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There was an episode, like, really early on, when I came running up and I jumped over the couch and my heels hit the edge of the couch and I slipped off and took it right in the shins with the table. And the punch bowl just kinda goes, “whoosh,” like this, and everybody is like, still. And I hold it still, and I’m like- you just can’t smile now. And I’m like- “Stay in character. Stay in character. It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt.” And everybody else starts laughing. I remember watching the episode and going, “They kept it. That’s awesome!" I like making people laugh, and if that helps to make people happy, I’ll hurt myself a little bit. - Ashton Kutcher, That ‘70s Show

Vibrating Panties (Luke smut)

Summary: With this title do I even need a summary… Luke teases you with a pair of vibrating panties and then fucks you realllll good ;)

Warnings: This is ridiculously smutty + involves the use of vibrating panties

Word Count: 2.6k 

A/N: If you don’t know what vibrating panties are, they’re basically a pair of underwear with a vibrator over where your clit goes. The pair used in this uses a remote to control the speed of the vibe! 

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“L-Luke,” You stammer, tugging on the sleeve of your boyfriend’s shirt. 

When you receive no answer, you tilt your head and look back to see him talking to Michael, his face lined with concentration.

The conversation between the two friends seems calm, both of them chatting about guitars. You want to laugh. 

Michael wouldn’t have that smile stretched across his face if he knew what was going on between your legs. 

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Preference: Not Just Friends

Summary: You and him used to be best friends but not anymore, something changed for the better.
Ashton: “Damn it, Luke!” Ashton says, laughing as Luke wins again at FIFA. Luke chuckles, putting his controller down to grab a piece of pizza. Ashton pauses to reply to a text from you, his best friend. “Is that (Y/N)? Tell her I say hi, even though she’s literally just upstairs.” Luke says through a mouthful of pizza. “She doesn’t want to hear from you, that’s why she’s upstairs.” Ashton jokes, making Luke laugh. “How long are you going to keep this girl waiting? You’ve been just friends since you were in middle school and you’ve been in love with her for years.” Ashton bites his lip, glancing over at the blonde haired boy. “That’s the thing, mate. We’re not ‘just friends’ anymore. At least, I hope not. I wasn’t going to tell any of you until she brought it up, but I kissed her yesterday.” Ashton admits, causing Luke to choke on the pizza. “You kissed her?” He repeats, his eyes wide as he looks at his best friend. “I did, and it was perfect.” Luke chuckles. “You’ve got balls, Ash.” Ashton shrugs. “We haven’t really talked about it so nothing’s official. I don’t want to bring it up if she doesn’t want to talk about it.” Luke nods. “Yeah, she may just need time to digest it.” All of a sudden, you walk into the room. “Digest what?” You ask, sitting down beside Ashton. “Oh, Ashton here was just telling me about that kiss you two had the other day.” Luke blurts out, causing Ashton to roll his eyes. “See, this is why I didn’t tell you.” Luke laughs. You smile at Ashton. “You know, it wasn’t very fair. I wasn’t prepared for you to kiss me.” You say. Ashton leans over and traces the outline of your lips with his thumb. “Are you prepared now?” He asks. “I think so.” He grins and kisses you softly, proving to Luke that you two really aren’t just friends anymore.

Calum: Calum bites his lip as he watches you walk across the yard in your bikini. You grin and wave as you approach. “Stop being such a hermit and come swim.” You tell him. “Someone has to be sober and make sure Michael doesn’t accidentally drown.” Calum jokes, which makes you giggle. “For your information, I am very much sober.” You retort. Calum chuckles. “I’m serious, Cal. Why are you over here instead of in the pool with the rest of us?” You ask, raising your eyebrows. Calum reaches over and tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear. “Don’t feel like swimming today.” He murmurs. “You’re the one who suggested we all come outside, though!” You say. You back up a few feet and start running in circles. “Look at me, I’m outside! It’s amazing!” You tell, which makes Calum start to laugh. You fall to the ground, grinning up at him. “I’m outside.” You repeat. He sits down beside you. “I know, for once you’re not inside. Proud of you, babe.” He tells you, throwing his arm over your shoulders. “Kiss her, you idiot!” Ashton yells from by the pool. You laugh and turn to look back at him. “But Cashton is forever!” You yell back. Ashton shrugs. “I’ll forgive him!” You grin at Calum, but your smile fades when you see that he isn’t smiling. “Calum? What’s wrong?” He looks away from you and up at the sky for a moment. “(Y/N), what are we?” He asks quietly. You sigh, knowing this was coming. “I don’t really know, Cal.” You admit. He takes his arm off of your shoulders and looks at you. “I know that we’re not just friends anymore. That night in Vegas… it changed us. I don’t regret it, but I’m not sure I want to pursue my feelings for you. I mean, what if it ruins our friendship?” You ask. “What if it doesn’t?” Calum asks, raising his eyebrows. You open your mouth to reply, but he leans over and kisses you roughly. “Just stop talking. Please.” He mumbles between kisses.

Luke: “Have you told her yet?” You whisper to Luke as you both watch Liz cook dinner. Luke shakes his head, which makes you sigh. “Okay, so if this variable equals five and the answer is eleven, what is the other variable?” You ask Luke out loud. “I-I don’t know.” He mutters, watching his mom. You’ve been tutoring Luke for months now and his mom has pretty much had a wedding planned in her head between the two of you since day one, even though in the beginning, Luke and you didn’t even know the other existed. But now you’re together and Luke has been waiting for the right time to tell Liz. “This only works if you pay attention.” You say. Luke smiles sheepishly at you. “Sorry, I’m nervous to tell her.” He whispers. “She’ll be thrilled.” You reassure him. He coughs as Liz turns around to grab something from the pantry, causing her to look up and smile. “You guys okay?” She asks. “Oh, we’re fine, Liz. Luke just has something to say.” You tell her, nudging Luke under the table. “So, mum, you know how you’re always saying how great of a friend (Y/N) has become?” He asks. Liz nods, smiling at you. “Well it’s your lucky day because we’re not just friends anymore.” Luke finishes, biting his lip. Liz blinks, as if not registering what her son has said. “Liz?” You ask, concerned. “You’re together?” She asks. You and Luke nod, causing her to grin. “Oh my, this is great! I knew this would happen. Your brothers owe me twenty bucks.” She admits, laughing as she walks away to get the phone. You giggle as you kiss Luke’s cheek.

Michael: Michael sighs as you stomp into the apartment, almost slamming the door in his face in the process. “Would you just let it go, already?” He asks, opening the door again and walking inside. You spin on your heel and face him. “Let it go?! You just told everyone at the Grammys that we are just friends, when I thought it was pretty obvious when you were fucking me into oblivion last night that we are not just friends.” You snap, walking to the bedroom to take off your heels. Michael follows, ripping off his tie in anger. “It was a mistake, (Y/N). I simply forgot that you’re not just my best friend anymore. People forget things!” He yells. You huff, searching through your dresser for some pajamas. “Yeah, well, Calum wouldn’t have forgotten.” You mutter, walking to the bathroom. “Oh yeah, that’s really great. Rub it in that Calum has also seen you naked!” You slam the bathroom door closed and slip out of the dress you’ve been wearing all night. “You know what? Maybe I should call him and go over to his place! He would probably do me better!” You yell. The bathroom door swings open, revealing a very pissed off Michael. “What are you doing in here? Get out!” You say, as he backs you up against the bathroom counter. “You’re not going fucking anywhere, (Y/N). You’re fucking mine, even if you hate me right now.” Michael says, kissing you roughly. His lips are soft and taste like peppermint and the drink he had tonight and they almost make you melt. Almost. You push him away, throwing your hands up in the air. “No! You can’t just kiss me and think that it will fix everything. You told our friends that we’re nothing but friends! That hurts, Michael.” He grits his teeth and kisses you again, holding your wrists above your head. “You and I both know that we are not just friends. Shut the hell up so I can fuck you into oblivion again.”

Preference: You Can't Sleep

Ashton: Hearing footsteps softly coming towards the kitchen, you sigh. You hadn’t meant to wake him up, really. A very sleepy looking Ashton leans against the kitchen doorframe, frowning when he sees you. “Can’t sleep again?” He asks, yawning a little. “Go back to bed, I’ll be okay.” He shakes his head. “Baby, you need to see a doctor or something. This is like, the fourth night you’ve had trouble sleeping.” He pauses, then his eyes widen. “Is it… is it me?” He asks. “What? No, Ash, it’s not you. I just can’t fall asleep.” You assure him, walking over. He pulls you into a light hug, resting his forehead against your own. “Then what? Tell me, so I can help.” You sigh. “There’s honestly nothing wrong.” You say. Ashton walks over and starts to make coffee. “What are you doing?” You ask. “If you can’t sleep, I’ll stay awake with you until you can.” You smile a little. “Ashton, go back to bed. You’re tired.” Ashton frowns again. “Yeah, but I can’t sleep if you’re not there. The bed gets cold.” He says. You walk over and wrap your arms around him. “How about we just go cuddle?” He thinks about this for a moment, then shakes his head. “How about we go watch movies and cuddle until you fall asleep?” You sigh, feeling blessed to have such a man in your life. “I’m sorry, I know this is getting annoying.” Ashton takes his face in your hands. “Baby, no! It’s not annoying. It’s just more time I get to spend with you.” He murmurs, kissing your nose. “Yeah, but less time you get to sleep.” Ashton shrugs, pulling you into the living room while asking, “who needs sleep, anyway?”

Calum: You roll over for what seems like the millionth time. Calum sighs, sitting up. “Babe, what’s wrong?” He asks. You sit up and turn on the bedside lamp. “I don’t know. I just can’t sleep.” He frowns, moving some hair away from your face. “Want me to sing to you?” He asks. You nod, curling into his side as he sings a soft tune. “Anything?” He asks when the song is over. You groan and shake your head. “You should go back to sleep. You need it.” You tell him, biting your lip. “I’m not going to sleep when my girl isn’t.” He says stubbornly, but a yawn slips out. You smirk and he chuckles. “Okay, I’m tired. So what?” You roll your eyes. “So, I’m not going to be like Michael and force you to stay awake. Sleep, babe.” You say, reaching over to turn out the light. “Is there anything that’s bothering you? Maybe you just need to talk about it.” Calum says, pulling you into a spooning position. “No, not that I can think of. You’re home, the boys are home. Everything is perfect.” Calum runs his fingertips over your stomach lightly, making you shiver. “What about the hate? Have you been reading it lately?” You shake your head. “Not since the last time you told me not to.” Calum frowns, not being able to figure out what’s wrong with the love of his life. Then it hits him. “Babe?” He asks. “Yes, Cal?” You reply. “When is the last time we… you know?” He asks, chuckling. You roll over onto your back. “It’s been awhile, I guess. Why?” You ask, watching as he gets up and walks to the end of the bed. He grabs your ankles and pulls you until your cute plaid pajama shorts meet his eyes up close. “Calum, what are you doing? The boys are downstairs sleeping. They could hear us.” You protest, but he yanks off your shorts and underwear. “I don’t give a fuck who hears. I’m taking the edge off so my baby girl can sleep. I’m going to fuck you so good until you’re too tired to fuck anymore.”

Luke: Staying in multiple hotel rooms had its benefits, but it also had its problems. Problem number one being that eventually, they all just began to feel like home. So when you and Luke actually did come home from tour, sleeping in your own bed was very difficult for you. Even with Luke by your side every night, the bed just didn’t feel like home anymore. And this night was no different. You get out of bed and walk to the bathroom, hoping you won’t wake Luke up. You splash water on your face, and when you look up, Luke is standing behind you. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.” You mumble, turning to face him. “You know, splashing water on your face is just going to make falling asleep harder.” Luke tells you. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. This bed used to be my everything, second to you. And now I can’t even sleep on it.” You complain, crossing the short distance between the two of you and hugging him. “Princess, nothing’s wrong with you. You’ve just been staying in so many hotels that you forgot what your own bed feels like. C'mon, I’ll help you.” Luke pulls you back into bed and pulls you into his side, holding you close. “You know what I really want right now?” You ask. “What’s that, princess?” You look up at him. “That bed on that hotel room we stayed at in Italy. The one that had the purple pillows? Oh, I loved that bed.” You say softly. “That bed had some pretty nice things happen on it.” Luke mutters, smirking as he remembers the night involving whipped cream and strawberries. You giggle. He rubs your back lightly until you fall asleep, but that doesn’t happen for another few hours. The next day, when you come back from visiting friends, the bed from the hotel room in Italy is in your bedroom.

Michael: While Michael has been known to have some insomnia, you did not. You could sleep all day, every day. Or at least, you used to be able to sleep all day, every day. For some reason, that all changed one night. You just couldn’t fall asleep. You tried sleeping in bed and on the living room couch, but nothing helped. And unfortunately, Michael had cured his insomnia when the band went on a break. Well, that’s not unfortunate. That’s a great thing. But for you, it was unfortunate because that meant while he was asleep, you were wide awake. The roles had been reversed. You look over at your sleeping boyfriend, hearing his light snores fill the silence of your bedroom. You bite your lip and tap his cheek lightly. “Mike, wake up.” After repeating this a few times, the bleached blonde’s eyes flutter open. “What? What’s the matter, kitten?” He asks urgently. “Nothing. I just… I can’t fall asleep.” He props himself up with his hand. “Wanna talk about anything that bothered you today?” He asks. “See, that’s the thing. It isn’t just tonight. I haven’t been sleeping for weeks.” You confess. “Kitten, why didn’t you tell me?” He reaches over and strokes your cheek gently. “You were sleeping great. I didn’t want to ruin that.” Michael frowns. “You wouldn’t have ruined it. But you should have told me, I could’ve helped sooner.” He says. You nod. He sings to you softly for a few hours until your asleep. The next morning, Michael goes to the store and buys everything that’s related to helping a person sleep better just for you.

Preference: “Can You Hold Me?”

Ashton: Hearing the front door open and close with a loud bang, you look up from the book you’re reading. Ashton sighs heavily as he shrugs off his coat and shoes, his eyes glancing up to meet yours. “Today was awful.” He mumbles, walking towards you. He kisses your cheek lightly and sits beside you. His hair is rumpled all about and his eyes are dull. They were full of life and excitement this morning. You put your book down and turn towards him. “Wanna talk about it?” You ask quietly. He stares at the wall across the room, silent. “Babe?” You murmur, putting your hand on his arm. Ashton looks over at you. “Can you… Can you hold me?” He asks, his voice cracking. “C’mere,” You say, pulling him towards you. He lies his head on your lap and you stroke his head lightly. “This would be better if you weren’t such a giant.” You joke, and Ashton cracks a small smile. “You’re doing great. I love you.” You smile softly. “I love you too.” He looks up at you. “Tell me about the book you’re reading.”

Calum: “You’re so drunk, oh my God.” You say, giggling at your best friend as he trips out of the club with Michael. “Sorry to drag you out here this late, but he kept asking for you. Make sure he gets home, yeah?” Michael asks. You nod, taking Calum’s arm. You start to walk down the street with him, almost falling twice because he trips. “You’re pretty.” Calum says, grinning up at you when he falls onto the sidewalk. You laugh, pulling him back up. “Come on, you need sleep.” You pull him into your house and place him on the couch. “Why didn’t ya come to the show?” Calum asks. “I had a date, Cal.” You say, heading to the kitchen. He stands up to follow but you put your hand up. “No, stay.” You laugh, grabbing aspirin and some water. You join him on the couch, handing him the water and aspirin. “Take this, you’ll need it.” Calum does as he’s told. “A date?” He repeats, his brows furrowing. You giggle, nodding. “I’ll take you on a date soon.” He mumbles. “Oh, really?” He nods. “But for now, can you hold me?” He asks innocently, yawning. You open your arms and he curls up into your side. You bite your lip as his soft snores fill the silence. A date with Calum wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

Luke: The airport is silent, the only noise being a hum from planes taking off outside. The white walls stare back at you as you cross your arms over your chest. “Princess, you can’t be mad at me.” He says, trying to take your hand in his. You stand up. “I can’t be mad? You’re leaving for nine months and you weren’t even going to tell me until after you left! I have a right to be mad at you.” You say, tears forming in your eyes. Luke stands up and wipes a stray tear away with his thumb. “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to see you cry.” He murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. You meet his eyes, which are watching Ashton. “Don’t be mad at Ash, I made him tell me.” You say, taking Luke’s face in your hands and forcing him to focus on you. “Can you hold me?” You ask, biting your lip. He sits down in an airport chair and pulls you down onto his lap. You bury your face in his neck and breathe in his scent, trying to memorize it until his flight is called.

Michael: “Kitten? Where are you?” Michael asks, his voice ringing out through your apartment. “In hell.” You croak, burying your head in the pillow on the living room couch. Michael chuckles, sitting down next to your waist. You lift your head and groan. “I told you not to come over. I don’t want you getting sick.” You mumble. Michael moves some hair away from your face. “You let Luke bring you soup.” He states. “Because I don’t care if he gets sick! Get out.” You say, trying to push him off of the couch. “Hey, stop. I’m fine. I want to be here.” Michael takes your hands in his to stop you from pushing him. “You’re a stubborn asshole.” You snap, sitting up. He smiles, kissing your cheek “Love you too.” You frown at him, which makes him laugh. “Smile, you’re beautiful.” He murmurs. You roll your eyes and lie back down. “Can you just hold me?” You ask, rubbing your eyes. He lies down beside you and wraps his arms around you, kissing the top of your head. “Get some sleep, I’m not going anywhere.”