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idk how you can outright point out the sexual refs in Colors and seriously believe that you somehow turned the song platonic Theres nothing you can do to a line like "i only felt religion when i lied with you" to make it platonic. How can you turn a songs meaning around when the writer themselves has said its romantic anyways? I get interpretation, but when you use a clearly romantic song for a familial relationship... u can say it's platonic all u want but it doesnt change the songs meaning

lol omg ok so have you even seen the comic my guy

i didnt say i made the song platonic, the point i was trying to make was that even with those lyrics i managed to make the comic platonic. the song is what it is i cant change shit about it. the reason why i chose it in the first place was that there was still enough for me to work with that those lines weren’t an issue or distraction to the story i was telling with the comic. im not gonna choose some mushy kissykissy love song to draw to, im not stupid.

anyway, you asked how i could possibly change the meaning?? easy, use the picture. its a lyric comic, i cant tell my story with the words alone, the words by themselves tell their own story, thats what songs do. to tell my story i need to have my pictures morph the song to my liking. i’ll tell you what i did with those lines and my thinking behind them oh, curious little anon.

so! the first “issue” verse:

  • You were a vision in the morning when the light came through– for this line i drew stan during his first tour, trying to show that by pretending to be ford/ the owner of the shack, stan finally found something he was good at, a “light”
  • I know I’ve only felt religion when i’ve lied with you– the line you mentioned, congrats! i drew a background of the welcome signs to the shack. with the combination of the shack and the lyric i was trying to imply that stan only found happiness by lying to everyone. see? that wasnt so hard.
  • You said you’ll never be forgiven till your boys are too– tried to show stans effort of trying to get ford back, drew a stack of books to imply his studying, there’s also his newspaper clipping of his “death” as well as a faded picture of the stans as kids (plus a stanbuck and mystery mug). i used this picture-lyric combo to imply stan being completely unable to forgive himself until he found a way to fix what he’d done i.e. get ford back
  • And I’m still waking every morning but it’s not with you– hammer in stans effort, time skip to old stan passed out over the lab desk, implying the 30 years stans gone with no success. literally he wakes up every morning and its another day that ford isnt back.

and finally the second “issue” verse:

  • You were red, and you liked me because I was blue– start of a flash back sequence, stan and ford as kids. they were complete opposites but thats what they liked about each other, two halves of the same whole.
  • But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky– i drew the boat, the single most important object to their childhood that changed the course of their whole lives. it became stan and fords shared interest and dream throughout their childhood.
  • Then you decided purple just wasn’t for you– drew a lone stan after being kicked out. ford wanted to go to school, stan still wanted to leave on the boat. at the end of it all stan still had that dream, fords dream had changed, and their now separate desires drove them away from each other.

and thats how you change the meanings.
some lines are easier than others, but just because these verses on their own tell a vastly different story that doesnt mean i cant use their words to help tell minethats how you draw a lyric comic. and thus, i made halseys romantic song tell my platonic story. ta da~

oh and heres the comic, since this ask clearly tells me you’ve yet to see it. ignore the misuse of the word “seems” instead of “seams”, i fucked up and its too late

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gimme ur best moreid headcanons i'm in a mood too

  • Morgan and Reid both getting into Game of Thrones but Reid speaks through out the ENTIRE thing both on historical facts and book facts
  • Meanwhile Morgan claps his hands and talks to the tv “Don’t do it, omg ARYA” and Reid literally guesses what happens next
  • Reid hates being late to anything and gets very annoyed because Morgan always dances on that line of being right on time or late
  • Reid sits through Morgan’s night games and lays his head on his lap while Morgan drinks a beer 
  • Reid helps Morgan build fantasy football teams that actually rock because Reid is very good at guessing who’s going to be having a good season that year
  • Morgan has a great sense of smell and notices small changes, like if Reid uses a new hair product or changes cologne. 
  • Morgan is the romantic, clingy sap while Reid is a bit more demanding and “shy” to PDA
  • They have healthy banter about where to eat and directions
  • Morgan will literally do anything Reid says even if he knows its dumb 
  • R; “Try prying open the Elevator!” 
  • (logically not possible)
  • M: “Sure, ok”  

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can we jus address the fact that chibita is like up to karas chest in that hachamecha card like,,,, hes so tiney he could conceivably cling to karas back the way a baby koala clings to its mother at that height and im giggling like a maroon abt it

romantic fuckin piggyback rides

psa in a regular friendship you don’t priorities your friends more than you priorities your significant others so when you’re watching a female character prioritiesing her close female friend over her romantic/sexual partner(s) they are not simply friends they would fall anywhere from queerplatonic to homoromantic to gay because they are eachothers significant others so straight ppl please stop shouting “why can’t women be just friends?!?!” because they can its just that these two are not

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can I have some cute fluff with todoroki and a female s/o who he just started dating?? what would things be like for them?? awkward? casual? romantic? idk if this makes any sense, sorry! it's so nice to see a new bnha imagines blog :))))

I decided to write their first date if that’s alright with you! I hope you like it!

Word Count: 799

Todoroki could barely hear the bustle of the people inside the café over how loud his heart was beating in his eardrums. His mind had kept going back to that day he had finally pulled her aside and admitted he had held feeling for her… for a while. He remembered how hot his cheeks were, the shocked expression on her face, but more importantly, the smile on both their faces when she admitted that she had also been staring at him a little longer, more longingly, than before.

The sound of the chair being dragged suddenly pulled him back to reality, making him finally sit upright and smile softly at the girl plopping herself in front of him.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, Shōto,” she gasped as she tried to catch her breath. Her cheeks were a little red, but Todoroki couldn’t quite tell if it was because of her running or because they were on their first date. “I swear… The subway is always on time except when I have an important date—” She cut herself short as both of their blushes grew on their faces.

“It’s alright, I haven’t been waiting long,” he assured her as he watched her struggle to take off her jacket and purse. She wasn’t always like that, and he, for sure, wasn’t always plagued with a bad butterfly infestation. “Here… order anything you want. I’ll pay for it.” He stiffly handed her the menu as soon as he saw she was done struggling.

They both stared at their menus in completely stiff and unnatural silence, even if this wasn’t the first time they had been alone together. Yet, this was the first time when they had been alone together as more than friends. Maybe it would have been easier if Todoroki hadn’t chosen one of those cafés dedicated exclusively to couples; all sorts of cutesy-named ice creams, cakes, and drinks smiled up at them, reminding them even more painfully of their current situation. But he had figured that’s where couples went, right?

“Um… Why don’t we order this?” She made a weak attempt to break the silence as she pointed at one of the heart-themed ice cream sundaes, and Todoroki nodded his head in agreement, blue and grey eyes avoiding hers. The silence settled in again, only to be broken twice by the waiter taking and bringing their order. The strawberry and raspberry ice cream treat was placed between them, topped with two shiny spoons. It was kind of ironic how sweet the dessert was when their date was going so miserably sour.

“[Y/N]…. Maybe…” He thought his words carefully, “maybe this wasn’t my best idea.” She raised her head, her eyes finally meeting his, “maybe we should go back to just being friends?”

Her jaw dropped. “Woah, woah—where is this coming from all of a sudden?!”

“I was just thinking that… I liked us better when we could easily talk and joke around,” Todoroki admitted, his eyes conveying just how serious he was. “I really like you, but I don’t want to make you be like this.” He added with a weak smile.

“Well, if I can add my two cents,” she said as she folded her arms on the table in front of her, “I really like you, too, and I don’t think it’s you that is making both of us act this way.” She went silent as she thought her words carefully. The future of their relationship was placed wholly on the next words that came out of her mouth. “I think it’s this that is making us be so awkward,” she gestured to the dessert. “I think we are trying too hard, going in too fast.” She took one of the spoons from the treat, “this isn’t us quite yet, but… I think we can get there. I promise I’ll do my best to get us there without losing who we were as friends.” She flashed him a bright smile before she finally took a bite from the sweet ice cream.

Todoroki’s eyes went wide and cheeks flushed. His stomach slowly settled back down, “… I think I can promise that, too…” He said softly as he took the other spoon from the ice cream. “Alright, let’s go at our pace then.” A soft smile spread on his lips as he took a bite from the sugary treat.

The smile on her face only grew wider. “Perfect! Now, tell me, why did you even decide on such a cliché place? This is so not you,” she said in her usual cheery tone.

Their quiet but constant fit right into the chorus of other happy conversations happening in the café, and only retired once the ice cream was completely done, following two figures whose fingers were interlocked.

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Since you mentioned pre-relationship Peter ;) AHEM, SO,, our soft boy was so head over heels for you that he literally couldn't contain it and would talk nonstop about you to literally anyone who would listen?? Like Aunt May practically knew everything about you before you two met, Ned the poor boy had to watch his lovestruck friend pine constantly, and half of Queens knows you as Spider-Man's anonymous one true love. Like he'd just ramble on to complete strangers about you,, •Ari•


  • peter fucking is the king of pining
  • he’s such a hopeless romantic 
  • like he didn’t even have to get to know you that well 
  • he saw you and suddenly his heart shouldn’t be beating this fast and his hands shouldn’t be shaking like this 
  • but oh my god just look at her 
  • and when you did something small & nice for like lend him a pen?? or help him pick up his books? 
  • peter swore he was in love with you 
  • poor ned, the kid knew more about you than he knew about liz which was really fucking saying something
  • because peter is such a rambling dork who can’t shut up about his crush 
  • and when ned found out you two weren’t even friends
  • he had such a “peter what the fuck” moment  
  • so he marched right up to you during lunch and was like hey, do you wanna come sit with me and peter? 
  • peter was behind him, almost ripping his hair like ned what are you DOING
  • peter as in the cute kid who stammered adorably when lent him a pen & clumsily dropped his book?? 
  • of course you already had a crush on him 
  • so of course you jumped on the opportunity with a smile that made peter weak at the knees
  • and after you became friends? 
  • peter was even fucking worse with his dorkish and cute rambling about you 
  • one time he was talking to ned in a cafe and the waitress interrupted saying, “you and you’re girlfriend sound like a cute couple,” 
  • peter just blushed- partly at the comment, the other at the thought of you two being together
  • “oh-uh, er, no s-she’s not my girlfriend.” 
  • yet
  • basically he was in love from the moment he laid eyes on you 
  • and yes it means when he’s on spidey duty, he always swings by your apartment like every half hour 
  • just to check in on his love 

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Hey! I'm curious about something. I was watching season 3 and do you know if 'Baby Fever' and 'Jackie Bags Hyde' were filmed in order? Just 'cause Hyde goes from friendly and supportive of Jackie to antagonistic and keeping her at arms length quite quickly and I wasn't sure if that was intended or not. Not expecting you to you know but if you have any insight I'd love to hear it! ☺️thanks


“Baby Fever” was the seventh season 3 episode to air, but its production number marks it as the sixth episode of the season, which likely means its original place in the story is even earlier.

That being said, Hyde’s support of Jackie in “Baby Fever” doesn’t conflict with his attitude toward her in “Jackie Bags Hyde”. In “Baby Fever,” she doesn’t invade his boundaries. She’s not pursuing him romantically. Starting in “Kelso’s Serenade,” Hyde is clearly on her side regarding her breakup with Kelso and is very supportive and protective of her when Kelso lets Laurie do his dirty work for him (i.e. burn Jackie). So him defending Jackie after she wrecks Kelso’s van is consistent.

But whenever Jackie asks more of Hyde than he can – or is willing to – give, that’s when he gets protective of himself. In “Jackie Bags Hyde,” she wants him to manufacture romantic feelings for her that (he believes) just aren’t there. This doesn’t mean he won’t support her against someone trying to hurt her, and that’s exactly what he does in the same episode when Chip makes his lack of respect and intentions toward Jackie clear. 

So in the early seasons, Hyde tries to keep Jackie at arm’s length whenever she disregards his boundaries, and he (metaphorically) puts his arms around her whenever she needs his friendship, support, or protection.


Naruto Week 2017 // Day Seven
             Free Day // “No matter how far away you are, we will always be under the same sun, moon, and stars.”

the thought of lance and keith becoming best friends by the end of voltron is what keeps me going

you know those people who are just luminous, like they’re so beautiful and everything they do is endearing and all you can do is stare and hope that some of their light hits you someday. maybe it’s not even romantic but they’re just such people, they’re humans, and they’re so beautiful that you cannot make yourself look away

a non-comprehensive list of my fave sheith things 

  • keith, within 0.2 seconds of entering a room: where’s shiro?
  • the “it’s good to have you back”/ “it’s good to be back” callback in s2
    • i don’t necessarily think this was their first interaction after being reunited in s1 (like presumably keith gave shiro clothes to change into etc. before this exchange) but i love that they both remembered & referenced it in s2 
  • the fact that keith’s very first scene involves him tenderly touching shiro’s face 
  • how adamant keith is about shiro being the One True Black Paladin™ (”you mean your bayard”) 
  • shiro’s complete and utter faith in keith’s abilities as a pilot / leader:
    • sending keith to chase rolo through the asteroid belt 
    • having keith pilot them to the BOM headquarters, which is located between two black holes (bonus: the way he’s 100% certain keith can get them back on course when one of the black holes starts drawing them in)
    • supporting keith in infiltrating zarkon’s ship despite it being dangerous bc his trust in keith outweighs everything
  • the way keith always rushes to shiro’s defense when he’s incapacitated / out of commission 
  • “at this moment, your friend desperately wants to see you” 
  • the way shiro, who is generally very controlled in his actions, feels comfortable enough to relinquish that control a little and drop his ~leader facade when it’s just him and keith
  • just overall how soft they are with each other, both in terms of tone of voice & expression 
  • The Hug™

feel free to reply/reblog with more! 


The War Boys call him “lucky,” to be favored by the Imperator.

The Sisters call him her “support/partner.”

Furiosa calls him “reliable.”

Max thinks the correct term they’re looking for is “furniture.”

But all things considered, he’s been used for worse before. He doesn’t mind being of use to Furiosa.

I said I wanted to draw a series of doodles of Furiosa using Max as various forms of furniture mostly to lean upon…and him making bemused grumpy faces.

The Throne is especially for bonehandledknife 

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything