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Friends Part 1

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1947

Warnings: Fluffy and angst

Thank you @amrita31199 for beta this for me you are amazing 

credits to the gif owner

You never felt so inadequate in your life, when you left the house for one of Tony’s parties . You felt beautiful in your black strapless dress and high heels.  But as soon as you arrived at the party, you felt your heart being shattered.

You see Bucky with a beautiful blonde in his arms , when he sees you he comes in your direction kissing your cheek and pulling you to a hug “Don’t you look beautiful?” He says staring into your eyes, you smile at him with your best fake smile“Well I tried, apparently not as hard as your date.” You say sounding bitter even if that is the last thing you wanted to be or sound like.

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Gil Dating Ben’s Sibling Would Include:
  • Going to save your brother after he gets captured
  • getting yourself captured
  • Ben telling you he doesn’t think the trio are that bad
  • “They kidnapped you” “yeah but…”
  • Gil flirting with you (Trying way to hard to act Confident, cause that’s how his dad was such a heartthrob)
  • You telling him to fuck off
  • Ben joking about how beast technically kidnapped Belle
  • Harry giving advice to Gil on how to actually talk to you (“Dude your dad didn’t get Belle by being cocky. I don’t care that it works for me, that’s different. Listen”)
  • Refusing to admit you think he’s cute
  • But like he’s so sweet, an angel
  • He brings you a flower and your heart melts at how nervous he is once he’s not faking narcissism
  • You know Evie said there weren’t many flowers on the Isle and what little there were, were old and wilted
  • The flower’s not perfect but its prettier than what Evie described and you know he had to have worked really hard to get it
  • That’s when you learn awkward flirting must be a genetic trait
  • “Thanks, I mean we never really keep single roses around at home because of the curse that witch put on my dad-”
  • “Oh my god I’m so sorry I didn’t think-”
  • “Oh no it’s fine really. Its beautiful thank you. I love it.” You d smiled at him reassuringly
  • Ben tried to tease you, but you shut him down by reminding him that he ate a love potion cookie for almost the exact same reason
  • By the time you escape the isle you’re completely smitten and absolutely devastated that you can’t take him with you
  • “You know since were bringing more Isle kids over to Auradon…”
  • “Ben, dad will never let you do that.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m king now”
  • “I love you, you’re the best brother ever”

  • The next group  is Uma, Harry, Gil, and Dizzy
  • You and Gil are so happy to see each other again and everyone around you is making gagging noises at how you’re both like love sick puppies
  • You try to keep the relationship on the dl because of your parents
  • Well your dad really, you told your mother within a week of you officially dating
  • She loves Gil, the second she met him she basically adopted him
  • She also agreed to not tell your Dad as long as you promised to do it yourself
  • You were terrified and tried to put it off for as long as possible
  • You didn’t last long until you realized that it was hurting Gil to not be able to be open about your relationship
  • You know what the worst time to tell your parents your dating a villains kid is? Parents Day. You know when you decided to tell your parents? Parents Day.
  • You’re a bit more subtle than Ben
  • And to his credit Beast takes the news much better than you thought he would
  • But he’s still not thrilled you’re dating the son of the man who tried to kill him (and belles dad)
  • Beast is completely stunned when he actually meets Gil
  • Like the boy is so much like his father and yet so different
  • like he’s buff and he knows it but some princess try’s to flirt with him and he doesn’t even realize it
  • he’s fairly confident in your relationship but he doesn’t think you should be grateful he likes you
  • He loves cooking and will make things for you on a special occasion or if you’re having a bad day or just cause
  • the thing that made Beast accept him completely was when someone posted a video of you reading to Gil on some Auradon social media site and he saw how Gil looked at you
  • Also did I mention Ben gives Gil unsolicited relationship advice
  • He jokes about how he puts as much effort into the relationship as you and Gil do
  • The same could be said about Harry
  • He’s basically like a second boyfriend
  • That takes a bit of getting used to
  • At first you’re a bit envious of Gils loyalty to Uma, but when you get to know her you understand completely
  • “Yeah, I’d probably follow her to certain doom if she asked me to.”
  • You get so close to Uma and Harry people cant really tell who’s dating who (Polyamory Probably)
  • Him thinking he’s not good enough for you
  • “Umm why would you not think your good enough??????Im gonna go back to the isle and kick Gastons ass”
  • Alternating who is the big/little spoon
  • being in his arms is comfy but the boy is soft and should be held like the angel he is

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Hey hey! I love your art so much, could you possibly do a deku in D8 for the expression thingy? Thankyousomuch ❤️

He says he’s fine, but I’m not sure that’s true

Secret Love Song (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

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REQUEST: (from Anon) You’re a famous singer and you and Louis have been dating for about a year and you come out with your relationship imagine? Love your blog btw x 💛💕

WAAAAHHHH! MY FIRST REQUEST! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who requested. I really do appreciate them! Keep on sending them in and I’ll do my best to finish them quickly. Feedbacks are very well appreciated. 


Being Y/N Y/L/N has its pros and cons. A pro of it is being able to travel the world while doing what I love the most… singing. Singing is just one thing, but singing songs written by me, for me, and with me is a whole other level.

Another pro is finding the love of my life during an award show, where he and his bandmates won against me for best music video.


“And the winner for Best Music Video is…” Rihanna says through the mic. Each tear on the envelope sending chills down my spine.

I was nominated for my music video for “Salute”. My opponents include Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”, Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know” and One Direction’s “Night Changes”. The competition was tough but I really wanted to win this award. I gave my everything on that song and its music video and winning will pay off the hard work.

The air became almost non-existent when I heard Rihanna shout One Direction. It felt like the air was physically punched out of my system. But with the cameras filming our reactions, I had to fake a smiling face and clap for the winner.

During the after party, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate my Best Female Singer award and socialize with everyone on the room. My manager just forced me to attend as to not start speculations of me being a sore loser or what not. The lose really took a toll on me. The worst thing was… I only lost to them by 5 votes! I mean… 5 votes?! It really bummed me out.

“Hello?” Someone said, shaking me out of my frustrated thoughts.

“What?” I said, shaking my head to bring me back to reality.

“I’m sorry.” The person said. I looked at the person and saw none other than Harry Styles.

“No.. I’m sorry. Just really not in the mood to be here.” I said honestly.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that love. But my friend Louis right there was just too nervous to meet you, and seeing your reaction tonight about the award, he was really to scared to approach you.” He said, pointing towards Louis’s direction. Louis had a sheepish smile raising his hand as a sign of hello, which may I say was adorable.

“Was it really that obvious?” I asked nervously.

“Just a little.” Louis said. I didn’t even notice his appearance up until now.

“I’m really sorry.” I said genuinely.

“It’s alright love.” He said with that same sheepish smile.

That night, I got to know him better. We didn’t even notice that we were already conversing without Harry.

I silently thanked my manager for forcing me that night.

Because that night was the start of something great.


A few months and a few dates after that award show, we started dating officially and up until now, Louis and I are still going strong. Although with our situation, with both of us always being under the limelight, we decided to keep our relationship to ourselves for the meantime. Only our closest friends and family knew of our relationship.

That was the con of everything. The line between my private life and public life was almost invisible. Rumors after rumors of us dating have been published but we just shake them off, saying that we were just really good friends.

In a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating our first year anniversary. I’ve been working my ass off at the studio for the special gift that I was about to give the man that makes me smile every second of every day.

A song about us.

“Guess who?” said that voice that I knew very much, him covering my eyes with his very soft and fragile hands.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I’m so stressed so please let me see your beautiful face so that I can kiss it.” I said. He finally let go and turned the office chair that I was sitting on and gave me a peck on the lips.

“So, why did you ask me to meet you here?” He said, taking a seat on my right, Greg, my producer sitting on my left.

“Listen to this. “ I said as Greg played the song that I wrote with him.

When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dance floor

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t it be like that? Cause I’m yours

The song started playing, Louis passionately listening to the newly recorded song. I wasn’t listening to the song because I was busy reading Louis’s expressions.

I wrote this song for him and for us. I couldn’t stand not being able to show everyone how much I am in love with this Doncaster boy.

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

It’s obvious you’re meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep

But I’ll never show it on my face

Tears started streaming down Louis’s face. He wiped it as unnoticeable as possible but I was still able to catch his small gesture. The song ended with a few tears pooling in his eyes yet with a huge smile on his face. He just shook his head and kissed me.

After regaining himself, he thanked Greg and asked if he’d be kind enough to let us talk privately. Greg nodded and left the room, patting Louis’s shoulder and congratulating him.

“When are you going to put the song out?” He asked.

“I’m not sure. Why?” I asked.

“Do it within the week or so.” He ordered.

“Are you sure? This soon? Why?”

“Because I want to shout it from the rooftops from now on. I’m yours and you’re mine.”


We decided to tell everyone of our relationship during our James Corden’s Late Late Show appearance, which coincidently, we were both on at the same time. The song was a huge hit and people caught on the meaning of the song causing ruckus here and there with regards to who the song was about.

On the day of the filming of the Late Late Show interview, Louis and I were sat beside each other on the couch, just the two of us. James was in front of us asking questions about our career plans for the next few months from now, until my new song was mentioned.

“So Y/N… A little birdie told me that your new song is about a certain someone called the Swag Master of Doncaster. Care to explain?” James asked showing a photo of us exiting the studio with Louis’s arm protectively and lovingly around my waist. I started blushing, my cheeks heating up quicker than normal.

I didn’t say a word. I just simply held Louis’s hand and smiled.

James let out a loud chuckle and that was it.

We were officially a couple in the public eye… and we couldn’t be happier.


That’s it for my first imagine! Don’t forget to send in your feedbacks and requests! 

Love you all! 😘

Part 15 - Dear Cyrus 2

(Continuation of previous chapter Part 14 - Dear Cyrus)

Well that night I didn’t really drank much but he did. He was just leaning on my shoulder as the silence took over most of the time. I didn’t know how to react to him so I guess the best I could offer was being there for him.

Its funny how its our first time meeting each other (for the main reason of just having fun) but here I am with a brokenhearted man beside me. Man I told myself I’m digging in some deep shit that I shouldn’t here.

We didn’t really text much after that night, but I went on stalking him on his social media, basically just checking him out. My fragile memories could recollect of me asking him if he was free a night before his birthday and we both were horny and so we did made an appointment to meet at his place.

Cyrus : Need a fetch tonight ?

Me : Nah its okay. I can take the taxi, you could drive me home after.

Cyrus : Okay then. Becareful. Text me when you’re here

Me : Yeah about 15 mins. btw Do you like chocolate or oreo more ?

Cyrus : Oreo. Why ? 

Me : No la. Just asking. text you when I’m nearby

I get to know his birthday through his Facebook so I wanted to surprise him since tomorrow its his actual birthday. I went off to a bakery store and bought a whole oreo cheesecake for him and got him worried because I was late :

Cyrus : traffic jam ? took you 1 hour ?

Me : Im fine. Reaching soon.

As I was all excited and smiling walking up to his place to surprise him since he has no idea I knew his Birthday and he thought I came just to have sex, as I knock on his door.

Cyrus : (opening the door)

Me : Surprise ! (lifting up the birthday cake box with plastic) 

Cyrus : What ?! (Surprised and laughing)

Me : I know its your birthday I bought you a cake. (acting silly)

Cyrus : No wonder you asked whether I like choc or oreo lol

Me : (Walking towards the fridge and open it, putting the cake inside)

Cyrus : (hugged me from behind resting his head on my shoulder with his hands wrap around my waist

Cyrus : Thank you. (In a sincere tone) 

My heart was pounding fast in that heat of moment. I felt something again. I didn’t really utter any words that time. We were just indulging in the silence yet sweet moment of him hugging me from behind while the fridge’s was left open.

Me : Wanna have a slice now ? (broke the silence) 

Took a knife and cut a slice and handed to him saying :

Me : Happy birthday hehe ! (Acting silly)

Cyrus : (took the cream on top of the cake with his index finger towards my mouth feeding me) 

Me : (BLUSHING AS FUCK) (open my mouth and ate the cream)

oh dear god thinking back I was so shy and he was just laughing at me saying I’m cute with my face turned red…I lost count of how many time my heart beat in a second. Unconsciously I lean towards him and gave him a kiss with my eyes closed with my hands holding his waist. As I passionately kiss him on his lips slowly with my tongue tied with his, he put the plate away to the side of the sink. We were making out in the kitchen, kissing each other all the time. His fingers were running through my hair and gently touching my face. Eagerly lifting his shirt up and taking it off I push his body against mine close I move down to his neck licking it gently and slowly as he let out a soft moan 

Cyrus : Let’s go to the room.

As he shuts the room’s door. I found myself lying on his bed looking at him stripping off himself with his pants and undies. His cock is hard on. Laying next to me as we continue kissing my hands were reaching down to his cock stroking it. His rough hands were touching my body feeling my skin next to his, removing my shirt licking my neck, leaving marks on my shoulders as I let out a moan, he moves downwards to my sensitive nipples licking it gently drawing circles, flicking it with his tongue and suck it once in awhile. I felt so turn on. With his mouth doing the job, his hands slowly touching my belly to my wet cock and down right to my hole.

His hands were in between my thigh with his fingers touching my hole I felt even more turned on as if he’s molesting me with my pants still on.

Me : I wanna suck your cock please. 

Cyrus : I’ll rim you first. 

Removing my pants along with my undies he lift up my ass while he was in a kneeling position with his hands spreading my ass to give a better look at my hole. Diving in with his tongue licking my hole with his saliva covered like spreading butter on a bread. God I felt so good that I had to shut my mouth with my hands for trying not to moan too loud. Comes his finger poking my hole fingering me as I moan like a slut. 

I lean towards him an grab hold of his hard cock sucking it like nobody’s business. Eagerly sucking it so hard that I almost choke myself from it. As eager as I said : 

Me : Fuck me please.

He turn around and took a condom out of the box along with the lube. I hold on to his legs and said : 

Me : Cyrus. Do you wanna fuck me without the condom ?

Cyrus : (his eyes were widen and surprised saying) You sure ? 

Me : (shyly nodded my head and turn around in doggystyle with my ass facing him)

Hearing the sound of him squeezing the lube. He got hold of his hands on my ass from behind and I felt his hard on 7 Inch dick piecing through me. We were on cloud 9. Fucking me in and out from behind as we both moan at the same time he lean towards me from the back and smell me and kiss my neck while his hips are moving on its own. My wet cock was dripping precum all over the bed I felt it leaking.

As we slowly adjust the position of me laying fully on the bed while he lay on me with his dick still in me. Our body were sweating, so hot that we’re fucking in madness. My hard cock were begging to breathe so I gently pad on his thigh said : 

Me : Change (moaning)

Both of us woke up we were kissing each other I pushed him down and squat on his hard dick, with my hands holding his cock trying to fit it back in my hole. As it enters both of us moaned in joy. Slowly swallowing it fully in my hole as I felt the hardness I hold my hands with his, gently moving up and down riding him with my shy face expose to his. His hands were on my hips while mine was on his thighs. Riding it even harder as he said : 

Cyrus : Fuck you’re so cute you’re gonna make me cum

Me : I’m cumming too.

As I my hard cock were begging for me to stroke, I felt a hot wave of liquid rushing inside me as he moans :

Cyrus : Fuck fuck fuck !!

Stroking my own cock in a split second I cummed all over his body moaning together. That moment we couldn’t care less of what the neighbor heard.

With hole filled with his cum I was so worn out and lay on him with both our bodies covered with my cum panting :

Me : (breathing heavily , panting)

Cyrus : (hugging me even though we’re covered in cum) 

Me : happy ? (acting silly)

Cyrus : Yes..much better without the condom. Lets go clean you up.

As we were in the bathroom he kept nagging me to wash properly, making sure all his cum was out from my hole. Insisting to see the water comes out clean. I felt something again. For once a Top that is not selfish and actually care about me after the sex. 

As I got off from the shower I was kneeling down packing my stuff into my bag.

Cyrus : Don’t go first, come over here. (in a sincere tone)

Me : (Walk towards his room as he was laying on his beanie bag and lay right next to him with my head rest on his chest)

I couldn’t recall the conversation that we had that time…All I remember was gently touching his rose tattoo on his leg while he fell asleep with his hands around me. Looking at him fell asleep peacefully. 

After that night. We rarely text each other. Mostly he don’t reply my messages, even if he replied it would be a day later. I didn’t know what went wrong and I was just so puzzled that I stop trying so hard. But what I felt through things that I felt wasn’t fake. Well maybe the sad part was I was the only one who felt it but he didn’t. It all happen 3 years ago till one of the days I met him on the monorail on his way to work.

All we did was just pass by each other smiled. 

Dear Cyrus, its bitter. But yet sweet. Thank you. xo

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Can you believe we have only had one (1) canon on screen stucky hug in the entire cap trilogy because I can't believe it but here we are with only a single hug right before Bucky went off to war in catfa like???? You cannot even begin to try and convince me that Bucky isn't a constant hugger? @the entire mcu: wyd??? Let buck hug his stevie? and then let him slap steve upside the head for being stupid jfc it aint that hard to put on a damn parachute steven

i KNOW asdfgahsn, it’s so FAKE, they were clearly v casual with their touches before the war, and Bucky isn’t touch averse now, he’s fine when Steve touches him, there’s no flinching away or grimacing, in fact he smiles when he’s close to Steve and Steve touches him. SO ITS JUST F A K E THAT THEY WOULDNT HAVE HUGGED. Like for real Marvel out here trying to tell me these two people who are closer to each other than to anyone else on earth, who love each other more than they love anyone else, find themselves somehow, against every single odd in the universe, reunited 70 years after they were torn apart, barely having aged at all, with a second chance at life, AND THEY DONT EVEN HUG ONCE? Know ur damn audience Marvel bc we are not buying this narrative that ur selling.
Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Just my analysis.

Don't Keep Me Waiting. // Zach Dempsey

This is my first imagine on this page. I’m very nervous I hope it doesn’t come out shitty. And I hope you guys like it! :)

Warnings: Cussing.
Zach x Reader

Zach’s POV

“Get your approach Sarah!” Coach Matthews screamed. I heard that his wife divorced him so he’s not the happiest. Not to mention that volleyball championships is coming up so he needs the girls focused and ready.

“If we are going to take that City Championship trophy home we gotta focus. Half of you are not even paying attention.”

By him saying that, a bunch of girls snapped out of wherever they were thinking about.

“I don’t get why we have to sit here and watch them practice.” Justin sighed.

“Well that’s what happens when you stick every sport in sixth period and volleyball gets the gym first.” I stated. I didn’t mind that they had the gym though. Especially since Y/N was on the team. Something about her made me think different. She wasn’t your typical girl. She’s hilarious, every where she goes there’s always somebody standing right next to her laughing their ass off. While she chuckles beside them. She’s somebody who has caught my interest for a while now but I don’t have the balls to tell her anything. You would think I do…but you’re wrong.

“Y/N! Why don’t you show these ladies how it’s done.” Justin yelled. Making everybody turn in his direction.

Coach Matthews nodded. “Well it looks like your friend wants you to demonstrate what a proper approach and hit looks like. So why don’t you show them.”

A look of fear washed upon her face. As outgoing as she normally is, she hates when everybody has their attention on her.

“Uh.. s-sure yeah I guess.” She stuttered. She walked over to the other side of the court. We were sitting on the bleachers right next to her and she glared at Justin.

“Shove your dick in an ant hole.” She whispered. The whole basketball team started laughing. She was pissed now but she’ll get over it.

“Four, Four, Four!” She yelled. She jumped up and hit the ball extremely hard over the the other side of the net. We all cringed at the sound of the ball hitting her hand. As she landed back to the ground from jump her ass and ponytail bounces as if they were in unison.

“Good job Y/L/N. Since Y/N just made a great example. I’m pretty pleased now. I guess we can end practice here. You’re all dismissed.

Y/N was just about to walk out the gym doors when Justin interrupted. He knows I like her, that’s the only reason he’s being so talkative.

“You hit that ball super hard. Didn’t know you had it in you.” He chuckled elbowing my shoulder. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Yeah normally I don’t hit that hard but this time I just imagined that the ball was your head.” She said with that big goofy smile wiped across her face. I laughed as Justin formed a fake pout.

“Ouch.” He said grabbing his heart.

“It’s all tough love Foley.” She said grabbing her volleyball bag.

“Bye Foley, Bye Dempsey.” She said turning around heading for the door.

“Y/N wait up!!” I said grabbing my backpack jogging to her. She turned around, stopping in her tracks and smiled at me.

“Yeah what’s up Dempsey?” She questioned releasing her hair from its high ponytail. Her hair cascaded down, passing her shoulders and she tucked a few strands behind her ear. The smallest things she did made her look like a goddess.

“I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out sometime?” I smiled, rubbing the back of my neck with my sweaty palm.

She slowly raised and eyebrow, knocking down any confidence I had in the process.

“Only if you want to you know, i’d understand if you wouldn-” I was interrupted by her soft voice.

“I’d love to Dempsey. I kinda have to go right now but text m- actually..” A small smile crept up on her face.

“Facetime me and we can talk about it more.”

I smirked in response. “I’ll take you up on that offer.”
I stated cockily.

“Great!” She said, flustered. She made her way to the door. “Don’t keep me waiting Dempsey!” She shouted as she exited the gym doors.

I chuckled to myself. I couldn’t keep her waiting if I tried. A dim shade of red crept upon my face as I replayed the situation in my head.

“Is Dempsey blushing?” Justin hollered slapping my shoulders. He gained a couple stares in our direction. “Shut the hell up Foley.” I laughed grabbing my bag getting ready to go home. Y/N’s smile never leaving my mind.


AN: I don’t really like how this went but who knows maybe i’m just being my own hater. Lmao let me know if you guys liked this because K kinda wanna make a part two. Thanks for reading ;)

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I Know I’m Not The Only One

Request: can you please write an imagine where spencer is cheating on the reader and she knows. they both work at the bau and due to what he’s doing she becomes cold and the team begins to question what’s going. I’m kind of in an angsty mood. 

A/N: This kind of hit home for me and I really wanted to write it. Hope you like it. 

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The room continued to buzz with different conversations, weekends off always seemed to create a stir around this place. They we’re hard to come by you had to admit. But this time around you weren’t excited. 

Mindlessly you continued to play with your pen, you had stopped listening to the chatter around you long ago. All you could think about was how this Saturday it would be four years since you started dating Spencer. 

Four. Whole. Years. Both of you seemed like that happy couple everyone envied. The kind that never let go of each others hands, that still kissed every time they saw each other, the cute pet names we’re still a thing. But none of it felt real anyone. 

It hadn’t been time, no time had passed gracefully in your relationship. It had grown, gotten stronger, deepened or so you had thought. For the last couple of months the last four years of your life had come crashing down. The truth revealed to you in the most unpleasant ways. 

You weren’t the only one, you weren’t the only person in Spencer’s life. At first you thought it was none sense, pure craziness, Spencer Reid would never be a cheater. That couldn’t be the case, he would never be capable of lying to you, of destroying what you both had worked so hard on. ‘No, not Spencer’ was the only thing you could tell your self over and over again. 

Constantly you tried to push the thought aside, but still for how much longer could you continue living in this lie.

All you could ask your self is what you have possibly done? Or perhaps it’s what you didn’t do. While he was out, tangled in the sheets on another woman you were at home restlessly trying to figure out, how? How could you have let this happen? 

After visiting all of the stages of your different emotions you finally fell into one, numbness. There was nothing left to feel expect for nothing at all. There was nothing anyone could say or do, your relationship had come to an end and you had no way of salvaging it. 

What made it worse was working with Spencer, everyday you’d look at him, studying his every move. How he warmly treated other, how kindly he spoke to them, how caring he treated everyone. 

Everyone including you. Spencer was a good liar, that eidetic memory was finally making it self useful. Never did he forget any conversations, or things you had mentioned, he never switched up names, or forgot where he was a couple of days ago. Oh no that’s silly, instead he remembered every lie he ever told you. 

Months had passed since you had found out, but still you hadn’t told anyone, how could anyone else help? After a while your behavior started to change, you didn’t talk as much. Smiling was never a thing for you anymore, it was hard for you to even look them in the eyes, your friends your co workers. 

People tried to reach out at first sublimely, trying not to seem to obvious. But you knew it had become operant. You weren’t the same person anymore. 

But you tried, oh you really tried it all. The concern was evident in the way they talked to you, the way they looked at you almost as if they pitied you. “So any fun plans for this weekend, it is your anniversary right” JJ said giving a wink. 

Instead of giving her some kind of fake witty remark, you simply just shrugged your shoulders, “Don’t know.” 

“Y/N, is everything okay? More importantly are you okay? Because its been a while and we’re worried about you. How you’ve been behaving this isn’t typical.” 

There it was, JJ couldn’t hold back any longer and by looks of it neither could you tear began to fill your eyes but quickly you blinked refusing to let any of this get to you. 

“JJ, I’m fine” you gave her a small smile, “You know it’s been a little tough lately, the cases have been hard, facing she realities have been difficult” you watched your words, you didn’t want anyone to suspect there was anything wrong between you and Spencer. 

“Well, what about things with Spencer have they been okay?” 

“Oh yeah, they’ve been great” you tried your hardest to not sound sarcastic, but the smile on your face felt pulled, forced, fake. 

“Maybe he’ll propose, who knows big weekend” JJ had a mischievous look on her face almost as if she knew something you didn’t. 

It took some restraint to not laugh out loud at her comment. In the past the thought of Spencer proposing was a happy one, ecstatic, sheer happiness. Now it just seemed repulsive even just as JJ mentioned it. 

“Hey” Spencer said coming between you and JJ, “Are you ready for this weekend?” he had a big huge smile on his face. 

“Totally” JJ said looking at you, “We just talking about it.” 

“Well lets go,” Spencer said reaching out for your hand, “I have so much planned.” 

Unwillingly your fingers intertwined with his, JJ could see the look in your eyes. Even if you refused to tell her, she knew there was something going on. 

Spencer continued swing your hands back and forth as you walked, and even placed a kiss on your cheek. It was moments like these that made you forget what was really going on. 

But cruel truth always crept back quickly, Spencer Reid had turned out to be just like everybody else. 

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His Heat || Youngbin

Group/Member: Sf9 Youngbin

Genre: smut, werewolf!Youngbin, knotting, 

Word Count: 1.6K

Request:Anon Can I get a youngbin smut pleaseee where you pleasure him and make him go crazy that he grabs you and goes wildddd thankyouu xxx

kingaegyo said:Hi! I would like to ask a smut fluffy scenario with Youngbin. Sorry for the bad english

a/n: this was hard since I got two Youngbin smut request so I added a small werewolf twist onto it. Hope its not to weird or bad!! I sent a lot of time doing this. 

Originally posted by armurx

You smiled giving a pose with the pair of fake dog ears on your head, fluffing them up at a bit to make them look cute.With a lace underwear looking rather cute and nice. Was Youngbin going to like it? you thought staring at yourself reflection. 

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#5 | Reckless | Alexander x Reader

A/N: Hello! This is for the anon that requested the A.Ham angst with fluff ending. I decided to make it into two parts because I thought it was too long. AND OMIGOSH I HAVE A STORY TO TELL. I FOUND A GUY. KINIKILIG AKOOOOO. *cough* Yeah, anyways, you’ll know all about it in my next imagine with Philip Hamilton. Stay tuned!

Warnings: Mentions of war, description of wounds

Part Two


There was a reason you weren’t head nurse.

The zealousness of your heart to heal these bloodied men fighting for freedom all went down the drain at the sight of a thread and needle.

Stitches. Painful, inhumane stitches.

You wince at the sight of thread going inside flesh. A ghostly pain went across your chest as you imagined the sharp sensation going through you as well.

Theresa, a fellow nurse, passed by you in a flurry. The metal instruments clacked loudly in her tray at her quick pace.

“Will someone help me assist stitching up the three newcomers?” Theresa’s booming voice reached your eardrums.

A standby nurse nudged you in Theresa’s direction. And it happened that Theresa had to notice you first.

“(Y/N)! Don’t stand there and watch! Lead these men in separate cots, deal with one of them after.”

You walked stiffly to the men’s general direction. The prospect of you having to patch them up made you tremble.

Focus, (Y/N), you think to yourself. These men need your help. Don’t be a coward. You signed up for this and now you have to deal with it.

With newfound vigor, you helped the men into separate cots. You handled them with extra caution, their faces contorting in pain with every step.

After leading the last man into a vacant spot, you assessed the man from head to toe. Blood was splattered in patches, some were probably not his. His right cheek was badly bruised. Half of his uniform sleeve was ripped to shreds. The arm under it had a jagged slice, a dagger wound, almost half a foot in length.

Your mouth stretched into a firm line. That would be a large stitch indeed.

Wordlessly, you began cleaning the minor wounds around his face. You mumbled apologies everytime the soldier winced.

When the time came to finally stitch the large wound in his arm, your hands trembled. You almost dropped the needle in fright.

“I-I’ll be stitching up your arm,” you stammer, “It’ll hurt like hell, please bare with it.” The man chuckled lightly.

“I can take a stitch,” he said.

You nod and began to push the needle in his flesh. The man gave a yelp, making you flinch.

“I-I’m so s-sorry!” you cried, “I told you it would hurt. Here, muffle your screams with this.” You hand him a rag and he instantly bit it.

“I’ll try to make it quick,” you promise. You heaved a deep sigh and tried to calm yourself.

Just imagine you’re stitching a fabric.Yeah, just doing a practice stitch. You made this into a mantra as you steadily inserted the needle back and forth. Every once in a while, the man would grunt in pain but you tried to ignore it.

After seven minutes of pain and mumbled apologies, you finally finished patching him up.

“All done,” you say weakly, exhausted from the mental exertion.

“This is what I get for asking to be in the frontlines,” the man said gruffly. You stare at your patient and finally took a good glance at him.

His smooth, black hair was pulled back in a short pony, showing off his mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes. All his features were perfect, not even the slight swell on his right cheek can tarnish his face.

You gawk, momentarily realizing your patient was a handsome man.

“Thank you, nurse,” he trailed off, staring at you.

“(Y/N),” you smile shyly, a blush forming in your cheeks.

“Beautiful,” he breathed out. The blush in your cheeks began spreading to your entire face.

“I’m Alexander Hamilton, thank you for the wonderful job in patching me up.” He kissed your hand. You were positive that your face was about to explode. Is this even supposed to happen inside a medic tent?

“I’m, uh,” you stumble on your words, “I hope I don’t see you here again.”

Alexander’s face fell. You realized what your words had sound like.

“Oh! I mean, that you, you know, won’t be injured again. Hopefully, we meet in a different place? Like that, yeah, ” you say eloquently. Alexander chuckled, making you blush in embarrassment.

“Hopefully, then,” he teased, “I hope I don’t need to injure myself to keep seeing you.”

Did he just said what you think he said?

“What?” you asked, “Are you… Going to court me?”

“Definitely,” said Alexander, “Would you want to? I mean, I understand if you don’t-”

“I would love to.” You smile brightly. Alexander had this charm that pulled you towards him. Being with him just felt right.

Alexander never failed to make you blush.

Almost every day, a letter was sent to you. Nurses looked on with jealousy as you read its contents. It was hard enough to get a soldier to notice a nurse, much less to get courted.

Somehow, you were irked at Alexander’s letters. His eloquency and smoothness seemed fake. You reluctantly asked him about it when he had another unfortunate encounter and you had to patch him up again.

“There’s a reason why I write letters to you even if we’re just tents apart,” he said. “Contrary to what people think, I stumble on my words if I’m purposely charming someone.”

You raised a brow questioningly.

“If I put my words into paper, they sound better and I could take it back. Rewrite a new one. I’m sorry to make you doubt my words.” Alexander looked incredibly guilty.

“That’s fine,” you say softly, “I should also apologize for thinking your words were fake.” You pressed the ice bag to a bruise on his wrist.

Alexander yelped, “I don’t think you’re actually sorry. You stifled a laugh.

“Sorry.” You pressed the ice bag harder. Alexander’s breath hitched. He glared at you mockingly but his eyes softened at your amused smile.

He would go impossible measures to make you happy.


This is it, you think, the day you’ll fail your job. Your hands trembled non-stop.

A few nurses shriek as two cannons striked probably a few meters away from the medic tent. You remained stoic, keeping the panic internally.

Even if your face remained impassive, your entire body shook. The fear of Alexander dying was getting into your head. Multiple scenarios coursed through your mind, all having the same outcome. Alexander. Dead. Gravely injured.

I’m getting morbid, you sigh.

A trickle of wounded soldiers came in, some escorted by one or two men. It looked like a small parade of injuries. The degree of damage to their bodies worsening by the next.

One of the lesser injured soldier talked in low voices with Theresa. You strained to get a glimpse of their conversation but their voices were overlapped by pounding feet and clinking metals.

To hear them better, you assisted a wounded soldier a few feet away from them.

“-left in the battlefield,” the man was saying, “We had to leave them since there were too many redcoats surrounding us.”

“Some of these men are important, you say?” Theresa’s voice quivered.

“General Washington’s most trusted men,” he clarified, “One of them was his aide-de-camp, Hamilton, I think.”

The tweezers you held clattered to the ground.


A sudden weight began to fill in your chest. Your nightmares were coming true.

“-not supposed to be in the battlefield.” You made no move to pick up the fallen instrument. “Still, he needs to be rescued along with the other men. Deploy some nurses out in the battlefield. The British must have left already.”

Out of the corner of your eye, Theresa nodded at the soldier and left to gather those who would be sent out in the battlefield.

I need to get to Alexander, you think desperately. You haphazardly treated your patient’s wounds. Your mind was too clouded with worry to care about doing your job right. Alexander was your first priority.

Once the soldier was treated decently, you rushed to Theresa. She was talking to some nurses, probably those who would be sent into the battlefield.

“Theresa!” you called out. Fortunately, she turned around and addressed you.

“What is it, (Y/N)?” Theresa said, annoyed.

“Can I-” you gulp, suddenly feeling nervous because of the harsh stare of the head nurse. “Can I be sent to the frontlines?” you regained your posture.


You deflated a little but stood up straighter.

“I know my way through the battlefield,” you coerced. It was a half-truth. Alexander sometimes taught you of war plans and visualized the battlefield when you were curious.

“I can lead the nurses safely,” you continue. Theresa looked at you scrutinizingly. You pushed back your doubts and maintained the brave façade.

“Fine,” she relented.

You breathed out a relieved sigh.

“Do your best, (Y/N). Lives are at stake.” You nodded.

“I won’t let you down.”


Almost a dozen bodies were found to tend to. None of them were Alexander’s.

All of the nurses were occupied at the moment. They tended to them on the spot while you overlooked the bloody field.

A few redcoats were scattered. Dead. There some that were difficult to identify. Every body that you passed that weren’t Alexander filled you with dread.

What if the British took his body as a spoil of war? What if he was one of those bodies mangled beyond identification?

What if?

“(Y/N).” You turned to the voice and almost dropped your medic kit.

“Alexander?” you gasp, horrified.

His blue coat was tattered almost entirely. He draped it over in one shoulder to hide the dagger wound you stitched. The wound had reopened.

It was the least of your worries though. His face was drained of color and his hair was matted with dried blood. You didn’t want to think whose blood it was.

“(Y/N),” Alexander repeated, walking towards you.

“Stop!” Alexander looked startled at your outburst.

“Don’t move, you’re too wounded.” You made your way to him and made him kneel down.

“What happened?” you whisper, dabbing a damp cloth on his face.

“I went to the British camp,” he narrated, “There’s something Mr. Washington needed. A map that showed British camps.”

“So you stole that?” Your lips steadied into a thin line.

“Yes.” He winced as you pressed the cloth harder than necessary.

“You are so stupid, do you know that?” you sigh. You started applying ointment on the parts that were bruising.

“It’s for the war. For America.” You snort a little.

“You can shove your over-patriotism up your ass,” you mutter bitterly. Alexander smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry for worrying you (Y/N),” he apologized.

“It’s not about worrying me, Alexander,” you said exasperatedly. “It’s about you risking your life! I can’t have you running around and fighting like you have nothing to lose. You do have something to lose, that’s me, Alexander! There’s a reason why Washington made you stay as an aide-de-camp with Laur-”

“You were the one that pushed Washington to make me stay behind?” Alexander interrupted.

“Who else?” you scoff.

“Why would you do that?” Alexander sounded hurt.

“I can’t lose you, Alexander. I lost everyone to war already. Why do you think I became a nurse for the war?” Your voice started to crack.

Alexander casted his eyes down. “I did not realize that,” he said lowly. “How much pain I caused you, all for my ambitions.”

You opened your mouth to speak but a gunshot made both of you flinch.

“British,” muttered Alexander, “They’re probably coming after me.” He suddenly shoved a thick piece of paper toward you. “Keep this safe for me, (Y/N).”

Your eyes widened. “What?”

“The British are coming. Go.”

You adamantly shook your head. “Are you just going to throw away what I just said? You can’t die, Alexander!” you cried.

He took your hand into his and looked directly to your eyes. “I love you and I don’t want you to die.”

“I don’t want you to die too,” you say helplessly. Tears falling, unabashed.

“I love you too.”

You kiss him gently but with burning passion. Alexander kisses you back, using his uninjured hand to pull your face closer. Several gunshots made you push Alexander away. He looked at you seriously and said,

“Run, and don’t ever look back.”

And you did.

Unexpected Encounters

Anon: scenario req, you met again with your ex, Kai, but he’s not alone, end up fluff happy ^^

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Break Up

Jongin x Reader

People often wonder what would they do if they saw that one person again. Whether it be their first crush, their first love, their first besfriend who they no longer talk to. It’s always a haunting fear in the back of their mind. The awkwardness, the nervousness, the scantiness of the appropriate words to use. But it was not what you felt when saw him.

You would often jolt awake, reaching out for someone who wasn’t there. The right side of your double-bed cold and empty. Just like your heart when he left. He didn’t exactly leave, he was pushed away. By your fears, your insecurities. Now that you would think about it, on rainy days when it is colder than normal in your room and the silence would hurt your ears, he wanted to be there. The blankets couldn’t provide you with the warmth that his arms did. Nothing could be softer than his tender lips on yours. There wasn’t anything as sweet as his smile when you complimented him. You missed his gaze on you when you studied, his eyes adoringly attached to the oblivious you. He found you the most beautiful when you were the least aware of it. 

It wasn’t the greatest heartbreak of the century. There is much more sadness out there. But when he left and closed the door behind, the feeling of mislaid love settled in. His face devoid of any emotion flashed before you every time you sat alone. It had been months. You were slowly beginning to feel better about everything. “Sure heartbreaks happen. People break up. We weren’t exactly a perfect couple.” You would repeat the same sentence to everyone who asked you how you were holding up. But the thing is, it was perfect. You both had things that you never liked about each other. His jealousy and stubborn nature. Your ego and cynical attitude. But it worked. You both would still end up next to each other. 

It was a bright day. Your best friend finally dragged you out of your apartment after months of just going to and fro from work. Vivid rays of the sun made its way into your room from the translucent curtains as you brushed your hair. If you could rewind time, he would probably come and hug you and tell you that you looked beautiful. It would matter. It always does when it’s not there anymore. Your phone buzzed on the dressing table, your friend asking you to hurry up. Slipping on heels, you left. It hurt to plaster the same stupid smile on your face every time for people’s sake. But how long were you going to lock yourself up in that suffocating room and sulk over your ex-boyfriend? 

“Thank god you came out, I was beginning to get worried,” your friend said as she drove.

“Yea I’ve been busy,” you lied. The windows were down and the fast wind caught up in your hair. It smelled like dewy grass. It had rained last night and the flowers still glistened against the blazing sun. 

“Yea well, summer’s around the corner so you better stop being busy.” You laughed at her. It felt good to laugh after a while. She stopped in the parking lot of the shopping area. It was crowded with people and voices. It definitely contrasted well with the quietness of your house. In the middle of your friend’s little fashion show, and many funny pictures snapped, you recognised a head. His hair was much more brown and he looked skinnier. It was Jongin. You gulped back your tears. The sadness came creeping back, it never left. He recognised you too and gave you a soft smile. He wasn’t alone.

A petite girl your age stood next to him and was laughing at something he said. She looked at you and gave Jongin a questioning look. Before you could process the new information, he was walking towards you. Your friend was still in the changing room and you had nowhere else to go. “Y/N,” he said. His voice still had the familiar ring to it. “It’s so nice to see you.” He beamed. The girl held his hand and stood there confused, giving you an awkward smile. Before breaking up, you always thought that you would always maintain a healthy friendship with your ex. But its hard. It just doesn’t work out. “This is my girlfriend, Hyeri.” Hyeri gave you a brighter smile and held out her hand. You snapped out of your daze.

“Oh hi, how are you?” You shook her hand and faked a smile.

“We’re fine, what about you?” He asked. He looked happy, like the past few months didn’t happen. It made you wonder if you were so toxic for him that he lost his glow. He was so content with her, it made you feel inferior. 

“I’m fine, just shopping with Y/F/N.”

“Yea, we were just about to leave. See you later Y/N,” he said. Hyeri uttered a gentle goodbye before shyly striding off with Jongin. You turned back to see him walk away. He did too, face suddenly losing the colour. He gave you a sad smile before disappearing into the crowd. And there you were, alone amongst thousands of people. No one really gets over their first love. Which is why I couldn’t end this scenario with a fluffy ending.


Jerome x Reader

Hello, I am back. I know I have been snooping, not gonna lie. It’s okay though. I had a good idea so I’m gonna run with it.

Originally posted by gothamjerome

You were one of the best criminals around. People called you the Clown Queen, and you didn’t even do much with Jerome. You were seen out in public with him once or twice and everyone took off with it. They were obsessed with the idea of the two of you. 

“(y/n), you have a visitor,” your bodyguard and best friend, Luc said.

“Send them in. Stay here though just in case I need you.”

“You won’t need me. He is your King after all,” he smirked.

“Oh! You gave away my surprise,” you heard a cheerful voice say.

A smile made its way to your face, “J! It’s good to see you again. What can I do for you?”

“I need you, princess, to help me with a little robbery. Your cat like abilities will come in handy,” he walked up to you and planted a kiss on your forehead.

“Oh, so you need me to do all the hard work, then,” you gave him a fake pouty face.

“Oh, my dear princess, I would never have you do all the work. I have got to have a little fun too.”

You had made your way into the Wayne manor. You weren’t killing the boy tonight, just leaving a few presents and taking a few things. You and Jerome had fun spray painting on the walls and taking the smallest of things that you knew they would need.

“J, I love doing jobs with you. You make it so fun!”

“Is it as fun as those nights alone,” he smirked and got really close to you, “Those nights where you moaned my name and came for me?”

“Shut up J,” you blushed, turning your head.

“Hey! What are you two doing,” you heard someone yell.

“Time to go! Give me your quick ways to get out,” Jerome laughed.

When you got back to your home, you relaxed on the bed with him, “Jerome, I love you, you know that?”

“I know. I mean who doesn’t love me,” that signature smirk.


“He secretly loves me. Shh,” he smiled. The both of you looked at each other and for the first time in a long time, you felt out of breath. Your heartbeat was faster, even your stomach got butterflies. Could this be love?

He started to smirk and slowly lean in, you met him half way and the two of you shared a passionate kiss. 

“I love you too, princess,” he smiled against your lips, his breath ghosting across your face. You started to heat up and you knew you were blushing. 

“I guess I am your Queen now, huh,” you joked.

“Neither one of us can be serious for one second can we,” his joyous laughter filled the room.  

“That is why we are the Clown King and Queen, love,” you kissed him again.

“Perfect,” he said with a growing smirk.

For the rest of the night, you stayed cuddled up and shared kisses. You couldn’t ask for a better Partner in Crime. 

fake novel prompt: the wrong magic

meh-g requested, The Addams Family meets Matilda

the family knew fairly early there was something different about her. flowers flew in through the window and circled her black crib. when she cried, no windows broke, no fires started, nothing. but when she laughed, white sparks flew around her. she showed no interest in the arts of knives or guillotines or fire, but instead with healing and communication not with ghosts, but with small… fuzzy… creatures. it is the first time there has been a white witch in the family for as long as the tree had roots. but every family has their burdens, and they still love her fiercely. even when she uses her abilities to make… pastries. she loves them too, even when they leave black lipstick mark on her or accidentally kill her blooms. 

Happy Birthday Baby!


Ben Barnes x Reader

Warning: Nothing. Yet….

A/N: Finally its his big day! Please know that I respect Ben and his personal life and this is just my imaginations perception of him. Hope you like!

It had to be perfect. After begging your boss for the next week off, working remotely on some days and the 14 hour redye flight from LAX to Heathrow in a cramped plane seat, barely making it into the cool island of Britain by the evening  - you had to make it perfect. You hadn’t planned to fly out to see him. In fact, you and your close group of friends had already celebrated his birthday the week before he left for LA, knowing that you would miss it with him.

But then Ben had knocked on your apartment door a night before he flew back home, waking you and your roommate Carrey up from your sleep on the couch. He had a bouquet of flowers in one hand, a sheepish grin on his face as he threw his free hand behind his neck, rubbing the soft skin as he looked down.

“Can we talk?”

Carrey had fallen back asleep, unimpressed by Ben’s random late night visit as you escorted him to your messy bedroom. You apologized for your mess of clothes thrown array from a busy work and social schedule but he ignored it, placing the flowers on the night stand and looking at you.  

“Did you mean what you said?” he had asked, his expressive dark eyes looking into yours and you frowned, leaning across from him on an opposite wall.

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Fake Chats #67
  • Jungkook: Jimin-hyung.
  • Yoongi: Seokkie.
  • Jungkook: you're on.
  • Yoongi: he's amazing dancer, he makes people smile, he's sunshine personified, he's totally dorky but it's so adorable, he knows how to be sexy and cute, he steals the stage, he loves his hyungs and his dongsaengs, he's considerate to the fans, he's a hard worker, and he's my favorite.
  • Jungkook: sweetest, cutest, loveliest, kindest, small hands, small eyes, small face, small body, radiant smile, sensual dancing, giggles like he's made of rainbows and happiness, cuddly, adorable, beautiful, and I'm his favorite.
  • Yoongi: I think we're at a stalemate.
  • Jungkook: I think so too.