its not like he even needed to

if they were saying liams was gonna be the next jt or usher i would be freaking out for him too ??? do people understand that this is unnecessary pressure on harry ??? its like now if the song isn’t good enough the world is gonna eat him alive and thats freaking me out they need to let him show us who he wants to be instead of automatically having this high level thought about him before we even listen to anything like if you would’ve told me last year louis would have a edm record i wouldnt believe you lol but he does and its amazing, they need to just let this happen if its going to happen and let him show us who he wants to be as a artist thats not being negative thats ME WANTING HARRY TO HAVE HIS VOICE AND HAVE CONTROL OF WHAT HE WANTS FOR ONCE INSTEAD OF EVERYONE SPEAKING FOR HIM.

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Did anyone ever actually take Fukuyama seriously? He's been a punchline for as long as I can remember but I'm young and have a short memory.

Yeah like The End of History and the Last Man came out in 1992 and you can imagine how the climate in the 1990s might be more receptive to the notion that American style liberal democracy represented the “final evolution” of things.

Like he’s most famous for that silly-ass prophecy but I wouldnt call him a full-blown idiot even if I disagree with him on most things. I remember watching a video of a talk he gave where during the Q&A portion someone came up and asked if he thought Islam needed its own Protestant Reformation to emphasize reason against fundamentalism and Fukuyama did a pretty good shutdown of that idea (at one point he was like “Uh, you do realize that it was Luther and Calvin that said faith should be fully supreme over reason?”)

Whoopsie i fell and avatar au’ed lance and fukcing going thro that that tag breaths so much life into holy fuc

also let me throw some headcanons ur way

-lance coming from a family of mainly either earthbenders or non-benders

    -poor lance is the only water bender 

    -lives in the earth kingdom!

    -mom is non-bender, step dad is earthbender, biological father is a waterbender!

-Wasnt very good at waterbending cause duh living in the earth kingdom lel not much water to mess around with 

-after meeting the rest of the team, he starts practicing waterbending with shiro (hes teh avatar) 

-looooves to dump water on keiths head

   -says its to “Fix that stupid mullet hair” of his

-Learns How to use healing water very easily ^^

    -Constantly heals everyone (even the smol dumb things like paper cuts)

    -brags about it to in the beginning 

    -”Lance stop wasting the water, you need to save that for when someone actually gets hurt”

    -”But shiro, papercuts suck and i didnt want hunk to die “

-I’d like to think he has a potential to master bloodbending but its too fucking scary for him and so he refuses to learn it >< 

     -i did have an idea where what if he did use it to help save someone >< like the bleeding was to much so he just sneaky-ly bloodbends to stop the bleeding and then switches to healing before anyone can ask/see >< 

idk caring/loving lance kills me and it slipped into this >< hes my son okay (also that outfit is not his official one i just went with something basic for now ^^ i’ll come up with something better later . 3. )

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I really like following you, but you have the worst habit of reblogging sourceless drama. Like the butch thing. Who cares what the canon fact is. Of course its canon he's not trans, it was a show for kids that aired in the early 2000's, with no attempts to be political. Why does that need to even affect a headcanon? Headcanon whatever the fuck you want. Ship whatever the fuck you want. There's no reason to get mad at Butch, especially with sourceless accusations like "He's a trump supporter"

The sourceless thing is definitely a fair point, I tend to get caught up in the emotion of the moment when I get mad. So totally fair calling my shit out on that.

However it’s not the fact that it’s “not canon” that he’s trans, you and I and the Phandom all know the intention of Butch was for Danny to be cis and straight. (Side note: being trans isn’t political? It’s just kind of a thing. A gender thing but just a thing, nonetheless. That’s similar to all these people saying making a black lead is “progressive” and “SJW”-y, not that you’re like that but it just kinda stems from a similar mindset if that makes sense)

The issue lies with Butch literally digging up year old dirt to make sure the Phandom knows factually that it is debunked because he, a grown adult who has made 4 shows at this point, couldn’t let it go that people thought this or that about his characters.

Someone asked him about it a YEAR ago, and then he debunked it with the shirt thing. Fair enough. Totally fine. I mean not fine but unfortunately expected. But then a YEAR LATER, he decides to bring it up again solely for the fact to hammer it in? Like why was he… so hung up on it that he needs to bring up “HEY DANNY WEARS THIS SHIRT CAUSE HE SUNBURNS? Y’ALL REMEMBER?” That’s the issue right now.

(Also the Trump thing has been pointed out to me in a previous answered ask, but that was not the only point of that post, and I actually questioned the validity of the Trump thing myself in the tags. But again, I can understand why I shouldn’t reblog a post if it states some unfounded thing amongst others as fact when said thing may or may not be true.)

All in all, people are still gonna do what they want. People are gonna headcanon Danny as trans or Sam as a lesbian or ghosts as real people even when it goes against Word of God. That happens with all things in all fandoms.

The kicker is when creators will literally descend from above with such a stronghold on their public creations that even something going against them slightly, they have to make sure “These characters aren’t this”. That’s the real issue. And that’s why people are mad.

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what if there was a strain and munakata became attracted to sarus hair?

So say this is post-ROK and everyone’s out chasing a Strain whose power makes you become attracted to the first thing you see. Munakata’s come along to supervise even though he doesn’t have King-level powers anymore and can be affected by Strain powers because this Strain has eluded capture a few times and Munakata decides that he needs to personally oversee the operation, especially after Doumyouji became attracted to a traffic light. Fushimi’s almost managed to corner the Strain when suddenly it attacks him with its power and Munakata jumps in the way, pushing Fushimi to safety and getting hit by the power instead. When he opens his eyes he’s lying mostly on top of a very grumbly Fushimi who doesn’t even realize that Munakata took the hit for him. Munakata just smiles like ‘My apologies, Fushimi-kun…’ suddenly trailing off as he finds himself with Fushimi’s hair right in front of his face and the world seems to turn to soft focus in front of him as he gazes in wonder upon those gorgeous silky locks.

A moment later Fushimi looks up and asks what the hell Munakata’s looking at and to get off of him already. Munakata just reaches out to stroke Fushimi’s magnificent hair while Fushimi stares at him wondering what the hell is going on. Akiyama tells Fushimi that Munakata got hit by the Strain power and Fushimi groans thinking that now Munakata is in love with him (and maybe a small part of him is not terribly worried by this idea though, like they’ve been getting closer lately and Fushimi knows that Munakata wants a relationship but is taking it slow for Fushimi’s sake and Fushimi’s been feeling irritated about that so now he figures at least Munakata won’t be holding back because of stupid shit like what he thinks Fushimi wants). Fushimi tries to grab Munakata by the arm to drag him back to headquarters where he can be lovesick at Fushimi in private but Munakata pulls away, saying that he is fine and they must continue the pursuit. As he speaks Munakata runs a hand through Fushimi’s hair again and Fushimi’s just like okay whatever stop touching me. Munakata just stares at him with adoring eyes, stroking his hair over and over and maybe Fushimi finds his face getting a little red as he looks away and mutters that Munakata can cut it out already. Munakata disagrees, it’s simply that he’s fascinated now and he suddenly feels as though there’s a truth he must admit. He’s in love with Fushimi…’s hair. Fushimi and the alphabet squad share a collective whut.

So for the rest of the day Munakata is very concerned for Fushimi’s hair. Not Fushimi himself, just his hair. When it becomes clear the Strain has escaped they all go back to headquarters and maybe it’s kind of a windy day and Doumyouji keeps opening all the windows in the van because it’s stuffy (and this way he can get a better view of Traffic Light-sama and maybe she’ll notice him this time). Except the wind is messing up Fushimi’s carefully styled messy hair and Munakata is extremely concerned about this, offering Fushimi all manner of important hair tips as he runs his hands adoringly through Fushimi’s silky locks. At one point Munakata requests to be allowed to wash Fushimi’s hair, Fushimi’s ready to be like no fucking way but Awashima glares at him and tells him to indulge the Captain, the power will wear off eventually but in the meantime Munakata can’t help it. Fushimi ends up slumped on a bucket in the bathroom as Munakata cheerfully washes his hair, running his fingers through the wet soapy locks and Fushimi feels vaguely like he’s being a third party to something intimate that he doesn’t want to be around for (just imagine Munakata sparkling and humming to himself as Fushimi sits there thinking over and over again about how much he wants to go back to his dorm). Munakata also decides to use his own shampoo instead of Fushimi’s usual cheap stuff and now Fushimi’s hair is silkier and sparklier than it’s ever been, people who weren’t hit by the Strain are captivated by it. Eventually Fushimi manages to get away from Munakata so he can go to bed but the next morning as soon as he wakes up Munakata is somehow there waiting for him (Fushimi just wonders if Munakata was waiting at his door all night, because if so that’s creepy) offering to help style Fushimi’s hair. Except he directs this question to the hair as if it can answer and Fushimi has suddenly discovered that the only thing more annoying than being doted on by Munakata is having his hair doted on by Munakata.

“Don’t move! Yes, yes. That’s perfect, Nico. Hold that pose.”

Older Nico di Angelo commission for KelseyAh! I’m so happy I got to draw my boy, The Underworld Prince. Look at him, so clueless lol. Redbubble


Wes Gibbins deserved better.

Listen, listen. The fact Eliot Spencer’s response to Parker being upset and asking if they could kill the guy who upset her was a shrug and, “Yeah. I mean, I could.” will never, ever not be important to me.

problematic fave yet again

One of the most infuriating things about how Drew Tanaka was written is that she wasn’t even a well written evil character. She was so utterly 2-dimensional whereas in tlo the side characters like Ethan were given far more complex stories and it differed from the other antagonists in the series. Hell even Octavian was given an even more complex background. Like Drew was literally just described as shallow and that was supposed to convey how truly evil she was smh (sounds like every other /evil/ female character in books, truly original)


The touch of another person’s hands.

Hands that wrap us in warmth, that hold us close. Hands that guide us to shelter, to comfort. Hands that hold and touch and reassure us through crisis. The first thing we ever learn is that the touch of someone else’s hand can ease pain and make things better. 


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

Please picture Shiro refusing to ever break down or show that he’s suffering in front of his team, because he’s told himself over and over again that he needs to be strong for them, that he can never show weakness, because he has to be their foundation, their unbreakable unshakable leader.

Imagine all of that stubbornness and resilience falling apart the second Matt pulls him into his arms and whispers into Shiro’s ear that it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be scared, that it’s okay to not be okay. Because Matt isn’t Team Voltron, Matt isn’t Altean royalty, Matt is just Matt, and Matt has suffered just as much as Shiro has if not more, and Matt knows, Matt knows.

Please picture Shiro refusing to break until Matt is there to hold him, until Matt is there there to tell him it’s okay, and then he just buries his face into Matt’s bony (too bony too thin) shoulder and just lets it all go and finally shatters.

Please picturing Matt being the one to help Shiro break, and then being the one to help put him back together.

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how right before Jason et al barge into the room and start preparing for the bar mitzvah, the very second before that door opens, Whizzer was getting ready to give up. He was literally just about to lay down and die, but then his family showed up and he put on a brave face instead. He didn’t ask them to leave, he didn’t ask for a minute or tell them he wasn’t up for a bar mitzvah or for anything else. He just smiled and lasted as long as he could before quietly slipping away and if that’s not love I don’t know what is.

i love adam parrish, a smart engineer who avidly volunteers with children and drinks luxurious drinks at cafes just because they taste good and he can