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i’ve seen so much…..?? anger at the show for not showing Sana enough because it’s her season? and that it’s  all over the place and focusing on the other characters too much….

But honestly for me this season has been pretty good story wise. It’s brought up a lot of issues a young muslim girl may face and yeah she’s in a really shitty place right now and her friends aren’t being the best but…. it happens. Life happens just like this and in that regard skam has been right on the ball.

I think theres a very subtle literary device being used here in that the story is chaotic because it’s reflecting Sana. It’s reflecting the chaos of her identity. Sana doesn’t know whats happening and what she wants and what she doesn’t want, Sana doesn’t know what to think or who to confide in and so the story is all over the place, we dont know whats happening in the story and we don’t know what we want to happen or who is really in her corner.

Im upset for Sana too but I really don’t get the annoyance with the storytelling and anger at the ‘bad writing.’

the faithful and the faithless

for @jynappreciationweek day one: faith

how does jyn, cynic extraordinaire, go from being self-serving to the champion of the rebellion, even after galen’s death destroys her? how does cassian go from telling jyn about hope to “her faith carried him with her”? 

(aka: the missing keystone of rogue one ft. chirrut) 

After years of feeling nothing, she now feels too much. Too much, too deeply, too quickly. It fills her being, too much for mere blood and sinew and muscle and bone to contain. And so, she shatters. 

She shatters like the glass under her fist. Into frigid, jagged, burning, bloody pieces. 

It’s all Galen’s fault. For leaving her with Saw. For loving so deeply. For sending that message. For dying in her arms.

It’s all Cassian’s fault. For dragging her back into this mess. For taking that order. For disobeying that order. For caring too deeply. For clashing with her. 

She thought feeling was something she neatly packed away in a box and kicked into the recesses of her brain. 

Apparently, she was wrong.

She burns with anger, she burns with hatred, she burns with despair.

And then she is empty, the only sensation she feels is the stinging of glass shards and the suffocating sogginess of her rain-soaked jacket.

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persephone: i love my husband, hades
also persephone: i also hate that i didn’t get to choose him as my husband and that he kidnapped me just because he had permission from zeus to do so and he wanted me. i choose him now and all the years to come, but a part of me hated him and still will. he’s wronged me and he’s not allowed to forget it


Honestly, Hawkmoth’s superpower is kinda the same as that app.

(also Rose just wants to show of her rad moves. Let her be).

Miraculous Ladybug + Text posts part 7 

funny story but there used to be this elizabeth swann blog on my dash way back when who whined and cried and talked about how bad their portrayal was once jen’s @hangtherules popped up and honestly after like two years of following jen now …. yeah. they had no chance.

I just want to say that I really relate to Sana. I’m not religious like her, but when it comes to feeling alone I understand that perfectly. Sana is divided between two groups…. her religion and trying to fit in with her peers. I was divided into groups as well. The person I am and the person I pretended to be for others. We have seen her throughout this season become comfortable with her clothes and others. She is more open and expressive. However, many events triggered some bad memories and cause Sana a lot of hurt. She lives in fear of being hurt again so she has went back into her shell.

She believes that she is alone and doesn’t see why it’s necessary to be around others a lot. “Don’t talk to me.” Is basically her closing herself off and not wanting others to approach her. But, truly she wants someone to ask her how she is doing, and what’s she been going through. No one really have… They talk about the russbus and don’t see what she’s going through. They don’t understand, she probably thinks. She feels invisible and that’s fair, because her friends aren’t very the “let’s talk about our problems” type. They like to party, and Sana can’t relate to that.

There is a big difference between her and the four girls. There is an elephant in the room. Sana thinks about contacting Jamilia because she relates to her Muslim side than her friends does. But, she stops herself. Her manner of speaking has adjusted to match her demeanor at the moment. She is cold, and a bit harsh. She gives off a standoff manner, and it is truly heartbreaking to see. She is disconnected with her friends, she has religion, but there is so much complications on her own beliefs as well.

She leaves the russbus, wears all black, act more cold/to herself, etc. Isolation. Sana must realize that it is never easy to do things by herself. She needs to open up to someone… she has to trust someone. Maybe Chris? Her problems simply won’t go away by trying to be by herself. People care for her obviously and she doesn’t really see that at the moment. It’s hard to feel like someone give a damn about you when you feel so alone.

There is so much to talk about and her past problems with her old school. Sana is tough, but she is human and eventually her walls will come tearing down whether by her hands or when it gets all too much.

sO guess who started playing breath of the wild today and ended up playing it for 10 hours straight,,,,,


Katie McGrath Appreciation Week

Day Seven: Free Choice - Filmography

I just want to do good work. If it’s shot in Hungary, if it’s shot in Russia, if it’s shot in America, if it’s shot in England, you just want to do something you can stand up and say “I’m proud of it”

my fav taryn @tweekay and I quickly collabed for some slightly older queen bee chloe because who can resist? t did the most amazing sketch (i juz love it so much okay) and i did colouring and all that fun stuff. so happy to be collabing with her (a fav) again after a while! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・