its not like they are getting tattoos or anything

thinkin about phobias

im afraid of needles, fuck heroin, but i really like syringes.   they feel so creepy too ughhhhhhhnn.. scares me so much i black out mentally stop breathing…. irrational phobia,. 

each time i go to the doctor )its like the first time u go snorkeling in the coral reef each time its such a flood of synpase…also im mostly talking about my life getting blood drawn, shots, ANYTHING. tattoos are ok. but even accupuncture would probly make me faint involuntary

honestly i really appreciate blood in general.  like ive ALWAYS been morbid.&my 1st fetish since childhood is knives

 sometimes i knife myself but only once several seasons pass ,for sacred reasons. im very spiritual.

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Horror parodies are seldom as funny, and never as scary, as fright-flicks that play their scares, er, straight. Jordan Peele — the shorter half of the 21st century’s funniest sketch-comedy duo — understands this, and that’s why Get Out, his debut feature as writer and director, is so truly, madly, mercilessly entertaining, even when it makes you want to jump out of your skin. It is small-c catholic in its tastes, liberally sampling elements of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Rosemary’s Baby and Invasion of the Body Snatchers before morphing into the most potent racial revenge fantasy since Django Unchained. But a parody it’s not: It’s as gnarly as Green Room, 2016’s nerviest thriller, whose villains wore their bigotry on their tattooed arms. What makes Get Out stand out is that its social critique — usually present in the horror-survival genre as subtext — is very much its text.

That’s a writing trick Peele and his creative partner, Keegan-Michael Key, used over and over again through five seasons of their marvelous Comedy Central series, one that boasted production values that stood head and shoulders above anything else in sketch TV. Key & Peele’s movie sendups looked like real movies, and now we have a good idea why: Peele is a world-class filmmaker. (Nearly all Key & Peele episodes were directed by Peter Atencio, who also directed the two comics in last year’s Keanu. That was a funny movie, but it had nothing like the invention, the intensity or the shimmering, righteous anger that Get Out possesses.) His movie is as much a triumph of craft as of inspiration.

‘Get Out’: A Terrifically Topical — And Terrifying — Satire

Photo: Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures

The greatest tragedy of the decade was Welcome to Night Vale finally getting the massive recognition it deserved after a year on the air and all of its new fans collectively took its incredibly unique, formless, openly gay main character who has NO CANONICAL APPEARANCE and therefore could take ANY FORM DESIRED BY THE FAN and decided that the best physical representation of him would be a skinny white guy in a suit with tattoos and tentacles??

Like there was unlimited potential there. Endless possibilities. u could have gone with anything. Anything


Ok but soulmate tattoo au but instead of having matching tattoos, soulmates have part of a landscape tattooed on their body and whoever their soulmate is completes the landscape or scene so the tattoos aren’t exactly matching but add together to make a picture

Also, the tattoo is in black and white until paired with its counterpart when it becomes coloured

Maybe the type of landscape somehow allows you to tell what kind of relationship it will be - like forests representing the wilderness and mountains for adventure.. Like if you could represent your OTP with a landscape or scene what would it be? (Not to overcomplicate this au or anything)

Idk I just can’t get this idea out of my head. Maybe I’ll write it sometime

If anyone writes this au before me please tag me in it

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Okay, so you've said before you've done a fair amount of research on the russian bratva, and I'm dying to know more about Otabek's tattoos in the mafia au. Like, where/when did he get them? Not in prison, surely? What are their significance? I know the stars on the shoulders mean something along the lines of "bow to no one", and knuckle tattoos are symbolic in their own way... But yeah. I am thirsty - scratch that - I am dehydrated for these details

WELL all my research is years, years old and I haven’t truthfully brushed up much besides dusting off my tattoo encyclopedia and finding a folder of scanned research from my college days (lol what was college Kait up to i’ll let you think about, but I did take two semester of Russian history. Do I remember much besides my professor talking about traversing a mountain with his mother as a child to get to safety? not really). Anyway, thats all a disclaimer to say that if I’m wrong about anything I’m more than willing to be corrected~

In the AU, several of Beka’s tattoos he DID get in prison. With shitty prison tattoo techniques. It’s not glamorous or fun and definitely wasn’t safe. But, its just something that happens. Some of them, he got outside of prison with actual proper tattoo guns either as markers of status or loyalty etc.

But, since I’m way too busy to properly make a tattoo guide for Otabek’s tattoos now like promised, I’ll break them down here:

- Stars on the shoulders mean that he’s a respected thief/criminal

- Rose in a hand on his left arm means he turned 18 while in prison

- Sunrise over water is about a longing for freedom (he did this one while in prison)

- On inside of his right arm he has that feather with text that says “I was born into torment, I don’t need happiness” (yikes Beka tone it down, I know you had a hard life but)

- Crosses on his knuckles are the amount of times he’s been to prison (he has two, fyi)

- He has ring tattoos that are basically just a thieves cross, one that means he is hostile to authorities/police, one that means he was sentenced as a minor, one that means he served his sentence in full

- I keep wavering on the text on his lower knuckles, so I’ll let you know if I keep it lol

I think thats all of them? I may have forgotten some (again, why I SHOULD have made a guide but other things take priority D: )


Requested: No.

Kind of winging it. Enjoy.


A shaky breath was soon released from my body as we awaited for the tattoo artist to return. My body was shaking with nerves and nothing was seeming to calm me down. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before, even after claiming for years that I always really wanted one.

It’s just always been something that I’ve procrastinated upon and held back - always seeming to make up an extremely lame excuse as to why I couldn’t get a tattoo any time soon but really, I was just nervous.

But here I am, standing directly in the center of a tattoo parlor with a pounding heart and shaky hands. The only reason I actually had the guts to drive down and be here right now was because Justin practically begged me to come and get one.

I disagreed at first but it wasn’t long before he was sending me his famous smirk and offering me a deal I was willing to accept. If I got a tattoo, he would get one as well. Or rather - another tattoo. He’s already gotten many before, so I don’t really understand why it made me feel better that he was recieving one wih me. But it did.

So thats how I got stuck, being a nervous wreck in the middle of a well decorated Tattoo parlor.

“Relax baby. Don’t be nervous.” Justin assured from the tattoo chair besides me.

In an unconvincing gasp of a high pitched voice, I managed to squeak. “What makes you think I’m nervous?”

Justin only looked down on me as if I were a child who had missed the obvious point, “For one, you’ve sighed around 15 times. You keep tapping your foot on the ground and when your nervous your voice gets higher.” He pointed out.

Damn, why must my boyfriend know me so well.

I sighed, soon shutting my mouth with wide eyes when he threw me a pointed stare. Make that 16 sighs.

Finally Justin fell acomb to defeat - finally realising that maybe I was a little more nervous then he anticipated me to be. “Babe, It dosen’t hurt that much.” He sympathetically granted me a lopsided smile.

Though only two words seem to stick in my head, “That much?! ” I exclaimed.

Justin blew a sigh of his own. “Yes Y/N. I’m not going to go ahead and start ranting about how painless this is and that it dosen’t hurt at all because then I would just be lying.”

Well that’s a great thing to say to a person who’s just about to get a tattoo, already fearing for there potential life ahead. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating just a little but still - really Justin? Thanks for the pep talk.

Mental eyeroll.

Though he continued. “But its nothing you can’t handle. Believe me. I wouldn’t force you to do anything I didn’t think you couldn’t handle.” He assured. At the sweet words, I smiled at boyfriend, nodding my head.

Thats when the tattoo artist returned from wherever he had gone, a few items in hand. One being what looked like a cloth and the other being a gauze roll.

I pointed towards the roll. “What’s that for?” I asked.

The bulky tattoo artist who was seemingly sheeted in tattoos himself, flicked his eyes towards me and grinned sweetly. “Gotta wrap it up in something when we’re done. Its stops the blood from seeping into your shirt.” He explained.

My eyes shot towards Justins in a split second, feeling my heart sink further into my chest “BLOOD ?!”

Justin’s face fell amused, and he let out a strangled chuckle. Yeah, well, I was going to strangle him. “Relax baby girl.” He smiled

The tattoo artist laughed heartedly and seeped his eyes over to Justin’s, a finger extended to point back at me. “First time?”

Justin sighed. “You have no idea.” I pouted and he smirked at my expression.

The man laughed and made his way over to my seat, where he then proceeded to place the items in hand on a metal table besides him. The table extended out to a bulky looking machine, I presumed to be the tattoo gun and at the sight of the monstrous looking device, I gulped.

My eyes subconsciously trailed over to glare at Justin, realising that a woman who I assumed to be another tattoo artist had approached him and began asking questions about the tattoo he wanted to get. Thankfully, Justin and I had already discussed this topic.

“So, what can I do for you today?” The artist asked in a deep southern accent.

I slid a hand in my pocket, pulling out the sketch I had drawn and handed it over to the man.

His eyes flickered over it a few times, nodding in appreciation at the work. I did take an art class or two. Okay thats a lie, I’m an art major. “Does it have a meaning?” He asked.

“There isn’t too much meaning to it, but it represents him,” I pointed towards Justin. “And nobility.”

“Nobility?” He nodded. “I like it.” The tattoo artist smiled. “Wheres it going?”

“Just below my left collar bone.” I answered

He smiled. “Alright, you don’t have any problems with needles or anything?” He asked.

“….I don’t think so.” I hesitated.

“Alright, well if the pain gets too harsh to handle, just tell me and we can take a break.”

Thats when the flicker of the tattoo needle sounded, a light buzzing sound filling my ears as I watched the man pull the needle nearer and nearer to my skin until finally, it made contact with the thin layer of flesh by the bone.

I hissed, squinting my eyes as the man continued on with the tattoo. I’ll admit, it didn’t hurt as much as I anticipated it to be but It definitely was no walk in the park either.

Slowly but surely, managing to do so without moving my shoulder to much, I looked over at Justin who was just starting on his tattoo as well.

The artist wiped the last bit of blood off with the folded up cloth as he finished up the tattoo, turning off the machine. I sighed in relief noticing that the session had come to an end and opened my eyes which were glossy with tears.

With the back of my hand, I managed to wipe away the tears scattered across my eyes quick enough before the man could notice and thats when I heard him say. “Alright sweetheart, all done. Take a look.”

I slowly but surely shifted my neck to crease down at my newly tattooed skin by my collarbone. And at the peice of ink scorned permanently across my chest, I quealed. It was amazing, just how I imagined it. I smiled, looking over to the artist who was admiring the masterpiece he had created on my chest.

“Its amazing! Thank you!” I exclaimed.

“No problem. Wasn’t too bad, was it?” He asked.

With the squint of my eyes, I shrugged. “It hurt, but not as much as I was expecting it too.”

He smiled, nodding his head. “Would you do it again?” He asked.

Would I? “Yeah. I mean, I love tats. I’ve just always been too afraid to come and catually get one. But now that I’ve done it and I know that its not as bad, yeah. Definitely.” I smiled.

“Good. Lot of people get turned off after there first tat.”

“Well, not me.” I laughed.

“Good to know.” His eyes shifted over to Justin, “Well, looks like your boyfriend’s done.”

I followed the man’s eyes over to where Justin sat, also looking down on his freshly completed tattoo. A smile adorned my face in admiration of my boyfriend, just as the tattoo artist began wrapping up my tattoo, which may I say sat quite awkwardly, considering the position it was in. But soon enough, we had paid for the tattoo’s and left the parlor.

The next morning

Justin and I stood around our friends, smiling as they all eagerly watched and waited. We haven’t really taken our bandages off since we received our tattoo’s so this was really a surprise for everyone. All our friends were here. Ryan, Chaz, Hailey, Kendall, Maejor, my best friend Avery, Justin and I’s parents, even Justin’s manager - Scooter.

“Ready?” We both smiled.

Everyone nodded.

Justin and I shot each other a quick glance before slowly beginning to remove our own bandages off, finally revealing our settled tattoos. My smile fell so wide at the look of my own, and I was quick to jot over and glance at Justin’s. It was perfect and I don’t think we could have chosen better tattoo’s. Everyone stared in awe, wowing at the final result.

“They look so good!” Maejor yelled.

“They do look really good sweetie.” Pattie smiled.

“Thanks. I really like them.” Justin replied. “What about you?”

Looking down at our tattoo’s once more, I grinned wide. “I love them.”

They were perfect.

Fit for a king and a queen.

The Krayt Dragon’s Heart

An Explanation: Last night I was sketching some designs for a tattoo I want to get; the Unfettered symbol from Fialleril’s Tattooine Slave Culture inside the Rebel Alliance symbol, when I had the thought that the Rebel Alliance symbol kind of looks like a stylized dragon with the Unfettered symbol at its heart. Then this happened. I hope you like it and that I didn’t accidentally misrepresent anything…

This is the story of the First Unfettered child of Ar-Amu, and how the Krayt Dragon acquired a new heart.

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I don't understand why it's such a bad thing to worry about the state of Zayns career right now. He's more known now for following Gigi around and being a model rather than a critically acclaimed singer. Ha**ys single is going to to debut at number 1 meanwhile Zayns second album debut isn't even in the top 50s. He's not even doing anything. He released a damn song but would rather dye his hair and get tattoos than do promo that could make this song the hit could be. Why shouldn't I be worried?

It’s like you saw my post, read it, read it again, and looked over literally every single goddamn point. Why shouldn’t you worry? Maybe because it’s not your goddamn career to worry about? Did you every think about that? Zayn is not you, he is not your other fave, he is not his ex bandmates, he is not some other celebrity, he is Zayn Javadd Malik and he doesn’t need to be anyone else. If Zayn seemed unhappy and upset about his career then maybe I’d be a little concerned too but he has said more than once that he is happy. He is in a good place. HE. IS. FINE. Zayn and his team know what they’re doing with an artist like Zayn. They don’t manage him like other artists because he’s not other artists. He’s ZAYN. God why can’t he be happy? So what SGT was #66? He has TWO whole hits under his belt and is becoming more respected in the music industry as an artist AND getting respected as a huge influence in the fashion world and in both of those industries more people who actually matter fall more and more in love with him every day. Just because you google his name and stop at the first tabloid doesn’t mean that Zayns career revolves around Gigi. If that’s how you wanna feel then feel that way but do not strip him of all he has achieved without her. Going places and doing things with his Gf doesn’t mean he’s forgotten about his career.he was literally in the studio until 5 am just the other week and still woke up and got to his interview early because he enjoys himself and where he is at right now. Let him enjoy himself and just fucking be there to support him if you really like him. God idek how Gigi got brought into this. I swear y'all are the only ones who start making shit about her then the media follows suit and you fucking wonder why. And also, newsflash!™ Zayn can do and enjoy other things besides music. Him doing fashion and other things while he’s not releasing music is not only very common but also hella smart! It’s not like he’s being forced to do this. He’s said multiple times that he loves and wants to get involved in fashion. He’s said time and time again that music is his passion and that he fell back in love with it why the fuck won’t you guys just fucking pay a single second of attention to the things he says and shows? And also this is his fucking life and he doesn’t live it to please you or me or anyone else besides himself and the entitlement entrenched in this fandom about Zayns career and his personal life is fucking gross and disgusting. He can do what he wants. We have this motherfucking conversation every good goddamn month when he does or even doesn’t do literally anything. And fuck you for saying “he’s not doing anything” he’s recording a damn MUSIC video, He’s working on his second album, he working on hi capsule collection, and an abundance of things we have no clue about. Just because he doesn’t tweet it or Instagram or doesn’t mean he’s not working I swear y'all will never get this concept. God. You know if fans knew how to worry and still be supportive and not over dramatic and act like his career is over every single time something doesn’t go the way they want it to, then this wouldn’t be a damn issue. But y'all don’t know how to do that. Most of y'all don’t even care about anything else than seeing his face for you to jack off to or to make up scenarios that he’s going to meet your other fave. Anyways, fuck off anon. And fuck off to anyone who actually does and thinks shit like this. We’ve been having this fuck ass conversation since March 25, 2016 now and you’d think y'all would learn (or listen to Zayns own words) by now that Zayn isn’t going to do the vast “promo” you nut over.

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I feel like a lot of people who get upset over the color saturation of characters, the simple designs, and the gems not looking like alien monsters like to forget that it's a kid show.

I don’t see anything wrong with redesigning characters and taking a kid’s cartoon seriously if anything it’s recommended, I just find it ridiculous how people approach the way of doing it like “I’m going to SHIT in Rebecca Sucrose’s mailbox for not animating my superior Lapis redesign with 100000 gold freckles, tribal tattoos, and 12 fucking petticoats” 

Empty bottle of whisky | Jimin fluff

Originally posted by foreveryoongz

Anon said:  Could you do a bad boy/ playboy jimin fanfic of something like he’s trouble smokes drugs tattoos and gets in to fights etc. But the reader falls in love after a one night stand and wants to change him??? Thank you xx

I tried, i hope you like it love :3

You look to your side, the bruised brown haired boy still fast asleep. Park Jimin, neighbour and local trouble maker. It wasn’t the first time he came knocking on your door at 3 in the morning, but it was the first time you played along with his little plan. He still lived with his parents, making him unable to come home without getting in trouble after a night of partying, so you always ended up being his back up plan. Like usual he would sleep on your couch, letting him deal with his troublesome self himself. Only he was beaten up this time, cuts and bruises all over him. You weren’t heartless so you felt treating his wounds would be best.

“Did you like last night?” Jimin chuckles, suddenly awake.

He startles you, stopping you from staring at his bare chest. Yes you slept with him, and no you had no regrets. Besides being covered in tattoos, a smoker and a uncontrollable alcohol lover, he was a sweetheart. Always polite and caring towards you. And lord was he good looking.

“It was fine,” You lie, not wanting him teasing you about the fact it was one of the best nights of your life.

As you try to get out of bed he pulls you by your waist, pressing you against him, still naked. His breath still smelled like alcohol, making the concept less cute than it looked.

“You should go home before your parents start to worry,” You whisper, trying to not make eye contact with him.

“I practically live here, i’m sure they are aware i’m with you.”

“Maybe i should make you pay part of the rent then,” You chuckle, making a attempt to escape from his arms.

He laughs in response, only holding onto you tighter, making you blush. Your head was now resting on his chest, the smell of his sweaty body quickly noticable for you.

“You know i don’t have money, hence why i’m still with my parents,” He sighs, almost sounding sad.

“Maybe you should stop spending all of what you earn on alcohol and cigarettes then,” You reply, sure he would just tell you how stupid of an idea that was.

You watch him stare at the empty bottle of whisky standing on your nightstand. He took it with him from his night out, finishing the remaining of the liquid by himself.

“Do you really think i got a problem?” He whispers, turning his head back to you.

You look at him in shock, he did not protest against your statement? Usually he would laugh at you, making you look like and idiot.

“I do, but you must have a reason why you have such unhealthy habbits.”

He stays silent, only the sound of his heartbeat and his soft breathing keeping the room from being silent. One of his hands reaches up to your head, carefully playing with your hair as his other arm still wraps around your waist.

“Sorry for being such a pain, you are the only one who is willing to deal with me. I can’t wrap my brain around why you even are so nice to me.”

“Because you only are a pain when you get yourself in so much trouble, overal you aren’t a bad person at all.” You pause, contemplating what to say next, “I mean it when i say i care about you, if i didn’t you would be sleeping on the streets.”

You hear him softly chuckle, a set of lips suddenly pressing against your forehead, making you blush even harder.

“I started drinking to feel less lonely.”

“Liquid doesn’t talk back Jimin.”

“I know, but you do.”

Chills suddenly run over your body as he speaks, making you realise how many nights his drunk ass was sitting on your couch, rambling about how shitty he felt. You always assumed he was just saying such things because he was drunk, yet he wasn’t. He meant everything he said. The countless times he told you he loved you, loved you for sticking by his side. Loved you for taking care of him and treating him in a way he was longing for.

“(Y/N)? Does it hurt you, seeing me in the messed up ways i always show up here?”

“More than you could possibly imagine,” You reply, your voice slightly trembling.

He turns you on your back, hovering over you as he looks deep into your eyes.

“Can you help me stop?”

“Stop drinking and smoking?”

He nods, biting his bottom lip embarrased.

“Only if you promise you wont give up.”

He chuckles, lightly pecking your lips in response. The kiss quickly gets more passionate, his lips sucking onto yours as if he had been longing for them. His tongue dancing around yours, and the taste of his morning breath lingering underneath the still existing smell of alcohol. The kiss didn’t last long, but that didn’t make it less special.

“I promise (Y/N).”

This is so ridiculous but I’m going to go to a mall before work tomorrow (my shift starts at 11:30) because I just found out there’s a store there that’s selling metallic Canada 150 tattoos and it’s the way to unobtrusively represent at the festival I’ve been looking for but could only think of at 3am two days before I leave for some reason

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its fic anon again! yah unique stuff like that!! like weird aus, time travel, crossover, weird soulmate stuff? anything randomish/intriguing!!

Hey fic anon! I would highly recommend checking out SilentRain91. She has a few different Soulmate Tattoo type fanfics and they’re long and amazing. 

I would recommend Supergirl in Training by @wtfoctagon

Summary: Lena Luthor doesn’t plan to have any kids. Or to get married, even, really. After the revelation that she is actually of Luthor blood after all, she’s quite set on ending the family line with her and not taking the risk of any more drama.Then Lorelai L. Danvers crashes into her life, claiming to be her seventeen year old daughter from the future.

I would also recommend Days in a Lifetime by @stennnn06

Summary: They meet on a Friday, which is the perfect day for a life to change.

Fridays are always wrought with happy anticipation. They taste like freedom and have the unmistakable shimmer of potential. They’re deviations from the norm – a cheat day gift wrapped at the end of a hard week. They’re pizza parties and happy hours and staying out late. Even for Lena Luthor, a Friday is a more hopeful occasion than any other day in her little life.

I would also recommend An Emerald Will by @snidleyquiplash

Summary:  A mysterious new superhero named Green Lantern appears in National City. Unbeknownst to Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor is under the mask. Nothing will ever be the same for either woman.

I would also recommend Dawn of Justice by Supercat_123

Summary: It’s the founding of the Justice League on Earth 38 – a woman whose family name is loathed world-wide becomes one of the protectors of the universe and a woman who was on her way to becoming the fastest person alive joins the Maid of Might, the Last Son of Mars, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight to form the most powerful force for good that world has ever known.

That’s all I can think off of the top of my head. I haven’t read many fics lately to be honest. But those ones are amazing! Happy Reading :D 

I’ve had tattoos on the mind lately, so I designed one for myself, should I ever get the nerve to get one.

I love Pretty Cure so much and it means a lot to me, and if there’s anything I’d put on me its one of the things. So what I did here was combine the Cure Fleuret (5 GoGo), the Heartiel Baton (Max Heart) and the Cure Module (Suite) into one design, to represent my favourite seasons in the series (FW/Max Heart, 5/5 GoGo and Suite). This is totally tentative but I like how its come out.


Series: All For The Game
Main pairing: jerejean
Genre: soulmate AU, angst with a happy ending
Rating: T+
Type: series (½)
Read on: Ao3

Synopsis: In which bruises and scars from your soulmate appear on your skin, and Jeremy’s skin is a myriad of colored stains.

A.N: My piece for the @aftgexchange ​!!
@wesawbears ​ gave the prompt of a jerejean soulmate AU and…. This was the first thing that came to mind.
This is my first exchange as well as my first Foxhole Court fic, and I had a lot of fun with it. I hope you enjoy it!

The first soul mark appears three days after his 10th birthday.

The sun sets over the hills behind his house, bathing the valley in a dark orange glow that always leaves him breathless. He sits on the backyard swing his dad made for him three years ago, letting his toes dip low into the grass, scraping along the dirt beneath him.

He thinks that maybe his foot has fallen asleep when the static-feeling of losing circulation runs through his left foot. He shakes it out, as if hoping for it to go away, when a brown patch slowly creeping over his toes catches his eye.

He watches as it spreads over his last 3 toes, moving up the top of his foot a few inches. It looks like he’s stepped in mud, and he frowns a bit, wiggling his toes to make sure there’s still movement in them. Once he ensures that there is, he flies off of the swing, running toward the house.

He stumbles across the lawn, the tingling sensation in his foot still not fully gone. He hops into the kitchen on one foot, catching his mother before she carries the bowl of peas she’s holding into the dining room.

“Jeremy?” Her eyebrows pull together in concern at the look on his face, and the obvious way he holds his foot a bit off the ground as he limps to the kitchen table, dropping into a nearby chair. “What is it?”

“I don’t know,” he says, sticking out his foot. “I think it’s my soul mate?”

His mother drops the bowl, the peas scattering across the floor at her feet.

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Prompt 6 - Animal Soulmates

Jason is a grey wolf and the reader is a red fox.

This is really bad, I’m so sorry for butchering this great idea.

@somethins-gotta-give ​and I came up with this amazing idea, but I’m pretty sure I fucked it up!! So sorry!


You darted through the woods in your fox form, trying desperately to get away from the lion who had been chasing you. You had accidently stumbled upon the hungry cat when they were in the middle of their meal. You had run into wolf territory, trying to deter the big cat, but they just kept chasing you. You burst out of the tree line and into a large clearing where a whole pack of wolves was resting.

Intruder” you duck down as the smallest wolf stands up, teeth bared.

Please, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get away from…

Suddenly the lion bursts out of the trees, snarling. The creature is completely rabid, he hasn’t been human in a long time. The two largest wolves stepped forward growling at the cat. The lion didn’t have the common sense to flee in the face of an entire pack of wolves. The largest wolf was the one who attacked the lion, the fight was quick and bloody. The wolf clawed the lion across the face, blinding it, and then the lion fled.

You look up at the second largest wolf, who was standing over you. For some reason you felt safe with him, you crawled forward until you were underneath him, curling up tightly, trying to hide from the rest of his pack.

Hello, my name is Y/N

You could hear the large wolf let out a husky chuckle, “Hello, Y/N. I’m Jason

Thank you for helping me” you whisper, “I will leave now, I’m really sorry for intruding” But when you stood up to leave Jason grabbed you by the scruff of the neck and picked you up, “What are you doing?!?

Jason, let her go” the alpha growled.

Sorry Bruce, but I think I want to keep her

Bruce growled, “I want everyone to shift right now

All of the wolves obeyed, even Jason, but you were scared. You could feel the connection that you already have with Jason, he was your soulmate, and you knew that he could feel it too. Your souls were trying to merge, had already formed a fragile bond.

Instead of obeying the alphas command you twist around and snap at Jason, not really making contact, but getting close enough to startle. He drops you and you take off back into the woods. You can hear shouting and a small scuffle from the clearing, but you didn’t hear anyone follow you. With a sigh you begin the long journey to you apartment back in Gotham.


You shifted back into your human form when you got back to the apartment. Immediately you went into your bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror.

“You know, this really doesn’t do him any justice” you murmur, gently running your hand over the tattoo that takes up the majority of your leg.

Everyone has a tattoo of their soulmates animal form somewhere on their body. Yours was a huge black wolf with a white patch a fur on his forehead, just like Jason in real life. When you were younger you had always been excited to finally meet your mate, to live happily ever after. But then when you were a teenager, the tattoo faded, your mate had died. Immediately your health also began to fail, people believed that soulmates were actually one soul always looking for its other half, and when one half died, the other was soon to follow. You were dying without ever having known the one who was killing you, suddenly a month or so later you got better. The color went back into the tattoo, now with the white mark on its head.

“That really wasn’t the way I wanted to meet my miracle mate! He was so hot! He would never go for someone like me!!”

“I thought foxes were supposed to be clever”

You scream when you heard Jason talk. Diving for the covers, trying to hide your naked body from your mate.

“Don’t worry! I didn’t see anything” he calls from around the corner of your bedroom door.

“How did you even get in here?! How did you find me?!?”

“I followed you of course”

“I didn’t even hear you!” You scramble for cloths, grabbing your pajamas from the night before. You storm out into your living room to face your soulmate.

Jason’s face breaks into a huge grin when he sees what you are wearing. “So you like the Red Hood, huh?”

You blush, “He’s hot, what can I say“

Jason chuckled, “I’m sorry I scared you, but you fucking ran away!! I couldn’t just let you leave!”

You sigh softly, “Fine, time for a proper introduction! I’m Y/N, this is my apartment, and you are kinda creepy! I mean really you could have just knocked on the door!!”

Jason shakes your hand, “I’m Jason, you are really hard o track when you don’t want to be found, and I really am sorry for scaring you. Will you go on a date with me?”

You burst out laughing, “Yeah, definitely!”

The smile that Jason gives you makes his entire face light up, it makes him look so much younger. “Great!!” He glances at the time and groans, “I didn’t realize that it was so late”

“You can stay here for the night if you want” You already felt like you could trust this man, you could feel your souls growing more attached.

You were really grateful that your wolf had been stupid enough to stumble upon a rabid lion. As you curl up in bed with your mate you can feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul. feel both of your animals practically purring in delight. You had found your mate, you had found the other half of your soul.

You could tell that Jason had secrets, there were parts of him full of insecurity and anger, but the two of you would work through everything. You would have no secrets between the two of you, but that was a concern for another time, right now you were just going to enjoy being with the man you would grow to love.

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it's hilarious how badly you wanna be jenxtonic LMFAO getting a bunch of tattoo's like her, bleaching your hair white, using same filters on ig, posing the exact same in selfies, lmao be yourself queen.

uhh I like her, but I don’t think I’m doing anything like her lmao worry about yourself, queen.

edit: “imagine thinking jenxtonic created bleached hair and tattoos, yikes” lmaoo @jackscandies

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Do you think the whole division between augmented individuals and those who are pure human that was in Deus Ex will end up being a prediction of the future for when technology in real life goes in that direction?

I think it will be opposite of what happened in Deus Ex.

I think that it will start off as something looked down upon, for various reasons.  Moral, ethical, religious, etc.  People who get augmentations willingly, rather than those that need it, will be treated like outcasts.  

Simple human behavior and the idea of transhumanist shock.  People dislike things that are different than them and the older you are the harder it is to accept new fads like body modding.  Then you have transhumanist shock, a concept that humanity might look at augmented people with fear, out of a sort of existential dread that ‘normal’ people are no longer on the top of the food chain.

Eventually, like tattoos, piercing and body modding, the younger generation that is okay with it will overtake the naysayers.  During this transition, augmentation will be seen as something positive in some fields.  Military, construction, police work, etc.

Finally, you’ll have public opinion shift.  You’ll have the majority accept augmentation, those who disagree with it but accept its a personal choice, and the hardcore anti-aug stance.

When this happens, you’re going to see a change.  Suddenly, augs will be getting preference for jobs because they can do things others can’t.  Anything that requires interfacing with computers for long periods of time, anything with fine motor skill requirements, anything with good eyesight, anything that requires heavy physical labor.

Eventually, you’ll end up seeing legislation being put in place to protect non-augmented people.

What the hell can you get tattooed on an elbow that isn’t a spiderweb or mandala because those are both things I’m not going to permanently place on my body, one because I hate spiders and two because I’m not bout’ to appropriate culture..