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Heyyy~ everyone, it’s that girl Raisa who loves pink and the skies!!! °˖✧◝(◕▽◕)◜✧˖° I’ve decided to do an Appreciation Post of mutuals and some blogs that I love!! So like a lil Follow Forever ;))) I’ve been thinking about it for a long time by now and I’ve finally decided to put it to action. School will start and I’m going to be busy (esp bc I suck at time management) so if I don’t do this now,,, I’ll do it never ⛅️

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Im pretty sure u can tell, but unfollow me RIGHT NOW if you think asexuals who have heteromantic attraction dont belong in the lgbt+ community. There is an “A” and a “+” there for a REASON. Asexual =/ heterosexual. They are two different words. Screw the whole “cishet” argument because HET doesnt apply 100%.

Asexuals have a SLEW of discrimination issues, like needing to be “corrected” or that they havent found “the right guy/girl yet”. Some people have been SEXUALLY ASSAULTED by their partners because they “needed to experience it” otherwise they wouldnt “know” if theyre actually ace. Not me, but ive heard stories. My own mom gave me the “I havent met the right guy” speech, which im not mad at her for and i know she doesnt care, but its still ridiculous.

So yeah, anyone who is discriminated for their sexuality BELONGS IN THE COMMUNITY, YOU BITTER AND EXCLUSIONARY SHITS.

As the oldest brother of six I’d like to present y’all with some broganes headcanons
  •  Shiro just, constantly teasing Keith about his crush… like, CONSTANTLY
    • “Keith, you look at Lance like he’s a titanium bowie knife or some shit just tell him you wanna kiss his stupid face and get over it”
    • “Keith, when Lance gets near you so much blood runs to your face if you got so much as a paper cut you’d probably bleed to death, its not good for battle”
    • “Im not that smitten takashit so fuck off” “You had the words ‘Keith Mcclain’ written on your notebook for the entirety of your time at the Garrison.”
    • Shiro impersonating how Keith’s voice gets lower and more macho™ around Lance
    • “Your crush on lance reminds me of the time you stanned shark boy from shark boy and lava girl in middle school” “Hey, Shark Boy made me gay watch what you say” “Im gonna read your fanfic at your guys’ wedding” “Say what you please as long as you burn all copies of Loves Bites”
  • Keith thinks it’s so strange when everybody sees him as this High Figure Of Command Who You Dont Mess With™ because Keith knows way too much abt him to see him like that.
    • “God Shiro’s so cool I wish i was like him.” “Senior year of high school Shiro ate a can of cheez whiz for lunch every. day.”
    • “How can Shiro be such an adult, he’s so responsible” “Are you kidding me? He once put a jar of nutella in the microwave cause he wanted to melt it to make chocolate sauce for his ice cream and almost burnt the house down.”
    • “Shiro’s so composed” “On his first date with Matt, he closed his eyes to kiss him good bye and kissed his glasses”
  • Shiro trying everything he can think of to try to help Keith hit on Lance
    • “How’d you get with Matt?” “You’re asking the epitome of the wrong guy, I dont even know” “Didn’t you like, write him a letter to ask for his number” “I asked pidge for their address, wrote a letter, stamped it and mailed it with the words ‘Lemme get them digits’ enclosed cause i thought it’d be cool….”
    • “Shiro how do I even know he’s even BI! The dude barley even so much at looks at dudes…” “He said ‘razzle dazzle’ while flying keith. razzle fucking dazzle
  • Eventually Shiro is just done and starts trying to take matters into his own hands
    • “Lance, top ten Man crushes go.” 
    • “Lance you need to start getting along better with Keith, maybe just go into Black with , him go for a ride together, stop on a nice alien planet, have a picnic, stare into each others eyes, realize you l-” ‘TAKASHI
    • “Lance, hypothetically speaking, if you had to kiss one person on the team, who would u choose :3?”
  • Keith is really into pokemon and whenever Shiro tries to participate and be supportive he embarrasses himself
    • “I wanna open up a real life pokemon gym” “What theme would it be? like bug?” “YEAH SHIRO, UH UH UH YEAH, TAKASHI, IM GONNA OPEN UP A BUG TYPE POKEMON GYM. YOU IDIOT. THAT’S WHAT I WANT, I WANT TO SHIT OUT BADGES TO EVERY HAM AND EGGER WHO COMES TO MY FRONT DOOR. ‘go caterpie!’ That’s me you fucking imbecile. “Do your best kakuna” “…. I’m gonna go”

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I don'tknow if you already answered this but do you have any anime recommandation?

i’ve never been asked for anime recommendations in my inbox before usually i just recommend some to ppl that message me or my friends irl but IM ACTUALLY REALLY EXCITED TO DO THISSS -

okay here are 15 anime i’ll recommend to you anonie :)

these are in no specific order 

1: Boku No Hero Academia - character develoment? check. Non-neglecting of side characters? check. Bomb af graphics? double check. Loveable best boy? yep yup. Great fandom that collectively hates Mineta? yesh

2: Diamond no Ace - sports anime that actually shows the struggles of different teams? yesss. epic scenes that are so great it could be a meta anime but it still retains the basic functions of baseball? huehue double yes. the mc is such a ball of energy and genuinely wants to be the Ace and has so much development as a character that you honestly start wanting him to get that number? yes yes yes yes yes

3: Nichijou - one of the greatest work anime has produced. really its so effing hilarious and it really pinpoints the things everybody does in everyday life. like flip a police officer for mistakenly confiscating your boys love manga. accidentally stabbing your thumb with a mechanical pencil, the struggles of ordering at Starbucks or even..

Originally posted by leonardotaku

yeah.. ordinary life ha

4: Magi - a smol baby boy tryna bring peace to the world? check. fucking strong girl that can beat any kind of wild beast there is? heck yeah! magic? yup. loads of backstory that actually makes sense and relates to the arcs? checkity check. villiains that really arent villains and good guys that truly are the bad guys? ho boi yessss. a magical recorder? you got it. also the graphics are great

5: Mob Psycho 100 - another smol baby boy just tryna navigate middle school. blessed with amazing psychic powers but powerless in terms of popularity and friendships. truly such a great anime that teaches a lot of moral stuff and has A M A Z I N G fight scenes. our boy mob is such a freaking god and the art style is very different but so expressive 10/10 would recommend

6: Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - [Daily Lives of High School Boys] like nichijou, this is another anime that is at the height of comedy gold. every episode is such meme worthy. the main protag really isnt the main protagonist, so many puns, great side characters, and i cant express how much of a feel good anime this is

7: Bakemono no Ko - okay this is a movie. and when i say this is such a fascinating movie, i mean it. this really smol boy gets adopted by a bear after he runs from home. this big bad bear™ is actually so pure and best dad. the uncles are great and so punny i cant. okay, they also have some really epic sword fights.. i really cant explain this movie without giving spoilers lmao but go watch it if you want, you wont regret it

8: Hunter x Hunter - young fisher-boy and young assassin-boy walk into a hunter exam together, who survives? friendship.. and the newly acquired dads they found along the way [honestly go watch it, i was skeptical at first but i never loved anything more in my life] also the arcs are so monumental, really great plot and friendship!!

9: Yuri On Ice!!! - edgy ice skating and gay couples that reaffirm what love is? check. little smol bean yurio tryna act all mighty and tough? yep. amazing soundtrack? heck yeahh! great characters that in no way hate on homosexuals? you got it. amazing graphics? best boys? well dang, you got it!

10: Shokugeki no Soma - food. food. food wars. great scenes that have food giving you orgasms? basically a sports anime but about food? great mc that really deserves all the love he gets. when they tie a bandana on their forehead, shit is about to get started. food. food. food wars.

11: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - as i write this, i cry. this was so good and i was wary of watching it bc there was/is so much hype around it but alas IT WAS SOO GOOD I CANT. like two brothers? amazing morals? the fact that nothing is as it seems? kickass female characters. alchemy. the hype is real with this one, but its so worth it and i 10/10 would lower you down FMA hell.

12: Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - [also known as Reborn!] i found this by mistake and my life really hasnt been the same. mafia story. first few eps are just comedic and really dont tell you jack shit about the storm thats coming afterwards. holy heck, a main character that set standards for how to demolish your enemies? friendship! fight scenes that make you wanna fite anyone? so many powers that actually make sense? checkity check. friendship!!

13: Bungou Stray Dogs - hidden powers that main character doesnt know about? check. good dad dazai. another mafia story. a mafia boy tryna kill the mc because of his powers and dazai has become mc’s dad instead of his [okay i’m trolling lmao] but really this is a great mafia anime. theories. villainous characters that have been blackmailed into being bad.. really it has it all

14: Haikyuu!! - small chibi boy just wants to play volleyball in peace. “i can jump™” meets skyscraper black-haired blue-eyed god who rules the court. [trollingg] but honestly, this has to be one of the most accurate sports anime i’ve watched. spiky main and side characters that are completely adorable and its kinda hard not to get sucked in, but you will

15: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! - gamer dude dies [by mistake] and on his way to the afterlife, he’s given a chance by a goddess to go to another world and defeat the demon king. grants him the possibility of taking any one thing to this new world, my guy picks the goddess [fukin dead] and whoops there ya go lmaoo. but no honestly, its great and funny and the explosion/action scenes are beyond E P I C. also best girl, Megumin, is there so you should def check it out

— obviously these recommended anime are in my opinion. im not some anime god but thanks anon for giving me a reason to finally do this *finger hearts* —

I got the honor to participate in @jojofanzine (which is an awesome project btw thanks for having me!) a while back so I drew as many best girls as possible from Jojo which is hard bc all the girls are best girls.

Les Misérables
  • Valjean: i stole fucking bread
  • Javert: five years
  • Valjean: i tried to check on my family you piece of shit
  • Javert: fourteen more
  • Valjean: im free
  • Javert: technically,,,, you're not,,,,, but ok,,,,
  • Bishop: hey u look like ur having trouble come over at my place
  • Valjean: fuck it
  • Valjean: *steals*
  • Javert: ffs you wouldn't be in jail if-
  • Bishop: no it's cool i gave him that shit
  • Javert: oh.
  • 20 years later or smth
  • Valjean: aye im mayor now
  • Fantine: i have a daughter you inconsiderate imbeciles
  • Fantine's boss and coworkers: fuck you
  • Fantine: i don't want to do this
  • Valjean: u don't have to
  • Valjean: hey kid u want some candy
  • Cosette: fuck yea
  • Thénardiers: you want her? go have her
  • 20 more years later i think
  • Éponine: i lowkey love you
  • Marius: im oblivious as shit. ooOO a HOT girl
  • Cosette: ooOO a HOT guy
  • Marius: hey, take me to her
  • Éponine: ok
  • Éponine: (kill me)
  • Enjolras: REVOLUTION
  • Grantaire: you're gonna get us killed, moron
  • Grantaire: (but you're my moron)
  • Les Amis de'lABC: we died.
  • Éponine: me too
  • Javert: sTOP R I G H T THERE
  • Valjean: *gives Javert guilt trip*
  • Javert: oh
  • Javert: oh shit
  • Javert: *kills himself*
  • A year later I think
  • Marius: all my friends are dead
  • Cosette: i love you
  • Marius: love u too
  • Valjean: im dying
  • Cosette: please,,,, god,,,, no,,,, enough people have DIED already
  • Fantine: hey old pal. ur awesome
  • Éponine: u protected my crush. ur awesome
  • Bishop: ur awesome
  • Everyone: we're all awesome!!

i guess i just remembered this story from the DEH stage door so Michael Park was the first person to come out and i was so fucking starstruck like holy shit thats Michael Park and when he gets to me hes super friendly and so incredibly sweet just taking his time to talk and sign things and so i say to him “i have to say i think you are the funniest member of this cast” and i explained that he was just so uplifting and funny in interviews and stuff and first he said “well when this is your job you can never take yourself too seriously” which is honestly great advice and then a little louder he says “hey make sure to tell Will Roland you think im the funniest when he comes around” and i swear i hear from all the way down the stage door line in a very tiny Will Roland voice “michael i swear to god” 

  • me: *plays video games constantly*
  • person: oh you game? what do you play?
  • me: *suddenly cannot remember a single game i have ever played aside from cooking mama*

i get that we all love malec and its the reason most of us even watch this show but i see so many of u talking about the homophobic aspects of the last ep but there was also so much racism some of it subtle and some of it not like

-the izzy storyline which was so blatantly racist it actually makes me sick

-the fact that maia and simons date was mostly about clary (a white girl) and her feelings more than maias

- the way cleophas’ storyline is going and her siding w/ valentine

-the way luke is treated in general but esp how valentine had the upper hand during their fight

-and the way magnus’ feelings are ignored and he barely gets any screentime to explore his character w/out alec 

so what im saying is if you guys wanna watch the show and criticize it when its homophobic you should also talk about how extremely racist its getting w every new episode

  • persephone: happy mother's day!
  • demeter: aww sweetie pie I love you
  • demeter: lets have a girls day out, we can shop, get brunch, talk about how you should ditch that guy you're seeing, maybe go to a spa
  • persephone: *looks into the camera like the office*

me, aged 11: im not getting crushes on boys like my friends started to have, i must be a late bloomer, haha!!

me, aged 12: maybe i like girls a bit?? but not like in a gay way!!!! its totally platonic im still str8

me, aged 13: so im just gonna pick the popular guy every girl likes and have a crush on him…. man i feel rly uncomfortable around him and so sick to my stomach im actually gonna vomit. (do i have to want to kiss him?? ew sounds gross) HAHA Those Butterflies™ when you have a crush, amiright

me, aged 14: i dont need a boyfriend, im a feminist!!! i like the idea of romance tho…… theory i guess??

me, aged 15: ok… like maybe im a lil bit bi??? not that ill ever come out since im probably gonna end up with a guy anyway, ugh

me, aged 16: attracted to ppl regardless of gender. that must be it!! thats why being with a man doesnt sound appealing–its supposed to be regardless of gender! im so pan!!! wow

me, aged 17: ew, i really hate the idea of being with a man. like,,, literally disgusted. so naturally, if im not attracted to men i must be ace!! thats it

me, aged 18: ok since i got that crush on that cute girl last week, i might not be ace after all????? idk im just gonna call myself queer until o figure things out. but im obviously not a lesbian HAHA imagine that

me, aged 19: hmmm sapphic seems like such a nice term. i mean i do like girls so i think this might fit me. lesbian who tho???

now, me, a lesbian, aged 20: ……..took me long enough

Guys, i can’t. like. im crying. this is so real right now. jodie whittaker is the face of doctor who, but it’s even bigger than that, it’s about everything else that surrounds doctor who as a british institution and a worldwide phenomenon. board games, posters, trade cards, and action figures and comics, books, cosplay, the social influence and reputation it carries, it’s all accessible to woman in a new and intimate way. everything just changed for us. and yes, everything has changed for little boys and men too. boys will grow up seeing the doctor as a woman, seeing women as equals. men will learn to relate to to her in ways that women have been taught to relate to men. and little girls will grow up without one more limitation, they will grow up not knowing that they can’t be the hero. it’s going to cause a revolution.

That thing guys do where they approach a girl on the street based on looks is such an ineffective strategy in my experience like its cool to know my outfit is “elegant” but sir I already promise your expectations are wrong the only service I offer is being an awkward meme-loving-fuck you’re literally only signing up for 1am discussions about fanfiction and anime characters and trash jokes

A dude stopped and walked with me last night telling me my outfit reminded him of some fashionista he knew if France and i dont know jack or shit about France or fashion and whatever vibe I was giving off was 100% bullshit because the only thing on my mind was getting on my pjs and watching boku no hero reruns

like whats the right way to communicate “you seem nice but im grappling with the stress of realizing ive somehow set expectation too high and i am in fact 400% more of an awkward loser than you realize and i spent all of middle and high school being super ugly so i really dont know how this ‘lets get coffee’ game works i just wanna watch my japanese cartoons in peace”

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How i told my 87 year old grandpa i was ace (true story and all legit quoting) Grandpa: You got a boyfriend yet?? Me: No, im not interested in that Grandpa: ooooh, girls Me: no Im not interested in anyone, im ace Grandpa: wats thats Me: I dont like anyone Grandpa: Well its about darn time people dont, too many people being brought into this world too much dang plague and not enough space to put them all ! -how my grandpa became the coolest guy i know

I love your grandpa, he seems like a cool dude haha. Thank you for sharing! :D



- Texting an unknown number. Jungkook serie.

A/N: so do you remember how i said i would make texting an unknown number for each member but not a serie? Well i couldn’t resist it. I had to make a serie and here is the first part of the Jungkook serie.
There are a few things i wanna say, first one is please don’t take offense. I don’t have anything against gays or girls or boys. Its just sarcastic so please don’t get mad at me yeah? Second, this is going to be a best friend imagine because why not? It can’t be all dating, having gukk as best friend must be bomb af too. And last, as you can see he is taken on this serie. I haven’t said who is the bf yet bc i wanna let that up to you guys (y/n will also have a relationship with the boyfriend) I was thinking of doing tae because im a sucker for Taekook but just comment who do you want and i will see who is the most wanted yeah?
Hope you like the serie and enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it.


Find the Tiny Moog as shown in the image above, and circle her in the picture below

show me the circled moog to win!



submissions are open but pm is fine as well

words can’t even express how dans new video made me feel… we all know that he’s bisexual but the fact that he actually took that leap and put both girls AND guys into the tinder video just makes me feel so warm inside. it’s not even that he needed to do this or anything… it’s more so that he DID do it and that he was COMFORTABLE enough to do it and it just makes me so goddamn happy.

Stupid Annoying Girl
  • Inuyasha: *clears throat* This is a poem I wrote for you Kagome. Its called Stupid Annoying Girl.
  • Kagome: -.-
  • Inuyasha: Roses are red
  • Inuyasha: Violets are blue
  • Inuyasha: You're always like "Im going home"
  • Inuyasha: what's the matter with you?
  • Inuyasha: You always yell "SIT BOY"
  • Inuyasha: and say I'm a cheat
  • Inuyasha: But I'll chose you over her
  • Inuyasha: Any day of the week
  • Inuyasha: You caused me a lot of problems
  • Inuyasha: You broke the fucking jewel
  • Inuyasha: But I guess I still love you
  • Inuyasha: Even though you're a fool
  • Inuyasha: no, Koga can't have you
  • Inuyasha: That guy makes me hurl
  • Inuyasha: You're mine forever and ever
  • Inuyasha: You stupid annoying girl.
#1 hoe tip anyone could ever give you

Look girl i want you to fuck whoever you want to fuck. Fuck yo best friend fuck yo friend fuck a stranger fuck your boyf fuck your girlf , Fuck whoever (be safe about it!) as long as your happy doing it.

But that does NOT include someone who is in a relationship/married. I dont care if you love them and they love you, or their partner isnt satisfying them enough, whatever the case may be, it still does not justify how fucked up and disloyal you guys are being. 

Dont try and pull any shit on me like ‘You dont know what its like to be in that situation’ because all of this is coming from someone who fucked around with their best friends boyfriend. Yeah, I know what the fuck im talking about. Let me give you a little background details on the situation. I fucked around with her boyfriend for abt 3 months and it changed me as a person. He made me feel like the most special girl in the world when i was with him, but any other time i never felt more disrespected and degraded. Theres no pride in the side girl title, theres no pride in fucking somebody who isnt yours to fuck. On top of that, the guilt ate me alive. And karma sure as hell kicked my ass for it, because when we ended up dating, he turned out to be a mentally unstable piece of shit who emotionally, sexually, and physically abused me. On top of that he cheated on me multiple tips. Shocker. (keep in mind that if you end up dating the boy thats cheating with you, hes going to cheat on you too. once a cheater, always a cheater, youre no exception.) That was a year ago and ive grown a lot as a person since then, but it is sincerely my biggest regret and it still haunts me. You deserve to respect yourself. You dont deserve to be a dirty secret and a side girl, just like the other person doesnt deserve to be betrayed like that, and just like how the guy/girl whose cheating doesnt deserve either of you. 

And i dont want anyone reading this to think im only going after the side person because to be quite honest, the cheater is the dirtiest one in this situation. Im just trying to tell you guys to avoid a dirty situation of hurt feelings and broken hearts.

Ive been reading a lot of similair blogs to mine encouraging the side girl position and i just cant back it. If you dont agree, unfollow me, you wont be missed.