its not hockey but whatever :)

If you are seriously questioning the value of Jonathan Toews on the ice and running your mouth about him being overpaid or whatever, then you truly don’t understand the game of hockey and I don’t have the time, energy, or inclination to entertain your ignorance.

ok but like imagine young and talented ceo!luke about to take a conference call and all of a sudden his personal assistant buzzes him saying that someone important is coming into to see him, and luke is all confused while saying “well can’t you just tell them to wait” but his assistant just replies back with “she says that you will surely regret making her wait” and so that makes luke just comply with whoever it was that was interrupting his very very busy schedule, only to be surprised when he sees you- his wife waltz through the door with a trench coat on and your brand new heels that luke bought you for your anniversary. “babe? what are you doing here i have a conference call right now-” and you would just cut him off by walking around his glass desk after shutting and locking the door without saying a word, only to drop your trench coat [hehe nothing underneath it you feel me] and make luke’s jaw drop to the floor with it and you would smirk at him because the conference call would’ve already begun and you could hear business being discussed on the other line, but you would just continue to drop to your knees and unzip luke’s custom made pants; long story short it was probably the worst but best conference call luke’s ever had

this was so bad im cryinf

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