its not meant to be funny


Day 15 - Favorite Scene
It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I’ve been wanting to draw this one for a while

Isn’t it funny how Snowbats can make as many pointless pathetic lists tallying shit that Cisco, Joe even fake!Wells have done for Barry a billion times.

But it will never change the fact:

BARTHOLOMEW HENRY ALLEN ladies and gentlemen!

Don’t you just love how Iris is Barry’s everything? How he loved her before he even knew what the word love meant? How the sound of her voice will always bring him home, how she’s the last thing he wants to see before he goes to bed and the first thing when he wakes up? How their love escapes definition, how MAN that cannot be science?

Don’t you just love endgame?

anonymous asked:

i saw on twitter that you mentioned you were drawing another superhusbands with arms around each other and im laughing at your distress because it is such similar poses omg (this is not meant to come off as mean its genuinely funny and the art is so good who could actually be upset about it!!)

asdfhgadfjh I KNOW omg as i was drawing it was feeling deja vu and i was like….hold up one second…..


Imagine going to the karaoke with Woozi and singing to your heart’s content until you guys start losing your voice.

so about the yuris

okay i dont know if this has been done but i was looking at the outfits of eros vs agape and had a thought, the way theyre designed remind me of yin yang. black with a hint of white and white with a hint of black

but the funny thing is when i did a little more research and looked into what each side meant. yuri katsuki wore mostly black which refers to yin. yin is very feminine and represents darkness, the moon and passiveness. its also on the negative side 

then you look at yuri plisetsky and yang. its represents dominance, expanding light and creation. the similarities are a bit hard to ignore…?

but because you cannot have one without the other theyre existence and skating career must intertwine on a lot larger scale then we first thought. it was only when plisetsky came face to face against katsuki did he stop being overly arrogant and start to evolve again as a skater. whilst katsuki felt the opposite. when skating eros the muddled up and overwhelming idea he had of skating in competition started to fade. he found victor and found why he wanted to keep skating. this huge mess in front of him had become still and he found a way to refocus. without the other i dont think they would have bettered themselves in the way they did.

Why Jack is Not My Idol... But is My Hero

This is how I described Jack to one of my brothers, who doesn’t watch his videos. 

I was writing quickly, so I didn’t really word it very well but this is what I said:

“He’s awesome and really funny and watching him has made me smile and got me through bad days. And I’ve made tons of internet friends because of the channel as well. Not only that but his real name is Seán and he’s Irish, so he’s double awesome for that” - that’s one of my other brother’s names, and we have Irish heritage, so this was a little joke xD and I carried on:

“I don’t see him like a celebrity at all, and neither does he - one of the things that are awesome about him. He’s very humble and caring unlike some YouTubers. This may sound stupid but to me he’s more like a friend than a YouTuber.”

This wasn’t the whole conversation, and it was in the context of my future tattoo. I was explaining why having the Septiceye Sam as part of it was more meaningful that it first appears, that it is not just me “idolising a celebrity” - because that’s not how I see Jack at all.

Jack has never made me feel like he is a celebrity, on a pedestal above all of us. He’s always felt human. A friend. Equal to all of us. Which is exactly how it should be, as that’s what he is. What I love about him is that he hasn’t forgotten that, nor has he let us forget it.

But that’s not to say that Jack isn’t amazing. He’s a wonderful person with a big heart, who puts his all into everything that he does. He spreads positivity, love and happiness like no-one I’ve ever seen. He has the ability to make people smile through tears, to lift people up, to lighten up the darkness. He’s only human, yes, but he’s an incredible one. 

He’s the sort of person that I think everyone should be. Everyone should love like Jack does. I honestly believe that the world would be peaceful if everyone was as accepting, caring, humble and encouraging as he is. The world needs more people like Jack.

@therealjacksepticeye it might seem like I’m just saying this, but I honestly do mean it with all my heart. I wish everyone in the world had your kindness, your humility, your empathy. There are people on this planet who could learn a lot from you. There are people “higher up” in the world who don’t possess the admirable qualities that you have. This is why I don’t simply idolise you or anyone else - status doesn’t mean anything. I look up to you because of the person you are. You are not my idol, but my hero.


My mother always told me
What’s meant to be will always be
She loves unconditionally
Forgives easily
Laughs loudly
And lives selflessly.
That’s what a strong woman looks like to me.

My sister is so weird
All grown up yet in some ways a little girl
If there’s one person who can make me blurt out anything, its her
She’s compassionate and funny
And her nickname should have been sunny
Because when she walks into the room
Her smile drives away all the gloom.

My best friend will probably kill me for this
But then she’ll shower me with hugs and a kiss
What would I do without her in my life
If I was a man, I’d make her my wife
So very intelligent yet goofy as hell
She gets all my ideas without me having to sell.

My niece is a baby, so very little still
But look how everyone dances to this angel’s will,
For her, I wish she grows up knowing
What strong women are and how very loving.

All these incredible women
The list is far too long
A very happy women’s day to them
They show me how to be strong.

—  Happy Women’s Day!

there were four main fan theories (expressed in the youtube comments) about what the “I love you” trailer meant when it first came out, they were:

1) sherlock was saying it to molly (mostly casual and sher/olly theory)

2) “I love you” is a code (mostly casual theory)

3) sherlock is being forced to choose between killing john or mycroft (mostly casual theory, some tjlc adherents)

4) canon johnlock is go (tjlc theory)

funny how not only some casual viewers, but almost the entire casual audience, would have easily predicted the plot of this totally-real episode and its rug-pull..