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Tumblr is doing something very strange with people’s “likes”. The pages are full of posts people have never even seen before, and they seem to be completely random so there’s no telling what might show up. 
Please take care if you click on your Like page. 

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Is it okay to be a trans man and still like dresses and make-up? People keep telling me I'm not really a boy because of it.

Sure, why not? People say global warming isn’t real, but it doesn’t make them right. We invented clothes as a replacement for fur, and plenty of cisgendered men wear makeup and dresses.
Decorate your flesh suit however you like.

⚡when you try to dress like a proper 2016 white girl but end up rocking that greaser aesthetic⚡️

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Omg spank him pitch! Spank him hard! *flails*

Do it, Pitch! Come on! We’re all rooting for you! Where’s the writer, let’s get them on it asap!!!

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So yesterday was the first official day, where I live, that you could pre-order ACOWAR!! This got me super excited all over again and maybe I did a little impromptu fan girl dance! But it got me thinking about what might happen, I was wondering if you have any theory's or hopes for this book...

YAY! Congrats on getting to pre-order it!! That’s fantastic and super duper exciting. I still don’t know if I’m gonna pre-order or not. My B&N got a billion copies of ACOMAF in May and I want my book day of, haha.

I have so many hopes! Not as many theories, but many, many hopes. Theory-wise, all I’ve really got is that I don’t think Amren is a dragon (fingers crossed Rhys is though because H-O-T) and I think Feyre is going to be even more than we bargained for. There are references to her name that have yet to be explained and it’s all very mystical.

Hopes, though? Oh golly. I answered an ask like this back in June or something and I had so many feels to list. In a nutshell though, I hope that Azriel doesn’t die (nor Morrigan, but ya know, don’t wanna press my luck asking to keep them both, so we’ll stick with Az), that Feyre and Nesta get on better terms with each other because I still don’t think they’ve healed that relationship, that Tamlin has a well-rounded arc and isn’t just automatically a villain (and Sarah has said he won’t be, so I think we’re safe there), wall sex, that Azriel does not die, that Lucien gets laid because baby its time, that there are no pregnancy plots whatsoever, that Cass’s wings heal, that we see Drakon and the chick who’s name I can never remember how to spell so let’s just call her M, that we finally get to see some of Morrigan’s powers on the battlefield, and that Feyre has a bamf High Lady reveal to Tam Tam in front of Rhys preferably with a mightily purred Hello Rhysand darling.

And yeah. That’s about it.

Oh did I mention I don’t want Azriel to die? Because yeah, really don’t want that. Smol blue baby bat needs to get with Mor and then neither of them need to die. They just need to confess their undying love for each other that has lasted centuries and murdered and endured on each other’s behalf and that makes him look ravenously hungry at her on Starfall and that makes her wait for him after every single dang mission and just… Yeah, let’s not get started.

But basically: Sarah, please don’t kill my Azriel. Please don’t. :)


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Omg did you see Old Xian's post with te He Tian and Mo Guanshan that saying "Wait for them to grow older, there will definitely be a day." Like, we all know what she means. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) mmmmhaaammmh


first OMG ITS AMAZING <3<3<3333 JUST SAW Ahaha


Honestly, I CAN’T STOP STARING, her art work in action plus tianshan and the beatiful pose it’s just so… wow. is’nt she too nice now? *suspicious* lol

we should investigate that pic deeper the fandoms favorite hubby

well, oldxian never stop the tease ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and a friendly reminder, that draw is no words~ ♥♥