its not her its just the

“Feeling a bit ill are we? Allow me, the ever fabulous and world renowned, Nurse Minako to come to your aid!”



(this is part three of the Hogwarts H&L Humping Series. one day I shall finish this.)

“You know, H, I can never decide if I want you to fuck me or the other way around,” Louis starts, lips curling in amused anticipation, and he can see Harry’s eyes already turning dark even though he has no idea of what’s about to happen. He wrings his hands together, looking at his watch.

It’s time.

Louis’ eyes flick to the door of the Ravenclaw dormitory, where he sees his surprise of the day, waiting to walk in, and smirks. “Luckily, today I don’t have to choose.”

“Today, we can do both,” his own voice replies, and Harry whips around in astonishment as a perfect replica of Louis walks in, wearing clothes that Harry should recognise as yesterday’s, but doesn’t. Harry goes pliant into Louis’ arms, eyes flitting between Louis himself and his Other Self in a matter of seconds, that glassy look that Louis knows all too well.

“Glad you could make it,” Louis nods at Other Louis, and Other Louis grins back at him, looking vaguely uncomfortable but excited all the same. Louis can relate. He walks over to stand beside Louis, both of them staring Harry down in a way that should be weird, but for some reason isn’t.

It was always going to boil down to this, wasn’t it?

“How?” Harry stutters. The glassy look disappears for a second, whipping his head back to Louis, “Please tell me that’s not Zayn under influence of a polyjuice potion.”

Louis opens his mouth to speak, but Other Louis beats him to it.

“No, I’m Niall,” and Louis can’t fight the snort that leaves his mouth nor the wheeze that follows when Harry makes an affronted noise, slapping Louis against the arm.

“That’s not funny, what is it? Who is it?” He pouts, looking at Louis inquisitively, and Louis can practically see the wheels turning in his brain, trying to figure it out. When his eyes widen in realisation, Louis can’t help but feel proud of him for a second, of his smartass Ravenclaw boyfriend who probably already figured out where exactly he’d hidden the Time Turner all this time.

“You still had one? Lou. That’s fucking illegal,” Harry whispers in silent astonishment.

“Or fucking illegally,” Other Louis remarks, “always had a knack for crime, didn’t we, love?”

“This is bloody surreal,” Harry mutters, still staying firmly placed next to Louis, as if he won’t go over to his past self until Louis gives him permission, and as irrationally jealous as Louis feels of himself right in this moment, no one will ever be able to take that away from him.

“Happy birthday, H,” he whispers and drags him close to kiss him, waving a hand at Other Louis to join the party.

i rewatched some of s9 earlier and what really fucks me up is that the three-on-one fight dropped YORK on the leaderboard

okay, tex will be number one. that makes sense. but the leaderboard only had six places and york was BOTTOM of that list. york who has always been number two, only behind carolina; york who has never successfully opened a lock in the field (as an infiltration specialist!) BUT is good enough to make up for it anyway! york is brave and smart and honorable and getting shot drops HIM on the leaderboard

not maine, who threw the grenade. not wyoming, who was also using live ammo. neither of them listened to a word he said the entire fight, they abandoned their team just as surely as he did, and okay so he shouldn’t have tried to help tex since he was fighting her– but she helped him!

but no, the director GAVE them live ammo as a dare– go ahead, try and kill her. if they’d succeeded, he would have to try again anyway, to “get her right”. and they failed, obviously, because she’s tex. he set this stupid experiment up not caring if the very best of them got injured or killed out because maine and wyoming couldn’t contain their stupid pride

if that doesn’t make it clear that the leaderboard is not a reflection of ability alone, nothing does

Hey, loves! A lot of people are sending such darling messages and I appreciate you all so much. There are also a few people asking lots of questions, and I just wanna say that I know we’re all super excited for the album (with good reason, it’s amazing!)… but it’s important to Taylor that there are surprises for us all and I am not going to betray her trust in any way. So I’m not trying to maliciously ignore you, or anything like that. I just want to give Taylor the same respect she shows us, and I PROMISE YOU, reputation will be worth the wait. Xx

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hi, i read somewhere that infps tend to get along well with enfjs is this true?

Well, I can’t speak for all INFPs, but for me it’s definitely true! I think ENFJs are a great match for me both friendship-wise and romantically ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), in fact my first crush was on an ENFJ :D. She was one of the more popular girls but for some reason she would always talk to me a tonne, ask me about myself, help me open up a bit, sit next to me in class ect and I just remember thinking “ Why are you doing this??? Why would you WILLINGLY hang out with ME?”. I really didn’t know her very well but I really liked her and I think I’d love to date a girl like that some day (´ ∀ ` *)!

But as much as I love ENFJs, I’ve found they can be a little… intense? Maybe a bit smothering? idk why but this picture of Shinji and Kaworu portrays the feeling perfectly


super self indulgent but because it’s my birthday here are some sketches of my DnD character, Sherry! She’s a dwarf paladin, team mom, and will absolutely kick your ass.


Lucretia didn’t intend to spend as much time as she did away from you, saving the world. She could not live with the cost of what the seven of you did to the world below. She could not sit idly by as the world killed itself pursuing the weapons you created. But she couldn’t go against the will of her friends to fix it; and so that will had to be altered. Moreover, she couldn’t handle what the destruction you caused was doing to you. She couldn’t bear your sorrow, your pain, your guilt; how it made you… miserable, and calloused, and shut off from the world. That anguish, it could be altered too. Before her work could begin, she had to make sure her friends — her family — were safe and happy.

The Bureau thrived. She installed a series of checks and balances among its members, hoping it would counteract the temptation built into these relics. But it wasn’t enough. Without fail, her Reclaimers were lost to the thrall of the grand relics, one by one. And Lucretia was tormented by these failures, by how long this was taking, by how distant she felt from her friends. Few people who have lived have ever experienced such loneliness.

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“Why is this taking so long? You’re supposed to be efficient.”

“And you’re supposed to be a rational partner but life is full of disappointment.”


Where’s the fun in playing fair?