague idea of Harry as a dashing rock ‘n roller with a ton of industry kudos. Beyond that, they know about his celebrity friends, his magazine shoots, that’s about it.

Personally I think the strategy is to create as much buzz as possible within the industry, rather than through the general public.

His team takes it for granted that he has a fan base that is a built-in promo machine. We will fly for him when the time comes. They’re not wrong. Look what we did for JHO– and that was just one song.

Columbia and Sony talking him up to industry press is a way to show their confidence in him. He is a huge investment (I don’t believe the $80 million number but anyway, it’s big). They need consistent, positive buzz to prepare the record release and make a huge splash out of the gate– like opening weekend for a blockbuster movie.

Harry is amazing at promo. He is a great interview, and have you seen him on the red carpet?

The fact that they keep saying he has “staying power” is also saying something– his album needs to stay on the chart for weeks and months, not 3 or 4 weeks but many, many more.

I was thinking the other day, I am sort of tired of every dance song on the top ten sounding the same. The same bass, the same syncopated percussion, the same breathy, reverbed voice, the same house tropic vibe.

I really want a 1970’s & 1990’s type rock or acoustic rock album. Something that would absolutely stand out in the crowd, but is also fresh, fun, romantic, smart.

Enter: Harry Styles.

His timing couldn’t be better.