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Hey so I love your writing and have an idea for am imagine! So I'm from Texas and when we have playoff football games for school the girlfriends usually wear their boyfriends football jersey. (lol aka NOT me). So could you maybe do one where Shawn and y/n are dating and his hockey team goes to playoffs or whatever it's called and she wears his hockey shirt. :-)

This is actually the cutest thing ever omg

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You looked in the mirror as you tightened your ponytail and straightened out the jersey you were wearing.  Technically the jersey wasn’t yours, it was your boyfriends.  When Shawn was home, with his spare time between hanging out with family and friends, he was on a hockey team.  He was lucky enough that his team still wanted to keep him even though he was barely around.

Shawn wouldn’t play for the entire game because other people on the team have had more practice than him, but he would still make it in for half of the game because he was a good player.  And of course being from Canada only made his love, and your love, for hockey much stronger.

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Ohmygod, THIS.

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how to get into hockey fandom?

How to Get Into Hockey Fandom, a Comprehensive Guide:

Step 1: peruse a few hockey tumblrs, to get a feel for who the key players and teams are. And also who is the prettiest. Recommended: @confusedhockey @sadquebecois @halvedhab @antoinerousssel 

Step 2: pick a team. It’s the world cup right now (preliminary matches currently going on, tournament to start Sept 17). If your country is in it, you could pick them. Recommended: team north america aka the babies

Step 3: watch a game! Schedule here, stream information here from @dayumpens

Step 3.5: get really confused about what’s going on. google a bunch of stuff. peruse r/hockey for answers.

Step 4: yell about it on tumblr.

Step 5: you’re in too deep now.

Step 6: surrender.

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Have you ever interrupted Matt while he was watching a Hockey game? (Btw you are so awesome!!)

AJ: Needless to say I got one huge lecture about the beauty of ice hockey and its importance… and I didn’t get to tell Matthew whatever I was going to say.

But I’d rather value myself over than telling my story because Matthew is scary in terms of hockey, his one key passion.