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Can i ask how you go about painting your backgrounds?? They always look so nice and I end up staring at them bc W O W

AWAWA!! THANK U ANON!!!! i actually struggle a LOT w/ bgs thats why most of my artwork doesnt have them.. but im trying to change that…


im no expert in these sorts of things, but i was fortunate enough to be mentored by @snatti who helped me with backgrounds and color theory (PLS GO SUPPORT HIS PATREON HES AMAZING BTW)

there are just some principles you have to keep in mind when painting backgrounds. i always focus on controlling value first and then laying down colors afterwards. ill use these two examples of my artwork to explain. the first is my most recent background piece of lillie from pokemon and the second is my first homework assignment i did with atey during my mentorship

its crucial to control your values since it helps create depth in your artwork and distinguish objects. 

i think there was around 3-4 months between these artworks? you can tell the bottom artwork looks very flat compared to the one on top.

when painting in photoshop, i like creating a new adjustment layer thats just black and white atop of all of my colors to help me see what i need to highlight or darken in terms of values. 

next is color theory AND I STILL STRUGGLE A LOT WITH THIS but ill try my best to explain my thought process??

from hindsight, we identify things by its immediate color as they are portrayed, so when we think of apples we immediately say ITS RED or when we think of trees and grass, we say ITS GREEN. with color theory, lighting, and etc coming into play, we have to change the colors a bit in order for it to make sense and appear realistic. 

here is an example. the colors here are too saturated, wrong values, and do not harmonize well with each other to create a realistic landscape. when we add source of light, times of days, it changes the colors.

lets pretend the time of this piece is somewhere in the morning.. 10am? i changed the color of the sky to be less green and more blue. same goes with the grass also. usually shadows or anything receding will be a cool color.

lets take a look at value again too: 

nice  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

majority of the colors are warmer now because of the sunset (same with the shadows too)? 5pm-6pm? the grass is no longer green, but rather a muted brown, but you still know its grass.

although one thing that will REALLY REALLY REALLY help is painting from life. painting from the top of your head might be more difficult, but if you observe the way colors work and your surroundings, it will help you immensely.

hope this helps :’3 and sorry for the long post…


bow needs to all talk about and apologize for all of the shit she did to both of them because it would be unhealthy for all of them to just get together without resolving any of the shit that happened

important things the death note movie is missing:
•that part where Light washes L’s feet
•"I’ll take a potato chip… and eat it"
•the whole Shinigami eye deal thing
•any interaction between L and Light at all, like even a little bit
•the color red
•a Japanese death metal band calling me “fucker”
•heart attacks
•eating entire apples including the core
•Misa standing in the cake
•"I can’t live in a world without Light" “yes that would be dark”
•that part where Light hugs Misa and she gasps and it replays 3 times from different angles
•evil laughing

things it did include:
•that green ice cream cone from like episode 3

my biggest pet peeve ever is when you express a casual disliking towards something benign like a band, celebrity, or TV show, and a bunch of people hop in and hound on you as if you’ve besmirched the name of god himself


Because the world is scary as hell but it’s a good place and worth fighting for — here’s to growing up, getting out, and getting things done. {listen}

01. foster the people - fire escape | 02. the avett brothers - the perfect space | 03. kaleo - save yourself | 04. simon & garfunkel - america | 05. jon brion - here we go | 06. the mountain goats - up the wolves | 07. fiona apple - extraordinary machine |  08. the zombies - this will be our year | 09. modest mouse - float on | 10. tame impala - yes i’m changing | 11. wolf alice - bros | 12. motion city soundtrack - everything is alright | 13. sufjan stevens - age of adz | 14. lcd soundsystem - all my friends

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What does Kenma like to do when he's in a bad mood?

Other than gaming and Apple Pies, Kenma likes to lie down (on bed or couch) and pick a book to start reading to distract himself from his annoyance. When he’s all calm down, he’d try to analyse the source of his bad mood and what he can do to get over it. He usually keeps things bottled up, though he’s been trying to open up more in recent years thanks to his (very loud and emotive) friends.

But boi, that 0.5 sec of soukoku from the PV  just kinda hints on that Chuuya used to wear gangsta/angsty/ rebel clothing in dark era  while the anime and the visuals from the dark era novel says something else, i mean i am not complaining or anything, i am happy either way my lord dresses cuz he can pull off anything. But does that mean chuuya started to wear his current outfits when he was paired with dazai in mafia? or that outfit he wore in pv was something that mori gave him along with Dazai’s coat and then when Dazai left he finally got a chance to throw them away and then  started to wear his current ones like how Dazai threw his coat away? 

WE DONT KNOW YET BUT IF ANYTHING HE IS STILL ON A BIKE OK? (lmao i mean he can probably just sit and smoke on a broken bicycle and that broken bicycle will look hot af. guess who is my fav character after Chuuya and Dazai? its that pink bike that chuuya rode.)

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I so love your villain!Izuku, dude. Your design of his costume is really creative. But I also have many questions. Did Midori quit from Academia or was he villain all this time? Where is his ability came from?

in my version of the villain AU midoryia decides to run away from home shortly after the sludge villain incident, he was able to find a good shelter in an abandoned train cargo cart and he has made it his home. however food and water is always an issue, so he starts stealing, just small things at first like apples from outdoor stands and the like. its not until another small thief asks him to help rob a convince store that he starts to get more known in villain circles,  and after a couple of heists some more ambitions then others does he get noticed for his skills as a tactician, and thus his life as a tactician and hero info broker begins.

to answer your other question. midoryia never gets one for all so he is still quirkless.

i hope that this answers atleast some of your questions

I once dreamed...

… That I was Magnús Scheving.

And the only thing I remember about the dream was this:

*Have to do something very important - like, saving the world important*
*Apples on kitchen counter*
*desperately wants to eat one*
Me (as Magnús): -sweats- Not now Magnús… There are more important things to do… 
*resists eating apples with all of my being*
*Goes into a livingroom*
*immediately starts doing push-ups*

Which, I might add, had nothing to with saving the world.

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apparently bh removed all bts song from apple music & spotify?? it's still showing on my apple music but im scared it's gon go

This thing is weird, being an ARMY this just sounds like something planned?

BigHit removed some of @BTS_twt discography on Spotify/Apple Music/Google Play. So that they can drop Love Yourself Her and let it get ALL the attention? People will also only play their comeback songs this way maybe, again BigSnake is smart. 

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does any Homestuck fan actually understand the comic at all?

like I’ve read the whole thing almost twice and I still don’t understand what jujus are or why nighterrors and trickster mode are things or what the scratch and the retcon are. the felt? green guys that’s all i know. midnight crew? uhhh they have a little song and jack became a furry. does anyone know anything about dream bubbles or what the timeline stuff was because god it was confusing. wasn’t john on a boat for like 3 years once

i don’t remember the story at all. i don’t think I could describe what happens beyond when the beta kids enter the medium​. its a huge blur in my memory of cans, bees, tangle buddies, endless pesterlogs, puppets, apple juice and how terrible aranea was

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Ive fallen for two cents theyre my fave

Originally posted by gif-weenus

That’s honestly so good to hear <33333!!! i love them with all my heart, and I’m so glad that it’s catching onto everyone!!!

honestly, i sincerely fucking HATE that apple did that thing where they took out the headphones port on phones and just have the one charger port that doubles for earbuds. ITS FUCKING INCONVENIENT like now i cant wear my amazing red headphones or listen to music while charging my phone im so MAD

all im saying is this would never happen with a starkphone. 

So its hot as balls where I am, and popsicles/slushies are on my mind

  • so all the paladins have different preferences for popsicle and slushie flavors
  • Lance, being a basic blue bitch likes blue rasberry slushies, and like? what is blue rasberry supposed to taste like? Chemicals, Lance, blue rasberry is a lie, and tastes like chemicals
  • Keith likes wild cherry popsicles. (he likes sucking things ; ) ) . the one flavor everyone gets when there’s no more blue rasberry. (how do you feel, being a replacement?) Lance is disgusted by this fact.
  • Pidge likes green apple slushies, one of those rare flavors you can only get at theme parks.
  • Hunk likes the Pinta Colada slushies, and whenever him and Lance snuck out of the Garrison, they went to go get slushies (the whole picking up chicks thing was a liiiiieeeeee) and without fail, Lance would get them kicked out of the gas station for singing the song at 1am.
  • Shiro doesn’t like popsicles or slushies, so he gets magnum bars, because he lives off of chocolates.
  • Both Allura and Coran get those popsicles that are multicoloured (you know the ones), and they usually end up breaking them (while still in their wrappers) for using them as lightsabers or drumsticks.
  • Lotor is to much of a prep for popsicles, so he rolls up on his $600 14k gold hoverboard with ice cream kept frozen in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude
  • Zarkon likes grape popsicles. Lotor made fun of him, so that’s why he was banished
  • Lotor: did you know artificial grape doesn’t taste like grapes? It only smells like grapes. You know what it does taste like, father? LIES. ARTIFICIAL GRAPE CANDIES TASTE LIKE LIIIEEESSSSSSS
  • Zarkon gets fuckin tRigGERed and just fuckin
  • thows Lotor out a window
  • just, fuckin, YEET *window breaks*
  • Honerva was to busy researching quintessence to have any fun.
  • And now she’s basically a fuckin demon, and will never get to try the wonders of popsicles, and cold treats.

Guys. Something happened. 

I want to take a moment before I tell you what happened, to tell you who you can blame.  @strongamazon. That’s the person to blame. 

Here’s why. 
He/She/They/Zhe sent me a song prompt the other day. It looked like this: 


Then I was like Savage Garden. No. Pass. 

thennnn i looked at the lyrics, and I said…hm…okay. angst. I’m down. Let me give it a listen. 

So I listened. (meh) 
then listed again. (still meh)
then I listened again for threes (meh, with some hmm on top). 

Then I went to bed. 

Then this morning, I woke up, and wrote this three shot, by hand, all day. 

ALL DAY you guys. And now I’m sharing it with you. 

It’s sad and angsty, (duh), and rizzles (double duh), but also something a little new and twisty (I hope). Please give it a try. And if you want someone to blame, as I said, it should be @strongamazon. 



Happy reading

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Is there any way to get rid of an Adam's apple completely? I've heard of a tracheal shave, but does that reduce it or get rid of it completely? It's the #1 thing stopping me from passing.

Harper says:

A chondrolaryngoplasty, or tracheal shave will reduce the size of the adam’s apple, for a purely aesthetic purpose. It doesn’t (as far as has been reasonably reported) affect the voice. Nor does it remove the adam’s apple completely. All humans have an adam’s apple and you need it to vocalise.

If its preventing you from passing in the meantime, there are things you can try to cover it up or reduce its prominence without surgery! Wearing clothes that cover it up like scarves or turtlenecks. Or if you train your voice to speak in a higher pitch, you train your muscles to move your adam’s apple higher up your neck as you speak which might help with passing. What also helps for me as a trans woman with a slouch is remembering to stand straight and keep my neck elongated and your head held high. This prevents your head from tilting back and your adam’s apple pushing out because of it.

Any further suggestions from followers/mods?

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Have you discussed how that whole streaming company scene has Calvin written all over it? He tweeted how "his girl was changing the music industry" after Taylor wrote the letter to Apple. I love that the line she wrote has a double meaning: Maybe I got mine, But you'll all get yours. --It could be in reference to the shade everyone THINKS this song is about, but in that one scene, it's like, "HEY ASSHOLES! Yes, I'm gonna get compensated for my art. BUT SO ARE YOU!!"

oh yes!! that scene is one of my faves bc it has so many levels of meaning! obviously the whole streaming thing which is clear, but in addition she walks out with nothing, no bags of money, just standing tall saying ‘you’ll all get yours.” In a streaming sense the money wasnt really it, but it was more the principle of the matter. Pride in knowing she did the right thing. Maybe we could make a reach and say all she walked out with was her pride?

 in a larger sense, i have to ask why is “blind in love” taylor part of a robbery? it could have been the biker chick, the badass, but its not. I mean she swings the bat all slick too  but add in teh fact she’s wearing some locket or key on a long chain, there’s a ring in the background, she’s literally dodging bullets… i think it could also be her referencing the relationship as well. again walking out with pride. maybe reachy, maybe not. i’m super interested to hear more about that taylor. 

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Actually the reason we all hate Touken is because she fucking HITS HIM. That's not healthy, and if that's the romance that's gonna lead this manga, we don't want shit from ishida anymore.

My post was not about whether you like it or not. Or whether you should like it or not. -_- My post was calling out to fojoshi’s/crack shippers, (if thats what you mean by “we”) that justify their hate based on wearing dem goggles on too tight. You can ship what you want, whatever, i don’t care. But nothing justifies that you tell a person to “kill themselves!” Nothing justifies harassment or bullying! (i wont generalize, I’ll simply refer to the bad apples)

btw that hitting trope is common in anime

In japan people hitting other people for minimal reasons and making weird faces is suppose to be funny! (not that i ,personally, lose my shit when they happen; but that’s the way it is, especially in japan) IT IS NOT DONE JUST WITH GIRLS HITTING GUYS! ITS IS DONE WITH BOTH GENDERS! THAT MEANS: GIRL X GIRL! BOY X BOY! GIRL X BOY OR BOY X GIRL! It is also NOT done with the intention of painting the characters as evil and abusive. It is, like i said, simply comic relief. Why do you think that poka poka meme was a thing?

If “touka hits him” is all you got then try again. I’m not forcing you to like touken. All i want is for bad apples/ extremists to stahp harassing the mangaka for believing in ships that could never happen (i say this seeing as where touken was OBVIOUSLY getting)! 


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all i have thought about consuming for the last two days are hot caramel-apple crepes with whipped cream and homemade caramel sauce drizzle (🔥 salt does not belong anywhere near caramel get that shit out of here) and it’s reached its absolute apex at 9pm on a sunday night but there are just so many s t e p s involved and i already ate canned soup like a sad clump of stupid