its not her real hair


ITS LIKE ONE AND A HALF DAYS EARLY but when i saw the ML staff appreciation week prompt “fairytale” i KNEW i needed to draw tangled!au like… right now

Basically Marinette was born the latest reincarnation of ladybug, but was kidnapped as a baby by Hawkmoth. But what he didnt manage to get was her miraculous. Marinette grows up not knowing that she is the lost Ladybug, knowing only that she possesses a magical yoyo with cleansing and healing powers (which in this au is an heirloom passed from ladybug to ladybug). Since her “father” won’t let her go outside to protect her, her only friend is Tikki, who doesnt remember anything about the miraculous or Ladybug.

Secretly Hawkmoth is still trying to get his hands on the miraculous, offering a great deal of money for them. Enter Chat Noir, an orphan who grew up reading stories of the past Chats heroic deeds, but after finding out that he is the next in line, has only really managed to use his powers to try and scrape by. After stealing the miraculous he manages to hide in a secluded tower, and the adventures begin!!

Do you see that man?


Now picture him seeing Regina again…

{so this may or may not be what i just spent the last three hours making B) i like the idea that the mercs, on their days off, head to the beach or lake, or any body of water really, and spend the day relaxing and having fun. also, hey, its her real hair whhaaat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ }