its not my fault but it totally is my fault

Frisk: “Are you an interior decorator? Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful.“
Chara: “I think you’re trying too hard, Frisk.”

Charisk is important. Now to try working on things that I was supposed to do tonight.

I might be one of the only people in the Kubo fandom who firmly believes that Sariatu never dressed like her sisters, but rather that before her betrayal, they dressed like her. Long flowing robes, layers and layers, lots of silk that spun around them as they flew. Slightly more subdued colors, of course, but still all the splendor expected of the children of the Moon. I like the idea of all three of them, lovely and cold in their ridiculous robes and flat white masks, looking more like actors then fighters until they had you at swordpoint. 

Plus, it means the Sisters’ fashion choices for the last twelve years are essentially an angry proto-goth rejection of everything they once admired about her, the grace and softness and deadly beauty. Their anger and mourning might be subtle, but it’s there all the same, and just like all teenagers they’re communicating it through dark clothing and lots of rarely repressed rage. 99/1 they’re wearing black eyeliner under those masks too. 


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This has been sitting in my files for half a year so I decided to FINISH IT…

Flustered Marshall Lee is very important to me !!

I want to say I’m sorry that my Aleheather rant didn’t sound how I wanted it to turn out.
The thing is, I get very heated when I want to get my point across and it can turn out very ugly sometimes(happens in real life too from time to time). But when I express my opinion, I have the tendency to make it kind of like a speech and I collect evidence and things like it and yeah…
And because of it I sound overbearing and like I want everyone to think like me. And really that’s not it, I know that not everyone shares the same opinion on things, it’s just as I said, I have the habit of going overboard.
It got better over time (you should have seen me when I was younger). But as the saying goes “old habits die hard” and it still happens especially if it’s something I’m passionate about.
Again I’m very sorry for all of this mass, I didn’t want to make anyone feel bad. I think things really got out of control when I posted my rant and now I feel guilty that I started all of this. In fact the thing that iritated me was not your opinion, it was the fact that you taged it into aleheather tag.
I’m really sorry about all of this and if I do anything like this again, please, don’t take it like me acting like your opinion doesn’t matter, it’s just the way I am (though I will try not to do this again)

Captive Prince family 

also i’m really pissed because halfway through finishing this piece my computer restarted and i Di dN’t sAVe so ha. ha. that’s when i began to tear my hair out. Anyway at least it’s done now

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IMAGINE Jungkook your cop boyfriend listening to what you’re saying without paying attention , since he’s distracted and too focused on your lips That he’s begging to get a kiss from.

“ were you even listening to what I was saying ?!”

He did as he was casually not at fault

“ oh…yeah, of course I was ”


“ Its your fault ”


For some reason the way you looked pissed only made you ten times more appealing in jungkook’s perspective

He smirks


“YOU are the distraction , here”

You blinked twice

“ ME??!!!!!”

“ You should get arrested for tempting an inoccent cop on duty ”

“ What did I even do ?!!!!”

“ Everything y/n, everything you do is against the law and YOU should be ILLEGAL ”


Joshua please. Are your ears really pierced?

I was seriously curious about what the players do when they equip things that they cannot actually put it on, but want the stat boosts. (I don’t have my ears pierced either!)

Bucky Got a new arm! He loved it. Buck Light-year to the rescue

Fem!Steve Rogers- vanaethiriel (Me)
Tony Stark- yaaurens

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