its not habit forming!!

Bad Habits - Sela Wyssrael

nail biting | throat clearing | lying | interrupting | chewing the ends of pens | smoking | swearing | knuckle cracking | thumb sucking | muttering under their breath | talking to themselves | nose picking | binge drinking | oversleepingunder sleeping | snacking between meals | skipping meals | picking at skin | impulse buying | talking with their mouth full | humming/singing to themselves | chewing gum | leg jiggling | foot tapping | hair twirling | whistling | eye rolling | licking lips | sniffing | squinting | rubbing hands together | jaw clenching |gesturing while talking | putting feet up on tables | tucking hair behind ears | chewing lips | crossing arms over chest | putting hands on hips | rubbing the back or their neck | being late | procrastinating | doodling | shredding paper | peeling off bottle labels | forgetfulness | running hands through hair | overreacting | teeth grinding | nostril flaring | slouching | pacing | drumming fingers | fist clenching | pinching bridge of nose | rubbing temples | rolling shoulders 

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Oh the pearl past forms are awesome! Any chance you could post the other gems/ a link to their past reforms? Thanks!!!!

Sure! Do you mean the past reforms they cycle through when regenerating, because the only Gem besides Pearl to do that is Amethyst

a commission for @wanderingcacti of their dearly departed cats. i’ve done a lot of artworks of pets that have passed on, and it never gets any easier. i’m just glad that i can do something for these lovely friends to be remembered by, as they watch over the people that loved them, and still love them. please, do not tag or associate this as a kin/me work, as it is of deceased pets, and personal to the owner. thank you.

Planet Profiles


General meaning:
The Sun composes the basics of one’s identity; it is the foundation of one’s personality, the ego, the sense of self, the backdrop to the rest of one’s natal chart. Its positions describe the base assets of a person.

Domicile: Leo
Detriment: Aquarius
Exaltation: Aries
Fall: Libra
House: Fifth
Energy: Masculine
Type: Luminary


General meaning:
The Moon embodies one’s emotional realm. It constitutes one’s instincts, habits and behaviors formed from childhood, immediate reactions – its positions illustrate our needs and core tendencies.

Domicile: Cancer
Detriment: Capricorn
Exaltation: Taurus
Fall: Scorpio
House: Fourth
Energy: Feminine
Type: Luminary


General meaning:
Mercury is all about thought and communication. One will find that they operate much like their Mercury sign – mental processes and lingual expression have everything to do with this planet.

Domicile: Gemini & Virgo
Detriment: Sagittarius & Pisces
Exaltation: Scorpio
Fall: Taurus
House: Third & Sixth
Energy: Masculine
Type: Personal Planet


General meaning:
Venus is the planet of love & beauty. One’s view of art and romance may be attributed to this planet, as can their needs and desires in a relationship. The love language of a person has to do with their Venus positions.

Domicile: Libra & Taurus
Detriment: Aries & Scorpio
Exaltation: Pisces
Fall: Virgo
House: Second & Seventh
Energy: Feminine
Type: Personal Planet


General meaning:
Mars constitutes the drive of a person, be it sexual or ambitious. It has to do with strong emotions, passion, aspiration, intention, determination, sex, primal urges, and self-control.

Domicile: Aries
Detriment: Libra
Exaltation: Capricorn
Fall: Cancer
House: First
Energy: Masculine
Type: Personal Planet


General meaning:
Jupiter’s positions in a chart indicate the way one treats other people and one’s attitude toward knowledge. Generosity, education, journeys, mentors, and travel are all associated with this planet.

Domicile: Sagittarius
Detriment: Gemini
Exaltation: Cancer
Fall: Capricorn
House: Ninth
Energy: Masculine
Type: Social Planet


General meaning:
Saturn influences the roles one feels obligated to adhere to. It causes trouble and strife, but spurs on growth and the learning of lessons. Inhibitions, fears, self-control, work ethic, maturity, and responsibility are associated with Saturn.

Domicile: Capricorn
Detriment: Cancer
Exaltation: Libra
Fall: Aries
House: Tenth
Energy: Masculine
Type: Social Planet


General meaning:
Uranus has everything to do with the way a generation views progression, technology, and revolution. It influences the trends, developments, and changes a particular era makes (or fails to make).

Domicile: Aquarius
Detriment: Leo
Exaltation: Scorpio
Fall: Taurus
House: Eleventh
Energy: Masculine
Type: Generational Planet


General meaning:
Neptune is about fantasy and reality, truth and deception, confusion and clarity. It influences a generation’s worldview and sense of actuality. Dreams, uncertainty, ignorance, mysteries, and perplexity are associated with Neptune.

Domicile: Pisces
Detriment: Virgo
Exaltation: Cancer
Fall: Capricorn
House: Twelfth
Energy: Feminine
Type: Generational Planet


General meaning:
Pluto is about power, transformation, and discovery. It influences the destruction an era will face and the rebirth that will come from it. The way a generation uses or reacts to dominion is heavily colored by Pluto.

Domicile: Scorpio
Detriment: Taurus
Exaltation: Pisces
Fall: Virgo
House: Eighth
Energy: Masculine
Type: Generational Planet


Zircon is an important gemstone of many colors, and is an historical gemstone used for thousands of years. Its color diversity is caused by traces of certain impurities, some of which are radioactive. These radioactive forms of Zircon must be heated to stabilize them for use as gems. In fact, many of the gem forms of zircon are heat treated to enhance color and increase transparency. 


Rutile is the most common natural form of TiO2. Rutile is well known for its habit of forming needle-like inclusions within other minerals, especially quartz, in the form of long and slender straw-like crystals; hence the term “rutilated quartz”. Rutile inclusions are also responsible for the chatoyancy effects on some gemstones, such as Star Sapphire. 
Twinning is very common, with various forms including sixlings, eightlings, knee-shaped twins, and v-shaped twins.
(conjoined twins?)


Rhodonite is well known among collectors for its beautiful pink and red color. Rhodonite often has black manganese oxide veins running through a specimen, giving it the distinct appearance of pink with black crisscrossing lines and flower-like formations throughout. These are the forms most commonly used as gemstones, especially in beads and ornamental objects.
(Also, guessing the gems she fused from are Pearl (round top gem); based on the ruffle top and thin arms, and Ruby (the lower red gem); based on her thicker arms and legs, red color, and hair texture.)


Padparadscha sapphires may be little known to the general public, but they are treasured by gemstone connoisseurs. Points of contention include how pink or how orange these sapphires can be, and whether certain tones are too dark to qualify.  Some padparadscha sapphires are not evenly salmon colored, but rather color zoned with pink and yellow.
–Ironic that she is undervalued on Homeworld but the gem is actually more valuable than normal sapphires.


Fluorite makes a beautiful gemstone that comes in all colors, and can often be multicolored with two or more contrasting color within the same gemstone. Multicolored Fluorite gemstones often show banding patterns. Most Fluorite gemstones are from deeply colored stones, but they can also be cut from the less intense color forms. The most popular color for Fluorite is purple, and deep purple Fluorite can closely resemble Amethyst.

Breaking Point (2/2)

Part of the “Smaller Than He Seems” AU, in which Ford was accidentally de-aged into a kid during his multiverse adventures, while retaining all his memories. He appears about 12 at this point.

Last one shot here.


Rating: T (for some language)

Word count: ~5000

Summary: In which an apology is given. Stan gains a bit of insight into his brother’s time apart from him. Ford allows himself to be honest for once.

“Sweet Moses, stop actin’ like a damn child and just pick a pair!”


No response.

“Ford, talk to me, please!”

He could see his brother’s small body curled up against the door in the rearview mirror. His face entirely blank, his eyes trained on some landmark of interest outside the window but bleary, unfocused. His jaw clenched.

“Ford. Sixer. Come on, listen ta’ me, please! I said I was sorry…”

The moment Stanley Pines set his car into park alongside the Shack, he heard the rear passenger door swing open and little feet storm up the steps of the gift shop into obscurity. He didn’t even have to see his brother’s no-doubt tear stained eyes to gain explicit confirmation of what he already knew. After all— while his grasp of some of the more unique quirks and intricacies about his twin had faded over forty plus years of estrangement— the one detail he knew he’d never forget was the sound of Ford crying.

Notably, the few times Stan witnessed him cry when they were kids, he actively avoided making a spectacle of his emotions. (Men like me sure as hell don’t cry, his pa had constantly chided them.) Unlike other children in their age group, Ford’s sobs always remained strained and purposefully held back, as if he were ashamed at himself for crying in the first place. From the sound of it Ford’s anger and hurt still materialized precisely the same way now. It was almost as if the clock had reversed and suddenly Stan too was twelve again, watching his twin run away in muffled tears after getting his face busted up by one of their childhood bullies.


After all, this time it wasn’t the bully Ford was running from.

“You an’ yer stupid mouth sure messed up this time,” he muttered bitterly, yanking his keys out of the ignition.

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This was submitted by @rad-roach! 

Ayyyyeee I was intending to lengthen and clean this but my night kinda took a nosedive so here’s the rough ass drabble I did based on your Turned Good AU. If I don’t send it now I’ll start second guessing myself and you’ll never see it lol. Keep doin you, your art is great!


The boat was frustrating-infuriating, even-for what it triggered. An existential crisis, of sorts, for an existential being. And over what? A folded scrap of paper? That was a half truth at best: IT damn well knew the true culprit, loath though it was to admit it.

“You can keep her! Maybe she can keep you company so you won’t be so lonely down there.”

IT was, at the end of the day, a creature of habit. Pennywise remained its default corporal form despite losing much of its effectiveness as a lure simply because he was familiar. Derry was familiar, its maze of sewers and storm drains were familiar. What IT had tasted on that child as they had disappeared into the rain was….


Fear. Hatred. Agony. Those were the emotions in which IT had spent existence since writhing forth from the void. It knew satisfaction when it subdued prey, enjoyment in the act, but this new emotion matched neither of those, despite sharing their more positive tinge. And so IT floated, infinite mind whirling, the boat-and what it represented-drifting just out of ITs grasp.

Christmas Spirit Part 2

The spirit watched as Caleb prepared a meatball for Rosco. It was the only way to get the dog to take his medicine. The older that dog seemed to get the more particular about how he’d eat the medicine. Oftentimes finding a way to spit it out before it went all the way down. Caleb gave the old dog a pat to the head as he waited for his treat.

“You know exactly what you’re doing,” he scolded. But the friendly tone in his voice made the dog just want to wag his tail. It still brought a smile to his face. That dog knew he was spoiled and couldn’t give a damn. He continued rolling the meat around in his hands thinking about his brother. There just seemed like something wasn’t right.

He couldn’t quite place it. He knew he was the bigger brother. ‘Older…’ he corrected, remembering the giant who easily wrapped him and his father into a hug. Part of him still thought it was weird that he was so big though. ‘Just cause I haven’t seen him for a while,’ he reasoned with himself. Besides he had plenty of other things he had to worry about. And just seeing his brother was enough to make some of those worries disappear. ‘Even if he still doesn’t pick up after himself,’ he glared at the giant robe sitting in the kitchen.

The spirit watched him pick it up and looked at Caleb’s spirit sleeping on his job. Tim’s spirit wondered if the other spirit had even gotten his human a present. The thought of Caleb not getting anything filled him with anger. He hmphed at the idea of the boy trying so hard to help support his dad and brother not get anything again this year. He’d been trying so hard but Caleb’s spirit didn’t even seem to notice, oftentimes passing up perfect opportunities to better his human. But now was a perfect time as any to help him out. He wasn’t allowed to give another human a present but he could manipulate other things, as long as it was related to Tim in some way. He sprinkled some of his magic over the robe.

“Try it on,” Tim’s spirit whispered into Caleb’s ear.

“Huh?” Caleb looked around thinking he’d just heard something. His eyes went back to the robe he was holding. He tried not to drag it against the ground but its long length made that almost impossible. “How does he even fit in this thing…” he wondered as held it up. There was a part of him that really wanted to try it on. Just to see the comparison. “That’s stupid,” he scolded himself but his mind was giving way. Seeing how even the sleeves looked like they could almost fit around his waist. Anxiety turned to envy as he thought about the giant his brother was. Able to get whoever he wanted in bed with just a wink and a nod.

“It’s not like it’d hurt to try it on…” he said while slipping his arm into one of the sleeves. Fabric hung loosely over his hands. “Damn… He really is huge…” he couldn’t help but say as the insane amount of fabric draped around his entire frame. Sure he’d seen his brother so many times but actually being in his clothes was a different story. He could easily fit another Caleb in here if he wanted to and there’d still be room left over. A sudden wave struck his body. He thrusted forward feeling something strange. “What the…?” his question was cut short as another wave hit him again. This one felt more pleasurable.

He leaned some of his weight onto the counter trying to compose himself. “Woah,” he looked around the kitchen weirdly. There was something off about it. Rosco barked at Caleb, reminding him what he was supposed to be doing. “Oh right,” Caleb’s mind went back to the meat ball he was making for the dog. His mind drifted away as he rolled the meat into a ball.

However the reason the kitchen looked so different to Caleb, was because his body growing. Slowing his short frame was adding inch by inch to his height. The bottom of the robe slowly lifted up off the ground to a more manageable length. His arms stretched out of the long sleeves making it easily to roll the meatball.

Mindlessly he kept rolling the ball. His thoughts just lost time as the menial task took his attention. He could feel the dull pulling of his shirt stretching across his chest. The large pectoral muscles building up. They pushed his shirt forward stretching it’s medium size to the fullest. Beneath those massive muscles his small belly he’d gained from fast food and mindless eating habits disappeared, forming strong abs in its place. The one large lump turned into 6 muscled abs he could easily show off. With his strengthening core, he fixed his posture. His back straightened giving way to his full 6’3 height. He stood tall and proud looking off into the ether.

The growth moved on to his shoulders, spreading down through his arms. Soon the sleeves were filled with biceps and triceps pushing against the fabric. Veins on his arms bulged out filling the growing muscles with plenty of blood. He grinned at the sensation and warmth his body was giving off. Caleb could have sworn he heard the low ripping sound of his shirt being torn from his body. But realized that he rarely ever wore shirts indoors anymore. The fabric always clung so tightly to him that it was almost pointless.

The spirit smiled seeing another giant in the family. It’d give Tim a nice workout buddy during his winter break. Quickly the spirit brought the human back out of the spell. Caleb’s mind snapped back to reality as he stared at the big ball of meat in his hands. “You probably think you’re getting all this,” he told Rosco. Caleb smiled at how stupid he was for making it so big. The meat he held in his hands usually was so much bigger that he hadn’t realized just how much he was making. It must have just slipped his mind as he tossed some of it back into the container. “C’mon pup, time for your medicine.” Rosco barked excitedly.

drabble series; big bird

part twelve; pg; early msr, maybe season 2? post abduction; Our duo are on a journey to see a huge fucking bird.

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten, part eleven


Everyone takes turns or they go out all at once, bringing their knitting or their Bud Light or their nerf balls, and they play around Mulder and Scully, speak around Mulder and Scully, generally treat Mulder and Scully as if they weren’t there.

There is nothing more close-knit than a trailer park in the middle of a dry summer, in the midst of unspeakable horror. Hurricanes and mass layoffs and the death of a beloved Harley. The last cigarette for a month, the end of football season. Your father’s pill addiction and pawning this and pawning that until there’s nothing left to pawn and then pawning whatever comes next. There are trailer parks you’ll spend your whole life in and trailer parks you’ll only move into when hard times hit, and none of that matters. The trailer park in this story could be any trailer park, and Sandwood residents could be any residents. Only the big bird could not be any other big bird. It is only this big bird.

“This isn’t going to do shit,” says Luther, who’s been clawing at the bugs under his skin for a good thirty minutes. “Just waiting and looking. We need to go find it.”

“The bird always comes back here, Luther, you’re just on meth again,” remarks the old woman, rolling her eyes.

“I agree with him,” Mulder says, although no one seems to care what Mulder says. “We should be taking action. We need to assess its habits and form a search.”

(“I am having difficulty articulating what a colossal waste of time this is,” Scully will later admit at the motel, hands folded in her lap as a testament to her graveness. “I’m past the point of arguing the validity of… a single word we’ve had spoken to us in the last twenty-four hours.”

Mulder, who’s been wearing sunglasses indoors for the past hour and a half as a defense mechanism, and also as protection from all the orange, tells her: “Isn’t that what makes it fascinating? Isn’t that the point? We make claims and tell lies and even hallucinate the hypotheses, and then we wait for the kernel of truth to pop out. This is the scientific method going live, Scully.” He pats her on the shoulder, thinks about pulling her close. He feels happy for some reason. “This is what we do.”

Scully reluctantly agrees. With the sentiment, and to continue their search for the big bird.)

It’s annoying how researching for one story can set off a chain reaction for another story, and then that story inspires something else in turn. With Somewhere in Boston, I’d done a bit of research for sailing superstitions (a lot of which actually got cut from the final version, because of course it was!), but in the process I went, well, wouldn’t it be fun to do a little multi-POV thing about James/red hair/superstition. Since SiB is finally done, I went back to finish off the short Bad Luck story, and I realized there could be two companion stories in a similar vein for Miranda=Witch and Thomas=Madman. But I then realized that James=Bad Luck didn’t really work thematically with the other two, whereas James=Monster would be far more appropriate. So now I’ve got one little fic and three potential little fics with very similar style/formatting, but the Bad Luck one doesn’t quite align with the other three! I guess the other three would be spiritual successors? I guess the whole point of fan-fic is to write what interests you and brings you joy, right? That’s what I’m telling myself!

I’ve also been putting off defining Miranda’s and Thomas’ backstories/family trees, but. Yeah. Don’t think I can avoid that for much longer!

The research for SiB also lead to a possible fic involving Thomas at the plantation being visited by cormorants. Back in London, James told Thomas that there is a Norwegian tradition that those lost at sea come to visit their loved ones disguised as cormorants. During the years at the plantation, Lord Thomas ‘I’m Not Superstitious’ Hamilton wonders if he’s being visited by James and Miranda every time he sees a cormorant, and if they’ve really been dead all along - despite Peter Ashe claiming he doesn’t know what happened to them. So research for one damn story has potentially led to five little stories.

I think the moral of the story is… don’t research, kids?

Additionally, Yuugi and Atem have a habit of minimizing gear.  Its common for some form of saddle or method of securing oneself on the partners back to be used but Yuugi and Atem forego this for Atems comfort and a drop in carried weight.  They frequently carry less gear than other teams. Any gold Atem wears tends to become a bargaining chip if they run low on supplies and cant find some on their own. In the final stretch of a trek it is NOT uncommon for them to ditch any and all supplies and extra weight save for the clothes on their backs.  

sinquis  asked:

Hey Sheila! I recently started cosplaying so I'm still trying to get used to getting my picture taken. I have never modeled before and being in front of the camera feels... awkward and unnatural? I only look good from very certain angles and it's hard to adjust myself into the right angle when the camera is always in a different position. Do you have any suggestions for feeling more comfortable and coming up with poses? Also, general tips on facial expressions?

Pracctticeeeeee!!!! Practice. 

Everything just takes practice. Seeing yourself on camera is gonna feel and look really STUPID for the first few times. Then you start looking at it more clinically. “That angle should have been higher, etc etc”

My major advice first:
Spend an hour in front of the mirror, or take a fuck ton of selfies. Experiment. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK GOOD FROM EVERY ANGLE. At least not to you. Even Beyonce probably has a specific angle of her face she prefers. Learn which ones you like and dont— so that way you can position yourself correctly when someone asks for a pictures. It’s your job to know your face better than anyone, so spend some qaulity time in front of the mirror smiling, laughing, looking angry, looking sad, and turn your face in those expressions in every directions. Do you like your profile? Is you nose too big when you tilt your head up? Forehead too big to look downward? 

Talk to your photographer. 
Just because they raise the camera doesn’t mean they know best. If they are shooting you from a bad light or angle, let them know. “I’m gonna turn this way so it looks better.” They will follow your lead 99% of the time. They just want a good photo.

Lightlightlightlight. When the camera goes up, you are now a FLOWER. Direct your face to the strongest light source. Hotel overhead lights, the sun— angle your face at that sucker. It always improves the casted shadows of your face and makes you look more prominent. This also helps you elongate your neck which is very important. It helps you avoid looking short, squatty, or double chinned.  

Photography isn’t just about taking a picture — it’s like a stage. You need to ACT as much as you need to pose. Over exaggerating is your friend. Especially since photos are flat and not dimensional. 

Pose ideas:
Collect 3-4 poses from your character. Literally copy their promotional images, their standing idles, their cutscene movements. Practice it like choreography. Anything you see your character do is fodder for poses. 

Relax your face: 
In between photos, puff out your cheeks, snarl your face, scretch your mouth wide liek a dog — basically, loosen your muscles. We are so used to stiffening up and smiling for a camera that its hard to break that habit.  A trick is: Inhale or exhale sharply, forming the word: “YOU”.  Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but: “YOU”  Your facial structure will come alive, your cheekbones and mouth will look more prominent, and the look will be overall more engaging. Wether your smiling or not, this will help you look waayyy natural on camera. 

More tips here!

Thorough posing tips here!

anonymous asked:

About addictive magic? How can I work it? How can I make my characters to seem addicted in magic, specifically, dark magic?

Addiction: the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma. (x)

Writing addictive magic is similar to writing addictive substances such as drugs, or habits such as gambling. Write it and plan for it in a similar way.


Your first thing to consider is why your character does it. What are the effects of the magic that make it desirable? What’s the draw? If there’s already a knowledge of what happens when someone uses magic on a regular basis, or over-uses it to the point of not being able to stop, what makes your character do it anyway? No matter how they got started, you need to know what they get out of it. It may be advanced powers, a feel-good power-rush, an altered outlook on the world (for better or worse), or any number of other benefits from the magic. The why is dreadfully important to it making sense in your story. If there’s no good reason why, there’s no good reason to have it happen. Think about how your magic system is structured already; it may be that the addictiveness of it is already written into the system (ex.: holding a spell longer than 10 seconds taps a user into a ‘call of magic/siren effect’ that causes them to want to use and use and use) or it’s not (ex.: a user has always had favorable outcomes in the past despite that success is only a 50% chance; they have now used so many times in all circumstances that they don’t believe they have the know-how or capability to achieve goals without using). Whatever the reason why, know what makes it addictive.

Side Effects:

What are the consequences of using the magic? Substances in the long-run often don’t turn out well, so unless your magic is dependent on over-drawing power, which would be strange, consider what makes it dangerous. Honestly, if it’s not dangerous, why worry about the addiction at all, and why isn’t everyone addicted to it? Make sure you outline the effects at each stage of the addiction, including how your characters feel and what they think about the situation.


Include thoughts on the symptoms of withdrawal whether with the intention to quit or the inability to use in a timely manner. Are withdrawal symptoms purely physical, purely mental/emotional, or a combination of both? Can someone quit the use of magic? Does it just mean that your characters interact with magic warily and are as strictly careful about it as possible? Do they time themselves or limit themselves in some way?

Writing Addiction:

Always know where in the stages of addiction your characters are at every moment you are writing with them. Constantly reassess how “under the sway” of this thing they are. Small things can cause drastic changes, very quickly, so always be aware. Know the rules of your magic. Know when it’s a danger, and know when and how to properly use it. Don’t shy away from showing the effects within your narration! Try not to rely too heavily on thoughts or on other characters to illustrate how that character is losing their will to the use of this magic. The more you can put your addicted character front-and-center and actually show the tendencies of the addiction, the better.

Whether the magic is “black magic” or another kind makes no difference. The magic does specific things, operates in specific ways, and then you apply the addiction of it to your character. You could have a character addicted to earth magic, growing a flower with every step or consumed by it to become a tree, just as easily as you could have a character addicted to “black magic” bringing people back from the dead in droves or inflicting pain on others. Have a reason why they do it, show how it changes them and affects them, and think about what happens when they don’t. I’ve included some resources for addiction including substance for ideas on effects and for progression of addiction.

a chart of the effects of drugs
how to write a drug addict // information on drug addiction
physical and psychological addictions
addictive magic on tvtropes for reading & research recommendations

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Summary: “It’s like that nursery rhyme or whatever,” says Gina, lounging in her chair and blowing on the sparkly coat of polish she’s just applied to her pinky. “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t arrest Doug Judy again!”

“Not helping, Gina,” says Jake in a muffled voice, his face smushed uncomfortably against his desk with no intention of being lifted in the near future.

“Don’t worry,” says Amy consolingly, chewing on a cherry tomato from her salad and patting his hand. “I’m sure you’ll catch him someday.”

OKAY SO LIKE. this fic is completely dedicated to @elsaclack, who pretty much collaborated with me to write it. Half the best ideas are hers, okay, she should be lauded for loving Doug Judy as much as she does. This fic was basically as a result of that – me and Em’s deep and abiding love for Douglas Judy, the best arch nemesis to ever exist on TV. And … this fic was born. I swear, it wasn’t supposed to be this long when I started it two months ago. :))))). Anyways, thanks to @weaslayyy for proofreading!! xoxo

When he’s eight, Jake’s Nana tells him that bad habits are never things that happen on their own, but something that you – however unconsciously – cultivate yourself. You need to nip them at the bud, Nana says, nodding wisely, so that you don’t end up being that fool who picks his nose in a job interview or can’t stand in line for pizza without wiggling his behind to the invisible tune of If I Were A Rich Man without even noticing you’re doing it.

Of course, Jake is, in fact, eight years old, and doesn’t quite know what cultivate mean. But he does think that it would be pretty cool if he could wiggle out all of If I Were A Rich Man with his butt, which is something that he then proceeds to do.

Nana laughs for a whole ten minutes and then tells him to sit down and do his math homework or she’ll cancel cable television. An empty threat, to be sure, but at the time Jake is very offended.

(In retrospect, Jake might say that the fact that he got a B-minus on his math quiz the next day was not because he was concentrating on the movements of his afore-mentioned behind in his seat instead of adding two-digit numbers – but because somehow, somewhere, Doug Judy was plotting his demise.

“Unbelievable,” says Rosa when he tells her this, which Jake translates as That’s a pretty good theory, Jake, so he grins at her and goes back to trying to throw paperclips across the room and into Scully’s wide-open snoring mouth.)


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DAY 3019

Jalsa, Mumbai                July  6/7,  2016                 Wed/Thu  3:26 am

Early mornings begin with a gentle giant and a little kid .. the BFG of Stephen Spielberg, being dubbed in Hindi, and they chose me as the giant’s voice is quite remarkable to see the advancement of technology in film .. and of course in the digital virtual world ..

Soon after Kailash Kher with that wondrous voice needs my voice in a bhajan he has structured for the Kedarnath Temple and I sing a few lines .. “jai jai kedara” ..

Divinity was ever personal with us .. our faith and our prayers and our temples were and are within the house .. there is no need to make them public .. or to bring it to the masses .. it is a belief, and beliefs are within and personal ..

Divinity .. our faith .. and our support system .. in all circumstances .. the power of belief moving mountains and monuments .. how ever did they structure those temples at such remote locations and heights .. and how did they survive .. and continue to do so even after thousands of years .. 

As I drive by in the early hours of rain drenched surroundings, overcast skies and the shine and glitter of washed streets and plants, one does observe a certain effort towards cleanliness and efforts being made to keep it that way .. 

It is a matter of discipline .. discipline teaches many other aspects in our society, takes care of and reflects attitude and compassion towards many other aspects of our living ..

So .. we appreciate and applaud the drives in other countries, but do not in ours .. its habit forming .. its education .. its discipline .. when they get together, achievement is not too far away ..

The effects of discipline reflect at the time of our singing the National Anthem .. watching the UEFA EURO cup 2016 each night has the maximum attraction for me at the time of the singing of the anthems of the two teams playing .. to me it is the most dynamic moment in the game .. that moment describes a world, which no other can understand .. it is a link a binding to a community which we know and believe is ours .. mine !!

Ours and mine are those that bear the stamp of possession .. of having my stamp of authority on it .. it belongs to me and I shall protect it ever .. and moments of national pride are expressed in the deepest of emotions on our faces, when we are in the environment of that moment .. it is the stillness .. it is the respect and face of its national .. its more than any other communal singing or concert ..

There is something about it .. which endears us all to its bearing ..

May each anthem from all the countries be their guidance in hours of extraneous presence .. may the chorus of such, become the impregnable wall that builds itself in the protection from all other evil and destruction .. may the peace of one be reflected in the peace of the other .. and the other and the other .. ever ..

I am tired of the wars and the fighting and the violence .. the destruction and the futility of it ..

Stop … stop the car .. I wish to get off .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan